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(Crossover) The Lost Child of Azarath, part 1
Plot: Raven is desperate to escape from her home dimension of Azarath and her destiny. So she stows herself away deep in the dimensions of a visiting Gallifreyan Time Ship. Raven is about to embark on a journey to learn that she doesn't have to be the monster she was created to be, and who better to teach her that than a man whom monsters fear more than anyone in the universe.
Is destiny really set in stone, or can it be averted?
Shall we find out?
Doctor Who/Teen Titans
The Lost Child of Azarath
by TimeLordParadox
(A.K.A. Ross Pickering)
Chapter 1

Calmness, stillness, peace. That's what she needed so badly. Peace from the turbulence in her mind, the storm, the guilt, all of it. It was driving her mad. She couldn't concentrate, she couldn't meditate with the flashes of what she had seen, what she was destined to do, flashing in her mind. Her eyes snapped open, she didn't want to have to look at the faces of the dead anymore. The vision was in her mind and
:icontimelordparadox:TimeLordParadox 2 0
we bleed lake water
ur my red cream soda boy.
u've talked me off of the ledge more times
than i could count, &
i know we're growing up, but this city's
still our ghost town. we'll be haunting
this place long after everyone else has left.
i'm ok with that. i think that
u've got a heart the size of the sun.
whenever i can make u laugh,
i feel like i've won
a war.
ur one of the best causes
to fight for.
ur smile can open any door,
settle any score.
just b patient.
i promise life can b kinder.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 3 2
Of Hazy Doubt
    Doubt is a wearisome exercise of futility. A pure experience of self deception. Of idling. Of thoughts that encircle action as a haze would and mask all that would be in front of you, if only you could think and see more clearly. That ruse of the imagined is where so many are lost, and where so many live to die.
:iconlonewizardwandering:LoneWizardWandering 2 0
Inconspicuous at 50ft Chapter 12
Night Time Titans
Summoning up all the strength he could, Kyle reached up to grasp the guard rail with his other hand, the pain in his other arm burning through his entire body. “Come on...” he grunted, barely managing to grab the rail to alleviate the strain on his right arm. “Almost there...” Needing a little extra force to lift himself up, Kyle put his foot on the side of the cliff, only for it to slip right off a moment later.
“Kyle!” Morgan called out as she tried to reach toward the endangered man, only for Theodora to quickly yank her further away, her headlock remaining strong. “Let me go!”
“Never!” Theodora roared, the gigantic former officer managing to keep the equally large Morgan locked in place. “You're not getting away from me. Not this time.”
A loud grunt escaped from Kyle's mouth, causing Morgan's panic and desperation to rise even higher. As she grit her teeth, Morgan began to rise off her
:iconlordwolx:LordWolx 4 8
RC Book2 - Prologue by AOGRAI RC Book2 - Prologue :iconaograi:AOGRAI 1 1
Sailor Guardian Dimension: Chapter Five
Sailor Guardian Dimension: Chapter Five
   One day while Minako Aino was visiting Aimee Lovejoy and Chloe Lovejoy she said to both of them "I would like you to meet my friends."
Aimee and Chloe agreed and they asked Adult Neptune to send them to Sailor Guardian Dimension.
   Minako said to Aimee and Chloe "Aimee and Chloe, I would like to introduce you to my friends."
     Usagi Tsukino said "Hi I'm Usagi Tsukino, and the handsome guy over there is my boyfriend Mamoru Chiba."
   Mamoru said to Aimee and Chloe "Like Usagi said, my name is Mamoru."
     Chibiusa Tsukino said "My name is Chibiusa."
      Makoto Kino said "The name is Makoto Kino, nice to meet you."
       Ami Mizuno  said "My name is Ami Mizuno, I hope that we become great friends."
        Rei Hino said "My name is Rei Hino, feel free to visit Hikawa Shrine anytime."
        Usagi th
:iconbige365:BigE365 6 13
Super Smash Bros. Subspace Ultima (1)
The story begins with Tabuu, the "embodiment of Subspace". Tabuu resides within Subspace, a realm of empty darkness, and desires to conquer the World of Smash by breaking it into pieces and dragging them into Subspace itself. Tabuu himself is incapable of leaving Subspace, but he can observe the world and manipulate its inhabitants (often referred to as "Smashers), in an effort to create an army with which to carry out his plans of conquest.
