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Pride Comes Before the Pull (F/F)
    “Woo! Another goal for Viv!”
    The red-haired Vivian puffed her chest in pride at managing to nail yet another perfect shot during practice. For as much as Vivian could annoy her team with her braggadocios nature, they had to admit that she was actually good at the sport and a fantastic addition to their team.
    However, they did have a certain…method to keep her in line. Whenever Vivian got too up in her own head, they would employ a little bit of panty pulling. Unfortunately, Vivian swiftly learned that the soccer team was a bit more creative than the other wedgiers at Trinity. She wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of being mummified by her own panties when she bragged about “scoring more goals than ‘that other girl’ over there” during practice, nor did she particularly appreciate her face being forced into Hana’s ass via what they called a “centaur wedgie” for s
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A Second Chance - TG Preg
Twas the night before Christmas and Emmi W. Lams had found herself walking down the snow-covered path in the local park. Trees were lit up with bright Christmas lights and the fountain in the middle shined with a rainbow of colors. She eventually stopped and sat down on an empty bench facing the fountain.
Emmi had decided to take a bit of a break after her fantastic Halloween party and just enjoy the holiday season. As she stared up at the lights of the fountain and the surrounding trees, the sound of snow crunching nearby shook her out of the trance. Her eyes followed the source of the steps and saw an old man with a big grey beard walking towards her. Based on the raggedy clothing she could tell he was an unfortunate soul who scraped by on the streets.
“I don’t want to cause any concern, lass. I mean no disrespect but what is a young woman like you doing out here on Christmas Eve?” the man asked as he stood a few feet from Emmi.
“Just enjoying the sites is all
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If you haven't read the prelude yet, go do that now!

Lina: The galaxy is under attack and the seal has been broken! We've reached a conclusion!
Dramech: The arena is prepared, the combatants are ready...
Saki: The cameras are set, and the curtain is rising!
Ultra Garrison Prison Planet
At the edge of the M78 Nebula on a remote planet, a dangerous super-organism had successfully been captured and incapacitated by the Ultra Garrison. He lay asleep, strapped to a wall inside a cell by cuffs harder than diamond
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13 - Friends and Family [CJ]
To become part of the DeVane family, there were only two things that one had to be:
1. Able to weather the strange makeup of what one was about to join in on;
and 2. Not a complete jerk. That was Willow's job, after all.
Not many made it into the ranks as "family" of sorts, and oftentimes it was pretty hard to be accepted as family by both of the siblings. Cloud was definitely more of someone open to the idea, having gone the extra mile to call a certain gummy bear EMT her second big brother when she found out he loved skating as much as she did, but couldn't actually participate. She also had adopted one Jaymee Faber as a sibling, going so far as to tease him as a brother in law.
Willow did not return the sentiments on either of the two, but it was fairly obvious he did have some sort of fondness for the both of them. This fondness extended as well to the staff he worked with daily at Lifesaver, most notably to Rapha as she had been around the longest, and she was the first to be give
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SM3: Through The Clouds - Script
SM3:  Through The Clouds
Two hikers hike to the top of Mt. Colcone to go play in the snow.  They must go through a cloud that blocks the trail.
Chapter 1:  Up the slopes
GCR logo.
A scenery with Mt. Colcone fades in.  A blanket of clouds roll in and covers the SCREEN.  The clouds roll away to reveal the MAIN TITLE.  After a couple of seconds, the MAIN TITLE dissolves into thin air.
The SCREEN zooms in on Mt. Colcone.
TRNS:  F/X - Crossfade.
Bob and Jack are hiking along a trail on the mountain.  Jack is behind Bob.
The SCREEN views the ground in Jack's point-of-view.  The ground has bits and pieces of snow on it.
"Looks like we're getting close to the top."
SCREEN views Jack's face.
"Or at least getting close to the snow area."
Jack and Bob stop.  Bob looks at the ground.
Bob looks at Jack.
"We're getting some snow coming."
Bob and Jack continue wal
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Don't Believe Everything You Read - Avatar TG
    Snow crunched underfoot as Admiral Zhao and his men discretely trekked up to the secret oasis behind the northern water settlement. Zhou hated the snow, almost as much as he hated the water benders themselves. Growing up in the tropical Fire Nation, the cold just seemed... unnatural. Luckily, he wouldn't need to be there for very much longer after the final pieces of his plan came together.
