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Male!Merida x Reader (Brave)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
The woods is an unforgiving place, make one mistake and that could be your death, years ago when i was just a little thing and i worked for the palace as a playmate to the prince, my best friend i had taken a stroll in the woods to look for some berries that Meriden and i could make paint out of next thing i knew i was staring into the eyes of the one bear you never want to run into, Mordu.
Ever since i've been locked away his is broken castle with no hope of escape, i haven't seen my friend since i was 6 years old, i'm 17 now it's been 11 years. I was allowed to bathe and read but i was to never leave unless i wanted to be mauled to death. Sighing i adjusted my dress and put the book i had gotten back. A familiar roar alerted me that Mordu was back.
I ran out the door and into the hall to wear the bear stood on its hind legs "did yo
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Demon's Toy? ~ Sebastian Michaelis X Reader
"Sebastian. [Name]. You both are to keep a close watch on Alois and his butler. Am I understood?" Ciel asked the two servants standing before him.
"Yes. Of course, Young Master." They replied in unison before leaving the young Earl's side. Tonight was the night of Alois Trancy's Halloween party. A party in which Ciel, along with all his servants, were invited to.
"So, what's your plan, Sebastian?" [Name] asked, looking up at her friend. When that familiar smile crept across Sebastian's face, she frowned.
"I'm sure Claude would be more than willing to share any information he has concerning the Young Master and Earl Trancy. You may have to persuade him, but I'm sure that won't be a problem for you." Sebastian said.
"No, no. You can do the persuading." She replied quickly. "After all, you were quite successful seducing that nun a while ago." She added with a smile, recalling the incident.
"True, but that was a human woman." He reminded. Not long after meeting Sebastian, [Name] figured ou
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Joker x Fem!Reader - Bubble Bath
You close the front door of the apartment with a huff, thankful to be inside away from the strong wind and heavy rain that had beaten you on your way back from the store. You make your way to the kitchen, trying carefully to not drip water all over the floor and dropped the sodden grocery bags onto the counter and swiftly emptied the contents and tossed the ruined bags into the bin.
You give the removed contents of the bag a once over, thankful that all the items had come in packaging. You put them all on the draining board to dry off except for the milk which you wipe dry with a tea towel and place in the fridge.
You shiver, the coldness reminding you that you were still clad in your wet clothes, so you rush into the bathroom and run yourself a bath, pouring a generous amount of apple scented bubble bath underneath the running tap. You start to pull off your wet clothes piece by piece, struggling every now and again as the wet fabric clung stubbornly to your skin.
The room now felt wa
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Blackout- Natsu Dragneel X Reader
      It was just a normal peaceful day at Fairy Tail, if you can call it peaceful with the daily event of brawls occurring.
      “Something tells me that bastard’s magic has burned his own brain,” Gray, who sat next to me by the bar, smirked at the sight of Natsu by the request board, Lucy confusing him with “complicating facts”. Natsu easily heard Gray’s comment and started.
      “You wanna go, icehead!?” Natsu screamed
      “Whenever you want to, flame idiot!” Gray screamed
      “Gray, clothes...” I said with my eyes closed, drinking a (fav. soda).
      “Wah!!” Natsu began running towards your direction, fire in his palm.
      “Not again...” I muttered with Happy as we both hopped off, away from the two biggest troublemakers of the guild.
      “They never st
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Sweet Cravings L x Reader
"Here are some sweets for the both of you. If there's anything you need please don't hesitate to ask." Watari pushes in a cart filled with sweet pastries, coffee with extra sugar, assorted ice cream and toppings.
"Oh thank you very much Watari. This all looks delicious." You grab a small plate off the cart and begin putting some small cakes, donuts, marshmallows, and chocolate chips on the plate. You set the plate next to L who's crouching on a chair in front of a large computer screen. You pour a cup of coffee and add ten sugar cubes into the black drink.
"How is the investigation going for the both of you? You two have been sitting at these computers for two days straight." You sigh and scratch the back of your head, titling your neck to the right and left in an attempt to crack your neck.
"We don't have much really. Criminals are still dying off and we're stuck with the same information we already discovered." You place the coffee next to L's plate and begin filling up a plate of yo
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Gossip Tony x Reader
“I am going to kill her.” Natasha declared as she stormed down the hallway.
“Kill who and why?” Tony questioned –forever the snoop- as he trailed after his teammate.
“(Y/n) she never told me she got engaged.”
      Tony chocked on his alcohol and his glass fell to the floor and shattered at his feet. Natasha kept walking but a discreet smile tugged on the corner of her lips and a gleam took up residence in her eyes.
“Who’s she marrying?” Tony asked as nonchalantly as a person whose crush was engaged to someone else could.
