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Life Managment 3/3
It was late at night. Fiona took selfies on her bed when she heard the front door open and slam shut. She smiled, recognising her sisters deep breathing. She dropped her phone to stretch her arms and stood up. She leaned against the bed post with her arms and legs crossed. The footsteps coming up stairs were stomping. As soon as Hannah slammed open the door, Fiona pounced on her, going straight for a titty twister, knocking both of them down in the proccess.
"AHHH!" Hannah shouted as she swung her fist to Fiona's face. This time, hitting her in the jaw. Fiona was taken aback in shock. Though before she could react to the situation, she was thrown back by Hannah's legs. She grabbed her face. "What is wrong with you!?" Hannah grabbed her by her tops collar. "ME!?" She threw her towards the bed post. Fiona grabbed her back in pain. Sh65e could notice Hannah shaking with her posture. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!" She huffed and held hers hands up to her temples. "You're fucking psyhotic! You-Yo
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Glider Girls #22 by Artificer4 Glider Girls #22 :iconartificer4:Artificer4 12 1 A Cursed Boy's Friend by LevelInfinitum A Cursed Boy's Friend :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 5 0
Rules are Rules! (TG)
   Rules are made to limit people from misusing their freedom and responsibility. All rules uniquely belong to a specific place. Thus, rules might differ from one place to another. Each rule comes with a punishment as its consequence for trespassing it. However, nowadays, there are still lots of people who break rules just for their pleasure, including Ditto.
   Ditto was formerly a male teenager. He was seventeen years old and had just graduated from his high school. He decided to take two years off to help his family run business and earn some money before enrolling into a university. Until this point, people had called him as a considerate man who loved his family.
   They might be right, but not totally. During his free time, especially in the afternoon, he would visit his school to watch teenagers having fun. He used to play basketball with these teenagers, but things changed when a physical conflict broke up between him and them. It was just simple:
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Christmas Land [Tokotas explore] part 1
It was Diet Coke who’d suggested they go for a walk that day, reasoning that the brunt of winter had moved on now that the weather had started getting warmer. The ponds had probably even defrosted enough for them to start fishing again, he reasoned, wagging his tail excitedly. In response to that, Fondant, Nzeru, Ruari, Cinnamon and Comanche had had no choice but to agree, letting Diet Coke lead the way into the forest with a sure step and a wide smile. The rest of them had filed in behind him. Taking the position of send-in-command (dubbed Diet Coke’s babysitter by Fondant) was Nzeru, who was less interested in fishing or exploring as he was in getting through the forest safely. Behind him, were Fondant and Ruari, who’s conversation had already turned to what they might find in the great forest.
“Do you reckon the animals have come out of hibernation yet?” Fondant asked, sticking out his tongue to establish that the weather had definitely warmed up since
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DWOAH: Kurtis Stryker vs Jack Slate
Deadliest warriors of all history
Kurtis Stryker vs Jack Slate
Police brutality!
Kurtis Stryker info:
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 240lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Baton, Taser, Pistol, Grenades
Strengths: Arguably one of the strongest non-powered humans in the Mortal Kombat universe as he holds his own against many of the other fighters, Superhuman strength (Can shattered stone with punches, Can throw beings larger than himself with ease), Superhuman durability (Can take savage beatings/stabbings/being frozen/set on fire/getting shot/struck with Lasers etc and still keep fighting), Above peak human speed/supersonic combat speeds/reactions (Can keep up with some of the fastest fighters in the MK roster), Well trained in both hand to hand combat and in Firearms, Has defeated the likes of Reptile, Mileena and multiple Cyber Ninjas in the past.
Weaknesses: Is still human at the end of the day.
