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[Creepypasta] - Cinema

Fleur Breckenridge Academy is closing this October.
It was with heavy hearts that the faculty of our elite establishment announced the permanent closing of our beloved Fleur Breckenridge Academy. Over the last two years, we have been fighting to keep our school’s name from being dragged through the dirt. However, only so much could be done once our reputation was tarnished by one word: murder.
Fleur Breckenridge was once highly regarded as one of the most elite schools in the entire country. It boasted an exceptional education with a rigorous curriculum and was made famous by a student body consisting of the sons and daughters of high society. After the events that took place in September of 2014, Breckenridge began seeing a decrease in incoming students. After this last year’s incoming class, it became clear that our once illustrious academy would not be able to keep filling seats for the future.
On September 22nd, 20
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A Strange Feeling
Ruthy dried her hands on the kitchen towel, before draping the cloth over the stove's handle. She pulled her medium length blond hair into a messy bun and sighed. Though she was exhausted, her two hours of cleaning had resulted in a satisfactorily clean house.
As she walked to the pantry to reward her hard work with a glass of chardonnay, she made a mental note to never invite guests over on a work night.
As Ruthy set down the bottle of wine, having just poured herself a glass, she felt an odd sensation behind her; a kind of chill settling on her right shoulder, like a really cold hand. She gasped, spinning on her heel, expecting to see someone behind her—her mind conjured visions of a masked murderer with a glinting silver knife.
But there was no one there.
Her eyes scanned the kitchen, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. The dishes were neatly put away, the appliances in their proper place; just as she had left it a few moments before. 
Weird. She thought to hers
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NaNoWriMo 2018: Snippet
Yokov looked around with curiosity. This was very different from his normal dreams. Usually he dreamt of places he had actually been, but he’d never seen this location in his life. It was a palace with strange architecture and build entirely out of red blocks of stone that looked to be connected with a coarse grey material. He stared at the stones in amazement. How had someone chiseled them so straight? It seemed like a lot of unnecessary work.
He wandered the halls of the red palace aimlessly, his attention on the fantastic creatures that decorated the walls, floors, and ceilings. There were roundish beasts with eight snakelike limbs, strangely shaped fish with long horns coming out of their head, even stranger ones with large sharp looking teeth, and delicate fish that were brightly colored and looked like their fins were made of flowing silk. Whoever had decorated this place had quite the vivid imagination. How could those last fish swim against a current or keep from being ea
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CoE '18 - 10/17/18 (Regulus)

Appearance: Regulus is a blue lion with a pink main and red eyes.
Scheme: Defend Nephlite from Sailor Moon's attacks as he tries to absorb the energy of Naru Osaka.
Abilities: Regulus possesses the power of a lion; it's strength, animal instinct and sharp teeth and claws.
Thoughts: I'm sort of cheating regarding Regulus considering the others I don't want to do...because Regulus is sort of a Youma...but not.  The weird thing about it is that Nephlite just creates the creature from a constellation to protect him from attack as he tries to get away or absorb Naru's energy, and then pulls him back when he's done with him never to be used again.  I sort of wonder then: if Nephlite can take a lion constellation (presumably Leo) and turn it into a Youma...then could he do the same with any other constellation?  The strange thing is that the next Youma he creates are obviously based on Gemini, the Twi
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CXEMA (Part 1.)
CXEMA (Part 1.)
    I will tell you what happened. What exactly happened, or at least what I did, what I saw and found there. Even though I would rather forget about it, God knows I would rather forget about it, but maybe by telling someone about it would ease my conscience. And hopefully stop the nightmares. I doubt it will, but I have to… I need to do it, to tell my story. I don’t blame you if you won’t believe me. I would not have believed it either if I have not seen it with my own eyes. It all happened many years ago.
