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Good Doctor Locklear
There was nothing but groggy swirls of illusionistic euphoria. The drugs they had administered to him were too powerful for anything else. His senses were obstructed, and he was alone with the cackling voices inside his head. They grew louder and louder until he could no longer bear it. He tried desperately to claw at his face, to do anything to hush the dull roar. But it was in vain, as his arms were strapped securely to his chest by the straight jacket that subdued him.
He collapsed onto the doughy floor beneath him. He had been in this miserable cell for who knows how many days now? Perhaps even weeks or months, God forbid, years. He had long since lost track of time, yet he did not care.
Those damn fools. Who the hell did they think they were? Locking him up. HIM. A man of science. A bringer of societal advances, and hero to mankind. They would regret this. All of them. If they would not have him as their savior, they would have him as their end maker.
His brow twitched for a momen
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Toon Skin
One bright sunny day, you find a curious glowing pencil laying on the side of the road. You are immediately compelled to walk over and pick it up, and as you do, you notice a thin line being drawn from its lead into the air. Gasping in surprise, you give another flick, drawing a circle in mid air, which falls to the ground. You look around to see if anyone is watching - no one seems to be around. You decide to try something a little more complicated, and draw your name in big outlines. Once you’re finished, you grab and pull at them, and they resist your strength as if they were made out of cast iron. You laugh in amazement, and try the eraser on the letters, and see them scrub out of existence as quickly as they were make. You suddenly get a very exciting idea, once that will test the limits of your artistic abilities.
You’ve always been a doodler, and have spent many hours drawing cartoon girls with big flowing hairstyles, huge breasts, tiny waists, and a generous display
:iconstickysteph:StickySteph 429 60
Hobo Heart Stitches Creepypasta
Hobo Heart - Stitches
It was a winter afternoon. Like most winter afternoons it was overcast, cloudy with a bit of rain, the wind blew and the leaves rustled on the sidewalk as C.C. and her friend Elizabeth walked home from school.
"It was nice walking this way for a change." C.C. said as the two strode along.
Elizabeth smiled "Thanks for joining me this way. I can't believe Britany didn't show again today. She didn't call or anything."
C.C. rolled her eyes "She probably skipped and went to the lake with Glen."
Elizabeth laughed "You're probably right. Alright well I'll see you tomorrow."
The two parted ways and C.C. continued. She had just a few more blocks till she was home.
As she walked along she saw a small scruffy dog pawing at something in the gutter.
"Hey little guy whatcha after?" she crouched down and saw a bone stuck in a crack.
C.C. pried it lose and the dog snatched it up and darted away, toward the alley.
The girl followed "Hey, don't I at least get to pet you?"
When she
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Te veo
Vailly Evans era una joven de 15 años, responsable, estudiosa,  y agradable con los demás. Una chica con ganas de vivir una vida larga y con muchos sueños que cumplir.  Era muy hermosa, tenía un pelo oscuro muy largo y ondulado que le llegaba por toda la espalda y una piel blanca de porcelana…pero lo que más llamaba la atención en su aspecto eran sus ojos. Tenía heterocromía, y sus ojos eran cada uno de distinto color. Su ojo derecho era de un marrón muy oscuro, casi negro, mientras que el izquierdo era de un azul muy claro, este cuando era de día y el sol le daba en la cara parecía diamante. Todos las personas que la conocían por primera vez les era inevitable quedarse sorprendidos o embobados  por tales ojos.  
Como cada día, Vailly se despertó con ganas de empezar un nuevo día. Se puso su uniforme escolar, desayunó sus tostadas con mermelada con
:iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 564 200
Alien: Infection
Alien: Infection
My story isn’t a happy one.  If you’re looking for a joyful tale full of magic and wonder, then please search for another story somewhere else on this site.  This story is one of horror and ill fate, and how I lost everything that I held dear.  However, if you are looking for a story that seems too unreal to be true, then you’ve found the right one.  However, I can assure you that this story just might make you look over your shoulder every now and then in the city of Toronto, because chances are that I’ll be watching you.
I am, err…I guess I should say that I was a Canadian boy whose life had gone pretty well.  I lived with my mother and step-father in Baby Point (one of the nicer parts of Toronto, you could say) and had my fair share of friends.  It was approaching my 16th birthday and I was obsessed with cars.  Porches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, they were the stuff of my dre
:iconaliensrmypeople:aliensRmyPEOPLE 214 174
My Favorite Puppet - Yandere!Bill Cipher x Reader
“I’ll always be watching you, love”
Those words echoed through your mind as you tiredly lay in the bed. The clock read three in the morning. Ever since the incident during Mabel’s sock puppet show, you had been seeing the dream demon everywhere in your dreams. He always floated in the back, never fully speaking or interacting with you. But he was there none the less.
