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A Change in Lizardship (Doe TF/MC)
The IT Department at the Dackwill Cooperation was incredibly small, consisting of only two employees, and they liked it that way. The team’s lead was Owen, the head of IT who was a donkey man that enjoyed his fair share of pranking others around the office. On the other hand was Liz, Owen's husky partner in crime that had  taken a liking to watching Owen's antics while helping out with them as well. It made the relatively dull office life a lot more entertaining, and helped the time go by.
While the days were sometimes slow, today was uncharacteristically slow. Owen kept refreshing his emails, and was so desperate that he was actively hoping work would pop up just so he'd have something to do. It felt like hours had passed when in reality it had only barely been an hour. Owen let out a loud sigh as he reclined back in his swivel chair. He kept doing this to try and get Liz's attention who typed away at her computer.
Eventually she would break with a sigh and turn to face Owe
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Prologue: A family story. by MiguelofKing Prologue: A family story. :iconmiguelofking:MiguelofKing 6 0
Let's Shut Down Today
I'm on the computer checking messages. Same old, same old. My cheek is in my hand as I lean against my elbow in boredom. I've got to check my messages before I get to work.
Sei is on my desk. She's watching the computer screen. I tell her she should busy herself, but she is determined to monitor everything in all of my conversations. I have a slight headache. My neck won't crack.
I get a private message. One from someone I'm pretty sure I don't know. The content is a red flag. It has a link.
"Don't click that link..." Sei squeaks at me.
"I'm just going to see what they're talking about," I reply.
"No! It's not your problem! Please don't click it!"
"I'm just curious. They're making accusations against someone I've spoken to."
"Just delete the message and pretend it didn't exist!"
She is being silly. I click the link to read something that I just don't believe is true. It actually makes me laugh. I go to leave a comment.
"NO!" says Sei. "If you have to say something, reply to the private
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Huckleberry Finn Foot Challenge Request
Huckleberry Finn was just wondering around the woods bored, since Tom Sawyer and Becky were away for the day. He was desperate for something to do, just anything. Then he came to the river and saw a very unusual sight. A girl sitting on the edge of the river with a string tied to her big toe which went into the water. Now curious as to who this barefooted girl was, Huck went over to her. “Hey, what’re you doing?” He asked. “I’m fishing.” She said before pulling her foot up, revealing a hook with a worm on the other end. Feeling somewhat challenged, Huck couldn’t help but channel a bit of Tom Sawyer. “I bet I could catch more fish like that then you could!” He said. The girl just handed him another string with a hook. “Okay. But I think you’re wroooooong.” She said, giving it to him.
It was absolutely no contest. Huck couldn’t catch a fish to save his life, while the girl was catching enough fish to feed the e
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The secret of the deepest forest - part 4
I stopped in front of what had been my father's bedroom, hesitating briefly before clasping the handler and pulling the heavy door open. On one hand, I knew it would pain me to enter the now doubtlessly empty and cold room where my father had dwelled and where they would be so many memories of earlier, better days. On the other hand I knew this room in and out, I knew where my father had his secluded chambers, where he kept dangerous and secret weapons. Weapons that would help me now. And there were also a secret exit, a hidden stairwell, which could serve both as escape route and a way in for help. Wherever I would get that help I wasn't sure at the moment.
I had but pulled the door open, when I noted that it was not as I'd expected it. A fire roared in the fireplace and it smelled of food and wine. And there, in the middle of the room was Nester Alsalathe, his back turned against me as he brooded over a large wooden table filled with brass gadgets that indicated the antics of alchemy
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A Curse (Eevee TF/TG/AR/MC)
Vui was just a young Pokemon Trainer. His starter Pokemon was an Eevee. He lived in the Kanto region.
"Eevee!" his starter exclaimed.
"Eevee, shut up." Vui growled.
"Vee..." Eevee squeaked. It was clear it wanted to play.
The Eevee dug into Vui's backpack, getting out some Pokebeans. It smiled as it saw a rainbow Pokebean. Maybe it could evolve?
It ate the Pokebean. It smiled as it looked up at Vui. "Vee!"
"Well I guess it's time for training." Vui sighed. "Eevee, return!"
"Vee!" Eevee jumped on Vui's shoulder.
Vui sighed as he exited the Pokemon Center.
"Eevee, I choose you!" Vui exclaimed.
"Vee!" Eevee exclaimed.
"Eevee, use Quick Attack!" Vui exclaimed.
