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Affection Problems :: Sherlock Holmes BBC x Reader
For the last year, you’ve been dating Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the consultant detective and high functioning sociopath, as he says. John is happy for you both, yet he still can’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that Sherlock has a girlfriend. And that goes for everyone else that knows him, yet John can understand it better than the rest. As for Mycroft, he asked you to spy on Sherlock for money, like he has for anyone else that lives in close proximity of his younger brother. You didn’t except, till later into the relationship when Sherlock said that the two of you could have fun with it.
It was snowing outside as you ran from the cab to the door of 221B Baker Street. Upon opening the door Mrs. Hudson greeted you with a smile. Smiling back, you made your way up the stairs to where the boys were.
“Ah, _____ would you be a darling and make sure that Sherlock doesn’t ruin my wall anymore?” Mrs. Hudson asked. Looking back from halfway up the stairs yo
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Jerk!AmericaxReader Oneshot Classroom Callouts...
Jerk!AmericaxReader Oneshot Classroom Callouts...
Censor for language is already on. Please use your imagination if you'd like to use other words. Thank you!
Today sucked royally for you. First, you slept through your alarm so you were almost late to school. Next, another jerk from [second least favorite class] tripped you in the hallway. You also forgot your homework for third hour in your locker and your teacher wouldn't let you go get it. And now, you're just having a bad day. In a permanent bad mood until you get home.
And the worst part is that all your friends are just running away from you claiming "They know how you get when you're angry and they don't want to mess with it." It figures. You're a nice person. Life of the party when you go out(which isn't very often) and a sarcastic, crack up. Very funny person in short. But the one thing people can never see past to this "cool" side of you is the fact that you take school seri
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Zoro x reader (Jealousy)
       You sat on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. The sunlight pured on the ship and all the poeple doing their busness on it.. Luffy and Ussop were fooling around with Chopper and his medical supplies,  Sanji was trying to make us girls some island smoothies, and Franky was probably making an invention, or something to impress Robin. Everyone else was doing their normal. Nami and Robin were sunbathing, and Zoro sat on the opposite end of the deck of you sleeping. His one scarred eye seemed normal when he slept. His three swords stuck to his side, even when he was unconsious.Man isn't he a crowd. Enough to make the most stubborn girl like you crazy. (e/c) eyes glared at his sleeping figure with delight and mystery. It would be a lie to say that you never enjoyed staring at him, unconsious or awake that is. 
        You stood up and looked at the cloudless sky. The (FAVORITE COLOR) bikini tropical top went well with the same color swimsh
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Red X Reader - Hot springs
I ran away from the man that just grabbed me. I ran around the hotel to find Red. I found him and hugged him. He gasped. "Red," I cried into his shirt.
"(Name), what happened?" Green asked.
"Some guy grabbed me," I said. Red's grip on me tightened. It was good I have some protective guy friends. And Red always made me feel safe.
"Where you in the hot springs?" Green asked. I nodded. "Perverted bastard." He said hateful. "Are you alright?"
"Yeah. I'm better now," I said. I looked up at Red. "Thank you, Red."
'No problem,' his eyes said. Sure I always wanted to hear his voice but I respected him enough to agree to his wishes. He smiled a little and petted my head.
It was weird with our age difference. Eighteen and twenty. But I knew he really cared. Same with Green.
I smiled up at Red. "You look good with a smile," I said. His eyes widened. And then put his hand on my head again. Kinda like saying, 'What am I going to do with you?'.
I grabbed his hand and said, "I know come with me. I mi
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Red X Reader-Dirty Minded
"Red it won't fit," (name) moaned.
"I'll make it fit," Red said.
Every pokedex holder was listening and quite disturbed. Gold just got a nosebleed.
"Red it's too big," (name) complained.
"It's so tight," Red complained.
"Red please *moaning* stop it hurts too much please," (name) groaned.
"(name) please don't cry," Red said.
"But it hurts so much and it's my first time," she said.
