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No Drink On the Train
(Contains: Tall girl, bloating and burps)
She stood on the platform casually sipping on a two liter of soda as she waited for the monorail to arrive. It was a hot day and sweating buckets beneath her hipster-inspired outfit called for a drink, taking large gulps to quickly move a sizable portion of the refreshment into her stomach. The feeling of chilling carbonation inside of her careless pot belly was welcome against the burning sun above.
After taking her first drags from the bottle an announcement rang for the approaching train she needed to catch. As it began to slow down to the platform, she caught sight of the sign on the window forbidding food or drink onboard. In a spark of inspired compromise, she brought the two liters to her lips and inhaled in massive gulps. The bottle bent and crumpled in her hand until it was an obscure hourglass shape from her suction. She opened her eyes, looking past her vibrant blue and violet bangs to see half of the soda was left and made use
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Yet Another Cat? (Anthro Civet TF/TG)
Dianne typed away at her white laptop, happily updating the blog she ran. She sat at her usual work spot, a local coffee shop. The husky sipped at her latte, taking a break from work to look around at the people inside. There were some of the usuals like herself as well as a few faces that she recalled directly helping personally. Dianne adjusted her glasses and went back to work. 
That would be until a simple tabby cat sat next to her, casually eating a breakfast sandwich. He mostly kept to himself, looking around as he chewed. This went on until his eyes locked with the husky herself, his heart dropping as he found himself being rather attracted to the woman. She was quite attention grabbing! Nicely dyed hair, beautiful red glasses, and a fashionable scarf to boot! 
"Um...hey." he found the courage to speak up to her. 
"Hm?" she looked over fluttering her eyes. "Oh, hello there~!" 
"You uh...come here often?" 
"Every day! It's like I work here. I work online
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it sucks
Show a sword it's not violence. Use a sword to harm, yes, I agree. Wthell. If DA get star to put mature content on my stuff automatically, maybe I'm gonna stop use it, annoying.  It's fiction. It's enouhg to bring me down for the day, thanks. Thinking to new options for social media, cuz it SUCKS"
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Mantis (Chapter 5)
The doctor had insisted on keeping Olivia over another night to do some tests and make sure she was alright, but to his surprise and relief, after the third night, she was fit enough to go home. And, though Olivia didn’t say anything at the time, she felt…great. Energetic even. She felt spry! Maybe a little sore from the accident, but otherwise she was great. She could hardly wait to get back to school and see her friends again. Olivia’s father seemed happy as well, but Olivia sensed something hidden behind his smile. He was happy, sure…but there was something else there. She didn’t press him though; now wasn’t the time. They were home, and she was ecstatic to be there, and in one piece.
Days passed in agonizing silence. Though they smiled, Olivia sensed a weight in the air when around her dad. He would constantly look at her out of the corner of his eye in a way that showed great concern. Olivia sensed the fear in his eyes and in his heart. But any
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'The Diagnosis' RP | DotW
ASTERION - LunarShadowCreations
LAUR - nakaiii

For about three weeks now, Asterion had proudly borne the title of 'father'. He was thrilled that his mate had safely delivered their four healthy pups.
But were they so healthy?
As they began opening their eyes, walking, and talking, Asterion was noticing things that worried him greatly. He didn't want to voice his concerns to his mate Samhradh, though - not yet.
But he needed a healer's opinion on the matter, and so he went off to track down the only healer he trusted aside from his mate: Laur.
Asterion scrambled along the rocky trail, looking for the medicine keeper, praying that he wouldn't need to wait too long - and hoping that Samhradh wouldn't find out he was seeking medical advice outside of her.

With the arrival of spring came the arrival of life. Having made it through what Laur considered to be the worst sea
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La nuit des vaches
Il est 23H30 et Julien venait de sortir de son travail, il venait de finir le dossier qui devait rendre pour le lendemain. Alors qu’il était sur le chemin du retour, Julien se disait que la ville était plutôt calme et qu’il avait croise personne pour l’instant. Toujours sur le chemin du retour, Julien tombe sur une vache qui se balade dans la ruelle, il fut étonne de trouve une vache qui se balade dans la ville et il se rapproche de la vache.
- Hé bah ma belle, on fait une petite balade en ville.
Tim caresse un peu la vache et la vache lèche le visage de Julien.
-Hé doucement mais c’est pas tout ça, il faut que je rentre. 