Jack Slate info:
Height: 6 foot 3
Weight: 260lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Shadow, Redtail 9mm Pistol, Clydesd
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Rise of the Detective Princess!: P4 Idolfication
It had only been a few days since the Love Meets Bond Festival and the restart of Rise Kujikawa’s idol career, and thankfully the end of a series of idol kidnappings, all thanks to the mysterious Midnight Stage by yet another deity striking against humanity and their bonds. Thankfully, the Investigation Team were able to defeat the malicious being and return all of the victims to safety, allowing the festival to go off without a hitch. It involved plenty of dancing throughout the incident, though none of the involved members seemed willing to talk about it since they were all forced on stage after the incident to dance with everyone in front of the massive crowd of people. 
Naoto Shirogane, known to the public as the Detective Prince, sighed in her room as she looked over her written report on the entire incident. She knew no one outside of her Persona-using allies would believe it, but she did feel it was important to keep records of these incidents, regardless of their pla
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Prophecy for chaos
They’re just heads and nothing more
A tribe broken, shattered, shaken to its core.
A beast bred from despots fury
It comes to bring sorrow and penury
 Look to the dunes for one pure of heart
 The Seas serve a much greater part.
  A tempest storm to rend the earth
   A Serpents might must quell their strife
Or an inferno will come to take their life.
   Bring us these to settle the score.
But aren’t they just heads and nothing more?
A mere nightmare they’re convinced
But evil monsters do exist
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Power Legacy Chapter 67 - Hero
I must admit, I was very surprised that Lady Malheur agreed to talk about the birth of witches. It was a topic that they normally did not like to divulge, especially to outsiders. Then again, witches did not like to show themselves to outsiders as well.
Lady Malheur started her story and her voice was calm with a little bit of a musical quality to it, “Long ago back when the universe was nothing but a black void, the universe became lonely. The universe wished for something to exist within its space and the Witch of Creation was born. She had the power to create worlds and stories. She obliged the universe and created millions of worlds, each with their own story and civilization. When she was finished with creating worlds, she went back to her own realm. She sat and thought about how to regulate the worlds she just made”.
Shane raised his hand and asked, “And what did she come up with?”
Lady Malheur answered, “She created twelve witches over time and once
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Penelopes Wedgie Robot
“Welcome to Megaton” said the Robot outside of the settlement as Penelope a 20 year old, red-haired beauty passed the gate. Penelope wore thight Hot pants and a withe Tank Top.
She just came back from the Wasteland with some Parts to modify her own Robot and she was about to finish him. As soon as Penelope entered her House her butler robot Mr. Handy flew over to her “Welcome back miss Penelope, I cleaned the entire house and made sure your cloths are on its place”. “Thank you” said Penelope with her Soft voice. “As soon as I finish that peace her you will have some more free time to do whatever Mr. Handys do” said Penelope and pointed on her almost finished Robot.
The Robot Penelope Build looked like a Protectron but it had 4 arms instead of 2, perfect to serve and perfect to carry things.
Penelope walked over to the Robot and used her tools to fit the last pieces to the Robot. After that she walked over to the terminal which was connect
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Rimoria Bestiary Excerpt -Insects-
Ember Fly and Ire Fly– An ember fly is a flying insect which has a bubble-like bulb to its rear which contains an actual burning flame. The small of its kind innocently fly about at night giving off a lovely glow. The larger, ire fly, was increased in size by magic means making their size unnatural as well as their physical appearance and temper. Created through malicious magic they are not peaceful and use fire to attack persons and buildings.
Bubellbee and Bulibee – A flying insect like the ember fly but they have an empty bubble to hold whatever it needs to transport, its usually limited to nectar, pollen, and honey though. They also are equipped with stingers to defend themselves and their hives. The bigger of their kind however are jerks and will be hostile to all creatures around them by jabbing and launching stingers at them. They would even enjoy taking whatever it pleases back to their hive including treasure and the adventurers they belong to.
Mystquitto - A annoy
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OODC: 4 - Bonds of Clay and Word
Jars of clay were retrieved from the shadows, simple vessels comprised of and containing naught more than the red clay of Rora. One of the preeminent Nightblades, the Grassman seated at the right-hand side of the red-robed figure, crept towards the bead rug and the Mephrian that knelt atop it. Her fingers, loose and deft sentient roots, wedged themselves inside of the jugs and began to apply the clay to the beast's lean figure in thick strokes, blessing manifold the land and its history with each pass.