"Eevee!" Eevee exclaimed, before using the attack.
"Pie!" the Caterpie exclaimed, getting hit by the attack. "Pie pie pie..."
Eevee gained 20 EXP!
Eevee grew to Level 10!
A glow surrounded Eevee.
"Huh? Is it evolving?" Vui asked.
It? Gr... I'm not an it!
As the glow faded, Eevee had evolved.
"Sylve!" the n
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VT - TJWKTM (Part 4)
Jimmy: We've been at this chase for 10 minutes, Jerry, and already, it's too much work
for us!
Jerry: You're right, it is really exhausting.
[However, seconds later, Jimmy and Jerry's truck radio suddenly starts giving off static,
as a sign that a call is coming in, as Jimmy answers it.]
Jimmy: Hello?
Larry: (over radio) Guys, I have an idea! I have a fishing pole in our truck, so you try
to stay with Bob while I try to reel him in!
Jimmy: But, Larry! Why should we follow Bob?! It's too much work!
Larry: (over radio) Come on, you guys! This is no time to be chickening out now!
Jimmy: We're not chickening out, Larry, we're balking because you're giving us another
assignment! It's bad enough that we had to carry a shipment of party ice, and now we
have to try to save someone!
[Suddenly, Bob's voice is heard over the radio as well.]
Bob: (over radio) Guys, please! Your laziness is what caused all of this!
Jimmy: What do you mean, Bob?
Bob: (over radio) Have you forgotten what Mr. Trucksto
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14. The Valyrian Dragons - Wesell by Keyser94 14. The Valyrian Dragons - Wesell :iconkeyser94:Keyser94 1 0
Like Mother, Like Son (Morgan FtM TF/TG)

     Robin sighed, walking out onto the plains on which the Shepherds had set their camp.
     Their camp was small, tents set out in a simple formation meant for mobility, not for long-term use. Behind her, she could hear the laughing of her companions as they settled down for the night. Tonight, however, she had no interest in joining them.  
     Finding a boulder which looked relatively smooth, Robin sat down, and began to formulate strategies for their upcoming battle. However, as time passed, Robin found her mind beginning to wander. That - Lucina, she said she was from the future, from a world destroyed by an evil force. Chrom's child, come to save them. But she had also mentioned something, something that utterly astounded Robin.
     Robin would have a child. A son, to be exact.
     That, she was not expecting. Never in her life - what she could remember o
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Mysteria 3
Wings (Shalion)
I fished a dead rabbit out of the water and gulped it down. The water steaming down my body and the chill of the blustery wind left me almost longing for the heat of the sun once again. It was night again, I supposed, though the cloud cover was still so dense it was hard to tell the difference. I was bone-tired for the journey we’d undertaken since Mother was taken from us, but I continued walking along the water’s edge, my thoughts as stormy and cold as the weather.
A shrew here, a fox kit there, the ground was littered with the corpses of the fallen and I fed on what I found. Back the way I’d come, I knew Smaug and Kursed were dining on a pregnant deer my brother had found wedged between two boulders. He probably had to force her to eat... Just like I forced myself to eat. I wasn’t hungry in the slightest, but growing up hungry had ingrained in me the instinct to take what I could when I could. Who knew when food would be avail
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They find the children near the centre of the ship. There are three of them in this chamber, watched by four faeries who feed them and sing to them and wind their slender fingers through their hair. One of them is Darien.
Brianna clenches her fists, then winces away from the motion. The naked finger-bones of her right hand have grown over with bumpy red scabs, and the stolen faerie-salve keeps the pain in check, but she keeps forgetting to be careful.
“That’s him,” she murmurs.
It isn’t, though, not quite. The longer she looks at the boy with the haws woven into his hair, the less certain she is that she knows him. His movements are wrong: slow and graceful, like a dancer, not at all like the kid who stumbled over the mess in his room at least twice a week. His skin is a touch too pale, his face too thin, the bones of his skull too finely shaped. His eyes are darker than she remembers them, though they were always dark. They take up too much of his face.
But it&
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Peg Leg Louisa 84
Peg Leg Louisa 84
Kay nan Kat. Hispaniola Isle. Dusk.
They walked through the insect-fluttering darkness up toward the large house at the end of the road. The place looked as if it had been built in perhaps the middle of the last century. She looked over her shoulder to see the large group of men and women walking up behind them, talking quietly, some laughing at the gentle ribbing the men were getting from the women regarding Fabienne’s remark that morning about being as ‘noisy as a flock of gulls’.
