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Mommy's Little Girl (Part 1)
    My parents had left for their business trip to Egypt, and being an only child, my parents had no choice but to have me live with an old neighbor of ours, who now lived on the other side of town. Here I was, standing on the porch of the house of the former neighbor, ready to live an entire year there, and I was nervous as crap.
    The door opened, and in the doorway stood a lady, who looked to be in her thirties. I didn't recognize her at all, probably meaning I was too young when she lived by us. My parents waved to me from their car, and sped off, leaving me with the lady.
    "Come in! It's too hot outside." I didn't think so, but whatever. "So how old are you?" She asked me as soon as I stepped into the house, "Twelve." I said, not looking at her. She kind of stared at me for a few seconds, making me uncomfortable. "Well, okay then! Make yourself at home." I began to wander the house, but very soon after the lady told me it was time for bed, and she showed me a bedroom to sleep
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DVa by chinchongcha DVa :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 5,523 150
My Crossdressing Story: Part 1
(Author's note: I am writing this at the age of 27, on Monday 26th March, 2018. While it might seem to be a far-fetched account, what you read is true. Everything happened. While I try to write an unbiased entry of my life, some of what I have written might sound biased. I shall leave you, the reader, to make up your own mind.)
It started when I was eleven years old, my fascination for girl's clothing and crossdressing that is. I remember watching my older sister Katie walk around in skirts, dresses, blouses, all clothing that was infinitely better than anything I wore. It looked nicer, and when I hugged Katie, her clothes felt nicer against my skin, a lot nicer. There were times when I was left on my own in the house; my parents were either at work or out for the afternoon, and my sister was visiting her friends. I had freedom of the house, and since my fascination started, I had only wanted to do one thing: try on my sister's clothing.
Many would have found it weird, an eleven ye
:iconterrazero20:TerraZero20 164 64
Revenge is Just so Great
(Hello, this story contains heavy diaper and humiliation scenarios. If these kinds of things upset you then you should stop reading immediately, But for everyone else enjoy)
“YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!!!” screamed Natalie as she continued to chase the school’s local prankster James throughout the halls. “YOU BETTER HOPE I DON’T CATCH YOU”
James in the meantime couldn’t stop laughing as he clumsily ran through the halls with Natalie hot on his heels. He had just pulled off another successful prank by super gluing one of Natalie’s hands to a baby rattle and the other to a childish baby tambourine. He had done this by putting the items on her desk in class during the lunch break along with a note that said “For baby Nwatalie” Obviously this made Natalie very embarrassed when she got back to class and saw the baby items on her desk and she immediately picked them up to get rid of them but that was her fatal mistake. James you see had co
:iconhinayui:HinaYui 208 68
Batman/Bruce Wayne x child! Reader
        Gotham was not a place for a six year old to wander without a guardian. Sadly, for you, you were an orphan. But, you would take walking these streets than go back to the orphanage. A frown came across your (s/c) face as you remembered the orphanage. The adults there hated you for some reason. They would ignore you, make sure you got the least amount of food and that your clothes were either uncomfortable or washed once a week. The other orphans treated you no better. They would push you, shove you into the dirt and constantly yell insults at you. Your (e/c) eyes begin to tear up. You never did anything wrong to them. They just thought you were different and to them, different was a reason to be bullied. You shivered, feeling a cold wind pass through the city. Your thin (f/c) shirt and black pants didn't give you much warmth. Brushing (h/c) out of your eyes, you came to a park. It wasn't great but it would work. Better than resting on the sidew
:iconarsenic22:arsenic22 437 55
Avengers x Abused! Reader Loki
   The Avengers glanced at one another. “Come on guys,” Tony said, “Let’s go save (Name),” “No,” Thor interrupted. “We cannot. Only one of us needs to go,” “Then I’ll just go myself,” Tony shrugged. “No!” Thor stood up, slamming his fists on the table. The others at the table jumped back. “Calm down there meatswing,” Tony raised up his hands in defense. “There is one. And ONLY one, who will save (Name),” Thor said. The all stared up at him quizzically. “My brother,” he said.