    And there it was ahead of him. An oasis of temperate climate in the barren, snowy wasteland. Some grass, a few trees, and the object of his quarry: a small pond housing a pair of nondescript koi. If one was of a poetic nature, they might notice that the fish resembled the yin and yang symbol, but to an average person that was the limit of their uniqueness. But Zhao knew better. The ancient texts he'd found had told him as much. Rather than ordinary fish, these were the spirits of the Moon and Ocean, in their arrogance, assuming physical form.
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[ Souls ] Hunting on Water
CW: Contains hunting, animal death, and blood/slight gore
              He didn’t want to do this again, but he needed to get food, and the best way to do it was in a group. Shang had decided to lead Gungnir and Odin through a mysterious land with plenty of water, hoping that this would prevent Gungnir from torching the land. While not particularly a swamp, the open area appeared to have several pockets of crystalline water. The pools glistened in the moonlight, reflecting the silver, milky luminescence, and fireflies flickered around daintily. There were no trees for miles, only the vast expanse of clear water and occasional patches of pale, green grass.
              A mountain resided in the distance, its snow-capped peaks reaching high into the celestial sky, which glittered with silver stars. Shang felt at peace, though he knew he needed to be alert for any signs
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The Crow and the Fox Chapter I
"Caw!", said the Crow. "Yip!", said the Fox. They did not understand each other.
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An ecoystem
The sun is a radiant ball of gas a million miles away from the earth. However, even when she’s far away she’s always there. Any blade of grass, any flower, or any tree can tell you that she is always there even when she’s not.
       The sun watches the lives of every living being on the planet earth. She makes sure the plants and animals are warm and safe.
       For a few months the sun has been watching a particular ecosystem in the middle of nowhere. More than a few miles away from civilization stands a patch of grass and a tree. The sun is fascinated with this particular tree and the grass surrounding it. Everyday she watches them and thinks to herself, ‘How lovely would it be to join the two of them,’ but alas she is a sun a million miles away. The sun’s happiness at seeing the two of them is great, but often after thinking about them she feels lonely and hollow.
       But she
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Roman Torchwick vs Ricardo Irving - PRELUDE

Tsu: Villainous groups are really a production of teamwork.
Keegan: A well oiled machine, where every cog counts.
Tsu: Going up the ladder in the villainous team though, you can sometimes find cogs that think they're much bigger in the grand scheme of things than they truly are.
Keegan: Over the top and dressed with class, these two stylish scumbags thought they were major, but were only the first rung on the ladder.
Tsu: Roman Torchwick, the charismatic criminal of RWBY.
Keegan: And Ricardo Irving, Resident Evil's Death Dealer of Africa.
Tsu: He's Keegan and I'm Tsubori, and it's my hobby to analyse their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a death battle.
Name: Roman Torchwick
Age: Unknown (Likely late 20s to early 30s.)
Nationality: Seemingly from the Kingdom of Vale
Affiliation: Cinder Fall, White Fang

Tsu: Dust. Magical Crystals that grant those who hold them power.
Keegan: A
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Imagine from Sound
She sat on the bench listening to the sounds, the buzz of the city as it twirled and danced around her, like a neat set of mechanisms whirring in action. The low grumble of impatient engines, the hiccuping drone of traffic lights, the ear splitting screech as a long, metallic snake came screaming down the overhead bridge. For a moment, there was just the screeching noise, accompanied with the groaning of the tracks. Then it was gone, fading into a flurry of faint clacking. She could hear the sound of the people tramping down the road, the lightness of their shoes tapping against the rough concrete, millions of murmurs echoing like pinballs ricocheting back and forth off of invisible walls.
“Vroom vroom, drrrrrrr,” she muttered to herself. “Clackity clackity clackity clack.”
A man was seated on the bench next to her. A bouquet of flowers rested within the folds of his neatly ironed trench coat, the faint scent of spring weaving through the musky winter air like a
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Groundhog Day Love--Iain L. Luen
Every morning I wake in fear. Relieved, every morning I find you beside me.
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Cindy's bubblegum story - Chapter 87
Chapter 87 - Super Giant Bubble in action
The competition goes on. Today’s event is single biggest bubble SGB. The top bubble blowers will take part in this event. The audiences will get to see even bigger bubble than before. The total number of participants in this event are less than yesterday’s event. But, the stage will be full of super gigantic bubbles for an entire day.
