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Prelude: Spiraling Beyond the Heavens

Sammy: Throughout movies, shows, games, and even anime, there are those who guide us, allowing us to find ourselves with our true power.
Peacock: Even beyond spoiler territory!
Wright: Wait wha-
Sammy: Well, they're going beyond the heavens for a reason you know. Like Kamina, the First Leader of the Dai-Gurren Brigade!
Peacock: And Mami Tomoe, the experienced Magical Girl of Puella Magica.
Wright: And we are here to see who...dies I guess.
Peacock: I mean-
Sammy: Save it for the analysis.
Sammy: Spiral Power... the power of, well, our existence. It's what pushed humanity forward as we evolve over the ages. But, well, some say that humanity shouldn't be given such a power. Well, the Anti-Spiral will have to agree.
Peacock: Thinking that the Spiral Race will yield the destruction of the Universe, it had done battle with it for ages. One of these beings, w
:iconunserious-sam:Unserious-Sam 5 7
The New Dynasty prologue
In the Main Library of the Friendship Castle, the World Mirror sprung to life even though no one was around to see it do so. A moment later Twilight Sparkle steped through the portal, followed soon afterwards by Sunset Shimmer.
"I will never get used to that." Sunset grumbled as her body readjusted to being a pony again. Even though it had only been a few weeks since her last visit, it still felt weird every time.
Twilight giggled. "Now you know how I feel every time I go through to Canterlot High." She began walking out of the room. "Come on. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are waiting for us in the Throne Room."
Sunset soon caught up with her. "Did they say why they wanted to see us?" Even though she and Celestia had reconciled and were back on regular speaking terms, Sunset was still getting used to Princess Luna and her way of thinking.
Twilight shook her head. "No. All they said was that they wanted to meet the both of us. I can't think of why though." She bit her lip a little
:iconmorion87:morion87 2 0
Changeling 4. Bitter Sweets
Beyond the window, darkness haunted the trees bringing with it relief from the sun. Morgan found herself oddly thankful that she had slept the day away as she leaned on the open window of the little treehouse. This little fairy body liked night, to the extent that she had spent the entire previous night stargazing. Stargazing, and being bombarded with threats and revelations.  
The thought still turned her stomach. Surely she wasn’t part of this family of fairies? They had claimed they were bound to tell the truth, and they had not been uncertain or metaphorical, nor had she found any hint that they could be dishonest. It explained the other Morgan too- the escaped witch who had changed her form and made off with her possessions, her name and her identity. No explanation she could conjure up came close to feeling as right as this one.  
White hair appeared again, this time hanging underneath a grey old treebranch. Morgan watched with a slight smirk as two small eyes and
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Spongebob Boo-kini Bottom with Pinkie Pie part 1
[The episode begins on a dark and spooky, Halloween night. Jellyfishes fly out of an old, sunken ship with bat-wigs and fly towards Bikini Bottom. In the city, trick-or-treaters are walking in the streets with costumes and everyone is having a great time.]
Trick-Or-Treater 1: I wanted to be Mermaid Man this year.
Trick-Or-Treater 2: Trick or treat.
[On a rooftop of a building, one citizen is putting a ghost-shaped balloon on the roof.]
Citizen: I love Halloween. [gets zapped by the jellyfish] Whoa! [falls off the roof]
[The jellyfish fly over to SpongeBob's house, where SpongeBob is putting up decorations for Halloween.]
SpongeBob: Ah! [takes out glitter from his pocket and blows it on the banner] Hm... Mm-hm. It's scary, but... [adds more glitter on the house until it is sparkly; then he cuts the banner in half, making it look like the word, "Hallo"; just then, the jellyfish fly over to SpongeBob.] Oh. Hello. [pulls out a Halloween cookie and laughs, Pinkie Pie's head suddenly pops ou
:iconregularshowandsonic:regularshowandsonic 2 0
Refugees (Giant Fairy Story)
The thunderous footsteps were getting closer and Celestia was tiring. The exhausted fairy had been flying for more than twenty minutes, yet her pursuers still hadn't given up the chase. Tiny droplets of sweat fell from the diminutive woman as she just barely avoided flying into a nearly invisible spider web. Unfortunately, while she had escaped that unpleasant fate, the burst of speed took more out of Celestia than she had hoped, and as a result, she felt her little wings start to falter. 
Not too far behind, she heard the excited yelping of dogs, and a loud human voice call out, "She's not far now boys!"
