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Ancient Armor
The press of the trees gave way to a deep craggy depression. Mala looked down into it solemnly as she shifted the weight of her pack upon her shoulders and began making her way down the sloping moss covered rocks. She'd spent the better part of a week trekking through the forests to find this supposed relic and now that she'd found the spot the last thing she needed was to fall down an escarpment. Looking down into the basin below her she frowned. There was certainly something down there, that much was certain, but what it was she couldn't be sure.
It might be the relic people claimed it was, or it might just be a very large rock. Unfortunately there was only one way to find out, she just hoped that she'd be able to make her way back out of the depression once more. Given how steep the sides were there was some doubt in her mind as to how easily she could do that but she'd not have gotten this far if she wasn't at least willing to try. The bottom was nearly within her reach as moss and
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 8 9
DWOAH: Albus Dumbledore vs Dorian Pavus
Deadliest warriors of all history
Albus Dumbledore vs Dorian Pavus
I prefer the company of Wizards and I’m proud of it
Albus Dumbledore info:
Height: 5 foot 11
Weight: 168lbs
Weapons: Elder Wand, Magic
Strengths: Deemed the greatest Wizard of all time, Defeated Gellert Grindelwald (who was deemed the greatest Dark Wizard to ever exist), Was the only being Voldemort feared, Mastered all known forms of Magic, Has over 100 years of experience, Extreme intelligence (As mentioned previously mastered all forms of known Magic, Could anticipate and predict his opponents before they even made their moves and even predicted how an enemy would act long before they met in battle), Can heal via Magic, Can manipulate memories, Can teleport via Floo Powder and Magic, Can animate statues via Magic.
Weaknesses: At 115 years of age Dumbledore is far from his physical peak, As he refuses to use Unforgivable Curses i.e. Avada Kedavra, The Imperius Curse and Crucio Dumbledore greatly lessens his kill
:icongarchompisbeast:Garchompisbeast 9 38
Rewrite Secrets and Lies ch3 by Keithsterling Rewrite Secrets and Lies ch3 :iconkeithsterling:Keithsterling 10 0
The Smash Bros. Look: Bandana Dee

