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Crystal Gems meet new allies Halloween Special
 Hey, guys Here is my Halloween special of my story and I hope you guys will like this. and be nice because I worked really hard on this.
Here we see at beach city, we see the crystal gems home the gems siblings, Garnet, amethyst, and pearl are outside getting ready for Halloween.
Spinel: I'm so excited for Halloween.
Topaz: Yeah, the best night of the year.
Topaz bumped into a girl.
Topaz: Sorry.
 he looked and saw the person that he bumped into was a girl a skinny girl with brown hair.
Topaz: Cathy?
Cathy: Topaz?
Pearl: Topaz, you know this girl?
Topaz: Yeah, I met her when I was at a town called Autumn falls.
Amethyst: And how did you meet her.
Topaz: That is a story for another time. 
Cathy: Well how ya been?
Topaz: doing good, just getting ready for Halloween. you wanna join us?
Cathy: Sure.
Emerald: Let's head to the house for our costumes.
When they got to the house they saw the door was opened and the lights were off.
Topaz: Who left the door open?
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Candace's Big Life: Chapter 11
     Mihoshi is slowly driving down the road, the heavy rain obsuring her vision as her windshield wipers are doing their best to keep the windshield clear. The asian woman is constantly eyeing thecgas gauge, the needle almost at the empty mark. She's frantically praying that she has enough gas to make it to gas station, fearful of what she will do if she gets stuck on the side of the road.
     "Oh no, no no no no. Just a little further, please," Mihoshi starts to plead as her car's engine starts to sputter and stall, the gas tank now empty. 
     She has no choice but to pull off to the side of the road as her car slows to a stop. She takes a couple of deep breaths, turning the key in the ignition while the engine refuses to turn over. She is praying, still trying to start the engine. She drops her face to the car horn, her long black hair brushing against her thighs, not knowing what she can do now. She looks overto her cell phone wh
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: PTS : A Torched Shipment by BentSporks : PTS : A Torched Shipment :iconbentsporks:BentSporks 4 0
Road to Revelation: Chapter 1
The scent of smoke and blood still hung thickly in the air even though it had been hours since the chaos had finally subsided.  The remains of the small village that was no more now stood silent; the charred structures standing like skeletons in the desolate, corpse-strewn streets.  The only sound was the wind that carried the unholy stench of death through the air.  It was a gruesome, devastating scene, even to the seasoned old wolf who stood looking upon in.  While he cared little for humankind, it never ceased to shock and dishearten him just how violent, how destructive, and full of hate they could be, no matter how many times he’d witnessed it.
He sighed heavily, turning his gaze away from the ruins.  It was over now; there was no point in staying and continuing to dwell on why mankind was such a destructive race.  The wolf turned and prepared to leave, but as the wind blew through his thick white fur, his keen nose suddenly picked up a new scen
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Paper Dolls
PAPER DOLLS, PAPER DOLLS, EVERYWHERE I GO ITS PAPER DOLLS!! I go use the bathroom and I find the toilet paper cut into paper dolls while still on the roll! AND HE LAUGHS! I go to read a book only to find every page has cut into a paper doll! AND HE LAUGHS! I reach for roll of paper towels in the kitchen only to find paper dolls on the roll! AND HE LAUGHS! I use a paper cup to get a drink only to turn away for one second to find a paper doll made in the bottom! AND HE LAUGHS! I have to do paper work at home but if look a way for just one second, even if it is to blink, PAPER DOLLS! AND HE LAUGHS!!! All of this, all of these paper dolls, all of this madness because I won't buy some charm of protection from that monk! If ever get my hands on that scissor face yo-kai I'll see if rocks really do beat paper! But for now it looks I got yen on some stupid charm.
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The Great Bridge 3.8
After the call ended, Mathis was in a much better mood than I found him in. He'd practically jumped for joy once I hung up, an act that would've been disastrous for the Spire, and his spirits soared when he finally put me back down. I made sure to add his phone number to my list, and he implored me to call the second we made plans. His enthusiasm was appreciated, even if it was completely overwhelming, and I made a mental note to contact him first for fear of the repercussions.
