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winter thursday morning
and the sidewalks are chipped with frost and footprints
the towers shimmer gold in the rising sun
the rivers are frozen, but not quite frozen
and the wintery air hurts my face but in a good way
the train runs by with cargo for the countryside
and there are mittens and toques in a thin sea of commuters
there are cars below, a truck driver with his load for the day
a mother running for the door with her stroller, though she passed two on the way
and there's dirty snow water sliding down the floor while the masses leave
salt crystals left on the platforms because no one wants to lose it today
and the greenhouse is hiring, seedlets arrayed in their backyard
the tree branches are hanging icicles out to dry
and the brush below is a wonderland of wading if only we had more time
the turn of a newspaper, the shuffle of wet boots
the hustle and bustle of downtown
and I make fun of myself because I needed medication for anxiety
but people don't stress me out, it's the everyday things that I turn
:iconserendiipitii:Serendiipitii 12 3
Interplanetary Onslaught Act 10

Die Stühle liegen sehr eng

Wir reden die ganze Nacht lang

Dieser niedrige Raum ist nicht schlecht

Wir können uns gut verstehen

So ist es immer, unser Licht ist nur das

Trinken und singen wir, begrüßen morgen

So ist es immer, unterm riesigen Himmel

Leben wir zusammen, die Nacht ist lang

Da die Sterne nicht leuchten

Kann der Mond auf diese Stadt nicht scheinen

Schauten wir das Licht selbst an

Singen wir unter dem Sternenmeer

(DAY 4: BERLIN, GERMANY 6:00 pm)

        The mixture of cold to warm breeze indicated the coming of spring in Berlin as the Germans walked around the city streets. The big dark blue evening skies were kissing the sun's rays away as the moon walked around. For the other civilians, it was an unusual night, when a truck of
:icone31:e31 7 2
Mask of Lies [Levi x Reader] {12}
12. Heart to Heart
        I woke up to the doorbell ringing, I was passed out in the living room, my eyes all puffy and red from the crying I did. My head hurt from the drinking I did. My stomach hurt from the ice cream I ate. And my heart hurt because I was an idiot. 
        "She's right here," I heard my mother say.
        "Thank you, Ms. (L/n)," that voice, it was Levi... 
        I quickly closed my eyes. I probably looked like shit because I sure felt like it. 
        "(Y/n) get up," Levi said and shook my shoulder. I refused to open my eyes which only made him shake me harder, "Get up, brat, I know that you're awake. We need to go to your school today," Levi said and I op
:iconjustsomerandomchick:JustSomeRandomChick 10 3
modeling, teachers, and lots of diapers ch6 (END?)
“My poor baby, are you alright!?” Aunt Celestia asked as she knelt down beside me.
I raised myself off the floor and looked at her. Then I just started to cry once more, just like the baby I looked like.
Aunt Celestia stood and picked me up in her arms. As she did, the overalls that were around my ankles fell to the floor, completely showing my very dirty diaper off to the world.
All I could do was bawl on Aunt Celestia shoulder as she carried me to the bathrooms.
“Its ok sweetie pie, accidents happen. Your ok, your aunts are here.” Aunt Celestia told me.
I was so distracted by all the crying I didn't even notice Aunt Celestia took me into the ladies room.
We were soon followed by my other two aunts.
Once inside, Aunt Luna shut and locked the door, while Aunt Candace pulled out a large mat out of the diaper bag she brought.
I was then laid down and felt the disgusting mush smash against my backside. I let my Aunts do what they wanted, I was too upset to care.
:iconpinkthedinosaur:PinkTheDinosaur 11 2
Male Reader x Ruby Rose (Vol. 1 Chapter 1)
Okay, so me and my boi TheNessY21 decided to team up and make a huge reader insert collab with his team, Team CHKO, and my team, ASND. Let the mayhem begin!
[ ] = Thinking
(Y/N) = Your Name
Disclaimer: I don't own RWBY. All rights go to Rooster Teeth. Team CHKO belongs to TheNessY21 
                                                                                                (ASNDing CHKO)

