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Mistress of Hypnosis
"Unhand me, you vile demons! I demand an explanation for this! Unhand me, I say!"
Thomas was being dragged helplessly towards the entrance of the castle. His blood was racing, his heart was pounding, and his nerves were shot. Two butlers, dressed entirely in black-aside from their black and white striped masks around their eyes-remained silent as they lifted the boy up the stairs to the door. Finally, the servant on the right of Thomas hissed in a snake-like tone, "Our Mistress will certainly be pleased with this one," he whispered in a light snicker, "you know how much she loves those who resist and fight her power."
The two servants chuckled deeply within their throats, the servant to the left of Thomas replied, "Oh, yes! She will be most pleased with us! Perhaps she'll even reward us with another entrancive gift." The two servants seemed awfully giddy to Thomas for such a thing...however, Thomas didn't have much time to think before they were at the large, front door
:iconswirlyeyeshypnotize:SwirlyEyesHypnotize 242 430
Slave Market
        Jennifer Portman was an attractive woman. She had long shiny red hair, green eyes,
and a great figure. She was a good person. She was always there for her friends and family.
Helped anyone she could. Her life was going great, until one afternoon. She heard a cry
coming from an allyway. "No, please, don't hurt me!" Jennifer had a sense of justice.
Whoever was torminting that poor girl was going to pay for it. She was going to give them a
piece of her 1st degree black belt in Shotokahn. When she arrived in the alleyway she saw a
muscular guy grabbing at a small woman. "Please, I'll do anything you ask just don't hurt
me!" She cried out. "Hey you!" Jennifer exclaimed. "Leave her alone! If you want to mess
with someone, mess with me!" The guy turned and looked at her. "Well what have we here?"
he asked mockingly. "You do look better than she does. I'll kidnap you instead." He said
and darted towards Jennifer. "Like hell you will!" She shouted
:iconnitz85:Nitz85 129 9
Broken Pieces
It's been over three months, and it's clear that the time is drawing closer to a possible death. He's broken his limit over and over, time and time again now nothing more than a shell of what he could be in this new life. A reformed demon, refined and transformed by a sheer moment of stupidity and lust of Sebastian Michaels. Ciel Phantomhive, once a powerful earl beyond his years and human age lies barely conscious in the floor. His small frame has sunk into itself proudly displaying his skeletal frame. Those lovely eyes that Sebastian has come to love more deeply have remained shut for days now, sometimes Sebastian almost wishes Ciel would just die and fade into nothing as he should've on the island years ago.
"Young master," Sebastian whispers, in the young demon's ear, gently sweeping back some of his dark grey hair, "Please, do not make me ask again."
Ciel shakes his head, turning his head into the floor shielding his face from the disappointed one of his loyal servant, "No...I do
:iconretardedjacksparrow:RetardedJackSparrow 250 65
The Friend Sam Winchester X Male Reader
"It's been your greatest downfall since you were born, the sweet delicacies of mankind blinded you, and in that blindness, in that moment of stupidity you allowed my children and me to catch up. Now neither space nor time will keep you safe, you'll be known for what you are, a monster. No man, women, or child will ever love or care about you. For the remainder of your pitiful life you will live alone and no one will care. You will endure the thousands of years of torture you beseeched upon my poor children. My dead children. My children that I had to bury."  From the midst of the shadows, Sam and Dean watched the science unfold before there eyes. Sometimes Dean doubted what it actually meant to be a hunter, and sometimes he doubted what he had signed up for.
The brothers had been in New York for three days hunting down a pack of brutal shape shifters on a killing spree. This had led them to a demon nest, filled with bad tempered monsters. To Sam this was just supposed to be a rout
:iconstartre:Startre 97 13
Ethan's Ordeal: The Beginning
Ethan (or Eitan, Eytan or Etan in Hebrew) is a male given name meaning steadfast, strong, firm, and safe.
Ethan returned from the skate park to an empty house. His parents were out for the evening and wouldn't be back until late. He opened the door, put his board in the garage, and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. 
