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Lockdown - The Last Judgement
14th May 2020
Evenmoore, Indiana
180 Days till "Zero Hour"
The noise of the siren echoed across the corridor. The ominous klaxon flaring loudly into the atmosphere, bouncing across the dark walls which had its long bar lights set at each corner flicker uncontrollably. The corridor was long and narrow like a ward within a hospital but the floor was of a dark musky grey and the walls themselves were made of old brown concrete that crumbled with dust. Old rusted pipes protruded through the concrete walls and stretched to the far reaches of the other-side of the corridor. At the other end of the corridor stood a large metallic door, sealed shut and made of a hard titanium metal that resembled the same material that was used for the titanic centuries ago.
Suddenly there was a loud clanging and banging from behind the door. Then another bang. And another. And another. The sound of gunfire muffled by the thickness of the metallic door accompanied by loud shrieks of helplessness and fear. Then
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One Shot: Shrine Maidens
   “I’m going to be late! I’m going to be late!” I was telling myself, running through a local town in Gifu prefecture. What I meant by “late” was “late for being early”. Being the anxious perfectionist I am, I got to where my out-of-prefecture business meeting was going to take place a whole two weeks before the actual meeting. Despite being two weeks ahead of schedule I was having a nervous breakdown just from the very importance of this meeting. I was supposed to propose this idea for new openings for the company I work for, in Gifu. But, instead my heart was pounding, beads of sweat were pouring down my forehead, short on breath. I was lost, I was lost and I didn’t know what to do. To make matters worse it started pouring out of nowhere. That's rainy season for you.
   I found my way to a Shinto shrine. I thought I could take some sort of shelter there. I was in a rush, running up to the shrine. All it took w
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Something more than an extra turn (Leon X Inigo)
*This story contains yaoi, A.K.A. masculine gay stuff. If you don't like that, don't read it, please.*
He was still waiting for Valbar.
Looking at the Breidablik, Leon sat there, looking at the summoner as he used those strange orbs to invoke heroes from other epochs, from somewhere else entirely as he was anxious. So many people had joined the Company of Heroes, a rather grandiloquent name for a gathering of soldiers, warriors and other such beings, all determined to join the cause to save various places in history. Celica had arrived, the only one who he did recognize, while others did answer the call as he even saw multiple versions of the same person appear, as if different timelines converged to give out versions of a singular being. Still, the one person who he loved above all else never once moved through that gate, as Leon sighed, feeling lonely and prone to anxiety? Was his Valbar okay? What would happen if he wasn't there to back him up? So many questions, so little an
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Paper bub paper mario TF TG

I wake up from a dream  aww a werid dream ping i got a text from my friend elli hey kaname hi elli see you at school ok hey kaname, yes dad waffles are really alright dad it is half day wow you come home early yes i had dream about my boyfriend you talk about that kid with geen hair yes so I get going bye dad, i'm off to school
Hey kaname yes do had i wake up i see my boyfriend hold hand naked wow she her husband was Japanese cartoon character with geen hair. See a so class we going to meet our guess ok don't be shy now there a nice staff she brown hair shade eye who is her what she wants  she mystery elli said, kaname yes you are the person the mysterous cat but is not cat is a paper cat oh no that girl she in danger
After class hey we go to library ok so many books i going the comic book side find something cool i going this one oh fairy book ahhh mm this she with a star that instering she open the book glowing light huh?!
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Plants on the Mountainside
    “This really isn’t funny Faraday!” Tsu’tey grumbled, rolling his eyes at the back of the orange and white canid’s head before turning to look at Ili beside him. The smaller female was grinning and turned away quickly, trying to hide the look from her mate unsuccessfully. “What are you smiling about, he’s dragging you around on this crazy mission too.”
Ili couldn’t help but to laugh lightly at her mate’s annoyance and shook her head, leaning over to nose at his cheek with a purr. “Oh where’s your sense of adventure! It’s been so long since we got to do anything like this.”