   I lived in a small town in the south-eastern part of the country that was surrounded by a beautiful deep forest, where I used to go as a kid with my father to hike, pick mushrooms, herbs and all that it offered us. I loved these trips, I loved the forest. The freedom of nature, the smell of the trees after a storm and the cool shade it offered during the hot summers. Near my town was a huge lake which was perfect for swimming
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TECHNO-SYNDICAT #1 by Mister-Crow TECHNO-SYNDICAT #1 :iconmister-crow:Mister-Crow 1 0
Help !!!! 8 The End

When I saw Sam for the first time it was from the back, I didnt recognise him at all I dont think you can blame me either, but It wasn't until he turned to face me that I was in complete and utter shock.

All I could think of was what was his father going to say when he saw his ‘son’ looking like a model, the dress he was wearing was equally stunning, he was the picture of femininity.

His nails were the perfect colour match for his dress.

At least I wont have to look for another job when I take him home because his father is going to kill me.......
Thanks for your help.
:iconsfc78767:SFC78767 5 4
Helloween - Day 17 - A Basic B-
A recently turned twenty five year old man named Joey had come dressed up as a “basic white girl”. With it now being fall and constantly seeing girls his age dressed in sweats, UGG boots, and with a Starbucks latte in hand, he decided he’d dress up like one for Halloween.
He had borrowed the clothes he was currently wearing from a girl friend of his who was more than happy to dress him up. She even helped him with his makeup for the full effect and made sure his chestnut brown wig looked real.
Joey completed his look with an empty plastic Starbucks cup that he held onto as he mingled with the other party goers. When the strange woman up on the stage rattled off her speech, he figured it was part of some act.
“Magic doesn’t exist,” he thought.
As his thought finished the magic was immediately attached to him. He felt his UGG’s, which were pretty uncomfortable from his big feet, suddenly felt more comfortable. Looking down, Joey noticed his legs
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ProjAsc Inktober Collection V: Aria
Day 14 Prompt “Clock”: Doomsday Clock
Tick tock
Goes the Doomsday clock
Rising in the morning.
Tick tock
Falls Peter’s Rock
The cosmos comes in storming.
Tick tock
Goes the Doomsday clock
On the shoulders of titans
Tick tock
Cries the lonely croc
We will go down fightin’
Tick tock
Goes the Doomsday Clock
Striking down the hours
Tick tock
Kills the raven flock
Scavenging what’s ours
Tick tock
Goes the Doomsday clock
Running up the tally
Tick tock
Let the gods all gawk
To world’s end rally
Tick to—the crackle of digital snow interrupted the constant chant of singing children.
             “You know…as much as I appreciate…your ‘rally songs’ Duomind…they are quite unsettling to…when trying to concentrate.” the wheezing, Swedish accented voice of Kjell cra
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The Last Giantess: Chapter 62
Doctor Dam was documenting a few things down in her notebook when everyone began to hear Remy Jr. barking. It was not an aggressive bark but it was as if he was trying to tell Chrissie something. The golden-haired giantess looked at her beloved puppy dog who was continuing to bark at her. It was as if she understood what he was saying and she lowered her hand to the ground.
As soon as her hand was lowered Remy Jr. jumped off of it and began to march his way toward Doctor Dam who for the first few moments didn't seem to notice. She did however when she saw him sitting close to her feet and he had sat himself down. He began to bark up at her and she looked at him with some confusion.
"What does he want?" asked Doctor Dam. A small part of her thought that he wanted to attack but from his mannerisms he didn't seem to be aggressive at all.
"Remy Jr. says that he wants you to give him a belly rub," replied Chrissie as if she was able to speak dog.
"I'm fine thank you." She wanted to move ont
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The Final Stand: Ludwig's Reign, Morton Jr.
“Alright, so… who’s next?” I asked my dad.
“Usually Morton. Although Lemmy or Wendy usually take Snow Land, we’re fighting the koopalings from youngest to oldest this time around.” He shrugged. “Geez, he’s gotta be fifteen then if Larry’s fourteen. Damn.”
“Nah, he can’t be.” Uncle Luigi had his face buried in a map as we walked. “I thought he was fifteen a couple years ago?”
“Trust me, Weeg. He’s fifteen.” Dad corrected him. “Most of the koopa kids have a year between them.”
“Nah, that can’t be…” My uncle put the map away. “He’s older than Iggy, so that’s gotta make him eighteen or something.”