    It was just another day at it was the last for a few. (Y/N) was literally counting down the seconds. Today was the final day, he was his group of friends, along with his childhood crush, Ruby Rose. They both
:iconfanficadan:FanFicAdan 15 3
Sarah's Big Adventure - The Narrative
BBW Comic Naration
It was the start of the summer and NYU has just broken up for vacation. Two of its students, Sarah Lee and Alicia Black were reaping the benefits. These two former freshmen found themselves in the big city for the first time with no class and no agenda. They had both decided to keep their local lodging for the summer after being roomed up with each other at the beginning of the year.
Sarah was a bean pole of a redhead. She had wavy locks of amber and a ocean blue eyes that most people got lost in. Her counterpart, Alicia, was just as scrawny, but sported jet  black straight hair and had dark brown eyes, matching the color of her skin.
Their first day on break, and they had found themselves in an ice cream parlor on a particularly hot day. Sarah had never been here before and was overwhelmed by the sweet smell of sugary ice cream. Alicia and her grabbed a booth and both ordered sundaes, giggling in excitement full of anticipation.
Soon the young server had
:iconmr-monopoly:mr-monopoly 31 8
Scene-by-Scene #39: TLH- TMB (w/ MikeTheHuman113)
(Powerpuff-Pony was sitting in the living room, playing "My Little Karaoke")
PPP: Yes! Ultrastar ranking! I'm on fire!
(A pebble is thrown at his window, which he doesn’t hear. A second pebble is thrown and again, no response. Finally, a much larger rock is thrown at the window, making a noticeable “BANG!” noise)
(Slowly, PPP looks up, sighs, and looks out the window)
PPP: ...Mike?
(Sure enough, Mike is standing outside his window on the floor below, with disheveled clothes and a noticeable loss in weight. He also appears to be quite dirty)
Mike: Oh, thank goodness! Hi, Alex! (waves)
PPP: Uh...hi. Not that I'm not happy to see you, but what are you doing?
Mike: Uh....oh yeah, that! Well, um...I was just wondering if you could let me in. See, I haven’t exactly.....left since the Beauty and the Beast review and I can only handle living off dead squirrels for so long. You got anything good to eat?
PPP: ...Why would you- That doesn't matter. Just come on in. I'm sur
:iconpowerpuff-pony:Powerpuff-Pony 7 19
A Dragon's Heart. Astrid x Male Reader 4.
So this was the most voted for thing on the poll. next was Thalia x reader x Reyna.
I love that you guys are loving this series.
Astrid is like my dream Wafiu, she beats even Winter Schnee or Thalia Grace herself.
~Love Boopy
(Y/n) stared into Astrid’s eyes, her hand still gripped his length, and nervousness flooded his body as she began to pump her hand up and down making him even more aroused. “Astrid” he groaned as she took off his boxers with her free hand exposing (Y/n)’s now half-erect member, Astrid looked at it with hungry eyes, she licked her lips before kissing his lips, what she did next was amazing. She stopped pumping his dick; peeling back the foreskin she licked the red tip of his cock sending shivers down his spine.
“Just relax, and let momma do the work” Astrid cooed, one of her hands drifted down and grasped his balls and began to roll the
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 14 7
Puzzle 3301 ~Chapter 8~ by IgnebrisFox Puzzle 3301 ~Chapter 8~ :iconignebrisfox:IgnebrisFox 9 2
A Mouth With the Eye of a Raven In It
So speaks the knife point,
to regain the wealth,
It spoke of before
It were past being trained
to cut,
An important point of
For the Dream of the
to in using a full
self of memory,
much like souls
transplant in nature with
the rainbow,
how strange the house
then, A mouth with the
eye of a Raven in
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
The Great Chocolate Machine (Baby Lisa WG Story)
   The Simpsons Family was off on a tour of a large factory with their two children, Bart and Lisa. Bart was four years old at the time, and Lisa was two years old. The family was following a tour guide, a young ginger-haired girl with a ponytail offering them all a detailed history of the entire factory, as well as some fun facts about how everything worked.
   However, despite this, Bart was getting increasingly bored. He was put in charge of holding his sister’s hand and keeping her on track and from wandering off, being the older brother and all. He also was wearing an empty backpack, one he intended on filling with chocolate as soon as the tour was over. But Bart didn’t like this one bit. All of this walking around was grating on his feet, and the voice of the tour guide going on and on about all the history proved to be dull for the naturally energetic child. It was taking too long, and his already weak patience was wearing thin. He needed some dis
:iconchubby-chimaera:Chubby-Chimaera 16 1
Another Date
Now, anybody who knew Twilight would always be aware of one undeniable fact; she likes it when things go according to plan. Her school days, her time off, any aspect of her life that she COULD plan down to the smallest detail, she WOULD. So, realising that she had allowed one particular moment to go beyond that sense of order and control, what possible response could she have but to try and make sure it DID go along with her plans for once? So, that was exactly why she and Timber, walking down the street together, now headed to one of the favoured local hang-out spots of the youth of Canterlot; the Corner Café. This was a place she and her friends had visited many times before, and as such, she actually rather looked forward to being there. Timber, for his part, simply seemed happy to be with her, and smiled warmly to his date as she carried on, slightly ahead of him on the sidewalk.
It took little time after this for the two of them to cross the road and actually enter the place
:iconthejboy88:Thejboy88 6 4
Antsy Shrek
Shrek paced back and forth in the living room of his home, and for very good reason. Today was the day his wife, Fiona, was scheduled to return from a journey to lands far away.
"Okay, Shrek. Get a hold of yourself. It's only been a week… and yet it feels like forever since I've seen her. Sigh… I've missed you, Fiona." Shrek said. The ogre then heard a rapid series of knocks on the front door.
"Fiona! At last you have…" Shrek said, only for the door to suddenly swing open and trap him behind it.
"Delivery for Mr. Shrek!" Donkey shouted from outside. He was standing behind a box about his height, which he pushed into the house with his forehead.
"Huh? Now where'd my big fat smelly onion friend go?" Donkey said as he rapidly looked around the house with no sign of Shrek.
"Ugh… here, Donkey." Shrek said. Donkey watched as the door swung backwards, with Shrek walking out from behind and readjusting his nose.
"Ahhhhh… I get it! You were playing hide and seek to
:iconbiggerbetterbarbie:BiggerBetterBarbie 5 0
Gone Batty: Chapter 20
Gone Batty
Chapter 20: Plan A and B
Goth’s grip was relentless and there was nothing that Melody could do to shake him off. She helplessly watched as they passed over the treetops before Goth took them both downwards, flapping his massive wings. The figure of Throbb guarding Shade and Marina came into view, waiting for them on one of the branches of a bare spruce tree.  When her friends noticed their return, the hope in their expressions was instantly snuffed out and Melody winced. She saw Shade try to fly up to her but Throbb held him back.
Melody’s captor carelessly dropped her onto a branch of a neighboring tree, making her gasp from the lack of warning. She scrambled to get a better hold on it as Goth landed next to her, having the tree limb tremor a little under his weight. Goth’s lip curled up disparagingly at her and she inched back instinctively. He picked her up by the scruff of her mane in one hand, causing her to dangle pathetical
:iconlilgrimmapple:lilgrimmapple 7 9
Smoke It Up: From High to Better Society
    “I’m going to be late!  Of course Winston would have to catch a cold on my important night out!”
    Amanda was storming out of her high-rise, expensive apartment and past her doorman, who waved goodbye politely as she rushed on by.  Amanda was a middle age heiress on her way to one of her fancy galas that she absolutely “had” to attend to matter what.
    However, tonight was going to be very different for the woman.  Her husband was under the weather and her driver was sick as well, forcing her to make it on her own.
    Having no interest in driving herself, the light-brown haired woman reached the curb and threw her hand into the air.  She called loudly to the coming cars, “Taxi!”
    Several cars passed by her, even a few taxis despite her best efforts to get their attention.  She huffed and wagged her arm harder, her limb growing sore a
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 24 4

