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Me and Bri - Part 1
Me and Bri
I woke naturally at about 7 on Christmas Eve, which was a normal time for me. Brianna was still fast asleep so I got out of bed as quietly as possible to avoid disturbing her. She wouldn’t wake up for another few hours as always, and I had stuff to prepare for tomorrow anyway. I looked at her for a few minutes as she slept, an almost divine beauty captured in an almost still sculpture. Her face was all that was directly visible, and it painted a picture of pure serenity. Her jet-black hair, cropped short, had strands running across her forehead, likely disturbed during her slumber. Her fringe didn’t quite reach her almond-shaped eyes which, along with the warm olive tone of her skin, betrayed her Asian ancestry. Her mouth was closed, and the gentle sound of her breathing came only through her button nose. Her neck and below were covered in our thick duvet with a plain beige-ish (I didn’t really know the name of the colour, that sort of thing was her skill)
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Coming Home: Chapter 6
As some of you may not know, not only will I be posting this story on FFN, I also posted this story on DA if anyone would like to read it there. And soon I'll be making fanart of my story for DA.
I want to thank Autobot once again for helping me with this story, and all of you who read and review it.
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Valentine's Day
[CRUSH'S NAME] placed thirteen chocolates in front of [YOUR NAME]. She looked up at him with a questioning look.
"Why thirteen?" She asked. 
"Simple." He said, pointing to each. "For each year I never realized I loved you."
[YOUR NAME] blushed. [CRUSH'S NAME] pulled another chocolate out.
"And this is for this year." 
[YOUR NAME] took a chocolate from her bag and presented it to [CRUSH'S NAME]. "Happy Valentine's Day, I guess."
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