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Biology 101 TG
Biology 101, his first year in college. Michael was entering class, he hated it with a passion. Everything science in his mind was pointless, and he was only taking the class out of necessity. He took his seat and noticed that his regular professor was not there, and Mr. Wilkerson, or so the chalkboard stated, was substituting. Under his name was the topic for today, the biology of the human female.
“Now why do we have to learn this…” he complained, “how women work has nothing to do with me, yet I have to write an essay or something on the crap.” A few people turned to look at him after his complaint, taking little notice. He continued to get out his things to begin taking notes, as a girl walked up to his desk.
“What is wrong with women exactly?” she asked him in a snarky tone.
“What? Nothing!” He argued back, “I never said anything was wrong with women.” She looked at him, visibly irritated.
She replied, “How
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Naughty but so Nice (TF, BE, Beautification)
Naughty but so Nice
(TF, BE, Beautification)

    “You can’t be serious.” 
    “Of course I am.  What’s wrong with it, Rayna?”
    The twenty-two year old gave the person an incredulous stare.  “Where do I start?  Honestly Akeno, when you asked to come over so you could show off what you were going to wear for the party I didn’t know what to expect.  But…this?” 
    Outfit in question was of barely legal red short shorts that was unbuttoned with a loose belt helping to keep it up and white fur trim at the leggings, gloves that were of the same color and fur trim that went up to just below the elbows and a red top that wrapped around the torso with it being tied in f
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L'appel du Vide
The cliff’s edge was rough, like logs fresh-cut with a chainsaw. The treacherous peak had taken two weeks to reach. It was a daunting challenge; three months of pinching pennies for a sleeping bag, tent, and a feeling of liberation.
I could jump right now.
It was unexplainable, indescribable, but the urge to catapult herself off the precipice grew. It was a furious itch, fueled the novel idea of a whim. Compulsion began to overpower reason; the “I coulds” rang loudly like church bells.
One heartbeat. Two heartbeats.
And nobody ever knew why she threw herself into the void.
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The new you

i sit in my room doing my school work as i hear yelling downstairs and sigh 
''Again...?'' i sigh to myself as i listen in on it
''i am tired of you always telling me what to do mom! i want to live my own life!''
''im just doing whats best for you'' 
''Well then stop it!'' i hear my sister yelling as she slams the door and walk outside as i take a deep breath of relief
''at least it didnt last long this time'' i sigh to myself as i keep on working on my school work
i finish up the last of my work as i close the books and smile to myself
''Finally! all done for the week, now i can just take it easy and relax'' i say smiling to myself 
i get up from my desk and walk over to my bed as i lie down on it and get out my phone and start listening to some music and get a comic from my night table and starts reading it 
as i keep on reading it i hear the clacking of heels downstairs as my mother just walks around talking to som
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Chapter 4 | Moments In Time

The following is a preview. Moments In Time is set to release January 15th, 2019, and there is still some work to be done. There are going to be art frames interlaced into the story, and any and all grammatical errors are to be corrected by the time the full book is released. Bare that in mind, don’t worry, I’m on it.
That said... Please enjoy.


