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Circus Feline Fill-in (Tiger TF/MC Quickie)
(Woman to Tiger)
"Care to explain yourself?"
Fiona rubbed the back of her neck. "I was, um... distracted?"
The Circus director shook his head, clearly not buying her excuse. But Fiona truly didn't have anything else to say to him — she forgot to lock the back of the Tiger's transport van and it escaped, what more did he want from her?
"Look, sir, I'd be willing to help with the search oper-"
"Enough!" he snapped. She shrank back into her chair in shame. "You will help us recover from your foolish mistake, but we don't need any more help with locating Kumatora."
Before Fiona could question what he meant, the office door swung open. "Cameron?" a man said upon entering the room. He was dressed up in a traditional magician's get-up and had an almost whimsical lilt to his voice. "You requested my presence?"
"Take a seat next to me, won't you, Harry?" Cameron said as gestured to a seat beside him. "You've no doubt heard about the situation with our Tiger performer by now."
:iconelykzyr:Elykzyr 12 3
Madness - Night 7
Ares wandered out of the stuffy temple, trying to get his blood flowing a little bit after sitting around for so long. His scrapes and cuts still stung, but not bad enough to ruin the enjoyment of a good,long stretch. The area had grown quiet, with most wyngrew out finding water to boil, food to eat, and searching for other small comforts. Noél had disappeared a while ago, carting along a bottle of sap--Chii'Falla knows where he got it--and had not yet come back. Concerned about the drunken idiot, Ares decided to take it upon himself to drag him back.
He traveled into the forest in the direction he has seen Noél go, keeping a sharp eye out for any crumpled heaps of sappy fur, but couldn't seem to spot anything. "Noél?" he called out, pausing to listen. Silence. "Hey Noél, you better not be passed out somewhere! I swear I'll drag you back by your tail if you don't answer me!" Nothing.
"Where has he gone?" Ares muttered to himself. It seemed unusual to wander so far a
:icontheplagueraven:ThePlagueRaven 6 0
The Moon Mech - Zazz TF TG MC (Request)
Arrienne woke up early in the morning after hearing a loud noise. She looked at her alarm clock and saw the time was 4:00 AM.
"What the heck was that?" asked Arrienne. "I must be hearing things."
Arrienne put her head down and tried to go back to sleep. She started tossing and turning after hearing the noise again.
"I've had it!" said Arrienne. "I must stop whatever is making that noise!"
Arrienne put on an outfit and went outside to investigate the source of the noise. When she went to her backyard, she couldn't believe what she was seeing.
"A Moon Mech?" asked Arrienne. "This is for interrupting my sleep!"
Arrienne picked up a hammer and threw it at the Moon Mech. The hammer bounced off the Moon Mech, causing no damage to be done to it.
"I think just I made it even more angry," said Arrienne.
Arrienne tried to run away, but the Moon Mech stopped her by shooting a star out of its mouth.
"AAAHH!" screamed Arrienne as the star hit her and bursted.
Arrienne was knocked out and she fell t
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 6 1
Flight - FFM 18
The Great Drought crippled the world. Perhaps it was mother Earth of punishing us because it took almost two centuries to be able to get back up. The blow we took was heavy. It happened fast too. The oil and the fossil fuel in the ground vanished without a warning. We were left in the dark.
We had to adapt, improvise and survive. Society, as we'd known it for a millennium, collapsed, but we lived on and the planet lived with us, with no fumes and no pollution we flourished. 
