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Transformers: Burning Fury (S3) - Episode 9
Episode 9: Legend of the Headmaster - Part 1
Cybertron, 5 million years ago... Upon the outskirts of Iacon, a lone silver Autobot was crawling amongst a fiery wreckage all around him. Nearby, ahead of him, were several dead Autobots, along with a dying yellow fembot.
???: *Holding the fembot in his arms as the light fades from her optics* I'm sorry, Sovita. I'm so sorry...
Just then, standing nearby the silver Autobot, was a green/purple Decepticon with claws, in the form of Scorponok.
Scorponok: So, how does it feel, Commander 'Cogman', to know that you are the very cause of the demise of these young Autobots under your command?
Cogman: -glares- You... You destroyed my team, general Scorponok. They were only rookies!
Scorponok: Bah, you typical Autobots and your sentiment, it's never ending! I warned you, Cogman, that leading others only leads to their execution. *Brandishing his claws* And I am the executioner! *His tail zooms ahead from behind him, pinning Cogman down by the chest*
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The Vampire and The Voodoo Doll
The doll from Winter snow,
lead to
a victim in the Summer
holding it's magic doll,
though the
doll returned to Autumn
& sat before a
bookshelf filled,
a bookshelf filled,
in a room that
had carried the Sunset
on that Halloween Night,
all the way to
the brim,
& the doll had
been warmed by this,
& sat before a
bookshelf filled,
& sat before a
bookshelf completely
filled & warmed
to the brim
in a room that
had carried the Sunset
& warmed itself to it,
on that Halloween
Though the doll returned
to Autumn sky,
the sound of trick or treaters
& a coffin with a cross on
it safely inside,
trick or treat,
the Vampire & the Voodoo Doll.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 1 0
Beauty of the Wild
There usually comes a time, sometime around late July or August or even early September, when everyone is tired of how warm it is. They start to wish the winter would hurry up and come around.
Not this time. This time, it was only June and everyone already wanted the summer to be over.
'It's too hooooot,' grumbled Cyril, crawling from his comfortable spot on the grass to a more shaded spot beneath the old oak tree. Corux was crouched under another tree, chewing noisily on a pile of fruit and berries whilst glowering at anyone who looked at him for too long. His pointed ears were hanging low from the heat, and he made sure not to let even an inch of himself escape the shadow of the tree.
Nearby, Peck was watching a herd of white-tailed deer passing through the woods. He always got excited when deer came by, especially the ones that had white and dark spots like himself, and he never tried to hunt them. Cyril wasn't really sure why LOOKING like a deer meant that he had to form a spiritua
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Welcome to the Isoro Region!
Isoro. A name meaning balance. This is a region of contrasts and opposites. Historic castles, ancient forests and humble villages coexist alongside bustling cities, busy ports and roaring factories. Ancient and modern, old and new, tradition and progess... In the Isoro Region, they stand side-by-side. Neither one supercedes the other. And the people who live here are the same - some stick to their traditions as taught by those who came before, others embrace the progress of the modern world. There is a delicate balance here, a balance between the heritage and the newcomer, but whichever side a man chooses, Pokémon are not far behind.

