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A Better Performance (Double TF/TG/MC) [GIFT]
"They really mean open when they say open." Dell joked with a laugh. 
"You're telling me, I've seen better performances in a kid's talent show!" Nafster reiterated joining in on the laughter. Normally there weren't one to joke about that, but in this case it was a special kind of bad that was being shown off tonight. While the two never once started heckling anyone, they wouldn't stop talking during the performances, and one of the employees caught wind of it, a Nightingale in a vest walking over. 
"Excuse me you two, can you come back stage with me? I have something to show you." he instructed. 
"I think we're fine, no thanks." Dell said to the nightingale. 
"Yeah, we're pretty comfortable right here." Nafster added on with a chuckle. 
"I don't think you understand," the nightingale gripped the shoulders of the deer and snow leopard tightly. "That wasn't a request." 
"Ye-yes sir." Nafster slowly got up. "Come Dell, let's uh...let's go see what this bird w
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The Bush Dragon
“I got it!” Dylan called as he tried to intercept the big yellow ball sailing through the air towards him.
He gave a valiant effort but he was unable to prevent it soaring over his upstretched hands and bounced off into the brush beyond the playground.
“Way to go dummy!” one of the other kids chided him. “Now we've lost the ball!”
“It can't go too far.” Dylan asserted as he walked towards the thicket. “I can get it.”
“Hey!” another kid called urgently as Dylan ducked down and began to crawl under the bushes. “Don't go in there stupid! It's not allowed!”
“It's fine!” Dylan called as he crawled forwards between the branches and leaves. “I'm little, I can get it.”
“We're not coming in after you!” they called after him as he continued forwards into the bushes. “If you get stuck we're telling the aides!”
Dylan didn't reply as he continued forwards, the branches
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 9
Death Battle! Shadow the Hedgehog vs Proto Man!

Rush: Alright. The combatants are SET! Let's end this debate once and for all!
Bolt: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!
(Prelude: )
The entire city was in shambles. From a distance, the skyline appeared as if it were on fire, and the buildings that made up the establishment collapsed onto the ground. Within the remnants of the city, a robotic army consistently of gunners and machines mimicking the appearance of a hedgehog marched to honor their creator. Who was their creator? Why, none other than the nefarious Dr. Eggman of course.
As the metallic soldiers wrecked havoc on the city, the evil doctor watched it all on a monitor he had installed in his spherical space station; the Death Egg. 
"OHHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" the doctor laughed. "This is going much better than I expected. And best of all, that little blue pincushion hasn't shown up to crash the party." Eggman then spoke into a mic, which transmitted his voice into the m
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Neako Beginnings - Part 1
Wrapped in a thick fur cloak for warmth and sitting next to a small fire in the snowy mountains, Kameilo looked toward the skies. As always, Galoa was cloudy, and snow covered these highest peaks on planet Neako, and very different world from Marea. Kameilo had lost count of how many days she’d spent up here, with little sunlight, long periods of dark, snowstorms, and icy winds.
The strange elders with masks had been kind to her at least. They provided warm clothing, hot soup, and companionship, but she had yet to fully understand their languages. She wanted to think about her own people on her home world but..after the events that had recently taken place there, it was too hard. Too painful.
The jethi girl was lonesome. Lonesome, homesick, and sad. And COLD! Even with a coat coat and blankets and fur shoes for her feet, the snow and ice got to her. Especially at night sleeping in the tents. She missed the sun, and the warm air, and hot sands from the islands where she grew up.
:iconferroth:Ferroth 3 1
St Tickles School For Unrully Children Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Tickle Training Part 2.
As the boys entered the tickle room, they saw 4 girls all tied by their wrists and ankles to the beds.
They had nothing on their feet and their tank tops were taped up to keep their stomachs exposed along with their armpits.
"Hehe, the blond girl on the far left is really struggling. I call her" said Danny, referring to 10 year old Alison.
"Well I think the orange haired girl on the far right is just playing tough. I bet she's break the second I start tickling" said Ben, referring to 9 year old Erica.
"The blond one next to Ben's choice has really cute feet, I bet they're ticklish" said George, referring to 12 year old Becky.
Sam just stared at the remaining girl, she seemed really familiar somehow. Then, he remembered where he'd seen her.
"That's the cute girl from the video" he said, referring to 11 year old Madison.
