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Gangs of New Orleans - FFM 21
The Hooker Brothers and The King bees hated each other with a passion. This truth was no stranger to the streets of New Orleans. No matter what one gang did, the other did the exact opposite. The Hooker Brothers were weirdos with screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdos, they had skulls on their shoes and whipped through the streets in their old cars. The King Bees were eloquent, always dressed in yellow suits and black ties. Their leader, a former soldier with a broken arm that never properly healed was often seen with a gun and a trumpet. 
Whenever a Hooker and a Bee met, havoc ensued. They fought, screamed, threw punches, threatened and killed. It was common to find a man or two dead and soaked in blood a dirty alley. The only place both sides seemed to get along and not destroy in a fit of rage was a small jazz bar named A Crack in A Sky.  In there, Sky Jones played the trumpet and sang. The man was so bad that no amount of beer was enough to help swallow his music,
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[PERSONAL] The Past Bites Back -P1-

Part 1 - A Difficult Promise to Keep

    The tense atmosphere was killing him. Ragnar let out a heavy sigh, tossing back and forth what to say in his head. He had to lighten the mood somehow. Just when he was going to speak up, Arias interrupted him.
    "You know, I kind of find it hard to believe that I'm the only one you've fallen in love with before." Arias said from the jail cell in front of Ragnar. There were no bars between them but a thick glass wall, locked with a heavy duty keypad. Arias was sitting on the cold metal bench instead of the slightly better tiny bunk bed on the other side of the room. His usual clean and professional physic was replaced by messy hair, torn up clothes and a faint darkening underneath his eyes. He looked like he had walked through a tornado. 
    Ragnar wanted to give the doctor a hug so badly but all four of his limbs were held down by large metal restrains on a stone bed elevated on a sixty-five
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Slowly Going Away
She fought tooth and nail,
Her friends are gone.
So what is the point?
The shadows keep mocking,
"Just accept it!"
She screams and shrieks,
Seeking each and every way out.
But the darkness keeps creeping in,
Her heart is slowly going away.
The friend that swore to return,
Never came back.
She is slowly losing,
Her heart is going away.
Doesn't anybody care?
Her friends are gone.
So, surely no.
There is a zap,
She hits the ground.
Her heart leaves her body,
Another enters.
The brute drops her down,
He didn't want to do it.
"Welcome," they say before they vanish.
She fought tooth and nail,
But that cost her in the end.
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The Etched Pass Part 2 [One-Hour Story]

“The Etched Pass” by K9 Lupus

When the explorer finally awoke she found herself laying on a sandy beach. Waterlogged and hazy-eyed she glanced ahead and saw a mix of purple swaying among the green at the edge of the beach. Focusing the shapes more closely, she realized that they were in fact the purple flowers of the Inli Islands. Somehow she had made it. With delight she attempted to stand, only to feel a searing pain screaming across her back. Her back had been been raked deeply in several places as she had been slammed around by the powerful currents of the pass. A second time she tried to stand, and managed to tuck her feet beneath her until with effort she was once more upright.
Step by step she plodded along the beach until she crumpled before the bed of purple flowers, breathing in their sweet aroma. But where was her chart? Without that she didn't have anything to present to the king upon her return. No matter she thought. As
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.:Etoiles Filantes - Pt.4:.
Depuis que les jumelles avaient laissé Gildin, quelques heures s'étaient écoulées. Le soleil poursuivait sa course au dessus des trois enfants, l'air frais de l'aube s'adoucissait et les rayons du jour irradiaient la sylve. A ce moment de la journée, d'ordinaire les jeunes Isilriën dormaient depuis longtemps, et plus le jour s'installait, plus le sommeil les appelait.
