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El maestro de la guerra
Hola mi nombre es zack vivo en otwal una fortaleza.Despues de que la guerra biologica acabara.La sociedad se dividio en dos partes los que viven fuera de las fortalezas y los que vivian dentro.
fuera de las fortalezas es una zona sin ley.Las fortalezas son ciudades rodeadas por muros para proteger ah la poblacion cada fortaleza era independiete de la otra,yo vivo en la fortaleza otwal en la
que govierna Jesus.Jesus fue elegido por los ciudadanos yo soy solo un ciudadano la verdad aqui se vive un poco mal nos tienen explotados ah los ciudadanos normales pero no me puedo quejar eh oido
hablar que en otras fortalezas se les trata peor.En mi trabajo me dedico ah fundir el metal para armas.Se rumoreaba por el trabajo que un ataque terrorista iva ah matar ah Jesus pero no le daban
importancia ya que ya se habia rumoreado varias veces sin que ocurriera nada entonces se oyen disparos salgo del trabajo para ver que pasaba y estaba pasando muchas personas con una calabera pintada
en la cara y co
:iconreptil77gemplays:reptil77gemplays 6 5
Snakes in a Box (TF/MC/AP) CH2018
‘Hey there Wolf!
So, this took me a while to find, but at least I was able to get what I think you’ll like. It may or may not be practical for you, but hey, it’s the thought that counts right?
Hope you enjoy!
PS - They really had a lot of detail on this!

Wolf was rather taken aback by the size of the box that had been delivered that morning. He wasn’t expecting a gift to be THIS big. But here it was, a box that looked like it held a TV or something. Maybe something bigger. Large, brown with very little information as to what it was aside from a few strips of duct tape and the letter that was posted on the front. The poor male just stared at it. Was it too big to even get through his front door? Maybe. It was wide as hell and tall as fuck and Wolf was a little worried that it might actually just get wedged in there as he tried to drag it through. Dragging might be the only way this thing would move; the size of it must mean that whatever is insid
:icona-c-crowley:A-C-Crowley 6 3
Nora's Hungry (Vore)
    Nora and Ren have been best friends since they were kids so they’ve felt more comfortable around each other than they have around their other friends. The two were okay with knowing each other’s habits, although everyone knew Nora’s which was pretty much endless eating. Nora was a girl with short orange hair and turquoise eyes, while Ren had a long black hair tied into ponytail that ended halfway down his back. He also had a magenta streak in the side of his hair, which matched the color of his eyes.
    Ren was wearing a dark green, diagonally buttoned and long-sleeved tailcoat that had black and gold trimming as well as pink cuffs. What was interesting about this day was that Nora wasn’t wearing her usual outfit. She was lying down on her bed, wearing nothing but a pink bra and panties, her hands patting her extended stomach that was full of food. Ren knew she was capable of eating a whole lot, but he wasn’t qu
:iconzikik:Zikik 8 0
Kirby's Angry Birds Movie Part 4
Chuck checked every room in the castle.
Chuck: No eggs in here. No. Nope. No. No.
Red: Hey! Whoa. I'm on this.
He checked one room to find a pair of creepy pig twins.
Pig Twins: Redrum.
Red: Uh, never mind. (closed the door)
In the skies…
Pilot Pig: Backup engine.
The planes crash each other. Back at the castle, Lincoln and Lynn were pulling Bomb out when Red and the gang went pass tham...
Red: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Wait. Hold on a second.
Chuck: Wait, I know those kids pulling that rear end. That’s Bomb and his Loud kids.
Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls Z): Actually, that’s his face.
Chuck: Sorry, Bomb.
Bomb: No problem. It's a shaky week. (they helped Lincoln and Lynn pull him out) Thanks for getting me out.
In the dining room, the pigs were demanding eggs.
Pigs: We want eggs! We want eggs!
The cauldron was boiled and ready for egg-cooking.
Army Pig: He was sick, but then he got cured. (chuckles)
Chuck: No eggs in... huh! Ooo, these are clever pigs.
Red: Okay, look. I'm gon
:iconkirbystarwickett:KirbyStarWickett 5 0
Introducting Keith
Name: Keith
Age: 18 - 24 +
Gender: Male ♂
D.o.b: 29th April 1995
Nickname(s) Smelly cat, Fluffball,  Smudge
Occupation: Part timer,  Missionary
Species: Black Catboy
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Aqua Blue
- Listening to Classical Rock,  Pop, Classic and Nightcore
- Playing any genre of Games including going to the arcade
- Checkers
- Rock climbing
- Making any genre of art
- Socialising /making friends
- Joining in Karaoke
- Helping others in need
- Reading and watching Horror,  Action,  Comedy,  Science fiction movies/series/Anime/Manga
- Being scorned at for no reason
- Seeing others depressed and uncomfortable (particularly his loved ones)
- Being pointed at
- Being left out
- Dealing with Filthy surfaces
_ Aggressive,  Unfriendly,  insulting,  discrimitory people
-Violence,  unless he has to use it
- Small talks (When seemingly pointless)
- Over the top violent anime
:iconadammuddyfox:AdamMuddyfox 3 3
Marvel vs. Nintendo: Machamp

