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ROR || decision: a clouded exchange by pikipekker ROR || decision: a clouded exchange :iconpikipekker:pikipekker 17 1
Snap (Part Four of Four)

Gavin swayed back and forth helplessly awaiting the children
(Picture courtesy HinaYui)
Hannah could barely hear the teacher over the sounds of excited, screaming children.  There was a line-up of preschool kids, including even a few older kids from Hannah's class.  They were all eagerly waiting for their turn to ride the most popular attraction... The enormous plush pink unicorn!  It was a hit with everyone, far more than any toys the other project teams had created.
"Your project is the star of the show", the teacher said enthusiastically to Hannah.  "I want you to know you'll all be getting the top marks possible.  The work you put in, the craftsmanship is incredible."  Hannah could only smile as they both watched a preschool girl swinging back and forth on top of the plush unicorn.  The little bell around the unicorn's collar tinkling merrily with every swing.  The enormous stuffed animal swung attached to a
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Lord, to whom shall we go?
Jesus Christ offers us Hope of Eternal Life.
Jesus Christ offers us Mercy and Forgiveness of sins.
Jesus Christ offers us the Commandment of Love— to live in Holiness of God.
Jesus Christ offers us Faith— to believe in one True Living God.
Jesus Christ offers us HIS Peace— which is unaffected by adversity.
All that the world offers is vanity; a faithless life; a momentary happiness and peace.  
To whom shall we go?
In whom shall be believe for our life?
Who will lead us to salvation?
Jesus Christ alone— the Beloved Son of the one True Living God— is our True Faith; our only Hope and our Everlasting Life.
:iconsaumiguel:SAUMIGUEL 7 3
Film Casting, Part 6
Previous (Part 5) -- Next (Part 7) -- Story Guide -- Story List -- Gallery Folder -- Length: 8 min.
Film Casting, Part 6
Jennifer didn’t throne in a wheelchair any longer. Instead, her statue-like figure was lodged in a temporary abode in the guise of a cushion pile on a hospital bed.
With a long procedure, a six-membered team of surgeons had replanted the poor actress from the big shell into great casts. However, this time, her encasement was real and made for long term. Her head, neck, body, arms and legs all were caressed in soft cast paddings and were firmly implanted into hard coatings. The sensation of the total restriction was like
:iconaliencaster:aliencaster 7 1
郷愁,懐古,望郷,懐郷,懐旧 and 里心 all mean “homesickness” in English.
「郷」 and 「里」 means home town.
「懐」 means to miss past time (「古」, 「旧」),
people you used to be with, or places you used to be.
「愁」 is sentimental feelings.
(from an internet language forum)

One month and a half already; it is hard to put into words how I feel. Missing you is a given, but in my heart there is so much more to it, a mixture of emotions that meddle together. Time used to fly, but now it is excruciatingly slow. I could simply say I am sad, or I miss you, but at this point it does not quite cut it. Though I carry within me my feels and my memories, I have an ache I cannot describe.
Recently, I read that japanese has a wide variety of words to describe the feelings of homesickness. It rung a bell
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A Father's Rage
Featuring Lord Ruairí and Lord Tybalt
Early Autumn, Year 773 of the New Age
The Great Oak, Glenmore

“Papa! Papa!”
The little colt sprinted through the crowd that had gathered around the Great Oak to chat and watch rutting stags fight. He was as innocent as any fawn; was barely weaned, yet everywhere he went his peers and elders both stepped aside. He was a fast learner for one so young - and he was quickly learning that this world was a beautiful world, but the beings in it could be heartless and cruel. For he was old enough now to notice the way his herdmate’s noses wrinkled as he sprinted past, the way they took every precaution to ensure their paths didn’t cross with his own. The way they looked at him as though he was absolutely disgusting. And not even the fact that he was a barely weaned faw
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Mario: I Wanna be The Insane 3 Chapter 2 Part 2
Previously on Chapter 2 Part 1 of Mario: I Wanna be The Insane 3, Six Heroes (Mario, Luigi, Princess Rosalina, Cappy, Zinger and Yellow Luma) are defeats Possessed Hookbill the Koopa and Naval Piranha at Cascade Kingdom. They are going on Next Kingdom due to finding the Secrets and find Earthworm Jim with Broodals and Madame Broode
However... Lucifer Scrooge is making plans to Kill Victims with Dangerous Weapons, He transforming his Disgusing form, Serial Killer Scrooge and Kill Pinstripe Potoroo with Axe, Pinstripe is Passed Away and Doctor Neo Cortex with his Villains are rescue to find the Castle of Shade man
The Scene showing camera begin moving to Enter Room of Shade man and Camera Showing Shade man looks the Window, Junk man begin runs to telling Shade man from has Bad News and Troublemakers are Invaded
Junk man: Shade man! I have a Bad News! The Villains of Crash Bandicoot are Invaded Castle of Shade man!
Shade man: Oh no! This is very terrible! What gonna do, Junk
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Bart Simpsons ticklish Nightmare
    Bart jumped out of bed sweating… it must have been a dream. But yet he could swear he felt Sideshow Bobs hands scraping up and down his feet. Bart shook it off and rubbed his feet. He decided to go on with his day anyway and not mention it to anyone.