“My idea of adventure isn’t traipsing up a mountain looking for a plant that may or may not exist.” Tsu’tey furrowing his brow and frowning. “I have important things to do, tasks to attend to.”
“Oh would you calm down. You and Ili made sure everything was taken care of t
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Chillwind - Treasure Hunt by NuriToxican Chillwind - Treasure Hunt :iconnuritoxican:NuriToxican 1 0
Tiny Little Kitten Feet
"It will still be a while yet" River chuckled lightly, as Irena curiously pawed at her slightly swollen stomach, trying to feel the little paws of her younger brother or sister, "But I can feel them kicking sometimes, I fear we may have another So on the way."
Irena laughed, "Gods forbid," she laughed, turning to Sofiya who was sitting beside her.
Her sister rolled her eyes, but laughed as well, "There can only be one Sofiya, trust me on this, I'm a Prophet after all." She grinned cheekily, nudging Irena's paw out of the way as she made the attempt to feel something as well.
Shuffling away to give her sister a little more space, Irena allowed her gaze to shift towards the nearby window instead, enjoying the cool breeze that chilled the room. The Festival of Hero was right around the corner now, she and her father had been busy with preparations the past week, but it looked like things were starting to shape up nicely now. Sofiya had been given the afternoon off, while Talyn and Mink we
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Asuka and the Galactic Enforcers vs the Prosecutor
"Would you like some more tea, Ms. Glitter Sparkle?"


One day, Asuka Connell was in her room playing tea party with her dolls when she was suddenly interrupted by a beeping sound coming from somewhere in her room. After a few seconds of searching her room, the tiny toddler checked her toy chest and found that the noise was coming from the small badge Ultimos had given her the first time they'd met.
"Umm........... Hello?" Asuka pressed a small button on the badge and spoke into it. 
"Asuka, do you read me?" the voice on the other end, which belonged to none other than the Specimen Prime himself, asked. "It's Ultimos. Our ship just picked up an unusual signal coming from a planet a few parsecs away from Earth, and the Galactic Code of Conducts demands that we go investigate it at once. If you're not on-duty,
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I have chased you through a thousand novels.
You saw her under a black umbrella on the corner of Cherry and Wessex. Dark eyes, dark hair, pale skin; her rainbow polka dot rubber boots felt incongruous under the orange street lamp as she stepped back, avoiding the wave created by a passing taxi. The rain splatters over the taut black curve of her umbrella in a melody you almost recognize before the tempo changes with her impatience and she walks into the street just before the walk sign changes.
You start from your place under the awning of a small-time lawyer in a small-time town - the compulsion to follow her, to know her, is suddenly unbearable. You duck into the rain, heading for the crosswalk, already feeling the uncomfortable sensation of water down your collar. The white walking man is blinking orange - you only have a few seconds to reach the corner and cross. Your feet graze the street just as a flashing ambulance appears from around the bend; the wail of the siren is like a death whistle, and you rock yourself back just
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Wildcats #57: The Blondeshell vs Heartbreaker
For Cycle Nine, Cara Montrose looked to capitalize on the amazing summer weather. She decided that all seven matches would be beach catfights. Contestants would wear swimsuits and wrestle on the sandy beaches of Southern California. She was hopeful that seeing her ladies in saucy swimsuits and tearing each other to shreds on the beach would continue to improve her ratings.
The Blondeshell was by no means against this. She had anticipated summer’s arrival and had toned up. She was still very curvy, but her abs were a little bit more defined and her love handles were a little bit more contained. She was ready for beach season, and moreover, ready for a beach battle.
