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Faith of the Heart-Pt 4-Ch 18
Faith of the Heart
Part 4: Chapter 18

Written by DisneyFan-01
HTML Coding by Shadow20X6
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"Ah, c'mon, you guys!" Kopa complained again.  "Help me get up!  I wanna see what's going on out there!"
Dale crossed his arms and kept pacing, "Don't think that you're the only one, Kopa!  It was all the Professor's idea to have us stay behind and watch over you while all of them get to celebrate for the Queen and Princess."  He hopped up and down, "Oh, it's just not fair."
Chip frowned at him, "I know it's not fair, Dale, but
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CC | RolePlay | A Moment of Compassion

The sun had not risen by now. The sky over the Veda territory was dark with a hint of purple, announcing the sun would be appearing in a few hours.
The creme protectress Hiko wasn‘t sleeping in her den anymore, however. She was lying on the grass, outside of the denside. Cold morning dew weting her fur. But she didn‘t notice the cold as her paws played with the dead bird she had taken from yesterdays leftover prey. She wasn‘t hungry. She hadn‘t been in a while, as her mind had been absent a lot, lately. Is it my fault? she thought by herself. Why do the ones I care about keep leaving me?

Sahen woke up early in the morning even before the sunrise. It was quite unusual for him, as he loves to sleep longer or just lay around and do nothing. It was a noise that made his ears twitch. The dark male opened his eyes and yawned as he noticed how early it was. "Ugh, who's out there at this
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Streak: The Hero of Beacon City - Season 1 - #11
30 November 2015
Eighteen days since Raptor’s capture
What a waste of a beautiful, sunny day. I overlooked the place from the rooftop of a building on the district’s edge. Rain district. The darkest, ugliest, most crime-ridden part of the city.
Beacon City’s red-light district, it was the seediest place in town. A place so broken that I never even went there back when I didn’t have any powers. Even when I became a superhero, I tended to avoid it. Crime and disputes of every sort ran rampant to the point that not even the police went there. No one wanted the trouble. Chances were every person you met was part of a gang, and I could guarantee that everyone had a criminal record.
Every time I visited, the unthinkable happened: I got stressed. I never got stressed after I became a superhero unless I visited Rain district. There was always something happening. Always some problem I needed to deal with. A con
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Solarius-Nargoth Ancient Past
Solarius-Nargoth Ancient Past
(20,000,000,000,000 A.D.E. (After the Death of Eve) on a Nameless Planet)
(About 600,000,000,000 after the Aion Wars/The Being known as the Dark Ancient Aion)
(Aspect of Darkness he cloaked in his Current Cloaked/Robed Figure except with no)
(visible mask like face/Nothing but darkness underneath the Hood/He stands there waiting)
(He looks around/Swirling Vortex of appearing out of nowhere/Walking out the Vortex is)
(the Seven Sisters of Darkness each from many different directions/Camera closes up on)
(them/As they walk towards The Dark Aion/The meet up in the center of this Desert Planet)
(One of the Seven stands in front of the towering Entity)
1th Daughter, Are you the one who sent for us?
Dark Aion, Yup.
2th Daughter, Who are you?
Dark Aion, Someone familiar.
(The other study him over looking him from head to toe with careful eyes)
1th Daughter, Puriel? Puriel Alister is that you?
Dark Aion, I haven't heard that name in a very long time. (His face can
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Starve a Curse, Feed the Soul: Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Unwavering
“Sums! Are you there, Luv?! …Sums!”
The woman unfroze herself after the repeated plead for interaction. She rubbed the blowing, bone chilling ice from her vision; her heaving chest felt like it was going to implode.
Summer repressed that exclamation. …No. Not yet.
The calling was most definitely, his voice. And no other person had ever referred to her with those pet names, but him.
 But… how was it him?
Temporally placing her sidearm and camping lantern onto the driver seat, the woman hurriedly strapped on the backpack, swung her jeep’s door with her boot, and released a sharp, foggy breath to regain some courage.
“Baby?! Is that you?! Talk to me!”
After a tense minute of no response, the woman reluctantly put the revolver’s safety back on, and moved it beside her snowy coat’s pocket…
“Luv, I’m here!” was the distressed reply.