    At school, Bart could still hear sideshow bobs laughter. Every once in a while he’d get little tingles throughout his body. Bart thought for sure his mind was playing tricks on him. And then on Bart’s lunch break, his nightmare showed itself again but this time in a different form.
    As Bart walked into the bathroom, Nelson was waiting for him. And before Bart could turn away, Nelson pinned him against the wall.
“What do you want Nelson?” Bart asked in a worried tone.
“Scared Simpson?” Nelson teased. Bart didn’t answer.
“Look here Simpson, you’re gonna help me out with homework till the end of the year or I’ll show everyone you
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Ancien scenario equipe pokekipe
BD : D’autres humains ?
Chapitre 1 : L’évolution.
Page 1 : Case 1 : Narrateur : Ce jour-là, tout était calme. Les Étourmi chantaient joyeusement.
Case 2 : Chrysacier : AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH !!!!
Narrateur : Hum, pas si calme que ça.
Case 3 : Papilusion : Chenipan ! Que t’arrive-t-il ?!
Case 4 : Chrysacier : Une grotte est apparue près du lac. Je suis entré dedans, et je suis devenu tout moche !
Case 5 et 6 : Dracaufeu : Tu as évolué. Enfin, je pense. Tu as aussi découvert la Grotte de l’Évolution. Enfin, je n’en suis pas sûr.
Page 2 : Case 1 : Dracaufeu : Allons demander à l’équipe Pokékipe de nous résoudre ce mystère.
Case 2 : Narrateur : Dans la base de l’équipe Pokékipe.
Pikachu : Tout est calme, ces temps-ci…
Case 3 : Lucile : Ouais…
Case 4 : Dracaufeu : LUCILE ! PIKACHU !
Lucile : [goutte sur le visage]
Case 5 et 6 : Pikachu : Que se p
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Quick Shout-Out To Some More DA Friends
So for those unaware, sometime last year, I made my second shout-out post... about six and a half years after my first one.  Well, with how many friends I have, of course I couldn't just put everyone on there, but there are a few I feel like giving a quick mention to.  Some of these are new while others are people I feel maybe should have been mentioned in the last post due to how much they mean to me.  As always, this isn't so much based on their talent as much as it's based on how highly I think of them.  And also remember that if I don't mention you, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate you.  Again, I have a lot of friends on DA, so it would take a long time to mention every single one of them.
I'll start with someone I mentioned in a status update.  I'm only mentioning her again because, well, status updates don't last long and people can't find those as easily.  :iconCerulea-Blue: is honestly one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of
:iconndunsmo:ndunsmo 3 6
Fish netting
“Man I hate the heat!” Rugby yelled as he sprawled out by the lake. Smores laughed as he sat beside his husband. Looking at Rugby’s wrapped paw, the bandage was snuggling holding the sprained male’s ankle from his hunting adventures the other day.
“Thanks for coming out today you two, it’s about time we pull up the nets and reset them anyway.” Smores stated as he looked at Carter. Carter was in the water, splashing about as he grinned at his father. They had decided to stop and rest for a bit from the heat, because Rugby’s paw was going to take upwards of a week in order to heal. Yet the male had insisted he helped with today’s fishing chores. At least there was a breeze this morning, making the summer heat a little better to bear.
“Here Carter, I’ll show you how to do the first net, since your sister already knows how to do it, it's about time you learned too.” Carter tensed up at Smores words. He hated it when he
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High Lonesome - Unfinished by SigurdsGuide High Lonesome - Unfinished :iconsigurdsguide:SigurdsGuide 2 0
Felarya - Nina - Vendelheim, Jade and friends
When Nina had entered the portal, it felt strange. Like her whole body was covered in ice and then someone pulled from all directions at her arms and legs. It felt very uncomfortable but thankfully the feeling didn’t last very long. One moment she was in a desert-like wasteland she had spent the last weeks at and then suddenly her feet were touching soft grass, a tickling sensation between her toes. Nina still wasn’t able to see anything, the moment she had stepped through the magic device, everything around her was covered in bright light and even now that she left the portal her eyes weren’t able to adjust themselves. But instead of hot and dry air a fresh breeze was blowing through her hair. The young girl was still pinching her eyes when she suddenly felt a hand resting on her shoulder.
“Nin, look. Open your eyes!” it was the voice of Lena, the tribe girl that had found Nina in the darkest hour of her existence. When she had learned that her sister Jad
:iconravana3k:Ravana3k 3 0
Alexis Wedgie World: New Beginnings (F)
"Whew... Here we go" The sparkling gates of the university loomed over Nikki. She felt her hands tremble in the cool autumn breeze. In addition to her nerves which managed to get the better of her once again, the chilling wind teased her legs. Nikki found herself facing the usual struggle of trying to look cute instead of dressing effectively. It was the first day of university though! She couldn't bring herself to put on boring jeans and a heavy jacket.
Despite the chill, Nikki couldn't bring herself to walk into those gates. She had waiting for this moment for so long. The moment where she would become a respectable adult with goals, dreams, and a life of her own. Nevertheless, the pressure of adulthood haunted her just enough to remain motionless for several minutes.
"Are you ok?" A voice perked up. Nikki nearly jumped at the sound before turning to see a curious expression.
"You've been standing here for a while..."
"Yeah.. Sorry. I'm nervous..." Nikki folded her arms and rubbed th
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Mega Man Gunrock intro stage script

