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[NnNRPG] Motivation
[Bob] - "So, why are you doing this?"
"We all are excited to be on this trip, but as weird as it might sound, not everyone is in it for the same reasons. I know that Lynne is quite fed up about something, so she volunteered- and that the Marauder's leader probably hopes to find riches. But we all know that this doesn't have to be the case for everyone. What is your motivation to be here? Why did you apply for this mission? I'm curious!
[Tuhinga] - "Ehm..well...."
*looks to the ground and fidgets with his fingers at the hem of his west*
"I...Im not sure if I have this one good reason or motivation...there are so many little and not so little reasons why I applied for this mission. As you know, since you found me, Im a NebDusty...I dont know if I was thrown away,got lost or if my parents were maybe attacked and had to hide me or maybe I want to use this mission to maybe find something out about them, what happened to them or maybe one day I migh
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Lee Yue-Lung - Understanding (part I).
→ Lee Yue-Lung / Yut-Lung x Reader.
→ I love one chinese baby boy.
→ Word count : 1. 102
→ WARNING for nudity and... I don’t know it’s Yue-Lung and Banana Fish we’re talking about. This is still safe though. The second part will probably have the mature content thing on.
→ Part 1 of 2, the second part will be linked down below ♥︎
→ English is not my first language, I apologize in advance for any mistake ! I am so emo when writing things about Yeet and Banana Fish in general there must be a lot of them haha.
→ Also anime friendly, I didn't read the manga yet so please keep the comment section spoiler free, I feel like I would cry if I get spoiled about anything :(
She awoke with the feeling of someone’s fingers playing with her hair. It felt weird, but not in the bad way. A smile graced her lips, when was the last time anyone acted soft with her ?
She opened her eyes out of curiosity, blinked a few times, the
:iconeunbiased:EunBiased 2 4
Digimon Frontier Reboot Movie
Flurmimon Presents:
A Digimon Frontier Reboot Idea Movie 2: Bonds beyond Spacetime
When a corrupted Digimon capable of manipulating time is flunging the Legendary Warriors and their predecssors - the Elemental Warriors out of their time, both groups have to work together to restore their timeline and defeat the corrupted Chronomon DM.
In the timeframe of Frontier Genesis, this happens shortly after the Elemental Warriors left the Invisible Temple and are in their way to Lucemon‘s castle (Nael has his Ancient Hybrid Form already, but Mithramon doesn‘t appear here. The time placement is mostly having the Elemental Warriors already having their Sacred Weapons collected). An anomaly caused the Elemental Warriors being separated from their allies and flung through space-time. Meanwhile the Legendary Warriors (after Episode 42) are just fresh from the Invisible Temple but they run with Trailmon Mole into the same anomaly.
From two opposites the two groups met each other in
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Dan's extra ticklish worship
    Paul hides a smile as the blush creeps up on Dan’s face. He’s enjoying this maybe more than he should but seeing his friend get flustered is always adorable.
    “Do you-do you have to tie me down?” He looks anywhere but at his friend and Paul fights not to show he smirk he knows he’s sporting. Dan and he have been getting together as often as they can for fun with Dan’s feet since that first late night in the common room a few months ago and now the semester is almost over and it’s... unreal. Sure he knew it would end but at the same time he never expected it to actually happen.
    A whole year gone, he talked about it with Dan a month ago when it was still possible to pretend it wasn’t going to happen. They agreed on the shock of it and Dan also admitted his summer would be pretty laughless without Paul who read between the lines about both the lack of tickling and missing
:iconboytickler35:boytickler35 13 9
Unnennbar, im Namenlosen
weiße Glut schwarzer Flut
glucksendes Aus