“Weeg, no… he’s one of the youngest kids.” My dad sighed. “Iggy’s one of the oldest.”
“Wait… ain’t Lemmy the oldest?” Uncle Luigi raised an eyeb
:iconaceoftomfoolery:AceofTomfoolery 1 0
Darby and Irvin
Yesterday had been a bust, an entire day wasted because Irvin had a family reunion at some fire hall that had been rented out and occupied with far too many oozing rodents, so today, Monday, was already shaping up to be better for the gutless devilcat named Darby K. Ingrot.
Darby had attended his important classes and skipped out for lunch, opting to spend time in the back of the library during that time frame. It was a cruel joke- one that the devilcat had grown to find oddly, darkly humorous- that he'd be given a mouth full of teeth and a sensitive tongue but no stomach to hold food; thus, eating was something he could neither dignify nor partake. Time at the library was spent skimming through a magazine and looking boredly at the anorexic models that couldn't hope to get as thin as him; they all had flesh and muscle and full stretches of skin, whereas he had a tarp of dry skin draped over a blackened spine.
After a lunch period of leafing through pages at the library, Darby had an e
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WoR Quest payment: Left Behind
Splatterpunk breathed in the desert air, that oh so familiar dry and yet dusty air. She liked the scent of the desserts. She loved traveling across Thedale, enjoying the warm days and chilly nights. Hunting desserts critters and stopping at the sparse oasis to recharge. The hunting was rather good in oasis territories too. She licked her chops at the thought. However, she unfortunately could not indulge more in her musings as a different scent was caught by her nostrils. A scent she also was familiar with but disliked instead of loved. She was getting closer to a settlement. Skimming the horizon, she indeed spotted the origin of the scent. Sandy colored buildings contrasted with the bright blue skies, creating a bridge between the beautiful heavens and the sandy ground. She needed supplies. She mostly got her resources from the desert itself, but occasionally, she needed something more. Wanted to have something more. Through her traveling, she had visited some cities and villages, not
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Fight! An Underground Tournament!
In an overgrown ghost town in rural Japan, a large group of rich socialites filed in. Many suited Yakuza representatives transported them to several secret entrances to the same destination. While the Yakuza normally avoided such places, this one had an experimental nuclear fallout bunker for the region. What was once a Cold War bunker has been turned into a large fighting arena, and comfortable place to watch fights.
The arrangement was a concrete circle, fifty feet across. It was surrounded by an 8-foot gap with 6 feet of water to catch people in the ring out, and a ten-foot-tall wall to protect. The audience were packed around it. Lights overhead gave the arena studio lighting. The Yakuza boss and his honored guest of course had a booth overlooking it all. Opposite to that was a big screen that had the tournament bracket.
The Yakuza Oyabun, Satsuma Tsuyoshi, imagined this grand tournament vision to attract gamblers and search a worthy opponent to test his own fighting prowess in his
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The Adventures of Harriet Potter: Year 5 - Ch29 by the-mind-of-kleinnak The Adventures of Harriet Potter: Year 5 - Ch29 :iconthe-mind-of-kleinnak:the-mind-of-kleinnak 9 4
The Art of Transfiguration
“Oh hey, Joey! I didn't know you were taking this class too!” I greeted as my friend walked up. We’d had adjacent dorm rooms as freshmen, but hadn't seen much of each other since.
“Yah, I needed one more class and figured I’d take something artsy. I thought this might apply more than most of the other courses,” the Engineering Magic major said with a shrug.
“Well, you made the right choice then. I’ve heard this class is a blast!” I responded enthusiastically. I hadn't really, no one had heard anything about this class as far as I could tell.
He nodded and checked his watch. “Shouldn’t it have started by now?”
As if by uttering those words, Joey disappeared. No, he didn't disappear, he shrunk. With a loud *pop* appeared a set of keys, which rocketed into the lock on the door and turned. The door slowly creaked open. Beyond the door was a forest. I wasn't sure how to react.