Name: Machamp
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Kanto
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Debut: Pokemon Red and Green Version (1996)
Voice Actor: Eric Stuart
According to Pokédex entries, Machamp has enough strength in just one arm to move entire mountains, and sometimes when attempting to do work that requires care, its arms can become tangled up. Machamp is a very powerful Pokémon, having a high Attack stat and decent Defense stats. Another Dex entry states that it can unleash a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds.
Intro: Bruno is seen sitting with his back to the camera and his legs crossed, before he gets up and turns around. Bruno then sends out Machamp from his Poké Ball, who flexes with his four arms.
Outro: Machamp flexes and crosses his arms before Bruno returns him to his Poké Ball.
Taunt: Machamp simply flex
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 7 1
Apsm anime review: Place Further Than The Universe
AKA, 4 high school girls go to Antarctica.

STUDIO: Madhouse (Black Lagoon, One Punch Man)
DIRECTOR: Atsuko Ishizuka (No Game, No Life)
Mari Tamaki is a high schooler having a mid-life crisis. When she entered high school, she made a list of things she would do to make the most of her youth, including to go on a journey. However, over a year later and she has yet to do anything. Even skipping school proves to be too intimidating a task.
The turning point comes when she spots a girl drop one million yen at a train station. Said owner happens to be the shy but stubborn Shirase, who has an unusual goal: to go to Antarctica (or the South Pole in Layman's terms). Only a few years prior, Shirase's mother disappeared whilst on an expedition there, and she's determined to look for her.
Encouraged by Shirase's determination, and seeing it as an opportunity to conquer her doubts
:iconapsm:apsm 2 0
Melody Meets Furiora (Contest Prize)
Melody zipped through the air as she fell upon the unsuspecting moth. Its exoskeleton cracked satisfyingly between her teeth as Melody all but plucked the moth from the wildflower. She gave a silent cheer before flying up to roost under a larger banana leaf like she saw the white Honduras bats do. It was a comfortable alternative to hanging under a branch. The leaf canopied over her like a large tent, hiding her from view from potential predators... like a certain Vampryum King. This allowed her to eat in peace.
While Melody licked her claws free of any bug crumbs she heard a loud WHOOSH and her leaf swayed heavily from the aftershock. Melody stayed put, her feet gripping the stem tightly as to not accidentally be shaken off. Not that it would have mattered, bats had an automatic locking system in their feet once hanging upside down. If anything, her worry should come from the possibility of the leaf falling, not her.
She should have probably just stayed hidden under the leaf, but huma
:iconlilgrimmapple:lilgrimmapple 6 1
Male Reader x MHA Harem 2.4
Ch.10: Ryuji's True Nature Revealed!
"A cavalry battle? So that means we're teaming up?" you said.
"But how are we forming teams?" Tsuyu said, tipping her finger to her mouth.
"I'm going to suck at this." Kaminari said with dread.
"Participants will, on their own, form up teams of two to four members each and get into horse-and-rider formation. The rules are the same: Snag your opponents headband while guarding your own. However, there is one exception..." Midnight said with a pause "Each of you has been assigned a point value based on your ranking in the last event!"
The students were saying it was like earning points in the entrance exams and the point value of each team depended on its members when Midnight cracked her flog.
"I was about to explain it so shut up!" Midnight yelled in an annoyed voice. "Anyways, yes! And your individual values start at 5 at the bottom. So the student who placed 42nd will be worth 5 points. 41st will be worth 10 points and so on. But...first place is w
:iconhellrider145:hellrider145 5 0
Wonder Woman Comm: Genesis of Wonder Geek
Diana of Themyscira, known by some as Diana Prince and by all as Wonder Woman, was a heroine many admired and many more loved. Having saved the world dozens of times over, both with the league and on her own. She had become a symbol for justice, for honor, and the womanly ideal. Among the many admirers who loved her, though, there was one who pined for her especially.
A young man who lived in Gateway City named Calvin had been saved by Wonder Woman once years ago and was madly in love with her. While Calvin was more than a bit of a recluse, he was also an avid fan of mythology and the occult. It was during one such day when he was going through an auction house and discovered an ancient artifact called the Tome of Nabu. Rumors around the ancient book was that whatever was written within became part of a being’s fate.
While Calvin was merely an intern with the auction house, the idea of such a thing captivated him. After all, if aliens, magic, and gods were real, what was there to
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 10 9
On a throne
made up in
elaborate conceptualization
draped in
curses directed to
This is
what was perceived?
Loneliness preferred
lesser of these two evil's
"You shouldn't have made them bow."
:iconshametownkiller:ShameTownKiller 3 0
Earth-Chan Rounds Out DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Earth
Age: 4.5 Billion Years
Weight: 115 lbs at human form, 100 Septillion lbs at planet form (explanation in Abilities)