Blue and Green stood outside the door. Green was like a brother to (name) and Blue was her best friend. They were both getting suspicious.
"RED!" they heard (name) yell.
"(name) not yet almost," Red said.
"WHAT"S GOING ON!" Green  yelled while opening the door only to see rubbing alcohol on the floor and a piece of cloth next to it.
Every pokedex holder thought they were doing it, but they were wrong and they very dirty minded indeed.
Red was wrapping bandages around  (name)'s waist since she got injured from her last battle against him. She was hugging Pika and tears were coming out of her eyes.
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A sisters quarrel:Fem kaneki sisters x male reader
An:Just an idea that came in my head I hope you guys like it and enjoy!^-^
How to start?
Hi I'm (Y/N) (L/N) and I'm a collage student in the field of arts,yes arts,it's always been my passion since I was little,I wouldn't call myself the outgoing type but I do have friends though,alot actually and 3 that are really close to me actually since childhood and right now I just received a text from them since all 3 of them are sisters.
----Text form----
Kanta:Hi (Y/N)-Kun we just wanted to know if you can come to our house please,were just really bored and have nothing to do so we thought you could come i-if it's not a bother.
The very hungry centipede:You better be it?good.
The forgetful one: Oh please Oh please my (Y/N)-Kun you must come please were really bored here and we just thought you could hang out with us!^-^
The innocent victim:Yeah don't worry I'm on my way.
Kanta:T-thank you (Y/N)-Kun.
The very hungry centipede:Its not like you had a choice anyways....
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Shadow X Reader
Alone. That's what it's like most of the time. On the outside people see you as a happy-go-lucky person, when you’re hiding the hurt of a lost loved one. When in social situation, like school or something, you can be a very optimistic person, talking to everyone, whatever, but at home you’re always alone, and that's how you like it. Sad as it is, it's true, some days are good, like they were before he died, his crazy antics and such, but now it's easier to be alone then have the constant sympathy from everyone. Yes you were heartbroken, but you don't need people to keep reminding you of your grandfather's death. Seriously, sure people want to make you feel better, but really, you don't need to be crying all the time. When people try to comfort you, they just make it worse.
So, now you’re out in the forest. This is the place that has always made you feel better, when you stressed, scared, forgotten and lonely, and especially sad. This was your comforting place, you fee
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Nightmares - Eren Jaeger x Reader
“AHHH!!” You sat up so quickly you had no time to breathe. Once you were sitting up, you were breathing a little too heavily.
Looking around you in a daze, you tried to pull yourself back to reality. You were in your room. The moonlight streamed in through the window as you slowly took back control of your breathing. Pacing your breaths, you slowed your heart rate down, slower and slower. You let your head fall to your hands and allowed a few tears to slither down your cheeks. Clenching your teeth, you fought back a heart-wrenching sob. The tears still came but you tried not to make any further noise.
You didn’t want to draw attention to yourself, not now. Not in the middle of the night. What would the Corporal say? You didn’t even want to imagine about what Levi would do to you for being weak.
Continuing to slow your breath, you lay back down on the soft comfort of your bed and stared at the ceiling. You watched the shadows dance over the roof.
So calm. So
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Prince!England X Reader: The Royal Bloodline
Arthur escaped from the castle again for the who knows my many times with his horse. According to him, life inside the castle sucks as hell, everything gets on your way, not letting you do whatever you please. No matter what you do, you were always get dictated.
He got out from the castle by disguising as a carriage man, thankfully it worked unbelievably, the security inside was so tight. Arthur went out to town to see what his people doing.
'Lively as always...' he thought to himself as he tied his white horse at the fences.
He always loved this town, the smell of the foods and the kind and cheerful people. He walked and walked until he got satisfied, and then, he saw a terribly familiar looking girl with a (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. He approached to her and talked to her without a second thought.
"Hey there, can I ask what's your name, miss?" he said with a calm voice. He didn't care what she'll think of him.
