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Prelude: Aigis VS. 2B
Zephyr: When technology gets to an advanced enough point, one of the first things scientists like to do is make machines that look just like humans!
Evan: Yes, from the Terminators to the Mimiozomes, we seem to have a particular fascination with creating humanoid robots to fulfill all of our needs.
Zephyr: But not all of them are for porn; Some of them are loaded up with weapons to save humanity! ...and porn!
Evan: Aigis, the Heartless Armed Angel from Persona.
Zephyr: and 2B, the YorHa Executioner from Nier!

Zephyr: In the year 1990, scientists from the Kirijo Group, a massive multinational company, began to perform research on shadows.
Evan: Not the kind one casts, but a race of beings from another world that feed on the minds of humans.
Zephyr: It went about as well as you'd expect. Somehow they managed to create a phenomenon known as the Dark Hour, an extra hour after midnight where shadows freely roam the world.
Evan: Aft
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NASCAR Toon Cup 2018: POCONO 400
After a wild and close Coke 600, we head on off to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania for round 14 of the season - the POCONO 400! Who will outwit, outplay and outlast the competition to survive the Tricky Triangle? Here's how they'll line up:
1. Randy Cunningham (3)
2. Clover Ewing (47)
3. Tommy Pickles (42)
4. Tony Stark (16)
5. Yusei Fudo (11)
6. Jack Darby (20)
7. Phineas Flynn (22)
8. Eren Yeager (14)
9. Serena Tsukino (24)
10. Matt Quinlan (6)
11. Marco Diaz (2)
12. Miguel Santos (19)
13. Raimundo Pedrosa (21)
14. Ash Ketchum (41)
15. Jeremy Johnson (43)
16. Adrien Agreste (5)
17. Otto Rocket (88)
18. Kira Yamato (78)
19. Dan Kuso (4)
20. Nathan Adams (1)
21. Mira Clay (55)
22. Hunter Steele (37)
23. Ezra Bridger (31)
24. Jaden Yuki (48)
25. Akiza Izinski (10)
26. Marcus Damon (18)
27. Tyson Granger (17)
28. Tom Majors (12)
29. Sammy Tsukino (13)
30. Lok Lambert (35)
31. Aria Blaze (66)
32. Riley Anderson (00)
33. Abigail Lincoln (95)
34. Scott Tracy (15)
35. Jim Possible (33)
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The Mummy Years - Chapter Two
~ Settling In ~
Alison walked through the hospital corridors, back straight and head held high. Oh, not because she was brave or daring life to give it to her on the chin again, but because that was the only way her brace would let her walk. She missed being able to slouch comfortably in a chair, or to take a deep breath without having her ribs squeezed. She was also very afraid of what would happen to her next. She didn’t understand all the terms the doctor had used (neither had her parents, she thought), but he had definitely said that she would be put in a full body cast. In her mind’s eye, Alison envisioned herself wrapped up like a mummy, with only her eyes visible. No! Surely it wouldn’t be that bad!
“Here you go,” said Nurse Atkins, who in her cheerful chatter as we walked down the hall had already compared Alison to her own granddaughter. She definitely seemed like the grandmotherly sort. “You’ve got your own room for the time being, de
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Grunvale, Ch. 5.2
As bland and stupid as the modern version of the Warner Home Video logo... home video? Warner Bros. still calls their home entertainment branch 'home video'? Get with the fucking times, you neanderthals! Uh... anyhoo, as dumb as the logo on the DVD was, it was pretty harmless. Just the shield appearing in the sky with the piano fanfare, some creepy nasally voice whispering Gilda's name, and then fading out --
Wait, what the fuck?!
Gilda looked up at the screen, trying to catch whatever that was that she heard whisper her name. It sure sounded like Truman. But since when was Truman part of a logo on a DVD? Maybe Truman really is a beast not of this realm, heheh.
But all Gilda saw when she looked up at the screen, was black. And all the workers looking up at the screen anticipating the movie. What? How could they be so unfazed by something so peculiar with a logo that'd been on every Warner Bros. VHS, DVD and BluRay since 1997? It's not like it's an oddity that's easy to miss! The only t
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Jane, Hero of Nubila Chapter 36
Daughter of Despair
With heavy steps, Jane wandered through the Sky Mountain valley. She'd been walking along this path at such a slow and lethargic pace that night had settled in. A look of utter defeat was on her face as she made her way toward the now empty Kaizori Refuge. Sure, she had stopped Tylia's blind rampage and saved both David and the Nor'rey, but the cost had been high, far too high. Gundar had been killed... Angess had been killed... Crysta had been killed... Tylia's fury had been stopped by a fatal accident... And Nice... Nice had sacrificed herself to save Jane at the last moment, the tiny kassi giving her friend that last extra push of stamina after shielding her from what would have been a lethal blow. While three of the crou had survived, Jane was sure none of them would be the same ever again. Bale had wandered off with a horrified expression, seemingly unable to conceive what had happened to his people. Umimoo was probably still unconscious, granting her a
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Snippet From Trothkeeper
I: Mmm, Nothing Like A Good Bone Soup:
Gleaming within the shadows golden eyes focused intently upon the figures of The Great Slayer from Ambrun and his Zauberer Companion as the two crossed the threshold into The Old Bear’s Den. Repeatedly his small digits had tightly clenched and unclenched upon the wall offering him seclusion. His golden eyes remained fixated upon the simple inn’s large wooden door. He had so far been able to evade his Watcher for a time, but he knew sooner or later once more the Dauni Monarch would find him. He had to set his plans into motion before he found himself once more ensnared to the cruel human. Briefly, due to his fear of The Dauni Monarch’s threat, he had actually considered setting the trap to kill The Wurmslayer, but he had done everything asked and the kobold was no closer the return of his beloved. He had made his decision and he would not change with Rambert so close.
Alberich darted from the wall as though he were a rat scurrying
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VWW Malicious Intentions 2018
Place: Las Cruces, NM
Date: June 24, 2018
Kimber Lee vs Ramona Russo (c)
Hardcore Match for the VWW World Hardcore Championship
Result TBD
Main Card Matches:
1. The Swords of Essex ( Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley ) vs The Ates Siblings ( Murat & Ílayda Ates ) ( w/ Ahu Ates ) vs Drago & Faby Apache vs The Rhodes Family ( Cody & Brandi Rhodes )
Interpromotional Four Corners Elimination Match for the vacant VWW Mixed Tag Team Championship