Terrified at the thought of being captured by these humans, Celestia inhaled deeply and forced her aching wings to beat faster. Still, she knew that it was only a matter of time now. With the dogs guiding their masters, the fairy would not be able to hide or have time to use her magic to escape. 
Five minutes later, it was clear that the chase was all but over. The humans ha
:iconberkhart:Berkhart 2 1
writers of their
they become
wandering through life
desperate to
but unable to
shape the lines
into decent,
The ideas
their minds,
a frenzy of
drowning them
in their own
inability to
chases away
and leave the writer
with only
And no amount of
writing prompts,
or eager desperateness
can make
the words
the writer will
as beautiful…
:iconmysticalpoet:MysticalPoet 1 0
Meeting of the Musicians
Meeting of the Musicians
Elias was walking around the backstage area, playing his guitar. He had just lost a tag team match when the Miz got pinned by Finn Balor after he was hit with a knee by Seth Rollins, and he was trying in vain to calm down.
“That freaking idiot Miz! Without those Miztourage goons, he’s as useless as toilet paper made out of sandpaper,” Elias mumbled, as he started playing louder to calm himself down. He couldn’t go home yet, as he was in the middle of a dual branded house show, meaning that he had to wait for the SmackDown guys so that he could be a part of this big brawl at the end of the show.
As he rounded the corner to his locker room, he heard a voice singing. It was really good singing. When he saw the owner of the voice, he saw that it was SmackDown superstar, and one half of Rusev Day Aiden English. Elias was impressed, as on RAW, he was the only one with any musical ability.
While Aiden was singing, Elias decided to play to the r
:iconforeverevanescent:ForeverEvanescent 6 1
Knights of the Grey City 59
Chapter 59 – CHECKMATE
The dream was in disarray.
The ruins were overturned and leaning against each other, uprooted from the white sand. Deep slashes cut through them, bisecting carved faces and leaving deep scores in the wave-eroded pillars. A bronze statue of a man astride a horse had been cut into three sections, head and torso and horse scattered.
I felt fuzzy and slow-witted, like I hadn’t for a long time in these dreams. I drifted forward, unable to muster fear or worry, only feeling vaguely concerned. Something here wasn’t right.
I came to a familiar clearing: a deep crater in the sand. The sword was gone. Something else was gone, too—someone else? There had been someone here?
I found the name and spoke it into the deep. “Leviathan?”
“Hush,” came the softest noise. “It is not safe here.”
I tried to make my brain catch up with what I was seeing, what was missing. “What happened?
:iconn-drayton:N-Drayton 3 3
The Elements of Disharmony: Chapter 3
The Elements of Disharmony
TEoD Theme Song:
Chapter 3: Missing
A few days later, newspapers all across Ponyville contained the following in the "Missing" section:
Gilda, Griffonstone's local scone baker, aged 24, has been officially reported as missing. Last seen leaving her hometown,
she has since been unseen by anypony for reasons unknown. The last ones to come in contact with her before she left were her mother and father back home. When questioned as to what their daughter told them, they remarked that she simply told them she would be going on an errand. Upon being asked the specifics, Gilda would try to be as vague as possible. "She was stuttering her words, not even looking us in the eye. She looked like she was embarrassed about something..." her mother recounted. The father was sitting in his living room chair, a dead-looking expression on his face and refusing to speak, and thus could not be reached for comme
:iconpowerpuff-pony:Powerpuff-Pony 5 1
Pokemon Quest: Indigo Plateau
(Round 1)
"Will": Charizard, Nidoking & Tauros vs Dragonite, ??? & ???  :"Unnamed Trainer"
"Ash": Kingler vs Exeggutor, Seadra & Golbat :"Mandi"
(Round 2)
"Will": Pikachu, Primeape & Lapras vs Bellossom, Crobat & Gyarados :"Unnamed Trainer"
"Ash": Squirtle, ??? & ??? vs Nidorino, ??? & ??? :"Unnamed Trainer"
(Round 3)
"Will": Charizard, Snorlax & Exeggutor vs Blastiose, Nidoking & Dodrio :"Gary"
"Ash": Pikachu, Kingler & ??? vs  Cloyster, Arcanine & ??? :"Pete"
(Round 4)
"Will": Charizard, Pikachu & Marowak vs Venusaur, Butterfree & Ninetales - :"Leaf"
"Ash": Pikachu, Bulbasaur & Muk vs Beedrill, Scyther & Bellsprout :"Jeanette"
(Round 5)
"Will": Nidoking, Vaporeon & Snorlax vs Golem, ??? & ??? :"Melissa"
"Ash": Pikachu, Squirtle & Tauros vs Pikachu, Charmander & Butterfree :"Ritchie"
(Semi-Final Round)
"Will": Charizard, Vaporeon, Primeape vs Pikachu, Pidgeotto & Charizard :"Ash"
(Final Round)
"Will": Mega-Charizard X, Nidoking, Pikachu, Vaporeon, Primeape & Snorlax
:iconwilldynamo55:WillDynamo55 4 0
Contritum (Broken) - Google X Suicidal! Reader
    You ran towards where your "boyfriend" was doing... Something... In your kitchen. As you ran around the corner, the man in question turned, his eyebrow raising in confusion.
