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Revenge Part 1 (Weight Gain/ Hypnosis story)
This story will contain weight gain, stuffing, and hypnosis. ENJOY!
I was shocked to see Penelope in my new apartment after the Hell she had put through in High School. There she was in our new apartment. Her long blonde hair, her baby blue eyes, and who could forget her perfect figure. I wonder if she recognized me? The college randomly gave us both new roommates as our roommates in the fall both dropped out. She was unpacking her bags when I first walked in. She looked quite shocked seeing me.
"Oh my god! Is that you? Jaime? You look amazing!"
She ran up to me and gave me a hug. I could easily still see that she was still skinny. I felt her body and I do admit she felt a little softer, but she looked the same to me. Especially in her leggings and sweater. She smiled at me and soon asked question,
"How much weight did you lose from high school?"
I tried my best to brush away all the bad memories from high school. No thanks to her. I was very overweight during high school. Penelope con
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Blacklight and Salla: Chapter 2
"Welcome back, Sal!" A familiar face meowed. Riolu, one of my friends who feels like a brother to me. In fact, we live together. He gave me a tight hug and said "I'm so glad you're back!"
I was sick with Limus Disease, a disease which causes your body to slowly turn into green slime. I was clueless as to what happened in the hospital for a bit of time, however Riolu filled me in on everything. Rioette, Bloatiolu, Vincent and Victoria were also very happy to see me, and Mother Cat was crying with happiness. I was happy to be back, but I was still thinking about Blacklight, the cat who saved my life.
I was still kind of sad, so I went to my room to draw and make myself feel better. I drew for a few more hours until it was nighttime. I heard a knock on my bedroom door.
"Hey, Sal? I got something for you." Riolu meowed after he knocked. I opened the door to see him holding a newspaper. "It's the latest newspaper. You seem to like these for some reason." Riolu wasn't a big fan of newspapers
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The Feed Feud House - Chapter 4 by ProjectChained The Feed Feud House - Chapter 4 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 4 0
The Internship Part Four
The Internship Part 4
Rich watched the other patients for a few more minutes, until he heard the door open. He looked over and saw a muscular man in a black tank-top and a wheelchair rolling in, with Dr. Gordon following. He saw the man was missing his legs below his knees and on the back of his chair were two prosthetic limbs as well as a single forearm crutch. Dr. Gordon pointed at Rich and said something to the man, then they both started  over to where Rich was. When they got close Dr. Gordon said "Rich, this is Tim. Tim this is my intern, Rich." Tim stretched out his hand, and Rich shook it. Tim had a very firm grip, and Rich got a good look. Tim had black hair cut in a flat-top, and his arms were very large with tattoos on the outsides of either bicep. "Nice to meet you Rich." Tim said with a smile. "Likewise." Rich said as he returned the smile. "Ready to get started?" Dr. Gordon asked. "Yep, I believe I'm almost done." Tim said with a smile "You are. You've made amazing pr
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At the Auction (Bondage rp)
It was a normal day in town, you were on your way home from a nice and relaxing walk through the park. You were then surprised to see a huge crowd of people cheering and betting something. You were curiosed by this and went to check what's going on. You then realised that people were betting for slaves, most of the slaves were female. And you were surprised to see several girls being betted as a slave...
You can choose from:
My little pony
Animal crossing
Object heads
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Mttds  by Ezera-Hunter28 Mttds :iconezera-hunter28:Ezera-Hunter28 0 0
Flowers always Blossom
It was final, I couldn't sleep any longer. I sat up and uncovered my window to reveal one of the brightest days I've ever seen. It was so blinding, it had to be scorching my eyes for the few seconds I could keep them open. I knew I was late, I just knew it. What a way to start my first day of work, can't even wake up and get there on time. Everyone is going to hate me today; I just know it. I stretched out my arms as far as I could and yawned slightly. At least I slept well, I thought anyway. I rubbed my eyes slowly as I got up, something didn't feel right. The floor was wet and nasty feeling. I peered down and my floor was simply just this dark reddish black color. I picked up my foot and panicked. "Oh god!" I yelled as I desperately searched for the source. My heart shank when I found it though. I called out to her, "Mother!" she gave no answer though. I was already too late. I sat down beside her and laid my hand on her forehead. She was cold and gone forever now. I slowly slid my h
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Silver And The Blimphogs - Chapter 7 by ProjectChained Silver And The Blimphogs - Chapter 7 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 1 0 10 Words Challenge - Silver Inflator 8 by ProjectChained 10 Words Challenge - Silver Inflator 8 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 1 2 The Feed Feud House - Chapter 3 by ProjectChained The Feed Feud House - Chapter 3 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 4 0 The Feed Feud House - Chapter 5 by ProjectChained The Feed Feud House - Chapter 5 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 3 0
Flowers always Blossom
Once the warmth came and the cold snow had done melted away as slowly as it did, everyone knew it was time once again to be farming and hunting. I knew of at least a few people who never wanted this time to come, me being one of them. I wasn't ready for this, not yet anyway. I had just turned sixteen finally this fall, I thought it would never come, but it did. I wanted to be older but not for working for others. All I wanted was to be able to leave home whenever I wanted to. My friends were all sixteen or a little older than me and already working themselves. I could tell even my foster parents were ready for me to be working for them. It's going to be a long hot summer; I could already tell.
The winter was harsh this year, we lost a lot of people to sickness and some of our food supply along with some seeds. Since I am sixteen and a guy I will be forced to start hunting for small game and gathering simple supplies such as berries and water for the village. The first night of spring c
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Competitive - Prologue (FA/FFA Story)
        I must have married Beau because he was the exact opposite of me. When I first met him my senior year in college - “uni,” he insisted on saying - he was tall, calm, casual, and rather on the well-fed side of things, looking cozily around from his table at the campus cafe for anything or anyone who looked fairly interesting. Yes, that’s probably what fascinated me - that comfortable, frisky look on his face when he picked me out of the crowd, checking out my smart business outfit amidst the clamor of ratty t-shirts and garish athletic shorts.
        He was an English major, on loan from Oxford. I laughed to myself a bit when he told me this, running my palm over the sleek cover of my Women in STEM (trademark) computer science notebook. His fingers were nicked with paper cuts and stained with ink, and they always looked a little silly wrapped around mine, clean and thin and worn to the bone f
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