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The Vanishing
The Vanishing
By Fushigi Okami
My name is not entirely important, but if you wish to know who I am before I become its next victim, it’s Phillip. My house sits towards the edge of a small neighborhood next to a heavily wooded park. My “house” in question is more of a trailer in a trailer park neighborhood. Rent is cheap and I live alone for the most part. However, that wooded park is a bit more like a forest.
Anyway, on to the important things; there had been a string of disappearances in the US, up to around a fifty people, so far. All of these disappearances happened at night, real cliché I know; but here’s the thing, nearly all of those happened in their own houses. Case in point, nobody is ever really safe from whatever is causing these disappearances. On top of this, it doesn’t have a set pattern, so if you happen to be a Doom’s Day prepper that has a bunker with years’ worth of food as well as being armed to the teeth with everything
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Kitty's Backstory
Roxy was Kitty's old name)
A wonderful cat land full of beautiful cats is where Kitty was born all baby kittens were born white awaiting there fur colors to come in. Every fur color ment something like white means magical or Siamese means curious or calico means parkor master. Kitty's parents moonsky and lightstrike. Kitty's mom was a white cat her name was moonsky Kitty's dad was a tiger which ment he was strong his name lightstrike.
Two kittens were playing together there parents taking care of problems. "Roxy I can't wait to get my fur color I hope I get cheetah im very fast." Said Zoey "well I don't really know what color fur I want but we get it base on are abilities." Said Roxy
"Well we will definitely find out tomorrow I hate being white it makes my eyes grey instead of green." Said Zoey "anything brings out my blue eyes." Said Roxy
Tomorrow at the fur coordination
All the kittens in town were at the fur coordination waiting for there fur co
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La Flor de Sal
La niebla era bastante densa, tanto así que apenas se podía ver un metro por delante de él. Las rocas que estaban plasmadas en el tiempo tenían rasguños no hechos por el agua, posiblemente de alguna criatura marina. La leyenda contaba del Dragón de Ojos blancos que se arrastró por aquella misma playa así que debía andar con cuidado. Podía escuchar el sonido del mar, el agua golpeando con suavidad las rocas, y la iluminación de la luz del sol aun así era incapaz de dejar a plena vista todo el paisaje por efecto de la misma densa niebla. Su respiración emitía vapor que escapaba de sus labios, él permanecía atento de su entorno con su característica. Él como Yagh mantenía su mano sobre la empuñadura de su catana, que fue tallada por los herreros del Emperador. Sus delicados dibujos demostraban su autoridad en la cacería de los terrores marinos. Él había sido uno de los elegid
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The Blood of a Saint
i have many secrets
things that arw real
things that are hidden
and things that couldn't possibly exist
there is nothing else
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The Dark Half (Evil Counterpart Snippet)
„On your hands and knees.” Their dark counterpart commanded coolly, their expression holding no mercy as they pressed the knife against the other’s throat. Weapons lay shared around them, covered in bloody shades of previous fights. The other swallowed, beads of sweat rolled down their forehead, but for all that they managed a teasing grin.
“You are aware that you humble yourself? I mean, you do realize that we’re the same, right?” They spoke, their voice hoarse from the battle cries. Both locked eyes, radiant orbs clashing with withering ones. The air seemed electrically charged for mere seconds. Then the dark one snorted in a scornful manner.
“Oh, are we?,” A vicious smile slowly spread over the their lips. “I don’t think so. You chose to abandon your inner demons, discarded your darkness like raddled skin.” They grabbed a fistful of their light counterpart’s hair and pulled their head back, pressing the knife fu
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Everything has to be by the book, according to them. And that includes execution procedures. Before they are summarily executed through lethal injection, all prisoners are offered a last meal, or "special meal" as they are told. I do not know why, but it's apparently a "governmental procedure", and supposedly it's to ease prisoners during their transition from this world (read, a military dictatorship) to the next (read, Hell). Wasn't going to stop me from killing 10 people just for the thrill of it, though. Law or no law, it was fun.
The date of my execution was set for March 6th, 2118. The days flew by so quickly I was genuinely surprised when the loudspeakers of the clean and slick prison I was being held in blared in a chipper voice: "Attention, everyone! Today is March 6th, 2118. After breakfast, these prisoners will be executed as follows..." I heard my own name being read out as I consumed the plain piece of toast that every prisoners was given to eat. Once I had eaten my toast,
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