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The Perfect Pie (Brionne to Pie TF) [INANIMATE]
Trevor pushed himself forward with his flippers. Normally a mouse, he was stuck in the body of a cute little Brionne until the year was up. If there was one thing to miss it was walking with legs. Going from place to place was so draining like this! Often it led to him being hungry after many trips, usually stopping to eat fruit off a plant to satisfy his hunger until he got back home. Thirst wasn't much of a problem considering he was a water Pokemon now, meaning he had that on the ready at any point. It was one of the benefits of being in this form! 
After a particularly busy day having to waddle back and fourth running errands Trevor was finally ready to get back home and rest fully. He missed easily being able to travel place to place, but the curse of being a Brionne didn't care! With a sigh Trevor went on his trek back to his living abode. 
With so much moving, Trevor's belly began rumbling his hunger. He hadn't eaten dinner yet and had a nice, hot meal to be made waiti
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 15 2
Always A Bigger Fish - A Star Wars Story
“In time, the suffering of your people will persuade you to see our point of view.”
-Nute Gunray, The Phantom Menace. This line was found on Star’s listing of top 40 lines from all films.
I am now going to go down a rabbit hole that will be conceived as a little bit controversial, but it’ll all make sense in time, just hear me out.
The Star Wars Prequels are not the easy targets they used to be.
There, I said it. Now, before you parrot Mr. Plinkett’s lines word-for-word, and yes, I see you there typing that comment, listen to me and everything will become clear.
Internet culture is not the same as it was in 1997, when people were downloading 120p videos of the trailer for the Special Edition. Star Wars, as well, is not the same as it used to be. Heck, society as a whole has changed substantially since 1997 to… what is it, 2018? So it might be hard to believe the anticipation for the
:icondarkton93:Darkton93 7 5
infinite err, or
it stings
when brash sunlight
cascades from pried eyes
to drymouth
to panicked heart,
ugly, deepening
tingling the limbs
in droves.
this isn't meaningful,
these sheets or
these fears or
these hushed mentions
of wanting it all
to end.
god, this certainly echoes
in the cranium,
burrows into marrow
like parasites,
and only gets harder
to shake.
loving yourself
is waking up,
taking up your shield
and your antidote,
breaking off the arrows and
your own damned fangs.
loving yourself
is war.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 5 2
Homemade Repels - Luxray TF/TG [FtM] [Quick Story]
Near the large waterfalls of the beautiful Route 210 stood Eve, a young woman who had one goal in mind: Arriving at Solaceon Town, a small village located in the middle of the cold Sinnoh region. Despite the large amount of wild Pokémon roaming around the grassy areas, Eve had no way of defending herself. She wasn’t a trainer – at least not yet. The only reason why she was putting herself in danger by traveling the region without a Pokémon was so she could adopt one at the daycare in the aforementioned town, finally fulfilling her dream of becoming a trainer.
To travel around the world without having to constantly spend money on repels, to meet people and creatures from different regions, to defeat various trainers across the world and climb her way to become the best… All of those things always seemed like a distant dream to her. But now, she was only a few minutes away from meeting the Pokémon that would change her life.
Filled with anxiety, she cross
:iconmcatchat:MCatChat 17 3
Hirudegarn Terrorises Death Battle!
Name: Hirudegarn
Species: Phantom Majin.
Age: Many years old.
Height: varies on the forms.
Weight: ??
Homeworld: Konats.
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
First Appearance: DBZ Movie 13: Wrath of the Dragon (1995)
-He existed for many years even before the events of Dragon Ball, just like Majin Boo.
-He was a statue that later became a giant monster by the Sorcerers of the Kashvar race.
-Ravaged through Konats until he was defeated and sealed by the hero Tapion and his brother, Minotia, with each half living inside the warriors.
-He was brought back to life by the Dragon Balls after Tapion was freed from his seal.
-Wrecked Mister Satan City.
-In his first form, he dominated Super Saiyan 2 Goku, Ultimate Gohan and Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta.
-In his final form, oneshot Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Videl and Ultimate Gohan (again).
-Went toe-to-toe with Super Saiyan 3 Goku until he was killed by the Dragon Fist.
:iconssj4truntanks:SSJ4Truntanks 11 0
A Chance Encounter
Featuring Xaishi, Jaeggy, and Zoketi as:

This seemed like an alright place to rest - at least for the day.  The frail silvery ghost of a she-wolf was exhausted, and though she could have used a week long sleep, she could never bring herself to linger in any one place for long.