“W-What the heck?” Said a voice
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Is It A Man Or A Dog
I came to the cemetery in the dead of night, I came so late because I couldn't come in the morning. I came to see my father long sense past, and on the way I some some tracks. Tracks that look like that of a man and yet also that of the dog, how could this I be I wonder? I had not choice but to follow the tracks for not only did I wish to if I could fine what made them but also because the tracks when down the same path to my father's grave.
Follow did I till we reach my father grave, or what was left of it. Something had dug it up and fed on my father remains! Rage fill me, I must find the thing that made the track and make it pay! There were more tracks leading away from the grave, I followed hoping to find the thing!
It was long before I find it I did, with in the shadows it look to be a man so I called out to it. Daring it to come into range of my flashlight so I may see it and make it pay, but as came to be it move like giant dog! My rage was replace by pure fear, fear that only g
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Carrier Chart by Paleo27 Carrier Chart :iconpaleo27:Paleo27 1 0
The Cowboy's Match
    Far from the safety of the cities and into the vast desert, we find our lone hero traveling on the back of his mighty steed. His scarred face covered by a scarf belonging to a love long gone. His dark eyes sparked with determination and excitement for the coming adventure that his soul could feel was nearing…
    “How was that one?” A boy, who had a tattered old hat over his face as he laid on his back, asked his donkey. The donkey made a disapproving noise in response. “Hey what do you mean it's not accurate?! I'm more heroic than anyone I know! Besides all the greats over exaggerate how great they are, it's like some kind of rule. I hope we get to town soon though, I have made up so many stories that I am runnin as dry as our water supply. Okay, how about this?
    The wandering stranger felt his long tedious journey was coming to its desired end. He let out a sigh as he thought of all that was waiting for him a
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Roleplay: Queen Titan Ophelia
We all know the story of King Kong, of the giant guerilla and the helpless damsel, however. What if instead of a giant ape it was a giant Greek woman? What if she fount the love of her life, right as Amazonians tried to sacrifice to him to her? A Classic Era spin on the 1933's film, but with some differences planned. (Note: This story shall contain romance, giant women, and possible a giant woman destroying things.)
Character chosen to be used: Ophelia
Story genre: Giant monster, romance, Greek mythos, 1930's post-modern drama.
1.This roleplay is only for users +20,thus you can only apply for it if you're at least 20 years old of age.
2.Your character must be an adult male. (Your actual gender can be either male or female, and yes I just assumed the only two real genders on the planet.)
3.I would like to use Ophelia as an anthro or Sonic FC, but I can
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The Great Samurai Eater - Chapter 3 by ProjectChained The Great Samurai Eater - Chapter 3 :iconprojectchained:ProjectChained 2 0
On Sin
    Another day in Heaven passed much like all those before, and all those yet to come. Not that nothing ever happened there; more that everything that did happen, happened in such an abstract, distant sort of way as far as the main residents were concerned as to not really matter.
    Days merged one into another.
    Hours flew past at the pace of a snail riding the great winged Pegasus. In each moment, a crawling, unbearable monotony; yet then a century would pass in the blink of an eye.
    It was the realm of both the eternal God, and the mortal man.
    Now God created man, in his image, or so it is said, but he also gave them free will. And as should come as no surprise for a creature made from dirt – they never stayed clean for long.
    “Look at them!”
    Michael, God’s right-hand angel
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Tempus Finis 2-3
Tempus Finis 2-3
The Accursed Relic
„This is why I called you back to Algarest“, Lord Mercydes explained.
„Come, I want to show you something.“ Theresa followed her father
outside the palace, where an imperial Airship was waiting for them.
It brought them to the southern district of the city, to the Imperial
Airbase near the Black Fortress, Alfgaards best protected military base.
There, they took a transporter to reach the base. They passed several
security checks, and went inside. Behind dozens of heavy iron doors
was a small chamber with something that looked like a reactor in the
middle, but it was something different. „What is this? What is that
thing glowing in there?“, Theresa said and pointed towards the object
floating in some sort of tank in the middle of the room. „That, my
daughter, is an artefact of unseen power, and absolutly dangerous.
It is what we call...a Dragonblood Shard, a Fragment of the crystallized
blood that was spilled
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