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“It’s not my fault! You were clearly messing with me.” a voice insisted rather loudly while at the same time trying to remain calm.
“Not your…” a higher pitched voice trailed off as its owner glared daggers at her fellow debater/boyfriend, “You pulled my brand new panties over my head!”
Hailey sighed softly doing her best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the back seats just as she ignored the screams and stretch noises that had come from the back earlier. After all, she had the road to focus on and being a distracted driver would do no side of the argument any good. Still, even as she drove silently down the road away from the fairgrounds they had come from, her patience was beginning to wear thin.
“Do you two ever stop fighting?!” she shouted over the sounds of bickering and soft painful whimpers. “I mean, seriously. You guys freaking adore each other half the time and the other half you look like you wanna ki
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Haunted House Wedgie
"Can we just go around the block?" Kelsie whined.
"No! Lets go somewhere like a haunted house!" Maddi said excitedly hopping on the spot.
"I agree with Maddi, come on Kelsie lets go to that haunted house not to far from here." Meika said nodding her head.
The three of them to turn me expectantly.
Just as I open my mouth to speak I am cut off.
"Kelsie come on." Maddi says when I take too long to speak. She grabs Kelsie by the arm and pulls her along.
The four of us love Halloween, even though it isn't a celebrated holiday in Australia we often dress up and walk around to see if anyone else was in a costume but this year we wanted to do something different. I was dressed up as a little devil with two horns on my head, I was wearing a short red skirt with black and red tights. Meika was dressed up as a police officer with a fake taser in the back pocket of her skinny jeans and a radio on in her chest pocket of her blue uniform. Maddi was dressed as a witch, with an overly sized hat on her
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The Doll
Quiet summer Sunday afternoons are reserved for one of two things: blissfully doing absolutely nothing of consequence, and centering all your focus and energy on a single goal. As much as I wanted to be doing the former, I was busy at hand helping my friend Chester with the latter. The sun was just barely rising when he had started working and was now high in the sky. The air in my room was swimming in the pungent aroma of wax and hot glue, with the faintest hint of steam from a clothing iron. The hum of the air conditioner in my window served as a relaxing backdrop to the firey rage of my stubborn friend. I glanced up at the clock mounted above my doorway for the umpteenth time that afternoon as he fought a violent battle against the materials in his hands, cursing under his breath all the while. After many hours, he finally stopped. In his hands, he held the fruits of his labor, a testament to diligence in the face of adversity.
"It's ugly," Chester grumbled.
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Giantess university
Giantess University is a school meant to bring out the best in it's students. Any female attending is injected with a steroid known as hypo-Engorium a totally not made up substance (best I could do name wise). Once in a girls blood stream HE makes the girls bodies grow according to their natural skills or what their body is conditioned for. An athletic girl would grow larger by upwards of three times their normal size, most ending up between fifteen and twenty five feet tall, their muscles become hyper condensed packing the equivalent of 16 years of weight training into one days workout. Meanwhile those more academically gifted would still grow in size like their athletic counterparts but their minds would be heightened to degrees beyond any normal human. An academic even on the lower end of the IQ range would end up with a picture perfect memory, and minor forms of telepathy and telekinesis. Finally come the art and engineering students who also increase in size but gain remarkable fi
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A Wish For A Fish
It had been a while since Hades, Svala and Calluna had been out fishing and they had only been out once with War but that was what the plan was today.
A days fishing along the banks of a frozen river, the baskets and equipment had already been prepared for ready for the day ahead.
Baskets for the fish,  any tack required and food enough to keep the four of them going on the trip, War patted Hades mane and the red tokota lay his head against his chest, War smiled, giving him one more pat, before getting Svala and Calluna ready.
The two razor mane tokotas keen to get on their way, they enjoyed fishing and had not done so for a long time so were well keen to get going and chuffed and grumbled to themselves while War got their equipment ready.