Firming her f
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VWW P.M.S. 2019
Place: Atlanta, GA
Date: April 28, 2019
The Bully Busters ( Keta Rush & Stephy Slays ) vs "The Hispanic Hellcat" Raquel Rodríguez & Írem the Machine
Result TBD
Match Time:
Main Card Matches:
1. Open Invitational Contract on a Pole Match
Open Challenge Multi-Vixxen Contract on a Pole Match for a future shot at the VWW World Championship or VWW Global Championship
( Participants: Anastasia Chernova, Angel Deville, Beth McIntyre vs Chelsea Diamond, Írem the Machine, Jessica Priest, Kylie Rae, "The Exotic Goddess" Mandy Leon, "The Parkour Princess" MJ Roxx, Nina Williams, "Renegade" Ramona Russo, "The Hispanic Hellcat" Raquel Rodríguez, Rebecca Rude, "The Original Nightmare" Sabrina Crowley, Scarlett Bordeaux, Taeler Hendrix, Thunder Rosa, Thuy Nguyen, Yoko L )
Note: Like the previous years, there were poles in every corner, with a briefcase suspended from each one. Only one of these held a contract for a World Championship match
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Mer-Animals 3 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Chapter 13
Outside the kingdom Godzilla and his allies are heading out to their island as they began growing to their monster size and as they arrived they could see the fields of their home was in flames the good monsters were horrified.
Manda: Wha-what happened to our home?!
Kamoebas: It's ruined!
Kamacurus: Who could've done this?
His answer soon came when they all saw Ghidorah and his minions wreaking havoc on their home Godzilla was so furious that he let out a loud roar.
Ghidorah and his minions looked and saw their enemies.
Destroyah: Well look who's here.
SpaceGodzilla: It looks like Godzilla and his friends have showed up but without those Mer-animals.
Godzilla was so furious that Ghidorah and his minions have ruined their island he charged at the three headed alien dragon and they both fell right into the sea still in their monster size, the two kings fought furiously at each other they were so busy Godzilla couldn't see Prin
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Herding Ca... Rabbits!
Night lunged for the tiny rabbit, sure that she could catch the unseen morsel with just enough speed and a bit of luck. Instinct told her there were a number of fleeing rabbits in close proximity, the scent of their fear enticing. Nebula pulled lightly on Night's mane, clicking her tongue at the blind gal.
"No! Don't eat them! We have to take them to the festival grounds." Nebula pat Night's flank to reassure her after the harsh tug.
Laughing, Nebula waved over to Dim to get his attention as well. He might not have understood the whole situation, but he could see others pouncing toward the scattered lapins being driven toward a central location. In the distance, he saw Sikrinerk doing a considerably better job of herding than the majority of the Tokotas in the area. Clearly, there was something going on and Dim was only part of the crew helping to bring the rabbits together for some mysterious purpose. If it weren't for the constant flurry of activity going on around him, he might have
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Hoard of the Dragon Queen- Chapter 13
Chapter 13- Comradery and Discovery
The Roper roars in anger, and uproots a bit to show its power, the tentacles reaching wide! Thanatone fires an arrow, piercing the skin of the creature! Lukas casts Mage Armor on himself, and then Quentin draws his blade. “Hunter’s Mark” he speaks, and then the mystic quarry against the Roper is activated, and Quentin rushes to strike it, but the hide it too thick! Mordecai lets his Circlet glow and from it three motes of fire rise. “Scorching Ray!” He commands, the three motes firing out at the Roper. The Roper blocks two of them with its tentacles, but the third strikes it! Tusk draws his blade and rushes the Roper, letting his fury channel through his attack, and using his surge of energy to attack a second time! The first strikes, cutting into the beast, but the second does not penetrate the Roper’s skin. The Roper snarls out “Insolent beings! You shall all be mere morsels for me!” It speaks, and fo
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PTS New ghostie family member by anubis213 PTS New ghostie family member :iconanubis213:anubis213 1 1
Wings of Hope
Jezille’s POV-
After going through the wormhole that Hilda created I arrived in a pure dark room and I was in the form “Jessie” but made being see-through like a ghost glowing in pink aura and fog-feet.
Floating around in a corner saw my former self in floating cradled in fetal position in pure light form.  
“So this is where I am actually am.”  I kythed.