  "Love, I thought I told you to stay in bed. Today is... Special." He cooed, smiling mischievously.
    You huffed, pulling a pout across your (s/t) face. The man's deep, chocolate orbs flickered to your pouted lips briefly before meeting your (e/c) eyes once more. He chuckled, walking over to you and kissing the crown of hair on your head.
  "My sweet, you know my primary objective is to love you ceaselessly. Your pampering comes first and foremost." He smiled.
    You blushed, blinking up at him before smiling warmly. He smiled back. However, as his brown eyes locked with yours lovingly, you could have sworn you saw something...
    Something red. But then you shrug it off.
    It never dawned on you that granting the lov
:iconenglivesandzero:ENGLivesAndZERO 2 1
Riptide 10
The river finally gave way to what it was Silna spoke of. The journey in it and of itself was not too difficult since most of the way Izzy and Glacier traveled the same way the water based tokota did. They allowed the current of the river to take them, really only having to exit the waters when dangerous rapids came up to meet them - which wasn’t very often thankfully. The clear waters of the river that traveled from the george merged finally into clear and settled waters of a basin known as Patet Lake. “Wow, I can see clear to the bottom.” Izzy muttered as she turned her snout toward the water’s surface while also trying to not snort up a nose full of liquid. “Well of course - ‘patet’ does mean ‘clear’.” Silna giggled as she swam easy circles around the two larger tokota who sort of just floated there. Glacier cast his icy gaze over the waters and the nearby shores, the vast lake big enough that he couldn’t quite get th
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Wyvern with a White Coat
Time: 24'52"33
Size: 1,360.60 cm
Rathian Helm (hidden)
Bone Mail
Anja Vambraces, Coil & Greaves
Blazing Assault I (Anjanath HBG)
:iconmasao114:Masao114 1 0
Smoke It Up: From High to Better Society
    “I’m going to be late!  Of course Winston would have to catch a cold on my important night out!”
    Amanda was storming out of her high-rise, expensive apartment and past her doorman, who waved goodbye politely as she rushed on by.  Amanda was a middle age heiress on her way to one of her fancy galas that she absolutely “had” to attend to matter what.
    However, tonight was going to be very different for the woman.  Her husband was under the weather and her driver was sick as well, forcing her to make it on her own.
    Having no interest in driving herself, the light-brown haired woman reached the curb and threw her hand into the air.  She called loudly to the coming cars, “Taxi!”
    Several cars passed by her, even a few taxis despite her best efforts to get their attention.  She huffed and wagged her arm harder, her limb growing sore a
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 14 0
Leaving Marks
"I miss the intimacy."
Yes, I know.
But it was your own doing
now, wasn't it?
We humans draw lines,
and dare each other to cross;
a hit and a miss,
or no, that left a mark.
We dance this way
and that;
over lines we drew in sand,
a parry and a thrust.
In the end
it all comes down to this:
I missed.
:iconlaurenipsome:LaurenIpsome 2 4
Hauntrepeneur: Another Russell Brand inspired ghost, he is based on the cancelled project the Hauntrepeneur which was a supernatural comedy with Brand as a ghost who offers his services to a human family and that service comes in the form of making houses haunted.  In some aspects he is basically what would happen if you took Russell Brand himself and gave him the powers of Beetlejuice and also Lo Pan from Big Trouble In Little China.  He has two different forms,  one is his 'Old Beggar' form which he uses as a disguise (similar to how Jafar used his as a disguise in Aladdin) and the other is his main form which is basically Russell Brand crossed with Lo Pan in his young form. He is very much an Extreme Ghostbusters type ghost regarding what happens with his powers, basically when he uses his powers,  any ordinary house or home in general becomes infested with supernatural creatures and ghosts of all kinds emerge to haunt the human inhabitants.  Humans may even
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 1 0
Be my Filly
Be my Filly
by Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadence
Princess Celestia: "Twilight Sparkle, I'm sure glad that now you have got rid of the Storm King who tried to take over Equestria and now he's petrified and dead. You have proven a worthy heroine".