It was not long before everything was ready and War, Calluna, Hades and Svala set off, the morning was frosty and their breath clung in the air forming small clouds, but the sun was shining brightly and  the ground and the fallen leaves wer
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Dine knows
Dine stands upon the plateau ledge and overlooks the desert rave.  They cannot hear the music just a low thudding bass.  Dancers bounce and move like rainbow lightning bugs.
Little nose asks her.
"What makes you think something will happen to them?"
"The quality of the air changed, as it always does."
"Ok, but why help them?  Some of them are wearing war bonnets, Dine."
"I know.  It's not their fault.  They don't know.  They think they honor us.  I will not sentence them to death today for thier misunderstanding.  Can you not see?  These are the ones that would help us."
"My love, have we not thought that of them before?"
"We do not know these ones.  I feel their intent is good."
A breeze blows and cooly caresses her face.  She knows she is being rewarded for her integrity.  That is the language of the wind.
Again we may be burned.  Again and again.  We do not know here at what point we are in the transition only tha
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A Stretchy Halloween, part 1: Witch and Cat
"C'mon, where is it?" The witch muttered franticly as she flipped through the pages of the brewing guide with her right hand, the arm attached to that hand wrapped around the cauldron's stirring rod several times. Her left hand, meanwhile, tried to hold onto the guide without dropping it into the bubbling cauldron below, as her torso was stretched around to cauldron into a makeshift shelf to hold various brewing ingredients. After landing on a page that seemed useful, the witch switched hands with the book and grabbed one of the ingredients resting on her elongated side. "Here goes..." she said quietly as she dropped it into the cauldron, and watched as it bubbled in the dark green water. After a few moments, the water suddenly turned a bright, cyan blue, to which the witch suddenly grew frustrated. "Goddammit!" she huffed loudly as she tossed the book to the growing pile next to her before dumping a cleaner into the cauldron, and watched as the water returned to its original opaque wh
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The Boy and The Girl
一个男孩是星星。 他住在中国。 他是蓝色的。 他是冷。 他也吃雪。 一个女孩是热的。 她吃热的包子。 她吃热的面条。 他们在喝冷水。 他们在看两本方形的书。 他们也在跳。
A boy is a star.  He lives in China.  He is blue.  He is cold.  He also eats snow.  A girl is hot.  She eats hot buns.  She also eats hot noodles.  They are drinking cold water.  They are also reading two, square books.  They are also jumping.
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Esta niña es el demonio, decía la abuela al cura mientras nos servían chocolate caliente a los tres, No importa cuánto la bendiga, jamás estará libre de pecado, es la esencia misma de la maldad. El sacerdote me veía, sonreía, daba un trago a su taza, y contestaba También los demonios son hijos del Señor.
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TripleHate Reads: Legend Of The Golem Of Prague
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#5 I Love You, Polysyllabic Submission!
Lily did what she did with any bit of news that was more exotic than the usual disaster-of-the-evening: she dropped all her paperwork at Rebecca feet. The loose papers plumed like an explosion.
“Super-fast paperwork-drop and show of shock!” She slapped her hand to her chest. “Are you sure? I understand it was early.” Hand away; batting the air. “And I understand May has a disarming”—tapping chin—“manner. But I just can’t see John saying that.”
“Subtle gesturing to obtain attention!” Rebecca sipped from her coffee and nodded toward the conference room. John had holed himself away in there—his own glass office was unsuitable. “Sure as shit Jane. And I don’t say that often.” Coffee down on table. “I don’t want to be like that rube Chelsea—but.” Leaning back in chair. “He’s been there all day—at least since I arrived.”
Lily looked toward the
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Helloween - Day 15 - Meat Head
A nerdy teacher assistant for the local college had come dressed in a body builder costume. The costume was originally from a “pro wrestler” set but the TA had left the other props at home.
People jokingly complimented on his fake physique but he just rolled with it. That was until the magic hit him. Knowledge of physics and other scientific algorithms faded from the young man’s head as nothing but “getting gains” replaced it.
The fake muscles quickly became real as the costume melded with him. In the place of the nerdy TA was a man who only needed two things: gains and fucking hot women.
