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Inkling OC to Catherine (GHS) TF (Request)
One month had passed since the DVD, Blu-ray, and digital release of "Splatoon 2: The Movie". The cast moved on to act in other projects, and some of them even signed with a major record label and pursued music careers. The Splatoon movie franchise was over...or so they thought!
Rodney Burks, a writer working at Warner Sisters, had a great idea on his mind: a Splatoon Halloween special. He had written a ton of successful horror movies, including "Kid's Play", "A Quiet Face", "Day of the Living Dead," and "The Nightmare After Christmas".
It was August, two months before Halloween. Rodney decided to contact the writers of the Splatoon movies to see if they could help him work on the project. First, he called the owner of the movies, Universe Studios.
"Hello, you've reached Universe Studios, a Capcomcast company," said a voice over the phone.
"Hi, this is Rodney Burks from Warner Sisters," said Rodney. "Can I speak to the writers of the Splatoon movies?"
"They're busy right now, but I'll g
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Toon It Up: Just Inked This Way
    “Oh, come on bro!” Malik snapped, looking angrily at the bouncer, “Why can’t I go in?”
    “You’re not right for the place, bro,” the bouncer sighed, “So, just hurry along and get out of here.”
    It was a Friday night and a young black man was trying to get into a new club that had just opened up in his town.  He didn’t know much about it, his friends and family saying they had never been there or never got in.  Very curious about the place, he decided to check things out himself.
    “Seriously, help a brother out!”  The dark-skinned bouncer rolled eyes and turned his head away from the young adult.
    Malik huffed and turned his back, prepared to just give up and leave.  However, in the corner of his eye, he saw the door creak open.  A smooth, sultry voice floated out.  “Don’t b
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Captain Cultural Appropriation entry 2
Rodrigo Roa Duterte looked through his emails and noticed another email from Harvey Weinstein, “Oh God Damn it Harvey you going through to many damn sex sraves! I am carring Captain Cultural Appropriation you no get more sex sraves!”
Captain Cultural Appropriation stood at the Oregon, California border with his empty flamethrower. He couldn’t smell the roasting flesh of the entire godless, communist, pedophiliac rapists, but meat seasoned with human shit probably wasn't pleasant. His cell phone began ringing and answered, “Captain Cultural Appropriation speaking your culture is my justice!”
“Oh hey there Captain Curtrual Appropriation I busted a sex slave ring who suppry Harvey Weinstein. I know you’d rove to kirr him,” Duterte said.
“Really dude I just turned California into the first ring of hell you are too late for that and I am sure you have something to do with that Sex slave thing,” the Captain replied.
“Nope Harv
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Tenía que ir a un lugar muy importante, ya no recuerdo si era una entrevista de trabajo, visitas a un pariente o ver a la persona que amo.
La cuestión es ni bien llegue al túnel para ir a tomar el tren me encontré con que las luces estaban inusualmente apagadas.
- y ahora…? – pensé.
En el andén el cartel que indica cuanto falta para el próximo tampoco funcionaba.
- Falla en el sistema- me dije. Me fije en el cel, para el siguiente solo faltaban 4 minutos, llegó en 2.
Había poca gente, seguramente por la hora, estaban más calladas de lo habitual. Charlaban entre sí y con otros, note que prestaban demasiada a tensión a dos cosas:
Algo así como uno de esos boletos de subte de antes de la sube y al celular, lo segundo supuse porque sería….Tenían un gesto de preocupación o de indecisión que más tarde averiguaría el porqué.
Llego el tren, tomé el que iba a Moreno. Las pe
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CV: Big surprise
It was a rather windy summer afternoon, the sun shone brilliantly in the sky above, a few rare clouds would drift across, birds chirped merrily and large gusts of wind wafted through the valley. Silveros, Havaros, Ebony, Amber, Jasmine, Cordelia and Scarlet all grazed peacefully in a large glade filled with lush and healthy green grass. All the horses chewed the blades of grass quietly, no one spoke a word, but this was not an awkward silence, this was a enjoyable and calming silence, considering all the drama and excitement that had occurred in the last few days. Suddenly, Amber raised her head from the grass and walked over to Ebony, who also raised her head as she noticed Amber's approach and looked at the chestnut mare questioningly. Amber whispered something into the black pregnant mares ear and the pair walked of together into one of the far corners of the glade
"What are they doing?" Jasmine questioned, noticing the mares leave
"I'm not sure..." Silveros replied, also gazing aft
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Short Story 99 - Third Supplement
His first real battle. A mighty steed, light blade in hand, shield on back, and
at the back.