    “Your crazy brother, that destroyed New York, and killed a bunch of people, but because of his amazing abilities, we allowed him to join us? That brother?” Tony asked. “Yes, Loki. He is the only one of us who is worthy of the girl,” Thor said stiffly. “He’s right you know,” Natasha said, “Whenever Pepper and I go to
:iconkatcraft455:katcraft455 426 62
Stay with Me- Sherlock x Reader
The last thing Sherlock had expected in his return was that you would welcome him with a smile and open arms, especially after how John had reacted. He’d walked up the steps to 221B and hesitantly knocked on the door, sure that he was going to get slapped or worse, but you’d pulled the door open and after the initial moment of shock gave a soft chuckle, “Welcome home, Sherlock Holmes.”
In all the time he’d known you, there had never been anything between you beyond a friendship that for some reason worked better than most and was stronger than he ever could have anticipated. It was something that had happened without him ever realizing, that friendship, but right now, sitting in his chair watching you making tea, he wished there had been more- not really for the love but to have a deeper connection, to escape from the loneliness he’d discovered in his heart.
He gave a fleeting smile at the skull still on the mantle before observing the rest of the fl
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 532 42
Another Mother - Morning
“Kyle...wake up...Kyle...!”
The soft, motherly words were the first thing he heard upon exiting the realm of dreams. He had fallen into quite the deep slumber last night, and he just didn’t want to open his eyes.
(This’s more comfortable...leave me alone...)
“C’mon, sleepyhead! It’s a beautiful morning!” the motherly voice spoke again.
“G’way...lemme sleep...” Kyle slurred, pulling the covers over himself.
“Now now, don’t be a Grumpy Gus!” she said, as if she were addressing a child.
“Lady, I said...” (Wait...what’s...?)
Kyle took the covers off of him and opened his eyes.
“What is this?!”
He expected to be in a bed, perhaps in a motel; instead, he found himself in an adult sized crib, in a room decorated just like a baby’s, only the furniture was scaled for a grownup. A changing table, rocking chair, rocking horse, round table, and baby walker we
:iconblackestknight049:BlackestKnight049 143 16
Dangan Ronpa OC Info Chart -Base-
Basic--....The basics 
First Name:
Last Name: 
Blood Type:
Waist (in): 
Chest (in): 
Skin Color:
Hair Color: 
Hair Style: 
Eye Color: 
Super Duper High School Level/Ultimate: 
Physical Description--Attire and Misc. (clothing, jewelry, tattoos, etc)

On Head: 
On Neck: 
On Torso:
On Right Arm:
On Left Arm:  
On Waist: 
On Right Leg: 
On Left Leg:
On Right Foot: 
On Left Foot: 
Family--....Family: Both blood and spiritual. Dead? Alive? Who Knows? Orphaned? Tell it.
Personality and Actions--how they show/what they do themselves when...
Seeing Murder: 
Seeing Crush: 
When Tired: 
When Stressed: 
When Nervous: 
When Afraid:&
:iconmayhemb:mayhemb 218 49
Don't Baby Me! - Life with Luanne (Part 1)
(Sorry for those waiting for the next parts of my other stories.  They are being worked on... I have a good chunk of Theodore part 2 underway and another whole new story.  But I always wrestle with writers block, so to fight it, I write other things and this is what results.  I'll warn you that this one is darker than my other stories.  Sure it has my favorite, non-consensual restraint and humiliation, but it also has people dying, some nasty gaslighting and other dark bits.  So please, if you are sweet and sentimental, be warned.  Darkness ahead!  As always, I'd like to thank HinaYui for inspiration.  Missed you so much when your computer blew up!)
My fathers funeral was pretty rough.  'Big Tony' as everyone called him, was friends to everyone.  A big man, with a big smile and a bigger laugh, he charmed everyone he met.  It made him an incredibly successful salesman, enough that he made lots of money... Far more th
:iconboundinribbons:BoundInRibbons 112 15
Tails: Back in Diapers Ch 1
The title says it all.  If you don't like it then don't read it, it's as simple as that.
Chapter 1: The Secret
So it all began one night when Tails' parents had to leave for a meeting that would take all night, so they decided to leave him with a babysitter until they got back.
"Now Miles, I'd like you to meet your babysitter for the night" Amadeus told his son as the babysitter set down her bag.
"Hey kid, the name's Ebony Gale and I'm gonna be your sitter for tonight" the red and black furred fox said introducing herself.
"Mom, why can't I just stay home alone?"
"Because you're too young to stay home alone Miles" Rosemary answered in a sweet tone.
"But isn't 10 old enough?  I'm not a baby anymore you know" Miles began to pout.
"Well when you get to be 12 then we'll consider it, but for now you're still going to be watched by a babysitter, and besides, you're sounding like a big baby right now with that attitude." Amadeus remarked.
