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Me and Bri - Part 2
Part 2
She was a picture of serenity, sat there at one of the tables in the food court. Which was odd, because she usually looked nervous when she was alone in public. I was in a queue at one of the food court’s sandwich shops, waiting to be served. After a couple hours shopping, we had both agreed to take a break and get some lunch, and so she had decided to save us a table. It was surprisingly busy what with all the last-minute Christmas shoppers and I doubt we’d have been able to find a free table if she hadn’t sat down at the first one we saw. I had gone to find something that we’d both like, which had involved me wandering off into the crowd, so I doubt she knew I could see her from across the court now.
I heard an “Excuse me,” from behind me, presumably to someone else, so I continued to watch Bri as she watched the crowd. Her whole posture was unlike what I was used to seeing. Her back was straight whereas it was normally bent
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I fell in love with the mysteries in her sunken eyes.
I fell in love with the lingering hum she left beneath my skin.
I fell in love with the feathery corona of her hair as she lay on a blanket of stars.
I fell in love with her soothing voice, able to pull me into her arms and push me towards my goals with the quietest of intonations.
She breathed feather-light kisses into my hair, wove tales of starlight and infinity into my dreams.
Love was falling into dark cotton sheets, near translucent curtains trailing silently on wooden floors as crickets chattered, bats darting lazily overhead.
Her fingers traced constellations into my skin; her murmurs settled themselves between bone and sinew.
She captured each silent gasp with desperate hunger, ravenous for every wisp of breath from my lungs; she claimed each sigh with the starved appetite of a soul who had never before tasted the fullness of life before.
She drifted from room to room with silent steps, silvery scarves floating behind her i
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