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  "_______...!" Someone weakly cried out weakly for you, bringing you out of a shallow sleep,"_______...!"
  Opening your eyes, you were submerged in darkness. The noise from outside came from the pouring rain and the wind,"______..."
  "I'm coming..." You moan in a sleepy voice. You've been taking care of your best friend Italy while he was at home and sick. But he was a child, calling you every three minutes and hardly allowing you to catch up on any sleep yourself.
  Turning the living room light on, the light blinded you and made the room spin a bit. After regaining your vision, you walked down the hallway to where Italy was laying down in bed,"What is it this time Italy?"
  "I had a bad dream and woke up..." You took a step closer to him thinking that he couldn't be serious,"And I thought that maybe you would want me to take medicine..."
  You knelt beside his bed and slid your hand onto his forehead, feeling his temperature,"Your fever is going down.
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Zoro x reader (Jealousy)
       You sat on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. The sunlight pured on the ship and all the poeple doing their busness on it.. Luffy and Ussop were fooling around with Chopper and his medical supplies,  Sanji was trying to make us girls some island smoothies, and Franky was probably making an invention, or something to impress Robin. Everyone else was doing their normal. Nami and Robin were sunbathing, and Zoro sat on the opposite end of the deck of you sleeping. His one scarred eye seemed normal when he slept. His three swords stuck to his side, even when he was unconsious.Man isn't he a crowd. Enough to make the most stubborn girl like you crazy. (e/c) eyes glared at his sleeping figure with delight and mystery. It would be a lie to say that you never enjoyed staring at him, unconsious or awake that is. 
        You stood up and looked at the cloudless sky. The (FAVORITE COLOR) bikini tropical top went well with the same color swimsh
:iconwarriorfanxxleafrush:WarriorfanxxLeafrush 649 82
Draco Malfoy x Reader: I don't give a damn.
Yes I have a love for almost all fanfics on dA. And I will write about everything that I can. Even though no one reads them, its my personal therapy for the lack of fluffiness In Real Llamas. (Irl) ;3
I hope you enjoy it!
    You were a simple girl, in your third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You were the almost exact definition of a Ravenclaw, you always worked, you were known for your top marks on exams and you were a rival to Hermione Granger. However, you were not exactly like a Ravenclaw. You liked Slytherin for some odd reason. You looked at it in an entirely different view than anyone else and admired them for their ambition and how hard they worked to get what it is they wanted and cast aside any obstacle.
    You walked along the first floor and into the Great Hall. Sitting next to Cho Chang and watched as she swooned over the scar child Harry Potter. You chuckled a
:iconjaxemus:Jaxemus 429 42
Slenderman x Reader- Through the Years
Slenderman hadn’t always been known as Slender ‘man’. When he was first created on earth he was made as a small infant which was similar to a baby with the same appearance he had today, except for his suit and tie of course.
As he grew into a seven year old, many other children would make fun of him for his strange appearance and how all his clothes never seemed to suit his needs as he grew taller with each passing day. He would often be called ‘loser’ by the other children that came across him in the forest he called his home with his older brothers. Unbeknownst to him, a small child of five years old would often watch from the shadows when other children laughed at him.
As Slender continued to grow he became more miserable with each passing year and to make him feel worse, his older brothers never seemed to notice as they were busy with their own lives. Offenderteen’s life was full with being perverted, stalking women and doing the ‘unmention
:iconmiss-fluff-queen:Miss-Fluff-Queen 444 48
Caught (Teacher!Levi x Reader) 700 Words Challenge
        Levi wasn't sure how it happened, only that it did happen, and even that he was barely sure of anymore.
    Maybe it was because you two never did get caught. Could some masochistic, voyeuristic part of him wanted the secret to spill?
    His thoughts drifted lazily as he watched a pencil roll to the edge of his desk and pause, teasing him, making him ache for the simple noise of it hitting the ground.
    Panic attack.
    That's what it would be labeled as, if he were to see any qualified doctor or physiologist.