“Light of Hope I seen you awakened again.” I heard Echthros Orb kyth
“Yes, I am not afraid of you anymore, since I'm going to get my powers back.” I replied.
“No, this was a major mistake that happened, once you awakened I will soon be awakened to and we shall fight forever in this room of nothingness.” The Echtrhos Orb replied.
“So we’re going to fight for eternity that was what it says it the fate?!” I asked.
“Yes, that is actually the fate that the diviner of fate and Void planned together.” The Echtrhos Orb replied.
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Tales of Stretchlass Chapter 1
     “Morning, morning, morning, morning, morning here we go.” The echoing of a radio bounced around in the darkly lit room three  monitors lighting it up. A fairly big chair was in front of the monitors and a desk littered with files and post it notes. Someone sitting in the chair was watching every movement on the three monitors, focus wasn't broken as they saw what was going on. However the sound of a voice on the radio made the figure turn and look at it, a few glowing parts displaying the time and the stations.
    “Good morning! It's your host Neisan Harada bringing you the news baby!” The radio announcer seemed ecstatic, maybe it's what he liked to do when he was on the radio? The voice continued on with little things such as arrest numbers and the park fair starting, one though caught the attention of the figure.
    “And in breaking news fashion, the First National Bank is being held up by three armed robber
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Labyrinth: Audition P.3
    “Yes, a tournament, obviously!” Zol laughed again. With a swift, smooth leap, they dropped down from the branch to land on a tall rock a short distance from the pair. It was obvious they had attempted to hover to reduce their strain, but without riling up the rozenich a second time. Upon closer inspection, the stranger was slightly taller than Forte but surprisingly unthreatening. Forte felt himself ease when he spotted no weapons—not even claws worthy of comparison to his own—on their person. Whether or not they hid any away within their loose clothing was yet to be seen.
    “I’m hosting a little competition, of sorts,” Zol went on, gesturing widely and enthusiastically. “You see… ah, wait a sec.”
The creature sna
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Easter Shenanigans, Part One
MerrySacrament (560 words)
Emmy rolled her eyes, remaining quiet as she concentrated on her current task, watering and feeding the rabbits that had been caught so far. Fluffers would do what Fluffers do, and there wasn't much she could do about that.
"Hnnnnnf," he muttered again, glaring at the rabbits.
Emmy glanced up just in time to see Fluffers shift his position for the 124th time, ordinarily unremarkable, but this time he happened to roll onto Abby's foot, eliciting a loud "Mmph!"
"Fluffers!," Emmy called, trying to avoid disaster before it began. She knew Fluffers and Abby weren't on speaking terms - Emmy and Abby were barely on speaking terms lately, as a matter of fact - but she didn't really know what had happened between them. At this point, she was more concerned with getting Fluffers out of her sisters' line of fire before his furry tail got scorched.
Despite the impending explosion, it was a beautiful spring day and the small group of tokotas and handle
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Literature road-map roadmap
I’ve been working on that website focused on conjoinment NSFW and explicit art. Here’s the road-map:
Due to uncertainties over what the site will be required to do, over the month of May I’ll be slowly growing what is publicly available on the site, so aspects can be tested bit-by-bit. I’ll be tweaking, everything on the site should be considered unfinished and subject to potential change. Sometime before the date of Soft-Launch 1.0, I will announce what I expect will be the “final” upload limits, site features, and such. “Final” limits will still be subject to change, but only if the site expands in scope.
You’ll also notice there are limits on members at first. I feel it is very important to allow the first site artists in on basis of how well they represent what I want the focus of the site to be. If you don’t get in for one version of the soft-launch, please apply again! It doesn't mean I hate yo
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246 - Final boss
As Janine walked back to where Larkin was, she stopped for a moment. "Was that foolish of me..." she whispered to herself. Just as she was about to take a step forward, she bumped into Larkin. She looked up at him, startled. "B-boss..." Larkin looked at her, then gave a sigh. "I suppose this means you weren't successful either." Janine nodded her head. "The synchronization is near completion anyway." He said. As he began to walk away, he turned his head. "Don't worry yourself to hard." He said, giving a smile. Janine's eyes widened. "B-boss...!" However, Larkin had walked away.
