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Prologue: Origin
The room is quiet, save for the clink of metal against metal and the feverish mumbling of a genius at work.
Tools litter the floor, but are seized each in turn without warning, as if with no clear direction, to tighten this, connect that. Materials pile up, collected from anywhere and everywhere, the products of hours of sweat and labour.
But there is direction to this chaos. A purpose. A plan. There are things to be learned here, success or fail. The excitement is electric.
This is where it begins.
This is the origin.
/System start.......
//Date: XX/XX/XX
//Time: XX : XX
//Coordinates: XX°XX’XX″X
/Searching wireless connections...
--No signal found
/Switching to sensory feedback...
/Auditory and visual systems start...
:icondragonoxide:dragonoxide 4 12
    “It just so happens, that I like to look to the skies while training on my planet,” Mercury said to me, “and not too long ago I saw a curious thing as I looked out into the space that surrounds my planet. There was a streak in the sky, something was leaving this little solar system of ours, and it was leaving quite fast. You visiting my planet again so soon after me seeing that streak going across the sky couldn't just be a coincidence. So what is it I saw, and why did you come to see me about it ?”
    “You saw the streak as it was leaving the solar system ?” I asked him excitedly, “You saw what direction it went in, and could follow it ?”
    “I did, and I could,” he said to me, “but before I say if I will, you still have to let me know what it is I saw. I can't go chasing something without knowing what it is, and why I am chasing it.”
:iconeternal-lucifer:Eternal-Lucifer 1 0
Writhing Shadow Arrives in Arkham
Shadow strolled down the hall like he was surveying his kingdom, maybe measuring the place for new carpet. It had been laughably easy to get in to Arkham, he would grant that the place was supposed to be more difficult to leave than to enter, though even he had heard the stories about how often some of the inmates let themselves out. The security in this wing was less than he had expected, next to none, and while he wasn't entirely surprised given the stories he was a tad bit disappointed. So far this was boring.
He had spent the past few minutes peeking into rooms that could uncharitably be called cells and wondering where the 'high risk patients' were kept. That wing probably had all sorts of fun stuff in it. It was an unfortunate downside of skipping the general reception area, he'd missed the map, but he wasn't that concerned. It allowed him to skip a few other things, like declaring himself to the front desk and finding out if they were equipped to deal with someone like him.
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Nigelopia 55-All The Fat Will Go Strait To My Butt
Hi, sweetheart! Reina here with more Nigelopian life! Last time, we resolved the Nigel issue, sort of! And this time is a time to party! We're having a sleepover with Marcus at Shauna’s place.
So, Booty Lover, I was looking back, and come to think of it, Marcus hasn't actually been in any of our accounts. I mentioned him in the very first one I did for you, but he's never actually played a full role in anything I've wanted to tell you about until now. This’ll be a great way for you to get to know Shauna’s brother, honey. And you're not even the only one; Rachel hasn't met him before either!
After leaving the Dark Alley Labyrinth, (Cool name, right? ;3 That's what we call it now!) we got to Shauna’s house and opened up her door, and she went in before us!
Shauna: *Enters!* Marcus-Boo~. Heeey! *Ruffles hair!*
Marcus: Shauna!! I've been waiting for you all night, girl. *Strokes her legs* How'd YOUR day go?
Shauna: It was good! Man, have I got a story for you, Marcu
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Elementalists Chptr 4 by David-Relics Elementalists Chptr 4 :icondavid-relics:David-Relics 1 0
Kapitel 8: Die Schlacht um Valparaiso Teil 2

Valparaiso, Chile. Nachts ...
Die Straßen der Stadt waren wie ausgestorben gewesen keine Laute, keine Geräusche, gar nichts ... alles war still geworden als das Gebrüll des Königs der Monster die Stadt und all ihre Bewohner zum Schweigen gebracht haben.
