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DEATH BATTLE!: Artificial Insanity

Lina: The clothes have been bought and the world has been nearly conquered! We've reached a conclusion!
Dramech: The arena is prepared, the combatants are ready...
Saki: The cameras are set, and the curtain is rising!
Mafia Base, Station Square
In the 35th floor of a tall building at this bustling metropolis, two goons with a box rushed into the room of a mafia boss who was sitting behind his desk, guarded by two men who stepped aside for them. "We got 'em! All seven, we double-checked about three times now!" The two placed the box down on the desk and opened it, revealing the contents inside- seven orange, crystal-clear balls that had stars, ranging between 1 to 7 each. These were the extremely rare, mythical Dragon Ba
:iconlordofkrakens:LordOfKrakens 13 18
It happened.
I look at the crumpled piece of paper one last time and stuff it back in my pocket.
I am finally here. 56, 77th Street. Ground floor, door 112.
On the door, apart from the numbers printed in large bold characters, a smaller inscription can be read : "Women's Movement for Physical Equality". I had stumbled upon this name a few weeks back and it's been running in my mind ever since. Set up only months ago and trying to make a difference for themselves and women all around them. Their work was still pretty much insignificant, but they slowly gained grounds in town.
Right before I knock on the door, I notice a small metallic button beside the handle. When I press it, the door automatically rotates on its hinges to invite me in. Impressed, I shake my head and walk in.
"Good morning, how may I help you?"
Sitting directly on the floor, a woman with short back hair welcomes me with a polite smile. She turns her face away from a computer screen to look up at me with an inquisitive look. At the
:iconsparklingpotato15:SparklingPotato15 9 0
Shogun of Crime (Chapter 5)
Of all the western foods she’d tried, spaghetti remained Oichi’s absolute favorite. There was something so rich and delicious about the succulent meat sauce, and the awkward slurping of noodles was so similar to yakisoba, that the taste difference was practically forgettable. A bit of garlic, some tomatoes and onions, ground beef…it all spelled of a delicacy she would indulge in every meal if allowed to. She made a silent pact with herself that, as her last meal on this earth, she would eat a heaping bowl of spaghetti, with extra meatballs…because what is spaghetti without meatballs? Her father would tease her for trying to eat an entire meatball in one bite; calling her a “savage carnivore,” but it didn’t matter to her. Now she’d gladly cut the meatballs into chunks to make it go farther. Eating pasta like this? It was an art in of itself.
She sat at the dining table, the plate of spaghetti and a smaller plate of salad by her. In the cen
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 5 6
Patreon Request #3: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Change
The cool air of the Japanese autumn tickled Kobayashi’s cheeks as she shivered and tucked her shoulders deeper into her coat. The street lamps were beginning to turn on, the sky getting darker as time went on. Cars went by on the street alongside her as she walked at a gentle, relaxed pace, her destination coming up into view.
It’d been another standard day at work. A relaxed time with her co-workers, with her boss not being as high strung today. She was pleasantly surprised at how well Elma had integrated into the workplace—it had only been a few months but she was faring quite well. Granted there were some occasional slip ups, but… what could you do? She was a dragon, after all.
Kobayashi turned into the apartment lot, leaving the road behind her as she began to walk the familiar path up the stairs to her home. She rolled her shoulders, wincing slightly as her hand moved back to rub her shoulder blades slightly, letting out a gentle sigh. She was a bit achey.
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 7 7
Sailor Mini Moon ch86
Chapter 86
An Adventure in Avalor pt1
+Gazebo, balcony, Avalor Castle, Avalor, Disneia+
As the sun shined brightly in the sky over a large beautiful fountain, a 14 year old teenage girl with long brown hair tied in a side braid, olive skin, hazel eyes, and wearing a medium sleeve pink dress with a light pink border around her collar, light pink ruffles at the end of her sleeves, and light pink ruffles on the hem of her skirt and brown flats, sighed sadly as she looked out at the sea.
