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Rhetorical Crises
“Freud's ultimate mega hyper tactic!” 
“Nietzsche’s counter defense response technique!”
“Marx’s super convincing payment method!”
Alex groaned. The constant shouting had her ears ring. Her head throbbed and no amount of painkillers fixed it. The blonde woman had her cheek pressed against her desk. She anxiously watched the clock in front of her. Five minutes left then the torture will commence again. 
She hated the call center with a passion. Why she thought working here was a decent job was beyond her. No amount of coffee helped swallow the cringe-inducing voices of her coworkers. She was willing to find whoever thought this was a good idea and tie them up in her chair to endure the hellhole for a day. Her discarded headset taunted her.
The day had been off to an awful start. A bird pooped on her shoe. Someone dropped off monkeys in accounting. The HR department contracted poison ivy. The main system went offline countless tim
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 11 4
I drifted through life in a void of depression. I would sleep all day, feeling like garbage. So much time had passed without any answers. But, today I awoke to find something had changed. I stood on a cloud, staring at the Pearly Gates.
:iconasahi-taichou:Asahi-Taichou 2 1
BTT: The Raid
Shadows were toppling over the valley. Soba was no longer a pup and the young rook understood what it meant to be a leader. The only problem was that everything turned around out of the blue. With Rikki gone, Soba was no longer safe from being the one getting bullied even when he was grown up but something was about to change.
Trona, Soba’s mother, was full with rage. She got hit pretty badly by the coming masses of handlers. Little did the dove know that it was for the best as the food resources went scarce and lots of her friends already died due to starvation. Soba understood his mother’s rage too well. The rook had lots of opponents already and the flood wouldn’t stop. Lots of his former loaf mates ran out of the valley in fear of getting caught. The raven rook stood close to his mother and both fended the people off and their kukuri got chased away too, but everytime they came back with more.
“Soba! We need to go deeper into the valley!” shouted Trona
:iconcrashfurs:Crashfurs 1 0