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Nigelopia Q and A!
Me: Hi, sweetie! Reina here. Today, I’ve gathered up most of the other girls who we’ve revealed SO FAR (there are a ton of people male and female that we still haven’t talked about even once!) and basically we’re going to do a little Q and A, answering YOUR questions! YOURS!!!
Shauna: A Q and A? Well, I’ve got the first question: What took us so long to do one in the first place? Lol. Is it because Miss Reina’s a lazy little lady?
Me: Nooooo… 😅 Of course that’s not the reason, Shaunaaa… I’ve been saving up the questions overtime so we could answer as many as possible in one fell swoop is all!
Shauna: Or maybe you’ve just been too busy playin’ Bloodstained. 😏 *Pokes her*
Me: Hee. Everyone else here’s been playing it too, why must you single ME out, big butt?!
Rachel: Wait, wait. Before you start… I have a question for myself. DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES AND PANCAKES?!?! DO DO DO DO, CAN’T W
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Gerald's journal: Why do I enable my daughter?
You know a frequent question I am asked, is do I know what my daughter is up to?  If I answers honestly with a simple yes, they are flabbergasted and either go on to reveal the debauchery my daughter gets up to as if I did not know, which begs the question why was the question asked in the first place. Or  they go on about how it is quite horrible that I allow my daughter to get up to such things.  I will admit I am not much of a father, but at least my daughter knows I love her and I try to do right by her.   My daughter is no monster, she is very self centered which is true, and I give her what she wants, but in the end she deserves it. 
    I do not merely shower gifts on Bianca because she asks for them, or that I'm compensating for being away.  Bianca is quite happy with the level of contact I have with her, even if I do not get to see her we talk every day sharing our lives,  yes I am aware of who is in what pool toy
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"Where are we?”
“Wrong question.”
“What do you mean?”
“When are we. And who are we.”
“When? Who? What do you mean?”
“We’re still in the same place. But outside of time. And we’re many.”
“How many?”
“Open your eyes and see for yourself.”
Luane forced her eyes open, stared into the bright light. But by staring into the light, the intensity faded away, revealed something different, something upsetting: No matter where she looked, everything looked the same. The same plateau, the same cliffs, the same ocean and the same faint wash of the waves slamming against the island. Even the sun above her wasn’t just a single, orange ball, but a giant ring above her head, merging in a countless number of more rings next to each other. And this odd looking, dark Lugia stood in front of her. But no – not just one…more than three dozen of them stood around her, only one being so terrib
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In Vino Veritas - 29. Menace in Purple
Kirkuk, Iraq
One of Nyx' men handed Athena an Elite Dark SIG Sauer P226. She recognized him as Mehdad, he who had lost two fingers. He was sitting next to Corinthia in the back while Denis squeezed in with Fatima on the opposite seat. Athena took place next to Nyx in the front seat, Nyx pressed the accelerator and with a roar of engines they were off, the other two vehicles falling in behind then.
"You okay, Corinthia?" Athena asked and the younger woman hummed affirmative as the convoy of three Jeep Wranglers sped quickly through the narrow streets.
"I thought you'd all set out to kill yourself," she went on. "Had me really worried there, don't ever do it again!"
"We'll try not to," Denis promised.
"Or at least take me with you next time," she added. "I'm not made of spun sugar you know."
"I would've thought that," Mehdad said, "you're sweet enough."
Corinthia just replied with a headshake and a titter and a few bantering words were exchanged. Then suddenly Nyx heaved all her w
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Mages of the North - Chapter 7
Back in his room, Floris started emptying his backpack of all the herbs and other plants he had collected on his journey to Arrowhead Loch. He carefully placed each and every herb where they belonged in the desired chest and started writing down notes of how many he had collected. Unfortunately, he hadn't collected anywhere near enough herbs to completely restock his chests; judging by his calculations, he would need to make another twelve trips to Arrowhead Loch to completely restock on resources.
"Great! The village is out of food and I'm out of alchemy supplies! This is not good timing; I don't have the time for this!" Floris frustratedly thought. With a heavy sigh, he grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulders, "I might as well make another trip out there. Maybe I can catch a break this time and actually bring something of use back to the village."