"Oh Mariposa, it wasn't that bad." a strange looking creature with pink fur with dark pink spots, a long tail with salmon colored feathers at the end of it and pink wings with salmon feathers, salmon eyes, a dark pink nose, white fur around her mouth, on her belly, and white paws, softly told the teen from next to her causing her to sigh.
"It was bad, Estrella." the teen then sighed sadly.
"What was bad?" a voice then asked Mariposa causing her and Estrella to turn around and see a 14 year old teenage boy
:iconkaybugg1:kaybugg1 4 1
The Inglorious Twelfth - Part 5
10 pm
The de Ros Mansion

“Okay, plans compete, I’ll arrange the booking,” Susan said as she sat back.
“You aren’t going to this wedding in Scotland Susan?” Diana asked.
“No…Sue and Colin are friends of friends, but I don’t know them.”
“So,” Diana said as she swirled her brandy, “who will be looking after Kylie while she is there?”
“My Mum, Kylie is flying over to check the dresses are perfect and she’s staying in Southgate.”
“Okay…  What about her own mother?”
“Sami,” Susan said as she sat back, “is in the process of moving.”
“Yeah with Kerry moving to Paris to live with Gio she’s decided that dump of hers in Tottenham isn’t where she wants to be.”
“So where is she moving to?”
“A place called Waltham Cross,” Susan replied with a smile, “it’s not far from T
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Free-Writing Collection [1] by Mythical Canary
Free-Writing Exercise (3 mins)
Looking out for your world and your fruitful endeavours end up being your downfall. We all have a goal and no one can stop us!
                Look at yourself! Who are you really? Disguised behind that mask you have guarded so fervently.
                Echoing out into the distance we wander alone in darkness until a rainbow pierces our consciousness and clears a path to our goals.
                Don’t forget to clear the room of pointless goodies and expositional nonsense! Life is but a dream and we are along for the ride.
                Clamber out of the window of time before time runs out and you can no longer feel your soul beat in
:iconmythical-canary:Mythical-Canary 3 0
FoD Extra 3: Skulls for the Goddess
The next day came and Roswell would not stop bothering Jacqueline until she begrudgingly woke up to get ready for the day. Wick and Valentina glared at Roswell again from their two stalls but emperor-feathered prairie didn’t care at all. He wanted to go out gathering the perfect skulls to offer Death in order to bring about her return. She deserved the finest of skulls in Roswell’s mind and he knew that Jackie knew the best way to clean and cure the skulls so that they looked nice for an offering. Adorning them with paint or plants was another thing that Roswell wanted to do. He wanted the prettiest and most noble looking skulls to gift to Death. Valentina was annoyed by this but she knew it was his turn to gift the Goddess his idea for the offerings so they might as well. Jackie stretched and groaned before getting her pack on and then saddling up Wick. It was clear she wasn’t about to go walking when the prairie kukuris could move so much faster than she.
Once Wick
:iconlilwyverngirl:lilwyverngirl 4 0
Monkey - A story that just ends with a URK!
Hello Hi, I should do some introductions before you get too far to help with any confusion. You know the type with the 'huhs' and other things.  I am Nichole Anne Marie Smith, my friends call me 'monkey'. Why? I think it is pretty obvious really if you look at my tail. See how it just sways back and forth, it is feeling good at the moment. Say hello tail, see it waved ‘hi’.
Now you are probably going to ask, Nichole where did the tail come from? Well I will cut through all the rumors and such that the tabloids and others are spreading  I am not an alien from a dying planet sent here by her parents, that only happens in movies or comic books. Bitten by a mutant monkey and got a tail, again movies and comic books. Sheesh. Part of a circus freak show? No! Oh my monkey look at me, do I look like I would belong to a freak show? Let me answer that, no. No way. Uh-uh.
So how, you ask.