Louisa said to Lindy, who had, again, left Athena back at the Elegant Faith, in case the evening should turn lively, “I hope this place is big enough.”
“Aye, sure enough it is, and well she said bring all of us and she’s a woman of her word.”
Louisa nodded and, seeing there was nobody close enough to be in earshot said, “Speakin’ o’ words…”
Lindy looked at her askance. “Ay
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Cartoon Network X Jetix Season 1 Episode 1
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The Other Ben

He had had trouble sleeping that night. It happens sometimes. The young pup, full of energy and tired of being squashed between his sisters, wriggled out of the furry heap with a sigh of relief. It was hot in the middle. He wanted to be on the outside next time. Even in the darkness of the den, Doro could see his mother's outline curled up around her children, her tail nearly touching her nose. He crept closer, trying to make out the little details in her face. The she-wolf's face twitched every now and then, her eyes shut tight and her breath coming in short, shallow gasps. Doro's heart sank. Mother had trouble sleeping, too. But unlike her son, it wasn't a "sometimes" thing. Doro loved his mother with all of his heart. She loved and cared for him and his sisters, and in his opinion she was great at it. But there were times when she'd stare off into the distance, eyes vacant, seeking something only she could see, something only she even knew ex
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Prelude to the Journey Pt.1
Colleen räv Brent, in:
Prelude to the Journey (Part 1)

A Tale of Tums, by Rando.
Rando's Personal Note and Disclaimer
    This story is, quite obviously, not going to be for everyone. It includes themes pertaining to Pregnancy of a Sudden and mildly Exaggerated sort, a Foxgirl Cleric to a Fertility Goddess going through said pregnancy, mild religious themes (quite obviously, the main character's a cleric) and a few other, mildly more serious themes. Oh, and it also includes a bit of worldbuilding, though not much. If these things don't interest you, then by all means, feel free to read something else! But, if these do interest you, then by all means, stick around; hopefully this tale's worth your time!
    This is the first real story I've written in a long, long while. Months, at least. As such, expect some at
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Tied by Fate | SC

Chaos reigned all around her yet Blue would not have had it any other way. After all this was the tipping point, the culmination of harassment and lies and threats. It had all led to this moment where the fate of Dagsworth rested on the backs of those who marched into battle. It rested on Sirius' shoulders as he led them into the fray, pouncing upon the Vryheid who had not anticipated the assault. It rested on Blue for she made it so - for Dagsworth to secure their victory, she was determined to fight tooth and nail to make that a reality. She was bestowed the rank of Elite Warrior; she was not going to disappoint by being a layabout. No, she was going to seek her revenge for all the pain and suffering the Vryheid had caused them.
Blood quickly filled the air with its pungent scent as Blue ran through the crowd, knocking whoever was unlucky to cross her path aside. Teeth struck wherever they could with the intent of being as unmerciful as possibl
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Luna City wedgies, Chapter 1
It was a beautiful day in Luna city. The sun was shining, the clouds were clear and the breeze was gentle and kind. It was the kind of day that a family could enjoy at the park, eating ice cream or having a picnic. Except, it was completely empty, except for two groups of people, fighting furiously in the center."Higher, Langstrom! Knock her out of the sky!" Squealed a small girl in a purple and black cloak with a matching hat, pointing at another girl in brightly coloured nylon, glistening radiantly in mid air trailing sparkles."Langstrom", an enormous grey abomination whose veins pulsed with purple energy, grunted in agreement and picked up a park bench, hurling it 50 feet in the air aimed at the floating female. She nimbly circled around it, giggled, and shouted back: "No respect for public property, zo-zo? Guess I'd hoped for too much, that it'd at least be better than your aim."The girl, Zoe Wallachia, who had been causing havoc after failed jewellery store robbery, snarled, and whispered something into her glowing crystal medallion. Though nobody but her could see it, a spirit had just been released, and it flew straight into the girl, Butterfly, dragging her into the ground. Her teammate Blur used her super speed to catch her and prevent her from harm, and the two engaged their invisible adversary while the others charged Zoe. It was a fight, Langstrom used his absurd strength furiously and without restraint for his surroundings, leaving craters in the ground and flinging gates, pavement and swings at his opponents, however