"Oh and just to tell you beforehan
:iconblacknightwing:BlackNightWing 130 79
THE VALIARD MANSION - Chapter 1 to 5 by The-Ez THE VALIARD MANSION - Chapter 1 to 5 :iconthe-ez:The-Ez 589 181
Miraculous Ladybug FanFic: Revelations Ch 1
Summary of Story in Description*
Chapter 1 – Confessions
In the daytime, she was Marinette, but when evil were to arise...she would become Ladybug. She had a secret identity as a 15 year old school girl who lived in a bakery with her French father and Chinese mother. She had a best friend called Alya who was obsessed with Ladybug and ran her own blog on her. But the most important thing in her life was her huge crush on Adrien.
Adrien Agreste, a rich 15 year old blonde who was a model, and really good at fencing, but secretly, he was also Chat Noir.
Together in their alter egos, Ladybug and Chat Noir would fight together to battle off the evil akumas led by Hawkmoth, an evil man with the power to change harmless butterflies into akumas and possess the weak and angry minded.
However, there was one thing they didn't know about each other...and that was who they both really were. Adrien had no idea that it his crush Ladybug, was really Marinette, and Marinette did
:icondeannaphantom13:DeannaPhantom13 288 16
Changing Reality part 1
Molly sighed.  She should have been happy, it was her 18th birthday in a couple of days, she should be looking forward to the party and the alcohol and one of her final steps into adulthood, but truth of it was, Molly wasn't.  Molly wasn't excited at all.  She felt disillusioned with life, she was fed up with the constant demands in her life, either from school, from her mom or from her part time job at the family restaurant.  She just wished she could go back to simpler times when nothing really mattered other than playing games.  She wouldn't tell that to anyone though.  Oh no.  That would be too much.  Instead she would play her part in society, doing as she was told and toeing the line, living on her daydreams of happier, more innocent times.  
She brushed a strand of her long brown hair out of her brown eyes and adjusted the black hair band that held her hair out of her face. An average looki
:icontoddlergirl:toddlergirl 316 44
NordicsxLittle!Reader Bad Influence Denmark
"Please pay attention, Finland's boss is a having a meeting with our bosses and we have to be there. Now, we would bring (name) but my boss said no children. Sweden and Finland are relying on you to watch her. If something happens to her just think how pissed Sweden will be okay? Let me tell you again, nobody comes over; not America or Prussia, not even Turkey. Just you here watching her okay, nobody alright? Are you listening to me?"
"Yes, for the love of Odin Norge, I already had this talk with Finland and Sweden. I watched (name) before remember?" Norway grabbed Denmark's tie and started choking him with.
"That never happened, Sweden never trusted you alone with (name), EVER. He's doing it now for what reason I don't know but he is. You better not let him down or you'll never hear the end of it."
"Norge-gasp- I can't- gasp- breath."
"I won't let go until you promise me you won't let Sweden down."
"Okay-gasp-okay, I promise in Thor's hammer I won't let Sweden down."
"Good," Norway le
:iconfindmyface:findmyface 437 161
BEN Drowned x reader~part 1

You stayed up late on your computer again, you always stay up late, but you don't really care. You started running out of things too do. Then you saw this link your friend sent too you through e-mail, so you clicked on it, and it took you too this weird site called cleverbot. you were confused. Why the heck did your friend send you a link too this? There had too be a reason. They wouldn't just send it if there wasn't. You were confused,but you typed too the 'cleverbot' anyway.
You: Hello?
Cleverbot: Hello.
You: are you?
Cleverbot: i'm fine.
You: okay.
Cleverbot: how are you?
User: i'm confused.
Cleverbot: why are you confused?
You: because i have no idea what's going on.
Cleverbot: you don't need too know what's going on,because it doesn't matter.
You: um...okay?
Cleverbot: what are you doing?
You: talking too a robot, what are you doing?
Cleverbot: I'm coming into your room.
You: what?
And with that,your computer shut down all on it's own.
:iconbensultimatefangirl:BENSultimatefangirl 436 428
Mytheria CYOA - Start
Welcome to the world of Mytheria.  It is a world much like the one you know, but it is filled with magic, creatures, and mysteries that you only know in fiction and myth.
