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Exploration - A Stormy Surprise
There were two half men in the farmhouse on that stormy night, and neither seemed to be aware of their half-humanity or the frightening cries of spirits at the windows. They sat in front of the fire with their feet up and a cup of hot tea in their hands, talking about days gone by the explorations they had recently had like two old men, although both of them were in the prime of their life. The blue stones that encircled the home owner’s arm pulsed at the presence of the dark wisps outside, but its light was far outshined by that of the hearth and the Irish man paid it no mind.
At his feet were two Tokotas that were far more concerned with the dark spirits that had dared to come out on the winds of the storm. The twins Kaoru and Hikaru were huddled under their handler’s feet; pushing at one another in a bid to be the footstool although the tight brothers never quite broke into an argument. It was not often that the two van gogh’s were calm and not causing mischief and
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Eggtastic Craft Table with Nagruk
No one could agree who had started the competition, and quite frankly it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was painting as many eggs as possible, as beautifully as possible. In Calca and Al’s competitions, it seemed that speed had never been much of a factor; rather it was the quality of the work that was important to them, and this priority generally also applied to their competitions. Nagruk, the horned spirit that watched over their work with a brood of hen resting on his back, didn’t seem to mind their strange antics as it meant that they worked hard on decorating the eggs that they would be hiding for the children later that day.
Al and his brood of Tokotas weren’t quite the bunch to win this competition based solely on skill. The twins had been forced to join wherever Al was seeing as they couldn’t be trusted not to cause trouble when they were on their own and their attitude about painting was really neutral at best. Kaoru had taken to see
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RoD - Dovahkiin: Calming Beasts and Brothers
Largely the quest being undertaken by the four Tokotas and man was one to prove that Dovah was ready for dominance. The snowy Tokota with his blood-like brown markings had quickly moved up the ranks in their pack with his calm demeanour and gentle leadership. People seemed to have a natural tendency to follow his example and Dovah seemed to live by the motto that everyone should do what they wished as long as it did not harm anyone else.  Still, he had a few tasks left to perform in order to prove to both the elders and his pack that he was truly ready to be a leader among them.
However, the other two members of the party were there for a far different purpose. They had been forced to tag along to see what it took to reach the point that Dovah was. The twins, Kaoru and Hikaru, were not exactly the most responsible of Tokotas and were certainly not in a position to lead. Whether they would ever be ready to serve as leaders within the pack Alsendair wasn’t sure, but the least
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