“Dunno, Pepper didn’t say. All I know is the rock is huge.”
    The words were barely out her mouth when Pepper joined them. She stepped in time with Natasha and Tony was pushed to third wheel, a very nosy third wheel.
“Have you found out who she’s marrying?” Natasha inquired. Pepper shook her head mournfully and adopted a thoughtful
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Just look at me (Grell x Reader)
Authors note:
Please read this Authors note before you start reading this chapter. Thank you and God bless.
“_______ come on hurry!” Your flamboyant friend Grell shouted
“What took you so long?”
“Sorry I have to pretty up you know! You don’t want someone ugly walking around side by side with you don’t you?”
“Well you’re right, only beauties are allowed to be hanging around with me”
You’ve been in love with Grell ever since you stepped foot at the Reapers Academy, you both loved the same color. The color red. You did everything for him to notice you, and when you two became friends you were really happy, but sadly this relationship of yours will only remain as friends, he has no interest with girls at all, He likes handsome men more.
“_______ Hello! Earth to _________ are you still there?” Grell said while waving his hands on
:iconjessyami:Jessyami 419 72
A relationship with a Hero Link x Reader OneShot
It was hard. Loving someones whose first love is "Adventure". You thought, maybe, after Hyrule was saved, he'd relax and settle down with you. But you were sadly mistaken. Every other week he leaves you to go see some new part of the land, or see how Zelda's doing. You don't mind, not really. I mean, he just spent 7 years trying to save her...okay maybe you're jealous. But what girlfriend wouldn't be? You sighed and fixed a few strands of hair. You set the dishes out to dry, and checked on your meal. Not done yet. Sitting at your dining set, you stared up at the wooden shield and small sword that hung above your fireplace. It was his from when he was younger. You wish you could have visited his old village with him. He said no one but kids lived there. You wondered how, and asked him frequently, but he always said "It was a story for another time".
It was getting dark out. Dinner had just finished. Another night alone, as you started to eat. There were two loud bangs at your door, scar
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Love trial [Oikawa Tooru]
[Oh! No! No! No!
I don't know what came over me!
You know you're my everything!
Before you take the hammer down, Take my circumstances into consideration!
I can't live on without you!]
"Look, I swear! I really really really am sorry! I'll do anything, please? Please? Please?" He knelt down in front of you on the classroom floor, cupping his hands together, he stared at you with pleasing eyes.
Oikawa Tooru, what a bad boy.
You clicked your tongue and tuck your hands, forming a cross shape. Taking a seat on the closest table, you crossed your legs. Turning away, you refused to have any eye contact with him.
"I promised I'll change! I beg you! I'll make it up to you, what do you want? I'll give you everything! Please don't do this to me!" He whined and crawled towards you before hugging your leg like a kid. You flushed at his touches and tried to pry yourself away from him. You hesitantly glanced at him a few times, and he looked horrifyingly pathetic.
Can you believe it, Oikawa Tooru beg
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Pervert - Kenny x Reader
Pervert, that’s the name you used to describe Kenny McCormick. It was the first impression you got from him when you had moved to South Park back in middle school and now you were reaching your junior year of high school. Even though the poor parka wearing boy was a gigantic pervert, you couldn’t help being attracted to him. You denied it of course, knowing exactly how a relationship like that would end. But, that didn’t mean you and the boy weren’t friends. You were both stuck with working on a school project together in your room currently.
You tapped the end of your pencil against your binder while staring down at the blank piece of paper that was labeled ‘Ideas’ at the top. “Come on Kenny, we need ideas for this project” you said, looking into the pale blue eyes that stared from the opening of the parka. You always wondered how the boy never sweated to death under that heavy coat. In return you heard the muffled response of your frien
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Smooth Move [ England x Reader ]
'Life without you would be like a broken pencil...pointless.'
[Name] smiled softly at the little note. Every time she would go to one of the World Summit meetings, a little piece of paper would be sitting on the table in front of her seat. She now had a small handful of said messages, ranging from 'Your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon' to 'If beauty were time, you'd be an eternity'. The only problem was that the author of such sweet words never wrote his name.
I wonder who it is... [Name] pondered, as she looked around the clearly-packed room. Every nation had arrived by now, so it could have been anyone. There was Spain, flirting with one of the few female countries, a blond this time. Could it possibly be him? His bright green eyes shone against his tan skin, his shoulders shaking slightly as he laughed. Sure, Antonio was attractive enough, but he was a little...daft. Plus he was always with that crabby Italian,
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Thanksgiving Confession (Loki x Reader)
Loki looked up from his book when the smell of an unfamiliar Midgardian food wafted into the air of his library. He ignored it at first, but his stomach started to growl so with a sigh he set his book down and went to investigate. Thor wasn’t too far behind him, the two peering in to see the resident SHEILD agent, more like Avengers babysitter, (Y/n) humming as she cooked quite the spread for dinner. Tony was helping her as well, the two talking and laughing over some rather odd music as they cooked.