Hamuli selbst und ihr übriges Haustier blieben vor Schock stehen als der König persönlich nun aufgetaucht war und sie auch mit ein Blick aus gerechten Zorn und Wut sie schaute.
Dann nahm den Mut, wieder besitzt an die Tochter von Bagan und sah Godzilla Junior mit einem hasserfüllten Blick an und brüllte als Demonstration ihrer Verachtung gegen den König, dieser lässt sich nicht beeindrucken und sagt nun zu ihr wo man leider nur Brüllen, fauche, Knurren und Seufzen zu hören waren. Außer für Hybriden und jenen die Segen Mothra's konnte diese Klar und deutlich verstehen was er sagte.
„Hamuli ... du hast vie
:iconmiguelofking:MiguelofKing 1 0
Golden Wolf, part 25
Chapter 25: Stakeout Absence
“… And then, Rina, after a jolly good time of scratching the palisade with her claws, just looked up at Father with her best puppy eye look and cocked her head, with a soft whine.” Joanne mused, letting out a realistic whine that just got a couple of odd looks their way, though most of the people were looking past, searching for the poor dog that made the sound. “Pardon me,” Joanne whispered, realizing her faux pas.
They were dinning at a small restaurant just a couple of blocks away from the apartment, in the midpoint between the guardian’s HQ and his own apartment. He wasn’t one to cook, so most of the days, he ate whatever he stumbled onto on the way home, which made him an expert on the restaurants and takeouts in the area. This place had the best desserts he’s ever tested. And there was some joy in seeing Joanne finding them delicious.
“Just be careful,” Jensen admonished, though he wasn
:iconmalagua:MaLAgua 1 0
Cryptic - Charlotte Pt 1
Cryptic – Charlotte Pt. 1
Genre: Space Fantasy
Characters: Michael Marlowe and Charlotte Fleming
Setting: The Crypt, immediately following the events in Cryptic 7
Prompt: Snowflake
Story Word Count: 985
I spent the day working on some business matters. That’s a nice way of saying I was writing letters to clients who still owed me money. I couldn’t help but think about Charlotte, though. There was something in the back of my mind that said I knew Charlotte from somewhere. Most of the time, I will figure it out after a while. I wasn’t that lucky that day.
After work, I dropped a few coins to get a small bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. Then I headed home to take a shower. I hadn’t worked up a sweat doing paperwork, but if the evening went as Charlotte had intimated, I wanted to be clean. Dawn called after I had gotten out of the shower. We talked for a while. I lied when she asked if I had plans for the evening. Dawn admitted to having a business din
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Darkness Rising Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C Clark's Third Law
Aoife dozed in and out of conciousness as Pendleton guided her to what she assumed was his residence. Her assumptions were proved correctly, when the old De Ja Vu plant came into view. An old luxury car manufacturing plant that went bankrupt in the seventies, the City had never quite got around to demolishing it and at this point it just stood as a reminder of a simpler time and how different the town used to be.
Pendleton walked passed the front gate and down a side alleyway, to a piece of the chainlink that had been cut in such a way it was unnoticeable unless you really scrutinized it.
unclipping a couple strands of the thin metal from notches in the post he peeled the entire panel of chainlink back and help Aoiffe slip inside.
They entered from the front corner of the main courtyard, It had seemed as if the worst of Aoiffe's lightheadedness had passed, and she let go o
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Bowman Lost 10 - Memories
Bowman crouched down on the railing to watch the world go by. Without thinking, his hands dropped to the surface beneath him and brushed over the pronounced grain of the dead wood. The railing came from a tree that had long since died for the humans to build their dwellings. It was so different from the way the sprites used trees.
Far away, tucked away in the very center of Wellwood, his home, the village nestled on a stand of pine trees. Each home was shaped out of the wood itself, often with the trunk as support and propped up on a branch. Everything smelled of pine, strong and alive, and the wood grain wasn’t just a side effect. It was part of home and safety.