Rising with the sun, she would run someplace new until the dark came, and then she would sleep until the sun brought a new day once more.  This had been her life for some time now, and one day all this running would catch up to her and send her running into the ground. But those were worries for another time.
Right now, in this secluded patch of forest, all Seia could think about was dropping into the long grass and not think about when her gnawing demons would force her up again.  It was nice here, resting in this expanse of green, with the late day’s mottled sunlight fil
:iconxaishi:Xaishi 13 7
Moonlight (Eustass Kid x Reader)
Contrary to popular belief, Eustass Kid did have a soul. A conscience too. And damn, did they like to bother him. His mind and it's demons haunted him every night, and sometimes, no amount of bottles could exorcise them all.These were the nights where he'd look to you, and the feeling of his bare skin on yours for some sort of solace. A distraction. This particular night was a 'bare-skin-on-yours' kind of night, and you had been very happy to help distract him. You were, after all, quite good at it.
Alas, all good things must come to an end, and you had fallen asleep before his mind was at ease.Luckily, you happened to be so good at distracting him, you were even able to do it in your sleep.
Kid couldn’t help but admkre the way the sheets fell over your body. Every dip and curve was highlighted perfectly, and your soft skin glowed radiantly in the shimmering moonlight streaming through the window. He ran his calloused palms up and down your bare waist gently, feeling your warmth
:iconkaylasdreams:Kaylasdreams 10 1
High Seas by Kiyo-Poetry High Seas :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 7 1
Little Indy grows big muscles
The female colonel was a muscle beast. When the interrogation started, Indy wasn’t aware of that. At first, she was intimidated just by the way the colonel talked to her.
“Why did you apply?” the colonel snapped.
“I… I’ve always wanted to be…”
“Oh, for heaven’s sake, little girl. Speak louder! I can’t hear you when you whisper!”
Indy winced.
The colonel slammed her fist down on the table. “COME ON! This is a simple question. WHY? DID? YOU? APPLY?”
Indy cleared her throat. “I always wanted to be strong and muscular. And I could use the $ 150,000 of course.”
“HA! Strong and muscular? You don’t know what those words mean!” The colonel looked down at Indy’s application form, and the medical test results. “You are 4’9”. You weigh 71 pounds. Your upper arms are 7 inches around, and your thighs are 15 inches.” The colonel snorted, and looked at Indy a
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 35 22
New Game (Tomoe Gozen TG)
The bus came to a stop on the side of the road, coming to a halt for a moment before driving away. A young man was left behind, a small bag hanging off one of his shoulders as he glanced around at the suburban neighbourhood before setting off down a path, a clear route in his mind. Thomas reached into his pocket and checked his phone, getting a quick look at the time. 11 o’clock in the morning. Perfect. Just on time. He reached a turn in the road and followed the concrete path, walking off the path of the main road into the twisting maze of streets, a small smile on his face.
It had been a little while since he had seen his good friend. They had kept in touch almost daily online, but keeping in touch physically wasn’t always easy. They had their own lives to deal with and their own reasons why they couldn’t meet up always… but today was a bit special.
Thomas counted the numbers on the houses as he passed, slowing down as he approached his friend’s address.
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 40 2

Hiding from the light
A common nuisance
Never respected
Yet greatly gifted
Its senses grant it insight
Defying many poisons
Walking away from sickness
Like a phoenix without flames
This survivalist
With coveted gifts
Can perhaps one day
Earn admiration
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 5 3
Let it Begin
A soft yawn would emit from Ciri’s mouth, the woman sitting up in her bed and stretching her arms above her head. Groggily she would look about. Her room was quiet, a silent air clung to the room as she glanced around the room she was being housed within. Currently, she called one of Staff Dorm rooms her bedroom. A nostalgic glimmer captivated itself within the room. The Dorm Room she had stayed at several years ago had looked very similar to this one. The twin sized bed which she occupied was pushed up against the furthest wall to the door, lining the left and forests walls from the door. A window outlooking the field which was tinted orange and yellow hues of the morning sunrise found itself above the nightstand which sat next to the head of her bed. Slowly Ciri pulled off the covers and climbed out of bed, her amber eyed gaze shifting
To look outside her window, her gaze fixating on the much smaller looking Elias, Rainwater, Jesus, Ursus, Mufasa and Moonbeam who
:icon2006fuzz:2006fuzz 4 1
A Rainy Day at Vicarstown Part 1
Based on the April Showers at Vicarstown Character Improv by :iconblueengineliz6:
It was a stormy day on the Island of Sodor. It had started raining in the morning, and by late afternoon, it still hadn't stopped. Many people were taking in shelter to wait it out. Over at the Vicarstown Buffet Diner, Thomas Billinton, Rosie Vulcan, Diesel Horwich, and BoCo Metrovick were all inside enjoying some delicious food by a warm fire. Alas, despite having some arcade machines and a juke box, things were getting rather boring for the quartet. Fortunately, the diner also had a section with wifi for anyone who wanted to do a stream. And as Thomas had his laptop that Emily had bought him for his birthday, this meant entertainment for a stream. Now begins the fun.
