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Software Instability pt2
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Connor moved awkwardly to Hank’s car, only stopping when Hank called out his name.
“Hey, Connor!”
“Yes, lieutenant?” Connor turned, taking a swift slap to the face. He frowned at Hank, merely tilting his head at the assault.
“That’s for being weird. Don’t snoop around my house if I’m not around.”
Connor nodded slowly, waiting for Hank to move around the car before stealing a look at the borrower in his pocket. They seemed disheveled, but he had to ignore them for now.
With both men now in the car, Hank turned it on. Music erupted from the radio, and while Connor was unaffected, he could feel the small fists beating against his chest, and the quiet wail that followed, so he quickly reached to lower the music volume.
Hank grumbled, but Connor was fast to talk over him. “Lieutenant... the case I found... An android, model PL600, has been reported missing along with a few
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Monster Club (Chapter 51)
“It’s taking too long.” Katie hissed, playing with her fingers. “The alarm should’ve sounded! We need to go!”
“Jus’ be a bit patient.” Alexander smirked. “Yer way too jumpy.”
“I was in that building! I know what it’s like in there! Of course I’m jumpy!”
“…Sorry. But give’m some time. If we don’t hear noth’n in a few minutes, we’ll go in.” Alexander sighed, not wanting to start an argument with her. Annie was on the ground, playing dice with Calypso and David, who were all trying to hide their anxiety. Jelly was sipping a bottle of water while watching them play. She had tried to play earlier, but she kept dirtying the dice with her slimy body.
“This is too nerve racking! How long have they been in there?”
“Five minutes.” David answered nonchalantly.
“…You don’t act worried at all.”
“If Christina was in
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 18 10
DotW: If You Win
Remus by Joshua-Kim
Nadia by Zoketi
(in that respective order)
Deer cocked their heads as Remus trotted through the lightly forested western parts of Chandor’s territory. The black wolf didn’t pose any threat though, which the cautious noticed quickly. Without giving them much thought he padded along. He’d eaten only yesterday and even if he hadn’t - hunting on pack ground was not the best introduction, that much he knew.
His nose was the first to catch onto something interesting: Water and wolf. He pressed forward and soon enough he saw someone walking by a lake. “Hey there,” he called out loud, giving away his position instantly. “I was wondering-” he halted. “Nadia? No way!” A laugh escaped his angular features. “I hoped to meet you again, but you being the first wolf I encounter - what are the odds, right?” he mused with a slow wag of
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Sailor Mini Moon ch103
Chapter 103
Fight as one pt4
"With the power of the Sun! I am Crystal Sun Knight!" Crystal Sun Knight then angerly told Headmaster Grimm.
"From the timestream of Pluto! I'm Crystal Pluto Knight." Crystal Pluto Knight then angerly told Headmaster Grimm.
"From the darkness of Saturn! I'm Crystal Saturn Knight." Crystal Saturn Knight then angerly told Headmaster Grimm causing the dark haired man to glare at them.
"This is all your fault, you wretched thing!" Headmaster Grimm then growled at the raven, purple and violet haired teen as he summoned a black and dark green energy ball and then threw it at her causing the teen to look at it in pure fright causing a teenage boy with spiky brown hair, blue eyes hidden behind black frame glasses and wearing a white scarf with grey stripes on it, a blue jacket with dark blue stripes on it, gold lining around the collar, gold epulets, three gold buttons on one side of it, a gold pin, and light blue cuffs with gold cufflinks, a white long sleeve unde
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The Nilla Island(Anthro Opossum TF/TG)[CHAR MONTH]
"That's it alright, the Nilla Island." Jack Scour looked out from the bow of his ship towards the large piece of land. 
The Nilla Island was one of the biggest myths to grace the Earth. An unmarked, unexplored Island shrouded in mystery. No one knew what was in store for anyone who docked there, nor did they even know where it was. For years explorers, pirates, even some governments attempted to find out where it was located but none ever found it. 
Not until Jack Scour came into the picture. There was one piece of the puzzle everyone was missing, the Island was only visible during a specific time of day. That time of day? The night of a full moon. Little dared to sail during that time, but not Jack Scour. He braved through the harsh waves and was rewarded with a ticket to being the first person from the known world to step foot on the Nilla Island. 
Jack's ship was docked just along the coast line as he jumped off the side and made first contact with the land. He looked
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Firestorm - Ch.4 A New Horizon - Completion


Chapter 4: A New Horizon
Completion Prompt
WC 935
                The gathering of esk stared at the monstrous cloud of smoke, watching those eerie eyes flicker. Vetru, at the front of the gathering, stood strong, the grassy mane crackling with shared power that reverberated through those who had been blessed with their gift.