“…then he took me out to this even better spot so we could feel them even more! The Stars were so amazing! I don’t think I’ve felt them like that in so long! I never wanted it to end! But-But, that’s not even the best part! Something happened! Something… wonderful! I
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The Storm
The Storm
Genre: Science Fantasy
Prompt: See description
Story Word Count: 625
You see the traveler walking toward you between the crags that line the path. You try to remember how you got here, but you can’t. Is this a dream? It doesn’t feel like a dream; not exactly like a dream anyway. The place feels familiar yet strange, like a home you’ve been away from for a long time. It is peaceful, yet, for a reason you can’t fathom, you are afraid.
Above the traveler’s head flies a bird. At this distance, you are not sure if it is a hawk or an eagle. But you know instinctively the bird is the traveler's companion. Just like you know that when you ask for his name, he will not answer. “I am Between,” he will tell you. You will argue that “Between” isn’t a name, and he will agree.
“Why are you here?” you will ask. “Because I’m needed,” Between will say. Again, his answer is a non-answer or at least an unh
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Deltarune is related to Undertale
The Deltarune menu song is the Undertale Undetale OST slowed down a bit!
Listen from 0:28.
Listen from 0:36
(Once again; saying that Deltarune is unrelated to Undertale is not true.)
Listen to the first piano notes “dom… dam… dum…” 
They’re repeated in the Deltarune song menu.
The two games are obviously related.
But while the Undertale OST feels soothing, the Deltarune one feels melancholic… The three heros standing there, makes it feel like they’re distant… 
To me, Deltarune gives the feeling of distance, as if it’s either something unreachable (physically distant) or something from the past (metaphorically distant). Which really gives me this it ‘happened before’ vibe, if it’s something that was distance, from the past.
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Enormous Ena
Ena groaned softly. These days she was simply... massive! Having surpassed her mother and even Yukina in size, the redheaded healer was practically the prized pig of Sekiha. Given Sekiha's... culture, it was far from a bad thing. Her nigh-legendary size meant seemingly every eatery in the kingdom was seeking her favor. If nothing else, her size gave her a sort of... status that being the daughter of a princess did not.
No part of her could even remotely be called thin. The biggest part of her was her belly, and it was truly a sight to behold. Calling it an apron of blubber was almost an understatement. The massive, fluffy mound reached down to almost her ankles. Not content with just reaching down far, the waterfall of flab bulged forward and to the sides as well. It reached further forward then Ena possibly could, threatening to throw her off balance constantly. Her bulging midsection flared to the side as well, creating gloriously thick lovehandles. They forced her blubber-laden arms
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Denis und Mika, Kitzelstory 5 (m/f)
Die Engelsfeder, Teil 2
Sein Blick wanderte rüber du seiner Freundin, die noch immer gemütlich neben ihm lag, in ihrem violetten kurzen Rock und dem gelben Spaghettitop. Ihre Arme noch hinter dem Kopf verschränkt und die kahlen weichen Mädchenachseln präsentierend.
Eine leichte Brise strich über die Haut der Kinder und liess die Blätter in der grossen Birke rascheln.
Denis lag seitlich zu ihr mit der langen weissen Feder in der Hand. Mit der Engelsfeder, wie Mika sie nannte.
Seine Freundin bot ihm an, sich von ihm kitzeln zu lassen, während sie ihm ein freundliches Lächeln schenkte. Da konnte er natürlich nicht nein sagen und kam mit der Feder langsam auf ihr süsses Gesicht zu.
Unfassbar süss, presste sie die Lippen aufeinande und kniff die Augen zusammen, als er die Federspitze einmal quer über das Mädchengesicht gleiten liess. Gekonnt hielt er die Feder am Keil und strich die Feder einmal um das Gesicht he
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Sailor Mini Moon ch119
Chapter 119
Dino Danger pt11
The Talarurus symbol then appeared on Ginger's hand before her mouth opened in a silent scream and two horns appeared on either side of her face before she transformed into a Talarurus and then roared at the group.
The Spinosaurus symbol then appeared on Keith's arm before his eyes began to glow. Keith then closed his eyes before his hair stood straight up and his mouth and his head grew longer. Keith's skin then turned yellow before he transformed into a Spinosaurus.
"You need to eat the weeds. It's the only way to make them go away without the chillers." Kayla then told Ginger, Keith, Aurora, Charlie, Onix, Becca, and Tamsin causing them to do as they were told.
"How?" Louie then curiously asked Kayla causing her to grin.
"Something like this happened before when C.P. and I were younger." Kayla then told Louie as she and her friends were freed one by one.
"Now to transform!" Rini then told the group as she and her friends took out their transformation ite
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You draw lines on the floor of your childhood home with your mother's lavender bath salt. It's supposed to be white, to provide protection, but you've battled this beast many times. You're safe enough.
If you don't have a homemade body, store-bought is fine. You arrange the chickens, on clearance due to overstock, in a vaguely humanoid way.
You run your bitten fingernail over the ancient page. It whispers back at you, pleading in your father's voice.
Seven words. Lucky, but for who?
You repeat them until the poultry begins to melt together, gasping and shuddering.
"Welcome back, sis."
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Forest Fang
    The ball given by the oligarchs of Fribourg in honor of the daughter of the Bürgermeister of Lucerne was magnificent.  She was returning from a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela with her entourage, and in that season, with the year’s good harvest, good wine and good spirits flowed.  Valdemar remembered the girl’s exquisitely lovely dress, rare and imported blue and white silk, as he watched the feasting from the periphery.  As Captain of the Guard in Fribourg, Valdemar was of sufficient importance to be invited to the ball, but not to be seated at the table for the distinguished guests, though he cut a dashing image in his black and blue uniform as he celebrated the occasion with one of the ladies-in-waiting.  A night to remember, he thought the next morning as he watched from a viewpoint high on the ramparts as he paused on his inspection of the daywatch.  He saw the group cross the river Sarine on their way to Bern, the
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Short version of Equestria Girls/Rainbow Rocks
I'm reuploading this with better grammar, spelling in it, as well improves to it. 
The First Movie is: Equestria Girls

