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Tasteful Love
I needed you, and you were there for me.
You always were, and I love you so much for it.
Your warm body sparked my ice heart and melted my freezing body.
If only you were here again, with your magnificent warmth.
Sadly, I needed it for my survival.
Your blood quenched my brutal thirst, and your meat filled my starving stomach.
Thank you, my dearest.
You were a delicious treat.
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I Will Find You, Ventus
Smiling, despite all the rubble.
Defiled not quite by troubles.
Beaming with aspiration,
Despite seeing nothing but despair.
Oh how sleep has taken you yet again!
I've been to see our friend
It must be quite lonesome,
Abiding your time for us.
We shall find you,
Do you desire to be found?
Is it her allure that prevents your rescue or
Is it your essence, oh free will that shall be chained down?
:iconienzo628:ienzo628 2 0
Profecias de Laberinto Sideral
El Génesis de la Luz, está encerrado también en las profundidades de la Laberinto Sideral. En la primera cámara donde yace una biblioteca se alza en gloria en el techo, con una Runa Maldita, una Marca de Oscuridad. Él resguarda los conocimientos arcanos, que los Mors buscan pero no encuentran. Abrir ese lugar es solo una demostración de como nuestra ambición de conocimiento y poder no tiene limites.
La verdad es que, lo que hablan las inscripciones en las paredes dicen que él es benevolo ante nuestra existencia, y es que los Hombres de Barro, los Demonios del Agua y los Moradores del Viento de quienes hoy no se sabe nada hicieron un pacto con él. Aun así, más allá del Génesis de Luz solo queda algo que no debería ser contado.
Lo que vimos y escuchamos en las profundidades de Laberinto Sideral nos hizo no querer volver nunca más ahí. Eran Gritos demoníacos y provenían de las fauces de aquella habit
:iconkainschuldiner:KainSchuldiner 0 0
Magical Rose 2: Why rehearsal is key
“So what is so important that you just had to show me right now?” Lisa asked carefully as she walked down the rickety stairs that led to Taylor’s Workshop. The place that had been, at one point, called the basement. Once.
They’d smashed far too many toes on far too many sharp corners to call it the basement anymore. The blood, sweat, and tears this unholy place had absorbed over the course of a weekend had given it a much-needed upgrade. She might be exaggerating a touch, but you can only smash your toes so many times before you start to hold a grudge.
“You’ll see it when you see it! Just like everyone else, my assistant!” Taylor teased as she bounced her way down the stairs two at a time in excitement. “You already know the rules!”
“... Yeah…” Lisa sighed the sigh of someone that had just heard something that they’d heard a hundred times before. “I know. A magician never reveals their secrets.”
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The Innocence Of a Convicted Felon
I am innocent.
I have been in jail for ten years now. I am innocent.
Listen mam, it wasn’t me, it was that bitch! She stole my money! She stole my money! She killed my cat! She beat me o’er the head. No one listened. I was a man. They laughed. Treated me like nothin’ but I killed her.
Yeah. I shot her in the head. I heard noises and I walked up the stairs and grabbed a gun and then I stabbed her. But I also didn’t get a knife and I saw the goddess in the sun and I burned her.