Everyone had gathered around in the room where Rick, Iris Azalea, Mikael, and Chris were waiting. "Well..." Mikael said, slowly lifting his head. "This is it." Abbey folded her arms. "What do ya mean...?" Keren asked. "Behind this door lies Larkin." Iris Azalea said. The room went quiet. "Now what..." Norio whispered. Kari looked around the room and then at Tammy. "We have an hour and a half..." Rick looked up.
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Mer-Animals 3 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Chapter 12
Godzilla's problem with Ghidorah is the same as the missing magic scrolls so Annabelle have called up the guards to talk about the missing scrolls,
Annabelle: It has come to my attention that the magic scrolls are stolen last night by the nightmares and Plankton, and it's all because of my brother's mistake.
Mauve: I said I was sorry!
Annabelle: Well anyways we need to get those scrolls back before it's to late.
Lance: Don't worry ma'am we'll get those scrolls back before they get the chance to read them.
Outside the castle Jarred, Lewis, Dylan, Dolly and the Mer-dinosaur gang have heard everything about not one but two missing scrolls.
Jarred: Guys I think we should get SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy, cause they know more about Plankton and his plans then we do.
Dylan: You're right so I say we head to Bikini Bottom and get help from them and find out what their up to.
Littlefoot: Yeah let's go
And they headed out to Bikini Bottom at once, they arrived a minute later and saw S
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Mer-Animals 3 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Chapter 14
Back at Atlantis Jarred, Lewis, Dylan, Dolly and the Mer-dinosaur gang headed back while SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy headed back to Bikini Bottom then Jarred went into his room once they got back to the castle, Lewis and the others were outside hearing Jarred screaming and crying that Godzilla was gone then Annabelle, Isaac and the Mer-pup patrol came back.
Annabelle: What's wrong? And why is Jarred screaming?
Dolly: The reason why he's screaming your majesty is because, because...
Annabelle: Because what?
Ducky: Godzilla's gone.
Isaac: No, no he couldn't!
Dylan: It's true we saw him get hit by the oxygen destroyer missile and sunk down in the ravine.
Annabelle, Isaac and the Mer-pup patrol were shocked and upset that Godzilla was gone.
Marshall: Then that's it then, the humans are finished, Ghidorah got his revenge and he'll rule the human world for sure.
Skye: Now with Godzilla gone there's no one stop Ghidorah.
The news of Godzilla's demise spread all the way from Atlant
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Mer-Animals 3 Godzilla King Of The Monsters
Chapter 11
At castle in Atlantis Godzilla was still thinking about what Ghidorah had said and he's wondering that with his minions he would rule the human world
Annabelle: Godzilla are you alright?
Godzilla: I'm fine I was just thinking of what Ghidorah after he said this is just the beginning.
Annabelle: Oh dear.
Jarred: Hey don't worry pal, you beaten that three headed jerk before you can do it again even if he's stronger.
Isaac: You got us, Spyro, you allies heck even our own kind.
That made Godzilla smile.
Annabelle: You're not alone in this Godzilla.
Godzilla: Thank you everyone for giving me some confidents.
That night Godzilla was asleep but he but he woke but he's not having a nightmare this time he was still thinking about Mothra who's still in the hospital wing at Hogwarts so he decided to head there, at Hogwarts mothra was sleeping calmly until she woke up when she heard a knock on the door.
Godzilla: Mothra?
Mothra: Oh Goji, what are you doing here this late?
Godzilla: I co
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Naruto brother (Gaara male reader) chapt. 1
Your POV
The leaf village. My old home.  The only reason for me coming is because lady Tsunade, the hokage, specifically asked for me.  I knock on her door and wait.
“Come in.” I hear the familiar voice say.  
I smile and enter.
“Ah lady Tsunade it’s been a while. “
“(Y/n) good to see you. My have you grown. It’s been a couple years since we last saw each other. “ she says standing from her desk and walking over.
She examines me for a moment before having a serious look.
“The reason I called for you is because I’m going to send Team Kakashi on a mission to save the Kazekage, lord Gaara, and I need you to watch a specific member. “
Now I’m confused. This doesn’t seem like a black ops mission. There has to be a good reasoning behind all this.
“I’m sorry but why me? Can’t you just get jounin from the leaf to do it ?” I ask just for lady Tsunade to grab me by the shoulders a
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