                “Prepare yourselves! It is time!” Vetru reared once again and then launched themselves forward, sprinting towards the roaring beast. Those who had been blessed with his horn charged forward first, the thunder from their charge challenging the claps created by the lightning ahead of them. The elemental esk launched their attack after, spreading water over the unburnt section of prairie to prevent the fires from spreading
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Juegos de Hermanos 01-Primera Experiencia
Juegos de hermanos 01-Primera Experiencia
Marcos: un chico extrovertido y estudioso de pelo moreno de catorce años, no es que sea muy guapo fisicamente pero tampoco se le podria considerar feo.
Laura: su hermana de su misma edad, igual de estudiosa era por el contrario mas bien introvertida y algo timida con los desconocidos. Su cabello es tambien moreno y era una de las niñas mas guapas del pueblo con una figura que muchas envidiaban.
Como cada sabado por la tarde tras la comida se disponian a ver una pelicula en familia que sus padres escogian, en esta ocasion fue una vieja cinta de vhs que su padre encontro en el desvan el otro dia revisandolo, en ella hubo una escena en donde una actriz fue secuestrada por un delincuente y posteriormente retenida en una casa atada y amordazada durante casi todo el film. Durante el visionado del mismo Marcos noto algo casi imperceptible en el rostro de su hermana al verla ma
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Dear Diary [Part 3]
"Dear Diary" Part 3
March 22nd, 2017  
Dad said he finally got a bit of a breakthrough on the case. A new murder had been brought to his attention, this time of two female subjects poisoned and subsequently found carved to pieces at the side of a road which was a deviation from the killer's pattern of targeting single males. They were found in the town over and before he could say anymore Mom got really upset saying talk like that didn't have a place at the dinner table. Dad tried to reassure her saying that she didn't need to worry. Their wedding ring was protection against this sicko who was only going after lost souls.
March 23rd, 2017  
Hannah and I have gotten everything prepped for tomorrow. We went over the plan who knows how many times down to the smallest detail. Hannah mentioned wanting to go over a bit earlier in case they start letting people in before 4. I think that's a good idea. Time for some sweet payback!
March 2
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{OSaC} HvH || Ashenpaw's Path Picking
Ashenpaw stands on the edge of the gorge next to the broken bridge, surveying his options. In front of him is a broken construction of a bridge, leading across a large opening in the ground. It's much too far for a cat to jump, even with the help of teleportation powers. But besides that, not everyone on his team has those available to them anyway. Francis, Dudley, and Beetlestrike are standing behind him waiting for his instructions. The darkling pins his hears against his head in thought as his flames flicker in silence before he turns back towards the Crafters. "The damage, is not too bad, is it? It could be repaired?" Ashenpaw asks.
Dudley nods. "Y-yes, I believe.." The tom pauses and glances back towards the bridge, adjusting his glasses with one paw. "That with the right materials and resources.. It would be possible to repair! Don't you think so, Francis?"
Ashenpaw glances over his team once more, two Crafters and two Vanguards counting himself. No Seekers; scavenging for materi
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Extract from Maison Hantee XXVII
Emmy pose les yeux sur le bout de ses ballerines blanches à boucles dorées et relève la tête. La porte menant au vestibule est ouverte, c'est le signe que le capitaine est disposé à recevoir de la visite et qu'il n'est pas en rendez-vous actuellement. Elle s'avance dans une posture soudain plus dure et retranchée. Elle se fait aussi digne qu'une grande dame. En passant l'arche de séparation du vestibule elle toise l'homme, penché sur son bureau encombré. Des pilles et des piles de documents s'entassent : registres, mémo, télex... Le terminal imposant sur la droite de la pièce crache sans relâche une bande de papier qui se plie en accordéon en touchant le plateau d'une table base disposée là pour l’accueillir. Chaque retour de cet accordéon accumule un peu plus le retard dans le traitement administratif. Elle est chargée de ramasser la pile de la veille en partant et la déposer
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Chroniques des Reves pervertis (1)
Le Docte et L’Innocente
Il était un docte savant qui vivait dans une tour d’ébène. Quoique légèrement tordu à la base, l’édifice noir s’élevait dans le ciel rempli de nuages. Tous les habitants aux alentours appréciaient cette pointe élancée qui crevait le soleil et trouvaient qu’elle s’accordait bien avec son auguste propriétaire. Le docte savant passait pour un de ces seigneurs sans lesquels le monde sombrerait dans le chaos. Car le docte monsieur avait sauvé tous ses concitoyens, des décennies auparavant, en leur faisant partager sa sagesse. Lui-même était un modèle de retenue et de vertu. Il avait sorti de ses armoires sombres des écrits du passé, des textes éclairés et il avait répandu, comme une traînée de poudre, ses idées monocordes et ses saines doctrines.