Julien reprit son chemin pour rentrer chez lui et la vache de son cote reprit sa balade dans la ville. Alors qu’il était a mi-chemin de la maison, Julien avait une sensation étrange
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Some more After School Tales
I live in Amsterdam, and this happened when I was a ten year old girl.  It was a warm day, and I was at home with Mama waiting for my Grandma to visit.  I had a page boy cut then, and was wearing a cream top with red trim and wheels on it, as well as red pants.  Mama was wearing a short-sleeved dress with a blue top, red middle and yellow short skirt.  She wore glasses, and had long hair the same colour as mine.
Anyway, we were sitting in the back garden on some chairs, having a drink, when Mama heard the front door bell and went to answer it.  I closed my eyes, feeling the sun on my face, and then heard Mama tell me to look at her.  When I did, I got the fright of my life – there was a man with her, with a gun in his hand, and a black mask over his eyes.
That was when someone put a gloved hand over my mouth, and told me very quietly to be still, and put my hands together in front of me.  Mama nodded to show I was to do this, while t
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First contact --Boss Battle entry #1
#1: First contact
The water crashed on the shore, while the knight looked around. The monster was last seen close to here. Farron walked up to his handler, nudging his snout against his handler's hand and looked around. He was ready to beat some monster to bits. It had been sighted close and multiple times. He had been told to make sure it would swim away, because it was blocking traffic towards this shore. So this is what he plannend on doing.
They just had to fight it and make sure it would swim east. That way Henyphos could be sure the ships would be able to pass again.
He looked back at Farron, then behind him to the other two.
Oolacile hung out a bit away with a newcomer that they had met on the way here.
Henyphos hadn't had a problem with a new fighter in their midst. Though it was a bit to think about. He didn't know about the moves the Kukuri had and what kind of abilities he had to keep in mind. He carefully stroked Farron's head and looked at the waves of the ocean. They seem
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Brief Respite
“He’s… he’s nothing, Marick.” A man spoke in a venomous whisper, wiping his long, dirty hair away from the scowl he was showing on his face. The leather from the glove he wore wiped away the nervous sweat he was giving off at the moment.
The person, crouching next to him, returned the scowl. “Now’s not the time, Donavan!”
“When will it be time? You and I are on watch right now, so now’s the best time!” Donavan spat on the ground as he continued to glare at the greyed hair of his comrade, Marick. The man was older, and much more experienced than he, but Marick was foolish for trusting that such a poor excuse for a knight would count as a ‘legendary hero’.
“When we’re travelling… or something.” Marick sighed, flipping his hand up to his nose to scratch it quickly before lowering it. “I know you were excited to hear a legendary hero was going to accompany us…”
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My dear my stella,
I heard that song today, couldnt help thinking about these days.
First of all, Im doing fine. You really dont need to worry.
I had to settle a few things, getting them in order.
How about you? Could you fulfill one of these wishes
you told me about, when, when we had these our times?
I really hope so :)
Besides Im sorry for what happened. Yeah, I know,
neither of us wanted things to go the way they did then.
Yet, I cant help feeling sorry about.
Talking of pity.. I heard from a friend of mine..
That you havnt got a new partner since we broke...
What about that? Whats the matter?
Is that my fault too? Damn.. I guess so.
In fact, Im the same.
I couldnt touch any other..
Id have never told you...
Now you know..
Its just.
Hey.. you have to trust me in that,
Im sorry for not doing this face to face,
Looking in thy beautiful eyes Ive ever missed
Since we smashed that mirror, we used to have
I wasnt able to.. I am now.
Stella. I mean it.
I love you.
I really love you
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West Town by Evilhappy West Town :iconevilhappy:Evilhappy 1 0
My Thoughts About The Spyro Franchise
When I was first introduced to Spyro, it was through a way many Spyro fans would hate: Skylanders. This was back in 2011, when I was still in elementary school. As the years went by, Spyro ended up being some sort of side character in the Skylanders franchise, a fact proven since I pretty much forgot about him as the years passed by. I didn't get any clear mention of Spyro until 2016, when the unthinkable happened on Khan Academy.
On May 14 2016, someone released a program involving Spyro for a program contest, where it won first place in the advanced section. Just seeing the name Spyro in this program sent memories back of when I first saw this name. The program not only brought back memories, it also held a lot of information about the first games he appeared in, mentioning the Playstation games all the way to ETD. Seeing that Spyro was in his own games long before Skylanders came out, I was intrigued to see all the facts for myself.