He restocked his arrows, grabbed his bow and his walking stick, and made his way out the front door of his house. But before
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Fusion: Chapter 1: What Time Forgot
The gasp that split the air went unheard by any except its maker. In the dark, they could feel the chill around them and the dampness in the air. Groping blindly, a hand emerged over the edge of a stone sarcophagus and slowly the body sat up. Eyes opened, but saw nothing. The darkness was complete. With a slight tremor, the other hand rose and its fingers clenched. There was a pause, and then light began to bleed from between the fingers. As the slender hand opened, a light lifted off the palm and hovered over the head. Even with the light things were bleak. The cave was barren, except for the sarcophagus. Slowly, aware of the pain in every joint, the body stood. Glancing down at the rags that were once robes, the mind finally caught up with something.
His name was Silas Tarsi. The last thing he could remember was falling asleep.
Silas's shambled across the uneven cavern floor. The light he had conjured followed him, remaining just over his head. The only exit he could find led him int
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TLOV BK1 Chapter 7: Berry Bad
Iceleta darted out of the cave without much thought.
If it was a chance she saw, it was a chance she took.
She had to see her father. She missed him.
With unmatched agility, she braved the winds and scaled down the rocky cliffs that separated her home from the forests beneath her. She had traversed the mountain cliffs so many times before that she could remember every crack and every little crevice of it by heart.
She could only hope that her father hadn't fallen into the mountain crag, which was basically a massive pitfall that had limestone spikes at the bottom that were as sharp as spears, as well as the primitive skeletons that lined the floor of the chasm. The memory of discovering this "hell-hole" was always fresh in her memory to this day. There was a perfect reason, after all, she had always dubbed it "The Jaws of Death, Population: Death" in the past; it had always given her bad vibes.
Now, she knew why.
Iceleta couldn't imagine how she would react if she found her Father dead
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Wings of Black (Raven TF) - Chapter seven by combine126 Wings of Black (Raven TF) - Chapter seven :iconcombine126:combine126 0 0
Cryptids Chapter 1: Welcome to Terra
Chapter 1: Welcome to Terra. 380 years later.
6:00 AM, October 1st 2417.
Captains Quarters aboard Unified Terran Starship vessel: Phoenix.

The alarm woke up the sole occupant of the cold metal room from his slumber, its shrill noise quickly brought the man to his senses. With a failed attempt to stop the alarm by slamming his hand on the button he looks up and slams his open palm on the button to cease the incessant noise. Groggily he struggles to gets out of the comfort of the firm spring mattress. He swung his feet with haste out of the cosy cotton comfort that was his bed spread and mattress and recoiled in shock to the cold touch of the five inch Titanium plate beneath him. Rising to stand with effort his weary bones and joints cracked and popped underneath from the weight that was now forced upon them. The room was dimly lit as the overhead lights had been dimmed significantly but now with the occupant awake the start to quickly lighten up and blinding the man. Slowly he sh
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The Egg Thief - Chapter Three
Grey waited where the cobblestoned Air Gardens gave way to the Anchorage, blinking away the last blurry remnants of sleep. The familiar sounds of airships rising and falling carried on the gentle breeze and already the smell of fish and fumes smothered everything.
The Anchorage was a crater scooped out of the city, where airships used to dock and roost before wyrmlings tunnelled and took the rock. It was filled with the picked-clean carcasses of old hulls, and now airships anchored to the huge metal studs around the crater’s edge. Leaning over the expanse was a tower of platforms where passengers could board or disembark, and cargo was hauled on and off by pulleys and cranes.
Grey stared up to the sky where the ropes and chains swung back and forth, and airships hovered. One of those ships was waiting to carry him off across the seas to the Frozen Wastes. But which one, he couldn’t tell. Quill weaved between the anchor lines and settled on Grey’s outstretched arm. The
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A Draconic Odyssey - Chapter 17
Chapter 17
The echoes of someone knocking on the door reverberated throughout the study. Sanctullator brushed aside his current work, and corrected his posture.
“Come in.”
The wooden door screeched as it moved backwards. An irate Sanctullator shook his head. Justitia be damned, when are those lazy carpenters going to fix that godawful door? A cloth shoe shuffled onto the marble floor. Gradually, a man with long red hair leaned into the door frame. He bore the uniform of the Wizard Corps, its bright contrast all the more accented by the light from the chandelier.
“And you are?”
“My apologies, General.”
Sanctullator slammed his hands on the desk. “What was that?”