"_-_____..." you replied shyly, surprised at the unusual question.
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Alois X Reader ~ Snarky Remark
Alois X Reader ~ Snarky Remarks
You were in a small group of girls your age at the ball.  Out of everyone in the room, you were the only one who didn’t quite enjoy parties.  If you could chose do to anything, it would be dance at your old villages local bar, which you only got into because you were friends with the owner.  Only a couple years before the dreadful party, you were just a normal villager.  Your mother had fallen dreadfully ill, so your astringed grandfather put the family fortune in your name.  And though the fortune wasn’t too much, you still appreciated every last bit of it.
Back in the village, you used to be known as the best singer in town under 18 years old.  But now, inside the Phantomhive mansion “enjoying” a party, you were known as the fool with no service.  Which was nowhere near true at all.  In your manor was a maid, a butler, and your mothers personal doctor.  And… that was it.  
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He's just a teddy bear russiaxreader
The large group of people gathered together in the room.
You felt out of place and waited for something to happen.
Suddenly, America stepped in and smiled. "Hey guys! You ready for this shit? It's gonna be great! Ohh, looky here who came! If it isn't ___-chan." America gave you a thumbs up.
"Ready for this?" You nodded and walked over to the crowed gathered around a bucket.
They let you go felt around in the bucket and finally lifted your hand.
It was Russia. You got Russia's name! You shivered. Russia didn't seem like the most trustworthy person.
"Oh, would you look at that?" A smiling Russia was behind you, his hands on your shoulders.  "I guess we go and have some fun, yes?" He patted you and half-dragged you to the closet. "Oh, this is going to be fun, I tell..." As he walked into the closet, he plopped down to the floor and smiled at you...that creepy aura surrounding him.  "So, we do what now?" He looked confused.
"W-well, as you said...have fun." You were a
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Broken (Death the Kid x Reader)
This is my first shot at a Fanfiction...Please enjoy. It's a reader x Death the Kid.
(W/N)= weapons name
(Y/N)= Your name
(E/C)= eye color
NOTE: This Fanfiction is based on the chapter in the Manga where Maka and the gang go rescue Kid when he gets stuck in that book (forgot the name ^_^). (one of the best chapters, I might add. It's hilarious, but also very dramatic.)
You were now lying in a hospital bed at the dispensary of the DWMA. Pain fell over your body as you remembered...
[flash back]
"Kid, please don't make me do this.." You pleaded. He didn't give a reply, Instead he raised his two guns and pointed them at you.
"Kid! What're you doing?! This is insane!" Liz tried to tame the reaper to no avail. "(Y/N)! Get the hell out of here before he does something he's gonna regret!"
This felt..
"(Y/N), that's not kid anymore, he's become mad!" Your weapon (W/N) hollered at you. It didn't seem to faze you.
"I guess you're right." You said holding up your weapon.
You d
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I'm not Calling you that!
Norway x reader
You were at your friend Emil’s house. Emil and his strange family were your best friends. Since the moment all five of you met it was fate you were meant to be with one another. There was something that struck you peculiar though, Emil’s older brother Lukas wanted you to call him “big brother”. You rejected him of course, who in their right mind would call him that!? Emil flipped out on him too, which was highly unusual for him since he was so quite.
Anyway, you were at their house, but the only one home was Lukas. You two got along just fine, in fact you had a small crush on him, but... you were still curious about the big brother thing. You guys were watching (favorite show), you were cold so he was holding you in a hug, as you sat cuddled up on the couch. Lukas  was considerate when he wanted to be and he was really handsome too you had to admit, just not out loud. Lukas was arrogant enough without you feeding his ego, and you wouldn
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I Like the Cold - Loki x Reader
Summer has ended.
That single statement left disappointment in your heart. Summer meant the end of shorts, no school, vacation but especially the shorts!
However the end of summer brought one good thing: the cold.
You see you weren’t a creature of heat. Quite the opposite actually.
