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Xenotrophy (FMG)
Yolanda gawped at the fuzzy CCTV feed in the loading bay. The young doctor could barely contain herself as an ungainly gaggle of men in bulky space suits staggered onto the loading palate. The platform rose, lifting a trio of thigh-high, heavy-looking objects up into the belly of the ship. 
She feed flicked off. In black screen she spied her pale, pretty face staring back at her with giddy eyes. "Life" she exhaled, huffing her reflection out of sight. 
The clunking footsteps echoed down the corridors towards the lab. Yolanda tied back her shimmering blonde hair and tucked it into under the neckline of her figure-hugging inspection suit. Pristine white, and without a crease - she'd had no reason to pull it out of the closet since the mission started, and definitely not since they landed on the dark, stormy rock named LV-584 a few months ago. 
The laboratory door hissed open. Two men cautiously pushed a payload the likes of which she had never imagine
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You Give Yourself A Wedgie
You are
    You bite your lip as you slowly, quietly make your way into your bedroom, taking care to close the door behind you. You're all alone in the house today, but you can't help but feel like your mother or sister is going to suddenly burst into your room.
    The house is still and silent as you stand in the middle of your room. Finally, you bend over, unbutton your tight jeans, and pull them down around your ankles. You're already getting excited from the partial exposure as you stand in your room with your underwear, your black thong, exposed. The color fades from your cheeks as you imagine just what it would be like to be standing in public like this, and you bite your lip again as you close your eyes, indulging yourself in your fantasy.
    But being in public with your underwear isn't enough. Hell, you already leave your panties hanging out of the back of your jeans sometimes. You always love feeling someone's ey
:iconasmagni:ASmagni 136 30
Hetalia Human Names (2ptalia + Nyotalia included!)
( America ) Alfred F. Jones
( Fem!America ) Amelia E. Jones
( Australia ) Jett Kirkland
( Fem!Austria ) Jilli Kirkland
( Austria ) Roderich Edelstein
( Fem!Austria ) Anneliese Edelstein
( Belarus ) Natalya Arlovskaya
( Male!Belarus ) Nikolai Arlovski
( Belgium ) Bella Maes
( Male!Belgium ) Beau Maes
( Canada ) Matthew Williams
( Fem!Canada ) Madeline Williams
( China ) Wang Yao
( Fem!China ) Wang Chun-Yan
( Cuba ) Máximo Juan Machado
( Fem!Cuba ) Mariposa Machado
( Denmark ) Matthias Køhler
( Fem!Denmark ) Mette Køhler
( Egypt ) Gupta Muhammad Hassan
( Fem!Egypt ) Gulshan Muhammad Hassan
( England ) Arthur Kirkland  
( Fem!England ) Alice Kirkland
( Estonia ) Eduard von Bock
( Fem!Estonia ) Edith von Bock
( Finland ) Tino Väinämöinen
( Fem!Finland ) Tiina Väinämöinen
( France ) Francis Bonnefoy
( Fem!France ) Françoise Bonnefoy
( Greece ) Heracles Karpusi
( Fem!Greece ) Helice Karpusi
( W. Germany ) Ludwig Beilschmidt
( Fem!W. Germ
:iconothelle:Othelle 153 50
A Bored Mistress (fart fetish fictional story)
This story is not my work.  It comes from a user on named "facefartee." It contains female face farts on a guy.  If you are not interested in reading fart fetish stories, don't read what comes below.
Felicity was bored. She was sitting, like always, watching her wide-screen television on her lavish leather sofa in her expensive house out in the country. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary, this was just a wealthy woman enjoying the high life, nothing more. However, if Felicity sat up there would be a visible hole cut out in the sofa, an empty hole that was filled with the face of a man. Felicity had been sitting on this man's face all day long with her supple bottom, her most prized asset. He wasn't complaining, no man ever did, not even when she ripped a huge fart on their faces. In fact it was men like this that supported Felicity's lifestyle. For year
:iconfetishyguy:FetishyGuy 201 9
Pacifying Perfection
The first thing Jasmine noticed was her pounding headache. Too many vodkas the night before at that party.  It swam up through her unconscious state rousing her from her dreams, she groaned and tried to raise a hand to massage her head only to find her hand wouldn't move.  Still being partially asleep this didn't bother her for a moment, although a dream induced uneasy feeling began to mingle with the headache.  She tried to roll over in bed only to find she couldn't move and her orientation felt skewed.  Perplexed but still very much half asleep she opened her hazel eyes.
