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Sister's Little Princess
Sister's Little Princess
By StickySteph
I had always been curious about my sister's bedroom. Whenever her friends came over, they would rush up the stairs and slam the door behind them, engaging in secretive girl business. Whenever I tried to join in, she would defiantly throw me against the wall and declare the place 'off limits' to people such as myself. What kind of person was I?
I was a boy.
Banished from these lands, I would never get to experience such amazing things as make-up, gossip, and whatever girls do that makes them so damn loud and annoying. Day after day, I'd see my sister leave her room, the heavy smell of girl closely following her. We'd make eye contact, and she'd step back and slam her door. Out comes the key, in it goes to the lock. The place was a land of mystery.
A mystery, until today.
After having a generously long bathroom break from my homework, I stepped over to the sink to wash my hands. Through the door, I could hear the muffled sounds of a minor commotion
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Property - Ticci Toby x Reader
Property – Ticci Toby x Reader
The first time you felt like someone was watching you, was when you were walking home from school. Of course you brushed it off, there was plenty of people outside, so it wouldn’t surprised you if you caught one of their attention, but, the person you caught was someone you really didn’t want attention from. As the week went by, you still had the feeling of being watch, brushing it off as nothing you would just shiver or shift around, but never fully think on it. Soon, you started noticing little details that really wouldn’t have bugged you at first. Like how the window would always be cracked open just a little bit when you woke up, though you clearly remember closing it when you went to bed.
Or how some of your clothing was going missing, especially your underwear. A month went by and you were certain you had yourself a stalker. The first time you told the police, they just brushed you off saying that they couldn’t help if
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Creepypasta: Lulu
It all started with another family camping trip. My brother Andy, my parents, my Aunt Laura, my Uncle Ben and I always planned an annual camping trip to the nearby mountains. Every year we would hike a bit higher and walk a bit farther. This year we went up about 10 miles and half way around the mountain to a grassy flatland. It was pretty nice, quiet and unmoved by the urban life just a few miles down the road. The only part I didn’t like was that there was no actual bathroom so if you needed some quiet time in a john you needed to take a shovel and hope you don’t pick up poison ivy.
It was getting closer to sun down and the camp was all set up and the fire was crackling in the center. I had the greatest urge to take a piss so I told my mother I was going into the trees for a moment. She told me not to go too far and I nodded to show her I understood. Then I left.
I walked into the collection of trees moving just far enough to see the light. The last thing I wanted is one
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Good Doctor Locklear
There was nothing but groggy swirls of illusionistic euphoria. The drugs they had administered to him were too powerful for anything else. His senses were obstructed, and he was alone with the cackling voices inside his head. They grew louder and louder until he could no longer bear it. He tried desperately to claw at his face, to do anything to hush the dull roar. But it was in vain, as his arms were strapped securely to his chest by the straight jacket that subdued him.
He collapsed onto the doughy floor beneath him. He had been in this miserable cell for who knows how many days now? Perhaps even weeks or months, God forbid, years. He had long since lost track of time, yet he did not care.
Those damn fools. Who the hell did they think they were? Locking him up. HIM. A man of science. A bringer of societal advances, and hero to mankind. They would regret this. All of them. If they would not have him as their savior, they would have him as their end maker.
His brow twitched for a momen
:iconxmadame-macabrex:xMadame-Macabrex 495 173
Hobo Heart Stitches Creepypasta
Hobo Heart - Stitches
It was a winter afternoon. Like most winter afternoons it was overcast, cloudy with a bit of rain, the wind blew and the leaves rustled on the sidewalk as C.C. and her friend Elizabeth walked home from school.
"It was nice walking this way for a change." C.C. said as the two strode along.
Elizabeth smiled "Thanks for joining me this way. I can't believe Britany didn't show again today. She didn't call or anything."
C.C. rolled her eyes "She probably skipped and went to the lake with Glen."
Elizabeth laughed "You're probably right. Alright well I'll see you tomorrow."
The two parted ways and C.C. continued. She had just a few more blocks till she was home.
As she walked along she saw a small scruffy dog pawing at something in the gutter.
"Hey little guy whatcha after?" she crouched down and saw a bone stuck in a crack.
C.C. pried it lose and the dog snatched it up and darted away, toward the alley.
The girl followed "Hey, don't I at least get to pet you?"
When she
:iconchrisozfulton:ChrisOzFulton 274 195
The Diaper That Wouldn't Stop
Everyone has something they fear most, whether it’s something as common as darkness and monsters or as silly as the mascot of a brand of cereal. On All Hallows Eve, the scariest time of the year, these fears become even more terrifying, bone-chilling, spine-tingling, and paranoia-perpetuating. On this night, five individuals will come face-to-face with what they fear most, and the results will be anything but pretty. Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of being a babysitter is the dirty work of changing dirty diapers. Tammy, like a lot of teenagers, is a babysitter herself, and is occasionally tasked with looking after the messiest toddler she’s ever had the displeasure of cleaning up after. Tonight, however, she’ll wish she had suffered that fate when she encounters...The Diaper That Wouldn’t Stop!