   I am here- still...lie on this cold metal table- i'm  supose to be up- to die- for them- i brain work febrill in "i don't have time"-I sign all papers-when i was a health woman- i am still young...I AM THE DONOR-THE REAL DONOR...what shall i offer to the people if not MY SELF?SO!LET'S BEGIN THE "TAKE ALL" WITH LOVE AND HOPE:you little girl- that never sow the light- TAKE MY EYES- when  you will open your new eyes- you will see ...the world in splendid colors- you will be able to paint - to be a great artist- cose i was....and i wish you to paint THE LIFE - as a better place to you  dear boy- take my liver- i know - you wait so very long- but HERE I AM- i gave you LIFE!...take my hands- my all inside me- heart- give it to this young-beauty woman- to feel all the splendid feeling that i've got- love- peace-kindness...sensitivity and heart will beat in her chest so good-
:iconyokoky:YOKOKY 14 23
Harmonic Heart (Chapter 16)
Chapter 16 -Regretable Decisions-
I snap back to reality, and look around the room I was in. 
'Right... I was in bed wounded before Lucifer, Death and my teammates went away to kill Adam. May Hell burn his soul and suffer from whatever punishment my family gives down there,' I though to myself as I stand up and started to walk out of my room.
I made my way to the outskirts of Beacon, and started just wondered around. I didn't care if professor Goodwitch saw me when it's past curfew, she and Ozpin are aware of what I am now, and think of it as a break from my training of some kind. But this time, it really is a break. I just came from a special training with my father, and... it was tough to say the least. 
I open the palm of my hand and started to concentrate. Moments later, a ball of fire appeared in my hand, but it's a weak flame and flickering.
“Still need to work on that,” I said to myself, extinguishing the flame
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 14 3
Call of the Light
Pale by midday
the warm colours slowly fading
I keep them in my heart
[My world is colourful]
     A personal treasure
     tucked in my insides, warmly
       glowing through my days
    [I dream in technicolour dreams]
Reaching out
through my ribcage, the fire
is bright within me
[Light up my night]
   It envelops all
   I ever hold dear, my flames
     a beacon of hope
   [I'm your lighthouse shining]
As I stand on the dock
ever waiting, ever hoping that
one day, you'll be back
[I long for your light]
   On the winds I soar,
    home shining in my blue eyes —
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 9 4
A Missing Sister!? - Part 4 - Restoring Krysti!

