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Browse Horror

The Silent Whistlers
But a boy I was, when I took up my post as a guard at the temple of commerce and I stood proudly in my uniform, as my uncle had done before me, and gazed out at the people of the great city as they thronged in the court beneath the great glass roof that kept the elements from their heads but let the light of the sun shine down upon them, as they wandered the floors and sampled the delights the temple had to offer.
I had been assigned to a veteran, Bowman by name. A score and ten had he walked the courts and corridors of the Temples of Commerce. The old temple and this, much greater temple that had been built on this site, which had once housed the Temple to Physique that had fallen to commerce in a crisis some eight years past.
He was a man of stern countenance and bald of pate who chewed the tobacco weed when on a break from his duties or when out of doors, which was seldom now as his aged bones would feel the wrath of the wind and cold more now than they did when he had first taken h
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The Bone Pit Pin Cushion
In the bone pit, or pit of
bones, that in all it's shadows,
dirt, bone, night's & afternoon
warmth's, where the sun left
just enough cool air for
the bones of the pit to
appear life-like, more life-like
even than the lifeless past
tense, recycled feeling of
the super glass of the
moving city & it's sale &
market class.
Yes, the bones might seem
quite alive in the afternoon,
after the walls of the pit had
had their time to cool.
The bone pit would begin
to talk, inside the pit
of itself, with it's bones a half
breath of life in them, speaking of
the birth of stars & things.
Yes, talk to itself, pulling in
bones throughout years & time,
as pins & needles placed in
their special sewing cushion.
-The End-
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Tajemnice miasta Paut cz.2 (PL)
Świetnie! Teraz na pewno nikt nie namówi mnie na wejście do tego lasu. Pewnie zaszyję się w mojej piwnicy i będę wychodził tylko w porze karmienia. Jeszcze muszę wrócić do domu. Dobrze, że nie przez las. Tego bym nie przeżył. Dzięki Bogu Mia zaproponowała, że wróci ze mną:
C- Znasz bardzo ciekawe opowieści.
M- Każdemu zdarza się znaleźć coś ciekawego, ale ja nie wierzę, że to jest tylko opowieść.
C- Co masz na myśli?
M- Po co ktoś opisywałby w dzienniku taką rzecz. Po tym wpisie jest jeszcze tylko jeden dzień.
C- I na tym się kończy?
M- Tak! Mam zamiar zbadać tę sytuację. W tym mieście na serio działo się kiedyś coś dziwnego.
Miło z jej strony, że odprowadza mnie do domu. Jednak czuję się z tym trochę dziwnie. Powiedziałem, że zawsze m
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Secrets of the Paut city pt.2 (ENG)
Great! Now no one will persuade me to go to that forest. I'll probably stay in my cellar and go out only when it's time to eat. I still need to go home. I'm glad that it's not throught the forest. I wouldn't survive that. Thank god Mia said she could go with me.
C - You know very interesting stories.
M - Everyone finds something interesting but i don't believe that it's only a story.
C - What do you mean?
M - Why would someone write something like this in a journal? After that there's only one more day.
C - And it ends on that?
M - Yes! I'm planning to investigate this situation. There's something weird in this city.
It's really nice of her that she's bringing me home. Yet i feel kind of weird with that.
I told her she can always count on me... That was a lie.
I didn't want to have anything to do with that. The next day i got a bouquet full of yellow roses. I don't think it really means anything.. that's what i think. I mean who'd give me that? I don't really know Mia and i didn't real
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