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Tubby Tina
[Let me know what you thought;)]
Tina Sherwood had been a long time crush of mine. Ever since the days when we were back in high school. I never had the courage to actually talking to her since she had been the prettiest girl in high school, my personal number one over all the rest. I always felt regret that I never got to actually start a conversation with her all of throughout high school.
What was Tina like in high school? Well, people usually people referred to her as “Tubby Tina” a fat girl that couldn’t stop stuffing her face, no matter the occasion. She would eat during P.E., Class, assembly’s, pretty much anything. Because of this she changed a lot from freshman year to senior year. Tina had started out as a chubby 9th grader, but she couldn’t stop eating in and outside of school. Even during her water polo practices she would always have some sort of food in hand while she sat on the bench. As she practiced this routine, she ballooned from a sligh
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Special (GCBC x Emmet)
He wasn’t sure what led to this.
Perhaps it had been the fact he hadn’t been hunted down, like so many for so long. Maybe it had to do with the fact that once he really thought about it, he and Lucy were friends rather than lovers.
Maybe he just had a thing for Irish cops.
“What are ye thinkin’?” Shaking his head slightly, Emmet glanced up from the book he had stopped reading some time ago. Good Cop was settled in his usual armchair across the room, his head slightly tilted.
“What?” He asked, the other looking slightly amused as he took a sip of coffee.
“Ye were starin’ at us, looked like ye were thinkin’ hard about somethin’.” The blush that crept itself all over Emmet’s face had him chuckle, the other looking rather sheepish.
“Just...wondering why you chose me, of all people.” This threw the officer for a loop, the man looking perplexed as Emmet cleared his throat. “I mean, I’m just.
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El Sonido del Silencio: 58.
Capítulo 58.
Habían pasado casi dos semanas desde la cirugía cuando a Adrianne le recomendaron que reiniciara poco a poco sus actividades, pero ella no quería seguir pasando la mayor parte del tiempo en cama y decidió reunirse con el barón para darle las gracias por todas las atenciones que había recibido de él. No avisó que saldría porque no la hubiesen dejado hacerlo, lo que quizás habría sido mejor pero Adrianne necesitaba despejar su mente y limpiarla de las dudas que la acosaban desde que despertó de la cirugía. Le daba la sensación de que la impresión general que se tenía sobre Alexander en la casa había cambiado sutilmente para bien y ella no sabía por qué. Johann continuaba hablando de él a su favor aunque sólo cuando Renée no podía escucharlo y los otros tres Lorenz se veían menos deprimidos. Adrianne sabía que le estaban ocultando cosas pero
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There's an alien in my closet klance ch.2
There's an alien in my closet
Ch.2 Primitive lifeforms don't like to be called primitive
"Look, Lance, it's too dangerous for you here." Alfor said, grabbing his son by the shoulders and pushing him towards a pod. "Zarkon has declared war, and only Coran and those who can pilot a lion can stay on the castleship."
"Father, please!" Lance begged, tears in his eyes, "I know Blue gave me up for Allura, but I could still be useful! I could-!"
"I need you to do this for me, Lance." Alfor looked at his son with a desperate pain in his eyes and Lance went stiff, "I need to know one of my children is safe and far away from all of this. Allura must battle, but you….Lance you must hide on another planet and wait for us to retrieve you. Learn their ways, befriend the different species that reside there." He smiled, a tired smile that barely lifted the corners of his lips and didn't reach his eyes, "I love you, Lance. I know you will be great wherever you land and make me proud."
Lance wanted
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My Sun, My Love
No movement and consciousness was routine. Endless miles of grainy soil surrounded me for an eternity. Thick water droplets would soak through, supplying nourishment, but chilling my minuscule figure in return. I assumed this was all the world had to offer me. I was to be doomed forever in a state of unawareness. Life was completely meaningless, until I met him.
The struggle to find him was grueling. Each day, I inched closer and closer, only to find that the next morning I was still stuck underground. Yet, nothing could stop me from reaching that unfamiliar feeling. It was holding me in an addictive warmth, pulling me closer to it. With all my might, I pushed through the dirt, and everything made perfect sense.
There he was, right up above me. His shimmer gave me the ability to think for the very first time. That heat made me thrive, growing upwards at a racing speed. He brought color to the world, giving me a lush glow that fit in with the rest of the blooming flora. At last, I was w
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