More confident and independent than the average 13 year old, Ethan relished having the place to himself. He was a fearless, outgoing, athletic, and good looking kid with mid length dark brown hair, lively brown eyes, and a light tan from so much time spent outdoors. He was a strong skater and consistently nailed difficult tricks. Today he wore his favorite black and white striped Hollister polo over a black Zeppelin t-shirt, trademark ratty faded jeans, and black and white high-top Converse. A black ball cap with a red Spitfire logo sat backwards on his head.
Ethan finished making his sandwich, grabbed a coke, and headed for the family room. He flipped on th
:iconmrsammyguy:mrsammyguy 29 4
2P!England X Reader-Ringing Ringing Come an Answer
Ringing ringing, come and answer
You were sleeping so peachefull until a lightning was heard. It was storm outside, the hard rain hit the windows hard. You looked at the other side of your bed to see that your boyfriend was gone.
"Maybe he is at the bathroom or kitchen..." you thought as you got up. You were dressed in a pure white nightgown that reached your knees. You opened the bedroom door and stepped outside, on the hallway. Your house was big and it was very dark, you tried to switch the light on, but nothing. Maybe the storm cut it off?
You were a little scared, paranoia cowering you and fear creeping on your legs and back. You could see the shadows outside, shadows of tress that looked like monsters, ready to devour you. You could feel the breeze wash over your skin,
:iconraphaelatheturtel:RaphaelaTheTurtel 155 114
Mastermind's Servant(Mastermind Celestia x Reader)
Ever since the third trial, the trial where Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada got murdered and Celestia Ludenberg got executed, you started to feel a bit sad about Celestia's loss that you thought that your loyalty of being her servant has come to an end and will never forget her for that. Because of that, you are getting a bit worried about being trapped in Hope's Peak Academy, fearing that you're going to get killed if there's anyone who's going to do this, but you still had your friends who are still alive for support, Makoto Naegi, Byakuya Togami, Kyoko Kirigiri, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Toko Fukawa, Aoi Asahina, and Sakura Ogami. Later, it was now 10 pm, which is bedtime for all of the students in Hope's Peak Academy. Everyone already headed to their rooms and fell asleep, but as you were about the open the door to your room, a female voice was calling your name. "(y/n)..." You heard the voice, and you're wondering where it's coming from, but since it's already dark, you can't see who
:iconvocaloidbrsfreak97:VocaloidBRSFreak97 60 25
The Curse of the Diaper pt.1
The Curse of the Diaper pt.1
*Author's note: I have attempted to put a bit more of a story into this one, and it will be in parts, enjoy!*
The periwinkle-blue sky overlooking the quaint cottage suggested nothing out of the ordinary that fine Summer's day. In fact, for a group of teens such as themselves, this was planned out to be the best week of their lives.
  Josephine rolled her eyes whilst lugging a rucksack full of supplies over her shoulder. Why did Rosie always have to be like this? It was uncalled for.
  'This place seems a bit - um - bland,' Rosie nagged, squinting out into the horizon of the mountainous, bleak land, 'you sure we're in the right place?'
  'Yes, for the millionth time!' Said Mai, annoyed. She clambered out of the car and surveyed the house through her large, glassy hazel eyes. Not one of them noticed an obscure wail coming from within the house. Another dismounted the car, joining Mai in observing the large, mostly lumber house.
  'It's ama
:iconzaeopolis:Zaeopolis 76 3
Herobrine. He was a pal in the never-ending world of Minecraft. My first encounter was in 1.4, I saw him making a sand pyramid in the water, I looked at him. He needed one more block to finish his tower. I placed the block. Then, the eyeless Steve placed a sign that said
"Thanks." I broke the sign and said
"Sure, just helping out. We gotta help each other once in a while. Makes life worth it." Took two signs but it showed what I thought. He disappeared after that. Didn't see him for a while. One day, I was mining and I came across a diamond! Eagerly, I began to mine. Soon, the final blow was hit and the diamond fell into a pit of lava. I almost cried. I had never seen a diamond before, it would have been so cool to have had a diamond shovel. So I left my mine with sadness, going to my red bed. I awoke the next morning to find a sign next to my bed.