It wasn’t until a week ago, did he finally speak to you, saying those words that you already knew. Even though you knew about them, that still didn’t stop you from become ridden with fear and anxiety each night as you avoided sleep. You cast a glance to your side and looked at the many empty coffee cups that decorated your bedside table. You shook as you looked frantically looked around the room once you heard a familiar echoy laugh. You sat up, eyeing every dark corner of your room before you threw the covers to the side and stood.
Your toes curled and your feet rose off the ground a li
:iconxemogothgirlx:XemogothgirlX 389 53
Vampire Love
I knew I was going to find her there, in the lake, under the ice.
I sat down on my knees, put my hand on the ice, over her face.
Pictures flashing in front of me.
Mortals were affraid of her so they gathered up against her,
when she was weak they threw her into the lake and denied her excistence.
The thick ice now melted under my palms and I lifted her up,
held her in my arms.
I wanted her to breathe and so she did, I wanted her to wake up and so she did.
My will is higher than mother nature and my wish more sacret than reality.
Our eyes met and we just sat there,
looking eachother in the eyes for several days and nights.
I gently brushed away frozen pearls from her hair and eyebrows,
her beauty made me think of the shattered glass rain,
glittering on the mountains where I was born so many centuries ago.
At first I wondered how she would react when she looked closer,
when she could see the monster inside me, would she scream?
Then, to my suprise, it was I who wanted to scream.
Not beca
:iconnecromanga:necromanga 362 70
Thoughts of a Witch
I lie huddled in the corner of my dungeon cell. It is dark, it is cold; the air is moist and stinks. Pale light pours though a small barred window. I am alone. The straw on the floor stabs into my naked feet. The dirty sackcloth robe scratches at my bloody, abused and bruised skin. Everything hurts and throbs with numb pain. I know I will die soon.
I have confessed under the torture. I knew that it would seal my fate, but I could not stand the pain any more. I shiver and tremble as the memories of the unspeakable things they had done to me come back: Their cold hands and fingers touching my body everywhere in search for the mark. As they did not find anything to prove my guilt, they had started to hurt me for a confession. They stab needles in my birthmarks, beat me with sticks and the whip. What followed was the torment on the rack, tearing and stretching my fragile body until I passed out from the pain. The chair with its sharp metal spikes, the screws that crushed my fingers and toe
:iconwitch1978:witch1978 326 210
I'll Protect You... Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader
I’ll protect you… (Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader)
Breathing heavily as you ran through the all-encompassing darkness, you turned another corner in your attempt to make an escape. Barely able to see in the pitch black living quarters-turned maze with your lack of ability to make out much in the dark thanks to your human eyesight, you were doing the best you could not to trip and fall on your face after having nearly tripped and falling over various inanimate obstacles that barred your path to freedom by a few seconds each.
If you could just make it to the door, if you could just see the outside world again and make a break for the nearest location you could somewhat deem as safe. Those thoughts rushed through your head as you did your best to keep yourself going, already starting to run out of breath from your speedy escape from a basement you had been trapped in for so long.
How long? You didn’t even know by now.
:iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 447 833
By Sergeant Sprinkles: World's Greatest Party Clown
Edited by Edinpony
WARNING: This fanfiction is incredibly gory, and may ruin your appreciation of a certain My Little Pony character as well as the titular baked goods.  READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!
The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the pony folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except Rainbow Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the tree tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several hundred feet and dove, streaking downward as fast as she could. Seconds before hitting the ground, her wings flew open and she pulled up back into the clear blue. Rainbow felt alive.
Suddenly, Dash remembered that she had somewhere to be; she was
:iconstickmaster5000:StickMaster5000 446 42
Male! wolf furry x Female! reader
It was cold, really cold, it was also really icy, you were stuck in your house, no hopes of going to work, you sighed, flopping on the couch, rubbing the back of your head in frustration.
you looked outside to the snow world, it gave memories, what kind? vivid memories of your past with your real family, your human family, you was the only human in a world full of these anthros, a lot of different ones, also known as "furrys" and you somehow got into there world, no going back to your own, sure, others furrys here liked you, but you felt odd, why?
you were lonely.
you made sure the furnace was on, then checked the fireplace in your house, it was really cold outside, so you did not want to risk freezing if the power went out.
