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Concert for two
Rick had a great life, good job, good grades and a stellar girlfriend. The problem right now was that he had only been able to get one ticket to the concert they had been waiting months for. "Well what should we do?" Ashley asked him. "I'm ok if you just go, you've been more excited for this concert than me." "But I want to go with you." Ashley scooted next to him her hip bumping his. "I'm not trying to pull a mission impossible." "Well you just need to sneak in somehow." They thought for a moment until Ahley spoke. "Do you remember when we were younger and I showed you the ultimate hiding spot." "No, no that's not going to work I'm not doing that."
A couple hours later as the sun is almost set, Ashley is walking towards the concert entrance. She's wearing black leggings hugging her round butt and a band t-shirt riding up exposing her big round belly. "How did you talk me into this?" Rick's voice said from her round belly. "Because you know I'm right. Now be quite or this won't work."
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Cuddle- NaLu
It wasn’t the warmth of the Sun Lucy felt every time she woke up. It was the warmth of his arms. It was the first thing she felt after waking up from that imaginative dream realm. Lucy would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t feel safe in his arms. All the adventures and mayhem had taken a toll on her. Sometimes, she would be sad; other times, she had nightmares. Yet, none of that mattered in the morning.
It was his warmth that welcomed her back to reality. That made her feel like it was all going to be okay one way or the other. That he was always going to be there for her no matter what.
It was true that she laughed and joke about him always being over. It was weird at first that Natsu seemed to always be over. Lucy was confused at first, and him sleeping over took some getting used to. But the years passed and things were sometimes goofy and jolly or serious and life-threatening.
So Lucy needed it. She enjoyed waking up in the morning with his arms around her. Hi
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CHARMED I'm Sure - Chapter 02
The shining, golden stiletto grazed his head, despite him lurching to the side to dodge it.
"I said get lost! Some bodyguard you are; I never want to see you again! You're fired!"
The man persisted, tried to talk some reason into her, "But-but Charm, it's not like that! I like you, but not like that! This is my job and I have to be professional."
A woman in her early twenties, by her youthful appearance, paced the room. When he dared speak in his defense, she turned, hands on her hips, and stomped her hard stiletto to the wood floor. She was an imposing figure, fully clad in her stage costume, hair and makeup prepared and applied to perfection.
Her bodyguard faltered at her feminine, slightly provocative, very much glittery figure and swallowed.
"I said get out!" She screeched. "Get out now! You're worthless!"
The poor man stumbled back, desperately searching for the knob. As soon as he felt it, he near fell backwards out the door and progressed to run down the hall away from such a wo
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Stork- Erza
Levy sighed contently as sipped her tea at the guild. The last few months had been rather hectic since giving birth, so she was glad to have this moment to herself while Gajeel was home babysitting.
Levy wasn’t sure how motherhood would suit her, and though it was a lot new and different things, she was still glad for the experience. Every day she was learning new things about herself, her husband, and the world. Now being a mother, she could even enjoy time bonding with Bisca especially since the gun-mage herself had been the only mother of the guild for quite some time.
Bisca was now drinking tea with Levy, but the two had agreed to a ‘no- child’ topic rule during these rare moments that the twins weren’t glued to Levy. “I’m glad you’re getting your rest Levy-chan.”
Levy giggled and sighed once more. “I am too. Sometimes I feel bad to leave the house since Gajeel needs to rest. He is the main one taking jobs after all.” Well
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The College Experience: The Second Date
Contains: Female fart fetish material and a lingering scent of weed from down the hall.
After your first date Cassie was the only thing on your mind for days. The two of you texted regularly and met up on campus for lunch or dinner in the dining halls, but in order to make sure this would last, you needed a killer second date idea. It’s late spring, the weather is finally consistently nice, there had to be something good to do.
Dinner and a movie? Too generic. Restaurant? Cassie is the real foodie here, nothing you can think of would really have that ‘wow’ factor. Netflix and chill? Too forward, no good for a second date. Time to get advice.
You text Becca, one of your friends from high school who you’ve kept in touch with and the only girl you know you feel comfortable asking for dating advice. “Hey, I need an idea for a second date. I really like this girl and I want it to be perfect. Can you help me?”