Today, two centuries after our history, I sit behind the pilot seat in the newest solar plane model and gaze upon the remnants of the metal beasts that once ruled our skies. They have been disassembled for parts years ago, but their skeletons still stand as a memory of an age long gone. The engine starts in a silent hum as I hit the ignition button. The machine shudders but moves along the runway. There's a silent anticipation from everyone who's watching me gain speed. The end of the runway is
:iconmythiril:Mythiril 5 1
(Leaf Plot) A Daring Plan
Shiningheart watched as Blackstone rallied cats in the center of camp. He had a plan and she had given it her backing. Hopefully, all would go well for the dark tom.  She sighed, the camp still felt different without Hollynose and the two youngsters who had been killed by the wolverine and patrols had to be more careful then they had been in the past. She laid her head down on her paws as the first groups of scouting patrols headed out of the camp. Blackstone was making a concerted effort to pinpoint the wolverine’s location. Gathered around the big tom was an especially large patrol, they filled the space at the center of camp. Alert and ready to head out as soon as one of the scouting patrols hit their mark. Most of the cats on the patrol were larger, older cats, or those capable of making especially large amounts of noise. Nobody wanted a repeat of what happened to Sparklestar’s patrol. . . She curled her tail over her face. Shiningheart would have liked to be a par
:iconshiningstarofwinter:Shiningstarofwinter 6 4
A Baaaaaah time
Joe sighed as he got up from his desk and turned off the light before he laid in bed. he sighed as he noticed the power light on the computer was still on. he didn't feel like getting back up to turn it off, it should fall asleep anyway.  It had been a rough week, he had been ballooned several times this week and he couldn't understand why or who had done it. Sadah came to mind, but it wasn't really Sadah's MO to stay hidden. His eyes drifted closed and the night took him while he was lost in his recollections.  
  It was a hot night and he found himself tossing and turning all night. However at one point, when he rolled over he stopped for a moment. He saw that his computer monitor was on and there was an image of a sheep girl on the screen. She had a dark brown hair, white wool and a black and white maid outfit.  the eyes moved to cause Joe to jump, the monitor turned off and went dark. That was really unsettling and he had trouble falling back to sleep. he c
:icongoldlinaric:GoldLinaric 7 4
DWOAH: Ozai vs Akainu
Deadliest warriors of all history
Ozai vs Akainu
Bow before the flames of oppression
Ozai info:
Height: 5 foot 8
Weight: 153lbs
Weapons: Bare Hands, Fire Bending
Strengths: One of the most powerful Fire Benders to ever exist rivalling both his father Azulon and grandfather Sozin, Ruled the Fire Nation for many years making it the technological and militaristic powerhouse of the Avatar world, Mastered Fire Bending as well as Lightning Bending, His brother Iroh stated that if they were to fight Ozai would no doubted-ly be the victor which is why Iroh has never challenged him despite being a decorated war veteran, Above human strength, Extreme durability (able to find off Aang’s Earth Bending and withstood an all-out assault from him in Avatar state), Above human speed and hypersonic combat speed (able to react to and keep up with Aang in his Avatar state), Under the passing of Sozin’s Comet his Fire Bending powers are vastly increased.
Weaknesses: Cannot Fire Bend under a sol
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 8 17
Cherry Tree Swamp
All anyone ever said about Cherry Tree Swamp was the was nothing there, and you don't need to go there. Well in a way the parents were right.  No one remembers the old name of the swamp only that several Cherry orchards were set up around the swamp as close as possible, using the rich soil surrounding it.  The swamp itself is still the same as before, but usually around July or August it now dries up, as the farmers used the surrounding streams to irrigate the orchards.  The swamp was, as the expert puts it the last dumping point for all the surrounding leaves and branches before the water moved onto the lake.  The swamps murky ponds are mostly filled with silt, and nothing really lives there.  So they are right, but try telling that to curious kids.
It was the end of August and the week the boys stayed in school on Friday, while the girls left 3 hours early.  Last week it was the girls turn.  Wendy walked in the hot sun thinking how her brother would
:iconmissquicksand:MissQuicksand 6 0
Wildcards - Ensemble [Ep.3] - Partie 1 (texte)
Hell-point, Mai 2517
Une soirée holo entre filles avant de partir chasser quelques primes. C’était le plan et cela convenait parfaitement à Azylis. Elle était arrivée – avec un peu de retard – avait joué un moment avec Zoé et Warren à Zenta Kart ; puis ce dernier fut envoyé se coucher et elle se retrouva seule avec la punk.
