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The maid cafe visit

"Hey, fair maiden, do you know a place where my two girls and I can talk in private?"
"We have a free table over here, master Dan. I hope it suffices you and your company well", the maid answered to an overly excited Dan, as he made his way towards it immidiately, nearly dragging Sophie with him.
"Perfect, it should work for the perfect meal that I have in mind!", he exclaimed joyful. Sophie on the other hand wasn't too fond at all.
Not solely did Dan wish to know about her, once her Widowmaker transformation had been undone by Grace, but he also invited her over to the local maid cafe, a place which he saw fitting for a first invitation towards Grace's maid... or rather he more forced her to visit it.
"Look, Dan, I really have to go in an hour, so uhm... maybe we should postpone zis visit... please!?", she pleaded but it only hit deaf ears.
"Bah, nonsense, we're going to dine here like the good old vikings did in Valhalla!", he solely answered inno
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TGCT: Field Of Flowers....Achoo?!
David was a very cheerful young man most days, however, springtime was an exception to that. The pollen in the air set off the boys hayfever, causing him to sneeze up a storm. It wasn't uncommon for him to have to skip school during the season because he just would be doing nothing but sneezing. It was not on one such day that we follow his story.
David was sitting in his classroom, holding his head in his hand from a small headache his hayfever had caused, his light blond hair resting somewhat over his hand, his blue eyes slightly puffy from the irritation. The bell suddenly rang for lunch, the ringing piercing through his skull like a knife through an apple, after what felt like an eternity but was only a few seconds the ringing stopped and he stood with the rest of the class, packing his books away and leaving the room. In a quiet corner of the canteen, he merely nibbled on his lunch, not really having much of an appetite when someone sat next opposite him.
“Hey, allergies bad
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DEATH BATTLE: Organization XIII vs. Akatsuki pt3

High over the raging battle below, Xaldin rode the winds in hot pursuit of the Akatsuki bomber, Deidara. He was proving a tricky adversary to fight, and his flying skills were nothing to scoff at, but Xaldin had a good idea on how he worked.
What he didn't know was that Deidara was thinking the exact same thing, and set about preparing a surprise attack.
All six of Xaldin's spears arranged themselves into a multi-point star, spinning in unison like a gigantic propeller as they flew at Deidara, poised to cut him in half. A slight change in ascension was enough for Deidara to get out of its trajectory, with a steep descent as it went on its return-trip to Xaldin.
"So, you're one with the wind, hm?" Deidara said to himself, "Well, then let's see you deal with a piece of true art!"
He reached into his pouch and pulled out a large wad of clay. Yet, rather than let the mouths on his hands, he opened his mouth and took a huge bite out of it. Pl
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leaving deviantart
huh. knew i wouldnt make it far past a year.
anyway yeah im not gonna drag this out too much, was just gonna disappear but i feel like i shouldnt leave u all in the dark. 
this years been. something. for me personally and over here on da, lots of stuff happened and my heads been in a bad place for? a really long time. the only thing im able to do is pick my own sorry ass up and thats been my main goal for the past god knows how long, ive come to realise this site is honestly complete and utter Bullshit. a good percentage of users on here are only interested in making everyone elses life a goddamn misery and its so sad. and exhausting. and im Tired of dealing with it. ur only ever appeased by people if ur important and, well, the only thing i contribute to this site is my art and even then its not like im an active poster. ive tried to push off everyones accusations, drama, threats, you name it. but i shouldnt have to in the first place. this is an art site and i cant exist on here
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Misa's MSF High Files, Article 46: Obscuritrons
Replitech Enterprises was a small GA-based design business specializing in creating generic repair parts for numerous vehicles, and they were subject to a stroke of good fortune when they managed to acquire a used netcore from a pirate recovery auction.  Its founder had the idea to use this Netcore to automate a vehicle factory on a barren moon, and with the help of investments from the trade firms that would eventually become the exchanges division of The Consortium, a toxic but mineral-rich moon orbiting a lone gas giant in a system appropriately named Obscurus Vector Gamma was purchased.  The initial production plants for this venture were built in orbit around Obscurus before being deployed to the moon.  Completely unmanned save the occasional diagnostic checkup, the netcore ran all of the production facilities on the moon and took orders through powerful subspace receivers and transmitters.  While a normal netcore has a lesser form of this sort of equipment, it
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Fun Fact #296
Bugs Bunny calling Elmer Fudd "nimrod" was meant to be ironic, as Nimrod is a Biblical king who was known for being a mighty hunter. Nowadays, the word was come to be a synonym for "idiot", purely because of Looney Tunes.