the teamwork and dexterity of Starburst and Neuro-girl lead to them bringing down the behemoth, dancing around his mighty arms until the laser blasts could sever enough of him off that he couldn't move anymore. A hand still twitched on the floor."Creepy." Neuro-girl said, flinging it into an upended trash can with her telekinesis."No, no, no..." Whispered Zoe, stumbling away, whispering desperately into her medallion. She glimpsed up at the advancing heroes, then smirked as she finished her spell- Only in time to see Blur dash into view, holding the necklace. "Game's over, Zombie Girl, and the fun died ages ago." Announced Starburst, stepping into view and flicking back her flowing blonde hair.. heroically. Her white unitard shone more than her rainbow cape and mask."GIVE THAT BACK!" She shrieked, lunging at the medallion, only for her target to zoom behind her, leaving her to fall on her face.Blur laughed, and eyed the necklace keenly."Hmmm.. Fine craftsmanship, oozing with evil energies.. No, I don't think you're going to need this in jail." Blur replied sweetly."Yeah, Zo-zo... But don't worry. We'll ask the warden to give you a room with lots of nice skulls." Butterfly mocked, inspecting the necklace."That necklace doesn't suit your outfit anyway, your edginess. Not enough black." Neuro-girl chimed in. Everybody laughed at the necromancer as she hauled herself into a sitting position and glared up at them."That 'necklace' is a highly potent liches' phylactery, a tool only safe in the hands of a master of the dark arts such as I. You holding onto it even now could unwittingly be draining the life force of the entire area. Give. it. Back." Zoe recited, extending her hand."Aww. The liddwl baby wants her jewellery back." Teased Butterfly, floating slightly. "Only thing draining life forces here is you, Shakespeare. There's such a thing as being laconic. You should try it. Indefinitely."Zoe blushed. They were referring to her current form; it was true, as all users of the dark arts knew, the magic was unpredictable. And in trying to achieve immortality, Zoe had made.. An error. And now she, the formidable master of the dead, was trapped in her body at age 11. But then a thought occurred to her, and she got to her feet, removing her hat and grinning sweetly at the heroes towering over her."I'm 11. You know, as I do, that I'm actually an adult. But physically, I'm just a little girl. Your fancy metahuman prison can't hold me. You have to let me go. And you can't keep my necklace, either. Unless you want the public to know that their 'superheroes' like to steal from children." She sneered, extending her right hand triumphantly.For a moment, the girls in colourful spandex looked at each other in doubt."Bullshit." Blur announced, smacking her wrist down. "You just held a city at hostage over a rock. No jail would ever overlook that over such a small loophole." She said. "Right?" She finished a moment later, glancing at her colleagues. Nobody spoke, until their leader, Starburst, quietly intervened."it's true." She whispered. "She's too young for jail. In this body, anyway." She declared.Zoe smiled confidently, using her hat to hide her massaging her slapped wrist. Children sure hurt easy, she thought."You can't be serious!" Blur shouted, expressing the joint anger of the group. "You're saying this little shit can go around and do as much damage as she wants, and cos she's a kid, she won't be punished?" She pushed on violently, confronting their leader.Starburst took a deep breath, and then continued to calmly explain with one simple word."No."Zoe wasn't paying attention anymore, plotting her next scheme. Perhaps reanimated dead bugs could swarm the city. She'd never tried bugs."That isn't-" Blur began, but her leader cut her off."No, she won't get away unpunished." Starburst said coolly. For a moment everybody was confused. They all starred at the white-clad woman."She can't go to jail. But she can still be punished. And we're superheroes... Punishing the wicked is kind of our deal." She explained, before grabbing hold of the small villain's wrist."What are you- Let me go!" Zoe howled as she was pulled over the now crouching heroine's knee.She was ignored, as the rest of the group eyed the slight target greedily, as Starburst began to lift the girl's cloak, exposing her thin, pale legs."And as forces of good, we should punish naughty little girls how they should be." Starburst continued, stripping the struggling target to her skull-print pink panties."With a wedgie and spanking." She finished.Blur starred at the near-nude necromancer in awe. "Karen... You. Are a genius."Zoe struggled hopelessly, her fear imminent, but her tiny child frame was weak and she had both arms effortlessly held behind her back by one of the laser lass's."Y-you can't do this! It's child abuse. I'm-" Zoe pleaded.But every girl hooked fingers into her underwear, exposing the top of her backside to the World."M-my b-brother will hear about this! He'll end you!" Zoe squealed, wriggling like a fish in a