Bowman tried to drown out the sound of cars roaring by on the streets below. Instead, he let himself hear the memory of the stream, rushing by the village with clearer water than anything he’d seen since he’d been taken away.
The sun was flirting with the horizon, and that meant that there’d be f
:iconpl1:PL1 6 4
DotW: Meeting at Misthelm Watch
DotW: Meeting at Misthelm Watch
Featuring: as Tadita as Shiantara
Shiantara took a rest and inhaled the fresh, cool air of late fall that already carried the breath of winter. Her paws ached from the long way she had travelled today, but now, she felt, she was finally close to the end of her journey. The wind carried the scent of another pack close by, and this time, it seemed more welcoming to her than the last one.
A few days ago, she had closely passed the territory of yet another pack… but she didn´t like the swampy landscape they seemed to call their home, and the scent marks of the resident pack had something about them that unsettled her, so she had continued her journey northwards.
But here, it was different. Here, there were lush, deep forests, with high, old trees hung with moss. It felt almost mystic to Shiantara, and it made her fur bristle with joy. This territory seemed more wel
:iconaileea:Aileea 5 2
Fellowship Rising, Chapter 13, Parts 2, 3, 4
Roosevelt watched as the net names blinked out, to be replaced by others hoping for a view of the car wreck. PirateJack. CPDuke. Ms.atra. 1Jeb. Yep, all the regulars. But with the video gone, no one stayed longer than a few minutes: griped, gossiped, speculated, and logged out. Fear was the new byword. Someone in authority, they’d finally realized, was eavesdropping and just might be taking names. The trolls stayed the longest, stirring the pot, but eventually even they wrapped themselves in the cloak of invisibility and snuck away.
One name was still there from the original group of ghouls.
“DBCooper?” Hellava moniker. New, if Hines recalled correctly. Not a gossip, based on the tenor of his comments. Not a buzzkill or a cheerleader. But not afraid to swim against the tide either. “Hmmm.” One of the Solomons, he decided. A voice of reason, willing to cut the baby in half if it made people think. That one will bear watching.
:icondenlm:denlm 1 19
A Charmed Life, Ch 27
The whole camp moved onward, pushing through the night, using the glow of the moon to light their way. There were times where the teams walked to rest and times where they pushed for all they were worth. Eric stayed in the wagon the whole trip. Tor didn't try to speak to him and he didn't seem eager to bridge the gap after the brusque tone she had used with him. Quite some time had passed since she had spoken to him like that. He wondered if his position in her life was sliding. The thought worried him.
It was late afternoon the following day when they finally pulled into town. Tor dropped the horses and teams in the corrals at the livery stable, paid the hostlers to feed and water the herd before taking her copy of the will and Eric and heading off down the main boardwalk in search of the solicitor. It didn't take but just a few minutes to find one. Two blocks down, a sign hung over a doorway that caught her eye. "John McCormick and Sons." Beside the names was the image of the ha
:iconcoalwhite:coalwhite 1 0
W5-In The End...
Tempest groaned in pain as he hit the ground hard. Everything happened so fast, it was all a blur for him. The last thing he saw was Myir’s teeth but wasn’t sure where he had bitten. All he knows is that he had been thrown off the Golem and was laying on the ground, practically waiting to be finished off. He slowly raised his head, only to see his new ally crumble to the ground, drained of magic from more nullifying devices being placed on it. He growled, clawing the dirt in anger. A pair of hand had slipped under his shoulders and helped lift him up. Temmel wrapped Tempest’s arm around his neck and began to walk off. “Come on Tempest! Reinforcements are coming! We gotta move!” Temmel shouted as he tried to get Tempest to walk alongside him. Tempest looked back at the Golem, frowning. All that effort trying to get it back up...was or nothing. “Where’s….Emma?” Tempest asked. “Don’t worry, she’s safe with Jezzebelle
:icondemonfoxkyubi:DemonfoxKyubi 4 3
Bermuda vs Alyzia
    Bermuda adjusted his leather wrappings on his hands and wore two swords: a machete on his back and a larger blade at his hip. He had multiple syringes on his sword belts: white, black, yellow, green, red, and blue.