“Son of Stark! Daughter of (L/n)! What feast is this you are cooking?” Thor boomed, Loki rolling his eyes as the two walked into the kitchen to inspect what was being made.
“We’re making our Thanksgiving meal.” (Y/n) smiled, raising an eyebrow when both Asgardian’s gave her an identical confused look.
“I don’t think we’ve told them about Thanksgiving yet.” Stark murmured, (Y/n) nodding in realization.
“Is this day of G
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Urges [Levi x Reader | Modern AU!]
[Warning: Foul Language | Mature Themes | Mild Sexual Themes | Abuse Talk]
Both Reader and Levi are 21+ years old.
[Word Count: 6995]


He really wanted her. A lot. She woudn't even know.
He heard the front door click and he knew she was back, probably to have a real life aside from that douche she was dating right now. The fucking shit stain didn't treat her right. He misused her and made her do things she would never usually do and yet there she was, jogging after him like some lost puppy everytime after they had an argue. 
Levi was going to fucking beat that douche's face to a pulp one day honestly. Once when she had came back with a bruise on her face and he had asked from where it was, no wonder - shit stain of the year. (Y/N) literally needed to beg the raven on her knees not to remove that motherfucker from the face of Earth. Levi hated seeing her s
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The Plan - RivailleXReader
 "Stupid Hanji," I seethed, kicking the bucket of water onto the just cleaned floor. "Stupid, stupid!" Sulking, I sat down where I was. Truethfully, I wasn't mad at her, how could I be? It was my fault for going along with her plan and being awarded the pleasure of cleaning duty, anyway. I just felt it better to blame someone other than me.
"Cadet (L/N), why is there water on the floor?"
My head shot up at the sound of the icy voice, eyes fixing on those of Lance Corporal Rivaille. He stood in the doorway, arms crossed and leaning on the frame. He regarded me coldly, waiting for an answer. I got up, dusting off my pants and giving him one. "I got mad, sir. I apologize, I'll clean it up immediately."
He sighed, watching as I picked up a mop and got to work. It was excruciatingly silent for a while, the only noise the sound of the mop soaking up the water. I didn't know what the coporal wanted, but I wasn't just about to ask, afraid of being rewarded another glorious cleaning duty.
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Levi X Titan! Reader Chapter 4
Chewing on the fish, Armin sat on one of the rocks next to the fire, staring into it's flames and you sat beside him watching him eat, (EYE COLOUR) eyes on the boy.
You then stretched your legs out and laid yourself lay down, surrounding the weary human who was still unsure of the situation.
However, it wasn't long before he had finished his last fish and awkwardly looked up to you.
''Um, I n-need to sleep'' Armin whispered throwing the fish bones into the fire. You gently crooned before slowly extending your hand, picking the blonde haired boy and proceeded to place him in the crook of your neck.
You moved some strands of your (HAIR COLOUR) hair to cover him in a silky like blanket though he probably wouldn't need it as your body emits heat itself, but never the less you didn't want the boy to die from hypothermia.
Armin wiggled about trying to get comfortable before letting out a small sigh, laid in your locks of hair between your neck.
He was just closing his eyes slowly when you di
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Sherlock (BBC) x Reader-That's My Girl
         It was a normal day at 221B Baker Street.
         John was making a much needed pot of tea, Sherlock was reading a book in his chair, and you were sitting in Sherlock’s lap.
         You rested your head in the area between the neck and shoulder and closed your eyes, a small smile forming. Whenever Sherlock turned a page, he would move his hand to run his fingertips up and down your arm before returning it to holding the book.
         Your smile broadened. While you loved the consulting detectives enthusiam and high intellect when he was on a case, you also loved it when Sherlock was calm and showed a gentle, romantic affection towards you.
         Then the moment was ruined when Mycroft walked through the door.
         “Good morning John, (name), Sherlock,” the older Holmes greeted.
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Drunk!Germany x Reader- At the Beginning
You sat on your light brown couch, a fuzzy, multicolored blanket draped over your shoulders as you read through the stack of books you had gotten earlier that day.
What else better to do on a dragging Saterday night than read a crap-load of manga in your favorite pajamas, curled up in your living room and watching CSI? At the moment, nothing had seemed greater than what you were doing at that moment.