“So come from Spira, all shall return to Spira,” her voice came melodically on motionless wooden lips whilst inscribing his thick fur with everything from passages of the Right of Personhood to astrological signs coinciding with the founding of their nation. “You who were born of the clay of Rora shall submit again to it one day; your power and prowess, borrowed as all such is, returned to whence it came.” She coated his hide in the stuff, requiring the tot
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rainworld 11: the mother's home
Out of the pure darkness of his vision, he heard someone... A woman, talking very, very lightly.
“wake up now, sweetheart.”
He half opened his eyes. A woman was looking at him with a smile. Like a mother.
“I was worried about you.” her voice was calm like an angel.
Chris looked at her eyes. His mind was floating between absolute shock and joy. He felt a warm feeling running on his face.
He got up. Finding himself sleeping on the ground. They were somewhere different. Like a house. Its roof was round and had an opening to the sky. It was nighttime, and the stars were blinking and gleaning beautifully. There were what seemed like sprouts of plants on the round walls. oddly, they shined and brightened the house with a warm sunny color. A table and several chairs were on the center, and a picture hanging from the wall.
But something caught his eyes on the wall. Something strange…
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Prologo (Anecdotas)
Un año cualquiera nacieron dos niños en dos familias muy distintas, uno en marzo y el otro en diciembre, sus nombres eran Stan y Russell. Se criaron en el distrito de Brixton pero no se conocieron hasta empezar primaria. A pesar de tener personalidades muy diferentes, no tardaron en hacerse amigos; sin embargo, si se veían fuera de la escuela era para jugar en la calle o en casa de uno de ellos para tomar la merienda, la casa y familia de Stan siempre habían sido un misterio. Para empezar, era demasiado extraño ver a un niño de seis años pasar tanto tiempo en la calle solo paseando sobre su monopatín, hasta la madre de Russell llegó a llamarle la atención varias veces al encontrarle fuera mientras llovía, grande era la sorpresa de su hijo cuando su madre llegaba de hacer la compra con su amiguito de la mano. Uno de estos días, el educado pero muy serio Stan se atrevió a contestarle una de esas tantas preguntas que le hac&
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Gift - Oh My Soul You are Not Alone
Soul gazed at the silver cross in the grass, having found it gleaming under the starlight. He recognized at once its powerful meaning. His brass eyes, reflecting little to no light in the dimness of the forests, sagged and twitched with reverence and humility, and yet it was mixed with a shrinking irk to fall and tremble at the same time. In the presence of that mere symbol, he felt on the verge of splitting in two, as though the ashen burned scales of a cursed birth covering muscle and bone out to peel away and run from it as darkness runs from light.
And yet, buried deep under those scales might still be a faint residue of who Soul was, or perhaps rather what he had once been, ready to come to that cross as something simple and new. The two sides of him couldn’t come to the cross so easily as he had hoped, since he was both. And Soul, as he knew himself, felt branded with something abominable, trapped inside a stained skin that, as a snake, he could never hope to shed. The stai
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A Night in the Mists

I wheeled round with steel in hand and saw them.
Four nightmarish figures stood facing me in the dark street.
Each was a head a taller than me, all clad in heavy metal plating,
like the armor of the sea reavers of a long gone age. The helmets shaded
their faces, and were covered in cone-shaped projections, like twisted iron horns.
They stood still as death.
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The Black Cat and The Faerie Queen
“I say, I’ve got a story to tell you. So, come round all you little boys and girls for I have a marvelous story to tell.”
Of course, once the magical cat started to speak, it caught the attention of all those who dared listen to his wispy little voice. As the crowd assembled into an audience, the cat smiled a wide sort of smile that stretched all the way to the tips of his ears.