In one of the most remote and hostile places of Earth was the coldest continent: Antarctica. This almost inhabitable place was coincidentally the place you were born.
When your parents first had you, you exhibited abnormal abilities. You had developed an immense ability to adapt to the cold- so much so that you once walked through a blizzard you hadn’t even developed frostbite. Then when you became a teen you started to have the ability to manipulate ice.
Crystals formed around you and soon whole glaciers of ice moved when you demanded them to. This was your primary realization that you were different. Three years and many obstacles later you were now recruited to the Avenge
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Karkat x Reader
Sadstuck!!!!! TW: Main character (you) death. Read at your own jurisdiction.

    As the hot water from the shower runs down your body, blending with your tears, you reflect on the past few months. Your heartstrings pull as you remember that day when it all started.
    "What the hell's got you so upset?" Some shoes came into your vision. They were scuffed and torn in some places, but otherwise in good condition. Your tear-stained eyes traveled upwards and at the person who was questioning you. Karkat Vantas. His eyes showed annoyance, mostly because his friend had told him to go over to you. You wiped your eyes with your jacket sleeve, embarrassed at your current state.
     "I'm sorry..." was all you could say. His scowl turned to a frown.
     "Don't be fucking sorry. Get up off your ass and get the fuck over whatever happened." Those were his parting words. He walked away, leaving you awestruck. Nonetheless, you did as he said. You push
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Red x Reader: Shivering
“You’re freezing!” you exclaim. Red was currently shivering and you didn’t know what to do. After all, Mt. Silver is not at its warmest temperature. His Venusaur was paralyzed and couldn’t use Sunny day.  ‘A great way to start the evening’ you sighed inwardly.
“Red?” you ask when Red looked up at you worriedly. He didn’t want to trouble you over his problems. “There’s only one blanket…can we share?” you suggested to the shivering boy. Said boy nodded his head furiously.
Red got into the sleeping bag first and you followed in with the soft wooly blanket. You draped the blanket on both of you and turned to Red. Red, still shivering wrapped his arms around you and you immediately blushed.
“R-Red?” you question what he’s doing. “It’s cold and I hope you don’t mind (y/n)” he spoke.  “I-I don’t mind at all” you whisper and close your eyes.
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Suds ((Mituna x Reader))
Letting your body hit the beanbag you had in the far corner of your room, it would be a lie if you tried convincing yourself that you weren't even remotely tired. After taking care of a certain Captor for the past few days, seeing as he had a bit of a cold, you were exhausted. After cleaning, cooking and babying him with little to no rest, you were grateful to have these little moments to yourself; even if he was in your bed, wrapped up in the blanket and snoring loudly. You remembered when the male first got to your house, sniffling and rubbing his eyes, his body shaking as waves of nausea hit him and caused his body to tremble. You had a pile of dishes to do in your sink that, to be honest, you were dreading doing. Putting it off time after time, you were laying there, sprawled out with the image in your mind. How were you even going to go about doing all of them? Your kitchen was small, a tiny little table in the middle of the room with two chairs on either side of it, little to no
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Percy Jackson X Reader one shot.
You always seemed to be drawn to the water, it always seemed to be so calm and relaxing as you sat done and a bank of a river, taking off your shoes to dip your feet into the cool calming water. Sighing happily in content, you pulled a sketch pad out of your (f/b) and a small pencil case full of drawing utensils. You opened up to a new page a took your grey lead pencil out of the pencil case and held it lightly in your hand, surveying to see what you could draw. Your hand which wasn't holding your pencil went up towards the necklace which was around your neck, a ring was held on a chain. You pulled the chain lightly so you could see the ring, it was oddly coloured. It wasn't gold or silver but more of a sea like green with a trident engraved into the band. You have had this ring since you were a baby, your parents always told you the story of how this ring had fallen into your possession. However you never believed the story they told you until the day that you met the man who gave you
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Morning Troubles [Haruka X Fem!Reader]
Haruka was very hard to pull out of a bath in the morning. It takes Makoto not that long to do so. But (L/N) (F/N)? It takes her forever. She doesn't know why but it just does.
