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Cold part 2.
Cold part 2
I had been running for hours and I managed to hide out in some dingy, old, abandoned house away from the sun. Thankfully for me, all the windows were boarded up and even though the house had a strange smell to it, it was better than nothing.
I managed to make a makeshift bed and I lay on it, staring at the wall. For the first time since my mom left me with that horrid family, I felt alone. I felt myself starting to cry again. I really wish Logan came with me. I finally drifted off to sleep when I started wondering where he was and what he was doing and soon, the room was nothing but darkness.
"But Logan, we can't just leave them like that!" Steve said.
"Well, what else did you want us to do? We probably would've died anyway if we stayed." I said.
"But Lucy, you left Lucy. You loved her, Logan I know you did and you still do. I know you don't like letting people get close to you but I know that Lucy was special." Steve pointed out.
I sighed
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Alone cap:1 Desolation
A VEST where the world stayed in desolation without people. A lonely obstruction called Rick Isaac that was the survivor of this global desolation. The long survivor of this world was long looking for things to survive in that world. One night of darkness everything was not normal to see people to know what is not knowing that they are not human. The zombies are real (it said) was not enough that in places we were arms of survival. How in the shooting games I attacked her with all her courage to survive everything was fine but a special and big mutant arrived. He was not easy but he was not lost. Mad was able to kill him with a great explosion that destroyed the place. One could have left an Illeo of the place. One thing that I realized is that "is not only"
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"Red cheeks burn as though aglow.
Hair is dark as raven's wing.
Blue eyes look upon my woe.
Lips they quiver with a sting.
Shakunta, Shakunta!
Come back, Shakunta, sing!
Those the taste of freedom know
long ever for the ring.
Winter had arrived. The sky was grey; the trees were bare and slight birdsong came from them. I strolled down the streets and green fields of Cambridge, my black coat blowing in the stiff wind and papers flying in the air. As I chased and retrieved them, my eyes caught a black dressed black haired girl with odd blue eyes across a field. Her cheeks burned like fire. She gazed at me nonchalantly, then turned around and began walking. I ran home to my cottage, eager to begin my work.
As I entered the doorway I gazed at myself in the mirror. My unruly black hair had a few flecks of grey in it, matching the color of my eyes, and my complexion was as fair as ever for an eighteen year old. I slid open a revolving bookcase and opened the lock of my secret passage w
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    Two siblings dressed up for Halloween. They both were around the same age, the brother 17 and the sister 16. They both were dressed as story book character. The knew that treat -or-treating was childish, but it was going to be a long time they would see each other after the brother left for college in a few months so they decided to go trick-or-treating. As they ere trick-or-treating a van approached them and they noticed the people had large pumpkins in their car. They said they were going to a party and brought the pumpkins for a contest. They asked if the siblings wanted to go to the party and the siblings, having some sense, said no. The people didn't seem to happy about this and drove off. The siblings considered going home, but decided they would go to a few more houses before going home. The sister noticed the car turning around and told her sister about it, and when the car was going their way, they ran. The car caught up to them and the people in the van threw th
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solo cap:1 Desolacin
Una ves donde el mundo quedó en desolación sin personas.un obre solitario llamado Rick Isaac que fue el superviviente de esta Desolación mundial.a lo largo de los días fue buscando cosas para sobrevivir en ese mundo. Una noche de oscuridad todo no era normal el vio a unas personas lo que no sabe es que no son humanos. los zombies son reales (dijo el) no todo estaba perdido ya que en lugares estaban armas de supervivencia. Cómo en los juegos de disparos el atacó con toda su valentía para sobrevivir todo fue bien pero llegó un mutante especial y grande no moría fácil mente pero no todo estaba perdido el hombre pudo matarlo con una gran explosión que destruyó el lugar.el pudo salir ileso del lugar.una cosa que se a dado cuenta es que ”no está solo"
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Boyfriend to Girlfriend
Chris was a very tall fairly good looking guy with dark brown hair. He lived with his girlfriend Santa. They lived in a small house in a small town. They barely ever had sex which was odd as Santa was an Latvian woman who was very attractive with long full strawberry hair , a very pretty face, large breasts and a slim figure. 
Santa walked downstairs in her new white dress which pushed her breasts up. She was such a sexy woman. She said to him 'Do you think sometimes it would be better if you were my pretty best girlfriend, named Kristina instead of my boyfriend?' 
Chris frowned at his beautiful girlfriend and said 'What do you mean? 
Santa smiled and giggled, 'Well sometimes I imagine you as a pretty girl, us doing each others hair, talking about fashion' She looked off and dreamily  said 'and taking about boys, sexy boys with big bulges' 
Chris stared at Santa imagining he was a pretty girl brushing Santa's long soft hair and her brushing his long pretty hair
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