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Hero Killer Stain vs. Syndrome! DEATH BATTLE!

Tohru: "Alright, The Villains have been released and the City is probably going to suffer damages."
Raiden: "Time to settle this debate, Once and for all!"
Ryuko: "It's Time for a DEATH BATTLE!"
Hosu City: 9:45 PM.
Despite what the time of day may be telling you, the streets of this city were filled with walking pedestrians and a good number of motor vehicles, filling the city with the sounds of light chatter and engines running. From a first glance, it would appear that everything was fine. Nothing out of the ordinary... Except in an alleyway far from all the current commotion, was a Man pinning what appeared to be a pro-hero to a wall.
The Man was holding the hero against the wall by his face, while his other hand had a sharp knife in it. His appearance though was something else. He wore a red bandana with long messy black hair flowing out of the top of it. He also wore a red scarf that extended outwards a
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Canon vs. Fanon: Cartoony Lion-O
So, in case you've been living under a rock, Cartoon Network is producing a new Thundercats show.
Now the beloved 1980s classic can join the ranks of Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Scooby-Doo as beloved franchises  having their heart and soul ripped out and replaced with moronic shit.
At least, that's what the majority of the cartoon community seems to be saying.
Now, unlike the other CN reboots, I never watched the original Thundercats as a kid.  I saw some of the 2011 version, which was pretty good, but didn't get me hooked.
So, I'm going to come into this with no personal connection with the source material.
Now, as for the teaser trailer ... I'm not impressed.  I didn't find it good in any way but not as horrible as the internet is making it out to be.
But, I want to focus on the character design.  Here's what this show's version of Lion-O looks like:
Wow.  I'm sure that took about 5 minutes to draw and twice as long to color.
He's essentially a
:iconoboeshoes16:oboeshoes16 9 9
Kims make over.

Salon girl 1: Oh my god! What happened to you?!
Kim: Ugggg, I was walking my friends dog girls and then they got excited and started pulling me. *sigh*
Salon girl 2: Sounds like you had quite a trip!
Kim: Is that a joke.....*sigh* They drug me halfway across town.
Salon girl 1 Yea, you look like you've been put through the ringer. 
Kim: C-Can I just get some new clothes.
Salon girl1: You look like you need more than that.
Salon girl 2: How about a whole new look! We can give you a complete makeover!
Salon girl 1: Yea, why not spoil yourself!?
Kim: Fine, Just don't go dressing me up as a Barbie doll. 
Salon girl 2: Don't worry I'll pick out something really nice!

Salon girl2 So what do you think?
Kim: Oh wow! The jacket is so slimming!
Salon girl2: *giggle* Yea, the cut really trims the waist and excentuates the chest. 
Kim: Wow, I love it! Ring it up! I'm paying for it!
Salon girl 2: C
:iconteam-ehiro:Team-Ehiro 9 7
My Night With the Elbas