    Bermuda cracked his neck. “Pendejo hijo de puta! You five want out, then I’ll be your opponent. Bring it, cabron!”
    Charles turned to his right, seeing Drady and Alyzia. He then looked to his left, where Leigh stood. Larry picked up an arrow from a dead merc. Charles spun his chain and charged. Bermuda cocked his head back, barely dodging a thrown arrow. Charles swung his chain but Bermuda ducked, landing a punch to his gut.
    Charles’ eyes got wide and he staggered back. That was much harder than I thought! He grunted as Bermuda rushed, going into a roll to dodge a knife that flew over him, and popped up with a punch. Charles swung the chain at Bermuda’s arm
:icondesertfox088:DesertFox088 1 0
The Great Bridge 3.23
'Just one more stop. One more, and then we're done,' I sighed, repeating my mantra for the millionth time. We'd been playing catch up all day today, and to say it was wearing on me was being generous. After multiple weeks of nonstop work, we'd left the office with our inbox completely empty for the first time since we'd gotten back. In an act of celebration, Henry, Amy, and I took it upon ourselves to finally check in with our friends' families, whom we hadn't had a chance to see since dealing with Atlers.
Our first stop had been the Manors' house, following Chris there after leaving Shale, which had been a whirlwind in and of itself. His mom, Kathy Manors, had been kept abreast of our goings on, but was still overjoyed to see us in person. As usual she talked our ears off, and it took all of our powers combined to finally get us out the door and onto our next destination.
From his spot beside me, Henry glanced at me with a tired expression. The Hooper residence, our second stop
:iconsukai-kitsune:sukai-kitsune 1 0
rainworld 71: the chains of grief
Rainy fiercefully stood up. He was struggling to stay up. His legs were very painful But he gazed at the darkness menacingly.
"you'll be going back to your home, jake. Like it or not." The darkness giggled in a creeping way.
"look. Your friends have come here." it said
The crimson blur became clear. There were people sitting on the rotten chairs. All of them were adults. They had masks of owls on their faces which looked at him with no emotion. Rainy was scared. His eyes were open of terror.
A clanking chain appeared from the darkness and slowly snaked towards rainy, twisting and turning terrifyingly. He stepped back. He was struggling to breathe. He had no choice but to go back. The darkness talked in an oddly, Calm way. It seemed sad. It seemed fatherly.
"why are you stepping away, jake?" it quietly whispered.
As another metallic chain appeared behind him. He couldn't go anywhere. He was terrified. All he did was closing his eyes. He could feel the force swirling up to his heart. A m
:iconcreativemilitary:CreativeMilitary 3 8
The Hunter and the Red Hair Witch, Chapter 50
(Eva's POV)

After seeing and feeling Nick's nod of agreement that he would stay quiet, Eva quickly removed her hand.
"I had a feeling that Hank wouldn't allow anyone else to get in his way of bringing down a Siegbarste who he thought as just some guy killing off people that he knows. So I decided to try a potion that allows me to transform into an identical copy of the person who's DNA I use. Now I think Hank will try to give you the slip tonight and go confront this guy alone. I'm going to follow him and place him into a protected sleep while I lure the Siegbarste close to me. I brought a weapon we have that kills Siegbarstes."
Eva explained to Nick in a heavy whisper.
To his credit, Nick didn't try to poke her to see if he was real, he did however stand there with a odd expression on his face.
"Hey Nick, you okay in there?" Hank jokingingly shouted from his living room as he finished double checking all the doors and windows locks.