"Sorry about that." I was confused, did Herobrine control the blocks? Or did he do something else? I broke the sign and placed another, eve
:icontheflowergirlofgod:theflowergirlofgod 601 898
Mermaid's Charm
“Now approaching planet Arqua,” The computer’s voice said aboard the ship as it flew closer to the planet before it.
The Blonde pony tailed woman wearing her Zero Suit looked through the window of her ship at the sight before her. The giant blue planet that was her destination. As she looked at it she saw the faint pieces of land on it.
Samus Aran was dealt with the task of exploring The Planet and see to it that there was no capable threats on it, The Planet was said to have a rare element and a mining company wanted to have her check it out and see to it there was no potential threats and to eliminate them if there was. Naturally she wouldn’t bother with such a job but she was told there was little danger to be expected and to treat it as more of a vacation than a job, and something about something and relaxing on a beach and enjoying the sun sounded good right about now after all she’s been through.
A screen appeared in front of her on the computer bringing
:iconsaiyanwarrior002:SaiyanWarrior002 126 2
From One To A Hundred

From One To A Hundred  
(Prussia x Depressed! Reader)
I wonder if anyone would even care…
What if I were to die tomorrow…
What if I slit my neck? Or hung myself on the school flagpole for everyone to see?
What if I just disappeared, never to return?
I sighed.
“I guess I’m over thinking things.” I sighed once more before pulling and tightening my sweatshirt.
 Walking into the jolly building full of the best of the best I wanted to cut but I resisted the urge.
The lucky ones who didn’t even have to try.
They were perfect, this was Gakuen Hetalia high, a place were only people with academic skills, social skills, athletic skills,  and if you’re real lucky then you could get in because of an affinity or
:iconmiabia100:Miabia100 144 192
Snakeman!EnglandxReader - Legend
In your town, there is a legend of an old cave. It's about an hour's hike, hidden behind a rotted glen. Legend claims that a man skilled in magic was cursed to the form of being half man, half serpent. From his waist down, he is said to be covered with emerald green scales, the same color of his hypnotic eyes. If you come across him, he will not hesitate to kill you for it is in his nature to do so. Some say he's particularly fond of young children and by fond, the legend says he'll eat naughty children that do not go to sleep.
"We all know the legends are silly, da?" You jumped, surprised at Ivan's sudden entrance.
"Oh, yeah. Probably made to make little children sleep." You scratched the back of your head nervously. You were sitting in your room, looking up the legend of the Snakeman. You hoped to find more about this legend and perhaps debunk it.
"Kesesese! I know it made Peter fall asleep when he was little, didn't it?"
"Yeah yeah." Alfred waved it off like it was nothing. Y
:iconmusicofmidnight:Musicofmidnight 200 57
You're mine now [Eyeless Jack and Reader]
AN- EJ has come to my gallery! Enjoy it while it lasts!
"Hmm, maybe I should call him to make sure he's okay."
You were home alone on a Friday evening. Your best friend, Jack, hadn't been in school for the past week, and you were a bit worried. He was into the kind of stuff that worried you. What if he had hurt himself?
You picked up your cell phone and dialed his number.
"C'mon pick up!" you muttered as you waited for some sort of response either way.
"Hey, it's (Name). Where were you the past few days?" you asked, recognizing the voice.
"I've been... Sick," Jack said.
"Well... Okay. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. Will you be back on Monday?"
"I don't know."
"I hope you are. Remember we have that test in Math that she's been annoying us about all month?"
"Yeah. I'll probably be back by Monday."
You sighed.
"Okay... Bye, Jack."
"Bye, (Name)."
You hung up, and grabbed the remote. Maybe you could find something good on for once.