GAME: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (2011)
CREATOR: Nintendo
Ideal Voice Actor: (Does not have one)
BIO: King Dedede has enlisted numerous Waddle Dees in his army over the years, and this loyal follower is easily distinguished by both his trademark blue bandana (hence the name Bandana Dee) and his prowess with a spear! While Bandana Dee initially antagonised Kirby out of zealous devotion towards King Dedede, he has come to assist Kirby on recent adventures.
Neutral A: Bandana Dee stabs slightly upwards, followed by stabbing slightly downwards, before finishing by stabbing forward. The first 2 stabs deal 2% with non-existent knockback, while the third deals 4% with low knockback.
Forward A: Bandana Dee slices downwards with his spear. 5% with passable knockback.
Up A: Bandana Dee thrusts his spear upwards. 5% with a little knockback.
Down A: Bandana Dee slide kicks, similarly to Mega Man.
:iconsunnyspells11:SunnySpells11 6 1
Coffin | Hallowen story!
This contains fart fetish material. You have been warned.
"Open your eyes"
She opened her eyes, to see... Nothing. Darkness, with no hint of light whatsoever.  Confusion set in. Then panic. She was laying down, and could barely move her body without hitting a side of, whatever it was she was inside.
"Hello? HELLO?!" she cried out in fear, banging on the roof of her 'container'.
Then, a flash of light, and she felt a pressure on her chest.
She strained to try and look up to see what it was that was weighing down her chest, but she didn't have enough room, so gave up on it, but then she heard a voice, that same voice she'd heard before, but now, right in front of her.
"Hello darling" the voice said.
"Who is that?!" she cried out terrified.
"It's a little cramped in here dear, let me fix that" the voice said calmly, when all of the sudden the top of her container, which she could now see as the top of a wooden 'box' of some sort, raise up
:iconsandufabur:sandufabur 35 6
Hello Daniel
Summary: A lonely woman runs into a man from her past. 5 min read.
The espresso machine growled and hissed a cloud of steam. She grabbed her spiced latte and wound her way past people hunched over books, baby strollers parked between tables, the general debris of pastries, oatmeal and napkins. Taking a seat, she dropped her swim bag beside her.
The water had been colder than usual, chlorine-scented, a chemical bluegreen. Yes, the faculty club was nicer, Olympic-sized with granite-clad changing rooms, but she still found herself drawn here, force of habit perhaps, it had been part of her morning routine for years.
Sipping her drink, she watched the steady flow of people streaming through the YMCA, her eyes lingering on the couples walking hand-in-hand. Miniature gourds perched on the check-in counter, a construction paper thermometer recorded the progress of the fall fundraising drive, a bat-infested poster announced the date for the Halloween Spooktacular.
Not that she cared, or had an
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Remnants of autumn
The world becomes more colourful
Before those colours will all fall down
Withering and crumbling on the ground
Baring the cold sky through the branches
The heavy rain trying to bring back the life
But instead it only washes away the remnants
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 10 13
Dessert Wish Part 2
Renee woke up the following morning with a groan. Part of her didn’t have to force herself out of bed, but part of her also wanted to get up to have morning dessert before school. Her appetite won and she heaved herself out of bed. She heard the sounds of scarfing from Marge’s room so she waddled over to see what it was.
Renee opened the door and saw Marge, her mother, pinned down to the bed by her massive rolls and scarfing down a large gummy bear. “Oh good morning Renee. Don’t mind me, I’ve just been having dessert….” Marge swallowed the gummy bear whole, her belly bulked out even further, approaching the end of the bed. Marge closed her eyes and suddenly another two large gummy bears appeared. “Wow Mom, how did you do that?” Renee asked. “Oh this? I discovered that if you concentrate on the thoughts of dessert, then desserts will appear. I used this trick to eat dessert all night. Sorry I didn’t, oh one sec.” Ma
:icongriffin1122:Griffin1122 14 0
CROWN: Mass Sora TF by TF-Desconstruction CROWN: Mass Sora TF :icontf-desconstruction:TF-Desconstruction 9 2
am a Rose.
A delicate, pretty little flower that if you grip hard’ll bleed.
Am a poisonous Rose.
One that will always be gripped by the fools who find me pretty.
Only to turn up dead from my thorns.
I am a princess,
a pretty little princess known as Rose.
I am now a queen.
I will rule by the death of the king.
Shall be my king.
:iconlbely:Lbely 5 5
A Prayer Can't Save Me... Part 2 (BnHA)
(Shoutout to YandereKiller just because I fucking feel like it)
I thought it was a bit forward, grabbing her hand like that. But she didn't immediately retract her hand when I grabbed it, so that's good. I offered to tell her my story in exchange for her story, she seemed to not want to share her story but I hope I'm not forcing her to share it. The bell rings and we stand up, we head to our next class, Hero Basic Training. All Might lead us to combat training, where we'll have the chance to wear our hero costumes for the first time. I designed it with my quirk in mind but I think I took too much inspiration from Priests and Nuns outfits, Neito caught this and gave me some ideas that reflected his own costume.
We all gathered together and everyone had their costumes on, since Shiyori is the only friend I have so far in 1-A. I walked up and was confused as Ice covered the left side of her costume, I guess her hating Endeavour was true. "Your costume looks cool.." she smiled.
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 15 4
Diddy Kong Swings Into DEATH BATTLE!

First Appearance: Donkey Kong Land 2
Species: Ape
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black

-2nd member of the Donkey Kong Crew.
-Assisted DK multiple times in saving Kongo Bongo Island.
-Headbutted the moon into Kongo Bongo Island.
-Rescued DK from Captain King K Rool (with assistance from Dixie Kong) and from the Subspace Army (with assistance primarily from Fox McCloud and Falco).
-Defeated Rayquaza (with Fox).
-Defeated a giant Diddy Kong clone (with Fox and Falco).
-Can fly into the exosphere in 4 seconds
-In an alternate canon (where DK doesn't exist) Diddy became the evil dictator of Kongo Bongo Island (which will soon be renamed Diddyland)
-Defeated Tiki Tong on his own with the assistance of DK.


:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 16 1
Zoe Thompson

"One order of blueberry pancakes, coming right up!"