Après une rapide discussion, elles décidèrent de poursuivre la soirée en regardant The warrior apprentice, un de leurs holos de SF préférés. C’était la première fois qu’elles le regardaient ensemble et la rousse était aux anges.
- Prête ? demanda Zoé en souriant. Alors c’est parti !
La punk avait pris ses aises et s’était naturellement allongée sur le canapé, les jambes sur l'accoudoir et la tête posée sur les cuisses de son amie. Quelques semaines plus tôt, Azylis n’aurait jam
:icondaegann:Daegann 1 2
To Research a Clone: Chapter 9
Pass, after pass, after pass. Jisselle had already given up counting and had left early, put out by the idea of having to stay there any longer. Haze had been sent on another mission, leaving Alloy there to fill in observations along with Crow, Siren, and Cora. However the only thing there was to observe was EXP7 pass every test they threw his way. Week three and little could take him down. He was well adjusted, had many skills prior to coming to the lab. He was on all levels, nearly outclassing them.
“There’s nothing new we can throw at this guy." Crow grumbled.
Cora's breath hitched at this. His heart dying slightly as he realized his entire team looked upon this tokota as if it were a GOD. How could they... how could he? Cora gave Crow a wicked glare as he felt his pride begin to crumble. "I'll throw something at him." Cora spat wistfully as he threw open the door despite the immediate protests of his pack. Siren had just began unhooking certain tethered a
:iconfantasytotokos:FantasyToTokos 4 9
The Guardian Part 1 [One-Hour Story]

“The Guardian” by K9 Lupus

In a time long ago long before the magic of the world had faded back there lived a boy in a small home with his family. One day the boy was wandering the familiar woods around his home, content to amble and examine every manner of shrub and plant when he spotted a green butterfly with speckled, blue spots. The butterfly cared little for the boy and instead wanted to get its fill of sweet nectar from the flower it had landed upon. The boy crept closer to the butterfly, sneaking forward with careful steps. When the boy had come too close the strange little insect began to fly away, and so the boy gave chase wanting to catch it in his hands to get a closer look. The boy laughed as he ran after the little insect, admiring its dance through the trees as it weaved around their trunks.
The boy followed the butterfly, farther and farther still, never seeming to get any closer to it until with a sudden motion it rose
:iconcanine-lupus:Canine-Lupus 3 2
My Little Smasher Info 2.0 (MLP/SSB AU)
Smash 6
Robin: Robin is Mason's young and faithful student. Before she moved to Smashville, she would often be into her studies and wouldn't socialise with anyone. When she did move to Smashville, she started to become a social butterfly, eventually creating the Smash 6. Robin eventually earned her wings and became the Wielder of Friendship. She's also the Element of Magic representative.
Kirby: A cheerful, hyperactive, yet naive puffball. Kirby used to live in a rock farm, doing rock collecting work, but when he discovered his true talent to make others happy, he eventually moved to Smashville in a career of planning parties and having a part-time job as a baker in Sugarcube Corner. He has an alter-ego known as 'Meta', which makes Kirby turn dark blue, have yellow eyes, and sprout out bat wings. He's the Element of Laughter representative.
Mario: His life is dedicated to working hard and doing his best in his home village. Mario is harding working, and deeply cares for his friends and
:iconrosejigglypuff76:RoseJigglypuff76 2 1
Eighty-Seven Days Before the End
They look at the pocketknife every morning. Run their fingers over the handle, tracing the letters of the engraved name. Flip it open and gaze into the mirrored blade, wishing they could see through it to find their love on the other side – but all that looks back from the polished steel are their own haunted eyes.
Vivian gave them the knife before she left. It’s all they have left of her: they can’t write or call her, can’t even follow her on tumblr. Viv’s parents know all the passwords, and they’re not the sort to let even a hello go unquestioned.
They had to meet her in secret, before she moved away. She didn’t even dare to tell her parents her new name, or that she had one, or that she needed one.
It’s only for eighteen months. Seventeen. Sixteen. Eight. Five. They count down the days to Vivian’s eighteenth birthday, waiting for her freedom, helpless to help her.