A few minutes pass and you phone dings with a
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Dillon's Mistakes - Chapter 1
Dillon's Mistakes
Chapter 1
Happy 18th Birthday
Henry & Paul : *Knocks at the door!*
Dillon : *Opens door…* Ahh!! Henry! Paul!! Hehe, today my boring coach is absent! We can have fun today!! *Very joyful!*
Henry : Happy birthday! *Hugs!* I hope it is good enough! *Gives box…*
Dillon : Ohhhh!!! Thank you!! *Opens present!* *there is a nice hand pump, big enough to pump up a car tire!* I love it!!! Lets go and have fun with it!!! *Impatient!*
Paul : Happy birthday! *Pokes at belly!* *Give smaller box…*
Dillon : *Opens it excited!! Very eager to know what it is!… There is a box in a box, on inner box we can see “/!\ HIGH PRESSURE PUMP, USE WITH CAUTION! /!\ 100L/H”*
Paul : Your coach restricts you to 50L/H but… We won't tell him, right? *Winks!*
Dillon : Don't worry!!! Let's have fun!!
Guys : *Come in!* Sure!
Dillon : *We walk into my bedroom…* Now I will use what? *Wonders enjoying…*
Paul : You think both can be a good answer? *Very i
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Dillon's Mistakes - Chapter 2
Dillon's Mistake
Chapter 2
When Waiter Is Stronger And Taller
Dillon : *Enters a big fast food, well renown one!* *Belly waves from from loud hunger noise!!* *Bit embarrassed…* Hi! I would like to take… Hmmm… *Hesitates!*
Waiter : Hi! *Waits!*
Dillon : *Tells out a very long list… Almost every burger displayed are asked in one long order!*
Waiter : *Writes it down!* And a small diet cola? *Contain from laughing so badly!!!*
Dillon : Yes! 6 to make all that stuff fall down easily!
Waiter : *Laughs!* Okay! *Goes to bring that all caring of his order…!*
Dillon : *GROOOOWWWLLL!!!* *Everyone in the restaurant heard it!!* *Laugh very softly…* Heh… I’m kinda hungry!
Waiter : *Brings that mountain of food!*
Dillon : *Takes first burger!* Whaat? *Shocked…* You call it the FatBacon?? Could you tell me where is bacon?
Waiter : *Take out a magnifying glass!* There! No, idiot! Look at the large red thing!
Dillon : On photo it's bigger!!
Waiter :
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Dillon's Mistakes - Chapter 4
Dillon’s Mistakes
Chapter 4
Tired Of Waiting…
JULY 7th 1952
Dillon : *Walks to the little market to do his shopping, list isn't so long, only some dozens of whipped cream can, going through the lines of products, he finds what he did need for his midnight inflation… If all will happen well!* *Walks finally to the cash desk of one very strong guy…This shop isn't very well reputed for it's service, most of the time, cashiers are discussing for a long time with each other… Sometime it can be up to a long hour!* *And it does happen… Minutes going, cream heating… The patience of Dillon is boiling as fast as his can slowly reaching warm temperature of this day of summer…* OH but fuck, will it be long the chit-chat or I will be standing there for years?
Cashier : *Saw how gross is the behavior is and decides to make him wait more as a correction for his lack of patience!* *On his badge is written Kenny…*
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Dillon's Mistakes - Chapter 3
Dillon's Mistakes
Chapter 3
Don't Joke With A Bodybuilder
Bodybuilder : *Begins to flex his muscle on stage, showing all his strength!* Yeah!
Dillon : Ohh… *Seems bored…* Why in circus they put parade balloons? Mostly not muscle… Damn what they almost yell indirectly to us is “Look at me I am the biggest human balloon!!“ *Imitates a brainless bodybuilder!*
Bodybuilder : Huh? *Looking at Dillon bored of what he told!*
Dillon : My composition? 75% of air and 25% of water!
Bodybuilder Sullivan : *Grr…* *Mind : But… Yeah I can do it!* *Sneaky for revenge!* And now we will prove the strength of the Great  Sullivan! Someone here in the public will be chosen to have some time with me! Sullivan!! … *Looks around falsely… As if he was searching for someone, until he gets sight to sight with Dillon!* Yes! You!! You are chosen! *Points at Dillon!* You will be my assistant!
Audience : *Think he was designed before the show as a kind of clo
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