I started my studying of the Spyro franchise durin
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Tribes of Anowara: Crumbling Mountains chapter 11
From the grey sky came a drizzling rain too light for anyone to notice. From the sea came Gugaan, his warband, and clanmates he had gathered from a village near Laax Aan. From their homes in the village, the men of the Ch’akéish and the Ikan’gáayi gathered with with spears, clubs, blades, bows, and darts. From the forest came a cold wind and beasts that were unlike anything anyone fighting there had ever seen. “Search the buildings!” Gugaan shouted.
The beasts coming from the woods looked like pale, emaciated men. Their lips were gone, seemingly torn off, and only bloody gums and teeth were visible. Some of them crawled, while others loped, and others still just ran, screeched, and clawed in a mad frenzy with cold breath bellowing from their noses and mouths, and their hungry eyes locked on the defenders.
Kaneil and a few other warriors ran to the storehouse in the center of the village. Just as they got to it, X’aan peeked his head out of the ho
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(Male doctor to female nurse) This wont hurt a bit
This wont hurt a bit
Aster  Private Hospital was one of the most expensive and exclusive facilities in the country. It was a well-known choice for politicians, fat cats and criminals alike. Behind a leafy, well-aged building was the most modern facilities imaginable. The doctors and nurses were some of the best as well. Given that it was a private hospital, their salaries were exceptional and they made good connections. In such an atmosphere, inflated egos were rife.
One of the worst was Dr Morris. He was Head of Plastic Surgery - a department that he considered his own, private fiefdom.
He had purposely ensured that only female doctors were hired in his team, along with the best-looking nurses. He'd argued that he needed to be surrounded by beauty to sell his line of work. He'd forced them to do things like dye their hair blonde, or shorten their regulation skirts slightly. He'd tried, but ultimately failed, to put the nurses in sexier versions of their uniforms. When he
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In a heat filled tavern on a hot summer evening. A winged pony takes the stage, strumming upon her ukulele a rather small guitar that brought irritation to heat stricken patrons as they loomed over their drinks as each cool sip was a salvation from this harsh heat. Though once in tune, the pony’s first cord struck deep as the high pitched twangs came with a peaceful song about summer love that held the attention of some and sparkee feelings in others.
Couples filled the dance floor slowly. Slow dancing in each others arms as the song ended and the applause of the crowd an encore came that earned a standing ovation from those actually standing as the evening came to an end as the night started but there was a familiar sound among the chorus of applause was a familiar sounding whistle that made the winged pony’s heart pound. There was no way, there was no way that it could be! But, when she came off stage, when she made her way to the bar, she found a familiar face. His blond
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Der Schwätzer
Also über seinen Charakter kann ich gar nicht so viel sagen. Oder warte, dochdochdoch, nun renn' doch nicht gleich weg! Ich muss doch erst mal nachdenken! Das geht nicht mehr so schnell bei mir. Alter Mann ist doch kein D-Zug! Wieviel Zeit hast du denn?
Dass du's weißt: da draußen ist es kalt, viel kälter noch als gestern. Und es wird auch nicht mehr wärmer, wenn man den Prognosen glauben kann.
Stunde? Gutgutgut! Also ich trinke noch so'n Witschi-Vino. Jaja, ist kein richtiger Wein, das brauchst du mir doch nicht zu erzählen! Mir schmeckt's trotzdem, und ab dem dritten Glas immer besser, weißt du? Trinkst du einen mit? Wie? Wie du willst ...
Sein Charakter also. Mhm. Wie soll ich den beschreiben? Affig. Schon diese blau-blonden Haare! Sagt doch eigentlich alles. Und dazu rote Augen. Oder roter Glitzer. Schimmer? In den Augen? Neeneenee, rote Augen! Ja, genau wie dieses Sternchen aus dem Space, diese ... , na du wei&
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Art Medium
Rebecca stood in the middle of her little gallery and surveyed her work. She'd hoped her recent direction was going to be different, maybe spark some kind of reaction from this sleepy little town, but the series hadn't gotten anything more than polite smiles. 
Not one piece had sold. She should never have left Chicago.
Her mournful reverie was broken with a crash, as her boyfriend barreled through the front door struggling with the apparent weight of a large plastic bucket.
"Becc, you've gotta see this stuff," he deposited the pail heavily at her feet, causing thick liquid to splash over the sides, "it's from that meteorite we saw hit the woods."
Rebecca surveyed the bucket of viscous, deep coloured liquid, and the splatters across the barnboard floor and her sandal-clad feet, a mix of anger and distaste brewing at the back of her throat.