The Plot is: A unknown pony steals a crown and went into a portal to another world. We get the backstory about this unknown character. Her name is Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle, Spike goes into the Portal. Twilight Sparkle is a human, Spike is a dog. Twilight Sparkle re-action: No in a similar way as Darth Vader. Twilight locations Sunset Shimmer being an a-hole to Fluttershy also found out that: Crown in the hands of Princess Celestia or in this world: Principal Celestia. Principal Celestia only give-up the crown to the person who wins the fall formal. Twilight recruits the human versions of AppleJack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy. All then do a song called: Help Twilight Win the Crown. On side-note, the song can't leave your mind. Sunset Shimmer is pissed off. For an unknown reason, Pinkie Pi
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VT - KGatNS (Part 1)
[Scene opens to the kingdom of King George.]
Jimmy: (Narrating) Once upon a time, there lived a king named King George. King George used
to spend a lot of his time in the bathtub, playing with his rubber duckies.
Jerry: (Narrating) He also used to be very selfish, as he thought of no one but himself.
Jimmy: (Narrating) He had even stolen a rubber ducky from a poor boy named Thomas out of
selfishness! However, thanks to a flannelgraph presentation...
Jerry: (Narrating) He changed his tune and gave Thomas his ducky back.
Jimmy: (Narrating) That's right! In fact, the next day, he gave all his old duckies away to
the townsfolk, just to make them happy! *pauses* Okay, he didn't give them all away.
Jerry: (Narrating) He ended up keeping two - one was his favorite, and the second one, he was
saving for someone special. Even though he didn't know who it was yet, he was willing to wait
and find out.
Jimmy & Jerry: (Narrating) This is the story of the special someone.
Jimmy: (Narrating) It w
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Hi, My name is Kenny : Chapter 2 (Censored)
So from the day my parents left after celebrating my 10th birthday, The warden and my friends made my life a living hell. I was denied from any refills in the mess and practically everyone isolated me, calling me names like "The blob" and "Sumo kid". I liked the "sumo kid" though, and seeing how things were turning out,  this was the only positive thing that I could take from my experience back then, which started pretty rough now that I recall it.
Two days after my birthday, I was asked to reach the warden's room after my class. So when classes were over, I made my way to the warden's office, knowing very well as to what could be the reason for me being suddenly summoned to her office. I had feared that this moment would come for the past two days, and it was here.
As I made my way to the warden's office, I saw kids looking at me, laughing and whispering things in each other's ears. They knew that I had been called, and had even made a pretty educated guess as to why was I called
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Revisitedecember #13 - GetBackers