Height: 4'8 at human form, 336,000,000' at planet form (explanation in Abilities)


Has existed for billions of years
Managed to sustain actual life
Became the most wholesome meme of 2017
Was able to encourage people to not pollute
Is the only planet with just one moon (as opposed to many or none)
Bypassed the 'loli' trope by being as old as she is, meaning it's technically okay to get off to her (but you'll still be judged)
Has the most variety of life than any other planet (or anything in the galaxy really)
The only planet with plate tectonics and liquid water
Expected to sustain life for another five hundred million years

 - Is fully aware of its age, implying she is smart enough to know how to count the
:iconprofessorsodaman:ProfessorSodaMan 4 0
Thunder roared as cracks of lightning lit up the dark night sky. A heavy downpour of rain soaked the land, turning the dirt road to mud. If there was ever a night for something foreboding to happen, it would be tonight. Only the incredibly brave, or the incredibly foolish would dare head out under these conditions. And yet, there was a lone traveller, braving the elements and following the road on foot.
A leather cloak was draped over their body, their only protection from the rain. One hand was hidden inside their cloak, holding it closed, while the other carried a small lantern, lighting the way with a glowing red crystal. Their boots were caked with mud, but despite that, they continued to trudge on down the road, ignoring the storm that surrounded them. Their eyes were affixed on the horizon. Though the pale moonlight, masked by dark clouds, was not bright enough to light up the night, every so often, the lightning would reveal the traveller’s goal.
In the distance stood a la
:iconclockworkmelody:clockworkMelody 7 0
Part 12: The 'All Is Lost' Moment
As per Captain Pasta's orders, Yamcha and Pu'er have been keeping tabs on the group meandering south with the river.  The young officer feels uneasy to not have that dangerous monkey boy Raditz in sight, but he stays on task.
Having landed and camouflaged his jet-copter, Yamcha watches through binoculars as the group makes contact with an old man on the beach and attains from him a Dragon Ball, meaning they have six neatly wrapped up and ready to steal.  He sends Pu'er in for another subterfuge mission, then radios to the lone sea vessel of the Gourmezite navy, ordering a strike at his command.
At this point, Chi-Chi descends to the beach and offers Pance a ride on Kinto'un.  The little redhead has trouble climbing aboard and Chi-Chi offers a pull-up with Nyoi-bo.
The Turtle Hermit, recovered from his blood loss, rejoins the group and recognizes the magical extending bo staff in Chi-Chi's grasp.  He says it once belonged to his old student, Son Gohan, and wonders ho
:iconsongoharotto:SonGoharotto 3 0
Rubberband Girl And Furnace Guy: Origins Part 1
John Hanes and Rebecca Midwal walked out of the cinema. John wasn't into the movie he just saw in the cinema. "Gorgon VS the Rubber Woman". A movie about a giant sea dragon called Gorgon that battles an elastic russian superheroine. While John wasn't into it, his girlfriend Rebecca didn't think it was that bad. But before she could voice her opinion, both John and Rebecca heard a loud monstrous screech coming from an abandoned power plant. "Did you hear that?" Rebecca said. "That didn't sound real at all. And why would it come from that power plant that has been abandoned for 2 years?" John replied, knowing that something wasn't right. He decided to go and investigate.
Rebecca followed him into the power plant. "Ew, what died here, a mutant skunk?" Rebecca commented about the stench inside the power plant. "Okay, whoever you are, you aren't pranking---" Suddenly a quiet hiss was heard, and John and Rebecca saw something that they wished they didn't. The thing they saw was humanoid in s
:icontoadstool-comics:Toadstool-Comics 4 3
Was schert mich, was die anderen denken?
(Female weight gain)
Mein jetziges Leben ist einfach nur wundervoll. Es gibt nichts Schöneres für mich, als mich von meinem Freund füttern zu lassen, um am folgenden Tag noch mehr zu wiegen und mir selbst Tag für Tag beim Wachsen zuzusehen. Die anderen Frauen können noch so viel sagen, sie verstehen das berauschende Gefühl nicht, dass mich durchströmt, wenn ich meinen fetten Körper ansehe und mit dem Speck spiele, der unter meinem längst zu kleinem T-shirt hervorquillt. Ihre Leben bestehen nur aus Diäten, die sie sich antun, weil sie glauben, dass ein paar Pfunde mehr auf den Rippen sie schrecklich aussehen lassen würde. Aber ich denke da anders, und das schon als ich noch sehr viel jünger war.
Als ich und meine damaligen Freundinnen sechs Jahre alt waren, erzählten sie sich gegenseitig von ihrer ‘idealen’ Zukunft. Sie wollten alle diesen untergewichtigen Barbiekörper haben, bei dem man sich angeblich pud
:iconichmagpummeligekerle:IchmagPummeligeKERLE 4 0
Formid hive TF RP
You/I/Both of us are walking home at night when you hear a hiss...
1) No mature or fetish
2) Pick a form from the description (Updates when new drones are made)
3) Only side effect is MC and is required
4) Color of new eyes and form before we start
5) Say, "Formid," and when I say, "Hive," we can talk
:iconmiddaywolg:MidDayWolg 5 85
Ultimate Destiny: Meta Knight
Name: Meta Knight
Gender: Male
Debut: Kirby's Adventure (1993)
VA: Eric Newsome (English) Atsushi Kisaichi (Japanese)
Title: The Lone Swordsman
Alternate Costume: Kirby's Adventure Appearance
Signature Stage: The Halberd
Intro: Meta Knight is seen with his back turned to the camera, cape blowing in the wind and a sword stabbed in the ground in front of him. Meta Knight then says his quote and quickly turns around and knocks the sword away before drawing Galaxia and pointing it forward.
Intro Quotes
"En garde, fools!"
"Are you ready to fight me?"
"Come then. Let's battle!"
"Take up your blade and fight now!"
Outro: Meta Knight slashes at the air with Galaxia before turning his back to the camera.
Outro Quote: Come back when you can put up a fight.
Results Screen Quotes
" my destiny."
"I will never be bested. Not by anybody."
"You were not prepared. You cannot blindly challenge me and hope for victory."
"Now, leave. I have far more important things to do with my tim
:iconbestpony666:bestpony666 5 6
Hunting the Hunters
Featuring Hel and Ilnaryn
Autumn, Year 769 of the New Age
Blackwood, Widow’s Hollow