dem Rahmen kosmischer Tiefen
im Klanguniversum
niemals wird ein Gott der Sintflut
zur Weißglut getrieben
aus eigenem Versagen
sich erheben
nur vorgeschrieben
zwischen eingegangenen
du Nichts meiner Allwesenheit
du allseiendes Jenseits
allen Lebenslichts!
Reduktion - mitnichten!
wer könnte den Blutmond
im Hintergrund der Odyssee
vergessen, dazu das im Allrad
verbundene Feuer
der Sternenallee?
dein Leuchtstern
ist ein Milchstraßenmeer
ohne fixe Pole und Punkte
verkörpern Koordinaten
im binären, subatomaren
das ewig Runde
im Permanenten
erliegt das Untrennbare
im Trennbaren
überwiegt das Immanente
© j.w.waldeck 31.07.2018
Alle Rechte sind dem Autor vorbehalten.
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Dinosaur Planet: The 2nd Crisis-Quotes: CF-9
(In to the deepest chamber of the treasure room)
Voice: “Froggy? Where are you?”
Fox: “Huh? (Big comes running in) Big?”
Amy: “You lost Froggy again, didn’t you?”
(Big sadly nods)
Cream: “Don’t worry, Mr. Big; I’m sure you’ll find him, again.”
Big: (Hears a loud croak) “Hm? (Froggy appears right in front of them) Froggy! (Rushes past Fox and the girls, Froggy turns around and hops away) Froggy! Wait! Where are you going! Come back here!”
Fox: “Um, OK? That was weird.”
Amy: “I’ll say.”
Cream: “So, this must be the deepest chamber. Now, what do we do?”
Fox: “This is as close to the Spellgem as we can go.”
Amy: “So we should search this place until that talisman thing starts glowing.”
Cream: “And then that help us to find where the Spellgem is hidden, right, Mr. Fox?”
Fox: “Correct. It appears to be our best option, for now
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Crazy Project: Spidey in MHA
Hey True Believers!
Spider-Fan, Rider09 Here for another Web-Slingling Idea!
In this one What If theres a Spider-Man in MY Hero Academia?
no its not Peter Parker, but someone who's originally Quirkless
but thanks to the Spider Totem, In Every Web of Life, there has to have
a Spider in it!
so poof! Someone gets Bit by a Spider to be a SpiderHero!!!
in this idea theres going very big differences like:
his costume doesnt have a full Mask, he has to have a mask or scarf to cover his mouth
and hoodie with Googles to commemorate both Scarlet Spider and Spider Gwen!
(also, because it looks cool!)
hope ya like this idea, cause i know i would!!!
:iconriderman09:riderman09 1 0
GBIG wiki profile: Inspector Gadget
Inspector Gadget
AKA: Aunt Gadget (by Pete), Aunt Jen (by Pete in the 1999 film), Lieutenant Gadget (in Gadget and the Gadgetinis), Professor Gizma (by gentleman tourist in the original series episode All That Glitters)
Occupation: Detective
Gender: Female
―Gadget's most common catchphrase
"Don't worry, Chief! I'm always on duty!"
―Gadget's other catchphrase
"She's the best agent I've got!"
"And the only aunt I've got!"
―Chief Quimby and Pete
Inspector Gadget, is the titular protagonist of the franchise of the same name. She is Pete's aunt, one of Heart's owners, and Chief Quimby's top employee. Also, she's the rule 63 form of the same character.
Inspector Gadget is creative, heroic, mild-mannered, determined, brave and kindhearted, although she's also dim-witted, bumbling, gullible, incompetent, clumsy, and clueless. She also has a horrible judge of character and she thinks that the bad guys are her
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Throwaway First Draft Scene Thomas
Throwaway First Draft Scene Thomas #1
Thomas looked up at the clouds. They were dark grey and reflected nothing but misery. The fields surrounding him are a testimony to bloodshed and horror. Military banners and pennants lay fluttering to the direction of the winds, as truly countless corpses littered the edges of the forests and the fields. Everywhere he looked, he saw nothing but death everywhere. The clouds moved slowly, looking down at the display of lifelessness there on the earth. Even it is horrified, and it weeps for all the lives who were lost that day.
Thomas stood silently, observing the corpses as it began to rain. He looked down, entering into a state of self-reflection as the first sounds of thunder begun to sound.
Throwaway First Draft Scene Thomas #2