My departure was met with a hearty goodbye, and I strolled out of the still cracked Spire door into the twilit hills. Much to my surprise my parents were out there waiting for me, standing beside the car and looking openly relieved at my return. Silently rolling my eyes once again at their misguided but not completely off the mark distrust of Mathis, I walked over to join them and was quickly assaulted by hugs. Neither of them said anything about my still damp back.
The drive back to Hillcrest was the polar oppo
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Stormy Stranger
Daku gasped raggedly as he leaned into the stone, staring at the confused looking stag just beside him. For a moment he debated fleeing into the rain that trapped both of them within the tiny stone crack, but in that same moment the dread of getting wet also made his skin prickle. The stag stared at him, a concerned frown on his blue-tinged face while he glanced the golden roan over. Surely he thought Daku was insane, leaping into his hiding spot and screeching in such a way at a simple greeting. What terrible manners, Daku! Coughing light he shook his head, ears flicking back sheepishly as he gave a weakened laugh.
“Oh, sorry! So sorry! Took me by surprise a bit there..” Daku admitted uneasily, glancing away, “Quite a bit, in fact.. I do so hope I didn’t just shove myself into your home.” Stress tugged at the stag’s chest, heart hammering against his ribs even harder as the stranger spoke with in a low laugh.
“Oh not at all, not at all. I
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Dark World Chapter 12
Damien sighed softly as the rear hatch of the helicopter slowly opened. Blinking at the blinding white sand reflecting sunlight into his eyes. Shaking his head, he walked slowly down the ramp with Jasmin riding on his back. Roland walked up next to him patting his shoulder gently. “Welcome home.”
Damien walked down the ramp slowly as he looked around. Taking a deep breath, he gingerly stepped out onto the sand. It had only been two weeks since he had felt the sand between his toes, but it felt like a lifetime. They had spent the entire flight in silence with most everyone sleeping, but sleep had eluded Damien the entire flight.
“Let’s go see your mom.” Damien sighed softly. Glancing back at Roland he felt his heart grow heavy. The old man had spent the entire flight looking at a small picture he had pulled out of his back pocket. Nudging Roland’s leg he sighed softly “We can talk later. Swing by my place after dark and we can have a few beers.&
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Without Magic - Prologue
The lone emperor sat silently in his throne, illuminated by bright shafts of light that streamed down into the large chamber from windows high above. At either side of the room were rows of pillars, each adorned with torch sconces of dying fire, the perfect representation for his dying empire.
He was dressed ornately in a long flowing white robe adorned with gold and bronze trims. His skin was a deep crimson, and he had bone white horns which protruded from his upper forehead and swept back, hugging close to his skull, giving him a distinctly sinister look.
At a glance, it all seemed rather peaceful. The perfect picture of serenity. At least for one that was merely observing the moment. Moving beyond it, revealed a reality which was very different.
The sounds of a war being waged outside echoed within the chamber. Thunderous booms from spells and the muffled cries of dying soldiers rumbled through the walls. It was a crescendo that marked the impending end of an empire.
Emperor Abadyn
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[Shedu] To Say Goodbye
Since her encounter with the teacher Galti, the wheels had been turning in Tirzah's mind. Day in and day out, she thought of the mainland. She spent restless nights pacing in her den, mulling over the conversation she'd had with Galti and wondering if she could've garnered more information from him. She considered seeking him out again to ask more questions, but decided against it. He was likely already gone, headed for the mainland to fulfill his position as Governor on the Queens' behalf. Her curiosity got the better of her, eventually distracting her from her work as she thought about that world across the water. What was it like? She'd heard talk of course, but she wanted to see with her own eyes, to live the experience in her own paws. 