Twilight Sparkle: "Well, Princess, I guess I am".
Princess Cadence: "And now that the Storm King won't bother Equestria or invade Canterlot again, We've sealed the Staff of Sacanas away so that nopony (Not even Lord Tirek if he did escaped from Tartarus) will use it for evil again".
Princess Luna: "Exactly, Cadence. I can't remember that... (Singing)".
The night we met I knew I needed you so
And if I had the chance I'd never let you go
Princess Celestia:
So won't you say you love me,
I'll make you so proud of me.
Princess Cadence:
We'll make 'em turn their heads every place we go
Celestia, Luna and Cadence:
So won't you, please, be my be my filly
Be my little. filly my one and only filly
Say you'll be my darlin', be my be my filly
Be my fill
:icondarthraner83:darthraner83 1 1
Apple's Smashing Army by cubedcinder128 Apple's Smashing Army :iconcubedcinder128:cubedcinder128 2 0
turn back
i am dreaming:
ripped open stars, and time forfeit
in little lulls between points
on a wave; in damascus under the feet
of rome
and somewhere near,
when bombshells burst, raising blooddust
of the ancients
we breathe like rootless vagrants
and pretend not to notice the follies of pretending
we are still there and still here and still where
we will be forever
sometimes time is not a circle;
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 2 1
10 Random Ideas
1. A floating blood red eyeball that came from a witch's eye that was resurrected on the blood moon.
2. A red colored pufferfish like creature that has a tail like a turbine that can rush really fast and expand it's body and explode like a bomb.
3. A wight in a wedding dress that is, or was, a bride that was to marry the prince, yet was accused of being a witch by her enemies who killed her...
4. A werecat warrior that is in ebon black armor and a tattered black cape and wields a sword with black flames on it.
5. A cursed, bloody, illusionary labyrinth that is haunted by dark creatures that use it as a base to practice the dark arts as they plot to take over the universe.
6. A horse headed muscular warrior with a horse's lower body and carrying a halberd with it.
7. A storybook of myths and creatures that can summon them from the depths of fantasy into the real world.
8. A wicked wind knight with a scythe and a cyclone for a lower body that is known as "Malicious Maelstrom Menace". He
:iconlightarcindumati:LightArcIndumati 1 3
Short Story Part Two:Adjusting
A Few Weeks later.
It’s been a couple weeks staying at Annie’s place. For the first time in months I actually felt a lot less stressed and found myself feeling more and more relaxed. Annie has done everything she could to make sure I was comfortable, she would even go out of her way to make sure I was happy… Funny how the tables have turned, since I was the one who used to do that for her. I still appreciated it regardless.
We started having some girls nights as well to lighten the mood, sitting in her room, watching movie after movie, pigging out on snacks, doing each other’s hair and nails, telling stories, goofing off, and occasionally messing with her roommate Raven. However I discovered the hard way about his oh so lovely bird like screech that is enough to pop someone’s eardrums when he’d get mad enough. I may or may not have set him off full blown by launching a bra in his direction while he was reading. It landed dead set onto
:iconwitchyartistgal:WitchyArtistGal 3 2
Star Wars Rise Of Darkness Chapter Two
Marco’s U-wing flew through hyperspace after he, along with Zonia and her apprentice Malia, were forced to make a hasty departure from Jekora. He punched in the hyperspace coordinates to the place where Zonia, with backing from Luke Skywalker, helped to rebuild the Jedi Order from the ground up, after the Galactic Empire nearly decimated the organization decades earlier.
Malia looked around through the ship’s windshield, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, and was awestruck by all the stars that zipped past them almost instantaneously.
“It never gets old”, Marco commented as he glanced outside, “this view is always worth seeing. It gives you a sense of the true size of the Galaxy”.
“I know”, Malia replied as the blue-white stars shined in her eyes, “I never imagined myself out here, amongst the stars”.
Marco smiled as he redirected his attention back to flying his ship. Malia got up from the co-pilot’s seat and walked
:iconjharmenta19:jharmenta19 0 0