Ivonne : You are so excited today, Linda.
Jennifer : It’s nice to see in good mood as usual.
Linda : I am in high confidence now. Yesterday, I can become the best. I am so sure that I can repeat this feat. I will blow bubble way bigger than you can imagine.
Susan : I will look forward to that.
Susie : We will have fun blowing big bubble.
Melody : Hi, everyone. You are so lively today.
Linda : Oh, hi, Melody. Today, we will blow really, really big bubble. The stage will be full of that.
Ivonne : Yeah, the bubbles will be so big that no space will be left.
Olivia : I wonder if the officials
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[DWW] misc travel plots
[Travel Plot] Lost in a snowstorm
"And yet here you are, descended."

Icestone & Fireclaw 
His flame-coloured pelt stood out like a sore thumb. The heavy-built tom ploughed through the snow with his eyes squinted and ears held flat against his head. Where was that cave?! Fireclaw growled to himself. The tom had surely bitten off more than he could chew, thinking he could hunt in the terrible, blustery weather. He shook himself, fur clinging to his tail and underside in thick clumps. Fireclaw looked behind him- he could see nothing but white all around him. The snow was getting worse and it wouldn't be long bef
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Die goldenen Stiefel (2. Teil)
Draußen war es stockfinster und die Luft war eisig kalt. Georg hielt die Öllampe fest in der Hand. Nach knapp einer halben Stunde Fußmarsch baute sich vor ihm eine schwarze Wand auf. Er hatte den Wald erreicht. Georg machte ganz vorsichtige Schritte. Überall waren Wurzeln, die aus der Erde quer über den Fußweg wuchsen. Mit der Zeit wurde der Weg weicher. Georg wusste, dass er sich dem Sumpf näherte. Je weiter er in den Wald eindrang, desto schwerer wurden auch seine Schritte. Seine Stiefel gruben sich immer tiefer in den feuchten Untergrund ein. Dann hielt er die Öllampe Richtung Boden und sah, dass er sich schon im Sumpf befand.
Ängstlich drehte er sich um und zerrte an seinen Stiefeln, die fest im Morast steckten. Es half nichts. Der junge Mann suchte verzweifelt nach etwas, woran er sich festhalten konnte. Während er in einer Hand die Öllampe festhielt, griff er mit der freien nach Ästen und Stämmen, die aus dem Sumpf
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Night At The Factory Part 2!
Lilac gave a slight shiver, shocked as it seemed to go entirely dark around her. Not even 
a nightlight was there to light what laid ahead in front of her, or anywhere around where
she laid. Was she even laying down? Her breath caught as she deciding it'd be unwise to move from where she was, shaken by a bright green light that appeared below her.
The poor puppy tried to pull back away from it, feeling thick gloved hands hold her in place, keeping her from struggling as it made a few passes. She turned away as it moved effortlessly across her chest and up to her face, where it paused a moment, taking notice she could still see the haunting light despite her eyes shut tight.
Finally with a loud whirr, the light returned back to its starting point, and disappeared, apparently already having whatever it came for. The poor puppy gasped as she started moving backwards a little. Well, whatever direction that was. Even though it was still datk, she knew she was moving somehow.  and
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Wanderer's Lullaby
She thrived in anonymity.
She could never live with a name; with a history, a family, a network of friends and acquaintances. She craved loneliness. She feasted upon solitude. She hungered for silence.
Climbing down the steps, she disembarked from the bus and landed in a barren parking lot. The sign on the side of the road read “Fort Steele, Wyoming.” In front of her sat a truck stop, grey and bare, with a sign announcing public bathrooms inside. Not much in appeal.
A few more passengers descended behind her, namely what seemed to be an orthodox Jewish man, a woman carrying a small child, and a bespeckled young man wearing a backpack on his front rather than his back. They made a beeline for the front door and disappeared inside.
She stood for a moment, enjoying the stillness and the blankness of an empty blue sky. Then, checking her back pocket for her wallet, she followed the small throng and entered the truck stop.
Inside was a wall of pamphlets fit for a tourist, but sh
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Jack Frost Is Gonna Get Them! -Project for Theatre
Goblin #1 (spoken): B-b-but boss-
Jack Frost (Spoken): But nothing! I intend to steal the colors from fairyland, and no one can stop me! Now, play for me, mistro!