net.Butterfly pulled the girl's face back to stare into it, squeezing her cheeks. "Go. Tell him. I dare you. And even IF he doesn't disown you for the humiliation, I guarantee Vlad's too busy in Romania to help your whinny ass." She sneered, backing into position."Ready? GO!" Starburst shouted, and with that the villain's underwear was forced high into the air, jamming between her butt cheeks and ending between her shoulders. Her scream of pain was the most child-like noise she'd made all day.Her panties were held there, shuddering and straining, as her legs kicked desperately and her cheeks flushed red. The pain was intense, as the larger women forced the tight knickers up and down, shredding the proud princess's backside almost as much as her ego while she begged them to stop. She'd never been this powerless before. If only she could reach her amulet...But she couldn't. It was discarded on the floor next to her bundled up clothes, and even as she stretched for it, her arm was pinned down again and sharp nails pinched her exposed bottom, causing her to shriek."Naughty, naughty. No magic for you baby girl, you're being punished." Said Neuro-girl with a giggle, tethering her wrists and ankles together with psychic energy. Zoe felt the last remnant of hope she'd had fade into nothingness as her ass was once again bombarded with the intense, biting pain of her own underpants.Zoe screamed at each tug, howling as her butt was bisected, but the girls gave no quarter and continued to torture their captive, stretching the material further and further up the child's back. Neuro-girl giggled as she walked around to face the crushed corpse-devil, and held out a single finger, glowing with her psychic cables, and said happily:"Suck it."Zoe avoided the finger desperately, and the smiling psychic didn't blink, She simply stretched a tether under her leader's leg, coiled it around the front of the girl's panties, and yanked up. The fabric flossing her undeveloped lady parts was agonising for the necromancer, and she screamed louder than ever as cotton squeaky-cleaned her crotch. Her back arched, and she gave in instantly, and began sucking her finger. She felt the expected inflation of the cord, and her tongue was soon pinned, so she couldn't talk or scream anymore."Ok girls, shall we give these underoos a little headspace?" Starburst asked, to the resounding agreement of her peers."Ok. 1. 2." As they got to 3, the pink polyester was dragged painfully over the mute minor's head, who suffered pain and humiliation in silence as they gradually went from her soft raven hair to obscuring her eyes until they finally hooked over her nose, snapping her neck backwards forcibly and leaving the girl in a harsh atomic wedgie.Zoe couldn't breathe. She panicked, thrashing, but only after her face went purple did they register this, stop laughing, and unbind her mouth. "YOU... YOU PRICKS." She gasped, sucking deep breaths of air.Butterfly readied a quip, but was shushed. They had gone too far with choking her out. Still, the superheroes admired their work. Her little ass was tightly wedged, a strip of pink and black reaching up and over her shoulders, covering her face.They then spanked the girl, causing her to cry after the second slap. But they thundered on, raining blow after resounding blow on her howling body, until her butt cheeks were as scarlet as her face ones. Her tiny backside jiggled with the impact, bouncing her up Starburst's knee as she sobbed hopelessly. *SLAP**SLAP*SLAP"OWWW!""Aww. Poor lil thing's exhausted. Tell you what. If you give up crime, and be a good little girl from now on, I'll let you go. Ok?" Starburst patronised."W-what...?" Zoe questioned, dazed and eyes full of tears under the panties.*SLAP*"OUCH"*SLAP*"EEK!"*SLAP*"OK, OK! I'll be good!" Zoe caved, hanging in defeat. The insult on her rosey rear stopped."You promise?" Starburst enquired sweetly."Yes! Please just let me g-go." Zoe begged."G-go where, sweetie?" Butterfly mocked. She was ignored."No more evil. Ok?" Starburst instructed."Ok." Zoe acquiesced. "Not ok. I want to hear you say it. After all, I'm trusting you with a highly powerful liches' phylactery here. I need to be able to trust you."Zoe sighed in resignation. What choice did she have? Stay and be their booty slave forever? She would get nothing done like that either. They'd won."I promise. I will do no more evil, ever, or I will be your little butt slave girl when you inevitably defeat me for it." She said, and the wave of utter, overwhelming humiliation it brought put her back into silence."Good girl. And we'll know, cos Neuro-girl here put a tracer on your medallion. You've got one more usage, to get you home, and after that, we'll be on you if you so much as whistle at a dead body. Later babe!" Starburst explained contrastingly sunnily, and with that they slapped her ass once more, and left.Zoe was crushed. She laid, motionless, dwelling on the utter embarrassment they'd just put her through. She'd been stripped. Violated! Abused! Mocked and dominated like