What was the point of training so much?
Why must he deny me my right and destiny?
Such were the thoughts going through Henry's mind upon discovering he would not be leading the charge like he had many times during mock battles.
No. He would not be denied. He is a crown prince, but, more importantly in his mind, a field sergeant. He demanded of the general using his title to perform the duties of his rank.
They could not refuse. Henry had never before invoked his royal status and he was right in front of their faces, while the king and his earlier demand were not.
A glorious charge ensued, perfectly in sync with the rest of the offensive. Henry's unit consisted of only a couple king's guards and mostly of soldiers he had commanded, met casually or otherwise interacted with before. Almost none knew of his status before this day. And after this day, he would not be denied ever again.
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A Dream Come True: Animus Pt. 3 (Anthro lion TF)
Luis had always felt a special connection to lions. He owned numerous stuffed lions as a child and nearly every Halloween he’d dress up as a lion. When he was a kid, he’d daydream about escaping his ordinary world and becoming a lion. Little did he know that one day his dream would come true. It was a beautiful night. No clouds to be seen and stars all across the sky. Luis was taking in the scenery on his drive, totally ignoring the news reports about animus citizens becoming half human half animal hybrids. He was too excited to focus on the usual, boring news from WRTD. His friend, Mark worked at the local zoo and offered him the chance to get up close with the lions. When Luis arrived at the Animus zoo, Mark was at the gate waiting for him. “Hey man, you ready?” Mark asked. “You know it, bro! Thanks again for this” Luis replied. Mark unlocked the gate, turned on the lights and then he and Luis headed in. As they walked over to the lion habitat, Mar
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LS: City of Ruin
     Kiran had always been skeptical about the existence of magic, and he'd been double skeptical about the rumors which had flown about some of the old, ruined cities that had once housed many marvels in their time, and had stood as towers of grandeur and a display of the progress and power of mankind. Now it lay as a crumbling heap of decaying metal, and overgrown vegetation.... Oh how the mighty had fallen, and fallen hard. Even more recently had come the rumors, and partly out of skepticism, and a desire to see for himself the validity of such strange rumors, Kiran and Roman were now here to explore this city of ruin. To see if it truly housed monsters or magic, or some other strange, otherworldly power in its depths.
     If Kiran was being honest, he'd put very little faith in the truth of such things existing anywhere in the world now. When he had been listening to the strange tails being told around the fires of traders and villagers, the
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Tigress getting tickled by Viper and Mei Ling
Another rp I made with Trela1
Tigress panted while sitting down in the training hall. She was tired as her best friend, Viper, came.
Viper: Tired, Tigress?
Tigress: I can't control my Chakra. No matter how hard I try.
She said with looking down at her paws.
Viper: Just be patient, its all a matter of training, you will soon know how to controll it
Tigress: It's not that. Master Shifu told us the Chakra is something produced by our navels and spread in the rest of our body, but I can't feel anything.
Viper: Relax, you probably just want it too much that you are getting impatient, remember what he said, it takes time to understand it. Try to focus all on your navel
Tigress nodded, closed her eyes, pressed her paws together, and focused really hard. however, after many seconds, she gave up again.
Tigress: It doesn't work!
Viper: You gave up too fast tigress.. Try to stay focused a little more
She then rubbed her chin with her tail.
Viper: Or maybe there's something preventing you f
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Dark Specter 3
The town of Meadowview was in chaos. The would-be Investigators were running around blindly, each of them trying to make sense of the tragedy the morning had brought. People were afraid for themselves and their families. They were looking for something real to blame. Despite the growing awareness of the supernatural happenings of their small town most of its citizens still didn’t want to believe in any of it. Someone was dead and the looming threat of more to follow had driven the town into a panic that couldn’t be easily calmed.
Alexa and Aiden had tried going straight to the mayor first, but that had proved impossible. The halls and lobby of the town hall were overflowing with people demanding answers. They’d tried talking to those waiting only to have their words drowned out by the noise and disregarded by adults who thought that they didn’t know enough because of their age. An older nurse who’d worked at the school made loud remarks to those standing n
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Our New Story Begins

At a house near Saturn City, Blaze was enjoying herself at the party. She was rocking out to the tunes and enjoying the drinks there; with Nazo away on some random business that he did not say, she was more than happy to go out and party like crazy.