Anarion n'avait pas résisté longtemps, il s'était pelotonné dans les bras de son aînée et dormait paisiblement. Celle-ci avait veillé un certain temps, mais la fatigue avait fini par la rattraper, et elle s'était assoupie malgré elle. Elexia demeurait fièrement à la proue de leur embarcation, le regard fixé en avant, vigilante. ... Du moins jusqu'à ce qu'elle commence à bailler bruyamment. Ses yeux la picotaient, ses membres s'alourdissaient, se tenir debout lui semblait de plus en plus pénible. Le radeau glissait
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New Rivals
Yaati flashed a smile at Daniel. "What about you? Aren't your pokemon gonna train too?"
Daniel looked thoughtful. "Yes I think I can find someone who would like to train." Daniel turned to look for one of his Pokemon when he was suddenly tackled to the ground. A shiny, female Jangmo-o stood on his chest.
Yaati laughed. "She's so cute!" His giggle was like a babbling brook. "She's spunky. I like her." Princess Sari said. Ryuuto let out a hardy laugh as Daniel hit the dirt.
"Hey watch it! I'm more than just cute!" The little dragon huffed. Daniel sat up, holding onto the little dragon in his arms as he did. "Hey Mana, I guess you want to train then?" He asked. "Yes! How dare you even consider training without me!" Mana huffed again.
Yaati grinned at her. "Oh you're definitely more than cute. You're a firecracker too." With her attitude, he restrained his urge to reach out and pet her, lest he get bitten. "I am sure Sari will train with you after she's rested a bit."
Daniel laughed. "Fire
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Comision para Shirouzumaki
Corre que te pillo.
Han pasado un par de semanas desde que Shiro terminó el trabajillo en Mirialis, tras lo cual ha estado metido en mas de un trabajo peliagudo, que le han dado no solo problemas, sino también buenos beneficios.
Ahora, ha recibido un comunicado desde Buntália, solicitando un mercenario para un trabajo privado, así que, intrigado por este comunicado, se presenta en palacio, donde Lucius lo recibe.
-Gracias por presentarte con tanta premura. -Le indica el monarca estrechándole la mano-. Estoy al corriente de lo ocupado que has estado últimamente, pero también estoy al tanto del excelente trabajo que has hecho.
-Me alaga, alteza. ¿Qué es lo que puedo hacer por usted? -Preguntó Shiro asintiendo levemente la cabeza.
-En un par de días, se celebra la famosa carrera de bestias en Garash, donde el ganador se llevará un fabuloso premio, que, en esta ocasión, es un collar de visión absoluta. El problema, es qu
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Sapphic Accident: Part I
“I told you we shouldn't have taken that left turn at Warith.” Mil-...Magentaposia sighed, wearily.
Elenora Featherbark resolutely ignored her travelling companion, Magentaposia 'Milly' Mosswood. Who was, like Elenora, technically at least, a witch. She was also flighty, and whimsical, and foolish, and had fluffy ideas and notions filling up her head that Elenora considered unbecoming and stupid. She also happened to inexplicably be Elenora's best friend.
'Where are we?' is what Elenora might have asked, if she wasn't the strong, confident, self-assured witch she actually was, so she didn't. Instead, she cast her gaze about their surroundings, dubiously.
It wasn't that they'd taken a wrong turn, no, Elenora mused. Elenora Featherbark absolutely did not get lost. It was simply that Jagged Mountain was somehow not where she'd recalled it being. And in its place was
“Although I suppose we didn't have any choice. We left Warith in a bit of a hurry...”
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Dragon Knight Chapter 3
Chapter 3
2 Years Ago
Vindex was relaxing in the bar room of the Gilded Loft, guild hall of the mercenary guild the Golden Wings. He sat in a booth near a window that allowed Asgar and him to talk, now that Asgar was around four and a half meters tall, and couldn't fit through conventional doors. Asgars size was not the only thing to change in the last four years. After making the blood pact, Vindex and Asgar left Neiphirum, because Vindex felt guilty about making a pact immediately after turning down the chance to become a Dragon Knight. They traveled to the small nation of Dumaut in the southwest, where Vindex joined the small but renown mercenary guild. The two of them made quite the name for themselves in the nearby cities over the years. Taking jobs fending off trolls that would stray to close to cities, or assisting law enforces with investigations. Vindex also started practicing magic with two other mages in the guild, and though struggling with more complex spells, the shear po
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Where The Raven Sits 17
Chapter Seventeen
“How was the movie?” Kadie’s dad questioned as they climbed into the car.