“Marcus, are you sure your parents are alright with me staying over tonight?” I asked as we pulled up to his house. “Relax, dude they love you. I think we’re having my dad’s famous lasagna too so you’re in luck” he replied with a grin. The smell of garlic and tomatoes hit me like a welcomed school bus upon entering the Elba home, immediately affirming my adoration of Marcus’ dad’s cooking. “Wally, always good to see you” Mr. Elba greeted with a wave from the stove to avoid burning his meat sauce. “Thanks for having me, sir” “You came on the right night, this is shaping up to be my best lasagna yet” the broad man explained. “So I’ve heard” “We’re gonna hang out in my room, dad. Just let us know when supper’s ready” Marcus announced before we started toward his bedroom.
“Hey, wait a second. We’ve g
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Bewitched by Kiyo-Poetry Bewitched :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 7 3
Casting Rain -- Ch 74
There is some music for this chapter! The first chapter to have music in ages. Feel free to listen with or without. Most of these songs are pretty short, so they'll likely have to be put on repeat. As far as I can tell they all fade in and out and repeat decently well for each segment they've been placed on but it's also getting dangerously close to 4am and I've been sitting here trying to fit music for over an hour soooooooooo. Yeah!.
Anyway the songs in order:
What's Happening to Me by Two Steps From Hell (!)
Starvation by Two Steps From Hell (!!)
And finally
Moonlight Sonata by Hidden Citizens (!!!) whose link broke 6 times before it finally posted right.
And for a final important note!! This chapter also has illustrations! All the images were made by the fantastic little
:iconthe3ss:the3Ss 11 11
A Little Exercise
It was a relatively calm and relaxing day today, and as such, Rarity had a lot of free time on her hands. Entering her room, the young fashionista was currently decked out in what appeared to be a jogging outfit of some kind which, naturally, was designed to be perfectly colour-coordinated, as one would expected of her. Smiling to herself, she moved over to one of the dressing tables of her room, upon which was a small television. Pressing some of the buttons, the device flickered into life, and she cast a glance at the clock on the wall. The time was right, and so she started turning some of the knobs on the TV. She moved through channel after channel, making sure to get the right one until, finally, she got to the one she'd been looking for. Her smile widened, and as the programme of choice began to start up, she turned and moved to the centre of her room. There, lying upon the floor, was a purple exercise mat, already prepared, and which she now stood on. Looking back to the TV, she
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The Giantess Who Lives Next Door
I am the giantess that lives next door.
Okay, technically, I live on the ground floor apartment in your building. Or maybe I live in that nondescript ranch house on the corner. There's a chance I was that plain-looking, forgettable Tinder date, or that talkative checkout girl at the grocery store. Heck, maybe I'm your own partner biding my time while until you're out of town on a business trip.
Point is: I'm somewhere out there and you don't know where.
I feel bad sometimes since I know how bad you want to know I'm out there (and I am). I think of it when I hear the enormously satisfying sound of fabric surrendering to my expanding body. It crosses my mind every time I'm eleven-feet-tall and crawling on all-fours to keep from putting another dent in the ceiling. It occurs to me when I gorge my way through all the remaining leftovers in my fridge and cabinets, then park my giant, naked butt on the floor in front of the TV and burn through a Saturday afternoon growing and binge-watching
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Godzilla and the monsters: GO KICK SOME TAIL!
Godzilla and his younger brother Gigantis went to the picnic with Rodan, Mothra, Godzilly, and Anguirus. They were having such a wonderful time until suddenly the army of ram came out of nowhere and threw Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, and Mothra out of the area and then took Gigantis and Godzilly away to hold hostage along with the rest of Godzilla's monster friends and rivals. Then the rams took over Monster land and claimed it for themselves. Will Godzilla and his allies go back and fight off the ram to reclaim their home? Only YOU can help them!!
Playable Characters!)
P1) Godzilla) = walk = fire power up = melee and shoot
P2) Mothra) = walk and fly = metal power up = melee and shoot
P2) Anguirus) = walk = metal power up = melee
P2) Rodan) = walk and fly = fire power up = melee
P1) King Ghidorah) (Ghidorah mode!) = walk and fly = metal power up = melee and shoot
World 1:
Beaver bunch: Very Gnawty
Dry desert: Bonezilla army
Creepy caverns: Giant bat
Swamp fever: Hedorah (Moss)
Nasty rive
:iconcutedragongirl456:CuteDragonGirl456 7 0
Cynthia's Fattening Summer
A beautiful young blonde-haired woman named Cynthia decided to go on a vacation for the hot summer. She traveled all the way from Sinnoh to Undella Town, a beach resort location in the region of Unova.
"I heard that Undella in Unova is a very nice place to visit for this kind of time," Cynthia said. "It's very nice to take a break from being the champion of Sinnoh every once in a while."
After Cynthia rented a villa for the summer, she changed out of her champion outfit and into her summer attire consisting a sky blue colored sleeveless shirt with a collar and a ribbon tied around her torso, black pants and black sandal heels.
"Wearing the champion outfit would be too hot for me so it's a good thing I packed my clothes for this occasion," she said adjusting her shirt collar to make it tug and comfortable.
Suddenly, there was a knock outside of her door. She headed towards the door and opened. Standing outside her door was a handsome young man in brown hair and wearing a yellow shirt, r
:iconhannahdoma:HannahDoma 23 2
Scion Stills Death Battle!

AKA: Zion, The Warrior
First Appearance: Worm (Interlude 1)

-Is actually an alien that travels across the multiverse to test superpowers
-Has destroyed countless civilizations with its mate, the Thinker
-Is the source of the majority of superpowers in Earth Bet and its counterparts in other universes
-After Kevin Norton told him to, decided to save lives and stop disasters after the death of his mate
-Fought off Leviathan and saved Brockton Bay from being destroyed
-In the battle of New Delhi, killed Behemoth, the first Endbringer
-With Jack Slash's suggestion, decided to destroy humanity, killing countless lives
-Has destroyed 40% of populated Earths in the multiverse, which is at least 10^80
-Killed countless heroes, villains, and other people trying to fight him
-Could have killed everyone if he wasn't drive
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 12 0
i ask a homeless man for change
and he says it will not come
he says show me your palms boy,
    drops an empty handful of dirt
             into my outstretched branches
    says this was here long before us both
         and will be long after,
    as his roots bury themselves deeper into the sidewalk,
      face contorts to find the last hopeful rays of sun
         before the blue shadow of dusk descends
      like an axe or shovel or heavy wail of song.
and the dirt wasn’t actually earth, i think,
    but the vacuum of space it occupies,
         a potted plant as surrogate for love lost, wilted
      yet still expecting to bear flesh;
and somewhere, sam cooke is still singing about a river,
     a pair of anxious hands pluck a living thing from the ground
:iconsuccesswithhonor:successwithhonor 9 10
Ultimate Destiny: Oichi (Sengoku BASARA)