"OK boys, the rules are the same for you as they were for the girls. The tickle session ends when your victim has peed herself" said M
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The Valyrian Dragons - Mexares by Keyser94 The Valyrian Dragons - Mexares :iconkeyser94:Keyser94 1 0
Magical Journal Day 1
Well I need to get into the habit of keeping a journal so I may as well start now. My name is Professor Alexander Jimmy Davis I work at a top secret US government institution studying magic, yes magic it exists. Turn the old stories or at least some of them have a gain of true to them, magic artifacts have been found all over the world. However these artifacts aren't as powerful as many have hope or at least not any more, as it seems that magic energy does in fact have a shelf life so these artifacts barely work any more if at all. Now how these artifacts work in the first and why can't we use magic or build more artifacts, well those are why we here to find out and we may have found the key to those answers.
  Last year a team of archaeologists came across artifact, an old Romanian mirror as big as elephant. Naturally we knew this had to be magical and came after it as fast as we could, how we got something it I don't really know and I don't would like the details but we did get
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Going In (Fishing)
Though it was the middle of the day, everything was a pale gray. The sun didn't look down upon the world here; it hid behind a layer of clouds thick enough to almost completely blot it out. The trees were naked and sickly thin. Not a single leaf swayed in the wind; only the finger-like, gnarled branches. Fluffy white flurries drifted slowly down to earth, already covered in a perpetual snow. The wind was so gentle and their descent so slow that they gathered together in clumps. What looked like one large flurry was actually four or five clinging to each other. They acted as a sound dampener; everything was eerily quiet. All that could be heard in the middle of the lake was the gentle lapping of the waves and the splashes made by two rowdy tokotas. 
"There is absolutely no way I am going to lose to you." 
"We'll see about that!"
Eight tokotas were gathered either around or inside an enormous hole in the center of the ice, its edges jagged and the sheets t
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Fe'k proble'ma'k...
Egy szép tavaszi délelőtt Bános Richárd buszsofőr éppen fehér MAN buszának nyitott ajtajában egy leterített pokrócon ülve tízóraizott. Egy doboz pizzát rendelt, amit ki is vittek a buszállomáshoz. Pár percen belül pedig egyik kollegája, Juhász Krisztián parkolt be mellé a Volvójával. Miután kiszállt, üdvözölték egymást Richárddal.
-Jó étvágyat! -fűzte még hozzá Krisztián.
-Kösz! -felelte Richárd. -Te is kérsz?
-Milyen? Négysajtos?
-Akkor igen.
-Szolgáld ki magad. -mutatott a dobozban lévő pizzára. Így Krisztián is vett egy szeletet, majd ő is leült Richárd mellé. Beszélgetni kezdtek, pontosabban Krisztián beszélt, míg kollegája néha válaszolt. Volt még ideje mindkett
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The Queen of Wolves - Corruption TG/TF
What's that? VOLTAG3 finally did an actual story upload for once after being gone for months on end? Pigs are flying and cats are living together, mass hysteria! Well, long story short I didn't expect a TF writing challenge on a discord server to end up being the motivator for my next story, as it was very well received back there, I've decided to get it uploaded on here, though not before letting my lovely spellchecker give it a once over, thanks for helping out again man. This is a little shorter than my last piece, but I hope you'll enjoy it regardless.
It probably wasn't the best idea for Scott to go looking around some old abandoned mansion. But he had been dared to do it, and when you're dared to do something you might as well be required to by law if you wanna save face. Scott was a good-hearted man, he just had a pretty nasty group of friends, so he often had to do things like this. Regardless, he was doing quite well, bravely exploring the cata
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Shrouded Piety - Chapter 38 (Flashlore 9)
== Chapter 38 (Flashlore 9) =
:: September 12th, 1807 – Paris, France ::
Several weeks passed since Suri allegedly departed for Rome. Not a word or sign of Suri could be found anywhere in Paris to this day, meaning, Selina was finally able to resume life as normal. That final day Suri was here had Selina expressing herself more liberally than ever before in her life; she tasted what felt like true freedom for a time as they ate, played around, had their feet and nails worked on, and even splashed around in the water like children. Alas, while it was a time Selina would never forget, it was hardly a liberal revolution in any way for her, for in the weeks to follow the Frank would fall right back in line as the strict and procedural Godcraft of France.
The only thing that changed was that Selina had Suri on her mind every day and close to every hour. Troubling as Suri could be, the Frank could not deny badly missing the other Godcraft not just because of her relatable supernaturali
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Green Mantle's Light Part 2

"So, Jolt," Asuka looked down at Jolt from the sky as they raced to see who could get to Justice Force Headquarters first, the duo having spent all afternoon thwarting crimes together, "how exactly did you get your powers?"
"It's sort of a long story, Green Mantle- do you mind if I call you "Green Mantle"?" Jolt replied. "Y'see, I used to be a delivery boy back in my hometown. Then one day-"
"Everyone, run for your lives!"