The visitor bit his tongue, and erratically brushed the sleeves of his robe. “Err, my apologies, your excellence. I didn’t mean any-”
“Oh nonono, you’re not brushing this aside like dust off of that poncey robe, y
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Artist's nightmare #18 - Leap of faith
Have you ever been in that moment where you need to make that leap of faith, metaphorical or literal, and you just can't make yourself do it, no matter how many times you say "jump?" That was exactly me at that moment. I was standing there, staring at the machines, trying to find the right way to the gem without getting decapitated by some of the moving parts. That was the biggest problem. I couldn't rely on my divine creativity and that place was swarming with pistons, conveyor belts, and sorting mechanisms. All it would take is one second and I could end up with a serious injury. I knew that far too well. Back in the... previous world, I had a friend who used to work near some metalworking machines, and one day, he just put his hand in the wrong place and in the next second, he didn't have a finger anymore. That was a fate I didn't want to follow no matter what.
In my mind, I started to create a map. The main thing that was transporting bottles of water across the room, would always
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Becoming a Legend - Chapter 6, Part 6
       ´Stop!` Tealas roared as he saw the vampire tear up the metal grate from the street. He wouldn't let the bastard get away, not when they had finally found him. The vampire fell as the grate gave way and landed on his back in the street. Tealas lifted the crossbow and aimed at the vampire as his horse ran forward. It would be hard to hit from the horse, but he had done it before. He saw Odefin lift the sun symbol again and utter another prayer to increase the light and send another light beam at the evil creature. The dark vampire glanced their way, his glowing eyes red and wide, looking every bit like the monster he was. Then he quickly got back up and threw himself at the hole in the street, moving with incredible speed.
       Tealas shouted angrily at him, knowing he would be too slow to get to the monster before he vanished into the hole. He pulled the reins of his horse and it stopped with a whinny, its hooves scraping dangerousl
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Night Calm chapter 2
 Ellie sat on a park bench in the early afternoon after a long walk, something which had become common for her lately. An image of the two nightcalmen she had met two weeks ago now flitted through her mind.
 “I can’t stop thinking about those two. Of course, who could stop thinking about meeting strange people from another dimension?” she thought.
 Restlessly, Ellie got up and started walking again, thinking as she walked. “I really wonder where their wayfarer’s point was. But humans can’t see them obviously. Either that or they look like everyday objects. I could have walked passed it without knowing. I would like to be able to find it just to know where it is.”
 Ellie walked for a while without taking in her surroundings. Head down, she stared at the sidewalk only looking around every once in awhile until something caught her eye. This something was the wrought iron fence of Maple View cemetery. She stood in the street loo
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Part of your World Part 17 (Commision) End
Ariel was released by her father as the mermaid took the hands of Steth. King Triton gave Steth a warm smile putting a hand on the Naga’s left shoulder. He had his blessing more than ever now. Steth had kept his promise to him by protecting her since he took her from Atlantica. He had a been a very good influence upon her and she had learned valuable life lessons that had made her more mature and responsible. No doubt in his mind that Steth was indeed the one for his daughter and though it may never have been his first choice he was happy for his daughter and for Steth. He swam off to the side taking his place near the great statue on the far right of it allowing Natira to begin the ceremony.
Natira raised her staff high and gently tapped the bottom end on the ground silencing anyone that was speaking around the chamber. Everyone quieted themselves.
“Welcome to you all! We are gathered within the sight our great father, Oro’s to bear witness to the bonding of Steth ou
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Operation Rectal Revenge (Part Two)
Part Two: Dante's Hero / Dante and Curtis (or Curtis and Dante)
"Real great plan you had back there! In case you haven't noticed, we STILL have a bunch of brainless, mangy flea-bags after us!" Dante seethed, thrusting branches and cobwebs out of his face as he barrelled aimlessly through the forest.
Curtis didn't have to shove anything out of his way - he was small enough to duck underneath. Still, it wasn't all rosy. He was working double-time to keep up with the much faster Dante. These little legs were not built for endurance.
"I'm starting to get why they're pissed at you," he remarked with a roll of his eyes. "And I told you already. I didn't have a plan, that was all improv!"
"Oh, like that wasn't obvious at all!"
Dante tore back a hefty curtain of hanging ivy and wisteria. Without thinking, he held it open long enough to allow Curtis to pass through alongside him.
