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Son of a Preacher Man
Peach reclined back on the small bench on her front porch, a cold lemonade softly numbing her fingertips in the cool refuge of the shade. The North Carolina heat was unforgiving, but it wasn't something that bothered her. Her hair was tied up and away, and her eyes were closed as she relaxed. Her black sneakers were perched up on the table, but she quickly took them down and sat up as she spoke to the preacher. A familiar figure came up the lawn, strolling past her, followed by an even more familiar face. "Hello, Betty-Lou." Peach smiled up at him.
"Afternoon, sir."
"How are you?"
"Pretty good, as long as this glass is full." The man in the fine suit laughed softly, then squeezed her sweaty shoulder before going inside. The screen door squeaked as it moved, slamming behind him. A young man slightly taller and less dressed was left in front of her.
"Hi." Peach had closed her eyes again but opened one of them as she felt another touch on her freckled arm.
"Hi Billy." His calloused hand r
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Computer Love
It was peach colored, blushing, smiling with blinding white teeth  and shining brightly on his screen. No doubt about it. It was a face. A human-like face, to be exact.  Sea Blue eyes were staring at him, but it wasn’t uncomfortable and harsh like others. It didn’t give him anxiety, but it gave off sort of a warm  comfort towards him. He squinted towards the screen, now curious. He has never seen something like this in his life, and he had seen some crazy stuff on computers, some were pretty weird and some he want to forget and stuff in the back of his mind. Most of the time, he just skip right passed it with a click of the mouse.
But this was different. This he wants to explore.  
It moved its head sightly. He flinched back, surprised by the sudden movement but his focus came right back on target.
Right back on...her? Him? It?
It was a face, but it didn't have any of the usual unique features people use to identify one’s gender. No extreme traces
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