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The Choice
Dhyani, the ages-old stag, stood at the crossroads knowing that he had before him the choice of two paths.
One way took him into the bowels of everything he had ever been told was dangerous, twisted, and evil but that it would bring about the most profound change in him.
The other would take him back home to his mountain forest where he would continue his life of safety, innocence and ignorance.
The first way would be ugly and take him down into the old abandoned and decayed city of the Ancients, then on up to the bright, shining new sky city of cold, stark buildings and even colder people with souls of ice.
These people had no care for their own kind let alone for a kind outside themselves. And if he went there he would have to become like them and wear a skin they would recognise.
He’d been told that if he did not he would likely not last an hour. So there was no help for it, he knew he would have to look like them and  that if he did that he would be changing more than ju
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An offer from Bebeau Plastics
From the Office of Gerald Bebeau
Dear Mr. Meier; 
    It is with great pleasure. We extend this offer to you. As Bebeau Plastics settles into its new arrangements in Slimea, it is in the companies interest to grow, and thus we now have unique positions opening up for us to offer one for you. As per previous discussions you are fairly familiar to some of the more interesting people with in Slimea. Even if you try not to acknowledge it, you show an energy to discovering the different ways of life here. So it is that I would like to offer you a position in our R&D department as a scout. A very important rol
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Kim Possible and the Ivy League Schools Chapter 2
Chapter 2
"Ranking the Schools"
About an hour after returning home from school, Kim made her way downstairs to the kitchen with the interest letters in her hands. So much continued to go through Kim's mind as she sat down at the kitchen table and laying the letters in front of her.
"What you got there, Kimmie?" asked her mother, Dr. Anne Possible looking down at the letters. "Looking at those letters again?"
"You guessed right, mom," Kim answered, turning her attention away from the letters. "Mom, there's…there's so much I am trying to process right now. I mean, which of these schools do you picture me going into?"
Anne looked down at the letters and briefly skimmed through each one.
"It really doesn't matter, Kim. These are all the best of the best when it comes to colleges. However, at the end of the day, the one person that can make the decision of where you end up is yourself. What does Ron think?"
"He's just happy for me, that's all. I mean, he's not going to end up in colle
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Diving The Briny Depths
The day was turning into night when Rav led the two tokotas out towards the beach, the last rays of the dying sun, colouring the sky like a rainbow.
The night animals of the tundra called out to one another, and ran off on a hunt or whatever other nocturnal adventures they so desired.
The two dires who Rav was tasked to take out to either go on an explore or a dive towered over him, they were so alike that Rav could tell that they were father and son, he hoped that he would have an easy time with them and that they did not protest or misbehave as he knew that such large creatures could injure him.
He decided that a diving expedition would be good for Ollie and Roscoe since it was quite a mild evening and who knows what they might find in the depths of the sea, he knew from their handler that they were good swimmers so a diving mission would not be a problem.
He led them down to the beach which seemed to shimmer in the fading light, the mica crystals catching the dying sun's rays before
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Sailor Mini Moon ch129
Chapter 129
Sailor Mini Spies pt9
"Should we try to sneak in?" Franklin then curiously asked the group.
"No. I believe we need to use the direct approach." Lady Midori then told the group causing Tweety to think as she looked at the wooden door.
"Then how do you suggest we get inside?" Tweety then curiously asked Lady Midori.
"We could burn down the door." Shadow then suggested to the group causing the adults to shake their heads.
"That would set the whole place on fire." Dr. Possible then told the group before Tweety looked at Eternal Mars Knight.
"Chad, is there any way you, Raven and Yuii can create a portal that can take us directly to our parents?" Sailor Mini Moon then asked Eternal Mars Knight causing him to nod.
"I can. But I don't know about Raven and Yuii." Eternal Mars Knight then told the group before he looked at his future kids.
"We can do it." Sailor Mini Mars then told Eternal Mars Knight causing him to nod.
+Dungeon, castle, same time+
As dim lights flickered high in t
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WoLF RP: Long Long Night
The nights were growing longer and longer as the days grew colder on the same scale as well. Even though the golden male had thick fur covering his body, not even the old warrior could stand when it was so cold that frost would form on the tips of his fur. When the ice began to thaw it would cause cold water to meet his bare skin. And as he looked up into the sky above the early darkness was not the coming of night. Thick, dark clouds hid the sun and the bitter wind threatened a snowstorm headed this way. And while Artemis was still within the Asgard territory - he was nowhere near enough to the main den to make it back to the safety of his own space.
