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~oSaC~ Nightmare 1: Going Under

Dream Recollection #1
I had another nightmare last night. I don't remember the beginning - I'm pretty sure it started as a good dream - but I remember at some point I was at the lake on a really big version of my little boat, and I was with Palepelt... but he wasn't himself, he was a doll? Like, it was him but he looked like his doll but like as big as he really is? You know what I mean. And were were just like... doing shit on the boat, I can't exactly remember, when the water started to rock and shake and i fell off the boat and- She takes a deep breath. And he tried to save me but his big dumb doll feet couldn't grab me and I just... I sank like a rock way down to the bottom. And the water turned all gold the deeper I went down. It was weird... I could breathe, but it was really hard, like someone was sitting on my chest. And the worst part was I couldn't hear. Everything was like... wobbly and heavy on my ears, you know? Like loud and...
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Metamorphosed to Malleability (83rd Shift)
The Eighty-Third Shift: Concealed
The postal carrier was astonishingly fast, depositing Brielle outside Miss Green’s door in less than half an hour from starting his rounds. He grunted as he set the sixty-odd kilogram box next to the door then rang the doorbell. “Damn, did she order bricks or what?” he asked the cart while massaging his lower back.
Brielle was surprised yet not shocked the carrier had left her unattended. With the building’s security it was extremely unlikely they had problems with porch pirates. Carefully searching along the hall for any sign of cameras she poked a pseudopod under the door. As promised the apartment was empty. She slithered through the gap, the slim earbud just barely making it with a bit of tugging.
Inside she flowed towards what the floorplan had indicated was the master bedroom. Puddling in front of the closet door she pulled up into an asexual, doughy humanoid form. Pierrette's caution about the possibility
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Yu-Gi-Oh GUARDIANS VOLUME 2 Episode 26
Dara and Tashi set off towards their second beacon and are forced to take a detour due to debris, but along the way they end up running into Jake and Teri, and the four have a touching reunion. Jake and Tashi banter about how Jake hasn’t managed to reach a beacon yet, and it gets slightly heated but Dara and Teri cool them both down. Dara suggests that they travel together for a time, as they are headed in the same direction and all are happy to comply. After walking some distance, Tashi is getting frustrated and asks if there is a faster route, and Jake tells them that he knows a shortcut to where they all need to go, but that it is dangerous, as it will take them through a graveyard that is supposedly haunted. Jake says that it would be preferable to just keep going, but they overrule him, and they take the shortcut. They enter the graveyard, and begin to hear strange noises, which cause them to feel that they made a mistake. Then, they are ambushed by a spectre who
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Hunting - Unfriendly
Normally Hamlet and Willow never got along. Willow was a thoughtful, quiet Tokota that like to be on her own, while Hamlet thought that he was the most remarkable creature to have ever existed. However, they had one thing in common and that was that they didn’t enjoy strangers. While their handler, Al, was trying to navigate the big dire that served as his mount while the other four Tokota in their party hunted, Willow and Hamlet were left to mistrust and keep away from the two members of their group that had come from a neighbouring pack.
Ethan and Ursyla were kind despite the other Tokotas’ mistrust. Ethan in particular was friendly and tried to start up a conversation with their companions multiple times, only to receive the cold shoulder or a short answer which left little room for a discussion. Still, the barbary tried several more times while Ursyla soon realised that it would not help them at all to even attempt a friendship with these Tokotas. She was a frien
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Noodle [YGGR]
Not long after completing their first Trial, the one involving the Reef, Requiem noticed that one of the tourmalines they had come into possession of was decorated with a curious insignia. Rather that the insignia was that of the halo that spun about lazily over their head, which they pinched between their fingers and pulled down to compare the two entirely. Curious.

It was apparently a "Beast Pact Regalia" or something of the sort. "And what does it do?" they asked no one in particular, and was only slightly surprised to receive a response from a 'Copy nearby, who seemed happy to help.
"Gives you a Familiar! A little magical creature to call your own."