(Jazzy Keyboard music starts)
Jack Frost (spoken with a shrug): Eh, it’ll do. (Sung)
From the corners of Fairyland, my ways have “been so wrong.”
Well it sucks to be you, you’ve whined for far too long!
After I cast this spell, everything will be so bland!
And my icy castle will be the fairest in the land!
So don’t you try to stop me,
You have never let me be.
Hope you enjoy the view, cause
I’ll go down in history!
(Pause as the music slowly dies down)
Goblin #2 (Spoken): Uh, boss, we can’t sing.
Jack Frost (Spoken, Grumbling): Ugh, fine. I’m only doing this cause I’m desperate.
(Jack Frost waves his wand in disinterest as the goblins perk up and the music starts back.)
Jack Frost (Sung): Why should the fairies fear me?
Goblin Trio (Sung):
Cause Jack Frost Is Gonna
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a little meeting
Rozochka & Karamelli
He smiled amused as he dumped the prey before her.
The amber beauty looked at Rozochka, eying the prey, an older stag with impressive antlers, before looking back at him and smiling.
“Thank you. That is very kind of you.” she smiled, sniffing at and then taking a bite.
Rozochka sat down next to her and watched her.
He was fairly happy that he had gotten that stag, it was a lucky hunt, especially at that moment. Having met Karamelli just some hours ago and gotten to know her a little, he was happy to provide her a lunch as an offer for more reason to interact with her.
She was impressivly nice and straight forward.
The amber dove had been on travels for a while and when she met the crimson crown horn, she was more than pleasantly surprised that he suggested to hunt for her, while she took a break. And now he sat there, waiting for her to eat up, not even rushing her or anything. Karamelli had to admit, she hadn't expected such a polite and friendly demea
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The young man jumped he heard his name over his music. He opened his eyes to see a young standing right in front of his face. Her hands were on her hips and she did not look happy. What had he forgotten this time?
“It’s time to leave dude, let’s go! Get up off your lazy butt and pull those earbuds out or so help me I’ll break them worse than your last pair!”
The young woman was Vanessa, Alex’s best friend and roommate since high school. And no, for the last time, they were not together, and he was not gay. He just had a female best friend, and if you asked him people needed to stop bringing it up. And the reason she was upset was because he had promised to go to another one of her stupid mixers. Why he did, even though they always, ALWAYS, would go wrong, was a mystery to even himself. Vanessa just had this way of convincing him to do crazy things.
All of that aside, the main problem was this… he wasn’t dressed. It
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It was just like any other August 1980 day in London, Ontario. The General Motors factory was churning out yet another batch of widecab SD40-2s for the CNR, the backbone of the railway's fleet. 5334 was one of them.
He was just like his brothers and sisters. Built at the bleeding edge of locomotive technology, he was designed to be nigh indestructible. Equipped with a crash-resistant front, enhanced engine controls and electronics, super-bright ditch lights and front-mounted horn and bell, all mounted on the proven SD40 frame and running gear with a turbocharged 3,000 horsepower two-stroke in the hood. Classed as GF-30t by Canadian National, he and the rest of his family were raring and ready to go the moment they hit the rails.
But for 5334, who had chosen the name Jordan, things were to change for him when he was only six years old. The city of Vancouver, British Columbia had just begun preparations for the 1986 World’s Fair, known as Expo 86, and the main theme was to b
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Rita the Gigantic Farter Part 5
(Sellcon wrote this story not me. All I'm doing is changing Britney back to Rita, with his permission.)
“I GOTTA FART!” Rita yelled out in a thunderous voice that could be heard ten miles away in all directions. It was the three scariest words that anyone could expect from her now. She stood in the center of Fountain Square, or at least as best as she could. The fountain in the center of the titular square was destroyed as she was able to easily crumble up the black pavement markers that etched their distinct pattern across the square. A crowd had gathered, curious to see the giantess, surprised that they were still alive from her tiny fart earlier. But there was probably a sense of fear that they weren’t going to live much more. Rita’s blue jeans seemed to be a tad bit tighter against her body and her ass was looking more bubbly than it had ever been before, stretching out a nice 50 feet or so from her body, it bulged out while facing the north. A building abou
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