He would be forced to find somewhere nearby and hunker down until the next day came as it looked to be a long night brought by the storm from the looks of it.
Letting out a sigh that plumed his breath out of his jaws in a ruffle of steam he started looking for a cave or abandoned den to c
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Ruine| Filly | Lady

 Basic Information:
Name: Ruinë
{{Setup: Bullet; Red - Hates, Bullet; Orange - Doesn't really care/is okay, Bullet; Green - She likes, Bullet; Yellow - Alias, Bullet; Purple - Titles, Bullet; Blue - Nicknames, Bullet; Pink - To do w/ family }}

Bullet; BlueBullet; Green Ruin
Bullet; Orange Ru
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The Eis Calendar
Day 3rd of Summer, 879
It was a shinning day at the  Professors Refectory. The University of Almans was peaceful with only those students who couldn't pay for their journey home and a handful of students still remained. And so, at the tables just four professors were having their breakfasts: a Lupine women by the name of Professor Rena Poomorish, and three humans Professor Wash, Professor Cobb and Professor Serra. A couple of ancillary staff were pretending to be busy attending them, and then it was the young assistant Koy wearing his beige academic uniform with low boots of soft felt, and displaying a nice haircut that would have made his mother, any mother well pleased. The boy approached the table and bowed at the professors.
Doctor Wash waved goodbye to his colleges and departed with Koy to the patio. "Good morning, Koy, did you have a good night of sleep?"
"I did indeed, Professor Wash. It's nice in here once all the students are back home." Koy, the A
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A Slaves Freedom 2: Welcome to My World
Chapter 8: Welcome to My World
Feeling weightless, like if she were floating, with her body surrounded in some sort of cool liquid, with the back-flashes of being inside a pyramid, with it all breaking and her mate collapsing onto the floor, after he used his power, quickly she opened her eyes, realising she was underwater, unaware where she was the vixen quickly surfaced up, seeing the clear blue sky and the hot suns shine down, Whisper gasped for air, but then realised there was more then one sun, her world had one, this world looked like it had two, no three with the third just hidden, but wait, Corrobis, where was he?
Quickly she dived down to look for him, past the broken ruins of the pyramid as she searched so hard, ignoring her own tiredness, determined to find her mate, she wanted to call, but being underwater that would be very hard as she swam  around the rubble, with some still falling.
She saw the pyramid in ruins, broken and beyond repair, holes were everywhere, it wa
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How Black History Month is Racist
Writemon: Why haven’t you posted anything this year yet?
DCN: No clue. Time to change that!
Hello, I’m your demonic culture nut, and today, I’m going to talk about, no matter how you slice it, Black History Month is a racist concept. This’ll make some people mad. No clue whether it will be towards this widely-accepted celebration for what I’m going to bring up or me for doing a bit of thinking into it. Probably a mixture of both.
Now, my first point of racism is superficial: it lifts certain people up because of the color of their skin. Because it focuses on black people exclusively, it ignores anyone of a different race that may have made history along side who’s celebrated. There isn’t much to discuss here because it falls within the dictionary definition of racism.
Now time to deal with the whole “power+privilege” crowd who aren’t convinced with the dictionary, but will cite the dictionary when it suits them. Don’t th
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The Little Human Time Traveler
Feet walking on metal echoed through the cardboard box from outside. It was an unexpected sound; Teddy and his boy were confused. As they flew and then landed, the normal lurches and sudden jolts were absent. The boy wondered if their location had something do with the abnormal travel. They held their breath as the footsteps stopped near the box door. Several moments passed before the footsteps continued on away from them.
"I wonder what that was.." the boy whispered. "Maybe we should sneak out and see."
Teddy said nothing but sat wide-eyed near the door as if guarding it. Listening intently, the boy waited to see if they could hear any more footsteps. In the distance, the steady rhythm of feet against metal was heard by the young ears; perhaps there were several this time. He would not be surprised it that was the case. There was often safety in numbers, at least that is what most believed. Him and Teddy were not a group of people. Just a couple of travelers, wandering time and space.
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Creature Bio. Latex Slime
Creature type: Slime (Advanced)
Appearance: An amorphous blob of black, viscous, semi-liquid. OR an unassuming orb of black, stretchy rubber.