You wake up in your bed, the morning sun shedding light through your window.  As you take in your surroundings, memories take shape in your mind.  You know that you're not from this world, but at the same time, you can remember living here all your life.  You look down at your body, remembering that you're a boy.  At this point, you're not even sure if you were a boy before waking up in this world, but it doesn't really bother you.  This body is familiar and comfortable to you.
Your name is Nathan.  You are a fair-skinned male human, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes.  You're about 5'10'', neither thin nor fat.  You think of yourself as a rather normal individual, something quite odd for someone living in Mytheria.
Seeing as you didn't have any plans for today, you decid
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Rumors Are Harsh (Russia x Reader)

Rumors Are Harsh
(Russia x Reader)

Requested by :iconjapanxcanadaforever:
“THE HERO FORBIDS IT!” I sighed as I punched Alfred in the arm before he started blabbering about how the rep. of Russia was a monster.
“Come on (F/N). I don’t think it’s a great idea to go to this guy’s house. Seriously.” I looked over to Alfred once more before turning my gaze up to the large house in the midst of our conversation.
“To late. We’re already here.” I chuckled a bit at his face and funny posture.
“Calm down, just go back to the airport and wait there while I finish up with this much needed alliance.” I patted Al’s back before walking up to the warm looking Russians home in awe.
“So big…..” I whispered to myself
:iconmiabia100:Miabia100 353 205
Eat Your Pasta|Chapter 1|Creepypasta x Male!Reader
Chapter 1: I Set Fire To The Rain(part 1)
Unknown POV:
       The rain heavily hits the ground in front of me scattering mud all around and making my way out of the forest even harder.I really do not know where I'm going and the forest seems to stretch constantly...The trees seem to stretch their branches, as if trying to catch me...I don't know how I can continue ... I don't know if I can continue...I'm falling unconscious... I think I'll pass out soon.
       My clothes are soaking wet and stained with ... blood? Is that blood?I can't tell right now.And my hair is dirty and full of blood...And I am pretty sure so is my face.I have some scratches deep on my hands and there's a piece of barbed wire hanging from my pants.Where did I got this?Did I jumped over a fence?Why?it hurts so bad...It's too cold...I-...I think I'm going to fall, my knees gave up keeping me on my feet and I think my ank
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(request) Husband!EnglandXMother!Reader
Young Alfred looked at you, his mother. "What did I do?"
You were fuming. One of your sweet little angels, your children had just done something you had warned them not to do, many times before. Your oldest son had just CUSSED. "Alfred F. Kirkland! You know very well what I am mad about!" 9yea I made him and Canada kirklands for the sake of the story)
"But mama!" Alfred pouted. "Dad does it all the time!"
You were taken aback. Arthur had always told you he would never use dirty words around the boys, but here was Alfred, claiming he did it all the time. Now you reached a new level of anger, one that would put that creep Ivan to shame.
Matthew, your youngest whimpered. "A-Alfred..... I think mama's angry...."
Alfred didn't answer, he was two busy running down the hall, for the sake of his butt, which would be nice and red after you were through with him. Matthew took off after him, complaining all the way.
You looked around, and saw the skillet Elizaveta had given you, the sa
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100 Themes Art Challenge
100 Themes Art Challenge
1. Laziness
2. Sleep
3. Love
4. Pride
5. Loneliness
6. Tears
7. Flower
8. Rain
9. Smile
10. Blank
11. Darkness
12. Insanity
13. Mother's love
14. Forest
15. Phone Call
16. Writing
17. Memory
18. Rage
19. Sweets
20. Addicted
21. Pillow
22. Butterfly
23. Rainbow
24. Water Nymph
25. Bad Priest
26. Kill
27. Happiness
28. Sister
29. Door
30. Blanket
31. Black Board
32. Long dress
33. Chalk
34. Creamy Wash (It's facial foam that will turn into a creamy thing when used. If you have no facial foam like this in your place/city/country, just change it to regular facial foam.. = =;)
35. Handbag
36. Daydream
37. Crimson
38. Little girl
39. Sea
40. Lies
41. Work
42. Hairpin
43. Together
44. Draw
45. Star
46. Angel of Aurora
47. Procrastinator
48. Sin
49. Pray
50. Twins
51. Lamp
52. Slap
53. Love in the air
54. Headache
55. Hide
56. Connection
57. Freak
58. Words
59. Lettters
60. Pencil
61. Moonlight
62. Soul
63. Music
64. Crowd
65. Envy
66. Jealousy
67. Beautiful
68. Yawns
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