En perdant tout Espoir, on n’est jamais d
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Chapter 2: Search Party
Smoke crawled along the fields as the crackling flames leapt across the grass as heat as it felt as Hide felt like his face was going to melt from the sun like heat. Mirth kept taking steps back, doing his best to avoid the flames while the small lookout on his head tried to find the familiar figures of either Dart or Vetru among the grass or animals still fleeing from the flames.
“Anything?” Whisper asked glancing up at the Hide before shaking his fur loose of the ash that was snowing across the field. It was a shame really, despite his earlier words the field had been beautiful but now it looked as if a beast was stretching his burning claws across the ground.
Hide glanced down shaking his head, so far there hadn’t been any luck in finding either, no instead he could feel something like a shiver crawling down his back every time he looked at the fire, it was almost like a large shadowy beast remained steadily at the center. Slowly pacing forward as it did its best t
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Do your best Ms. Ottavia: Gnar (Bonus Chapter)
(No expansion, just a silly conversation)
"Whatcha mean? It's just, like, gnar." At one end of the table sat a heavyset blonde in a red cap, sipping from a bottle of Gellicola.
"It's just...look, language at its basest is a conveyance of ideas and emotion, correct?" On the other end, an ample figured woman in business casual poured her third cup of coffee for the evening.
"I dig, yeah."
"No, there is nothing to 'dig' in this instance, Hopper." Ottavia massaged her temples. "I am laying down the foundation of our discussion."
"Rad." The blonde nodded and took another sip of Gellicola.
"Yes, quite rad." Ottavia sighed deeply. "So with that in mind, what is the idea and/or emotion you are attempting to express when you say something is gnar?"
"Oh. It’s gnar-ness." Sip.
Ottavia put her face in her hands and sighed deeply before she spoke again.
"OK, that's a step forward I guess. Now that you've established that, how would you define <
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TGG: Odd Jobs and Opportunities
The sun beamed through the curtains to show me the day was ready to begin. I knew what I was going to do today, but first I wanted to make a call. While deciding what to wear for the day, I dialed to Zoey.
“Hey!” Zoey eagerly greeted me from the other end of the call.
“Hey, Z. How’s the trip?” I asked her, just as excited.
“It’s great! We should be in Minneapolis tomorrow. I’m so excited!”
“Yeah, me too--wait, did you just say tomorrow?” I soon grew anxious. “I thought your concert wasn’t for a couple days.”
“The driver found a much faster route. That means we have time to hang out there and get more practice before the show!”
“That’s great news...but now I have to get some money even faster!”
“Good luck!” Zoey chuckled. “Hope to see you there. The girls will be so excited to see you!”
“Oh, I’ll be there. And I’m bringing som
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Heading West
18 March 1934
The streets of Tulsa were still fairly clean when compared to most of the rest of the Plains Federation. This had more to do with the fairly steady flow of money from the oil derricks surrounding the city than any individual sanitation effort, but the continuing grind of the Depression made sure that there were plenty of homeless men, women, and children taking advantage of those clean streets. Even on the main road of this city, one of the largest cities in the whole Federation, Daniel Semper felt it necessary to lock his doors as his car made its way towards the Eleventh Street Bridge, the only crossing the city had across the Arkansas River and into Texas. The more people stared at him and his fairly well put together car, the more he wanted to get out of this country and into Texas.
Daniel stopped just short of the bridge and stepped out of his car, again making sure that it was locked up as well as it could be, before walking into a small bar calling itself the
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Time Traveler! Civilized Dinosaurs? (Dino pred)
You are a young inventor in your early teens. You have successfully created a Time Machine, and have been able to travel to and from several different eras in time without fail.
Then one day, you decide to travel back to 75 million years ago to the time of the dinosaurs to see what they were truly like. You go to a secluded forest to travel, and, upon arrival find... a city? You check your time machine, and it is telling you that you are 75 million years in the past, and yet what you see outside of your time machine's window says that you are either still in present day or you went into the future. You attempt to make the time jump again, when the screen says "Error! Unable to jump to time. Reason: already here."
You return to the present and try again, and find yourself in the same situation. Against your better judgement, you decide to step out and look around to see what the situation is. Upon doing so, you notice that the city around you have doors that are far too large for them t
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Memories of The XenoGirl #1
The girl sprinted as fast as she was capable on her own two legs. Her pursuer however, being taller, was astride a pair of legs that were longer than her own.
For every six of the girl’s swift and frantic steps, the character on her tail could close the same distance in four, or even three if they were actually trying.
The girl was well aware that this was all a game, and that her pursuer was toying with her. Enjoying every second that she was held in the clutches of her own hellish suspense.
