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9. The Valyrian Dragons - Good Intentions by Keyser94 9. The Valyrian Dragons - Good Intentions :iconkeyser94:Keyser94 3 0
THE CENTAURI PROPHET (book 03) Chapter 10
CHAPTER 10              
With almost the entire crew sitting around the tables for supper, Dee started really feeling at home again. She had even started wondering how it was she had ever even lived without them. They were now more her family than anyone else she had ever known. Even her real family started to seem pale in comparison. That was saying something considering the powerful influence her Uncle Isaac had always been.
Jack was sitting next to her at the table. He was laughing and joking with everyone. He always fit very easily into a crowd, which was the exact opposite of Dee. Jack meant a lot to her. He was the kindest man she had ever known. They had a relationship that was special and different because he was a lot like a good husband, but not a husband. They stayed separate most of the time and it was much to the others advantage that they respected each other's space.
Vitosk was an interesting fellow. Dee kind of thought him as that Uncl
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A Dragon in Eden
Several miles south of Lake Okavango, southeastern Zimbabwe.
Musanete ran. His aching feet fell hard against the mud and the dirt and the rock and the roots, over and over and over again. Blood pounded in his head with every beat of his heart, and his eyes bulged to see in the smothering darkness of the jungle. He struggled through thick air and a haunting, faintly glowing mist that hung in it…but his lungs sucked it down anyway. He needed that precious oxygen. He needed to run.
Indeed, he was running hard and he was running very fast, or at least he thought he was. It was hard to tell in this place – time, distance, direction, and even orientation seemed to blur together here, creating this disorienting soup of growth that sprouted from every conceivable corner and crevice. Cycads tripped him with their knotted trunks; toxic mushrooms squished and squelched under his shoes; hanging vines caught his arms and slowed him down, if only for a moment. Garish flower
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The Great Sage (Parts 3-4)
3. The Great Sage
The fleet arrived on the inn island, carrying the crew, and without Sprout. So now Iris and Sig were on Sunset's island, unaware of the chance to negotiate, and Volt and Phoenix would take a while to reach them. "Miss Alma," Phoenix said. "Will you come along this time?"
She said, "I'm just an observer, but sure."
Volt rallied the kids who'd been waiting to ride back, and they boarded the ships. Phoenix asked the crew, "What's the latest?"
A wizard girl said, "We keep getting beaten up. Can't get anywhere."
"We have a plan, now."
While sailing, Volt asked Phoenix, "What do we do after we conquer the island?"
He shrugged. "I guess we commute to Talespace from there. Or... we move the island back to Talespace after we've tried living with real privacy."
"Do we even have that here?" she asked, waving around the cramped cabin.
"As much as we ever can."
Volt leaned forward and kissed him, grinning mischievously. "I've been wanting to try that for a while."
Phoenix w
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The Fandom Rift, Chapter 1
Please keep in mind, this is my first time writing a story on this site, so I'm not used to it yet!
The Fandom Rift, Chapter 1: A brief history lesson in every idea humankind ever had.

       Most humans think that their species is soooo smart, which they are, but not because of evolution like they thought. In fact every idea a human ever had was placed into his head by a greater being. Not a god, but something more akin to aliens. A super advanced race known as the Xaioklix (Zay-Oh-Clicks), at least in English, has been watching over earth since it was born. This was not because they particularly liked the planet, it was because throughout every alternate universe they visited, Earth was always there. ALWAYS. Or at least it had existed at some point before being destroyed. This was very peculiar to the Xaioklix, after all in an infinite multiverse surly there should be at least 1 that doesn't have an earth in it, right? This was not the case. As su
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To Other Worlds
   From Other Worlds
I trudged along the alien snow. The snowflakes were too big, too jagged, they hurt to step on. I’d been exploring the barren landscape for months, searching for shelter, for resources or any kind of plant life. I found none. My bulky suit could only supply me air for a day, and barely protected me from the freezing cold. The landing craft was only slightly more homely, including the equipment keeping the craft habitable. Despite being designed to last only a month, and being thoroughly mangled from an ungraceful crash landing, the machinery had appeared to miraculously keep on going the past months.
The crash seemed so long ago, but it hadn’t been any longer than my lonely journey here. I thought I’d never see another living, breathing human again. An eagle, or something close enough, was my only companion, silently gliding along the currents overhead as I marched across the tundra. It watched me, hardly changing its course despite the e
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Stretched Personality: Part 4
The ball ride was a mixture of fun and confusion for Mindy. She enjoyed the change of pace and the feeling of bouncing inside a soft gumball, but she couldn’t see where she was going or how long it took.