Eighty-seven days before the end, the blade of the pocketkn
:icongdeyke:GDeyke 4 3
Captain Sphinx's Rogues Files
The following is a selection of some of Misfit squadrons most persistent and dangerous foes. This list current as of 1935

Mademoiselle Rouge (At Large)
Age: Mid twenties
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Background: French
Known Aliases: Jeannette, cheap Anne Bonny, that woman. (Only Sphinx calls her those last two)
Synopsis: Rouge is an airpirate of French nationality, she has mostly focused on terrorrizing Europe and Africa with her crimes. Piracy, smuggling, murder, kidnapping, and arson are all crimes she and her crew have committed. Her most recent and daring crime is stealing weapons and equipment from the Soviet Union. To include I16 monoplanes.
Has a large dirigible at her disposal outfitted with weapons and a hangar bay. Her crew is comprised mostly of Europeans. Rouge herself is known for her own unique style of dress, a red piratical coat, low cut blouse and boots. Really seems to take the term airpirate quit
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 3 2
Guardian Dragons in London by LevelInfinitum Guardian Dragons in London :iconlevelinfinitum:LevelInfinitum 6 0
Magical Realism and Phineas and Ferb
Magical realism has a work’s setting take place in a realistic environment, however this realistic setting has fantastical or otherworldly attributes. Instead of being a different world or the ordinary world being introduced to extraordinary elements, magical realist works make the extraordinary ordinary. As a literary movement it was spearheaded by Latin American writers like Jose Martí and Ruben Darío in the 1940s-50s and became popular in the 60s when Latin American literature spread internationally.
An example of magical realism would be Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. The setting is ordinary for the time but protagonist Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find he’s a giant insect. Despite being an insect, Gregor isn’t worrying or panicking. He’s focused on helping his family and whether he can work or not. The framing of the story doesn’t treat this extraordinary event as such; everyone adjusts quickly. Framing the extraordina
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Lucy of Panolia: Chapter 4
Once Lucy had finished putting the outfit on some of the guards began to return along with Governor Tull. He thought that she did look beautiful in her new clothes and she reminded him a little of his wife when they first met. That was many, many years ago but he could see that she was slightly adjusting her toga. Just so that it would fit on her body even better, it was a little shorter than she would have liked but it would do its task well.
Tilano was one of the guards who was on duty and he could see Lucy as well. It was his first time he had seen her properly stand up and he couldn't help but marvel over her height. He had seen her sitting down for a while and he had an idea about how tall she was. Seeing her stand up however was a different story.
"I hope that fits you well," said Governor Tull. He was looking up at her and he stood closer than he normally did. He didn't feel any fear toward her, he was just happy that he was helping her in her time of need.
"Yes, it does thank y
:icona0040pc:a0040pc 3 6
Winnie's Wind Part 2
CONTAINS: Gas, burping, some belly stuff, and what are probably too many leads that I will forget to follow up on
It’s never very pleasant for Winnie to take the taxi. Despite her insistence to herself that she’d never see the driver again, Winnie was always too shy to let her gas loose as she rode. Normally, a bike would be her preferred mode of transport. All her usual destinations were within just a couple of blocks from her apartment, and when she got up to speed she’d be moving too fast for anyone she passed by to realize the belch they might have just heard was her. You’d think biking everyday would keep Winnie in shape, and yet she’d always hover at just about 150 pounds in weight at just under five and a half feet in height. It must be all those vegan pizza leftovers.
That was probably what was on Winnie’s mind on her way home from her first, nearly surreal, session with the cast and crew. As much as she wanted to reflect on it, being the fir
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The Fortress on the Hill
    Leslie stepped through the waterfall of willow branches into the glade and waited for her escort. He moved slowly, so she sat down and opened her favorite book to read while she waited for him. There was something important he'd said he needed to show her. It sounded important, from the urgency in his missive.