Tabuu first turns his attention towards Master Hand, the master of the World of Trophies and often the great rival of the Smashers. Tabuu captures Master Hand with the Chains of Light and pulls him into Subspace, giving him an effective puppet to command his future army in the real world. Next, he comes upon Mr. Game & Watch, who, as a two-dimensional being in a three-dimensional world, possessed unusual properties that make it possible to create a limitless amount of Shadow Bugs. Tabuu captures Mr. Game & Watch in order to produce
:icondollysistersmassacre:dollysistersmassacre 2 0
Metal Ligero (My Little Pony FM, Fanfic) Cap. 4
La tormenta sorpresa
La luz del sol entraba por las enormes ventanas, iluminando el rostro de Wind. Era cegadora, pero también tranquilizaba su miedo a la oscuridad; nada raro considerando que fue bajo el manto nocturno, cuando los relámpagos, la lluvia y el viento, aparecieron para destruirlo todo.
Trató de bajarse de la camilla, pero el dolor en su espalda lo frenó al instante. Vendas le cubrían el ala derecha y gran parte del lomo, resultado de cuando retiraron una vara de metal encajada en su espalda; herida muy peligrosa sin duda.
«Tendrá suerte si luego de esto puede seguir caminando», dijeron los doctores terminada la operación de emergencia. Sin embargo, Wind no solo podía sentir sus patas tan capaces de caminar como siempre, sino que quería usarlas con desespero. Sus padres, deseaba buscarlos.
«¿Dónde están? ¿Por qué aún no han venido por mí?»
:iconincongnito02:Incongnito02 1 4
PMD: Explorers of Time and Darkness Vision 5-7.5
The 1st Official Exploration part 7.5
Pikachus: Me (Donnie) & Sarah
Eevee: Rosie
Shinx: Electron
Rockruff: Rakesh
Buneary: Kayla
Minccino: Melissa
Chatot approached Wigglytuff when we entered her roomm Sarah, Rosie & soon after, Kayla & Melissa.
"I brought the Green Moon Crusaders here, Guildmaster."  Said Chatot.  "And it looks like Team Rose has joined us."
He waited for a reply.
"...Guildmaster?"  He said.
"Hiya!"  Said Wigglytuff, swiftly turning towards us.  "Your team went through alot!  Yes, alot-lot!  But don't worry, I'm keeping watch on what you guys are doing.  And as for why you're here...  We're planning an expedition!"
"What's that?"  I asked.
"It's where certain guild members will go somewhere far away."  Chatot explained.  "It's much harder than exploring a nearby area.  That's why we must be prepared.  We carefully choose who goes on an expedition."
:iconpokemon-all-4-one:Pokemon-All-4-One 2 0
A New Big Princess To Be - Into The World Of Light
(Super Smash Bros: Big Princess Bigger Queen)
Beyond the vast plains, overgrown forests and green mountains surrounding Master Hand's mansion, there was a great valley. No life had ever been seen to grow there, so it had been abandoned by the world's sole occupant. The giant magical glove had done what he could to prevent the other Smashers from seeing it, but circumstances at hand had forced them all to travel out to this barren wasteland. It was at this place that was the end of the universe truly began.
Ridley released a blood-curdling screech, one filled with unwavering resentment, as he hurled his entire body forward like an enormous dagger. The enormous scarlet dragon Rathalos roared back with equal intensity. Rathalos spun itself around in attempt to swat Ridley away with its tail. Ridley was struck, but it used its own wing to cushion the blow just enough. The Rathalos possessed numerous, poisonous spikes on the end of its tail, but Ridley was able to withstand the toxic inject
:iconborin23:Borin23 18 2
lon3wolf, Life Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 1 0
XenoColony Loredump - The Phylidi
Phylidi are a race of insectoid aliens hailing from Phylid-3, the third moon orbiting the Phylid gas giant (around which also orbits the Tonbo orbital colony-city, aka the setting of XenoColony.) Coming from a moon with low gravity, Phylidi are tall and slender, with four exoskeletal arms and 2 legs, and much of their body covered in a carapace. Phylidi exoskeletons (and to a lesser extent their exposed skin) are phosphorescent, absorbing light and glowing in the dark, the result of evolutionary camouflage to help them hide among the glowing foliage of their homeworld. Due to their phosphoresence, they’ve been noted by other Galactic Union members to have a certain ethereal beauty. Phylidi are strictly herbivorous, feeding mostly on leaves and berries.