Result TBD
2. "The Vengeful Wolverine" Jess Bentley ( w/ Thuy Nguyen ) vs Amanda Morales ( w/ Chica Cometa )
Interpromotional Singles Match
Result TBD

3. The Dream Chasers ( Kodi Sixx & Lisa Max ) vs C.C. Meyer & Maylene (c)
Tag Team Match for the VWW World Tag Team Championship

Result TBD
4. Teena Cristine ( w/ "Sugar" Shane Lenox ) vs Aya Kazama
Result TBD

5. Elizabeth Thorn vs Lilith
Casket Match

Result TBD
6. Írem the Machine vs Alice "The
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A Force of Tint
A Force of Tint
Daring skies of emboldened gold,
Grace the presence of paradise on high,
Swaths of color's majesty adorned in light.
Spinning life grows forth from cracks of old,
Adapting shade and hue in a beauty of lies,
The ink of memory written in colors beyond sight.
Repeating Full to New in a countercycle mold,
A universal birthright left to the roll of a dye,
Such simple patterns does nature make right.
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Heroes Legion: The Manhattan Project: Chapter 13

Heroes Legion: "Year One": The Manhattan Project
By Maskedhero100
Chapter 13: Operation "Two Birds, One Stone"
News Announcer: "Starting your morning off with an update of today's events and breaking news. This is News 12, New Jersey."
Anchor-woman Grace Channing: "Good Morning New Jersey, I am Grace Channing. The news, although very limited, coming out of Manhattan continues to be disheartening.
It has been 26 days since the metahuman terrorist group seized control of the borough, sealing off the area and turning it into their own autonomous kingdom.
Despite this we have recently managed to get theses startling and disturbing reports about the situation inside. The NYPD has been half wiped out during the initial days of the takeover, the rest are being contained and held prisoner in their own pr
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84 by albychu-fanfics 84 :iconalbychu-fanfics:albychu-fanfics 1 0
VT - Treasure Isle (Part 6)
[Cut to Long John Sliver, Dom Logan, and Rory Terri traveling through the jungle with Tim in tow, while Long
John Sliver is holding the map.]
Long John Sliver: According to this map, we should take 10 paces to the left.
Rory Terri: Do we have to? 10 paces feels like such a long ways away.
Dom Logan: Maybe it just seems that way to you because you never do any actual work or do any actual exercise.
Long John Sliver: No worries, Rory Terri, it won't be that long at all, once we find the treasure.
[During the conversation, Tim manages to free himself from the rope that is tied around him, before he quickly
runs off, which Dom Logan quickly notices.]
Dom Logan: Hey! Our prisoner is escaping!
Rory Terri: Let's get him!
[Dom Logan and Rory Terri go to chase Tim, but Long John Sliver stops them.]
Long John Sliver: Don't worry about him for now. Right now, we've got ourselves a treasure to find. After all,
there's no way that that young lad will survive even 5 minutes out in the wilderness. *t
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Divided Hearts [FInal Mix] - Chapter 44
Chapter 44: Duet of the Keyblade Masters
When Sora could see again, he was in an entirely different void - a colourless void where he had no solid sense of distance. After a moment, he saw another figure in that void; and as the Kingdom Key appeared in his grip, a winged Keyblade appeared in the other's, and he realized it was Riku.
But the third inhabitant of that void gave them no good reason to dismiss their weapons.
"Heroes from the realm of light. I will not allow it to end this way - not yet."
Xemnas floated there in that void with them, his cloak now brightest white, but covered with patterns of darkest black.
"If light and darkness are eternal, then surely we nothings must be the same: eternal!"
Riku glared. "You're right. Light and darkness are eternal - and nothing probably goes on forever too. But the inhabitants of darkness or light do not and will not last forever - so why should you who live in the nether be any different?"
Sora raised his Keyblade. "
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The Resort, part 2
I head down to breakfast the next morning, eager to meet more of my fellow patrons. Dinner is a formal affair, but everything else is pretty relaxed. I'm dressed much more casually now, with a loose white t-shirt and cut off jeans covering my favorite bikini.
I walk by the concierge desk on my way to the dining room, greeting Carl as I pass. The long fingers at the end of his shoulder spica wave back at me and I wonder if he chose that cast just so he could wiggle his fingers all day and make us all weak at our knees. Sadly, he is alone at the desk.