After about two and a half hours, yo
:iconakakyoak:Akakyoak 113 33
Mr. Five
I checked my watch as I strolled down the halls of the Midvane Asylum. My supervising officer hadn't told me what I was walking into, unfortunately for me. A male nurse met me at the building office. His scrubs were smeared with what I assume was saliva, and his glasses were uneven on his face. He had no hair on his head, but there was a black soul patch staring at me from his chin.
"Are you here about Mr. Five?" the nurse scrawled across a clipboard as he spoke.
"Mr. Five?"
"Yes, the patient that we called about. You were told what the situation was, weren't you?"
The nurse sighed and nodded towards the door of the office and walked out. I followed him down the hall, struggling to keep his pace. He never looked up from his clipboard on our trip through the Asylum halls, even when he had to step around gurneys and patients. I kept the brim of my hat tipped forward throughout the walk. Something about the way crazy people stare, it unsettles me. The nurse tilted his head back towa
:iconthevoiceofmadness:TheVoiceofMadness 146 66
.:.A Pokemon Theory...:.
     As we all know, Pokémon is a very popular show both among children and young adults to adults who have followed the franchise from the beginning. But have you ever wondered why Ash never truly changes? Sure, his clothes change, but he's always the same, goofy, immature boy that made the show so funny to watch in the beginning. Pikachu joins him in is immobile state – both never to see the light of an age line or age spot.
     Ash started off his journey a carefree boy who, despite all his TV-watching, didn't really know much about Pokémon other than you catch them in Pokéballs, sometimes while fishing. He got a rather ill trained Pokémon named Pikachu, and soon after in the same episode, he earned its respect and they became fast-friends. And though Ash and Pikachu have taken many deathblows that would kill a normal person (disregarding the fact that this show isn't real), it seems they both are perfectly
:iconmartemis:Martemis 234 257
dark France x reader my precious*teacher's pet* 18

Francis sighed, poor girl, he thought as he stroked the head of his sleeping (name), the poor girl had cried so much, not sobbing, but he could see the tears, it was 1:00 am, now and she had just fell asleep,  
 my poor little (name), he said to himself as he watched her sleep, he felt bad for her, he didn't want for her to see what she saw, those were the corpses of  people who deserved to die, but yet, he didn't want his love to see such things, it wasn't good for her, but well what's done is done, and now he had to take full care of his beloved pet, he would do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it meant threat her with her friends or family for it, is not like he wanted for her to be  scared of him, he hated to be the one scaring and making her sad, but she was trying to leave him, his angel!!,  he couldn't let that happen, he couldn't let his little angle take fly away from him, even if he had to hold her wings, he
:iconexcentricaluli:excentricaluli 45 2,928
Gone and Back
"KALDUR! How's Megan?" shouts Superboy from the ground floor, straining against the twisted metal that restrains him.
"She breaths, I believe she will recover" Kaldur replies with relief, "Hows Robin?" he questions, suddenly worried.
Artemis rushes over to Robin and leans over him, she places a tentative hand on his neck, searching for signs of life, Her eyes panicked and wide.
"He's... not breathing.." she stutters out "H-he's not breathing!" she shouts, her eyes going wide. Quickly her training kicks in and she begins administering chest compressions, trying very hard not to break down and cry. But she knows it's no use. With each compression she can feel the cold seeping through the red kevlar. She pinches his nose closed and presses her lips to his icy pale ones, the cold of his corpse almost making her sick as she breaths into his mouth again.
'No no no no NO Artemis, don't think like that. It's body, not corpse. Body.'
She panics as she begins chest compressions again. Hoping. Pr
:icondragonfanatic13:dragonfanatic13 43 15
Sexual Offenderman short story
It’s a clear night, with a half-moon shining brightly overhead of a quiet, dimly lit street, the large trees lining the sidewalks of the neighborhood scattering the light of both moon and streetlamp from the view of the small houses of an aged suburbia. There’s only a single light on within  the houses lining the street at this hour where an old woman stands at a counter in her kitchen, her hair a dull grey and her body gaunt with age, the bones of her face and hands showing clearly under loose wrinkled skin as she carefully sorts a variety of medication into a pill-box labeled for each day of the week.