She was about to continue to party when she heard a voice said, "Blaze!"

The crowd was surprised to see Nazo arrive at the party; Nazo ignored all of the partygoers and walked towards Blaze, he then said to Blaze, "Blaze, time to go home!"
Blaze looked over towards Nazo.

She then pointed towards him and said, "Hey everybody, Nazo has arrived. This guy is so mysterious that some people think he's controlled by a freaking Furby inside his body."
Nazo widened his eyes by this comment.

Nazo then said, "Blaze, you are clearly drunk. It is time to come home."
Blaze then said, "I am not drunk! I am com
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In Search of Family
Being in Vale was a strange experience for Silas.  He had grown up a pack wolf, of course, in Heyl… but it had never occurred to him how different from each other packs really were.  He had visited Highvalley first, in search of his half-sisters Livia and Eros. Highvalley was very, very different from Heyl, and now Vale had a completely different and new feel.  And while he was not entirely shunned, since he had met Arthur in Hghvalley and had been brought here under his protection… this was still very, very clearly not home to him.  Part of him was disappointed… he wasn’t sure if he had been expecting to feel more at home, since there were former Havirian wolves here, whom his mother had known…
Silas had only been among the pack for a short time, and hadn’t even spoken with most of them, preferring to stick to the fringes and watch. He was curious. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, exactly,
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Interview with the Wolf Queen - Creepypasta
It was a calm, warm night. I was about to lock up my office and head home, when I heard a shave-and-a-haircut knock at my door. I opened it to see that it was none other than the notorious serial killer known as the Wolf Queen a.k.a. Cynthia Leann Wolfe a.k.a. my younger sister. My name is Lisa Leann Wolfe, age 26. I am 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and my weight is average for my age and height. ... What? Did you really think I would tell you how much I actually weigh? You never ask a girl that! *sigh* Anyways, my hair is brown and wavy and reaches halfway down my back, with my bangs being swept to the left, and I had (I'll get to that later) green eyes. That night, I was wearing a red tee-shirt, light-blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.
I am an aspiring author. How I know that my sister is the Wolf Queen is because I was told in a letter by a secret government agency known as C.A.P.S.. ... I didn't know at that time what the acronym stood for. All they said in the letter was that
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The Docket Affairs
Lucifer grumbled as he adjusted his fangs in his mouth. Do I have to wear this stupid outfit?”
Angel giggled, and twirled her wand. “Of course you have to! Halloween is only one night after all.”  
He sighed and ran a hand through his slicked back hair. “Fine, but only because you like it.”
Angel smiled and kissed his cheek. “Thank you, now, can you at least try to act like you’re having a good time?”
Lucifer grumbled again. “Fine." Turning, they intertwine their hands together, and are off into the night, on the way to a party.
The night flared lighting in a hazy chilled in the air. Autumn leaves well darken in earthy shades of reds, oranges, and yellows tinted with aged brittle browns. Giving the grounds having that rustling crunch in each of their steps. Their heads filled wildly of wandering thoughts of the approaching costume party, and having Angel smirk a little proudly when she eyed Lucifer's face, when they came upon t
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No Work and All Play
Bo leaned on the handle of his shovel, wiping sweat off his face with his shirt. Digging out the ground was hard work! For months, he had planned to create an in-ground swimming pool in his back yard, which he finally started a week ago. The area was so large – the pool itself was eighteen by thirty-six feet, but due to the need to set up walls, it was actually larger – that every time he took a break, it looked like he barely got anything done. At least the piles of dirt looked like they were getting larger.
Now was a good time as any to call it a day. Sunset came soon, and he would fall over if he had to chuck another shovelful of dirt. Moving his equipment by the side of his house and laying it all down, he took one last look at his progress before going inside through the back door. From farther away, it looked like he didn’t accomplish anything at all.
The kitchen was no cooler than the outside. Sweat still dripped from his every pore, soaking into his clothes. H
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Is This the Real Life, is This Just Fantasy...
You wander into what looks to be a large, decaying greenhouse. Broken glass lies at your feet, and the plants have all long since died.
I carefully avoid the glass, stepping close to it but not quite close enough to risk being hurt. The dead plants around me all look like they might have been pretty if I'd seen them alive. Instead, they're wilted things, and I really have no concept of what they might have looked like so long ago.
I sigh. "This place looks fan-tucking-fastic." I look at the other side of the greenhouse. "Is there something over there?" I ask.