I enter the dining room and see why. Antoinette is seated in the corner, eating her own breakfast. She is alone, her casted leg propped on one of the other chairs at the table. I guess I'm early because there's no one else here yet.
I request a waffle and some bacon, grab a glass of OJ, and head over to her table.
"Hey, is it okay if I join you? I mean, are you allowed..."
She smiles broadly, turning her torso and leaning back a bit so she
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My favorite websites online
All freee without membership payments. Sad thing is very slow uploading and very limited series. Following sometimes there is always an error so it’ll refresh itself which it’s a annoying.
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The Maguku Chronicles - Chpr 13
Chapter 13
Live bait
October 2017
“Betty, we need you to tell us everything you know about this Araya person” Maguku said as they walked to the location of Coolplum’s dirt mound. “I don’t know too much, just that she hired me and that has a lot of spies to do literally whatever she wants. I’m pretty sure that gang was part of her group” Betty said. “So you don’t know where she is right now?” Kynan asked. “She moves around a lot to keep her location better hidden” Betty answered. “Here uh, I have idea.” Coolplum stated. “That has never been a good thing.” Benbebop said. “No, it really never has and it won’t especially for you, in this case.” Coolplum said gesturing to Benbebop “Araya is looking for none other than Benbebop, so we send him into town where some of Araya’s people are. So then he gets captured” Coolplum continued “Eh what!?” Benbebo
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Now Go! And do not be anxious about the future
chapter one.
Go now! And do not be anxious about the future
The warm summer air was barely a whisper through the trees that night, there were no signs of Autumn yet, but Ness knew it was coming soon. He had been keeping a close eye on his calendar, closer than he usually did. Counting down the days to that first day in September when he would be heading out to Newpork city.
Ness had heard so many things about the city, from it’s huge intricate architecture, to it’s 24 hour carnival, all the way up to the most important part; Requiem. Requiem was the only school of it’s kind, A school for Psychics. Gifted boys and girls making their way into High school could take a test to be enrolled in the program, and Ness had passed with flying colors.
Ness was ecstatic, as were his parents. Even his Dad had come home from the city to congratulate him in person. Ness was excited to head back to New Pork with his dad, Maybe even see where he works!
But that night Ness tried to push
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Defiance by C.j redwine by WEthepotterheads0214 Defiance by C.j redwine :iconwethepotterheads0214:WEthepotterheads0214 1 0
Act IV: Olive- Chapter 1
Chapter 1- Disclosure
My dear Angelina, you wondered why I have been gone for so long after I ran away from the place I once called my home. But at the same time, you also told me that what happened back then didn’t matter, as long as we are together again. I know that we should put the past behind us, and yet, I never had a chance to get it out, nor did I want to keep this quiet anymore.
Remember when I told you about my childhood? Well, I never told you the whole thing since the first time we met, because my memories were a bit fuzzy since then. As I got older, they started to come back to me. Now, it’s time I tell you the whole story, starting with my early years.
July 1, 1995 at Pittsburgh, PA- It all started back at my birth hometown of Pittsburgh. My parents were Israel and Annemarie Henderson. Back then, I never knew about my
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Non-Human War - Prologue
March 2nd, 2063
Yuma Lang tapped her finger, waiting for the elevator to reach her desired floor. It was painfully slow, but it wasn’t that troubling for her. After all, her patient won’t go anywhere.
As a surgeon, she was familiar with the concept for blood and terminal patients. However, only a few doctors applied for this side of medical service.
She was a surgeon in one of the Non-Human hospital. She was in the part of town that populated with these new beings. Her profession of dissection animals recommended her for this line of work. She didn't mind the low wage. She was glad to save lives and that was all.