The enemy responds quickly, not throwing time to waste, and proceed to bring the big guns. Behind their infantry line lie countless hundreds of cannons, and at the order, are being loaded en masse. The
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Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch19 Studio Life Part4
"You can do ze rest tomorrow. There's no need to rush anything."
His eyes watched the tired dragon continue to shuffle through the papers. They had managed to sort both the different scripts into two smaller piles, but both scripts were still unorganized and needed to be looked though and put back together.Which could easily take another whole day by itself.
He shook his head. "N-No. I gotta....gotta get it done b-before Castello sees it."
His vision clouded a bit before he shook his head and glared back at the papers in his hands. It didn't go unnoticed by the purple snake who rose a brow.
".......You're suffering from little sleep and stress. Why don't you let me finish these?"
"Do I really need to list every reason vhy you passing out from sleep would be a bad idea? And vhat would happen if Mr. Castello or Ms. Director found you?"
The dragon froze and his eyes widened before slowly turning to hm. He knew very well how much he feared their two bosses, and even though u
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 19
TCD - Before The Time...
The darkness... The silent hunter, hiding everything and everyone, yet they shined so brightly at the same time. Just one sound and all was clear, all was visible, and all should be revealed.
If anyone listened carefully, they might find the truth within. Avoiding it, approaching it… Were these the only choices one could make? After all, every person shaped their own destiny, right? However, even the deepest blackness couldn't hide anyone from their true fate.
Fate had from time to time, a strange sense of humor. The more one wanted to avoid it, the more they were dragged down the path that was set for them. It didn't matter if it was a road nobody wanted to set their foot on, somebody still had to walk on it.
Many years ago, a chosen child was sent on a cursed path, and nothing could change it. This chosen child’s future was controlled by a person known as The Light One. No matter what, that child could only follow this direction.
However, The Light One was now incapable o
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d'Kest Elite - Tarrak
Author Character Sheet
Story Name: In The Dark Of Night
Name:  Tarrak
Meaning:  Pain Storm
Nicknames:  Tarr
Race/Occupation:  Mirroan Dokkalfar warrior. Ex-Gladiator.
Time Joined d’Kest:
Order of Reconstruction: 6th
Physical Description
Voice Description: Smooth and assured. Capable of crowd control when raised
Hair Color: Storm cloud grey
Hair Style/Description: Shorter in the back, longer down the front, cut at an angle.  The back doesn’t need to be pulled up and the front is often pulled into tight braids and held together with beads.
Eye Color:  Stone blue-grey
Skin Color: Earthen greyish brown (like dry earth)
Height: 5’6”
Body Type: Slightly taller and thicker and more muscular build do to arena fighting for years.
Distinguishing Features: Masculine features, heavily scarred across his whole body.  
He carries himself in a ‘big’ way, a peacock fashion he learned to use to intimidate other gladiators
:iconwarriorngoddess:WarriorNGoddess 1 1
PKMNation | The bitter ranch | Event
    It took sometime, and some hard convincing, before Kasper worked up the courage to smoosh with the best of them. The strong poliwrath stomping and crushing the berries under them like twigs; Honestly, Kasper was pretty intimidated. But as he sunk his paws into the red berries and felt Lotus' supporting gaze on him he felt his heart do a twirl. "I promise you'll do just fine!" Her sweet voice almost made him trip over his paws but he managed to catch himself before it could happen. He would do this for her!
    As Lotus watched Kasper slowly mash the berries along side the Poliwrath, She heard a groan beside her. Taking a moment to look she could see an exhausted Mimikyu cross and a quite upset Vulpix. "You fell and ruined the juice I worked so hard for! I made that for Ruthless!" The vulpix's loud voice definitely directed Lotus' attention to the two pokemon now.
    The Mimikyu/Deino cross just shrugged as best as he could causing his fake
:iconmercenaryblood:MercenaryBlood 2 1
Grunvale, Ch. 8.2
"What do you guys have against James Taylor's music?" Randy asked. "Does it make your head hurt, or your stomach sick?"
"No, Randy," Chandler replied, reaching over to his radio to turn its volume down a few notches. "We just find him insufferably bland. The worst thing ever to happen to popular music. Well, except maybe Anne Murray."
"Ugh, don't even mention that name," Gretchen replied, as she walked into the kitchen. "Anne Murray. She's the feces of pretentiousness eating stupidity-flavored blandness."
"Gobdamn, mom -- oof!" Gilda exclaimed. She hissed as she rubbed her brow, feeling another sudden pain strike her head from the inside. "My head... dammit! Why does my head hurt?"
"Yeah, that's why we needed to talk to you, Gilda," Gretchen said, sitting herself down at the table.
"We have a few things we need to clear up to you," Chandler added.
"A few things?" Gilda remarked, scowling. She pushed her tissues away from her mouth as she continued speaking. "A few t
:iconphoenixofgrunvale:PhoenixOfGrunvale 4 0
The last chance 16 (Kung Fu Panda Fanfiction)
16. Royal visit
The cart stopped. Not far away from Po's home in a backstreet.
Po and the goat climbed down first. But Shen hesitated.
"Come on," Po said and waved his hand.
Shen looked around. He seemed to be unsure.
"Don't worry. It's innocuous here."
The lord hissed. He didn't want to be like a coward.
Slowly and carefully, he didn't want to break something more, he pulled himself to the cart verge.
Po held his hands to hold him, but Shen rapped him over his knuckles.
"Don't touch me!" he said maliciously. "Never touch me, or I will...
"Yes, yes, yes. You would kill me, nice. But you have no other chance."
Again he reached his hand but Shen pushed it away.
"Panda! Are you deaf? It was never my will to come here to that..." He looked around with disgusted glance. "... to that dump of a collection of houses."
"Ooookay," Po said drawled. "My name is Po."
Before Shen could speak more, Po took him with his hands quickly and transported him down.
"Let me down! Damn! Let me down!" Shen sho
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You Are My Dream (Hani and Lawson)
It's no use!” Hani had felt the words leave her mouth, but she feared wind had whisked them far past listening ears. The violent flurry of air roared at her her head-on, sapping the strength in her legs as she trudged forward through snow drifts that nearly reached her chest. Flakes of ice, that, not even two hours before, had been falling so gently, now cut through the protective warmth of her pelt and pricked at her skin. Her head was kept low as she moved, the cold stinging her eyes and blurring her vision, leaving a raging sheet of white as the only thing visible before her.
A particularly strong gust got the best of her numb paws and knocked her off balance, but the solid form of Lawson pressed against her side and kept her standing. He trekked alongside her step for step, though his size gave him advantage moving through the snow. Their fur mingled close together, never even a millimeter apart.
The two of them had been scouting goats at the edge of the Hi
:iconswitt:switt 6 24
You signed the letters
In lettered signs
And I sighed to find
Your tears have stained
The torn up white
I lie awake to stitch the lies
And line the lines to keep you out
And write the wrongs I
Thought were right
When I was lost and left behind
The loss of you is one of a kind
A wilted rose before it's time
It grew in feilds and rose in kind
To bury all the blurry lines
I used to live a life unloved
A heart unlived in nor a mind
But life breathed life in all still things
Yet still I thought I bruised my wings
And sat alone in a lonely place
Remembered how I fell from grace
You graced me once
Then left a space
A hole in me as big as space
I once was whole but now I'm not
A rope unmade without a knot.
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Love at Size by AmandatheForsaken Love at Size :iconamandatheforsaken:AmandatheForsaken 2 1
Some small teaser... I guess
A Snippet of what’s to come