She went about her usual routine. Days turned to weeks. Cubs were born to the pregnant females she was looking after. Life went on. All the while, an idea was forming in Tirzah's mind. She'd always looked at their way of life as a system of pa
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Project: Warriors - The Wolf Curse (Prologue Pt 2)
Project: Warriors (Arc 1: The Wolf Curse)
Prologue: The Curse (Part 2)
I felt changes go throughout my body. Somehow, these changes were very familiar.
Fur grows all over my body. My back rearranged my posture, forcing me to walk on all fours. My hands and feet start swelling up and grow claws. A puffy tail sprouts out of my spine, while the fur begins to cover my face. My mouth elongated to make a muzzle. My ears moved to the top of my head, while becoming pointy and furry. My hair became grey in color, and it felt like fur. The only difference is that my vision stayed relatively the same, keeping me near-sighted. However, I also became somewhat colorblind, but also able to see in the dark, judging by how the room lightened up a little. Good thing all my clothes stayed on, including my glasses.
Looks like that dream was a bad omen...
...not to mention an accurate prediction...
...wait... What dream?
Am I... forgetting something..? No.. Dammit, I’m losing my memories...
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The Changing Rooms (RP)
The Ozark Biogenetic Labs proudly offer our latest tests. We are looking for young sprite individuals willing to offer themselves for proper testing. All participants will get paid a big sum of money. Our purpose is for enhancing and experimenting in DNA. We have already got currently three individuals participating in our first series of experiments lasting over the course of ten days. For anyone who are interested and are nervous about taking part, then you can spectate. Please venture onto our public chatroom to talk to other spectators of these experiments. I ensure you that these experiments are transformative to its core.
Our server is located right here:
Someone will greet you and set you up on here.
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The Squirrel's Stash
Cairn didn't spend much time with other royals if he could avoid it.
He was pale and thin. His mother was tainted before she died giving birth to him. He couldn't fight. What was the point in hanging around royals who would mock him or bully him? No good Glenmore stag would run away from a fight but they wouldn't exactly put themselves in a position to lose either.
He spent a lot of time in the more private corners of the royal gardens. The royals he ran into here were the bookish type; more interested in learning about plants or magic or enjoying nature than beating up smaller fawns. Sure there were the occasional trysting lovers during rut, but it was a small price to pay for what was otherwise an ideal place to while away his time.
He found himself spending a lot of time daydreaming. The subject of a lot of those daydreams was Morticia, his father's... doe? Witch? A lot of the gossip concerning her had to do with how she had put his father under a spell of some kind like a Blackwood
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Ch.11 The Light of a Kingdom and its Twilight
Years after, many generations were passed. The kings of the Elaith, save for Teliquar and for Noman, decayed over that time, each in their own manner, and they dealt ever more foolishly, each more foolish than those before him. Nintara kings sought out their own name for glory rather than remember the name of Evar.
However, there came a time when Jelivair, the king of Nintar, fell ill, and he passed from it; whereas, Insilor, his one and only Prince Elnar, became king. But Insilor was young and innocent of his father’s foolishness, and unlike those before him, his first act as king was to do nothing. He gave no word nor decree as rather he was silent on the throne, for he feared the mantle of ruling a people, finding it to be a very sobering affair. “How do I commit to such a task?” Insilor thought in question, but he would not listen to his advisors, not even the Elnar. For he perceived their bias; wherefore, he saw how they sought only the means of their own ambit
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BloodSiners (Concept)
BloodSiners (Concepto)
Autor: Manuel R. M. Reyes
¿Qué es un BloodSiner? Es esa pregunta la que me lleva rondando la cabeza durante al menos 12 años. Quiero decir que es un ser que se alimenta del odio, se apropia de las vidas de las personas y a su vez se libera. Un BloodSiner es un ser muy poderoso, incontrolable, violento y tal vez hasta apasionado. Pero en sí ¿Qué es un BloodSiner? Es algo que vive en mi sangre, tal vez en la sangre en general, como si fuera un eritrocito que trae oxígeno al cuerpo como un manantial vitalicio. Arrancarlo implica desgarrarte las venas y la piel, como un grito de furia estando desnudo. Surrealista, irrealista, eso es un BloodSiner.