This is nothing new. This was made in 2004 and it is one of the gems still in the mine that is quality. Here's the plot: Ban Mido and Ginji Amano are known as the GetBackers, retrievers with a success rate of 100%. Whatever is
lost or stolen, they can definitely get it back. Despite their powerful abilities and enthusiastic behavior, Ban and Ginji are terminally broke no matter what they do simply because little people would actually desire to hire
them. As a result, the pair of them tend to do dangerous jobs, often leading to unwanted re-encounters with their old (and dangerous) friends. But the GetBackers have their own tricks up their sleeves! Ginji emits electricity
from his hands, and Ban uses an ability called the Jagon, which makes whoever gaze into his eyes wide awake and having a nightmare. Which is exactly why Ban wears sunglasses. So, it's like a bizarrely fun dynamic duo anime. Plus, it's got a jazzy soundtrack to back it, and the aspiri
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Forgotten footprints
The dust swirls, it’s grains caught in an inexorable wind.
My footprints mar the ground; lines of history scoured across the earth.
I know that deep below my sight lie remains of worlds and kingdoms, their gods long consumed.
I search the through the past, fascinated by fragments the dead whisper to me, but weep as I see their tongues torn out with a malicious apathy.
I watch the breath of time stir the land, destroying my mark on the world in an instant.
I’m stilled by my legacy in the wind, watching my own severed tales and forgotten footprints.
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Midway Rescue
Midway Rescue
Outer Rim, Casanca System, Midway Station
Midway was as impressive as it was superfluous. The vanity project of some multi-trillionaire that was finished in the last year of the Clone Wars, it had put the Casanca system on the maps again just as the otherwise uninteresting mining system and hyperspace node was set to be all but abandoned. It was an enclosed cylinder which held over half a million souls, almost a tenth of them private mining crews digging away at the nearby asteroid belts and dead rocks.
Less than one year after it was opened, over ten thousand Imperial storm troopers were regularly rotated through the colossal station to keep it from being used by subversive elements, which led Darion to his present situation. He’d come here hoping that his mission would be a straight-forward pick up, but knew something had gone wrong when he first landed the Renegade Star  and found nobody wait
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Hide but don't seek
She cantered, facing the howling wind as the colder season encroached the land more than it did the previous day. Misty huffed, looking around her.
The Mountain mare would have preferred to have her mate accompany her, though she was starting to be better at it each time she was allowed to. Today she would be hunting Javelinas. She thought of the stallion whom she now shared a life with, how grateful she was for him and how she missed him every day he was away. But she trudged on, shaking her head to clear her mind. She smiled, thinking that he would be proud of her for hunting something larger this time.
Misty was a new hunter, and wanted to make slow progress, she wanted to hunt small animals at first, and then go for larger, and larger, as she got better. If she brought back berries and herbs with her too, that was also fine. She did not mind foraging, though a good challenge was always nice.
A sudden noise in the brush, hidden among the pines startled her. She looked everywhere fra
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Earthsword: Retaliation (Day 13, part 4)
Day 13

              Janus fought to keep watch on his surroundings.  Anneliese was especially distracting today.  He reminded himself of Cici – of his decisions.  They seemed so old at the moment, and so distant.  Cici had vanished, things had repaired themselves with Anneliese.  Sure, she seemed somewhat different – but war did that to people.
              In a way, she seemed less confident than before, as if something were tearing her apart from the inside.  In spite of all his turmoil, he felt truly glad to see her smiling.  And now, seeing her probing the wiring under a dashboard, he felt the same thrill he had felt so long ago, when he had first met her in Alon.
              When she had stepped off the shuttle, wearin
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Growing up to be a Maid
Joanne was a second mother to Matt. In many ways she was a first mother to him having raised him more than his own parents. Matt's father was a busy executive who was always travelling, while his mother was busy with her Veterinarian clinic. Joanne had been the one who cared for him, cooked his meals, took him to school, and comforted him through life's many trials. Matt was going to miss Joanne a lot with her retiring and returning to her homeland as he got ready for University.
All of his happy memories were with her whether it be at home or the many times she took him out on adventures with her family and friends. She never made him feel like an outsider in their company despite his status and skin colour. He'd learned so much from her as he used to be called her shadow and it gave him such joy just to help her out around the house doing chores. In many ways being with her was an escape from the pressure he felt from his parents. They expected him to be a doctor or a business leader
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Jinx's One True Love
    Jinx sat in her apartment, staring at the wall and chewing her lip.  She had a date with Kid Flash in ten minutes but...It just didn't feel right.  She'd spent several years living with several attractive boys (and some less attractive) and you'd think she'd have had a romantic fling with at least one of them during that time.  See-More had definitely had a crush on her.  And now she was supposed to be dating Kid Flash but...She didn't really feel it.  There wasn't a spark.  There'd been something at first, but she was starting to wonder if it was just adrenaline or gratitude for getting her out of the dire predicament she'd been in.    
    Seemingly moments later, there was a frenzied knocking on her door and she jumped.  She'd been so deep in her reverie she hadn't even noticed time passing.  She got up and opened the door to find Kid Flash waiting, a charming grin on his face as usual.  "W
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