"How many clothes do you need? You
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[COMMISSION] Stephanie's Konoha Adventure Part 2
When she found the note pinned to her door that morning Ino had suspected something was wrong. But as she reached the spot she had been instructed to wait at she was struck by a wave of regret at ever having left her house. Something felt so off about this whole thing that it made her skin crawl. The loam on the forest floor was soft and pungent; no one had disturbed it for quite some time prior to her arrival. It wasn’t like Sakura to pick a meeting place without scoping it out first. She didn’t need to wait long to have her suspicions confirmed though, as a twig snapping nearby told her that she was wrong about one thing: she was not alone.
Ino threw her arms up to intercept the attack a moment before it landed, but the force of the kick still knocked her back. Her heels sunk into the soft dirt up to her ankles as pain exploded in her forearms. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt an attack that strong. She moved to side-step the follow-up hit but the soft g
:iconlily-celeste:Lily-Celeste 6 0
The Order of Nightmare: Wanted - Chapter 27
The Order of Nightmare
Chapter 27: Final Thoughts
“Is there a reason Lustrous and Luminous aren’t here with us?” asked Dazzle. “Shouldn’t they know too?”
“Lustrous and Luminous are occupied enough as it is,” No-name spoke, “Besides, I’m not sure what will happen after Bones is saved, which is why we need to be prepared. We are all wanted still, for now.”
“What’s the problem?” asked Xephora.
No-name sighed, “I personally do not feel good about this alliance that we have formed with the villains. Something seems off to me.”
“Thank you!” Mindstar growled, “I’ve been saying that the entire time. I don’t have enough experiences with Mindy, but I know for a fact that Klader is probably plotting something behind our backs,”
“I’m sending Crystal straight back to prison as soon as we’re finished with this,” Eric shook his head.
:icontheorderofnightmare:TheOrderOfNightmare 2 0
Mystek and Nano: The Escape (3)
Mystek pushed forward on the control sticks, sending their ship flying past the dark-rabbit’s, threading through the blockade of police.
    Sirens sounded behind them, and Nano turned to see the police ships turning around and chasing them, led by the dark rabbit. Bright red beams of light shot past them, barely missing their ship as Mystek tilted from side to side, dodging them. He flew the ship upwards, right in the middle of the traffic above them. He swerved back and forth through the other ships, before turning the corner at an intersection.
    As he turned, he started to pull up even further, until they were vertical. Nano looked behind them once more to see the ground rapidly growing smaller, before their pursuers appeared several yards behind them. More red shots fired from the dark rabbit’s ship, whizzing past their own.
    She turned to Mystek. “What the Hell is going on?”
    “Do you
:iconmystek-and-nano:Mystek-and-Nano 0 0
Dragon Gate | Aagan Iisou Farewell Tour - Tag 2
0 - Susumu Yokosuka (Yokosuka Cutter) Chocoball KOBE
1 - DoFIXER (Ryo Saito, Dragon Kid, Naoki Tanizaki {W}) (Casanova) Italian Collection (Milano Collection A.T., Anthony W. Mori, Luiji Ishimori {L})
2 - Takuya Sugawara (Buckingham Drop) Katsuhiko Nakajima
3 - FinalM2K (Masaaki Mochizuki, Kenichiro Arai {W}, Naruki Doi) (Hanshin Tiger Suplex) Magnum TOKYO, Super Shisa, Stalker Ichikawa {L}
4 - Italian Collection (YOSSINO {W}, Dolace Ohara) (Another Space) DoFIXER (Genki Horiguchi, KAGETORA {L})
5 - Crazy MAX (CIMA, SUWA {W}, Don Fuji, Shingo Takagi, JUN) (FFF - Face First Facebuster) Aagan Iisou (Shuji Kondo, TARU, brother YASSHI, Toru Owashi, SHOGO {L})
DoFIXER feel like they are gaining momentum more than ever, another direct win over the competition with Ryo Saito's team for today, while Tanizaki didn't get a direct win over M
:iconsfchampionship:SFChampionship 2 0