I will keep the answer short and sweet like myself so you don’t yawn and fall asl
:iconfaewise:Faewise 3 0
mi nombre es Jhon les contare como comenzó todo, desperté en un hotel con 2 chicas y otro hombre sin memoria de que paso ademas de nuestros nombres,disidimos salir de aquella habitación solo para daros con la sorpresa deque estábamos en un apocalipsis zombie,escapamos de ese infierno solo para darnos cuenta de que eramos los únicos de pie, los militares no pudieron contener la infección tras una holeada de combates logramos ir a una isla cercana palanai solo para saber que los zombies también estaban ahí pero fue aquí donde lo raro comenzó, le di un puñete a un matón(zombie musculoso) y extrañamente este salio volando mientras se electrocutaba, vi mi mano y tenia como un tipo de electricidad ;el resto experimento algo parecido pero con diferentes elementos(fuego-delia,veneno-craig y por ultimo viento-helena), nos asombramos con lo que paso pero a delia le dolía el cuerpo sentía como sus sistemas mutaban y se aju
:iconmarothdrachen:marothdrachen 2 0
Reign of Winter CHAPTER 44
Finally, after more than a week of travel, we had Whitethrone in front of us. We didn't have any more trouble during the rest of the trip, aside from a bunch of merrows who tried to charge us for crossing “their" bridge (one or two dogs would be fine) and those Indi intimidated into letting us pass by displaying his magic.
Whitethrone was the biggest city I had ever seen. Set on the border of a frozen lake and with a fairytale palace dominating the view, it looked like a dreamlike setting.  But instead of heading directly towards the city, which Nadya described as “suicidal", she insisted on visiting one of the many nearby shantytowns, where her uncle was supposed to live. Those places were called “Fishcamps" by the locals, and were small, dirty and poor settlements where most of the fishing industry of the city was located. Though people lived humbly in the Fishcamps, they enjoyed more freedom that any of the citizens in the capital could even
:iconleilaascariz:LeilaAscariz 2 3
Mira's New Pet
You didn't want to admit it, but you were kind of lost. In the middle of a village, at a diminutive one inch in height. You had nowhere to go, and nobody noticed you. You tried a couple times to get the attention of the giant people in the village, but to no avail; more often than not you found yourself having to avoid getting stepped on, the giants surrounding you none the wiser about your presence. You were beginning to lose hope... and then you saw it. On one of the mountain-sized houses, there was a small staircase leading up to what looked like a hatch made specifically for people like you. With nothing left to lose, you began making your way over there. With any luck, there would be someone paying attention to the other side of that door, and you might actually get some help with your predicament!
...You almost got stepped on while you were lost in hopeful thoughts.
With a newfound sense of paralyzing fear and paranoia, you slowly shuffled your way across the sidewalk to this cit
:iconcutelittlenightmare:CuteLittleNightmare 11 3
SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure S1 E2
Welcome to Equestria Part 2 is the second episode of the first season of SpongeBob's Ponyville Adventure.
With Zach, Jack, and Travis taking over Equestria, SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends must help Twilight Sparkle and her friends face them and save their home. And to do that, they must gather help with some new friends from Equestria and beyond it, including the Zebricans led by Trail Grazer and the new alicorn prince of it's homeland, Mirage the Illusionist.
At the Castle of Friendship, the Pillars of Old Equestria, Star Swirl the Bearded, Rockhoof, Mage Meadowbrook, Somnambula, Mistmane, Flash Magnus, and Stygian made sure SpongeBob has a well recovery after his sacrifice to save Twilight from getting hurt. Then, SpongeBob came up with an idea to save Equestria. He told everyone about it, and Twilight and her friends agreed to carry it one. Then, Star Swirl recommended gathering help from Equestria and far beyond it. So, they arrived in Klugetown and gathered hel
:iconiamnater1225:iamnater1225 2 0
Five Ruts He Didn't, #2: Y763 NA
Featuring Ralin and an NPC commoner and Lady, with mentions of Elodi
Late Autumn, Y763 NA
Glenmore, the Glenwood
"This might be a little improper of me, Officer, but..."