"Lewis," she started slowly, "what have...," she paused, the sudden urge to touch the liquid replacing her annoyance, and she plunged one hand i
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Whale Of A Birthday: Reviewed
This is one WHALE of an episode, eh? Hahahahah, I'll show myself out...
Premise: Mr. Krabs ruins Pearl's sixteenth birthday party.
Highlight: The credit card shenanigans.
Notable Fact: Pearl is one of the few characters to have their age directly stated within the show.
Most Memorable Quote: "I need four-ply! Four-ply, when I cry!"
I already used the whale pun in the intro, so I need to think of a better line here. Uh... this episode gave me that sinking feeling? Eh, it works, I guess.
To be fair to this episode, it has some good things going for it. Squidward, of all people, imitating a boy band was really funny, and it's funny enough I that I can forgive him being a bit out of character in that scene. The shenanigans with the credit card are also really funny, especially of because of Spongebob's charming but dim-witted characterization. Spongebob trying to buy a fish because Pearl has a crush on him was a really funny joke, and the cashier's response is amazing. There are some other
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Dark Red Riding Hood (Chapter One)
Chapter One: Grim Beginnings
I woke up to concrete brick walls and a single window blocked with iron bars. I rolled over in my cot; it was as hard as rocks. I sat up and pulled my knees against my chest. The room around me was bare; whitewashed walls, a porcelain sink, and a porcelain toilet. There was only one door, a large, green metal door, that was heavily locked from the outside. There was a little, square glass window in the door that allowed the doctors and guards to peer inside my cell. It wasn’t the first time I woken up in the asylum, but with any luck, it would the last.
I get out of my cot, slipped my feet in my pale green slippers, and started to stretch my arms and legs in my pale green jumpsuit. From outside my door, I heard the echoes of footsteps. Soon afterwards, the sound of a baton striking the metal door. “Wake up!” A female guard yelled through the door. A face appeared in the window of the door. It was the face of a dark-skinned woman, he
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Belly Girl 48
Belly Girl #48: The Roborevenge Saga
Part 6: Age Old Foe
Natalie Gill, the super villain known as Belly Bomb finds
herself hurtling through the sky. Recovering from a momentary blackout, the
villainess recalls launching one of her most powerful concussive blasts at the
enormous bellied heroine, the Gutt. “Somehow that big bellied monstrosity
was able to repulse my blast
,” thinks Belly Bomb. Natalie quickly
re-orientates herself so she is belly down as she faces the oncoming ground.
The young bank robber’s belly swells out as Natalie starts
letting short burst of her power out to slow her descent. Belly Bomb is able to
make a rough landing without suffering nothing more than a few scrapes and
bruises. The criminal looks around and is happily surprised on both her landing
and the place she came down in. belly Bomb stares at the giant hole that was
recently created in the side of the Belly Bunker. An evil grin crosses the lips
of Belly Bomb.
Inside the base the bo
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Clearance (King Figurine TF)
The thunder boomed as the rain battered the ground and the wind ripped through the trees outside. Gavin looked silently out his water soaked window, each droplet sliding down like melted butter. He wished it would just stop so he could go out and do something. In the meantime maybe he could find something online. Despite the storm outside, his wifi was working like normal. That was the only plus side to this. He checked the weather and noticed that the storm should stop in one to two hours, that made him grin slightly in relief. He just had to hope that it was correct. For now, browsing the internet would have to satisfy him.
He sat at his computer and booted it up. Signing, he pondered what to do as it loaded up. It loaded up quite quickly, expected since it’s been booted up countless times. Gavin still didn’t quite know what to actually do so he just went on the internet and began scrolling through the recommended. There was a lot of st
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EOTW: Molefoot's Loss: Chapter Four
Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
Novella 6: Molefoot's Loss
Chapter Four
     “No! Oh StarClan, no!”
     Molepaw jerked awake, instantly alert at the horrified wailing of his Clanmate. His three denmates were already awake. All of them had their ears pricked towards the camp. Cherrypaw cast a worried glance towards her brother, and the two new apprentices had their pelts fluffed out in alarm.
     Dread clutching at his heart, the tom rose slowly to his paws and began padding towards the den's entrance, Cherrypaw following behind him. Cats were already gathering in loose groups around the camp by the time he made it outside, all of them looking mournfully towards the elder's den. He approached a cluster of warriors including his parents and Brightheart, asking in a hushed mew, “What happened?”
     “Purdy died last night,” Poppyfrost murmured back. Molepaw stiffened, and a gasp escape
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