Name: Zoe Thompson
Nicknames: Zo, Blue Z
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid (Human/Blueberry)
Age: 24
Born: October 19, 1994; Ontario, Canada
Blood Type: Blueberry juice (Formerly B)
Height: 9'3'' (Formerly 5'4'')
Weight: 2,143 lbs (Formerly 134 lbs)
Hair: Orange, neck-length, swept to the sides
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Blue
Attire: Wears a white blouse, light green apron, black miniskirt, white panties with mint green stripes, white knee-length socks and brown shoes.
Personality: Zoe is an outgoing girl who takes it upon herself to satisfy her customers. She's also known to not let any negativity get to her and will not even hesitate to tell off any customers who are obnoxious towards her.
Likes: Her job, blueberr
:icondimensional-expander:Dimensional-Expander 14 19
Oregairu - Just a Trim, Please (Part 1)
Yukino Yukinoshita arrived at the hair salon after spending the whole day reading at her apartment. Her hair was long overdue for a trim because she was busy with the work in the Service Club. She was greeted by the receptionist once she entered the hair salon.
‘Is Aki free now?’ Yukino asked the receptionist.
‘Sorry, but Aki is on holiday right now, and won’t be back for another few days. Would you be fine with another hair stylist?’ the receptionist replied apologetically
Yukino played with the end of her hair. It was really getting a bit out of control, and the split ends were getting worse. ‘I am just getting the ends trimmed, so it doesn’t really matter who cuts it right?’ she thought to herself. ‘Hmm… Okay then.’ Yukino replied.
Moments later, a young attractive woman approached Yukino. ‘Hi, my name is Ayane, and I would be your hair stylist today.’ Ayane offered Yukino a handshake, and Yukino accepted
:iconrunetiger0719:runetiger0719 6 1
Kinktober 19: Princess
The sound of the quarter sliding into the coin slot stirred the inhabitants of the arcade cabinet. Sprites rushed to and fro, getting into their positions. “Places everyone!”  
“Ka-Thunk! Bwooo-da-da-dee!” With the second quarter, the arcade game flashed into lit, tinny 8-bit notes playing triumphantly as, somewhere indistinctly ahead and above of the sprites, the watching eye of the screen lit up.
As she had countless times before, Princess Peppermint took the stage, in the throne room of her candy palace. True to her name, she was dressed in an elegant red and white striped dress. Her scarlet locks spilled from a crown bearing a candy-striped gemstone.
“What is going on?” She said, a large speech balloon floating overhead. Across the room, the door opened and her chancellor Toady Toffee hopped in.
“It’s Lord Licorice, My Princess!” He croaked in distress. “He’s attacking the castle! Rrriibbbit
:iconachast:Achast 11 8
The dream team
(Fem! Spider-Man x Reader)

A/N: The costume Spidey will use for this story will be based off the Superior Spiderman suit (for lack of a better image) but other than that, this will be pretty much the MCU version of the character
Also, after making some research on the female equivalent of Peter, I came to the conclusion that it would be Petra, so the name you'll be seeing used for Spidey will be Petra Parker
With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy my first ever gender bent one-shot!
A Russian curse was shout out loud in an empty room meaning something along the lines of "Goddamnit"
That voice belonged to me, I was frustrated by my own inability to do things, I wasn't even able to do five hundred push-ups this time, at this rate I won't be able to live up to uncle Sergei's name!
Frustrated, I punched the wall with brute force, making a small crack on it, but it was then that I felt my hand
:iconiron-spartan:iron-spartan 20 2
Kodimarto meets Russian Kaa Story
One day just after mid-day, Kodimarto the young jungle pony was on the prowl. He left his home in search of food to gather until he came upon a curious sight. He found what seemed to be markings on a tree that seemed to look as something wrapped around it and tightened it leaving a curled mark.
What was surprising about it is that it started from the floor of the jungle and stretched to the near top of the tree. Another surprise was that the markings were bigger than both, Kodimarto’s hands. Whatever it was, it was massive in size and the worst feeling about that discovery was how close it was to home.
Kodimarto took it upon himself to find whatever it was and either remove it from the jungle or make sure it stays away from his home.
However what he was looking for was a crafty one. He found no traces of it on the floor of the jungle. It seemed to have stuck to the branches above to avoid leaving any trail. Kodimarto tried to sniff him out like his wolf family did but he could fi
:iconkodimarto:Kodimarto 9 1
Attack on a Teen Titan, Part 1
Attack on a Teen Titan, Part 1
In a dark room in the Teen Titans Tower Raven meditated, she hovered in mid air crossed legged and totally detached from the world. The dark atmosphere and quiet room helped her find her centre. The only noise she could hear was her breathing, her voice as she said her chant "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" and the gentle beat of her relaxed heart. But she was totally focused on her breathing and nothing else. It was the only way she could control her powers, powers that could be influenced by her emotions.
In the ether of the dimensions that she explored with her mind she heard something. It sounded like a person or people screaming in terror, in great danger, somewhere out there. People, or was it just a person? Whatever it was she could feel pain, terrible pain coming from somewhere.
She decided to look further into it, going deeper and deeper. Her physical body stayed where it was as her mind probed the ether. She was a hero after all, so she had to make a
:iconinchhighlilliputian:InchHighLilliputian 15 7
TMToH #1 - The Illusionist
The fire is already lit, roaring robustly in the fireplace against the wall. In his usual spot is the old man, sitting expectantly with his tome open in his lap. There is no look of relief that he is no longer alone, no surprise at having a visitor once more--there is only deviation.
“Welcome,” he says simply, politely. He never moves his gaze--eyes dark and sunken into his skull and barely visible in the light of the fire--as he flips through a few pages in his book.
“My first tale,” he begins, unblinking, “is of a special type of horror; the uncertainty of self. What is real? What is true? What do we want…” He smirks devilishly, “and what wants us?”
The old man lifts a page in the book, then lets it fall. It flutters closed with a puff of dust; dust that obscures the visibility of the scene. Like magical fog it obfuscates until it reaches complete opacity for a second before swirling into our scene…