Origin: Alchemic construct. Presumably created as a defensive measure for the purpose of capturing and detaining intruders. The first record of the creation of a Latex Slime is dated at only a few centuries after the first Common Slime.
Biology: Like any slime the Latex Slime is a self-replicating mass of dense, magic infused liquid. It has no need for sustenance due to its magical self-replicating nature. However, without access to moisture its body will dry out and harden into slime residue, rapidly leaking mana into the air until it eventually becomes impossible to revive through rehydration. What sets the Latex Slime apart is the unique properties its rubber base provides it. The slime residue from a Latex Slime’s body forms a solid yet malleable layer of rubber which holds in both moisture and mana. When a Latex Sl
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The OC Wars Pt.18
Things are going south fast, and will be in multiple places at once, so be warned!
The scene opens up with Amaxser dashing forward towards Ragnar's and Rathalos' servants.  But as he begins his assault, one of the minions, a female named Oxida, steps forward snapping her fingers at Amaxser who chuckles a bit.
Amaxser: So you're the first to-
But before he can say anymore, he begins chocking as the air surrounding her and Amaxser becomes unbearable to breath.
Amaxser: aguh!
The saiyan begins chocking on the poisonous gas as Oxida giggles a bit placing her finger on his forehead.
Oxida: hmhmhmhm!  You shouldn't underestimate the servants of lord Ragnar and lord Rathalos.
Ragnar: Excellent work.  Once this mortal is dead, you shall be rewarded.
Ragnar smiles at Oxida's accomplishment.  When her name is called, she turns to them, removing her finger from Amaxser and bows at her masters.
Oxida: Thank you for your generosity my lords.
She breathes in the poisonous air and
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Rack-coon (TF Day 2019)
Alexander was trembling with excitement as the Jeep swiftly navigated the sandy dunes. He’d been silent for nearly an hour, watching the landscape change. Finally, he broke the silence, addressing the man sitting across from him in the back of the truck. “So...once a year?”
The man across from him went by Peter. While Peter wasn’t his real name, but he insisted upon it because people regularly mispronounced his actual name, and he said going by Peter made it easier to introduce himself.
“Yeah, once a year... it’s really unexplainable. The locals claim spirits, most archeologists like to think there’s some hidden mechanism in the walls, and they’re much too nervous to chip the walls open and check.” Peter said.
“Mmhmm. I likely wouldn’t be willing to damage something and accidentally seal it.” Alexander said.
“Then perhaps every archeologist is too nervous to chip the walls up.” Peter said, “I thou
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Die nächsten Tage verbrachten Thomas und ich damit eine rege Korrespondenz zu führen. Wäre ich gleich am nächsten Tag ohne ein Wort in sein Leben getreten, obwohl ich gestern abgewiesen worden bin, hätte dies Verdacht erregt. Wir wussten nicht, wer noch alles von dem bedauerlichen Zustand meines Freundes wusste. Die Haushälterin hätte wissentlich oder unwissentlich Informationen weiterreichen können. Es sollte zunächst so aussehen als ob mein guter Freund versuchen würde von Zuhause aus seinen alten Tätigkeiten nachzugehen. Wir fädelten alles ein und ich machte hier und da bei einigen Arbeitern Bemerkungen über seine Instruktionen. Ich behauptete einfach, dass mein Freund aufgrund eines seelischen Leidens ausgelöst durch einen Unfall das Bett hütete. Für jeden Eingeweihten würde es so aussehen als ob er sich mit seinem Zustand abgefunden hatte.
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Moon Moon [YGGR]
In the abstract, Requiem knew what animals were. In reality, they had never interacted with the creatures, really of any kind. There was never a need. Demetrius had made them, and Requiem watched over them, but only ever interacted with the mortals. The human mortals, or humanoid, at least.
Perhaps that was why they were so perplexed upon finding a puppy somewhere on the outskirts of the Districts.
It was a tiny fuzzball of brown with dark eyes, and as soon as it spied Requiem staring at it, it began to waddle over. Emphasis on waddle, too, as its steps were awkward, paws not yet grown into. It let out soft squeaky yip noises, as if it was trying to communicate, and a tiny little tail stuck out behind it. For balance, maybe? When the small thing's paw touched Requiem's shoe, instinctively, the angel yanked it away. One could wonder why they didn't just turn and leave immediately when it began its advance, but perhaps the fact of seeing something so small and foreign was what pre
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