Sure enough, after the house got to the peak of toasty warmness, the power went out, "great" you thought to yourself as you looked at your fireplace, still warm and toasty, you sighed, curling up against the corner of the couch, then, a knock at your door? who or w
:iconotakukitty47:OtakuKitty47 112 22
Beware the Lady in the Trees-Caption-MTF-FTM-TG
Brian walked along the river bank banging his head to the music that played in his ears. It was a pretty quiet day and Brian decided to go for a long walk by the river. Brian watched the calm tranquil waters of the river glide past the black rocks beneath the surface.  Bran took seat on the grassy hill watching nature at the play. He pulled out his phone and turned down his music to the point where he could at least make out a whisper of the lyrics. He barely had any cell service but decided to try to open up his browser. He found success and after checking a few glitch weary posts he headed over to the local news sight. On the front page read the search for Michael Mater had now reached six mont-pages unavailable.
“Oh come on!” Brian said yanking his ear buds out. Suddenly there was a steady crumble of twigs in the forest behind him. Brian twisted his neck around trying to see what caused the commotion. Those were pretty big footsteps.
Brian got up peering between the
:icongobbie2:Gobbie2 116 2
The floor is covered with ribbons of broken hair – snapped, dry, dirty hair. She watches it break and die every day; even when it groans from her scalp, she no longer cries for it. It's only hair.
She sits in the corner, with another of her headaches, closing her unwashed eyes and praying for sleep.
When a man's voice calls to her from outside, she jumps.
No one speaks to her.
She is one hundred feet from the ground and no one can see her face.
Heart quickening - a newborn sparrow that must learn to fly or else succumb to a hungry mouth -  she struggles with her locked bones to stand and run to the window. She only moves slowly, however desperate she is, her wasted muscles threatening to fold. Her fragile fingers with their grey, unfiled nails fight with the stone sill to gain purchase and she sways, a stricken willow planted in her own filth.
"Let down your hair," he says.
Why won't he leave her alone? Why won't he go from here?! But still she mechanically heaves her co
:iconpiishii-isdzan:Piishii-isdzan 275 98
2p!Italy x Reader - Text Messages
When I was sixteen years old, I got my first cell phone. It was a normal flip phone, one that blinked red when I had a new text message. The first time I got one of the messages, I didn't think much of it.
???: Ti amo.
Me: I think you have the wrong number...Sorry.
???: No, ti amo.
Me: Really? Well...Who are you?
???: Your true love.
I showed the message to my friend, Elizaveta. She just laughed and shrugged her shoulders. I didn't reply to the mysterious man's text and promptly forgot all about it. I figured the poor guy had probably been trying to date some girl and she gave him a wrong number to get rid of him.
My next birthday I was seventeen years old, I got a new blackberry phone, which still had the red blinking light for new messages. I also got my first boyfriend. His name is Alfred.
One day, in the middle of class, I noticed the red light blink
:iconrigi-san:Rigi-san 639 331
flesh puzzles
In the beginning it was enough. I’d be wide-eyed, quietly watching her through the windows. Limbs and torso like a slender tree; bowing in wind and always shooting up toward the sun. She’d wear summer skin in the middle of winter with freckles spoiling her shoulders and cheekbones. Her birthmark was a dull red stain at her collarbone and she had a mole beneath her left breast. She was thirteen and I thirty, but my, oh my, did I ache to see her insides.
The house next door they called the sea house because it was two stories of cerulean blue. Through my bedroom window I could see naught but an empty bedroom. But late September the Parler family moved in. The Father was a tree of a man who was always working and the mother was a blonde lady named Annie with big tits and long legs. She brought around a tray of brownies for me, pathetic bitch, I thought as I fed them to the Cooper. I took him for a walk in the early morning mist and let him shit on their lawn.
It was late afterno
:iconpretty-as-a-picture:Pretty-As-A-Picture 373 296
Creepypasta - Paralyzed
Pokemon Diamond. My most beloved game ever, the one I had beaten within days of getting it. I was well on my way to catching every Pokemon, only a few left. Whenever I was bored, I'd whip out my old DS and have a wander around with the Poke Radar, looking for the ones that had escaped my attention. It was taking a really long time, but I refused to cheat, and I didn't want to trade for it either. That just left the old fashioned way - good old man power.
It was roughly 1am. I have quite severe insomnia, making it impossible for me to sleep some nights. It was times like these that I would play Diamond to tire out my brain, and half the time it managed to induce sleep in me. Maybe it would work tonight.