Gentle tweetin
:iconmavenofclockwork:MavenOfClockwork 7 0
The Gonzyverse Explanation!

Temporal Gonzy: Greetings, Everyone! I think its about time for me to clear up some things with the Multiverse, as I think there might be some confusion about it all.

Temporal Gonzy: As you know already, the universe in which I am in is not the main one. Regardless of having a hub for accessing every single bit of the multiverse, that does not mean that this would be the center point for it.

Temporal Gonzy: Each Alternate Universe has separate branches, or timelines, which show the result of different outcomes for different events.
The Numbering of each Alternate Universe is not based on anything with them. They are more or less randomly decided by myself, with an exception of a few of them. For example, the main universe, I call it Universe 87. That's what you get when you add up the placements of the letters in the Gonzy name together. G = 7 , O = 15 ,
:iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 19 6
how to read | levi
“Squad Leader (Name),” a voice called, causing you to halt in your tracks and turn around. Captain Levi Ackerman stood behind you, holding a pile of papers in one hand. You tilted your head, curious.
            “Yes, Levi?”
            “Help me with these papers,” he demanded, “I have enough on my plate right now.”
            You pursed your lips, contemplating. He impatiently waited for your answer, crossing his arms without wrinkling the papers in his hand.
            “Alright, Levi. Your room?”
            He nodded.


You quickly gleaned one paper with a blank expression, signing Levi’s nam
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 12 4
Shantae and the Black Baron chronicles 42
In the Black Adder ship, the Black Order is preparing for the journey into the innovation.
BOLO: I know this is a weird place but a must is a must.
SKY: I know, Bolo.
ROTTYTOPS: I saw in the latest brochure of Tomorrow Isle. It is way too futuristic.
HARYEN: This is where my sister lives and captured.
???: Everyone!
Black Baron appears.
SHANTAE: Black Baron. This is it.
B.B.: Indeed. We must be in full alert. And remember to control your temptation that will lead to your damnation.
BOLO: That's creepy.
B.B.: Do not worry about it. It's a long journey and we must save the megalopolis from that tyrant.
SKY: Everything is ready.
AERIA: We made so many montage and the commercial is ready.
B.B.: Perfect. Now let us begin.
Episode 41: Tomorrow Isle tyranny's fall
Part 1: Commercial attempt
In Futropolis, the Black Order disguised as tourists are entering the city.
SKY: This place is like we are in the future.
ROTTYTOPS: Wow! Talk about a lot of televisions. And look! They broadcast the zombi
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 8 42
Study of Lovecraftian styled writing
It cannot be seen, known or reckoned. What is buried should always remain left covered for all time, without the watchful eye of those seeking to understand its reason. Some things that are lost must stay so lest what is brought surface in gruesome exhibition.
Such was the grave of an elderly man who needlessly died of a accident of particular nature. The deceased was was found charred to the bone, flesh black to ashy bits as with a uncontrollable blaze. A fire that should have consumed the house and everything in it, but as by the mystery surrounding his death was neither the case. The living room he was found in was naught with further evidence of ignition nor the telltale sign of scoring. Not even smoke could be smelt. Therefore the absence of fire.
The hardwood floor undamaged or the low hanging curtains adjacent to the event were unmolested. Only the old man was burned, yet this is where he died on the pine deck sprawled out leaving the absence of marks in the vicinity. What boon
:iconsnyslon93:Snyslon93 4 4
The Chun-Li Classic Bracket 4 by Stylistic86 The Chun-Li Classic Bracket 4 :iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 7 1