BoCo: *looking out a window* Goodness me. This weather has been quite odd lately, hasn't it?
Diesel: Whatever next; snow in the Summer?
Thomas: I wouldn't jinx it if I were you, Diesel.
Rosie: When will this rain ever stop?
BoCo: It'
:iconsodormatchmaker:sodormatchmaker 9 21
Cyber Lore Comm: Designer Dino Dilemma
Cara and Ashley's studies were many and diverse, but one strange study among them was of the ancient, long passed creatures known as the dinosaurs. For many centuries people had collected their remains, be they bones or fossils, and often theorized on how they lived or what they were like. While Ashley and Cara were far more interested in their specific fields, their childhood fondness of dinosaurs eventually led to them taking up a little side project that turned out far more valuable than expected.
The two had found a way to not only fully map, but modify various dinosaur genetics for Uber-Herre Industries, a mysterious company that had made quite a bit of money and was known to have a vested interest in genetic manipulations. Both of the girls were approached over a potential deal to work with Uber-Herre in exchange for a nice check. Due to it being enough to more than cover their own scientific interests, the girls accepted.
Cara smiled as she looked at the enclosure. Several thous
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 10 6
Valkyrie wake up call
On the lifeboat, containing the last of Asgard's many citizens, along with elves, dwarves, and abandoned creatures of all ages and species, their were many task that needed to be done.
Besides your day to day chores such as cleaning, ship repair, and food restocking, their were some much more unique task. For example, in the rise of underwear related pranks, Jane and Darcy were usually tasked with restocking the supplies of Van Dynes for the females on board (something difficult since A) not all were human, and B) Darcy was the one who liked to wreck them when she was around). There was also the task of helping anyone who stuck up somewhere on the ship 𝘣𝘺 their underwear which usually fell to Korg to handle (since he both didn't wear pants, and was super chill). But on a slightly less underwear wrecking task was to wake up the former Scrapper for the Grandmaster, Valkyrie, whenever she was in one of her drunken comas, which happened 𝘢 𝘭𝘰𝘵
:iconshadowcrysis13:ShadowCrysis13 15 7
In sized in the mind
In puzzled, pitch
Captive states of matter
Poise, composure,
lack of coordination
In ordinate
In cognitive behaviour
Incision of a thought
:iconrjbg:RJBG 10 0
The Mask of Mewtwo-Part 1
    Four Pokémon stood on a snowy mountain slope, talking to themselves in a series of agitated chirps and clicks. The Pokémon were all deep purple with red insect-like eyes. They looked like beetles, with claw-like limbs and a hard shell their backs. Mounted on top of each was a cannon-like device.
    The four Pokémon chirped and waved their arms at each other. They sounded distressed.
    “Calm yourselves!” The four Pokémon looked up to see another Pokémon floating in the air nearby. It was pale purple-and-pink and looked like a hairless bipedal cat. A faint blue aura surrounded the pokemon’s body and its long tail twitched as it gazed at them.
    Three of the Pokémon formed a line and studied the new pokemon, but the fourth crouched behind a rock.
    The cat-like pokemon’s gaze fell on the fourth pokemon. “You are the one who asked for help, are y
:icondactys:Dactys 6 3
Over the Lake - Part One
The mountain range lay under the starry night sky, the wind blowing cold and brisk and brushing the plants and bushes that crowned them. A new moon floated among the stars, nearly completely in shadow with but the most eerie smile of light indicating it’s globular form where it hung just over the horizon of shadowed foothills.