"Haruka, get out of the bathtub." (F/N) scowled at the male who was currently in the bathtub. He didn't pay attention to what she said and simply continued sitting there, as if she wasn't there at all.
She exhaled loudly. "Fine. Don't listen to me." She wondered how she can get him out of the tub and make them, hopefully, not late for school. She looked at her watch. Only one hour left until school started.
She stared at the male who was still ignoring her. She kneeled down on the floor and sighed. "Haru, I'll do anything if you get out of the tub."
He looked at her. "Anything?"
She nodded. "Yeah. I don't want us to be late."
He nodded and got up from the tub, stepping out of it. "Okay."
He kneeled next to the (H/C) girl, thighs just about touching. She blushed. "H-Haru?" she squeaked.
Suddenly he kissed her, ma
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 540 241
Family - Mother!ReaderxKid!AlliesxKid!Axis
(I'm including Romano in this since he IS a part of the Axis)
You were 31 year old mother, with 9 children. The oldest Wang Yao was 12, Kiku was 11, Arthur is 10, Francis is 9, Ludwig is 8, Ivan is 7, Feliciano and Lovino who were twins are 6, Alfred who is the youngest is 5. Not all of them were yours but you loved them all the same. Wang and Kiku were brothers, both adopted. Ludwig and Ivan were both adopted too. The rest, were yours. But for some odd reason, they all had accents. And spoke other languages. 
"Boys!!!" You yelled and the thundering of footsteps ran to you. Your boys circled around you.
"Ok! Who drew on the walls this time?!" You asked. Lately you've been sick from working so hard to care for them.
"I-I'm-a sorry momma!" Feliciano said, bursting into tears. You sighed and got to your knees and hugged him. He stopped crying as you comforted him.
"Just don't do it again! No pasta for the week as punishment!" You said and he begged for something else as punishment. T
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Gay For Him (RomanoxReader)
Just fucking do it, Lovino thought. The ragazza doesn’t bite.
You looked up and saw Lovino. You mentally smirked. Perfect timing, Lovino. “Hey, Lovino.”
“Ciao, ragazza.” He shifted. “Uhm, hey, listen—”
You waved at Antonio. “Hey Toni!”
The Spaniard turned. “Oh!” He walked over to the two of you. “Hola, (Name), Lovi!”
Lovino growled at him. “Idiota, how many times have I told you not to call me that?!” Lovino hissed.
Antonio pouted. “But Lovi sounds cute, Lovi!”
Lovino just rolled his eyes at him. “Tch. Bastard.”
You looked at your watch. “Oops. Sorry, guys. I gotta go. I have to meet Kiku.” You flashed a smile at them. “Bye!” You didn’t give them time to reply because you already ran off.
You turned right and saw what you were looking for. You looked around, and quickly ducked into the bush. You smiled at the Japanese
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Amaimon x Blind! Reader
Amaimon x Blind! Reader
Amaimon stared at the girl in his demon form. He was expecting a scream, fleeing in terror, a chase, and to have a kill. Instead the girl looked lost, her hands in front of her before she touched his rib cage. "I'm sorry." The (hair color) teen turned and resumed her search. The demon morphed back into his human form and pulled a sucker from his pocket and walked beside her. "Yes?" Her voice was questioning he could see a smile on her face.
"Do you need help?" His blue eyes scanned her form once more, her head was tilted downwards giving him a hard time seeing her eyes. She stopped.
"Yes. Do you know where Mepphy Land is?" She stuck her hand into her pants pocket.
"I do. Would you like help getting there?" Amaimon tried to see her face. She took out a device and looked up. The green haired demon now understood why he didn't get the reaction he wanted. The (eye color) eyed girl was blind and the retractable walking stick was further proof.
"I would like that very
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