Yawning softly, I booted up the game and went to try for 100 straight battles in the Battle Tower. I was at 48, but then lost to the Battle Tycoon. Damn him. I didn't have enough will power to try again, so I decided to instead go looking for Pokemon with the Poke Radar. I had never sear
:icondoldendraco14:doldendraco14 440 316
Creepypasta: Lulu
It all started with another family camping trip. My brother Andy, my parents, my Aunt Laura, my Uncle Ben and I always planned an annual camping trip to the nearby mountains. Every year we would hike a bit higher and walk a bit farther. This year we went up about 10 miles and half way around the mountain to a grassy flatland. It was pretty nice, quiet and unmoved by the urban life just a few miles down the road. The only part I didn’t like was that there was no actual bathroom so if you needed some quiet time in a john you needed to take a shovel and hope you don’t pick up poison ivy.
It was getting closer to sun down and the camp was all set up and the fire was crackling in the center. I had the greatest urge to take a piss so I told my mother I was going into the trees for a moment. She told me not to go too far and I nodded to show her I understood. Then I left.
I walked into the collection of trees moving just far enough to see the light. The last thing I wanted is one
:iconchibi-works:Chibi-Works 419 123
I'm a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, like a lot of people. I narrowed down to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon shows though, because I think the rest SEGA had spawned was rat-crap. Each to their own.
I was browsing E-bay the other day. I wondered if there would be any items about my favourite character from the series, Sally Acorn. Indeed, what I found was a plushie that was manufactured in SEGA WORLD of Sydney, which closed down due to the lack of visitors in 2006. Those Sally plushies were very rare, but I didn't have the money to buy her and my parents would despise me for it. I examined the plushie for a while as the article came with pictures. This Sally even had her jacket. On it, was written with a permanent marker "GOD". I don't really know what it meant. Probably the initials of the child owning her before they sold her.
I clicked the back button to return to the "Sonic Sally" search, knowing I wouldn't win the auction anyway, only to find another ar
:iconterracybercop:TerraCybercop 172 47
A Strange Letter Found
A much-folded and faded letter was found among the personal papers of Professor Howard Rice after his death in 1936. The contents, more than a little puzzling and troubling, are presented here unedited for your review.
June, 17th, 1908.
My Dear Friend Howard,
I am writing to you, from my room at the Kempler Arms, a run-down inn located in the God-forsaken port of Rockfish Harbor, North Carolina. I have just drank the contents of a bottle of brandy in the vain attempt to calm my nerves enough that I may commit the events of the last few days to paper before I collapse into much needed slumber.
I came here, as you may recall, to study the lasting enigma of the disappearance in 1587 of the English colony on Chapanoke Island. In my mind, it is a great mystery, more than worthy of ranking alongside the more commonly known tale of the Mary Celeste. As you may remember, she was an abandoned ship found off the coast of Portugal in 1872. None of the her crew or passengers were ever found
:iconnobodysson:NobodysSon 202 369
Portraits of the Royal Family by QuebecoisWolf Portraits of the Royal Family :iconquebecoiswolf:QuebecoisWolf 71 20
Silent Ponyville Ending 2
Ending – It's Time to Get Baking
Unlock Condition: Lose to Pinkie Pie
"Ahlbth…finthith…yoobth…" The other Pinkie sputtered out more blood, as she gripped the butcher's knife as best she could with her hoof, dragging it along the ground as she began to walk towards Pinkie. Pinkie took in sharp breaths of air as she concentrated on the vile Pink mare before her.
The other Pinkie began to pick up the pace, before going out into a full on run straight for Pinkie. She seemed groggy, but determined, to bring that knife down into Pinkie's flesh. Pinkie had aimed the uninjured half of her body at the other Pinkie, bringing her hind hoof up once more.
The butcher's knife was raised into the air, sparks flying as it had scrapped along the ground. The frantic rush of the other Pinkie was closing in, ready to strike down. For a moment, everything seemed to hold still, right on the edge of death, two forces that never should've met collided.
There was silence for a moment, befor
:iconjake-heritagu:jake-heritagu 128 85
Like a Man
"Please," he whimpered, eyes cast up from the polished linoleum as if in prayer, a single rivulet of blood trickling from a nostril. "I… I have a family."
"A family?" Charlie glanced from one crumpled heap of flesh and gristle to another, a distinct disinterest building behind insect black eyes. "How many kids?"
"I… t-two."
"Boy or girl?"
"Both boys."
He squatted next to the man, spinning the massive .357 on his finger like the protagonist of some spaghetti western. The barrel whirled around the blur of his hand like Death's private helicopter, gaining and losing momentum in an evident but indecipherable rhythm. He blew a breath out his nose, tightening on the smooth wooden handgrip.
"Shame," he said, shifting his gaze to the man's eyes. He donned an expression of false concern, snatching the tail of the man's hot pink striped power-tie and roughly wiping away the bloody nose. "There we go. Shame. What're their names?"
"… Please…"
"Both of them? Not terribly origina
:iconivannikolayevich:ivannikolayevich 488 218