“I cried,” Gale admitted. “It was a beautifully put together film. So much different than what I got to see with my family.”
“The film industry has come a long way in ninety years,” her dad agreed.
Kadie hadn’t been able to concentrate on the movie. His hand felt like stone.
She stared at her hand, still imagining the way it felt. It had been cold, rough, but she could still press her fingers into the skin. She had tried to tell herself that the Gale’s hand was callused from years of scrounging around, looking for places to stay and ways to get food when he was not in the other world. He had already admitted to spending as much time as he could bear climbing into abandoned buildings, parks after dark, and other desolate places. But Kadie knew the difference between overworked hands and something unnatural. There was somethi
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FFM 2018 Day 21 Challenge: The Magical Girl
Sasha stared into the horizon colored by twilight from her balcony, swallowed in her thoughts. No matter how hard she had tried for so long, she could not even pretend to be what she wanted to be even for a while: one of the magicless.
In times countless generations ago, humanity had divided into two tribes: the magicless and the magicals. Upon gaining control of their magic abilities the magicals had started to create beings of fairy tales, and as population had grown, the magic had gotten out of the control of few.
Now, magic was everywhere. Each tin machine on the streets gave out one-use spells for the magicless and the magical who could not use their magic like the soldier with a broken arm whom Sasha saw take a spell of his choice from the tin machine across the street. From her vantage point, she also saw that people stared at the makeup on his face, as if it was something unusual. To Sasha, it was not. Her brother put on such similar makeup, if not even heavier ma
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Darzhja Chapter 20: Leaving Things Behind
On the last day before initiation with the Knights, Heliana and I prepared to bid goodbye to the little rented lair we shared. I’d had the thought a couple days ago, but now that it was coming to it, the small space, even with recurrent foul odors from the tannery on the level below, seemed homey. I was reluctant to leave it behind forever, even knowing the opulence that must be waiting above in the caldera
We spent a long morning putting together our belongings. At least in my case, I didn’t have that many things to begin with, just some fight trophies, a few momentos, a couple of paintings I’d bought from Iskierka, and some daily essentials. I’d led a spartan existence during my time at the orphanage, and in the several months since I’d left, that had not changed; I’d saved all I’d earned from the constables into a small, but respectable hoard the size of my fist. All in all, I could fit the sum of my belongings into a single pack. The bed an
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Mandy Goes to the Dragon's Keep: Chapter 18
    “Who are you?” the Wyrmling demanded. Its voice was low and grumbly like it had been woken from a nap. Its scales were pitch black, gleaming with orange/red light from Mandy’s marble. If she covered it with her hand, she could only see the Wyrm’s lime green eyes.
“I’m Mandy,” She answered bravely, stepping forward. It did no good to run. “I’m on a quest. Can you tell me where the heart of the mountain is?”
“What’s a Mandy?” It mused. Wyrms didn’t have names. “Are you a kind of wyrm?”
“What, no!” Mandy said.
“Really? That’s odd. You smell like one…no, older, like the Rotten Thing.”
“You mean the Worm Under the Hill?” Mandy said. “He was looking pretty papery. And he’s the one who sent me on this quest. I’m looking for something of his, though I don’t know what it looks like—oh, sorry, I’m ba
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Pokemon + Persona Series Crossover RP
Story: "In the World of Pokemon the Pokemon Trainers encounter mysterious beings known as Shadows but for some reason they meet the character from the Persona Series to help them battle various enemies with both mythical personas and Pokemon in this epic crossover of both games created by Nintendo and Atlus!"
