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Escape from Crazy Town (The Crash
     It was a warm August evening and Matt and his best friend Alex, and they’re friend(Matt’s girlfriend) were on there way home from the mountains. Alex had recently (finally) got his license, and his parents’ permission to take Matt and Hannah on a camping trip. But after the 2-week trip, it was time to go home. “So… Alex?” Matt asked, looking out of the window. 
    Trees upon trees passed, and the only light coming from outside was the headlights and the moonlight.
He was sitting in the passenger seat, while Hannah sat in the back seat watching the two boys talk.
“Where are we? I don't recognize this area…” He added.
    “It’s fine, Matt. It’s a shortcut. After a while of coming down here with my family, I should know how to get back. Just relax, Dude.” Alex chuckled.
“Wow… Um
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Tales from the Horrorweb: Broken Wires.exe
The episode of Tales from the Horrorweb you are about to read may be considered too scary and gruesome and is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.
Cyber Phantom: "Looks like I have beaten my high score. I sure love video games. Don't you? Well then, I guess I have one tale I can read to you this evening. After all I think I can take a frequent break from playing them. This tale is about a Gamer who stumbles upon a video game that sure is challenging. However, this game has a much darker side. Will this gamer win or is it game over for him? We are about to find out for ourselves."
Karen was just an average YouTube gamer. She lives with her roommate Tyler who happens to work at Pizza Hut so he can make money and pay off the rent for their house. Karen w
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The Lady In Dark Blue
"Thank you all so very kindly for watching. Subscribe if you want to see more and I hope to see you in the next video. See you later!"
And with a smile and a wave, another video is done. I leaned over my laptop and stopped my camera then the game recording. That game was tremendous, I could hardly stop talking! Though that does mean my throat is pretty dry so I head to the kitchen and grab a glass of water before editing. Today I'll try and include a few more little edits like amusing sound effects or zooms. Hopefully that'll boost the comedy over my commentary. Which is certainly something to say the least!
Still, that's done and I can move onto the more exciting part of YouTube. The comments. I'm very lucky or perhaps not big enough to receive any hate from strangers so it's the usual couple of nice complements from familiar faces and usernames. Though this time there's only one and it's on one of my update vlogs. This particular one was just me explaining my changing schedule since
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Chad and Vy vs Hacker pt 2
    Chad was still unconscious, but luckily Vy found an empty janitor's closet, pulled Chad inside, and quickly locked and shut the door. Vy felt the wall, and found a light switch then flipped it. The light was dim, but bright enough for Vy to look around. Minutes pass on, and Vy is next to the door, gripping a pocket knife in her left hand. It was quiet, the only things Vy heard, were Chad's soft breathing, and the rotten school settling. Vy began to get nervous, not only was she and Chad trapped, but because Chad was unconscious...he couldn't do much, she set her pocket knife down, intertwined her fingers together, and began to pray in a hushed whisper. Soon Chad shuffled, and started to groan, "V-Vy?" Vy turned her head towards Chad who was rubbing his head in confusion.
    Vy crawled towards Chad, and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm so happy you're awake, Chad...I didn't like you not being awake with me." she sobbed.
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Writing Prompt- 2
Someone is murdered on the cruise ship you are on. Passengers are told to lock themselves in their cabins and await instructions. The captain speaks from the ship’s PA system. “The first contestant has fallen, only 5,132 remain. Goodluck.” With that, the doors all clicked and swing open.
Jackson stared at the now opened door, a lump forming in his throat. He could hear the distant screams of other passengers, soon becoming a loud endless screeching sound. It was crazy- he saw people running in the passageways- trying to find friends or get to the lifeboats to escape. Children were screaming and clinging to their parents or siblings, snot and tears quickly streaming down their faces in the middle of the panic. He didn’t know why- they could just ignore the captain after all! Maybe he was the only one with a brain. If they all refused to fight each other and kill then surely they would all be safe. The ship will have to dock sooner or later- or at least
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