Instantly she was wide awake.  She was in her dorm room in her white night shirt and grey shorts, she even had her pink fluffy slippers on, but she was tied to her desk chair. Thick rope bound her.  Sat on the opposite side of the room was her dorm room buddy Carrie. A short stocky woman with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes.  She wore a p
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AoT: Embarrassing Heichou [Levi x reader]
You always wondered what could possibly embarrass humanity's strongest soldier. No matter how perfect he may seem, there must have been some flaws in him and something that could make him embarrassed right?
And so that's how you started to think about the possible things that could embarrass Levi. You shared your thoughts with Hanji and she evaluated whether it could embarrass him or not. You carried out the experiments that Hanji told you to do that could embarrass him but none of them worked.
Furthermore, you were the one who always ended up getting extra chores and running laps. How on earth did Hanji not get any of those punishments? You started to think that Levi has this grudge against you for pissing him of for like a million times.
~time skip~
'Damn.. I'm starting to feel hungry...'
You were cleaning the stables and horses after running for 3 hours straight with no lunch. When you were brushing the horses, you looked at it.
"Hmm. I guess Eren was right... Jean does have
:iconcellesticca:cellesticca 1,341 390
The Night My Sister had Gas - Part 1
By: SellCon2762
Or rather I should say the night my Sister had GAS, and not just any gas, mad gas, insane gas, over-the-top gas, gas unlike any I had ever witnessed before. It was a Friday night just over a year ago where my Sister, Samantha Fernley, had such bad gas that it changed my life forever. One could probably count on one hand the number of people who had worse farting episodes than my Sister did that evening. Her gas wasn’t just abundant or raunchy or extensive, it was legendary. That’s right, my Sister was releasing the kind of gas that only legends could produce and even then may only be able to do once. You had to be there to witness the specialness of that evening, after which it felt natural that such an event had to be recorded. Maybe even in the annals of human history could such a story be necessary. I still wonder to this day if scientists could have made something of her gas that night, that she was passing gas so much that th
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 179 19
APH Human Names
Mixture of fanon, canon, and the names I personally use!
America: Alfred F. Jones
Argentina: Andres Garcia
Australia: Logan Kirkland
Austira: Roderich Edelstein
Belarus: Natalia Arlovskaya
Belgium: Bella Maes
Bulgaria: Milen Hinova
Brazil: Faustina Esteves
Canada: Matthew Williams
Cameroon: Roshaun Aboya Jamar
China: Yao Wang
Cuba: Ricardo Cruz
Denmark: Mathias K°hler
Egypt: Gupta Muhammad Hassan
El Salvador: Alicia Sanchez
England: Arthur Kirkland
Estonia: Eduard von Bock
Finland: Tino Vainamoinen
France: Francis Bonnefoy
Germania: Folkert Beilschmidt
Ludwig: ‬Ludwig Beilschmidt
Greece: ‬Heracles Karpusi
Hutt River: Dwight Kirkland
Holland/Netherlands: ‬Herman Maes
Hong Kong: Li Xiao Chun
Hungary: Elizaveta Hedervary
Iceland: Emil Steillson
India: Neeraja Patel
Israel: Navah Azulai
Kugelmugel: Hubert Edelstein
Japan: Kiku Honda
Kenya: Radhi Abasi
Ladonia: Erland Oxenstierna
Latvia: ‬Raivis Galante
Liechtenstein: Lilli Zwingli
Lithuania: ‬Toris Lorinaitis
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 470 162
'Self' Bondage
Brian was excited as he opened the door to his girlfriend Natalie's house.  He knew that his girlfriend shared a rental house with four other girls that she was in the same acro-dance team with, all of which were away performing together this weekend.  And she'd given him a key...