By coincidence, Phylidi culture, fashion and architecture strongly resembles that of the feudal era of the late Terran nation of Japan, but infused with more contemporary technology. Phylidi cities are often built in forested regio
:iconsuperllama:SuperLlama 1 0
Letter from the Author ~ Bigg City TUGS
Dear Friends,
As you may have known by now, our friend Sir Topham Hatt I was a Colonel that fought in the Great War, or as those of us in modern times refer to it, World War I. That war was quite a brutal and bloody one, hence the nickname, “the war to end all wars!”. During the war, Topham Hatt met a Navy man named Patrick Star, the son of a Captain back in New York City that owned a fleet of tugboats that worked in the harbors of the major American City. Topham Hatt and his wife Jane Brown-Hatt were recently offered to visit the Stars, as Captain Star’s father has retired, and ownership of the fleet has transferred over to Patrick. The Roarin’ 20’s are full of character, and the TUGS in these stories will show you that things can indeed be interesting in the world, regardless of being in lush hills and rocky cliffs of Sodor Island, or the harbors, streets, and docks of New York City. You may even find some similarities between our friends back on Sodor,
:icongalaxy-afro:Galaxy-Afro 3 0
{LIT} Just Another Night
Author’s Notes:
Nero is pretty erratic with his thinking, so I hope I portrayed that well! This is before he knows Jade, so he has long untamed hair as a forest cryptid. Links to what Dainties are mentioned in this piece is in the description!
TW: Animal and human death, just to warn that Nero finds and picks up roadkill that is already dead, I don’t use goreish words to describe it though! He also recounts finding Jade’s body, but there’s no goreish words used.
His wings stretch out, snagging their claws on the branches around him. Dusk’s creatures are starting to call just as the sun begins to leave its last rays of the day behind. The fiery billowing clouds in the sky draws Nero to his senses, yawning while blinking awake. He climbs down his claimed resting tree for his evening stroll.
The surrounding trees twist into eerie figures against the sunset. Birds put their daily calls to rest. The forest creaks as it's falling
:iconstrawbrryjam:strawbrryjam 5 5
I Must Carry On
Inside my heart is aching
Outside a new dawn is breaking
Can anyone fix my heart
I'm trapped here in the dark
There's a toll that its taking
A new me is in the making
Can't any of you see
Screaming out I want to be free
It's my burden I must bear
Scar on my heart I will wear
Finding the way to carry on
Cause the show must go on
:iconthe-shifty-lion:The-Shifty-Lion 2 0
MK vs. RWBY - Li Mei
Mortal Kombat side
Original Costume: Her primary costume from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Alternate Costume 1: Her Mortal Kombat X appearance (see story mode for reference)
Alternate Costume 2: Her primary costume from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Cosplay Outfit: Makoto from Street Fighter
Voice: Tara Strong
Special Moves:
Nova Blast: Li Mei shoots a purple ball of energy at the opponent.
Flipping Heel Kick: Li Mei flips forward in a circular motion, bringing her feet over her head kicking the opponent and then landing back on her feet.
Flying Flurry: Li Mei launches herself forward with a series of punches to the opponent's face.
Carnival Spin: Li Mei spins backward and kicks the opponent in an impossible fashion.
Fatal Kicks: Li Mei kicks her opponent's stomach, lodging her foot in the opponent's innards. She keeps it there for a second before pulling it out, then kicks the opponent's head, causing it to explode.
Head Grenade: Li Mei walks up to her opponent and with one s
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 2 0
I Both Love My Job and am Completely Content...
I Both Love My Job And Am Completely Content With My Life
Carbonated breath
Clock observance
Wasted time documentation
Trying not to shake but can’t hold still
Visible pulse beckoning concern
Lie and say everything is fine
Thumbs up
Caffeinated drinks
Without appetite
Avoided eye contact
Pills await
Trying not to cry but watery-eyed
Visible discomfort beckoning concern
Lie and say everything is fine
Thumbs up
Because nothing bothers me
:iconspelledwrong:SpelledWrong 1 0
Kingdom Hearts: A run in with Black Cat
"So many worlds, and yet no sigh of Ven or Terra, where could they be?" Aqua wondered with worry as she kept on traveling looking for her dear friends as well as investigating recent troubles with Unversed creatures. "Hrmm?" Aqua muttered as she came up on another world. "Please be here," she muttered as she soon transported herself down to the world and soon found herself in a large home, since it was nighttime it was dark and void of any life.
"Where am I? A house?" Aqua muttered looking things over as she walked forward as it seem no one was here at the moment. "Hrmm? Another dead end I guess," Aqua said with a long sigh, slowly turning around to leave only to hear an odd sound which made her turn around and peer up a long staircase. "What was that?" Aqua muttered being too curious as she decided to walk forward to investigate it.
As Aqua made her way through the home, she couldn't help but notice it was filled with lots of expensive items, something that made her feel a bit guilty.
:iconed3765:ED3765 20 0
December Dreams

Chapter four- Nicolae
Nicolae’s POV

I remained on the couch next to Aria who seemed unaware that I had arrived, looking at the clock, I gently shook her shoulder, “Aria, wake up. Let’s get you home.” I watched as she tossed and turned, “you’ve had an adventure, now let’s get you home.”