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Yin-Yang x Tissues
Requested by Cherry_Lemonade10 (It starts off a bit weird but I promise it's not Soap x Tissues or Soap x Yin-yang it like dis song
anyways to the story x3)
Soap's pov
            I feel my heart beating againest my chest and my face flushed at the sight of Yin-Yang(my crush,not senpai, senpai means an upper-classmen). Anyways I approached Yin-Yang and asked "Y-yin Yang will you go to our national game of spin the bottle t-tonight...?" Yin-Yang(I imagine them as one object ok) said"Ok sure we'll go." Yes!!! My crush is going!!! That means I could kiss him! I just hope when I spin the bottle it lands on them. ~at 8:00~ Me,Tissues,Cherries,Trophy, (No box),Yin-Yang(ofcourse),Apple,Cheesy,Nickel,Balloon,Marshmallow,Paintbrush,Salt,Pepper,Bomb,Paper, and OJ. Apple went first. She span the bottle and it landed on Balloon surprisingly. Pepper,Bomb,Paper, and OJ gave a digusted look. They kissed,although neither one of
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Truth Depends On Perception
It is similar to throwing a life. Down to the awaiting ground. It chuckles,, saying, “I told you so”. Climb out of your head for one second and take an objective step back. Perception can be so very misleading. It sprouts all kinds of seeds. Though whenever a bad one plants itself between the good,, the festering overwhelms all else and leaves none to spare. The biggest issue with not being able to voice one’s thoughts is that it fuels the bad seed. It nourishes false perception with faux truths which then invests with a stubborn assurance. Until….it….binds off the words I speak. Disabling me from echoing what Reality had whispered to those who listened. Choke me. Break me. Hate me. Save me. Kiss me. Love.
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Nimble * Thought * Thin
Rosanna gathered the reins of her mount today, a lovely palomino named Giallo, and led her from the underground stable. The mare had recently returned from a long medical retirement and was doing well with light work. She had a severe ligament injury with fracturing at age 8, right after her foal was weaned and she was returning to work. A spook had launched her into a jump and Giallo landed just wrong.
Rosanna had moved to Ascendancy after the mare had left but she was familiar with her filly, Gaia. The cremello filly was in the same group Rosanna’s own charge Hera was and within the same pasture herd. So far Giallo was a lot like her daughter: sweet, calm and willing to please. Today they would be ponying Metis. Metis was one of the stable’s racehorses, home with a minor injury. Rosanna had taken her with Giallo last ride as well. Rosanna would be taking them to the river for some water work.
She mounted at the block and they walked to the restriction pasture Metis was be
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[Sammohini Arc] Screwed Without Drive
The new widescreen computer monitor arrived the afternoon before Sammohini, the newest member of Eville Medical's second-level computer repair team, drove to the clinic to install it. She scheduled time in the late afternoon since it was faster to then drive to her parents's house for the weekend from the clinic and she could drop off the old one next week. As she walked through the clinic doors carrying the monitor box, Sammohini felt nervous.
"Hi! I'm Sammohini, with IT. This is for Deepika!"
Sammohini had rehearsed that line more than a few times on the drive over, since this was her first time in the South Eville Clinic, even though from the highway she would always make a point of looking out for its prominent signage. The reception pointed. "You'll go through the doors on your left, down the hall toward the back, and you won't be able to miss her office."
"OK, thank you!"
She retracted her badge, picked up the monitor, walked quickly over to the doors, and stumbled for a second t
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InkTober18: Clock
For as long as I can remember there has been a grandfather clock in my grandparent’s house. According to my mother, the clock was there when they moved in back in the 60s when she was a kid. For some reason the previous owners left it behind.
The clock isn’t possessed or haunted…at least I don’t think it is. There has only been one incidence that really stands out in my mind.
When I was four I was playing with my older brother and his Hot Wheels on the floor in front of the clock. Our mom was there cooking dinner because Nana had recently had surgery and Pops needed the extra help around the house. The day was pretty normal, but all of a sudden my brother tapped my shoulder and pointed out that the clock had stopped.