Requiem didn't use it, at first. They put the regalia on a shelf in their home and promptly forgot about it for a while. Long enough to see the war reach some mode of peace, and wander the City while everyone was off being edible creatures and fighting some sadistic Mystic. They may as well have continued to forget about it unti
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The Willow Man's Rain
Once there was a man who's family's charge for generations was to grow the sacred Willow trees for all of the valley to have and to use. He had taken over the duty from his father when he reached his maturity as was tradition, and the trees thrived under his gentle care. But one year, a dreadful drought set its teeth into the land, baking the earth until it cracked, drawing every spare drop of moisture up from the grounds out of a jealous spite, some said. It didn't matter the cause, but the effect upon the sacred grove. The saplings withered and died early on, and some of the older growth was quickly on its way out. Even the aquifers were turning up dust.
Soon, only the oldest of the trees, with the deepest of tap roots still stood hale and strong. But if one knew where to look, its health was beginning to fail, and the man wept in fear and frustration. If the last willow succumbed to the drought, then the gods have surely turned their backs on his people, and they too would wither an
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All's Fair
Sawyer seemed hesitant to start, which Charlie didn’t understand. After all, the hunter wasn’t known for being hesitant in any sense of the word- that, and this whole thing had been his idea in the first place.
“You scared I am going to out finesse you?” Charlie asked, his voice equal parts wry and genuinely curious. A dry sort of smile crossed his weary face as Sawyer looked downright affronted.
“Wha- no!” Sawyer protested. The hunter glowered at the vampire. They were standing out in the middle of the woods - a patch of Oregon wilderness where nobody would bother them - during a wet, overcast evening. Sawyer had suggested they train a bit; it had been a while since he was able to spar with anybody, and since they were potentially going up against a powerful vampire he thought it was a good idea.
Of course Charlie was being a pain in the ass about it.
Charlie rolled up his shirtsleeves, his movements graceful and precise, unbothered by the cold and
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Yu-Gi-Oh GUARDIANS VOLUME 2 Episode 25
After the loss of Odd Eyes, Sheamus prepares a defence against gate guardian with the use of his Pendulums, enabling him to summon numerous monsters a turn. Noah gets more and more frustrated as Sheamus gets a more effective defence. Little does he realise that Sheamus has used his anger against him, and lured him into a trap. Using Sakuretsu Armour he manages to defeat the Gate Guardian and succeeds in vexing Noah even more, as Zoe looks on with delight. Elsewhere, Jake and Teri are still making progress towards their beacon, while they both sense the rage from Noah. Jake says that although he has no respect for Noah, he is concerned that Sheamus may not have the strength to do so. Teri tells him that he’s wrong, and that Sheamus is stronger than he seems. Jake hopes she is right. Also, Dara and Tashi are having a similar conversation, as Dara suggests that they go to help him, although Tashi tells her that it would simply lead to a fight within the grou
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Yu-Gi-Oh GUARDIANS VOLUME 2 Episode 24
As Noah settles in at his beacon, he starts to become edgy, as he cannot control the gem that he has stolen. Upon waking up, Sheamus and Zoe see what has happened, and that Noah has the gem, and is now as powerful as their fellow guardians. They try to dissuade him from doing any harm, but their protests fall on deaf ears. He claims that despite having gained this immense power, he must prove himself worthy of it, and challenges Sheamus to a re-match. Zoe tries to get Sheamus to decline, and wait for someone else to come, but he refuses and accepts Noah's challenge, saying that like before, he cannot wait for Dara or Cedric to fight his battles for him. They get started, and Sheamus begins to regret his decision, as Noah depletes his life points fast, as he cannot stop the gem from making him fight aggressively. At his base, Shroud feels the duel’s progress and is pleasantly surprised at Noah’s progress and states that he may yet prove to be a usefu
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Yu-Gi-Oh GUARDIANS VOLUME 2 Episode 23
In flashbacks set 3000 years ago, in the lands of ancient Egypt, we see a high priest known as “Shroud” sit in during a gathering of the Pharaohs most trusted servants. They are discussing how they can further guarantee the security of their country, when Shroud proposes using the magic granted by the netherworld to their advantage. Another high priest by the name of Sadim is adamantly against this, as he sees it as immoral and unjust. The council is divided on the course of action, until the Pharaoh comes in, stops their bickering, and demands that they find another means of achieving this end, and Shroud is left bitter. In the present, Dara and Tashi set up camp for the night, and Tashi comments on the origins of Shroud. Dara admits that she is unsure of the origins, and doubts that Jake even knows much, only that he has to be stopped. At the nest, Shroud has a flashback to egypt. Despite the ruling of the council, he has begun to use his status as
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