Pokemon Trainers:
A) Red
B) Blue
C) Leaf
D) Ethan
E) Lyra
F) Crystal
G) Silver
H) Brendan
I) May
J) Wally
K) Lucas
L) Dawn
M) Barry
N) Hilbert
O) Hilda
P) Cheren
Q) Bianca
R) Hugh
S) Nate
T) Rosa
U) Calem
V) Serena
W) Shauna
X) Tierno
Y) Trevor
Z) Sun
A) Moon
B) Hau
C) Other Characters
Persona Characters from each game:
A) Characters from Persona 1
B) Characters from Persona 2
C) Characters from Persona 3
D) Characters from Persona 4
E) Characters from Persona 5
A) Kanto
B) Johto
C) Hoenn
D) Sinnoh
E) Unova
F) Kalos
G) Alola
No 18+
No Sexual Content
Z Moves and Mega Evolutions for both Persona Series characters and Pokemon Allowed
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DreamWoods Epilogue: Part 1
    Esta broke her embrace with Pyrrhus. She noticed an onlooker. His hair was dark and his skin tawny, but his resemblance to Pyrrhus was undeniable. He stood behind a nearby farm gate. For the first time, Esta questioned why Pyrrhus and her appeared in front of this retrian farm.
   The youth as soon as Esta glanced at him. Then he crouched down and ran back towards a white house in the middle of the fields. Esta wasn’t surprised. She was still dressed like a soldier:
a symbol of the colonizers, and a very uncomfortable sight for the average Retrian.
    “Pyrrhus,” Esta asked while turning back to him, “Do you remember having a little brother?”
     He replied after he too took notice of the child, “You might be imagining things, Esta. A lot of people around here must look like me.”
     A woman in her late thirties emerged, running out of the white stucco building after the little b
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HotS | Raccoons like to party
"Come out!", I said with a warning tone, when I also noticed something. Livia was right. Someone or something was in there.
Just a second after my words a curious Bear female draws near. Don't know how we missed the bear but but I must have as she quite surprises me when approaching us, smile on her lips. "Hello there, horsie!" she exclaimed, not a bit the deadly predator bears are sometimes thought to be. "Do you perhaps need some help? Ya look troubled." The bear lady smiled at us and then... pats me with her paw? What was this awfully joyful predator doing? And why? This bear was just so friendly it breaks all the beliefs! "I can help with anything! Wanna be friends?"
For the first moment I was confused, before I smiled happy and started to pat her too. She was just like Balu! "Hello there! I'm Elemiah and these are Robin, Swift, Livia and Piper!", I said happy and pointed at all of them. "Thats awesome, you're just as fluffy as Balu!", I gr
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The KO Cutey From Kobe
Name: Kimiko
Age: 21
Experience: 3yrs Pro Wrestler
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Measurements: 38E-22-32
Hometown: Kobe, Japan
Physical Traits:
Eye  Color: Emerald Green
Body Type: While not particularly muscular or defined, Kimi's toned arms and tight, flat abdomen are testament to her fitness.Completing her athletic figure are smooth and sensuous legs that inspire envy from both fans and opponents. Held together by a tight firm ass and modest rounded chest Kimiko is a striking and sensual fighter.
Hairstyle: Popular among Japanese geek culture and young girls, she sports puffy pigtails with bangs draping across her forehead. Usually associated with a look of innocence she uses her unassuming cutesy appearance to lull unsuspecting opponents into underestimating her. While her hair is originally black the artistic Kimi tends to dye her hair from time to time.
Some call her a prodigy although Kimiko herself has never made that assumption. Growing up in a small community away fro
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FFM 21: The Dragon King in Mahatta
Gnosh, the first-ever dragon king of Valencia, was feeling uneasy. It was another party with the nobles – Gnosh was sick of parties. He thought after usurping the throne from the cruel tyrant, he'd get to actually make some changes in the kingdom.
Instead, there was mostly just schmoozing up to the nobles and those with money. Gnosh watched the noblewomen passing his table, talking incredibly fast. God, they'll gossip 'til their lips bleed, he thought.