Things had been going well with Natalie.  But not so well that he was ready to confess to her all his secrets, including the fact that he loved being tied up.  His previous girlfriend had left him when she found out about his kinky side.  It might help to know that Brian was a very shy guy.  He'd had long hair since elementary school because it gave him something to hide behind.  But short guys with long blond hair and skinny builds tended to not be the kind the girls went for.  Heck, they were the type often mistaken for girls.  It happened to Brian all the time, but he was usually too shy to say anything.  That lack of confidence was probably why he didn't r
:iconboundinribbons:BoundInRibbons 262 48
Sasuke x Shy!Reader
Well just so you lovely readers know... Sasuke might be a little OOC....
I'm not sure how this will turn out...
so um yeah... ENJOY!!~ :squee:
Oh please comment if there are any spelling mistakes or if you wanna tell me your opinion of this!!
"(Name)-CHAN!!!!!" A voice yelled. You glance up from your book and notice your teammate Naruto running up to you.  You pull a strand of your (hair color) locks behind your ear. You smiled "H-hey N-Naruto." You stated. "Sakura and I were going to Ichiraku for ramen!! Wanna come??" He asked. "Sure." You replied. Naruto grinned. "Great!!" He said grabbing your hand and pulling you off the bench.
~.~ At Ichiraku ~.~
Naruto walks in and notices Sasuke with Sakura. You blushed brightly. "Who invited him??" Naruto asked. "I did." Sakura replied. Sakura looks at you. "Oh hey (Name)-san!" She said smiling. "H-hey Sa-Sakura.." You stutt
:iconxxbloodystarzxx:XxBloodyStarzxX 862 162
Teacher!America x Student!Reader - Dresscode
Quick, get dressed! Gosh dang—where were all your clothes?
You tried to recall the last time you ran a wash. More than a week ago. That explained it.
Now you scraped the back of your dresser drawers for something that didn't break the dress code. "Arugh!" The minutes on that clock were changing far too fast. Well you had to wear something. You tugged on a really tight pair of jeans, which felt a little like a push-up bra for your butt at the moment. Shoving your feet into a pair of tennis shoes, you donned a very lacy, tight camisole with thin straps. Over that, you wore a cute graphic tee you hardly ever got to wear, because it was an off-the-shoulder scoop neck, a detail you hadn't noticed when you bought it on clearance.
You brushed your hair quickly, muttering a curse as you checked the clock again, and grabbed your school supplies, leaving the house without breakfast.
Your heart sped and you blushed as you halted your brisk-walk in front of the blue door to your fir
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 924 384
My Baby (Avengers x Baby! Reader)
Nick Fury stared down at the bundle in his arms. It was an infant. A baby girl that was left beneath a bench in Central Park. He was on his way to the new S.H.E.I.L.D. agency when he found the child. Not knowing what to do with the child he took it to work. He suffered through the stares of those beneath him. Soon enough he reached his office. He sighed with relief. Using his back he pushed the door open.
“I didn’t know you had a wife.”
   Fury cringed at Tony’s voice. Of course, Tony was here. No one had notified him at all. “I don’t have a wife,” the director glowered at Tony. “Of course, of course. It’s just like Clint’s family,” Tony replied. Fury glowered at Tony. The millionaire snorted with amusement, “What? Did you steal someone kids?” Nick Fury glared even more heavily.
   “I found her dumped under a park bench,” he looked up a Tony. Tony looked up sharply, his brown e
:iconkatcraft455:katcraft455 283 13
Moana TF TG

    The impact was rough, the water slamming into his back, but it was over quickly and Dennis swam to the surface. Another kid was about to come down the slide, so Dennis swam to the side to make sure he didn't get hit like he did in the 2nd grade. He watched as the kid came shooting down the slide, shooting out the end and making contact with the water, causing ripples to shift around the pool.
    Other kids laughed and played, some tossing around a ball or younger ones clinging onto their parents. Dennis swam to the side of the pool and pulled himself up, going for another trip down the slide. He walked to the back of the small line, consisting of about 4 or 5 kids waiting anxiously for their turn.
