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Nightflowers(Snippet/WIP of story)
    Halloween bat lights flashed their seasoned spirit onto a poster of slickly sucked up vampire faced Peter Murthy. The lights made him into a creature of the night against their frosted blue midnight glare. All this had created an atmosphere among her haven of lavender incense and dried up roses.
   Ofelia's tongue ran slick and sweet into the glass coke bottle searching for the lost last drop. Hopeless she sat the bottle next to her bed. The bottle suffocating in satin. Maybe she would go get stoned with Saffron and Ghost. Weed clears your brain right? Smoking never caught her brain. The effects of drugs seemed to her long lost  she never understood the magical riot Saffron and Ghost loved. Her eyes stalked at the binder she coated with black duck tape and dollar store Halloween stickers and stupid little butterfly stickers with their idiotic glare.
   There lived her moronic story about a snuff rocker that ate lost pets. God how fu
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The World Looks Red/The World Looks Black
(Untitled, in a house doublunkin of Raking Girl Comb.)
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