a... a child. Her inner monologue was cut short by people returning to the street. She tried quickly to get up and cover herself, but her limbs were still bound, and she couldn't move. The voices were getting nearer. She couldn't be allowed to be seen like this. She desperately wormed towards where her clothes had been, painfully aware of the voices nearing her. The gravel path was rough, and she scraped her knee, but she couldn't allow the people to see her so terribly helpless. She'd never live it down!She squirmed in the path like a mad fish, but it was no use. Her clothes were gone!The voice was a man. He was headed to the park. It was over. She would be the resident laughing stock, the talk of the town, Zoe the wedgie girl. Give her panties a pull, she can't stop you. She'd have to move back to Romania, maybe Vlad could-her leg brushed over something metallic. Her medallion! Hope was restored all in an instant, and she struggled rapidly to turn so her head was next to it, and whispered in the demon tongue:"Spirits. Aid me in my time of need. Come forth a ghoul to do me one service."She only had the mana for one service. She felt ghost brush past, but it didn't free her. She heard it disappear into the drain, and knew she'd failed the ritual.It was over. The voices were on top of her. The man had brought his son."Daddy, what's that?" Asked the boy."I... Don't know." Said the father.Their footsteps came closer. Little fingers- the size of hers, almost- pried onto her panties over her eyes, and pulled them slowly off of Zoe's head. Light flooded as vision was restored, and Zoe burrowed her face in the ground as the boy laughed."It's a girl, daddy! She's naked!" He exclaimed excitedly. This had to be a nightmare.Hands went under her arms and she felt herself slowly being rolled over. She resisted valiantly, but boys are naturally stronger and she was slowly exposed- until a crashing sound was heard. A rough voice said "Off." And a large, powerful arm ensnared Zoe, lifting her into the air. She was met eye-to-eye with Giganta, the villainess blessed with God-like strength."Zombie Girl. However did you end up in this situation?" She smirked, and carried her into the crater leading into the open sewer that she'd arrived in.
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Brandon burns bright for a brawl!

Age: 12
Occupation: Student, World taker
Name: Bradon Breyer A.K.A Brightburn
Alignment: Neutral evil
Race: Unknown alien origin
Weight: 110lbs.
Height: 5'3 ft.

Succeeded in his designated infiltration of human society 
Was the brightest student in his entire state in Kansas    
Killed most of his prey without getting caught
    > Along with leaving his badass symbol behind 
Quickly got the hang of his powers with no instruction  
When he was found out wasted no time in killing all the witnesses
Truly had an intense struggle with his alien origin and his humanity
Tried to spare his adoptive mother before she tried to kill him, with a literal back stab

At the end of the movie brought down a whole airplane to cover up his killings
    > In actuality killed about 247
:iconfatefulbrawl:Fatefulbrawl 12 15
Demonic Cupcakes
I eyed the cake batter. It had gone from a nice creamy white to a dull blue. Almost a gray blue. It was that color you get under your eyes when you’re both sick and really tired. Something had gone wrong.
It was the middle of the night and I’d snuck into my potion brewing classroom intent on expirementing. I had someone to … let’s call it remind … remind that I was not to be trifled with. So, here I was in the middle of the night trying to make cupcakes that would cause some nasty side effects.
In some ways, working this late was kind of nice. No one was there to bother me. In others it wasn’t. I had no lights for example because I didn’t want anyone knowing I was here. First year mage students aren’t allowed to brew outside of the classroom. I didn’t care, though. Jason over at the knights section of the school deserved this.
It’s just I’m not sure it was going the way I intended. Was the batter supposed to turn blue?
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DeathStalker (Chapter 23)

Chapter Twenty Three

The Faith of the Fey
    Samael was walking the temple in a hasty fashion.  The secret war of the Blood Fang was no longer becoming so secret.  It was becoming an all out war against all the other Covens of Fey.  The men of their lands were coming under their Spell and only the men of Serpent’s Head posed a problem.  It was rumored by the other factions that Serpent’s Head had made an alliance of sorts with the White Fang.  These rumors persisted though the King of The Heel continued to deny such a hostile alliance. 
    The Covens of Fey were everywhere over the land.  Each village and city had underground members of one of the many Covens.  Most Covens had several members hidden among the cities of men.  The Taverns were usually secret meeting places for Coven Members.  Meanwhile the true
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