    Squinting, Dennis could barely make out the clock on the other side of the pool. It read 2:30, which meant Dennis' parents were going to be here anytime to take him and his sister to the 4:00 showing of Moana. He didn'
:icondwarfon:Dwarfon 106 2
Incontinence Is Bliss (Full Story)
Incontinence is Bliss
*Just a lone story containing a couple of my OC's. Enjoy!
Josephine built up into a sprint. She was only seconds away from making it to the bathroom.
  'No -  no! Not this time!'
  Her cushy pull-up between her legs wasn't going to be put to use, she persuaded herself. Not this time.
  There it was. The bathroom door. Only a few strides to go, she told herself. What could go wrong? She had almost forgotten how it felt to go to the bathroom on the toilet.
  SPLORCH! Suddenly, Josephine winced as a portion of poop snaked into her pink, patterned pull-up. She tried to fight it, she really did, but it just wouldn't stop coming. Her incontinence was growing worse by the day.
  When it had started a couple of months back, there was just the odd trickle that escaped her bladder. Josephine didn't think any further than it was just a bit of leakage, but it soon got worse. Her first official “accident” occurred at a party.
:iconzaeopolis:Zaeopolis 145 17
Trapped in the mall
Trapped in the mall
Alex had always hated having to go shopping. His mother and sisters often had him drive them around when they went shopping.  He always found it to be incredibly boring and thought he would escape it when he moved out. Now that he got his own apartment though, he had to furnish it and that meant a long mall trip. He kept pushing it off and even today he went late so that he couldn’t spend a long time there. He walked through the mall just wanting to get done as soon as possible. The first stop was to go get some furniture where maybe he could just buy a bed for today. The only thing he really wanted was some exercise equipment as he was rather scrawny. He was also kind a bit small, but there was nothing he could do there.  Nothing seemed to catch his eye as he paced around the store until he found a nice looking bed in the back. It was stashed away in the corner and there was a small barely visible crevice between one side and the wall. It looked ver
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Levi x Seme!Male!Reader - Uniform Inspection-
Uniform Inspection
Anime: Attack on Titan
Levi x Seme!Male!Reader
Snk/AoT© and its characters © Not sure who created it but yeah, its not mine
This story © RecklessAlbinoChibi [Aka, Me] 
Male!Reader Yourself, or Levi, if you want.
A lot of swearing, and also, Levi may be quite OOC.

The door to [Male Name]'s office was opened harshly, groaning and squeaking under its weight. Upon glancing inside the room, the dark haired male found that his 'friend' was sat on the floor beside his desk, which was clearly an abnormal thing to do.
"Do you have any idea what you're doing?" Levi's unimpressed voice snapped from behind the other, sitting male.
[Male Name] looked up casually, disregarding the fact that Levi seemed to terrify the living daylights out of most people. "Hey Levi," he grinned, shifting so that he could sit cross-le
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Valentine's Day (Female Muscle Growth!)
Valentine's Day Story
by MagnusMagneto
Blake felt a vibration in his pocket, an alert that he received a new text.  He tapped the phone a few times, finding that the message was from his girlfriend, wondering when they were going to meet up for the evening.  It quickly dawned on him – it was Valentine's day!  
Blake had completely forgotten, and had neglected to pick up a gift or make real plans with her.  They had been together for well over a year, leading him to take their relationship for granted.  In fact, Valentine's as a whole seemed like a pain.  It's not like he was going to really get anything out of it that he wouldn't normally.  Still, as bothersome as it was, Blake knew that Marissa would be quite irate if he didn't at least go through the basic motions.
He sent a reply, informing her that he would swing by her place in a couple hours for a comfy night in.  Marissa quickly responded, and while she seemed somewhat disappo
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Bodysuit TG
I always had a thing for Japanese girls, or Asian girls in general. But Japanese chicks were definitely the type that I considered perfect. The silky hair, soft, pale and clean skin. The slanted, cute eyes and petite bodies. What was not to love about them? But while at first I really wanted to get together with one, over time I realised that I was somehow jealous of their perfectness. I wanted to be like a Japanese girl. Atleast for a while, be the owner of such a gorgeous body. But since I was born a boy and neither was I from Japan, it wasn't meant to be. Magic doesn't exist after all and science was not even close to something like that. I spent my days looking at pictures of the bodies I aspired to have and dreaming about the life I could have.