Sixteen-year-old Tammy had a love-hate relationship with her babysitting duties. On the one hand, looking after Wren Swallows wasn’t the hardest j
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Jeff the Killer x psycho! Reader - part 1
A Lullaby wears White - part 1
Jeff was always confident about his procedures. Mainly because he was always winning. He always got the same result in different variations – bloodbath, screams of his victims satisfying his ears, fear in their eyes moisten his and the blood's iron on his tongue. He always had it all and sometimes, in the case of females, the satisfaction of his mad hormones.
He was swift and did the business quick enough before the cops could arrive, yet slow enough to enjoy it. He considered himself elusive, invincible...
Yet if somebody asked him if the same thing he does to people would happen to him, he'd certainly laugh in their faces in that insane way only he knows how to preform. Just that situation happened before his next kill. Him and one of his rare friends, Eyeless Jack, sat on the peak of small mountain above the city, lights looking just like mirror image of the stars above.
Jeff lit the cigarette, small orange light dancing across h
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Moonlit Classroom [Werewolf tf]
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 157 46
Te veo
Vailly Evans era una joven de 15 años, responsable, estudiosa,  y agradable con los demás. Una chica con ganas de vivir una vida larga y con muchos sueños que cumplir.  Era muy hermosa, tenía un pelo oscuro muy largo y ondulado que le llegaba por toda la espalda y una piel blanca de porcelana…pero lo que más llamaba la atención en su aspecto eran sus ojos. Tenía heterocromía, y sus ojos eran cada uno de distinto color. Su ojo derecho era de un marrón muy oscuro, casi negro, mientras que el izquierdo era de un azul muy claro, este cuando era de día y el sol le daba en la cara parecía diamante. Todos las personas que la conocían por primera vez les era inevitable quedarse sorprendidos o embobados  por tales ojos.  
Como cada día, Vailly se despertó con ganas de empezar un nuevo día. Se puso su uniforme escolar, desayunó sus tostadas con mermelada con
:iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 559 200
I'll Protect You... Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader
I’ll protect you… (Yandere!Kankri x Female!Reader)
Breathing heavily as you ran through the all-encompassing darkness, you turned another corner in your attempt to make an escape. Barely able to see in the pitch black living quarters-turned maze with your lack of ability to make out much in the dark thanks to your human eyesight, you were doing the best you could not to trip and fall on your face after having nearly tripped and falling over various inanimate obstacles that barred your path to freedom by a few seconds each.
If you could just make it to the door, if you could just see the outside world again and make a break for the nearest location you could somewhat deem as safe. Those thoughts rushed through your head as you did your best to keep yourself going, already starting to run out of breath from your speedy escape from a basement you had been trapped in for so long.
How long? You didn’t even know by now.
:iconfoxy-sierra:Foxy-Sierra 441 833
I'm a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, like a lot of people. I narrowed down to the classic Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon shows though, because I think the rest SEGA had spawned was rat-crap. Each to their own.
I was browsing E-bay the other day. I wondered if there would be any items about my favourite character from the series, Sally Acorn. Indeed, what I found was a plushie that was manufactured in SEGA WORLD of Sydney, which closed down due to the lack of visitors in 2006. Those Sally plushies were very rare, but I didn't have the money to buy her and my parents would despise me for it. I examined the plushie for a while as the article came with pictures. This Sally even had her jacket. On it, was written with a permanent marker "GOD". I don't really know what it meant. Probably the initials of the child owning her before they sold her.
I clicked the back button to return to the "Sonic Sally" search, knowing I wouldn't win the auction anyway, only to find another ar
:iconterracybercop:TerraCybercop 172 47
| Creepypasta | Things unsaid
Catherine listened to the night. The clock told her that it would soon be 3 am; she'd woken up around an hour ago without any reason. She sometimes just woke up like that. She wasn't worried though – it was the holidays and she could sleep it off during the day. Very slowly Cath was falling back into sweet unconsciousness, when there appeared a strange sound on the edge of hearing - something like knocking. At first she ignored it, nothing strange about hearing sounds late at night. She held her breath to hear it better. The sounds seemed so far like they were out of this world and when her mind began to perceive a vague notion of what it could be, she fell asleep.