He could hardly believe his luck!  Ilnaryn was near giddy with excitement, and it took every ounce of the stag’s self control to avoid cavorting about like a hyper colt.  He had been training hard to become stronger and faster, and today the Aspiring Warrior was assigned to patrol with a real life Raider!
Not just any Raider though...none other than the famous Hel!  Stories of her exploits saving does in Glenmore were well circulated in the small herd, inspiring fawns and adults alike. Ilnaryn was often enraptured by the tales of her magical illusions and her ability to enthrall enemies.  Being able to do one of those forms of magic was incredibly rare, but to possess both? Truly, the dark doe was blessed by the Great Mother.
Ilnaryn entered the clearing where they were assig
:icondodgermd:DodgerMD 2 0
Gryphon Paladin - Chapter 10, Part 2
I srsly DO NOT like how this part turned out :(  Mainly a filler Part cuz I actually AM proud of Chapter 11.
Before you start reading, there’s something important you should know about these 2 groups: The Hunters and the Extremists/Rioters.  When I first started writing this fanfic, I had them as the same group.  Rather than change this to fit the canon by taking out the Hunters, I made lemons into lemonade and made them 2 completely separate parties.  In fact, this direction actually fit PERFECTLY with the way I already described them.
Over the next 2 days, Claire was the happiest she had been in a VERY long time.  Jess almost never spoke anymore, but the fact she was alive filled Claire with immeasurable joy.  The problem was…she was still traumatized, even though she had started opening up.  She refused to speak of what happened
:iconarthas972:Arthas972 2 0
try not to miss-
peak. steady the apogee,
for if we break
or bite
all the universe will
don't claim amiss,
take me head over shadow;
so deeply incited
that waking
feels assuredly
fly on at brisk
pace, quicken each datum
until daylight
and dark night
swirl into void and
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 2 0
The Inevitable, chapter 11
Yes, I realize from here on out, the chapters won't "necessarily" align with the chapter title.  Here's why.  Since the Inevitable is split into two parts, "Arrival of the Foe" and "Arrival of the Viccen," the chapters reset.  Conveniently, chapter "11" and chapter "1" intersect... so all the chapters will be off by about 10.
    Time: A short while later, in the abandoned city of Sha’Harron.
No threat came, at least for a while. The major cities of this planet had not long been abandoned. Though the streets had only been empty for a few days, it seemed as if years had passed. The store screens had been shattered. Melted clear alloy, obviously stricken by the sonic pulses of some local gangs, lay in splintered heaps, and the insides had been looted.
His grand culture had been laid waste in a matter of years. All those untold generations of progress now lay in shattered ruin; the end had not been kind to the Kylth
:iconstrider1785:strider1785 3 0