Just as we were about to tell Mom, our dad rushed through the door screaming for everyone to get in the hallway. A tornado was headed our way.
The next thing I knew I was in Pops’ arms and he was holding me so close to him I could hardly breat
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The Tale of the Pinocchio Fan Part 1
The Tale of the Pinocchio Fan Part 1
(young man to girl)
Alyssa was a typical 21 year old college student. She was quite popular on campus especially with the guys. Long brown hair, a great figure to match her intelligence. But she had one problem. She had a hard time staying with any one guy. That's because Alyssa had one thing that wasn't typical about her. She had a dark fantasy that she couldn't share with anyone.
What was that dark fantasy? Ever since she was a little girl she liked the Disney animated move, Pinocchio. Specifically the scene where all the boys are punished for their misdeeds and turned into donkeys. Although, she wondered why there weren't any little girls on Pleasure Island! Because she knew herself, and she wasn't always a good little angel. As she grew up, Alyssa wished she could experience that transformation for herself. Before long it was the only thought that really excited her and no man could ever give her that excitement.
It wasn't until one day she got
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A Honey Of An Idea (Honeywatch)
(A Baywatch spoof)
One afternoon at the start of May, three young women went down to the beach.  They all really enjoyed the warm sunshine as they sat together in their boat.
They all giggled and laughed at a joke that Shirley had told them.
Unfortunately though, as they did so, their boat took a sudden and rather abrupt lurch to the left.
All three women watched in horror as their box of Sugar Puffs flew off the table and into the sea, despite Emma's best attempts to catch it.
"Oh no!" exclaimed Jane as she waved her arms. "Now what are we going to do?!."
Shirley and Emma both looked at each other. They nodded at each other and then walked back towards the stern of the boat.
"Shall we?" Emma asked.
"Let's do it!" Shirley nodded in agreement.
"Where are you two going?" Jane asked concerned.
"Don't worry Jane. We've got it covered." Shirley smiled.
"What exactly do you mean, Shirley?" a puzzled Jane asked.
"Trust us Jane," Emma winked, a naught grin on her face. "We;ll get those Su
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Short Story 161
Hear the roar of thunder
Judgement day has arrived
Gathering for the climax
Crowds cheer and dance
High on life they shout
Welcoming their source of meaning
Bright lights confirm it all
Souls of kings let it rip
Channeled throughout generations
Pure energy and heart
This is the meaning of life
If only for the night
Heaven and hell make peace
For the gods of rock and roll
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Help!!!!!! 7

This ‘Party’ is getting worse by the day, I just found this invitation last night in one of the girls bags, dont worry I didn’t go in her bag  I would never do that, it must have fallen out, I have to try and get Sam out of here before it goes too far and something bad happens that cant be changed, Im going to bed now, so I will finish this note off tomorrow.
I dont believe it they have already left to go to the spa, Im shocked I thought I would be up in time to catch them before they left, one of that parents of one of the other girls said they left at 8:00am, I have no idea where they have taken Sam and no way to get in contact with him, and now I have just seen a picture of all the girls at the spa, luckily I dont see Sam maybe he confided in someone and told them the truth.

And here is a picture of them all getting ready to go this morning, Thats Sam
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His Terrible Swift Sword
“Thus says the Lord, that He is the source of all riches, and that His believers will dwell in golden mansions in Heaven for eternity! Some of y’all may have heard that Jesus said that a camel could pass through a needle’s eye easier than a rich man could enter Heaven, but skeptics have quoted that Bible verse out of context! In reality, there was a gate leading into Jerusalem called ‘Needle’s Eye’, which was so low that a camel had to duck down to pass through. It was hard, but by no means impossible! Since Scripture itself states that the virtuous will be rewarded with wealth and happiness, it cannot then also say that the rich aren’t going to Heaven! It is clear in black and white that Jesus Christ preached the Prosperity Gospel! Follow the Word of Christ and you too can have great wealth!”
These words were bellowed out from a stage in the center of an enormous amphitheater, by Pastor Bob Maldives-Morley, Senior, a man whose face showe
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