"Without you, I might've experienced the luxury of being digested by now," he stated
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First encounters, connections and self-redemptions by TheGamingCentaur First encounters, connections and self-redemptions :iconthegamingcentaur:TheGamingCentaur 1 0
Knight (Trust AU)
Adrian was all too eager to snatch up the coffee order as soon as he the bemused barista set it on the counter. He almost brushed hands with the guy in his haste, and didn’t even flinch. A quick thanks later and he was taking that first eager sip. He’d ordered it iced so he could start in on his caffeine fix as fast as possible. It was a distracted, tired sort of morning.
Adrian was mortified. It amazed him that he hadn’t died of embarrassment.
He’d received a rude awakening that morning when his neighbor and landlord had awkwardly patted his shoulder where he sat slumped against his door. All in all, that conversation might have been the most awkward in his life. She knew of his touch aversion, but since he’d passed out on his own doorstep, she worried. He had to assure her he hadn’t been out drinking. The studying must have caught up, is all.
God. He was lucky rent wasn’t due for a while. He didn’t think he could face her for at least a
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Fleur Girls -(2)
Chapter 2: Keep Me Grounded
A young woman worriedly toyed with one of her low, deep brown twintails as she glanced at the cash register. Her sandy colored cheeks puffed slightly in frustration as she gnawed at her glossy lip.
Harper returned back to their post after serving a customer and noticed the girl's struggle. "Is it still broken, Malaya?"
She stole a quick glance at her coworker before returning her round eyes to the cash register. "I'm afraid so," she said, "I don't understand why the screen is still black."
The rose-haired male peaked over the woman's shoulder to take a look at the register. "I can have it replaced," he said after only a few seconds, "Until then, we'll just share mine."
Just then, the familiar jingle of the bell caught both adults' attention. As usual, it was Phoenix.
Malaya, who had been informed by the other workers of the daily customer, grinned and patted Harper's shoulder. "Well, I guess that's your cue to start your lunch break."
Harper returned
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    "Do you really have to go?" Farzana asked from her spot on their bed. Tokemi set her headband down on her vanity and spun around to face her.
    "I do, my dear. I need to change the past so things may progress as initially planned."
    "But does it have to be now? We've only just been able to be by ourselves again. I don't want to lose you a second time." Farzana's words pierced Tokemi like a knife, sorrow radiating out from her chest. Tokemi's eyes softened and she got up to sit beside Farzana.
    "I have to, my star. I promise you we'll meet again, no matter what. I'll spend years searching for you if I have to." Tokemi took Farzana's hands in her own, her ruby red eyes meeting Farzana's eternally blue ones. "We'll meet again, I swear to whatever's out there beyond us. I'll make sure of it."
    Farzana sniffled once more and Tokemi gently pulled her into a hug. The pair sat in silence once more as Tokemi soothingly rubbed her
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Wenus' Destiny [Chapter XV]
Wenus had just started her duty. The woman appeared in a long, white smock in the Emergency. She held a cup of coffee in her hand. It was Summer, so there could be victims of accidents...
Suddenly the big door opened and the paramedics brought an unconscious woman... She had wounds on her body...
„There are gonna be more victims!” those were the first words of Dan before he would start to talk about the woman's condition.
„Wait... I recognize her – she's a student at the university! I remember her from our concert!” then Wenus started to examine Elenia.
„She was found in the forest along with three other students by one of the local hunters. It looks like some wild animal must have attacked them!” Dan explained. „The girl has lost a lot of blood. She's unconscious. Some of her wounds are deep.” - after those words the paramedic told Wenus about all the medicines he had given to that student.
„I'm gonna call Nemesis th
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final fantasy crossover part 5: the eternal
rated pg-13 for intense violence, peril, tiny bits of hot love and mild blood.
let's begin
time is running out for the crew of team cloud and team zack and then sephiroth summons the dark power of dark raiden.
meanwhile, the gang were almost captured by devil gundam but then vincent has other ideas ''any last words?" "eat this, robot!'' shooting with his machine guns they leap for action and then yuffie got the ninja stars and tossed them, killing the robots and then zack and gundam both duel each other.
wielding with sword and one with gun they are ready but then guess who is here: aerith with her wings growing from her back, carries chris thorndyke
and tails also flies into this battlefield and then zack and devil gundam hacking and slashing and then he chopped gundam's arm and then he pulled a combination of tombstone piledriver meets stabbing and he stunned the robot with the piledriver and then stabbing him with the sword.
''yeah!'' vincent shouted ''good show'' shouted yuffie and
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