A moment passed. A throat was cleared, pointedly.
Ralin started, and looked around. A doe stood nearby, eyes wide in a somewhat studied display of innocence and head tilted coquettishly. She brightened as he met her gaze, and he realised she'd been speaking to him, only he still wasn't used to being addressed as "Officer" and it had gone miles over his head.
"My apologies, ma'am," he said, nodding slightly to her. "I was, er-" he gestured with his rack towards the evidence of rut: dozens of bellowing, duelling stags, the ground churned beneath their hooves.
"Of course, Officer, you must concentrate on your duties-"
"-but I was wondering, and I know I'm being terribly forward, but..."
Ralin waited. The doe was giving him that wide-eyed look again, almost beseeching - though what for, she seemed to
:iconhorsepoint:Horsepoint 3 1
Lycanthrope- Blood of Brotherhood
Five years. Both fighting, and running from such an evil as my greatest enemies was starting to take a toll on me. But I knew better than to give up...or to give in.
I could hear their crazed laughter as Marc and his friends chased after me. I turned, and plowed ahead; my legs pumping like pistons as my heart pounded, my muscles burned, and my veins pumped battery acid.
But I would not give up.
Arriving at the deserted highway, I headed across and went down the 321, not daring to look back, even though I no longer heard their voices. I had a feeling that they would pass by this way soon enough.
Travelling all the way to the end of the road, about 25 miles, over the next few days, I finally came upon the lonely road leading into the trees just as the sun was edging closer to the west. Judging by the freshness of the dirt, no one had been down this way for at least a few years. Hurrying down the path, I pushed my way through the tall corn, travelling about a mile, and soon coming upon a
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 5
Welcome to the pool (story edition) (pooltoy tf)
Squeak! Hello!
  Welcome to my pool! Come on in, the water's fine! Squeak! The water's perfect, with warm, crystal clear water and unlimited snuggles, but YOU, on the other hand, need some changes before you're ready to dive in! What you need is one of my good old 'bathing suits'! Squeak!
All you need to do is put on the rubber suit and Just feel that thick, black rubber slowly beginning to ooze all over your skin, enveloping your torso in it's slimy, sticky grasp. You don't need to worry! Not at all!
Not even as the gooey liquid continues to advance down the sides and back of your body, a gooey dorsal fin popping out of your rubber-covered back, followed by two plastic handles. I'll be needing those for when I use you later! Squeak!
Don't worry as the goo envelops your legs and arms, the digits gradually fusing together and dissolving forever. Isn't that great? You no longer need legs anymore! It's not like you'll be going back on land anytime soon! What you really need are some
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Prelude: Yukiko Amagi vs Rathalos

(Many apologies for the inconvenience. Click on the link above to access the prelude.)
:iconnathanthemanthemhfan:NathanTheManTheMHFan 4 2
Consuming the Wolf's Rage
Featuring Ledger
Autumn, Year 770 of the New Age
Blackwood, The Proving Grounds
It was time. Like many other fawns a young colt had decided to finally complete the Coming-of-Age ritual. But he was not like the other fawns. Even if he just looked like every young Blackwood fawn. Dark in coloration with a few scars on their coat he was nothing like them. And he knew that. His magical abilities were something else even if he had fully understood them. But today he would put them to the test. How far could he use his magic to kill a wolf. This was his time to prove himself not only to the herd but also to himself as well. 
Ledger looked around to see parents that had brought the offspring to the ritual. But the colts and fillies had to venture out alone to kill their first wolf or boar. The chestnut colt had come alone because he didn't wanted his mother near him. Ledger had left his mother a few weeks back to prepare himse
:iconhiokami-chan:Hiokami-chan 2 0
Monstrous Cryptozoological Anthology Episdoe Two
One Eye Watches The Road
Jake Bible
The prows of the longboats held aloft intricately carved figureheads– dragons, wolves, bears.