You see something that looks like a dead human being on the other side of the room, hanging from something that actually looks like a living plant.
"What the hell?" I exclaim. I make my way through the greenhouse, still avoiding that broken glass. I'm not wearing shoes, and the smallest piece could be a bigger problem than I want to deal with. "What is that?" I ask as I get closer to the plant.
You see the dead hu
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Mission 70
Title: The Sunken Temple's Heart
Objective: The map Azura and Kyle found, seems to be leading towards the sunken temple in the sunburn desert. According to Gallileo it contains an entrance to Averius' vast cavern system, known as Negra tunnels. It's your mission to go and find said entrance!
Rank: Normal
Rewards: 200P% + 2 Oran Berries
Narrator: :iconXrayleader:
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WDS Race To Gold Round 2 Results
Herding Group 
German Shepherd Dog 
Winner's Dog: ReSK Junior
Winner's Bitch: KGK's Swimming With The Fishes Du Tenebris
Reserved Winner's Bitch: ReSK Phoebe
Best Of Winner: ReSK Junior
Best of Breed: Ch. ReSK Cherry Blossom
Best Of Opposite Sex: ReSK Junior
Puppy Winner's Bitch: Sliver L
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A true soldier doesn't fight because he hates what's in front of him. No, he fights because he loves what's behind him.
She bled that motto. Bled it until it coated her from head to toe. Until there was nothing left to bleed and simply continued on, wearing it across her sleeve. Across her back. Across her forehead. Everywhere.
She shattered it like glass and let it cut across her skin. Cut. Cut. Cut. Until flesh and muscle tore away and left bone exposed. Her ever so fragile skin suddenly like a worn rag. 
Because humans were fragile after all.
So fragile.
Always fragile.
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D n D Character Backstories: Ira Part 5
    Ira’s ears began to ring as she began to stir. The warmth of another against her skin and face. The crunch of leaves and grass. The singing of the insects in the forest. Ira slowly opened her eyes, watching the trees slowly move by.
    “Who, where?” she whispered. “You're safe. Mind the shoulder, hasn't healed yet. I own you two now, you did great kid,” said a voice. Ira lifted her head just a bit to see Death’s face. He had been carrying her on his back. His shoulder was still open, and bleeding. Ira wanted to stand, but she was too tired to even lift her head any higher that she already had.
    “I’m so tired,” she moaned, almost unable to finish the sentence. “You used a lot of magic kid. Gave me a chance to grab you and run. I'm rather hurt so well have to stop and take a short break soon. That work kid?”
    All Ira could manage was
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Landing The Role 3 - Agent 8 (Both) TF
Adam and Annie are two siblings who are huge fans of Nintendo. They had auditioned for "Splatoon 2: The Movie" the other day, and they were hoping they were chosen to be in the movie.
"I really hope we get a role in this movie," said Annie.
"Yeah," said Adam. "I want everybody to see me on the big screen!"
Adam and Annie turned on their radio to listen to some music together. Adam preferred rock music, while Annie liked modern pop songs. They would often argue over which station to play next when K102.2 The Surge was on a commercial break.
"Hey, I wanna listen to Five Finger Death Punch!" said Adam.
"No, I wanna hear the Backstreet Boys' latest single!" said Annie.
Adam and Annie continued fighting over the tuning knob until they heard something that got their attention.
"Good morning," said a male reporter on the radio. "Yesterday, we spoke to a few people who auditioned for 'Splatoon 2: The Movie'. Here's what they had to say."
"I acted my heart out! I hope they choose me!"
"With a t
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Dark Specter 2
When Benji opened his eyes he was laying on the couch, an old, worn afghan thrown over him. Rolling over he could see his father’s back hunched over the kitchen table. The smell of burnt pancakes heavy in the air. That man couldn’t cook to save his life. Pushing himself off from the couch Benji stumbled into the kitchen and slid into the chair across from his father, eyeing the plate of lukewarm pancakes warily.
“Benjamin,” Greg exhaled heavily. “I know what you and your friends are doing, hell, everyone in towns doing it now.”
“They don’t know what they’re doing.” Benji muttered while poking at his food. “Is this safe to eat?”
“Its fine, just burnt.” Greg turned his brown eyes to his son. He wasn’t going to let him change the subject. “I don’t want you getting involved in all of this paranormal nonsense. I don’t care what you think you know about any of it, its dangerous.”
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