-He de admitir que cuando te conocí, creí que ibas a ser un paciente más, alguien con problemas para externar y luego solventar. Sólo que no pensé que fueras a reaccionar tan mal con esa actividad del espejo.
Siempre quise ser como los demás, no lo sé, fe
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Tale's of The End Days II: The Last Stand
Icetex's Story Saga 2018 Presents...
Series # 3: Tale's of The End Days II: The Last Stand
Written By: Dalton Smothers II
Icetex's Rating: T 17+
Content Warning: almost everyone dies and mild swearing and blood and gore desc
Started: October 2018
Ended: TBA
Author Disclaimer: The order such x character dies has no bearing on reality doesn't mean i respect them less or like them more i like my friends as equals as such whoever dies last doesn't mean i hate them or anything.
Icetex and the gang realized 3 years after that "reset" history repeated itself and new zombie outbreak happened this time worst than ever and they now sight to confront that betrayer Sinbad and old foe Seth who thought was dead...
Chapter 1
Reassemble the Ice Team again...
Narrator: Previously on Tale's of The End Days...
EBC: Stay indoors at all cost until further notice. level 5 threat has happened
Viki: daddy what is happening?
Icetex: Trouble *press a button*
*cocks his s
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e || 100
Munchkin frowned up at the sky, his dark, glossy eyes taking in the flat gray clouds. He shivered as the wind blew, beckoning darker clouds from the south, and the young pup scampered over to Nugget’s side, pressing into the titan male’s plush fur. The fields spread out around them in every which direction, offering little to no protection should the clouds decide to open up and storm. Anankael, drifting like a dark ghost through the grass, didn’t seem too bothered by the gloomy weather, though the normally chipper Meraki was somewhat subdued. Proc ambled along lazily, not seeming to mind the ominous clouds, but Serenity and Starlet both exchanged wary glances as the group continued to trek across the sprawling fields. With autumn in full swing, the normally lush grass was dry and brown and gray and made an eerie scraping noise against the other blades as the wind swept through. The mountains were little more than blurry silhouettes in the distance and besides the occ
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Layla the Bikini warrior escapes
Layla opened the workshops’ door and found a slew of chainmail bikinis. Like a child opening a present, she was in awe. “Yes this silly hoo-man will provide with enough bikinis and swords to arm an army of Bikini Warriors,” Layla thought aloud.
“Yeah that’s not happening you are mine now sweetie as I said your mine now,” Alfred said smacking Layla’s ass through the shirt he dressed her in. “Also stop thinking out loud. Even if you took them all, they wouldn’t last too well in combat now learned to make me breakfast well enough, so I will custom make you a new bikini.”
“Yes, of course, I will faithfully serve you,” Layla said looking around Alfred’s workshop. The entire thing seems similar to a blacksmith as several swords were left scattered around the walls of his shed. Layla then laid her eyes on a whole set of chainmail bikinis.
“Yeah, I sell this stuff to the passing Orcs and whatnot most of,”
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W-Commission: segaman4. DBJL Intro
two space pods fly through space, heading toward the planet known as Earth. Each space pod held one person, one a man, the other a woman. The man had messy black hair and an equally messy ponytail, having dark eyes and wearing a uniform of the Galactic Union. His name; Jerren. The woman was blond, her hair straight and reaching her shoulders, had blue eyes, had a well endowed body and also wore a similar uniform. Her name; Lazuli.
Because of a war, that had been going on for four years, they had been send to planet Earth to find strong warriors to join their cause. It had taken them some time, traveling from the Galactic Union HQ to Earth, they had stopped at some planets for food, but now, they were finally at their destination; their mission could begin.