They arrested me, Life in prison, no parole! But I’dntdoitmiss it was her
:iconhybridx989:HybridX989 0 0
I spent hours wandering through the dusty gothic hallways, I knew my way around but I pretended not to, because I was
terrified of feeling secure, knowing everything I would ever know. I discovered a room in the middle. The floor was a
deep swamp but the coffins floating on the water where so numerous that it could be safely explored.The prospect of such
a room would be a bit frightening but I immediatly felt at home. I knew this room very well, and wanted to see it from
every angle to sleep there. The sleep would be easy, as a few of the coffins where still open. There was a glowing ball
in the center. I never wanted to be away from this ball. There was an empty one coffin near the orb, and at its base an
open ventilation shaft. If I just slept there at night, I could be always close to this ball. I knew that this was the
mentality that had lead to the other coffins to being occupied. But I didn't want to be like the others. I wanted the
ball for only myself. I wanted to take it and r
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It is currently 2:35 in the morning, and I fear for my life. I heard about five minutes ago, a rhythmic light popping sound coming from outside my bedroom. It went like a pattern, doing a sequence of four, then five, then four, and this continued. It was a slow and soft sopping pop. It was as if a receptionist was bored, and tapping their desk, waiting for something to happen. I thought it might be some demented college-art show on TV, but I didn’t know. I had to walk down a long hallway to get to the living room, which is where I went to check the sound. I looked around for the source and found it, but not like I ever anticipated. There was nothing in the room other than couches and a TV, and a large mirror above the fireplace. I first walked into the living room to be hit by a pungent smell of rotting fruit. More specifically placed, it was the taste that lingers when you eat a rotten cucumber slice. I looked to the mirror, and could see a large dark shape planted in the opposi
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The Silent Whistlers
But a boy I was, when I took up my post as a guard at the temple of commerce and I stood proudly in my uniform, as my uncle had done before me, and gazed out at the people of the great city as they thronged in the court beneath the great glass roof that kept the elements from their heads but let the light of the sun shine down upon them, as they wandered the floors and sampled the delights the temple had to offer.
I had been assigned to a veteran, Bowman by name. A score and ten had he walked the courts and corridors of the Temples of Commerce. The old temple and this, much greater temple that had been built on this site, which had once housed the Temple to Physique that had fallen to commerce in a crisis some eight years past.
He was a man of stern countenance and bald of pate who chewed the tobacco weed when on a break from his duties or when out of doors, which was seldom now as his aged bones would feel the wrath of the wind and cold more now than they did when he had first taken h
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Superpowered bully
8:50am: A sprawling metropolis. The sun was high with a single cloud. As establishment were opened, a small portion of workers would dial the police. For as they walked through their doors, they found criminals trapped. Hanging by their underwear, stuffed into employee lockers or company vending machines. Alot of the time with toilet water puddles beneath the ones hanging. The news anchors and social medias would report on these events. Some showing praise and some showing concern to the cities ghost.
Sophie paced down the halls of high school. The short 19 year old held her books in her arms, covering her torso. Her hair was a blondy brown that was straitened to her shoulder. Her hazel eyes were covered with rectangular glasses. She wore a white short sleeve t-shirt with red shoulders that shot a strip down the arms and had a giant red G plastered on the chest. She wore an ankle length, plad, black, white and green skirt. She wore black knee high socks with black flats on undern
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Chad and Vy vs Hacker
    Chad, and Vy were so close to tracking the hacker, this time the hacker had led them to an abandoned school. They found the entrance and walked inside. The school was cold, and had a musky smell to it. Spider webs decorated the ceilings, the walls, and the corners...some empty and others with spiders waiting for food. Suddenly Vy's ghost tracker went off, sending chills down her spine. "Chad I don't like this." Vy whispered, Chad pulled her closer, "I promise Vy, I won't let anyone hurt you." Vy smiled, and they continued.
    Five minutes passed on, and Chad was on edge. While Vy looked around Chad walked behind her as to protect her, suddenly he felt a pinch on his leg. It hurt so bad, that Chad stopped and grabbed his leg, Vy spun around fast, "Chad what's the matter?" "Something pinched me." Chad said as he felt around his leg. He found something stuck in his leg, and his heart dropped...Chad pulled a needle from his inner thigh. "Where did this syringe come
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La Bestia Legendaria
Pasado el desierto, en un campo de cristales
Vi algo que como guerrero hizo temblar mis piernas
Apenas podía levantar mi arma
La magia lo bañó todo, en un dolor agudo
Lo que se hablaba era verdad
Aquello era La Bestia Legendaria.
:iconkainschuldiner:KainSchuldiner 0 0