Original in the link. Cutscene number corresponds to script
Intro Area.
MegaMan:(Teleports in) …. This isn't where Wily's base was on the map. Dr. Light, I think something went wrong.
Sound only:....
MegaMan: Doctor?
Sound only:....
MegaMan: Am I being jammed?
Sound only:(Music Stops) Come....come....
MegaMan: Huh?! Hello?!
Sound only: Deep inside....hurry....they...are..coming....)
MegaMan(Music resumes) Something's not right here. And something tells me Wily isn't behind it. I have to find him and the robot fast!
(Stage start)
Cutscene 2
MegaMan(thinking): I recognize that robot! What's an entertainment robot doing here?! I better not let them see me.(Goes into crouching animation)
MagicMan: Oh dear heavens! These Emperor's will soldiers are all bark and no bite I see! You didn't even have to lift a finger and I barely did any work all Mr. Asimov.
Asimov: Sumeragi armor was always weak and brittle compared to even a B Class Adept's powers, and i
:iconm345julian:m345julian 1 0
Paramount June #19 - We're in the Honey

Cartoon type: Noveltoon
Year released: 1947
Director: Bill Tytla
Animation: George Germanetti, Steve Muffatti
Story: Izzy Klein, Jack Mercer
Lyrics: Buddy Kaye
Scenics: Anton Loeb
Music: Winston Sharples
One last find from the 40s, this is yet another Noveltoon that predated the iconic Noveltoon/Harveytoon jack-in-the-box intro for Paramount. This toon starts out in a beehive which is treated like a honey factory, run by the "big" (used term loosely) boss herself, Queen Bee. Yeah, a queen being the boss of a factory sounds a little weird, but keep in mind. I said this is a beehive! Anyway, she turns on the TV to see what other things are being done in the meadow. The news program she was watching got interrupted by a surprise bulletin. A bear is in the area. Then, the segment is cut to the devastation (which the bear caused) that numerous bees might starve since their hives got dest
:icontowers-of-obscure:Towers-of-Obscure 2 1
Mer-Animals 2: The Great Merpup Adventure
Chapter 17
Jarred, Lewis, Isaac, Jamison, Dolly, Dylan, The Paw Patrol, Rowser, Aid, Jake, Doug, Firefox, and Weed kept walking for their journey, until they walk into a mountain place on the island. When they were walking on a mountain place, they spot a mountain up there. Jarred looked at the map.
Everest: What kind a mountain is it?
Jarred: According to the map, it's says right there. That the Mountain is Green Grave Mountain. Green Grave Mountain is the highest Mountain in Blue Unicorn Island, inside of Green Grave Mountain is a blue crystal inside of it.
Lewis: So we must be close.
Jake: Finally, oh I can't wait to get my fins back.
But then, Jamison, hears something snapping. So she turns her head, but sees nothing.
Jamison: Hum, guys, I think we should run quickly.
Tracker asked Jamison of why the should run quickly.
Jamison was about to say something that she heard, but the snapping grew louder, as she asked Tracker if he heard it too. 
Tracker: Yeah, I hear it do.
:icondialga2018:dialga2018 2 11
Enter the Ghost Ship
Buckholt and Sarah prepared for their EVA. Their hardshells allowed them to survive in hard vacuum but they would need to be fitted with a bulky maneuver systems.
As the two marines were prepped more data was fed their hardshells internal computers.
The ship had been registered in-system for one month. NavNet satellites recorded its arrival and registered it is debris since it had no active NavNet Node or life signs.