: Oichi
Gender: Female
Debut: Sengoku BASARA 2 (2006)
English Voice Actor: Laura Bailey
JP Voice Actor: Mamiko Noto
Intro: Oichi slowly approaches the opponent slowly with her head down. Suddenly darkness surrounds her body and then has her float in the air where she poses like a lifeless doll.
Intro Quote:
“Who are you…? You a poor little bird who wishes to fly…?”
“The river is calm today…like a lull in the wind…”
“Come to me. Come. I’m not going to bite…”
“So full of life…can I be like that too…?”
“I only…want to be your friend…”
Outro: The darkness slowly lowers Oichi to the ground; after that she’ll look confused before lying onto the ground and starts to play with one of her shadow hands
Outro Quote:
“Look…! A firefly…! And another ther
:iconkingoffiction:KingOfFiction 7 21
The Hostile Takeover
    So many things are going on in the US, and, no doubt, around the world, that I want to write this essay to sum up a few of my feelings, and share what I've learned. All the quotes I use are from one article in the May 21, 2018 The New Yorker magazine, written by Evan Osnos and titled "Only the Best People." It's about changes in the United States government. It's about what has happened since Trump took office.
    Every time events make the news here, I wonder how to suggest to my governing representatives to take note of them. Mass shootings, climate change, racism, misogyny, classism, lies, neglect, confusion, the widening gulf between people in our society; they all concern me.
    I was dismayed when I heard Donald Trump speak during his campaign, because he espoused fear and division. I felt there was little to fear in 'real life,' but he convinced even people who were close to me to be afraid. I felt defeated when Trum
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 6 22
Claire's Fattening Family Part 15
BBW and Weight Gain Story
By thanksgiving Claire was up to 370 lbs. She briefly saw her flame Oliver when the McShanes dropped off a thanksgiving feast for Claire and her family to enjoy, well mostly Claire. Claire was eating so much turkey that week she was almost in a food coma on the couch every day.
By the time Christmas rolled around, Claire had long since turned in her tank tops and skirts and now could be seen packing her ham and eggnog filled doughy body into holiday sweaters and trendy pants or leggings. A year ago she was 80lbs lighter, and none of her old stuff seemed to fit anymore. "I guess that's the curse of being a fat girl." She surmised as she dumped the shirt she had just tried on to the floor.
Claire had been extra excited in the days leading up to Christmas. The McShane's had invited Claire and her family over for Christmas dinner. It has been at Oliver's behest, but Claire didn't know that, she was just happy to be seeing him again.
Christmas came and Clair
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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.
Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.
    Marcy walked down the hallway on the way to her next class. Her attitude was a casual as her clothing. Grey sweatpants and a blue hoodie were her attire for the day. The hoodie was a favorite of hers. Emblazoned on the front was a picture of three wolves howling at a full moon. She knew it was cliché, but she didn’t mind. Her blonde hair hung behind her in a ponytail. Her normally pale skin was more tanned than usually, a result of long days spent outdoors during her summer after graduating high school. That summer was now nearing its end and the new school year was beginning for Marcy. And with the new school year came a new school. Mary was no longer a mere high-schooler. She was now a freshman at Rein-Hagen University.
    RHU was known to be an “exclusive” college, though not in the same manner that Yale or Harvard could be considered exclusive. It was not si
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Interplanetary Onslaught Act 19.2 Crumble in Texas