(AN: This is a scene out of a Fanfic I already have planned to start once I’m done with CD and the Undisputed series. This fanfic is heavily based off of Harry Potter ( Basically a Harry Potter and Zootopia Crossover) but doesn’t only include magic we see in HP but also uses Arcanery and curses and other forms of magic. I hope you’ll enjoy this little ‘teaser’ I have written today for you!)

Judy was walking up the stairs on the inside of a semi-destroyed tower towards her destination that her prophecy had told her. She was accompanied by her loyal friend Jack who also was a rabbit from the house of Gryffindor.
As they soon reached the top of the stairs Judy and Jack both drew their wands to face the most evil wizard of all times who was a fox. A fox she thought she knew well, but as it seems she was tricked by his slyness. This fox was a close friend to her since they came to Hogwarts together an
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MSH: Multiversal War: Hulk
Name: Hulk
Weapons/Powers: Limitless strength
Morality: Hero
First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (March 1962)
Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore
Company: Marvel
Intro: Hulk drops down and faces the foe
Intro Quote:
*roar*Hulk fight now!Let's rock!You make Hulk angry. You not like Hulk angry!
Victory: Hulk smashes the ground and lifts up the debris.
Victory Quotes:
No one beats Hulk!Hulk is strongest one there is!Who's next?You break things good, but Hulk break worlds!
Results Quotes:
Hulk wants to be alone!No one stops Hulk!Hulk smash! Hulk win! Hulk is strongest!
Taunt: Hulk raises his arms and roars or says, "Hulk is strongest one there is!"
Color palette:
Gladiator HulkJoe Fixit costumeLight greenGrayRedBlue
Basic Moves:
Square/Punch: Punch
Triangle/Kick: Straight kick
X/Slash: Downward smash
Circle/Heavy Slash: Thunderclap
L1/Dust Attack: Debris lift
(Crouched) - Square/Punch: Punch
(Crouched) - Triangle/Kick: Low kick
(Crouched) - X/Slash: Fist slam
(Crouched) - Circle/Heavy Sla
:iconspeakoniaandy:SpeakoniaAndy 1 14
young and beautiful | levi
Levi drawn by Azurphore, thank you so much!
soulmate!au where you stop ageing at a certain age until you meet your soulmate and start growing old together
For twenty years, once a month, this couple used to meet in the city's fanciest restaurant to sit at the same table, face-to-face, right at the bottom of the restaurant. For twenty years, the employees had looked after them, took the same order and stared at them dreamingly, longing for the day the man would finally propose to her.
However, the more they met each other at the restaurant over the years, the more the employees began to see a painful truth. The woman's bright smile turned into wrinkles around her mouth but the man's slight frown would never turn into wrinkles between his eyebrows. The woman looked more and more exhausted by the effect of the time on her features whereas the man looked as young and handsome as his twenties. Sometimes, the woman would look young
:iconcaptain-ciella:captain-ciella 10 8
Girl with her Mistress

Sumika:..... Mistress...... so good to see you~

Sumika: How have you been mistress?! It's been a while since i've seen you! You look so beautiful today-
Veronica: Shut it. Very awful I just got scolded by my father VERY harshly. I'm not in a good mood Sumika and you better have some good news for me.

Sumika: Oh right that ummmmmmmm.........................................................................
Sumika: I uh.... haven't seen or talked to him since that meeting?

Sumika: Mistress, W-what are you doing!?!
Veronica: I'm revoking your contract what else? Then your getting the punishment you deserve for wasting my time!
Sumika: Nonono please I can get it right! I love serving you don't take away my collar please! I'll do it tonight! I promise tonight! T-then you don't ever have to see m
:iconxgoldiex:XGoldieX 6 8