It came out of Nexus Space with very little velocity and got caught in a Lagrange Orbit between the system’s star and the larger of three celestial bodies in the system. It is possible the ship maneuvered itself into that position.
The ship was a boxy small capacity “tramp” freighter about half of the size of the Mizuchi, which was now matching its velocity and trajectory.
EVA sleds would take Sarah and Buckholt to other ship and the maneuver thrusters would get them inside.
The trip from the Mizuchi to the other vessel took around twenty minutes to cover
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Index of Art Advice Articles #1-9

Common Questions by New DA Members by barananduenUseful Links by barananduen
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Knight Pride: Episode 29
Knight Pride
Episode 29: Princess & the Knight.
(Last Time, The Knights arrived at the Coliseum where the Tiger Gladiators live hoping to find the Last Leo stone there. But Sadly they did not have it, Shortly Badow & Voss attacked & placed the Black knight armor & Green knight armor on both Wayland & Alex, Driving them Mad, Lucky Lyon & Benic managed to free them from those Armors & gained some Tiger Gladiator allies with Taiga as their Commander, They now continue their quest for the last stone.)
Maddox: *Wondering around some corridors, then Sees Dark-Lyn looking out the balcony* What are you up to Dark-Lyn?
Dark-Lyn: Watching *Points down*
Maddox: * Has a look & Sees Mordress Training in the Courtyard*
Mordress: * Slashing at Several targets*
Maddox: How Long has she been out it?
Dark-Lyn: A couple hours.
Maddox: I see. I have a request for you?
Dark-Lyn: What kinda of request?
Maddox: I need a monster for my next attack on the Knights.
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When Your Fae is Missing, Crash on Their Couch
She was absolutely soaked through to the core, on top of being sick and cold. The rain battered anything in its path like wasps tipped in acupuncture needles backed by the angry bite of the vicious winter weather that swept through her town every year. Why did she even bother staying here? She sniffed and pulled her parka up into her ears, having already tightened the hood around her face to the point only her eyes and nose were visible through the thick fur. She hated the cold.
Her door opened just with the softest touches of her fingertips and closed with the reassuring rattle of chains and locks flicking into place behind her. At least here she could appreciate the sound of the rain beating down on the old roof as the wind made the walls creak against its onslaught. Rasmus was curled up in the floor near her fireplace- reminding her she needed to sweep out the ashes and store them for a later project… when she wasn’t fighting against the cottony feeling between he
:iconargentaconit:ArgentAconit 2 4
T.D.T.S Chapter 2- Slade Lammerock
                                                                                       Chapter 2: Slade Lammerock
     6616 A.O.M.
   Slade Lammerock slithered through Tellor's congested streets. He swayed continuously, sometimes dodging around protruding elbows or  heaped goods, other times sneaking into people’s pockets, snooping through their personal affairs and then returning the baubles with none the  wiser. He also entertained himself by tossing kisses at strange women or batting his eyelashes at young, handsome fellows he “accidentally”  collided with. Often, the poor men froze mid-step, watching as their tormentor vanished then reappeared with a final blown kiss.
   Despite his antics, no one p
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