Their space pods landed near two bigs cities. One; Tokyo. The other, which was closer; Musutafu. And, according to their planetary scan, they had landed in a land known as; Japan. They were close enough to Musutafu to take action fro
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Flash Fiction - Prank Peril
     This story begins in the kitchen of Comita and Aquila's home on a sunny morning. Aquila was eating a stack of five apple pancakes covered in syrup topped with a small slice of butter at the table with a glass of strawberry milk on the side. She took a big bite of her breakfast and happily chewed it up enjoying the apple flavor as she swallowed. She took a long drink of the milk and quickly felt an intense spicy feeling on her tongue.
     “Oh my! Oh goodness! Ah! AAAAAAAH!” She screamed as she rushed to the sink with a glass and got some water to drink to cool down her tongue. Since that wasn't working she climbed onto the sink and latched her lips on the faucet to have a water constantly rush down her throat. Once she felt the burning sensation end she let go only to hear Comita laughing in the doorway behind her. Aquila felt her anger rising as she slammed her fist on the counter with a growl.
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HotS | At least it's not triplets, right? RIGHT?!
„I'm what?!“ „Pregnant!“ „Goddamnit, mom, I understood that the first time! But... but... oh fuck, I forgot it, didn't I?!“
Chuckling Kementári nudged my shoulder and smirked. „Hey, you said you're still hanging out with him, didn't you? Just tell him, he's got to pay you money now!“, she joked.
„Mom!“ Letting out a frustrated sigh I shook my head. „At least it's only one child this time again“, I huffed – and then I noticed the expression on my mom's face.
„... is it twins?“ The expression didn't change. „... It's triplets again, isn't it?“, I groaned and she shrugged with a sweet smile. „I'm sorry, Tóra, but yup, it is. This will be a fun time!“
„Nope. Nope, it won't be and you know that very well yourself“, I grumbled, shaking my head. „But alright, aaalright, fine... everything's fine. There's nothing to worry about
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Donnovan Vs. Aiden COMPLETE
Helvont landed on the far wall, barely getting up and facing Pierce. He growled, and with a weak voice said "This is the end of my reign... Is this what you wanted? To lead my people into chaos?!" As he was coughing, Pierce glared at him. "They're in chaos already... We're trying to guide them onto a correct path..." Pierce grabbed Helvont by the neck and Donnovan witnessed the man who raised him slowly die in the hands of a Blackstar. Donnovan screamed in emotional agony and then glared at Pierce, barely keeping himself together. Donnovan's eyes glowed, his corrupted eye glowing even brighter.
As Donnovan tried to keep his voice from breaking, he said "You are dead... YOUR BLIND BELIEFS HAVE FORCED YOU TO KILL SOMEONE!" Donnovan yelled and dashed at Pierce. Pierce held him back easily. "If I'm blind, how come I can see your 'father's evil so clearly?" He asked. Donnovan yelled at the top of his lungs "IF HE WAS EVIL, WHY DID HE RAISE ME?! YOU'RE THE MONSTER!"
Pierce pushed him back, m
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Who Knows (A Kekkaishi Fanfiction) Chapter 25
“So Lissette, what did Gen want yesterday?”
Lissette nearly dropped her lunch, Ayano’s question having caught her off guard.
“…Nothing important, just a chat.”
“Do you guys know each other or something?  I’ve never seen you two interact before.” Kyoko inquired as they all sat down and opened their bentos.
“Oh, you didn’t see them on her first day?  She grabbed him and dragged him off somewhere in front of that big crowd of guys in front of our classroom.” Ayano informed her.
“Seriously?  I knew you were pretty bold Lissette, but that seems a bit extreme for you.”
“It’s not like that.” Lissette informed them, having regained her composure “He’s…an old friend.”
“So, you knew him before you moved here?” Yuri asked.
“Yeah, we lived in the same building for a few years.  Had the same martial arts trainer too.” None of it wa
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