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You were the one who created teeth in my mind so I could chew my thoughts and swallow them without feeling the pain of the sharp edges of my memories that I still can’t seem to forget. You drank my blood from one of your precious wine-glasses to expunge all of my feelings. All of them were gone the moment you swallowed the last drop of crimson-coloured blood. You ate my heart and took my sun and moon, my clouds and my rain. The flame burning so passionately within me extinguished the moment you took it all and even though I could see the stars fall down I couldn’t wish for life anymore because I had died long before you took my heart.
In the silence of this eternity, banished away unwillingly, I sought presence and found only me. Decrypted the words, never thought of immortality. Perhaps the way it oozed down my throat reminded me that the most petty of poisons were cured with a stone; I pulled it from my gut, terrified, tranquilized, and I never stopped to wonder what y
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Drop Bear Physiology
Drop Bear Physiology
By Andre Partridge
》Drop Bear (Thylarctos plummetus)
• Height: 130 centimetres (4'3" Ft)
• Weight: 120 kilograms (264 Lbs.)
~ (List of Powers & Abilities):
☆ Enhanced Bite
☆ Enhanced Senses
☆ Enhanced Agility
☆ Enhanced Endurance
☆ Nocturnal Adaptation
☆ Enhanced Durability
☆ Enhanced Strength
☆ Enhanced Climbing
☆ Speed Swimming
☆ Enhanced Leap
☆ Enhanced Speed
☆ Enhanced Eating
☆ Matter Ingestion
☆ Claw Retraction
☆ Acidic Saliva
☆ Dermal Armor
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Lore: Bond: For honor
Rikki yawned angrily as she woke up after all the ruckus outside. What was going on now?
The guard trotted outside and spotted Jun fending off the now well-known pearl prairie Crevice. “^×&!*#” yelled the man but Crevice only snarled at him which made Rikki squint. Did he dare to show his teeth at her master’s mate? Sure, Jun wasn’t a saint either but this behaviour was unacceptable especially if Crevice wanted to stay by Rikki’s side. Gimlet mentioned it at one point.
Noticing that the hazed dove came incredibly fast towards him, Crevice’s mouth shut close and the rook stepped back from the human. “Rikki, I can explain! He got this pokey stick.” The pearl rook explained but Rikki rolled her eyes. “Shut up, that’s just a broom.” “Br.. Broom?” But before Crevice could do something, the hazed dove rammed him to the ground with ger curved horns. “Don’t try something stupid with them. They se
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