    "College professor, huh. Got any hot students? Have a little fun with them?" A companion had queried just last weekend.
    She wasn't hot. She was beautiful.
    There was nothing pornographic; fetish satisfaction about it, either. Not like you saw in pornos, the aging teacher lifting his plastic blonde student up onto a desk or a
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 480 41
James X Maid!Reader! - A rose's beauty
I had been working at the Diamond estate for a long time now, four months. I loved it here. The owners never did tell me their real names but they wanted me to call them, Nanny and Pop-Pop since that’s what their grandson called them. I even had my own room here.
It was pretty big, if I might say. I had a queen size bed, a bathroom, bookshelf and a desk. Pretty big for a maid’s room. They never did treat me like one. They treated me like I was their own granddaughter. They were very nice and we often had many conversations.
Today I did my normal cleaning but then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and it was a man. He had periwinkle colored hair and green eyes. “Hello there,” I said.
He shook his head and said, “Yes, hello.”
“Let him in, (Name). That’s our little James we told you about,” Nanny said.
“Yes, Ma’am,” I said. I stepped aside and bowed to him. “It’s nice to meet you.” I stood back
:icontheravengirl95:TheRavenGirl95 338 74
Broken (Death the Kid x Reader)
This is my first shot at a Fanfiction...Please enjoy. It's a reader x Death the Kid.
(W/N)= weapons name
(Y/N)= Your name
(E/C)= eye color
NOTE: This Fanfiction is based on the chapter in the Manga where Maka and the gang go rescue Kid when he gets stuck in that book (forgot the name ^_^). (one of the best chapters, I might add. It's hilarious, but also very dramatic.)
You were now lying in a hospital bed at the dispensary of the DWMA. Pain fell over your body as you remembered...
[flash back]
"Kid, please don't make me do this.." You pleaded. He didn't give a reply, Instead he raised his two guns and pointed them at you.
"Kid! What're you doing?! This is insane!" Liz tried to tame the reaper to no avail. "(Y/N)! Get the hell out of here before he does something he's gonna regret!"
This felt..
"(Y/N), that's not kid anymore, he's become mad!" Your weapon (W/N) hollered at you. It didn't seem to faze you.
"I guess you're right." You said holding up your weapon.
You d
:icontcmnikita:tcmnikita 728 257
Best Night Ever :Sebastian Michaelis x Reader:
The manor lay before like something from a dream. Never in all of your life have you seen such a magnificent estate. Yet tonight you were going to party in it with loads of high class people from all around London. The Earl Phantomhive and his butler stood at the front steps.
"We welcome you, Lady [name]," the butler bowed and held out his hand to help you down from the carriage.
"Th..thank you," you blushed nervously as the handsome man took your hand. You stepped down and sheepishly let go while looking down hoping the hat you wore covered your face.
"Welcome," the Earl greeted your mother as she too stepped down with the help of his butler.
"This is such a beautiful place, isn't it, [name]?" your mother asked you.
"Oh yes, very beautiful," you looked up to see her blue eyes sparkling. Her eyes were the same as yours only she was much taller. What was amusing is the fact she was taller than the butler. This made you happy to be done growing. A man likes a woman he can hold to his che
:iconravenluvssesshomaru:RavenluvsSesshomaru 413 87
show me. levi ackerman
"Je t'aime."
You tilted your head in confusion as the man unexpectedly spoke his native language to you. His tone was softer, less flat. The words rolled off his tongue so smoothly that it calmed you, yet it sent visible goosebumps to your skin.
"The time?" You asked, perplexed.
Pinching the bridge of his nose, the Corporal let out a gruff sigh and leaned against the wall as he crossed his arms. The man knew you weren't going to understand the words he effortlessly spoke, but had expected a less naive reaction.
You frowned. "Come on! What does it mean?"
"Doesn't matter." He brushed his jet black hair out of his eyes.
"Say it again." You cupped your cheeks and closed your eyes, waiting for Levi to repeat the foreign words to you.
He replied with a grimace and scrunched his brows in irritation. 