You lightly licked your thumb, turning a rather long page in your book as you continued to skim the next one. Even though you had started the book not thirty minutes ago, it didn't stop you from being two pages from the end. That's what you loved about manga- no matter what the plot, it always seemed to catch you attention enough to where you couldn't stop reading until you were done.
As soon as you were on the last page of the thirteenth book in your series, your (f/c) cell phone gave off a buzzing sound as it rattled profusely against the table. The little green mint bunny keychain Engla
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Punk!Jake English x Reader ~ Little Girl
The class was exceptionally quiet today, which was to say, only a mild din was created. Valentines day was celebrated pretty crazily among students, so classes usually turned to nothing but card-trading, candy-slobbering and the reading of horrible poems. And this particular Valentines day, like all others, was spent alone by [Name], who had no "special other" to cuddle with in the hard-bottomed chairs that the school provided. Nobody to share practical heart-shaped, store-bought candies with. Of course, she didn't let anyone else know that she WANTED that. She'd probably just sit around until she got home and then cry the entire night. No different from last year.
While everyone else was sitting with each-other, exchanging small trinkets and giving away candy, [Name] sat sideways at her desk, reading a book quietly. She held it close to her, looking down with no intention of glancing up at the love confessions and merriment among her classmates. She heard the door open, and the room g
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Don't Touch - Oikawa x Reader
Jealous!Oikawa x Reader
Oikawa was getting rather impatient with something. He tried to hide his forming scowl from showing with neutral face, but couldn’t hide his glare. Right now he was being surrounded by his fans telling him about different things but he payed no attention to them because he was too busy keeping an eye of his girlfriend.
You were Aoba Johsai’s manager and the team’s setter, Oikawa Tooru’s girlfriend. Your relationship wasn’t a secret but that didn’t keep his fangirls away from him. For a while, you got used to the fact that your boyfriend was always being bombarded with his fans and just ignored it.
It was now break time and you were completely ignoring your boyfriend throughout practice ever since his loud fans came barging in the gym to watch him play.
What made the brunette’s blood boil was to see that your attention was fixated to his childhood friend. You overly friendly towards him and always goes straight to
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Yami X Reader: Worth My Time
You were at Burger World trying to eat but also finish writing a few emails to your uncle in America. Moving from there to Japan wasn't easy but you sure were going to love it here. Your booth was in front of the wall. So it made you look like a total loner. Which you were.
You never needed other people to help you grow up and knew that your future didn't rely on you making friends. You knew having friends wasn't a bad thing but it wasn't your style. Being alone wasn't new for you so didn't care about making friends.
That never stopped your parents and family though. They would always pester you on how you couldn't have any friends like a normal person would. Especially your cool brother named Jason. He was four years older than you and would always mock you by saying.
Can't you ever be normal like everyone else?
Why are so freakishly annoyed when it comes to making friends?
You do realize that your determination can't get you anywhere in life, right?

Yet to this day Jas
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The little sunflower: Russia x Pregnant!Reader
You lay on the couch lethargically. You had been feeling unwell for the past week and so your boyfriend and soon to be husband Ivan Braginski áwas out getting some medication that he thought would ease your pain, or at least, find out what was wrong with you. You smiled, he was always such a sweet thing to you, and you honestly couldn’t see how others mistook the cute, lovable nation as scary or intimidating.
“Urghnn…” you groaned as you slowly got up, the aching in your stomach and head becoming stronger every day. You hobbled over to the kitchen to try and get some form of dinner ready, even though you barely had any idea on how to cook. You grabbed a frying pan and stared at it intensely, as if, by magic, you would know how to use it and what to make. You sighed, giving up on the pan and actually preparing a proper, hand cooked meal for your fiancÚ and grabbing a phone to call out for pizza.
See, you had been craving pizza a lot recently, along with other un
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Sleep My Love-Germany x Reader
    She laid her head upon folded arms across the banister of the second story balcony. In the dark below she saw her and her husband, Ludwig’s, backyard, surrounded by a grove of trees which stood in shadow, an area of them illuminated by the soft glow of the downstairs porch light. Tilting her head she looked out beyond the yard’s wooden fence to the quiet gravel road. Not a car passed by, the air was still and quiet, filled only by the beautiful, steady song of some distant crickets. Despite the peaceful atmosphere, (name) could not sleep. This frustrated her for she knew no obvious reason as to why. Nothing particularly stressful plagued her mind, she had nothing coming up that would make her the least bit anxious, and furthermore she had been awake since about seven o’clock that morning.
    Sighing she laid back onto the long wooden bench where she sat, stretching her legs, clothed in a pair of soft (f/c) pajama pants given to her by her husb
:iconludwigslass:LudwigsLass 429 15