Sara “The Blondeshell” Blake was on a roll at Wildcats. She was 6-2, ranked #3, and looking to get a shot at the title. Sara was a patient woman, but she was starting to feel short-changed by Cara and the Wildcats brass. Despite her top-flight record and high ranking, she had still never been given a shot at
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The Loud House Joke Fic: Three Thirteen Seventeen
Lincoln: "Once in a while, a guy just needs some time to-"
(Suddenly, a portal appears in front of him)
Lincoln (14): "Lincoln, don't go upstairs! Turn around and walk away immediately!!"
Lincoln: "Who are you?! How do you know my name?!"
Lincoln (14): "There's no time! Go! Get out of here!"
(Lincoln (14) motion kicks while Lincoln runs out the door screaming)
Lynn: "Hey Lincoln, you're coming to my softball g-...Where'd he go? Who the heck are you?"
Lincoln (14): "You'll thank me for this later."
(Lincoln (14) goes back to his time)
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Lillian x Jon (Part 5)
(it is chemistry or whatever. i don't care anymore.)
"Oh no. I didn't do my Cumulative Review #3," Lillian worried about.
"Yeah. Good thing I finished mine!" Jon responded.
"Can I copy off of yours, Papa Jon?"
"Sure, Lillian."
*scribble scribble scribble*
"Wow," Dylan said.
"What?" Lillian responded.
"Firstly you're copying, but you're copying off of Jon."
"Oh wow."
"And you're wearing a leather jacket!"
"Oh no. You should put this in your fanfiction!"
"Good idea," Dylan told Lillian. "Too bad Lars isn't here."
"Lars is cool. But not as cool as Jon. :)"
"I wonder what Lars is doing."
(At Lars' House)
"Oh cool. I just got a 'W' on Fortnite!" Lars said to himself. "Oh wait. Dylan isn't here. I am sad."
"Yeah Lars," Lars' mom told Lars. "Do you want a grilled cheese sandwich?"
"Okay, mom."
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Autorol Bastet Liomel y Aurora Ofilus
-- CURRENT strategistServer [CSS] al ver que Roxane desapareció primero Aris dijo una última cosa dejando en claro algo totalmente opuesto a lo dicho por Roxane y claro antes que ella pudiera responder esta desapareció --
CSS: meow
-- CURRENT blackguardWaggon [CBW] en cuanto Roxane desapareció escuchó lo último dicho por Aris volviendo a insistir en el asunto de matar al oponente de ser necesario y entonces desapareció, dejando un cierto aire desconcertante en el ambiente --
CBW: DεfiπiτivAmεπτε εl dεsAcuεrdo dε AmßAs sεrÁ uπ grAπdε proßlεmA pArA lA fεc)(A
CSS: aún así crreo que Arris tiene un poco de rrazón... hay enemigos que no los detienes si no los matas antes
CBW: πo rεAlmεπτε, εs sólo quε dεßεmos εsforzArπos uπ poco mÁs, εs τodo
CSS: al final
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Hard to Get, pt. 2
Colleen was getting dressed.  Leo, still in bed watching her.  “You have to leave?”,  “Yeah even with powerful sunblock, I don't want to chance getting caught outside.”  “When can I see you again”?.  He asked.  His voice husky   “I really don't  know if that is a good idea.  I don't hang with other vamps....much”   She said
“Why not?  I thought we were pretty good together.”  He smiled broadly  “I didn't notice any lack of interest from you, Red”  When he said stuff like that, she wanted to be doused in acid.  “Egomaniac” she spat,  “That's one reason I avoid other Vampires” she said.  He got serious.  What's that supposed to mean.?”  “I mean you guys are  'force fed' the idea that you are irresistible .  You read too many damn 'Vampire Romances'.  The trouble is YOU don'
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5728 Kalianah | Level 1 | Meeting
"Do the three of you go anywhere alone?" 
Came a sleepy voice from nearby. It was early in the morning - still early enough that the sun was just the softest of blushes on the eastern horizon. The trio came to a quick stop, they had not expected to come across anyone else at this hour but they weren't surprised at all by who it was. 