You were the only person he let himself love. It was wrong, he knew. Falling in love, knowing he'll lose you; just like he lost everything. But he promised himself to protect you, to not let
:iconmiintbun:miintbun 673 95
Jerk!AmericaxReader Oneshot Classroom Callouts...
Jerk!AmericaxReader Oneshot Classroom Callouts...
Censor for language is already on. Please use your imagination if you'd like to use other words. Thank you!
Today sucked royally for you. First, you slept through your alarm so you were almost late to school. Next, another jerk from [second least favorite class] tripped you in the hallway. You also forgot your homework for third hour in your locker and your teacher wouldn't let you go get it. And now, you're just having a bad day. In a permanent bad mood until you get home.
And the worst part is that all your friends are just running away from you claiming "They know how you get when you're angry and they don't want to mess with it." It figures. You're a nice person. Life of the party when you go out(which isn't very often) and a sarcastic, crack up. Very funny person in short. But the one thing people can never see past to this "cool" side of you is the fact that you take school seri
:iconkairistar728:KairiStar728 1,183 748
Prince!England X Reader: The Royal Bloodline
Arthur escaped from the castle again for the who knows my many times with his horse. According to him, life inside the castle sucks as hell, everything gets on your way, not letting you do whatever you please. No matter what you do, you were always get dictated.
He got out from the castle by disguising as a carriage man, thankfully it worked unbelievably, the security inside was so tight. Arthur went out to town to see what his people doing.
'Lively as always...' he thought to himself as he tied his white horse at the fences.
He always loved this town, the smell of the foods and the kind and cheerful people. He walked and walked until he got satisfied, and then, he saw a terribly familiar looking girl with a (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. He approached to her and talked to her without a second thought.
"Hey there, can I ask what's your name, miss?" he said with a calm voice. He didn't care what she'll think of him.
"_-_____..." you replied shyly, surprised at the unusual question.
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 785 205
The first time (Kise x Reader)
The first time...
The first time you saw him was in your first day of school at Kaijō High. It had been a boring and uneventful day – well, at least until lunch. You had practically run out of your chemistry classroom and towards the cafeteria, eager to get some food in your system after such an incredibly awful day. Once your humming-self entered said building, you couldn’t help but notice the female population crowding the place. Your eye twitched a little when you noticed the women huddled against certain table. You caught a flash of vibrant, hazel-golden eyes as you passed by the table in a rush. Thankfully those girls weren’t in the lunch line.
The first time he noticed you was in his geometry class. Contrary to common believe, he did enjoy numbers and shapes every once in a while. The day had been peaceful and slow (if you ignore the stalkers that the oh-so-angelic-teacher had scolded earlier that day). Kise Ryōta never imagined he’d be grate
:iconanniedmc:AnnieDMC 286 35
How did you get so cute? [Momotarou X Fem!Reader]
"Kou!" (L/N) (F/N) called out to Kou (*coughs* Gou) Matsuoka. She had arrived a little behind to the new Iwatobi Swimming Club because she had overslept. She walked around, trying to find her friend, only to find her surrounded by a bunch of....boys.
From the looks of it, it looked like the Iwatobi Swim Club, Rin, and Nitori. And some tall, dark haired male, who was Sousuke. And also a really cute red head....who looked really familiar.
The (H/C) female approached the group. "Sorry for being late, Kou!"
Kou smiled at the girl. "It's no problem! Nothing has started yet, so no worries!"
(F/N) exhaled in relief. "That's good! I thought I was late!"
(F/N) noticed that the cute redhead, Momotarou, was staring at her, a blush adorning his cheeks. She blinked. "....Momo-chan?"
Momotarou's cheeks turned even redder as the girl said the nickname he knew all to well. "(F/N)-chan?"
The (H/C) girl tackled him into a hug. "Momo! I haven't seen you since middle school!"