By the next morning she'd basically forgotten about the whole situation. She got on with her daily routine - breakfast, brushing teeth and so on. She turned on her laptop and started browsing social networks. Catherine Meyers - 17 years old, was a promising baseball player in middle school as evidenced by the medals hu
:icon0ktavian:0ktavian 141 163
So, you've played through all of  the original pokemon games huh? You beat the Elite Four, trounced your rival, and even ventured into that mysterious cave and took on Mewtwo. You've raised a party of Level 100s, have every pokemon in the game, hell, you even did the Mew glitch as well didn't ya? You've got em all, probably caught a MissingNo or two just to tempt fate and came out on top, without even your Hall of Fame scratched.
But there is something you've probably not seen. We all have our theories what lies in that tall grass beyond the impassible walls to the west of Pallet Town. Sure, you can glitch over it with a game shark and wander the vast expanse of the field for fun, but game sharks have a nasty habit of messing things up, in this case, using one deletes the final secret held within the Pokemon Red version. If you want to see the secret the game shark shields you from, it is not hard.
Upon your complete conquest of the Elite Four and completing your Pokedex, ret
:iconshadowmalerenamon:ShadowMaleRenamon 331 228
You're Mine 2P!AmericaXReader
The blond American walked quickly to the world meeting, a smile plastered to his face. He'd been waiting forever for the world meeting to come, for one reason and one reason only. You.
 You see, the American had a huge crush on you, but then again, why wouldn't he? You were super fricken' cool! You loved to play video games and eat hamburgers, and you were really nice and really cute and the list just went on and on.
He then spotted you and his heart rate and pace quickened. He ran at you, hugging you with such ferocity that the two of you fell to the ground, America on top. "Hey, dude!" He exclaimed cheerfully, flashing you his trademark idiotic grin.
 You couldn't help but smile at his enthusiasm; he really was something else. "Hey, America."
 The blond got off you and helped you to your feet, grinning broadly. "Hey, we'd better get to the world meeting!" Before you could say anything, he grabbed your hand and ran to the world meeting room.
You chuckled softly to yours
:iconmidnightshadows24:MidnightShadows24 539 118
.: Dark!America x Reader :. Don't Touch Her.
A/N: HELLO FRIENDS. This is my first time writing a Reader Insert.. o.o Do not judge! ..Please? Also, sorry for any OOCness or errors in here! *is prepared to read millions of times over*
Comments are appreciated~

(( Warning: Blood is included, also a bit of language. That is all. ))
Alfred burst through your front door. "YO! I'm here _____! Let's watch some horror movies I-..." The wide grin on his face disappeared on his face disappeared when he heard soft sobs coming from your living room. "_-____?"
Alfred walked quietly into your living room, what he saw broke his heart, he frowned, for he saw his best friend (that being you), sitting on your couch slightly shaking, hands on face, crying. "D-Dudette, _____?" Alfred asked, worried and unsure, he took a step forward, seeing you scramble a bit away and face your back to him. "O-Oh! Alfred! You're h-here! ...I didn't hear you... Ahah..." Something sounded off.
Alfred sat on the couch next to you. "_____, look at me, what happen
:iconitscaptain-toyou-lad:ItsCAPTAIN-ToYou-Lad 334 314
Bad Girl- Yandere!Soul x Yandere!Reader

"Goddamn, [Name], you've made a mess again.", your albino boyfriend sighed, staring down at the red mess in front of him. A small smirk played onto his lips as you walked towards him, wiping blood off of your cheek with your thumb before bringing it towards your mouth, licking up the substance. 
"I'm sorry, babe," you apologized cutely, wrapping your arms playfully around his neck. "But it wasn't my fault. That girl just wouldn't keep her hands off of you. She shouldn't have been so reckless." You glared down at the corpse on the floor. What used to be a teenage girl at your school was now a bloody, cut up, dead corpse; her mouth wide open as if she was screaming, her chest tore open with blood oozing out, hair ripped from her head, eyes dark and wide open, but mostly empty. 
Soul wrapped his strong arms around your slender waist as he softly grabbed your chin, tearing your vision from the corpse and into his eyes. You continued. "Besides,
:iconmisschocohaolicevans:MissChocohaolicEvans 92 21
The (Creepypasta)
       You lie on your bed, huddled under the covers with a fresh book from the library. Your eyes feel somewhat droopy but you are reluctant to put it down, the story too enticing to pause so you can sleep. It’s nearing the end anyway, you reason silently; not even thirty pages to go. Might as well finish it now.
       Your eyes skim over the paragraphs, fighting to stay awake.
       “She stares at him furiously, blinking back tears as she wills herself not to cry, to show The terror he so deeply craves.”
       You pause. “To show The terror”? You look back, thinking you’d spotted a minor capitalization error, but now “the” is lowercase. Strange, you think. Usually you don’t even really notice things like that, but you figure it’s just because you’re so tired and pay it no mind as you continue.