A gasp sounded all around as the feline lifted his paws toward the sky. The clouds responded with flurries of snow but these snowflakes soon got bigger and bigger. Now, this was quite usual given that it was the peak of the summer season. Some muttered with worry that the frost would harm their crops. The narrator of this tale did not concern himself with such things for he was just a cat.
“Do not worry! Do not worry!” He called out to the crowd. “I did not gather you all here today to gawk at my dominion over the weather although I do concede that it is quite a feat for a fe
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The Incredible Shrinking Kaiju!
Chapter 1
Clenched and in panic, our friend tries to save himself from the sucking danger, although in his size hardly anything can stand ...
<Pause knock pressed.>
Look, that on, this tiny kaiju that is barely larger than 0.1 millimeters hid like mouse in front of the cat. Exactly where an oversized vacuum sucks him loosely like a tornado.
And not only that he was brought into this situation by one of his family in the first place only because water was spattered from a bucket. Sometimes Kaiju, like you humans, can think about things without first thinking about the consequences. Well that has our friend now in this situation.
But he is not any kaiju ... he was the king of all kaiju, a mighty being on earth and he is the tiniest on earth. And the worst is ... this kaiju I am! My name is Godzilla Junior, son of Godzilla Senior, younger brother of Xenilla aka SpaceGodzilla, Biollante and Zilla (Adopted) I was the most popular
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The Zynektic Legend: Chapter 9 by ObscuredTitan The Zynektic Legend: Chapter 9 :iconobscuredtitan:ObscuredTitan 2 0
Meeting the Bad Sanses
After Ichigo stared to live with Crescent, the two became inseparable, they we're like siblings almost, they would do everything together when others weren't around including cook and bake things. Ichigo became Crescent's wingman of sorts, to their surprise though, both Error and Classic visited them the most cause Sans liked how comfy the couch was, and Error was keeping an eye on the two. As they had a normal day as usual with just Error their about to start the day, the three got grabbed by a tentacle and pulled into a dark portal making both Error and Ichigo crash cause of the physical contact and Crescent know who this was.
Crescent: Hey Nightmare *surprisingly calm about this*
Nightmare: Hey there little brother you've been well I see, good, but who's this and did they crash at the same time as Error did?
Crescent: Yes, cause they have haphephobia as well, they are alternate of me that became a skeleton for an unknown reason and are like Error she didn't have a name so I gave her
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Flamingo Duck
Flamingo Ducks (Presbyornithidae) are a family of waterfowls with a global distribution.
Despite their names, they are not flamingos at all and are only distantly related to ducks, they are in fact most closely related to the magpie geese. They are named because of their long legs, long necks, and similar-looking body plans that resemble a flamingo's. The most famous species of flamingo duck is the Common Flamingo Duck (Presbyornis Americanum), also known as the American flamingo goose, which resembles its Paleocene-Eocene ancestor and is found throughout North America, being able to tolerate most of human activities and adapt to cities and the suburbs. Flamingo ducks are naturally found in most of swamps, marshlands, and other wet habitats where plant foods are abundant or at least common.
All known species of flamingo ducks are listed as Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts and, as said earlier, can tolerate large amounts of human activities, even adapting to life in
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Pearl Gates (Giantess Story)
I wake up this morning feeling very good. Since I often go to sleep at a reasonable time and wake up early, it gives me time to energise myself. Today is a day I can’t say I’m looking forward to. School, of course. It’s always school. It IS a Friday, but that doesn’t change much. It just means I can be done with business for a few days. I get the feeling a lot of the usual will happen. I’m not that popular at school, and the direct,  neighbouring gossip seems to bombard me, no matter how much I try to avoid it. That’s okay though, because there’s one thing that will always keep me happy, and that’s the feelings of love. My friend Ruby, we met a few years ago, and we’ve been dating ever since. The way she cares about me is very sweet. I think about her every day, her and her shiny red hair and pink blouse. It’s so pretty. She often calls me cute as well. Maybe it’s the way I dress? I do like green a lot after all.
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