Said redhead's arms tightened
:iconnichijouevolution:nichijouevolution 373 77
Alois X Reader ~ Snarky Remark
Alois X Reader ~ Snarky Remarks
You were in a small group of girls your age at the ball.  Out of everyone in the room, you were the only one who didn’t quite enjoy parties.  If you could chose do to anything, it would be dance at your old villages local bar, which you only got into because you were friends with the owner.  Only a couple years before the dreadful party, you were just a normal villager.  Your mother had fallen dreadfully ill, so your astringed grandfather put the family fortune in your name.  And though the fortune wasn’t too much, you still appreciated every last bit of it.
Back in the village, you used to be known as the best singer in town under 18 years old.  But now, inside the Phantomhive mansion “enjoying” a party, you were known as the fool with no service.  Which was nowhere near true at all.  In your manor was a maid, a butler, and your mothers personal doctor.  And… that was it.  
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 488 201
[PART 2] Broken and Used (Sinbad x Reader)
“I don’t know how you did it,” Princess Kougyoku said softly one day. After you and Sinbad joined in marriage, you grew closer to the Kou princess, having understood what she went through. “Sinbad has always been a hard person to charm. Normally, he is the one who attracts women like moths drawn to a flame.” She didn’t speak with disdain or resentment. No. Not at all. In fact, she spoke it like it was a distant memory she reminisced from time to time.
You knew for a fact that she didn’t feel anything akin to love for your husband anymore. She’d long gone passed that stage, having moved on and left. She still visited from time to time to see how you were doing and for political affairs, but it was only because of that. She stayed away. She respected the fact that you won and she hadn’t.
But what she didn’t know was you hadn’t won. You may have been the o
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 241 62
2p!England x Reader: How Was Your Sleep?
2p!England x Reader: How was your sleep?
You were definately sure you had locked all the doors last night, you even took the precaution of bolting shut all your windows. But still he managed to break into your home, just like every other time. That man sure was a creep, a man by the name of Oliver Kirkland.
You were woken up by warm breath on your neck, it began to tickle so you forced your eyes open with a giggle. Your grin was immediately wiped off when you caught sight of who was in your bedroom. Oliver was sitting on the edge of your bed, leaning over you, a cheshire smile stretching his features. His sky blue eyes sparkled at you and his strawberry blond hair was in disarray, probably because of the traps you set up the night earlier.
"How did you manage to get in here?", you inquired as you sat up in bed, tugging your blanket closer to you in an attempt to tip him onto the floor.
"That is not of importance, love", he cooed, reaching over to cup your cheek.
His slender finge
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Injured? (Germany x Reader)
"Ouch"You said softly as you touch your fresh wound on your leg.
After you got tripped by a big rock.
You try to stand up but it's no use then wound is so big that it hurts.
"(Name)!!!" A loud German voice you heard, Wait.... that voice it belong to Ludwig your best friend.
You watch as he come closer to you and kneel down
"(Name) are you alright??"Ludwig asked
You just shook your head without saying a word and blood still flowing to your leg
"(Name) I think you should go the hospital" Ludwig said
"Does it look like i need a hospital!!!!"You said (Side Comments: xD)
"If you don't want to go to the hospital i have no choice"
With that words Ludwig had carry you bridal style and start running
"My house is still far just wait a bit" Ludwig said.
You turn to your side and see Ludwig muscular body sweating 'wait did he really run to see me?' you though.
Ludwig saw you looking at his body which make you blushed deep dark red.
Yes you have a crush on your German Friend for a long time but you
:iconharvestempress:HarvestEmpress 498 217
Affection Problems :: Sherlock Holmes BBC x Reader
For the last year, you’ve been dating Sherlock Holmes. Yes, the consultant detective and high functioning sociopath, as he says. John is happy for you both, yet he still can’t seem to wrap his mind around the fact that Sherlock has a girlfriend. And that goes for everyone else that knows him, yet John can understand it better than the rest. As for Mycroft, he asked you to spy on Sherlock for money, like he has for anyone else that lives in close proximity of his younger brother. You didn’t except, till later into the relationship when Sherlock said that the two of you could have fun with it.