Jolt's little story was cut short once they reached New York City, however, as the first thing the two were greeted to was complete chaos as crowds of panicked people ran down the streets fleeing in terror while tiny robots with blinking-red lights caused mayhem, flipping cars over, cutting power lines, smashing store windows, etc.

"What on Earth is going on here?" Asuka asked as the two looked around and saw the Silver Sentry assisting the police to eliminate the small robots, t
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Return of Heron III: Gods and Monsters - Part 2
“Dead, that’s what you said. How?” Russo asked the woman. It has been a few days since the police apprehended the woman who was dressed as Heron. Said woman hasn’t said a single word as she sat down in that wooden chair. The silence was too much as Russo got up from her chair across from the woman and said, “Fine, he’s dead. End of story. But we do have enough to put you away for a long time. So enjoy your face, on your term in prison.”
She then proceeded to walk away and just as she was about to open the door. The other woman responded, “He never recovered”
Russo then turned around to face the woman. She now became interested in hearing her out.
“Three Years ago, he died knowing that he was the best for humanity and that he nearly bested humanity’s best. Boss never got out of bed after that, he couldn’t. For three years I had held his hand and we’d talk. The finest stuff.” She said
“Some of it go
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Becoming Time
Becoming Time
So much has changed so fast. It has been one of those mixed good and bad summers.  Should be home for a break after traveling form fieldwork now Not a fan the hot times of the year that is why I choose to live up the redwood regions where it never gets hot just always cool either fog or rain/mist much of the time.  Where I am now in the southeast it is even worse if I was still an organic being.  These people that have taken in are good and are willing to help understand what I am now.  For one, I am not an organic human anymore, being made something of clear glass, crystal or something else in humanoid shape.  
Looking back, I should have died long ago.  Whatever made me this way odds are saved me when I was young in wilds or in on the streets on own after no wanted me.  Going back never had any family till an older couple, gramps and gram what they wanted to called, that did not care who or where I was from took me in  They
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Les Chroniques de Tercania : Chapitre PREMIER
  À cette heure de la nuit, les ruelles de l’impressionnante ville d’Azur, capitale des Plaines d’Onyx, se trouvaient plus menaçantes encore qu’elles ne pouvaient l’être le jour. Il aurait fallu être particulièrement inconscient pour s’y aventurer seul : brigands, criminels et autres trafiquants y avaient instauré un domaine de non-droit, si bien que même la garde évitait de s’y risquer.
  Au détour d’un croisement se faufila une ombre noire, une silhouette menue mais vive qui progressait sans bruit, se camouflant contre les parois de pierre des bâtiments, évitant habilement la lumière des torches. Bien qu’elle semblât connaître les lieux comme sa poche et savoir parfaitement où elle se rendait, Elaena Syana n’avait aucune idée de l’emplacement exact de son objectif : le bar de La Griffe. Le vieillard qui lui avait, la veille, rense
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La Interesante Vida Magica de Liza Marina. Cap. 20
Capítulo 20 - El sartén volador
Cuando un mago se unía a su varita por medio del hechizo de enlace, ese objeto pasaba a ser una parte de su cuerpo, una extensión más de él. Generalmente, las varitas escolares se consideraban como desechables y no era sino hasta que te graduabas, cuando se te daba una de verdad, como la muda de dientes de leche de un mago.
    Por mi parte, esa tarde, luego de la clase donde mi mano se incendió, nunca creí que vería esa relación de otro modo. Ya que literalmente tenía mi varita amarrada a mi cuerpo, con cinta adhesiva...
    Verán, pasados unos minutos de que terminó el incidente, ese del mar de espuma, Olga apareció en escena, se miraba muy maltrecha, con grandes ojeras y un poco despeinada. Sin decir una sola palabra, la directora sacó una enorme cinta adhesiva de su túnica y bueno, el resto de la hist
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The Magisterium Wars - Chapter I: The Flight Home
Chapter I: The Flight Home
January 2, 2074
MDSD Base, Key West, Florida, USA
“All aboard for transport back to New England! Delta Company, 70th Strikers, that means you!” came the call from the base commandant, who was overseeing the assembled Magisterium troops being rotated out of combat in time for the new year—and the start of school.
“Well, looks like the end of our mini-vacation to the West Indies, Captain, doesn’t it?” said Paul Newcomb, a young private in the Department of Self-Defense, to his commanding officer, Captain Jonathan Woodrow.  
“It does, but I’m glad to be leaving. I’ve been out of school for long enough. I’d like to see my actual friends again,” said Jonathan, beginning the walk across the tarmac to the transport plane.