Little presence of human life was in these parts of the mountains. It was far beyond the boundaries of a campsite and sparsely traveled by hikers or hunters.
Yet deep in the recesses of a rocky ravine which cut through a split mountain, was a red glow. Much richer than fire, and more steady than any flames could hope to be. Mist whipped and curled above the ravine, blown aloft in the breeze.
And suspended in the ravine over a dirt road, tethered to the floor and the ravine walls by seven articulate landing legs was a the source of the red glow. A dark, metallic, layered triangular vessel with rounded corners, and adorned with crimson lights. The red lights
:iconferroth:Ferroth 4 15
Out of the Box
(Women to Various Toys)
Harriet sighed, steepling her fingers and massaging her forehead with her thumbs. Of course today would be the day nothing went right. Figuratively-near literally-every machine she had touched since coming to work today had broken, or had some sort of error.
She groaned, planting her face on her keyboard and rolling it from side to side, letting the clacking of keys serve as the world’s least effective relaxant. Then she looked back to her notes, deleting her recent string of gibberish.
“Horizon Industries Technician Harriet Windmere, logging entry.” She spoke in a monotone, fingers racing along her keyboard. “No progress with replicator reversal. As it stands, there’s not enough data on human subjects… Which I’ve told my supervisor before.”
She deleted that last sentence, then looked to the stack of toys beside her with a groan. Apparently someone from the lab had wound up as a Jack-In-The-Box, which meant
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 42 5
Ultimate Destiny: Atrocitus
Name: Atros
Gender: Male
Debut: Green Lantern Vol 4 #25 (2008)
VA: Ike Amadi
Title: Leader of the Red Lanterns
Alternate Costume: Classic Atrocitus
Signature Stage: Ysmault
Intro: Atrocitus walks out of a blood portal while holding a Red Lantern Power Battery, he then casts it aside as Dex-Starr flies in beside him.
Intro Quotes
"You'd be a perfect Red Lantern."
"You could wear a Red Ring..."
"Dex-Starr shall gnaw your bones."
"The rage of thousands fuel me!"
Outro: Atrocitus smirks as he clenches his fist, his ring glowing brightly before he exhales a blast of plasma blood before floating into the air and glaring down at the foe with a sneer.
Outro Quote: Give up and die quickly.
Results Screen Quotes
"You may THINK we will fall to you. But the Red Lantern Corps do not succumb so easily!"
"I can taste your rage, it is perfect!"
"Give into your blood and rage now!"
"This is a strange world, full of strange people..."
Vs. Green Lantern: Give into your rage, Hal Jordan.
Vs. John Pet
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 6 11
Meeting Tatiana
It was a rainy night the rains fell without ends, the winds blew wildly in the area, the clouds floated by lazily in the sky, the moon and stars tried to shine through the clouds, you were running through the rain trying to escape a pack of wolves. Your village was attacked by another pack of wolves that couldn’t catch any other food so they raided your village and a few people were harmed but a smaller pack went after you since they wanted more food and they would hunt anything.
You kept running until you bumped into a large door this would be breaking in and result in many sorts of consequences, you turned the handle and walked in quickly shutting the door. You noticed this place was well kept there was a warm fire in the fireplace you noticed almost everything was bigger then you and it was so warm you noticed some food on the table you didn’t see anyone else here, you walked up to the table and took some of the cooked meat and started eating you then heard another door
:icondeathwatcher123:Deathwatcher123 11 23
Did Kasumi Leave DEATH BATTLE Dead or Alive?

AKA: The Kunoichi of Destiny; Female Ninja in Captivity; A Kunoichi's Destiny; Super Hot Ninja
Age: 19
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 106 lbs.
First Appearance: Dead or Alive
-Won the first Dead or Alive tournament 
-Evaded capture by the Mugen Tenshi clan for two years
-Killed Raidou, the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committe's top experiment 
-Fought Ayane to a standstill

-Defeated Kasumi a, a clone of Kasumi
-Defeated Helena, Rig, and Christie
Defeated Alpha-152, a clone that copied the abilities of Kasumi, Hayate, and Ryu Hayabusa
-Slaughtered enemies that could challenge Ryu Hayabusa


-Sent a full grown person flying with a single strike
-Can slice through grown men like
:iconstrunton:Strunton 20 11