    He must have been waiting for her, because it was only a moment before she heard the creaking of wood and he entered the glade. There was no smile of welcome this time, and his leaves drooped as if it were a bright midsummer day. Leslie wondered if she'd done something to upset him. There was a sparkle in his eyes, though, one he had every time he laid eyes on her, and he reached out to take her hand. If he was upset, he would not have come in the first place. He had needed to see her. She repeated this to herself as he led her to his home across the way.
    As they neared his home, it was easy to tell something was wrong. The leaves and gra
:icontobaeus:Tobaeus 3 1
[T-E|K-E] Ancient Forests
"Quickly, it's this way!" Koichi called out to the group of tokota following after him. The excitement in his voice was just as easily readable in his movements as he bounced off ahead of them. Tiri and Bastet were close behind him, while the larger Marina and July trailed a bit further back. Ahead lay a forest, seemingly unimpressive, but Koichi knew better. He had seen something in it some time ago from a higher vantage point. There was something in this forest, and he was going to find out exactly what it was. The trailing tokota were a varied miss of excited to mildly curious, but to them it was nothing but a forest. Perhaps his own excitement was contagious, because without knowing what it was they were going to look for they followed behind.
As the group grew nearer to the forest Koichi realized just how massive it truly was. The trees were so tall that he could only think they must have been ancient, growing here unhindered for so long. It stalled his excited movements for a few
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The Young Protector, part 3: Ara'whyn
The Protectors left the next day. “I would have loved to accompany you for a while, but I can’t do that, in my situation,” Yr’whyn said. “Eon’whyn would also love it to spend some more time with you.”
The Young Protector sighed. “So do I. But this is how it goes, you know. You probably won’t see me again until Eon’whyn has children herself.” They all went to the Rock of Goodbye and hugged it. Yr’whyn and Eon’whyn were crying when the Protectors rushed out of sight.
“You are making it hard on yourself,” the Old Protector said. “You shouldn’t have a relationship with those people. It’s foolish, and you are making everyone sad.”
“Is it forbidden, Old Protector?”
“It is not forbidden, Young Protector. But I care about you, and don’t like to see you like this.”
She was right, of course. The Young Protector was feeling sad for many days. She longed t
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The Inglorious Twelfth - Part 14
7 pm GMT
The New House

"This feels so strange," Miley said as she buttoned up her white blouse, and then stood up, looking at herself in the tall mirror.  Her hair was swept back, and as she turned the pleats of her skirt flowed.
"What does," Laura said as she walked in with Eve and Aileen.  Like Miley, the older girl was wearing a white blouse and tartan skirt, while Eve and Aileen wore dark green party dresses.
"Dressed like this, I just look... Wrong."
"Well I think you both look amazing," Kit said as she and John looked in.  "Come on, we have a party to go to..."
"We look nice Miley," Laura said as she put an arm round the younger girl while they walked along.
"I know, but when we have to go back to London and all this ends..."
"Then we go back to our real lives," Laura interrupted.
"Is this just a dream?"
"No, but as long as we just enjoy it as the holiday it's supposed to be then I guess we will have something lovely to remember Miley."
:iconkp-presents:KP-Presents 3 1
Emmi's Beach Party - A WHAT CONTEST?!
Jessie Whitaker, a woman in her mid-40’s had been power walking across the boardwalk when she passed a group of girls who looked like they were half her age. They were crowded around a giant bulletin board, giggling, before walking away.
Curious, Jessie turned around and walked up to the board to see what was so funny. That was when she saw the rather obnoxiously big ad about a “wet t-shirt contest” and first prize was $1000 cash.
“How disgusting, women shouldn’t degrade themselves for money. It’s gross and despicable!” Jessie muttered under her breath as she continued to read the rest of the ad.
The contest was being held on north end of the beach and would be starting soon. Jessie ripped the ad off the bulletin board. She was going to give this contest runner a piece of her mind.
Emmi, Grace, and Cleo had finally finished getting things set up for the party. All that was left was waiting for the DJ and the party could really get started.
:iconhalfpint51:halfpint51 6 2