The lead ship's prow was no different, carved into the head of a raven, its wooden beak open in an infinite caw. Behind that figurehead, with the sole of a leather boot up resting on the prow, was the one-eyed man. He stared out at the coastline as the boats approached, his single eye twinkling with the mischief and mayhem he brought with him wherever he went.
With a smile he turned and gave a short whistle. A shaggy hound –black and huge– padded over to him, eyes expectant and watching the one-eyed man's movements with keen interest.
"Come here, boy," the one-eyed man said. He turned back to the coastline and knelt down as the hound pushed up against him. "See that? That is new land, boy. A new world that we will make ours."
The hound gave a soft humpf of a bark in acknowledgement.
"Yes, yes, there are people that live in this land," th
:icondannyrichardwriter:dannyrichardwriter 1 0
Get Your Paws Wet [Fishing]
Aion stretched out his front legs giving a loud yawn. It was early, the sun hadn’t risen above the mountains yet. The air was still cold and crisp, dew frozen on blades of grass outside of his warm sleeping quarters. He heard the familiar fumbling of human feet and hands inside of the home he was staying at. The man's name was Jayce, he was a good friend of his owner, and had spent the night more than once at this house. The smells and sounds were as comforting as his own home. In another open stall was a large double pointed dire named Denver. He snored away while a smaller younger dire named July slept on his back. Aion just yawned again and walked toward the small barn door, ready to push it open and trot around to stretch his legs. Well, after he got a drink that was.
The stall right near the door had a small blue and black toki in it. His name was Sleven. He had six teeth protruding from his mouth, and an ornate collar adorning his neck. His eyes opened and he looked at Aion
:iconactually-a-dog:actually-a-dog 2 0
Sue krempelt alles um Part 6
Der Arzt beobachtete die Szene von draußen und schrieb Sue eine Email das sie bitte nochmal zurück zur Praxis kommen solle, er müsse noch etwas wichtiges mit ihr besprechen.
Sue sah die Email auf ihrem Handy und sagte schüchtern zu Mike: " Du ich muss dann nochmal weg, mein Arzt hat mir eine Email geschrieben, er müsse dringend etwas wegen meiner Blutwerte mit mir besprechen."
Mike sah sie finster an. "Ist mein fettes Schwein etwa krank? hm... na gut geh hin aber wehe du isst etwas, du weist was dir dan blüht."
Sue nickte und verließ das Bistro und ging direkt Richtung Praxis vor der ihr Arzt bereits wartete.
"hey danke das du gekommen bist, komm bitte mit. ich erkläre dir dann alles genau." Er zeigte auf sein Auto.
"DU brauchst keine Angst haben, kannst auch dein Handy griffbereit halten damit du Hilfe rufen kannst fals dich das etwas beruhigt."
Zitternt stieg Sue in sein Auto und schnallte sich an.
"Pass auf Sue, entschuldige bitte das ich dich
:iconfettbauch:fettbauch 1 21
Choosing Your Battles
Froghass, The Creep, folded his wings and peered solemnly at the two-leg crouching behind the Pillar of Fate. It was a male two-leg, Froghass was certain of that based on the timbre of its voice and the fact that it carried with it one of those shiny, pointy, metal sticks…what did the two-legs call them again? Smurfs? Swerds? No, swords. That was the word Froghass was looking for, and he smiled cheshirely as his brain fired up and provided the answers to the blanks in his memory. He was old, even for a dragon, and sometimes his memory seemed to leak out of him with a ferocity that rivalled that of the air the Peareots, or Farting Gnomes as they were commonly called, expelled.
Blinking as the shiny sword quivered far below, Froghass quickly grew tired of the pesky two-leg bobbing and weaving around the Pillar of Fate below him and rose to his full 16 foot height with half a thought to crushing the creature beneath one of his gigantic feet. It was not to be; however, as a lilting s
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 2 1