 In the dim enclosure, Mindy heard Lora Lastic speak, “Hiya, Mindy! Enjoying the ride?”
 “Mom? What’re you doing?” the confused girl asked.
 “You’ll see when we get there!”
 Gradually the bouncing ride started to feel bumpier along the way, only cushioned by the soft material. Then about five minutes later, the ball bounced upwards one last time, then splatted into a pile of pink goo that quickly reformed into Lora Lastic’s figure.
 “We’re here!”
 Shaking her head of the disorientation, Mindy commented, “Wow, that felt like I was in a bouncing car made of rubber. Where are we?”
 “See for yourself, Mindy,” the heroine smiled.
 Mindy stood up in an
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What Happens in Shadows Chapter 4
"Stop right there, Fives!" Beck shouted to Fives amongst the hundreds of Coruscanti in the hologram replaying in front of Palpatine. PMC issued all of their helmets with recording devices to gather propo or combat information. In cases like this they were a justice checking system for Palpatine.
Numerous helmet displays hovered above his desk. On each a marine's every motion in their manhunt for Fives was captured. Every step of their foot. Every blaster bolt fired. Every traitor pursued. Suddenly Fives rammed one of them head-on when he tried to cut the traitor off. The marine's blaster was then wrenched from his hands and him hit with it. The recording went dark and another replaced it.
"Kilsin!" Beck called as he briefly stopped at his comrade's side. "You alright?"
"I'm fine but he took my blaster and knocked out my HUD!" Kilsin recounted. "Just get the guy! I'll be fine!"
"You heard him!" Beck barked on their comm-links. "We have orders!"
"Company this is Geer." Geer commed in fro
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Superman II, The Return of Superman, chapter 2
The Return of Superman:
Chapter 2
Lois Lane
There insomething rainy days before to knowing where was me in what was this better for life in a lap dance, but nothing left, to a funner worlds still, come, in a chicagoless verAnda, but this in a rise of a greater tale CIty, these worlds, but buckle in these worlds, wonder how the past warps, in something but, there was aozone,
or something in the air, to know, and that these can’t know, still, in where was more to knowing still, in where was me before these encient worlds, but these worlds, to knowing more, “Mark you’re so drab, hi?” these worlds, and knowing more, about these worlds, that this was gone, broing to like or something, but act like there was field, to knowing more still, or something he could think bad, or wonder these in a world, before to knowing still in where was me to knowing more, about these worlds, to know by now, but he’d kiss her thanks, to know in these before to knowing wor
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Siren's Call Ch 5
Once we arrived at the current's coordinates, Shelly and Siren were discussing something in the bridge area.  I might have walked between them.  Cylle had been sitting there quietly, still in her fins while Shelly dried off and was now standing.
"Shelly, why can't we just go straight into the current?" Siren asked.  "Is there a reason why I shouldn't?"
"It's just that I've never heard of bringing a vehicle into one," Shelly replied.  "Greg, you've ridden the currents before.  Would you take your car into one?"
I shrugged.  "I've taken Michelle with me."
"Not her car, your car," Shelly said.  "The Bonneville."
"Not sure how I could," I replied.  "No roads."
"Greg, just play along here," Shelly grumbled.  "Quit being difficult.  Theoretically, if your car was submersible, would you drive it into a current?"
"How about this?" Siren asked.  "Would you drive onto a treadmill where you had no control over your braking?"
"Drive onto a tre
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{POKEMON - A New World} Prairie Exploration 2
The scratching sound of quill to parchment was the most prevailing sound to the Alistair's ears. He'd been taking notes about the soil quality in the area. As far as he could tell the ground in these prairie lands would make good farm lands, much like all the other plots of prairie they had discovered thus far. At least that is if the Lady Elysia decided to cultivate them, as such. The thought of the dragonair woman made him grumble mentally, as she was the reason he was outdoors instead of in his cozy library. She had been adamant that he be the one to come out on this expedition of the area, since she could not get away from her duties. He understood the reason, he had quite the knack for for recording important information and had quite extensive knowledge on many subjects. For the life of him though he could not understand the reason, the Lady had sent the Xerneas Priestess along with him. When he had asked the only response he got was that the Lady's instincts told her to send Nyx
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An Alien band of renegades scanned the planet before them.  the crew was made of the worst each known race had to offer and even some unknowns.  the captain, Marg, was heartless and the only successful pirate working within the boundaries of the Galactic Federation.  All other pirates and lawless ships were eradicated with the addition of Earth and its existing Umans to the Federation.  