:iconvalentinesdaygreen:ValentinesDayGreen 345 161
CreepyPasta OC - Hung Girl
Iris was a young girl, she's 13 years old, her long dark hair and brown eyes. She was modest and quiet, but very kind, a cute and friendly. She has a quiet life, a very loving family and beloved cat, but Iris lives with her ​​older sister, because her parents left for abroad. Iris wants to make friends at school, but they taunted her because she was different from others. After that Iris and her sister moved to another city to a new life.
There was a spring morning. Iris wakes up, sits up on her bed, yawns and looks at the window and blue sky.
Iris: (How good.... But today is the first day in a new school... I'm so excited...) *looks at the cat, who sleeps on a basket by her bed* Well, Miya, good morning! *smiles and patted Miya's head*
Cat Miya: *wakes up and purrs*
Iris gets up, went to the bathroom, tooks off his pajamas, turns on the tap warm wa
:iconnaughtykittydv-1992:NaughtyKittyDV-1992 133 315
Thoughts of a Witch
I lie huddled in the corner of my dungeon cell. It is dark, it is cold; the air is moist and stinks. Pale light pours though a small barred window. I am alone. The straw on the floor stabs into my naked feet. The dirty sackcloth robe scratches at my bloody, abused and bruised skin. Everything hurts and throbs with numb pain. I know I will die soon.
I have confessed under the torture. I knew that it would seal my fate, but I could not stand the pain any more. I shiver and tremble as the memories of the unspeakable things they had done to me come back: Their cold hands and fingers touching my body everywhere in search for the mark. As they did not find anything to prove my guilt, they had started to hurt me for a confession. They stab needles in my birthmarks, beat me with sticks and the whip. What followed was the torment on the rack, tearing and stretching my fragile body until I passed out from the pain. The chair with its sharp metal spikes, the screws that crushed my fingers and toe
:iconwitch1978:witch1978 318 206
Eclipse, a Laughing Jack x Reader Story!
   Hello! Sooooooooooooooooo,  I have read Laughing Jack x Reader fanfiction on here and I thought, ‘I should make my own!’ So, after a couple days of pondering and deciding, here is my story, Eclipse! Enjoy!
Readers P.O.V.
I yawned and slowly fluttered my tired (e/c) eyes open, a few strands of my (h/c) hair covering my right eye. I stretched out, releasing the tension in my muscles. A smile appeared on my face as I slowly saw up, grabbing my (f/c) teddy bear that Jack gave me yesterday as a birthday present. Yep, yesterday was my seventh birthday!
Heh, maybe I should introduce Jack. Jack is my best friend in the whole wide world! He is always laughing, hinting his name, Laughing Jack. I like to call him Jack, though, not Laughing Jack or LJ.
Jack is really my ONLY friend, to tell you the truth.
Let’s see, what else can I tell you? Oh yeah! Jack and I have known each other for about four years yesterday. He told me four years ago that it made him sad t
:iconflipqytales:FlipqyTales 363 105
Dark!PrussiaXReader: Ready or not,I'm Coming!
                                Ready or not,I'm Coming!
Eckstein, Eckstein,
Welcome to my Playtime~
Eckstein, Eckstein,
If you peek then you'll die~
He seemed like such a good man. Maybe he was a bit narcissistic, but he had a good heart. Or at least, you always thought he did. Oh, what cruel events have happened since you met Gilbert Beilschmidt.  
It started in elementary school. You were starting at a new school and you didn't know anyone. You were utterly alone and nothing more in the world could have terrified you.
It was at recess time that you met Gilbert. You two were in different
:iconartistgirl147:ArtistGirl147 127 21
Rocket To Insanity Alternative Ending
As the blade pierced Pinkie Pie's chest, Rainbow Dash's sanity came sweeping back to her, and she immediately regretted what she did. Trembling, she dropped the bloodied blade, but it was too late, the damage had already been done.
Red liquid poured from the huge gash in Pinkie's chest, and all she could do was utter, "But… why…" before she collapsed on the ground; her eyes a blank stare.
Rainbow Dash stared at Pinkie Pie in disbelief. "Oh god… what have I done?" Her heart began to pound in her chest as she made sense of her horrible act. She had just assaulted one of her friends like the very monster in her dreams did to her.
Panicking, she fell onto her back and started to crawl away from the ghastly scene. Her mind raced with uncertainty of what do to, until finally she let her instincts take over. She stood up, spread her wings, and flew out the door screaming, "HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!"
Her frantic cries were heard all across the village, and multiple ponies came t
:iconstickmaster5000:StickMaster5000 128 27