Wapiti emerged from some shadow-drenched shrubs nearby - the rustling noise giving her away as well as the gentle glow of some rocks hanging by her neck. Her jackalope companion Nakina emerged next, a leather sack attacked to his back that was filled with something glowing vibrant shades of green and yellow. He seemed annoyed by the interruption to whatever they had been up to - thumping one large foot against the ground as he came to a stop - but that was the only protest out of him. He'd happily follow Wapiti anywhere, even to chat to some noisy youths instead of heading right back to their beds. 
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Short Story 18
Once a monster became a man
He forgot he was a monster and lived a life
Then other monsters came by and asked:
"Come back and join us in the fun!"
The man was scared and ran away
The monsters shrugged and went their way
His fellows, however, distrusted the man:
"You spoke to the monsters, never return!"
And the man now had no home
Only confusion, fear and, eventually, anger
The man tried hard to start anew
But everywhere he went they shunned him greatly
His mind was now broken, his heart mad
Then a voice from inside told him of a way:
"Follow my lead and all will be right"
The man saw no choice and did as was told
The voice indeed made him strong and cunning
Clever enough to outwit even the voice
So fast was his progress, he silenced the voice
"I've no need of you anymore, go away!"
The voice then laughed and forever disappeared
So devious and cruel were his ways
No man or monster could survive his hate
Once the man became the greatest monster
The memories of being a monster returned
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SA | One more
Saoirse was silent for once.
The sounds of joy and laughter floating through the valley was a stark contrast to her current solemn state - perhaps she was the only one not celebrating the festival. She was not sorrowful, however; simply at peace. Her children were playing among the new bloom, frivolous and eager to forget the cold that plagued the country. War-Forged was built to endure the ice but Saoirse wasn’t sure if they were built to endure the monsters that came from the darkness of the long, freezing nights. Her children certainly were hardy, as children of the north should be.
The sound of hooves parting the fresh grass caught her attention and she looked up to the familiar bulk of her husband. They shared a soft smile with each other before turning to gaze fondly at their offspring. Spring was usually their time for opening up and welcoming the more boisterous side of their personalities. This year was different. The severity of future events caused reality to rush in a
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When Fire and Shadow Come Together
Hemlock rp'd by Fiorest
Tybalt rp'd by meee
Tybalt and Hemlock catch up for the first time since the ending of Trial 4... they have some words for each other
:bulletblack: Tybalt parted happily from the Oasis. He felt... lighter than he had since the Jungle. Finally... finally he had his Benny back. Of course, nothing was quite the same between them... it probably never would be again... but words could not describe how happy he felt to have his twin back on his side. The only family he was truly sure that he had left. Tybalt breathed out a sigh of relief and joy, as years of tension and frustration and anger fell from his shoulders and buried their way deep under the soft sands he now tread upon. Now... he wanted to look around. Tybalt's ears perked as a white pelt caught his eye, and he stopped in his tracks.
His heart began to race for no apparent reason. Amidst the chaos of the Bridge and Helena and Benny... he hadn't gotten to see the other tom since the fo
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no idea what to title this
"Cold poptarts and Mountain Dew. My kind of breakfast." Maverick groaned at the pathetic meal sitting on his plate. One poptart had a bite taken out of it, which he had promptly swallowed after finding it to be chewy from sitting out. Taking a swig out of a bottle of his dead soda, he cringed. "Why did I not go to the store?" he muttered. He had just been out yesterday. He could've stopped and picked up food. No effort there. And yet, he didn't.
His stomach growled in protest as he rose up from his chair and gathered dishes, cursing under his breath. Part of him condemned himself for being such an idiot and not writing a note. The other part reminded him that he had an excuse. Concussions resulted in memory loss. You can't help it. But Maverick could've, if only he had written a note. He hated feeling useless. "Hasta la vista, breakfast," he said, tossing the old tarts and soda into the trash. "Time to go get a decent breakfast."
A complaining meow next to him signaled the arrival of J
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