Yet now that delicate balance is threatened. Mysterious stirrings and whisperings have begun to circulate amongst the population of the Isoro Region. The Three Kingly Symbols are abroad, some say - the Legendary Pokémon who protect the Region from invasion. A shady organization known as Team Brass has appeared, engaging in all
:iconthescaletrain:TheScaleTrain 4 1
Disney Candy Princesses
Rapunzel didn’t think she would be in the tower again, especially after the 18 years she was trapped here against her will by Mother Gothel. She struggled, her long golden hair used as rope as she struggled in a chair. The tower once abandoned after Mother Gothel’s defeat was now filled with candy and treats. She was in a state just like Flynn Rider was when she first met him, but it seems the tables had turned. She looked around, helpless at the situation she was in. The last thing she recalled was swinging on a tree nearby the kingdom when she suddenly felt a guitar hit her in the head. She looked around, seeing a silhouette of a figure in the darkness. Rapunzel shook in fright.
“W-Who are you!?” She cried out.
“Oh hush now goldy.” A female voice said warmly. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
“Come out!” She yelled.
The figure stayed back as she saw a pair of eyes seemingly glow from the darkness. Their eyes were candy cann
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Petite histoire uchronique du systeme solaire (4)
Partie IV : La guerre froide solaire
La spirale de la peur (2220 – 2254)
Le 25 décembre 2219, un attentat dans la ville lunaire de Lyn avait provoqué des centaines de millier de morts, et encore plus de blessé. Cet act fit tomber le système solaire dans une spirale de peur et de paranoïa. S’il ne déclencha pas de guerre à proprement parler, il provoqua un durcissement des lois à la fois des pays terrestres et de la Confédération Lunaire.
La loi martiale solaire (2220 – 2258)
Le 2 janvier 2220 fut déclaré la loi martiale à l’échelle du système solaire « le temps de pacifier la situation ». Le sytème solaire fut placer sous haute surveillance, des couvres-feu se firent dans la plupars des villes lunaires. Les politiciens disaient que c’était dur, mais que c’était le p
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Chosen: Chapter 4
Pablo's Printing Press wasn't exactly the most exciting of all the work places in Juniper. In fact, the printing press was rather boring in comparison.
The exterior of the building was old, ancient one might even say with peeling brick walls and tendrils of ivy hanging down across the outside. A large smokestack sat on top of the roof though it was unused and disgustingly dirty. The letters on the front of the building were beginning to slip, and some of the residents were starting to place bets on which would fall first.
Despite all of this though, the business did surprisingly well. There was always something going on in this city, and almost everyone could be found at least once or twice a week with their nose buried deep in a newspaper.
Unfortunately, although the business did fairly well, the pay was definitely lacking. There were only a few workers at the press that stuck around long after they realized they deserved more money, and they were usually hopeless teenagers who had no
:iconjezzycat202:Jezzycat202 4 3
Geo Wave Changes for a Death Battle

First Appearance: Megaman Starforce 
Age: 11 (Presumably 12 or older by the end of Megaman Starforce 3)
Species: Human/EM Being (Only when transformed)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Before the events of Megaman Starforce when Geo Stelar was only 8 years old. He was a simple happy-go-lucky kid who was part of a loving family. He also idolized his father, who was a scientist astronaut. One day, Geo came home from school to learn that his father. Along with many other scientist/astronauts aboard the space station "PEACE". Had mysterious had an accident, exploding in space and crash landing into the ocean. The loss devastated Geo, to the point where he had became self-isolated and had stopped going to school altogether. 

Then one night, while star gazing out at his usual spot at he Vista Po
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what beautiful roses
mosquito bites
after a day or two
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 1 0
Marvel vs. RWBY - Ruby Rose
RWBY side
Name: Ruby Rose
Debut: "Red" Trailer (2012)
Voice: Lindsay Jones
Original: Her original outfit from RWBY
Alternate: Her Slayer outfit
Intro: Ruby Rose walks into the stage, gets out and unfolds Crescent Rose as two of her teammates get ready to fight. Ruby Rose gets ready to fight afterwards.
Intro Quotes:
- Alright. Let’s fight!
- Get ready to meet my good pal Crescent Rose.
- Justice will be swift and painful!
- (With any combination of Weiss Schnee/Yang Xiao Long/Blake Belladonna) Okay, Team RWBY. Let’s go!
- (Vs. Salem) Looks like I have found you at last, Salem.
- (Vs. Cinder Fall) Now that I am here, you and your faction will surrender. Nothing else.
- (Vs. Hulk/Wolverine) Eek! You don't look very happy.
- (Vs. Black Panther) You remind me of my friend, Blake, in a way! Do you by any chance know her?
- (Vs. Self) Do I have a long lost twin sister? Does Yang even know about this?
Special Moves:
Sniper Semblance: Ruby launches up to five bullets from
:iconisaac-moring:isaac-moring 5 0
New to the Deck Group: Yugioh Vampires TF/TG/AP/MC
One time, Dylan, Black, Emma, and Gray where all in an abandoned mansion that looks to be about 50 years since abandoned. What they didn't knew was that there were ghosts living in the mansion and they felt something entering through their bodies. They were all shocked to see glowing white creatures crawling into their bodies through their backs and after that, they felt tingly and they started to change. Dylan's black shoes became brown loafers and a large purple object resembling a creatures hand with claws appeared and put itself into his back. His cyan pants and blue jacket had turned to purple in color and became a butler outfit as a golden belt appeared and strapped itself onto his waist and his left leg. Good straps appeared on his new butler shirt as a red how grew from the top of his new shirt while his blue shirt inside of his new butler shirt had morphed and turned into a white long-sleeved undershirt reaching all the way to his wrists. His butler shirt's sleeves also grew l
:icondylan613:dylan613 2 0
Fictorian Knight pt. 3
"Send me to the River, did the Balances curse me? Why else have I been given such disrespectful, reckless, blasphemous knights?" Ultimecia shouted.
She stood with the five who remained and her three cohorts. Before them, knelt the four knights, wincing at each shout. Xem was used to being chewed out like this after years of hanging out with Teal. Lunatic dealt with this at least once a week. Fortune never had to deal with this, full-stop. Teal, however, had to bring this on more than a succeeding grandmaster should have.
"Grandmaster, I would like to-" Fortune said.
"Silence before the Grandmaster." Ultimecia snapped. Fortune immediately stiffened, keeping her mouth shut, "As the Grandmaster, it is my job to keep the people of Fictron safe and the best way I can do that is if the human world doesn't know we're here. Why do you think this can be helped by running in there and stealing from them whenever I turn around twice? Haven't I taught you anything?!"
"Grandmaster, it's my fault."
:icontohokari-steel:Tohokari-Steel 2 6
Demons May Cry! | PRELUDE!
    Yukiko: Demons. These infernal creatures from hell are powerful forces.
    Gintoki: And these two particular demons are experts at killing their foes viciously.
    Chelsea: Vergil, the Elder Half-Demon Son of Sparda.
    Yukiko: And Scorpion, the Ninja from Hell.
    Gintoki: She's Chelsea, she's Yukiko, and I'm the one and only Gintoki! 
    Chelsea: And it's our job to analyse their weapons armor and skills, to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