Eventually, the girl found herself cornered between a chain link fence, and a small greenhouse.
“Oh crap!” she panted.
Turning around, the girl clutched the fence in her fingers and leaned into it.
The looming figure squeezed its way into the alcove that she had cornered herself in.
Its gaze locked onto the girl, it began to slowly stalk up to her.
Each step produced the sound of wood chips crunching as it relished each movement, until finally.....
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Software Maintenance
Ash ran her eyes over line after line of coding and programming scrawling down the holoscreen. She was slumped against the work table, head resting on a hand, in the poorly lit armoury of her ship doing an update on her customised smart mines software.
She wasn’t the best programmer or anything, but Ash had picked up enough from various places, along with some self teaching. And, of course, plenty of trial and error which had been a great, if painful, teacher.
The redhead slipped the last four AI chips from inside her helmet and into the docking array that held the other thirteen chips with her free hand, then shifted it to the keyboard and tapped away.
“Alright, let’s see how this works, Vhey.” She muttered, eyes flickering over to the small spherical drone hovering and observing her with its blue optic. It chattered at her in binary, swaying and drifting in the air in some show of excitement. The redhead just rolled her eyes, too used to the odd quirks that de
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Old tale Phoenix TF/TG

Asher love Japanese rumors and yokai,  his grandma tells the story of the old tale.
When the fire burning the church, the bird is inside the church,the rain cool down the fire, many people are terrified   by the weather, the sun rise and surround by cherry blossom light of the bird and turning into phoenix, and fly away.
Asher was walking around the Japanese cherry blossom, he saw burned church. 
Asher walk down the burned church, this is the rumors, he took a look inside the church, the inside of the church is black except the Christ and the cherry blossoms he saw golden cherry blossom outside, he walk to the tree, he touched it, the trail of magic and cherry blossom surround  him , he started changing.
His arms becomes golden wings, his feet becomes claws his shoes rips off the tail grows bust out, his legs shrunk, his body becomes smoother, his shirt burns, he get orange feathers all over him, his head shrunking  his nose
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Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn ch.2
After long walking, we arrived to The Maritime Library; we entered the lobby a plan. We split up and began searching for books about unicorn and Sir Francis Haddock, captain of Unicorn. While Snowy went with Tintin, I went into different direction. Though I hardly had trouble with searching for books back in my time, this wasn`t a pieces of cake. I looked at every label, looked through every bookshelf, making me dizzy, too bad computers were invented yet. I came to librarian and asked: ˝Excuse me, where can I find history on ships and sea captains? ˝
He showed me where to find books I was looking for. I thanked him, grabbed a couple and headed back to table where Tintin was waiting. Tintin asked: ˝Did you find any information? ˝
I replied and put books on table: ˝ Yes. I had a little help, but I found a few books.˝ We both sat down to read the history of the Unicorn and sir Francis Haddock. Tintin carefully searched through the pages of our books and looke
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Tiny Toons TTY S.2 Ep.18
Second Season of Tiny Toons: the Teen Years rated PG+ DV for
Some Suggestive/Crude/Rude Humor and Cartoon Violence.
Not recommended for much youngsters even infants.  
(Warner Bros. shield logo came as they popping out)
(they singing their theme song)
(TINY TOON Adventures: The Teen Years)
(they singing their theme song)
Steven Spielberg Presents
TINY TOON Adventures: The Teen Years (TM)
(white toon bunny and the Evil Toons on the Bull's Eye logo)
Written by: SHREKRULEZ,
Story Directed by: DRAGON222
The secrets revealed as the white bunny who got rejected
by the original Animator/Creator is hurting everyone.
He bonk Bugs Bunny and wanting
revenge on the 2 comedic animated bunnies: Buster and Babs.
He did. But they strike him back out of Acm
:iconshrekrulez:SHREKRULEZ 2 5
GID Maxwell
Alone in his room, Maxwell wasn’t prepared for where the night would take him or just how much his life was about to change. Sitting on the edge of his computer chair, headphones blasting music into his ears and eyes glued to the game he was playing he didn’t hear the front door open downstairs. The hushed voices and creak of the fourth step went unheard. The slow, careful opening of his bedroom door went unseen. It wasn’t until he caught the phantom reflection of a masked man on his computer screen that he knew anything was wrong, and by then it was too late.
Maxwell pushed himself out of his chair so quickly it tipped and clattered against the floor. Wide, ocean blue eyes scanned his room in a panic as two men dressed in black, faces covered advanced on him. “Get away from me!” He shouted, turning towards his bedroom window. It was nearly 1am but he was sure that someone would hear him if he could just get it open. Spinning on his heal he lunged towards
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