Gnosh's clawed fingers clutched a wine glass, idly swirling the liquid inside. He turned to his advisor, Nathan, the royal wizard. “So what's the buzz on tonight's shindig?” Gnosh asked.
“Please don't talk like that, sir,” Nathan said, shifting nervously. “It doesn't really befit you.”
Gnosh shrugged. “Fine,” he conceded. “Anything I should be concerned about?”
“Well, the ambassador from Kalant is here tonight, and I believe he wanted to speak with you at some point.
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King of Bees
They called him the King of Bees. People stared at the makeup on his face, painted like the little insects he used to torture men to death. Wearing full chainmail armor, he rode out to the field with his two advisors, the wizard and the lord of the Lower Lands. Behind them was a group of tall-short people baring white boxes balanced on poles. The buzz from the boxes left no one wondering what was held inside.
All the fat-skinny people that made up his peasantry gave the king and his men a wide berth. Their work in the fields had stopped when the strange object appeared.
The king and his men paused a few yards from the strange spherical object.
“An object of magic most foul, you majesty,” the wizard whispered as he leaned over.
The lord of the Lower Lands nodded his agreement. “An object like this does not just appear, your grace. It must be the work of dark magic. Dark creatures banished hundreds of generations ago must be escaping to take vengeance on the world of me
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Azure Wind - Chapter 53
- A Matter of Black and White! -
Krow could only push himself onwards, his body having to move through the pathway that was left by Eli's speed. He left a clear route, which helped the Phoenix greatly! However, at some point his eyes had shut, and his body went onto Auto-Pilot, for at the moment his eyes shut, everything around him went white, and he found himself at a halt as he appeared within the demons own realm within his body, it seemed that it had made itself home.
It was sat down on a log, hands raised, palms facing that same dimly lit campfire. It's darkened eyes looked to the sound of clacking sandals as Krow walked towards him, he had been here once before, and he was pulled into an annoying fight, and he really wasn't in the mood to entertain the demon within, and there was no doubt the demon would try something.

"Why did you bring me here? I'm a little bu-"
"Don't worry, I'm not gonna fight you, today~"
"That didn't answer my question."
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All's Well That's Not Swell [FFM 19, 2018]
"If I have to peel one more stick insect off of me tonight, you're gonna get it!" Artemis growled, brushing at least five large walking-stick bugs off of his pant leg with one fell swoop. "In all my years, I don't think I have ever seen this many... and good riddance to them."
"Artemis, Ludolio will send them away. You know how much comfort they bring him, and this whole camping out thing hasn't been easy for any of us..." Gilberto said, offering Artemis another marshmallow for his stick.
“Well they make me uncomfortable, and you know what happens when I get too uncomfortable…” Artemis retorted.
With a grunt, Ludolio waved a hand and the stick insects marched away (Artemis cringed as they crept over his legs and disappeared into the darkness).
“Now that we know where Lucina’s at, we will be much more likely to find her,” Gilberto said, patting Artemis’s shoulder reassuringly.
“That’s true,” Artemis said, nodding. “And ma
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TFPT part one and two (but better)
Once upon a time, an ordinary man got tired of his life. He bought a ticket to an unknown destination, got some painting supplies and texted his wife that he won’t be coming home for diner that evening.
He took his car and drove to the airport. “name?” asked a kind looking lady at the check-in. “Thomas Miller” answered the man. “But you can call me the painter!”
 The painter got his ticket and boarded his plane. He stared out of the window while the plane lifted off the ground. The view getting smaller and smaller. The painter smiled too himself and fantasized about exiting adventures.
The moment he stepped outside of the airport a car almost drove into him. It stopped with squeaky tires and painter jumped back shrieking in surprise. The door of the car flew open and a man jumped out of the drivers seat. He had a pale bewildered complexion and looked to be 40 or 50 years old. He wore a navy blue uniform with a matching hat an
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