His secret?
“Mafew!  Get over here!”
The only Uman that Marg had any up close interaction with.  They had found this Uman when it was a hatchling.  It had been separated from all the other Umans, and for some reason wouldn't stop following Marg around.  At first Marg had planed to kill it and be done with the annoying pest, but then he had the best idea of his life.  If the Umans were the reason the Federation were stronger, then having a Uman on his side could only be a good thing.
It had taken longer than Marg had liked f
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Peace Chapter 4
Chapter 4
It was as if they were in a busy crowd, and suddenly alone.
Teddy turned, and the group moved into a circle. The plasma door was gone.
The little band took each other in. Everyone knew they were just this little group and they were as far away from home as you could get. Teddy reminded her teams: team one was John, Red one, Red two and Yuki, and team two is Danniel, Blue one, Blue two and Sonny. The Reds and Blues were not OG, they were new breed third generation light combat fighters, purpose bred. They were not assigned names. Yuki and Sonny were designated communications for language ability and the fact they carried interdimensional phones, and some related gear. John and George were OG, in their early 50s, and powerfully built, chosen as an intimidation factor as well as actual combat experience. John had a tattoo on his left arm that said "Valhalla" and some symbols.
Everyone was in street cloths and all their gear fit into their backpacks, only light weapons and small
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Watchers-2: the day won't end yet
    It's been thirty minutes since they got a sedan and they already have ten bullet holes on the back of the vehicle " damn, if it's keeps going like this then we're going to die sooner or later " Rachel makes a point " don't worry Rachel, bullets can't go through metal so they can only kill us if they shoot us through the window or blow up the car " Eli makes an inaccurate point " no, car doors cannot stop bullets only the engine can " Rachel explained.
    They drove for what felt like hours after that conversation which in reality is only five minutes " we should armour the car to make it more resistant to bullet fire " Rachel gave out a good suggestion " sure, but first let's find someone else that can help us survive " Eli also gave a good suggestion " like that guy! " he said as he points out someone on the road.
    Rachel just looks Eli in the eye and give him an ' alright ' grunt as she stops the car before she hit the participant who seems to be
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Mafew - prologue
Marg looked down at the tiny little flesh bag currently chewing on the front of its apparel.
“What is this?”
The foot soldier shrugged, “we found it abandoned on the edge of the battle field, Sir.  We know you collect odd things, so we brought it to you.”
Marg, the Commander of a well known ship of pirates, did like odd trinkets.  But this wasn’t a trinket.
“If its breathing i don’t want it,” he said pushing past the little creature, “I have no need of a pet.”
“What?” Marg turned around and almost tripped over the little thing since it had followed him right up to his heels.  the creature looked startled, then grinned, all with its outfit still in its mouth.
“Get. rid. of. it.” Marg growled as he brushed himself off.  the soldier move to take the little creature, but the creature had different ideas.  One small hand reached out and grabbed the loose leggings M
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Mafew 2
“Captain, the pirates are sending us a hail!”
“Surrendering?”  O’Mallee frowned, this wasn’t what he was used to.
On their screen a picture appeared to show a rather old and grizzled Craten; he was even missing a few feathered antenna form what was supposed to be a fluffy head.  The rogue captain held a child, no more than twelve years, if O’mallee had to guess.
“Let us leave, and you can have your fellow Uman back.”
“How about you give back what you stole, and the kid, and then surrender?” O’mallee asked, “It would be the civil thing to do.”
Now that he knew there were prisoners on board it made it hard to shoot at the ship.  He’d have to figure out a way to capture the pirates and save the innocents.
“I hate you Umans,” the rogue growled, “i’ll just send you a body.”
He shoved the boy out of view and stood directly facing the screen.  The rogues
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Fate treads x hearts chapter 5 bound and analyzed
Shirou pov
I knew I had to battle first but I wasn’t sure how to beat the monster that was Gamagoori. I wasn’t sure if I had to break his defense or if that would allow Ira to charge his other form. I knew I might need to even kill the man. But there could be two options, I knew of the seven regular classes but I never truly saw either rulers or avengers.
I had to ask Reinforce and he replied “the extra classes as they are know are summoned when a rule is broken or warped, when the grail decides determines its holder doesn’t wish to do the grail war as intended a ruler is summoned to make sure it happens as it should, when somebody summons a servant that seems to go berserk but to avenge a an avenger is summoned, when I knight wants to protect more than attack a shielder is born, when servants are split or merged an alter ego born, people try to call servants with connection to beings outside the world a Foreigner is born. When outside powers summon creatures to
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