Today’s patient was a Mammalian juvenile. This patient was a roadkill, running across the street at night when the light shone upon the victim. The ambulance just arrived recently, hauling the said patient into the emergency room.
Yuma heard the ding, and walked out of the elevator. She scratched her black hair. She wore a surgeon
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Path Of Warriors Chp. 5
Path Of Warriors
Chapter 5
Day came quietly upon the dense forest of which Koga’s Wolf demon tribe had long made its home. Okami and Yoktai still lay quietly on the moss covered soil as the sunlight just began to shone through the leaves. Okami was the first to awake, his eyes groggily opening to the blinding sunlight, he awoke and strangely had little recollection as to what had occurred the night before. It did not take him long to realize why he felt so cold, seeing himself naked he immediately rushed over to his pile of armor and clothes. Okami began putting on his clothes and armor as Yoktai now slowly began to awake herself, she quickly put on her torn and rugged kimono and armor seeing that she was naked as well. Okami looked over to her as she was putting on her kimono and could see his claw marks in the silk fabric, immediately he knew what he’d done the night before.
“I... I hurt you... didn’t I?” he asked.
Yoktai flinched feeling the scars on he
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Coming Home- A Winter Morning
"BEEP BEEP BEEP BE-" Ugh... I hit snooze and rolled back in bed,  getting cozy and warm under the covers. I was almost asleep when "BEEP BEEP BE-" I groaned loudly and slammed the snooze again. Finally one more time and I shut it off. I uncovered myself and faced the same struggle of every morning, getting out of bed. It took me a minute to pull myself out of bed. I showered before going to the kitchen. I was so hungry! I opened the fridge in excitement.
My face fell. Empty. I'd have to do groceries.... and I would have to get out of the house to do it. I was so anxious about leaving but i knew my anxiety was the one to blame. I hadn't left to do groceries in a while.
I picked up the phone, dialing the oh so familiar number.
"Hello, Mom?
She sighed.
"Could you get some groceries for me-"
"Crys, first you're 28, you should be able to get out of the house by yourself." ...not this again. "If you don't want people to see you like that exercise, go on a diet, do something!"
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Adams Curse | Chapter Fifteen (Part Two)
At 4:30 PM, Xavier decided to close his gun shop earlier than usual so that he could prepare for what he called his Halloween prank.  Thirty minutes after he got home, he told his faction on Discord about the prank he was going to perform on Halloween night.  Most of the faction members however did not like the idea.  It wasn’t because they thought it was cruel which they honestly didn’t care if it was.  Instead, they were concerned about what would happen to Xavier if he performed it.  They feared that he would either end up in jail or end up dead.  Regardless of the fact that the majority of the people there told him not to do it, he decided to do it anyway.  He grabbed his chainsaw, brought it to his garage, and placed it on the concrete floor.  He then went to his bedroom to change into a different set of clothes.  He was going to wear khaki pants, a white shirt, a long black sleeved jacket, red gloves, and brown boots.
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Ashes (Chapter 27)
       The rest of my night was filled with snippets of other dreams, mostly filled by the dark warmth of sleep. But the dream about my heart stuck with me all night long. I might have had it multiple times, which would make sense seeing how well I remembered it.
       We were awoken by the sound of the church bell, right as the sun rose above the horizon. Ugh. I rolled over and just about flattened Emma. If she hadn’t been awakened by the bell, she was certainly awake now. She groaned unhappily and struggled to push me off of her.
       “Ashe, get your fat butt off of me!”
       “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, putting more weight on her. I smirked. This was followed by a squeak and more struggling. I’m not entirely sure, but I think she tried to bite me? To be fair, I had pinned her arms to her side.
       I rolled off of her, and she coughe
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