Mason: Such a wreck...passing out before she even made it through the door.

Mason: At least her condition is stable for the moment. I guess I don't need to implement my medical injection.

Mason: I'm sure the contents of it can help restore her, if not potentially fix up her condition, but it hasn't been tested fully yet.

Mason: Considering these results, I think everything will be fine n-

Mason: What!? Me and my big mouth...what's going on now!?

Mason: Oh my god, it's worse than I thought. If something isn't done at this rate, she will end up brain dead fairly soon. If not today, then weeks from now!

Mason: Or- Oh n
:iconmistress-gonzy:Mistress-Gonzy 20 4
Wake-up Routine (Kommo-o TF)
His eyes slowly opened to the dimly lit room, feeling the thin sheets he was covered in, the warm humidity in the room as the sun beared down from behind the shutters of the blinds. He could still feel the grogginess on his face, rolling over as his hand slid over the bedding to pick up his phone, resting on charge. Nine o’clock in the morning. He had slept in a little bit again. He was tempted to keep lying there too, having woken up earlier when people were moving around outside of his room earlier which made him feel more groggy than he should… but it was starting to get late. The day was being eaten away the more he laid there. Time to do the morning routine.
Caleb gradually shuffled and sat up, pulling aside his sheets as he swung his legs over the right side of the bed, sitting there for a moment as he stretched his arms above and behind his head. He flexed his shoulder blades while he sat there in his comfortable, loose trackie pants, the ones part of his sleeping ou
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 17 19
Some R+R (Anthro Fox TF/TG) [TF MONTH]
"Please return to your seat and buckle your seat belts, we will commence landing shortly." the stewardess spoke over the intercom. Mike smiled and leaned into his chair. He had been looking forward to this vacation for the whole year. He was a rather high power executive, and after closing a very important deal with his firm he decided to make use of the sick and vacation time he had accommodated as a reward. Two weeks with no troubles to worry about, just rest and relaxation. Perhaps some sight seeing to! 
Mike looked out of the window as he saw the plane descend past the clouds as civilization was since once again as well as the runway. It was a beautiful day along the cost of Florida and he was sure nice beach days were ahead of him! He packed sunscreen, trunks, sunglasses, all the beach essentials along with his "normal" ones. 
The plane soon landed and Mike got his belongings and himself off the plane and to his hotel. He was reading through the brochure at all the
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 12 4
Issue 46: In My Father's Dimension
"This may sound cheesy, but I think you're a grate daughter."
-Dad Joke Digest
       The AccuTech labs were typically quiet near the end of the day.  Technicians were on their computers, reading reports quietly with the occasional keyboard keystrokes echoing in the room.
       Typically "Joyce Delaney" had already left early, however.
       Gwen sat in her computer chair, the armrests having been removed recently to accommodate her reinflated hips.  Headphones wrapped around her ears blaring music loud enough for others to hear and tapping her pen rhythmically to the beat, she worked diligently to complete her project milestones for the next week.  She had requested a week off to visit home, and with Peter off-planet with the Fantastic Four it seemed like a prime opportunity.  God knows she would be bored and just clear out the fridge daily if left alone.
:iconplumpspidergwen:PlumpSpiderGwen 20 21
[Life of Haley] Tara Turns Tail, Haley Hefts Up
Three days wasn’t much of a vacation. It may have been the holidays, but Tara still had a busy work life ahead of her back in Charleston. That didn’t leave much time for getting to know one another, but it certainly left enough time for plenty of family meals. At least, if Mrs. West had anything to say about it. With two girls to feed, the already overworked woman couldn’t help but kick herself into overdrive. Breakfasts led into lunches, which led to dinners. Sometimes there was only handful of hours that her daughters may lay at rest before she whipped up another caloric onslaught for her baby girls!
Haley had grown accustomed to it, but Tara had been left far behind.
“Okay, like, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, okay?” Tara belched softly into the breadth of her palm, “But if Mom makes me eat anything else today I think I’m gonna barf.”
“Tell me about it.” Haley answered, nonplussed by the excess mass occupying her s
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 22 5