She sat up looking at me with a frown, her face showed me that I was the last person she wanted to be around, along with the tears threatening to fall from her eyes. I looked at her, “Why did you run away?” She looked at me then out the window, the tears finding their way down her face, “Answer me Aria Savannah Shepherd,” I took a deep breath to compose my anger, “You could have gotten yourself hurt, or killed. Don’t ignore me, I want answers as to why you ran away in the middle of the night.”
She looked at me, “Why do you care? You don’t want me, my daddy did
:iconladygoth88:LadyGoth88 1 0
Naughty List (Chunkrat)
Fuck I’m so in love with the new skin I dropped everything and just had to make this fic. Sorry if it feels rushed. Also I think Krampus rat is huge! Like almost chunky winston size before he lost his mobility, so keep that in mind while reading.
Jamison “Krampus” Fawkes had just returned from his reign of terror on christmas eve. This year was more successful than last year. He had terrorized all the kids who were naughty and had raided their food supplies. Serves em damn right.
Two years ago Kramp decided it wasn’t enough just to scare them. If they behaved badly, They should be taught a lesson. None of his elves wanted to eat. They seemed to never really have any appetite. Of course Kramp did not want all of this delicious food to waste. He’d spend the rest of his time eating and snacking when he wasn’t practicing scaring tactics.
Soon it started to show. His almost grey-like skin stretched out. his once boney body had become dough
:iconlil-drongo:lil-drongo 2 0
JAoBLoSC in Planet of the Lost Chapter 1
Chapter One
*As the Sentinel Mega Ship arrives to the planet and the scene goes to the bridge of the Sentinel Mega Ship where both teams are overlooking the view of the planet*
Dex: Were coming up to the planet Jayden.
Jayden: (Sitting in the captains revolving chair) Engines at full stop.
Donnie: (Pressings buttons and flicking switches) Full stop.
*The Sentinel Mega Ship stops a couple feet near the planet*
Donnie: We’ve stopped Jayden.
Jayden: Good.
Mira: (To Jayden) Jayden what are you doing aren’t we going to go on that planet?
Jayden: (To Mira) Not yet Mira, we first need to know the basics, of this planet before we go onto it. So, we don’t just go rushing into the planet not knowing the locations environment.
Buzz Lightyear: Jayden’s right so uh what do you make of it Jay?
Jayden: Were about to find out. (To Booster) Booster, what do you got on the scanners?
Booster: I’m getting a lot of technology from the second planet.
Jayden: Unknown tech. I see
:iconjhmirda:JHMirda 3 1
Harrowing Fears (Optimus X Shannon)
    Hate. Frustration. Anger. These are just a few things to describe Optimus's feelings that are currently swirling within his spark. Night after night it is the same mixture of feelings clawing at his spark like a rabid cyber-cat. These feelings manifested all due to humanity's view of his kind and her. Quintessa. Every time that name crosses his mind, a shiver of revenge goes down his spine. This ongoing cycle of restless nights hasn't gone past Shannon at all causing her to be very worried for her close companion. "Optimus, this is the fourth night you haven't recharged. I know something is wrong and I want to know what's bugging you!" The techno-organic exclaims in her own frustration. The large autobot only looks up at the starry sky in response. Despite being frustrated, there is also another feeling. A feeling that he rarely ever expressed. It is fear. He didn’t want to worry Shannon over fear that he would lose her to Quintessa. 
    Upon not rec
:iconfiery-draconian:Fiery-Draconian 2 1
Letter to the VS Community
Hey all, this is :iconBarlow-Sandist:. Long time no see eh? Well, I should get to the point.
Regarding why I left the VS Community, I can only chalk it up to immaturity. My accusations were founded on paranoia, as well as poor timing on both ends. It was not fair of me to call :iconThatGuyImortal: and his pals out as I did. To be honest, I tend to be drastic when I get flustered, and the sudden influx of "your work is wrong" paired with the shitty days irl it happened within really got to me. So, though I don't believe I should deserve forgiveness, I want to apologize for how things went. I'm sorry for my inappropriate behavior in June. I'm sorry :iconThatGuyImortal:, for slandering you and your friends. I'm sorry :iconTheNerd-Bot:, :iconZacmariozero:, :iconSpyKrueger:, :iconHeroicDefender97: and :iconSpidermang10: for insulting your intelligence and initiative. I am extremely sorry :iconTrident346: for damaging your trust and lying to you. As for my insults against the whole community
:iconcyrillcipher:CyrillCipher 2 11