It was snowing outside as you ran from the cab to the door of 221B Baker Street. Upon opening the door Mrs. Hudson greeted you with a smile. Smiling back, you made your way up the stairs to where the boys were.
“Ah, _____ would you be a darling and make sure that Sherlock doesn’t ruin my wall anymore?” Mrs. Hudson asked. Looking back from halfway up the stairs yo
:iconsunflower-lover-ivan:Sunflower-Lover-Ivan 681 102
I'm not Calling you that!
Norway x reader
You were at your friend Emil’s house. Emil and his strange family were your best friends. Since the moment all five of you met it was fate you were meant to be with one another. There was something that struck you peculiar though, Emil’s older brother Lukas wanted you to call him “big brother”. You rejected him of course, who in their right mind would call him that!? Emil flipped out on him too, which was highly unusual for him since he was so quite.
Anyway, you were at their house, but the only one home was Lukas. You two got along just fine, in fact you had a small crush on him, but... you were still curious about the big brother thing. You guys were watching (favorite show), you were cold so he was holding you in a hug, as you sat cuddled up on the couch. Lukas  was considerate when he wanted to be and he was really handsome too you had to admit, just not out loud. Lukas was arrogant enough without you feeding his ego, and you wouldn
:iconyamiyuki1:yamiyuki1 784 1,330
BEN drowned x Reader. Escape.
“____, I know you are in there.” Your Drunk Boyfriend yelled.
“If you don’t get out here right now I will Bust down this Door!”
Tears were slowly falling from my eyes as I was in the corner of the bedroom, with my Knees held to my chest.
Every time when ______ goes out with his friends, they go out drinking, and I always get tortured through the aftermath. I try to escape from this Hell hole, but there is nowhere to go. My parents died a long time ago, and I don’t have enough money to buy a house for myself. I am stuck here going through endless amounts of Pain.
Just someone save me..
The Door to the Bedroom was knocked off the Hinges and the Drunk man walked through.
“Next time I say Open the door. You better open the Door.” He grabbed me from the collar of my shirt, and slammed my back into the wall behind me. _____ l
:iconxxsamishixx:XxSamishixX 181 326
Kageyama Tobio x Reader: Soft and Delicate
Kageyama Tobio x Reader:
Kageyama sneezed and sniffed. His eyes flickered left and right looking for a tissue. You pulled one out from the tissue box and handed it to him. His eyes dilated for a second before returning back to normal. He lowered his gaze to the floor and took the tissue shyly. Kageyama flinched as his fingers touched yours. He mumbled an apology before abruptly turning around to blow his nose. You smiled at him and then sat on the bench to sort out paperwork.
“(y/n) did you finish?”
Shimizu approached you. You nodded your head and handed the stack to her.
“Thank you for letting me help out”
Shimizu blinked and looked a bit confused as she replied back, “No…actually thank you.”
She let out a sigh and held onto the paper tightly before turning towards the boys who were diligently practicing in the gym. You looked as well and found yourself staring at a certain grump. He quickly tossed to Hinata and muttered s
:iconmarinejelly:MarineJelly 309 30
Newest Obsession Male!BelarusXReader
9 hours, 57 minutes, and 4 seconds.
That was how long the platinum blonde had been sitting against the wall, living in his thoughts, a bottle of vodka held loosely in his hand. He'd first gotten into the alcoholic drink when he found out it was big sister Russia's favorite. She had been his obsession at the time, and thus, he'd done whatever he could to forge a connection with her.
 Of course, she wasn't his obsession now, but his addiction to vodka wasn't going to fade away anytime soon. And the fact that he couldn't stop thinking about you certainly wasn't helping. His chest tightened as he thought about you.
 You were his current obsession, and the reason why he was drunk on his ass.
Ironically, it was because of his old obsession that he met you.
Several days ago.......
Belarus silently sharpened his knife, his eyes narrowed into dangerous slits. He'd heard from Lithuania that big sister Russia was coming home from the world meeting- and was bringing anot
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 650 139