“Aren’t we your friends, Captain?” Newcomb asked playfully. “I mean, we train together, eat and sleep together, we go into battle to safeguard the march
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Under the crimson skies pt.16
As I push the heavy door of my quarters open a bright light from the hall attacks my jaded eyes with a unpleasant sting. I cover them with my palm, while trying to get my sight back to normal. When finally my sight seems to be returning I can take a look in front of me, which greets me with a enourmous beauty. The decorations are quite stunning to behold and everytime the level of detail put into them seems to get greater and greater. The symbol of my house upon the main door has been polished to shine under the lights and surrounded by two new banners. Slowly and filled with satisfaction I move onto the stairway only to notice their railings being covered by the moon lilies. My personal favorite for their ever changing look and shape which changes depending on the current time of the night.
Through my wondering I can hear Theia's modest laughing from the bottom of the stairs along with Arthur's deeper voice clearly telling a story about something. As I turn my attention first thing fo
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Las gigantas gemelas parte 3
Ricardo y Arturo eran dos gemelos. Eran dos chicos normales, que acababan de cumplir la mayoría de edad hace poco. Eran muy formales, sacaban buenas notas en el colegio y nunca se habían metido en líos.
Hasta ahora.
Porque, sentado delante de ellos, estaba un general del ejército. Desde hace dos días, su vida se había convertido en una locura.
Primero entraron unos hombres en su casa, con una orden judicial. De forma educada, pero con firmeza, registraron toda la casa. Se llevaron los ordenadores de ambos gemelos para registrarlos. Y les dijeron que, aunque no estaban detenidos, sería mejor que mañana fueran a declarar de forma voluntaria.
- ¿Por qué? ¿Hemos hecho algo malo?
- Allí se lo contarán todo.
Al día siguiente, se presentaron en la dirección indicada. Parecía una especie de dependencia oficial, aunque no había ningún
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Mouth Sand
She takes the tooth grinder and pushes it against my teeth. It spins quickly, vibrating my skull slightly.
My teeth don’t feel much but she puts sand on the grinder so that the grinder will smush it into my gums, making them hurt. She enjoys doing this and smiles happily as I wince, my lips spread in a fixed rictus.
The sand tastes minty, unlike the sand purchased at a craft store. I try pretending I am at the beach, kicking back and enjoying myself as I get sand in my mouth. It doesn’t work.
When she is done, I crunch on the sand. I like doing this. I don’t know why.
Crunch, crunch.
Then I rinse. Most of the sand is gone, but the minty taste remains and my mouth feels very clean. I like the clean taste and want to keep it for as long as possible, so I refuse sex that night.
The next day my mouth is no longer minty, but still feels clean.
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PTS BB: BYIRDS by CannedTeeth PTS BB: BYIRDS :iconcannedteeth:CannedTeeth 2 0
An Off World Story
Wilson G. Bear
The meeting had gone exceptionally well. I had a new contact in my Diplomatic Pouch and I decided to celebrate by looking at a classic car I saw on the way to the client's place of business. Driving back through nameless country roads in central Pennsylvania, I found it again. With time to stop in and admire, I left my rental in the front lot and inquired within, as the sign suggested.
The Humans who operated the smash-shop cum used vehicle business asked a price I knew was too high, so I asked if I could drive the car. They demonstrated the manual choke (Fur vehicles did not have automatic chokes until we borrowed the concept). They praised the quality and condition of the car.  I did not care much for the color, off-white over a sort of deep mauve, but it was large and comfortable as befitted my person. I did a quick calculation and realized the manufacturer built it the year I was born: 1957 H
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El Nuevo Mundo
El Nuevo Mundo... Quién sabe qué terribles secretos aguarda. Y con los monstruos voraces, demoníacos y subyugadores que ven la carne humana como un manjar delicioso digno de un festín.
Es que aún no llego, pero he escuchado que allá existen canívales y bestias diferentes a las que cacé en el Viejo Mundo. Allá las bestias de Sangre Plateada casi no existen lo cual me sorprende. Creí que con Laberinto Sideral ya era excesivo pero ¿Manoa? Una ciudad de oro... ¿Qué riquezas habrá? Posiblemente solo sea un lugar maldito. Quizá peor que el mismísimo Laberinto Sideral pero de algo es que creo estar seguro. Es muy posible que ni los Hombres de Barro, ni los Demonios del Agua, ni siquiera los Moradores del Viento conocían ese lugar.
Y es que, al final posiblemente es un lugar alejado de la mano de los Génesis. Aunque por lo que escuché hay otro término del cual nunca se había escuchado habla
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