One day while I was browsing through the internet, I found an ad about “Bodysuits”. It looked interesting enough to actually compel me to click it and I was not disappointed. The gist of the site: You can pick
:icontged-writing:Tged-Writing 510 47
Weekend wedgies: Friday
Ella Jacobs is a 17 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. She has a big butt and is a C cup with a thin waist. She also has a 13 year old brother named Kyle. 
It was a Friday and she had just gotten home from school. Her mom and dad were on a work trip for the weekend and Kyle should get home soon since he had to ride the bus. While she waited, she changed out of her school uniform and put on some tight jeans and a random band t-shirt.
As soon as she pulled the shirt over her head, she heard the door open and shut meaning that Kyle was home. Ella left her room without looking in the mirror to go see her brother and give him his chores for the next few days. After all, she was the oldest, so she was in charge while their parents were gone.
As always, there wasn't much talk between the two when they greeted each other. As they had gotten older, a small sibling rivalry had erupted and their was always some sort of torment or competition. It wasn't five minutes later, Kyle went
:iconhallo1wadgie:hallo1wadgie 75 4
~Never Leave Me~ Alois Trancy x Reader
"[Name] darling! Please try to hurry! You don't want to be late, do you?" Your mother called as you began your descent down the staircase.
"Oh, of course not, mother." You replied sarcastically.
"Don't be that way, [Name]. Earl Trancy is a fine young man." Your father stated as he took his place beside your mother.
"That doesn't mean I have to marry him." You tried to argue.
"This topic is not up for debate. You are to marry Alois Trancy upon his 18th birthday, and that's final. You know our family needs this in order to move up in the world." Your father said, his voice stern. Rolling your eyes, you made your way to the front door.
"[Name]." Your mother began. It was her way of trying to reason with you.
"We should leave now. I wouldn't want to keep my fiancé waiting." You replied, sarcasm tainting your words, before walking outside and towards an awaiting carriage.
The ride to the Trancy manor was long, boring, and monotonous. Not to mention the extreme tension that w
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 549 156
45 Facts I Bet You Didn't Know About Black Butler
1. In episode 17, when Undertaker is in the pot of salt, Sebastian holds his handkerchief to his nose. This implies demons have an aversion to salt, whether it be rock salt or just salt in general. This wouldn't be such an outrageous statement, seeing as some other shows, movies, and books (ex. Supernatural) say that salt is good for keeping demons at bay by sprinkling a trail in front of doors or windows to keep them out of a house.
2. Sebastian is based off of a French inquisitor (noble, officer running a certain part of an area). How? "Sebastien" lived in 16th century France, and was most famous for his books on demon possession and classification. His books are still somewhat used today.
3. In the most recent manga arc as well as other times within the manga, Sebastian is seen wearing rosary beads along with his teacher outfit. Whether this be of arrogance or not, this shows that Sebastian is not affected by many "holy" things (ex. Rosaries, holy water, etc.).
4. St. Sebastian of M
:iconheavenlightyukiko:HeavenLightYukiko 1,172 111
Amy's Bimbofication (TF/MC)
A pink female anthromorphic hedgehog,age 12,wearing a bright red dress and headband, with two pairs of red shoes and white gloves with two rings was chasing a blue hedgehog with red shoes and green eyes.
"Sonikku!~" The pink hedgehog cries.
"Amy, leave me alone!" Sonic yelled at Amy.
Amy than tripped over a rock and felled face first into some mud. Sonic doesn't notice and continued to run, until Amy couldn't see him anymore.
"Sonic..." She begins to tear up, before crying completely. "Why doesn't he love me?"
"...You really want to know?" A mysterious voice, yet it was easily feminine. Amy looked at the shadowy figure. "Sonic's what 18? And you're 12."
"So?" Amy said.
"Think about it. If Sonic married you while you are 12...It'll make him look creepy marrying a little girl." She said.
Amy was about to object, when she realized it. "You're right..." Amy began tearing up, before out right crying.
The figure approached her, with the figure of a wolf or fox. "I will help you..."
Amy looke
:iconsonicvshtf654:sonicvshtf654 104 24