:iconepiclinksam:EpicLinkSam 4 0
A Matter of Life and Death: Chapter 4
A Matter of Life and Death
Balor System, Caleston Rift, Terminus Systems – 06:10 ZULU – 9th November 2185 CE
The MSV Icarus wasn't what she was expecting.
The majority of cargo ships operating in the Terminus Systems were owned by traders and independent contractors who would often purchase obsolete junker ships at knockdown prices and overhaul them. Most of these freighters looked like they were held together with spit and polish. Start-up costs for independent traders often proved to be prohibitively expensive, and many struggled to make a decent living. As a result, many traders resorted to smuggling or transporting data packets to systems most reputable companies wouldn't risk.
The MSV Icarus, however, was an Athabasca-class freighter. Often mistaken for Kowloon-class cargo carriers, the Athabasca-class were multi-leveled star
:iconxeno-sapian:Xeno-Sapian 2 0
Magic Show Gone Wrong
(Women to Various)
Diana Matthews hummed, looking to herself in the mirror. “Today’s another day in paradise.” She said with a smile, winking at her reflection. The brunette sashayed her hips as she turned back towards the door of her dressing room, a familiar anxiety in her chest.
Somehow, no matter how many shows she did, the woman never got over that sensation of stage fright. Even though she was a popular magician, and even though she was actually magical-as opposed to the countless illusionists she’d encountered in her life-Diana always worried if people would like her act.
She opened the door with a flourish, an old habit she used to calm her nerves. Somehow acting in-character when off-stage helped her. Unfortunately, it also made her look ridiculous to any passerby. This normally wasn’t a problem, since people didn’t tend to wander backstage. Today, however, she came face-to-face with a man.
He seemed amused by her actions, and especia
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 24 1
Sonic and Tails: Frames of Animation ~ Chapter 3
Sonic & Tails: Frames of Animation
Chapter 3
A Warrior Will Soon Run Wild

Last time…
A squadron of familiar robots – specifically Egg Pawns and a couple of Nebulas (those circular green bots with propellers we've been seeing since Westside Island) – stood bunched together in front of the house. The Egg Pawns came equipped with a bunch of lances and shields, and there were even a few purple ones with rocket launchers.
Leading the crew was a face Sonic and I hadn't seen in years (or more accurately, hadn't seen again until Sonic Mania became a thing) – it was an blue Egg Robo with an outfit much like a police officer's, with a siren on its head and red optics for eyes. He was flying off the ground with a jetpack strapped to the back of his head, a rectangular rocket launcher in his left arm.
It was the first of Eggman's Har
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An elegant ninja
Tenten was tired and somewhat frustrated, she had been sent to a mission in Stone village to get information about the disappearance of several girls and as some were from your village she was called to help in the case.
She had spent a few days there and still had not found any sign of them
"Come on, this is ridiculous, I've been practically through the whole village and nothing," she complained until she noticed something strange. "Wait, was this shop here before?"
If it was a women's clothing store, Tenten was sure that store was not there last time and decided to investigate
"Welcome to our store!" One of the attendants said, surprising
"Ann ... Hello, my name is Tenten and ..." She does not have time to finish the sentence because it is interrupted by two other attendants who took her arms and pulled her
"Well, here we are starting a promotion where first time costumers have a free makeup session." It said the woman who received Tenten while setting up a booth for her
"W-what, wai
:icondarkuy:darkuy 2 5
FSCPU7802-219: A strange race of monkey-like aliens that sit around mud-pools and whoever the mud-pool takes on the likeness of becomes their god/goddess and they are worshiped by them and treated with respect and admiration,  this also sometimes has the goddess aspect be a monkey-girl or monkey-woman with powers like theirs only in a stronger variant.
:iconmonstermaster13:monstermaster13 2 1
Chapter 3-1
CHAPTER 3: Dependent On The Unexpected