      "  Start telling us how to break into the KNIGHT'S Tokamak so we can get the Gravitonium! " Midnight loudly demanded to the talking dog and mercilessly smiled as she pulled Griffin up off the floor by the collar.
    " Or you're next! " the Ace Defiant kept pointing his pistol.
    " Show us! Before you get exploded!" Bakudan held up a large horse pill, and insanely grinned. Midnight and Ace grabbed the canine down as Bakudan opened his mouth and White Rabbit placed the pill inside. "Time for your medicine, doggy!"
     " No! God! Please! " Griffin anxiously begged. Darcy entered, looking in horror as she watches the villains hold him down. The villains stuffed the pill in and forced the dog to swallow.
    " Brian's in for it now! " Deadpool sighed and turned to see three Behni Raiders and six Cabal Blind Legion troops. Suddely,
:icone31:e31 6 4
The Hidden Dragon Ch.106 (FairyTail X MaleReader)
Hello Folks! It's PhantomMaster18 here with the next chapter of The Hidden Dragon!
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Full Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(M/C) - Magic Color
(C/C) - Magic Circle Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
(S/N) - Sister's Name
< word > - Thoughts
Disclaimer: Lets get this out of the way - Fairy Tail does not belong to me, but this story does. Now, let the story continue!
Chapter 106: Sky Labyrinth
Mato: "Let the Preliminary Round of the Grand Magic Games begin!"
Gray: "Well if it's a race we better get started!"
Natsu: "Let's go!"
Erza: "Wait."
Natsu: "What for?"
Erza: "The rules state that all 6 team members must arrive at the finish line, so we still have to wait for Wendy."
Gray: "Crap!"
Natsu: "Wendy!"
Elfman: "In that case! I'll step in for Wendy! Why wait for a girl
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Old friends pt1
Half hour rolled by, the bus was late. Dan got out of his car and stretched. He stood an average 5'3, not crazy. He had short black hair, and brown eyes. The bus roared in to the station as Dan began to walk toward a corner store. one or two station employs walked over and began to un load the passengers items from the bus. Dan’s phone buzzed with recefing a text. it read “hey, I see you!”. He felt a smile and walked toward the bus door.
As people began to file out slowly, he saw her. Grace was her name, and she new Dan since their last year in high school. And it was a solid year since Dan moved to a different city.  Grace stood a good 5'6, and sharp red hair. She still had her wide frame glasses, which look nice for her slim face. There was something different though. Through the white shirt and leggings, she looked very pregnant. Dan was nervous, he a thing for pregnant women. The thought of the next few days were making him sweat.
“So uh, forget to tell
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Request: Sibling Rod Lana Pokemon TG/TF/MC

It was a sunny day on the beach when Lana and Ash were fishing alone they had left their pokemon with Professor Kukui. Ash had asked Lana to help him to refine his fishing technique. When they were done they took a long walk on the beach.
“So, do you miss home a bit?” Lana asked as she was fixing her rod.
“I do, but I’m used to staying away from home so long.” Ash answered honestly
Lana giggled, Ash was a very interesting person for sure.
“Although...there’s one person I miss from the last region I was in a lot.”
“Is it the gym leader you were telling me about or his little sister?” Lana asked
Ash shook his head.
“No. Not Clemont or Bonnie.” He answered.
Lana put two and two together and a grin appeared on her face.
“Oh. It’s that Serena girl isn’t it?”
Ash nodded.
“Yeah I’ve known her since childhood and she found me during my year there, she
:icontransformationman12:transformationman12 25 10
Pinning For and Gaining Monster Curves
    “Why the long face sir?” Asked the bartender, busy wiping down another cup.
    “Its because of *HIC* those damn bitches again,” slurred the werewolf, pounding his fist against the reinforced bar, “Theys don’t know what theys missin’ out on with mes!”
    “I can only imagine,” the bartender replied, a thick layer of snark underneath it going unnoticed by the drunk beast.
    It was a late night at a large, fancy hotel for monsters and beasts.  In the bar area, the bartender, a minotaur, was busy serving one of the latest customers that stumbled in.  This one was a large, thick werewolf who already seemed to be quite loaded.  However, the boss wouldn’t want to turn him away, so the large bartender said nothing as the canine sat down.
    “Dis compete-lee sucks *HIC*!  Deys should bes happy with me and knot sum stupid d
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 37 2
The Crooked Choir Teacher
Omg! How could I be so dumb? My first case as a private detective and I was so close. I basically had it solved. Just one stupid mistake. Now I’m sitting tied up in Mrs. De Luca’s kitchen with one of her dish towels knotted in my mouth. It tastes awful and my jaw is killing me and it’s only been 15 minutes.
I should have known all along she was in on it with Mr. Mannheim. He’s the band teacher and she’s the choir teacher. They work together all the time. Of course she would know he was stealing from the instrument rentals and pocketing the cash from band fundraisers. I was such an idiot, coming straight here and telling her everything I knew about his schemes. I should have at least been able to read her face when she pretended to be concerned then went straight to her purse for her gun. God--these ropes are digging into my wrists. For an older lady she can tie a knot!
I'll never hear the end of it when Jenny Kimball hears what happened. So f'in embarrassi
:iconsnoopingdetective:SnoopingDetective 7 4