Her eyes, glazed and weary, with a slight fog of cataracts to them, squint at the labeling of the bottle held to her face while on the other side of the room, stood a tall powerfully built man, watching her intently with an unnatural stillness, his hands resting casually in the pockets of his long black coat, leaving the only thing to draw your eye being the intensity of gaz
:iconarcanineryu:arcanineryu 113 38
A Kangaskhan that never was
Kangaskhan are widely known as one of the more maternal Pokemon than others. The baby Kangaskhan is born into the mother's pouch and lives off its mother's milk to grow the natural muscles and gain the proper nutrients for growth. When the baby grows too big for its mother's pouch, is when the baby can leave and start defending for itself.
But what happens if the mother dies during the baby's first few months of life? The baby hasn't any muscles nor defensive plates like its mother to defend itself. Stranded, the baby waits by its mother's carcass, fending off insect Pokemon and other scavengers, protecting its only home and source of comfort. As the mother's muscles soften, the baby feeds off the body, but because it's not the mother's special milk, the baby will never grow to be the size of a full grown Kangaskhan. Barely staying alive by feeding off its mother's body, the baby waits patiently for the carcass to decompose. When the body is nothing but bones and body plates, the baby
:iconrie-na-chan:Rie-Na-Chan 197 127
RyRy: Snow Day
Rylie glanced at the snow-covered surroundings. She was walking through a dense forest, but the previous snowstorms had blanketed the area completely. Her squad members were wearing white outer coats over their protective gear to camouflage with the environment.
Rylie smiled as she saw Nicky struggling to trudge smoothly in the spread of snow. His hands flailed clumsily with every step he took.
"Nicky, stop doing that. You look like a good shot target." Dawn said when she glanced behind her shoulders. The redhead was leading the way, followed by Nicky and Rylie.
"I hate the snow." Nicky muttered under his breath, and glanced at a smiling Rylie.
"But it's a beautiful day." The small blonde replied back gently. "You should be glad the snowstorm's over.
Nicky scoffed. "I will be glad when we get out of here."
"Stop complaining, Nicky." A voice buzzed through the squad's ear pieces. It was Zack's voice. The leader was at the headquarters, watching over their steps from an aerial view. "We
:iconnixcoo:nixcoo 172 97
Trouble In Terrorist Town - PewdieCry fanfiction
Pewdiepie opened his eyes to find himself outside on a patch of wild grass that obviously hadn’t been cut in a while. He stood up and noticed that in one hand there was a pistol and in the other a crowbar, he was familiar with this from the game, something else he was familiar with was the layout of the screen. It was like it was on his computer screen but wherever he looked it followed him around, much like the Oculus Rift. He sighed before taking a better look around him. In front of him was some rundown buildings, to his left was more rundown buildings and to the right there were more buildings, these were white and had metal stairs leading to the roof, like in one of the maps he had played in before. Most things seemed the same as in the game but there was one obvious difference that Pewds knew oh too well. At least one of them wasn’t coming out of this place.
Pewds decided to explore around a bit, he walked forward to the buildings in front of him. He didn’t get
:iconmoomin9:Moomin9 110 126
Good? (LaughingJackXChildReader) OneShot

(F/N) was a regular seven year old. There was absolutely nothing strange or worrisome about her. She went to school every day and got exceptionally good grades. She gave her father and mother upmost respect and love. (F/N) was a good little girl and always did what she was told without question. One could say that (F/N) was the perfect little girl that all parents would wish for.
Jack however was not that. Jack was almost fifteen years older than (F/N). He wore all black and white and had a funny cone nose. The suspenders that he whore were a size to big and his shoes five. He always carried candy around with him to give all the good children. Jack was (F/N)’s imaginary friend.
(F/N) lived in 2410 Mulberry Street, Jack would visit her every day. (F/N), being the good little girl she was, always aloud Jack to choose the game they would play. On most days Jack would decide on playing hide-an-seek or dolls, but one day he decided he was board of
:iconceepcalmandeat:ceepcalmandeat 66 14