Sky woke up in his room.
That in itself is an odd enough statement. Who doesn’t wake up in their own room?
But considering the last thing he saw was a… A…
Oh, fuck.
Sky immediately bolts up, sitting up straight in his bed.
Sky: Where is-?! (he looks at the clock at the side of his bed)
9 AM. He relaxes a little. One whole day had passed since the motive had been announced and he had passed out. Though was the motive over? After all… Someone had died, right? …
Despite having passed out of dehydration and having vague memories of being barely alive he felt… Fine? Not hungry, not thirsty, just… Fine. He still had a bit of a headache, but he wasn’t feeling nearly dead anymore.
Slowly, he got out of bed. The headache intensified, but he managed to get ready for the day and stumble out of his room. He technically hadn’t eaten in two days, so he might as well start having breakfast aga
:iconerythsea:erythsea 4 10
Champion vs Emperor Part 8
They close they eyes, waiting for the impack, but none had come, they took a peek to see what is going on. What they saw shock them.
The hammer was being pass back, what seem claw made out off magma, burning red, infact the being with the claw was a a dragon itself. Make out of Magma, Lava, the wings was fire, this dragon had had horn that seem like it was fire itself. The eyes was burning red. They didn't even what this Dragon before it speck in a familiar vet divined voice. "Don't you even dare, God of the Eclipse." Kasai the Red Goddess said to Emperor. Pushing the Hammer off him, knocking the Emperor off balance.
"Who are you?" Emperor Zero, picking himself up. "Who do you think I am, I'm Kasai, the Goddess of Red Magic, The Chaos and the Emotion! This has gone far enough Eclipse Dragon!" Kasai said, rage and fire toward the said Eclipse Dragon. "This is our world, you are not welcome here." Kazami said, swinging the Hammer toward the unwelcome Go
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Morgan the Gorgon
Morgan had heard that Monster High was a strange place, but she never thought she'd have to deal with real monsters inside the school. Well...none beyond some of the students. She hadn't even had time to get a good look at this one before she took off running with the other students.
With her sunglasses on, it was hard to see where she was going, and she ran into some students as she tried to find a hallway to duck down. "Sorry," she mumbled as she stumbled past them.
Turning where she thought she remembered the next hallway being, she ran into the wall hard enough to snap her sunglasses. Frantic, she closed her eyes and started tracing the wall, running into a cabinet she didn't even remember being in the hallway. It's useless. I can't get through here if I can't see where I'm going. Resolved to her fate, she turned and slumped against the cabinet, keeping her eyes tightly shut.
When she heard footsteps approach, she figured that was it. But the footsteps stopped. "
:iconkirylin:kirylin 1 1
Horror Review: She-Wolf of London

Disclaimer: I do not own th eposter
...............................*sigh* third movie of the "Wolf Man Legacy" and this time it's "She-Wolf of London" and no it's not connected to Werewolf of London in anyway, it's obviously a play on and you know Unviersal has been doing female versoins of famous monsters, you had Bride of Frankenstein (which i loved) and Dracula's Daughter (which i thought was alright) but then there is this...ugh...
Jeez let's get the plot over with.
It's about a young girl named Phyllis Allenby (played by June Lockhart) who will soon to be married to a barrister named Barry Lanfield (played by Don Porter) however she lives in a roof under a caring but yet strict aunt named Martha Winthrop (played by Sara Haden). At their local park there has been a series of murders happening, which leads to rumors about the "She-Wolf" a feral like creature that comes out at night due to a curse and kills anyone it sees. One day Phyllis wakes up
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 2 21