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Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 3 Episode 10
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
王立問題 (A Royal Problem)
Starlight and Sunset have arrived at Canterlot's Throne Chamber, where they both facing Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and even Azure Phoenix and Strikespell.
Princess Celestia: So the map sent you both to solve a friendship problem?
Starlight: Yes, princess.
Sunset: So, do anypony have the problem?
Princess Celestia: Well, there's nothing wrong here. Right, sister and dear husband?
Princess Celestia gave a stern glare at both Azure Phoenix and Princess Luna.
Princess Luna [sourly]: No. Everything's perfect as usual, sister.
Azure Phoenix: Indeed. No problem at all...
Sunset: You noticed that?
Starlight: Yeah, I did.
Starlight and Sunset were discussing inside their bedroom after they have gathered some information about the friendship problem they have found. And now they're tryi
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 4 1
The Infestation (Part Four) - The Last Judgement
"This...this cannot be happening" thought Melissa Miller, looking down in between the widely spread apart   legs of the young heavily pregnant woman that she let into her home out of courtesy. "I should've let her stay outside" she continued as she watched as the young girl, called Lucy Turner, screamed out in pain. Tears streaming down her eyes and her hands pressed tightly against the sides of her humongous girth that resembled someone permanently pregnant with sextuplets, the massive sphere of life gurgling and tensing as a contraction hits the poor girl.
"Please get it out of me!" Sobbed Lucy as she yells and screeches out in agony, shrieking and grunting hard before taking several rapid breathes. Her now tender breasts quickly rising and falling underneath her peach t shirt, and sweat dripping from her hot pink face and the taut skin of her humongous pink flesh. Melissa watches Lucy wince and whelp as another contraction hits her, backing away from the girl in the direction t
:iconinfinitebelly:InfiniteBelly 8 0
Missing time
Deja vu in a handshake
A momentary lapse in concentration
A stranger that greets you,
in separate from the self
Chasing faces in a crowd
Faceless to the unknown
:iconrjbg:RJBG 9 0
Persevere in HIM
We must perseveringly wait upon God, just like a Faithful and Humble servant.
For the most part, our prayers would not be answered instantly-  for HE knows our heart; HE knows the weakness of our sinful being.
HE makes us to go through difficult circumstances-  to test the sincerity of our heart; to test our faithful perseverance, in HIM.
HE makes us to feel the pain of burden and sufferings-  to humble us and to make us strong1 in the virtue of Humility, in HIM.
On the path of suffering, HE purifies our heart and brings us to Peace2, in HIM.
HE never abandon us-  HIS Faithful Love is always constantly present with us, to sustain us in our deepest misery.
Persevere in HIM; trust in HIM.
Our Prayers; our Faith; our Hope will certainly  be answered in HIS good time. HIS Blessings will surely reach us in HIS good time, to strengthen us; to uphold us and to renew us.
HE will fill our heart with great Joy, beyond our expectation and more than what we had pra
:iconsaumiguel:SAUMIGUEL 6 1
Through Hell [Gorgon/Naga TF/TG] Part 7
For the first time in centuries, Methidion feared for his life.
The imp had been killed countless times, his body destroyed and his soul reborn again and again, unable to ever permanently die. It had always been the way of the umbral plain. Until now. His leg—or the stump where it had once been—burned in agony. Something had hit it. He wasn’t sure what and his mind was to foggy from the pain and shock to figure it out. Carnage surrounded him, umbral magic fruitlessly flowed in an effort to fight off the assailant and sounds of agony filled the caves at a level he had never heard before. But above it all were the cracks and booms of that infernal weapon. It cut through everything else, ringing out again and again with relentless ferocity, tearing bodies apart and consuming their souls and essence alike. In the back of his mind, through the pain, the stray magic, and the fear, there was a bit of bemusement. He had envisioned the Umbral Scourge as some terrifying monster
:icontfghostwriter:TFGhostWriter 4 2
Battle Council
Battle Council
Marron | Tristine
Late March, 1893
    Even though he hadn’t closed his eyes in over twenty four hours, sleep was the last thing on Marron’s mind that day.
    Mass had already begun. He squeaked into his usual place in the back of the first bloc of pews at the Catedrala, just in time for Father Mentone to turn about and flick the heavy end of his silver hyssop over the congregation. Droplets of holy water kissed Marron’s cheeks.
    “Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto, intoned the Father.
    “Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen,” Marron murmured, and crossed himself, more from muscle memory than because his mind was on the service itself. His eyes busily scanned  the front two row
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WoW DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Orientation by l33tn3rdz WoW DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Orientation :iconl33tn3rdz:l33tn3rdz 2 0
Slave to reality
I am a slave to reality
I have opened my eyes
To things no one wants to see
Reaching into the darkness
Pulling into the light
As even the darkest things
Can be a beautiful sight
Don't ignore it
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 7 10
Penguin Legends Chapter 1
(We started off in a galaxy of dimensions in the omniverse, showing worlds of penguin dimensions alike)
Narrator: The Omniverse, the world of universes, filled with circles and spheres that we all live in. Millions of worlds alike in the lifetime of the multiverse. As a penguin myself, we are going to Penguintopia.
(We now arrived at Penguintopia, a dimension realm in a Rome-like setting. Penguins, polar bears and other creatures reside on the land of the planet)
Narrator: Eons of years ago, following the extinction of the dinosaurs, we are now in a Rome-like city, filled with emperor penguins alike as they come to celebrate the grand opening of a new Colosseum. Oh, here come the Pope, standing to his crowd of penguins. Enjoy the show.Pope: *came by the stairs into the stand to see the beloved emperor penguins in the ancient city* Ladies and gentleman, i present you a new Colosseum of Penguintopia!Everyone: *cheers*Pope: Feel free to enter t
:iconsupermariofan65:SuperMarioFan65 5 0
Comtamination (COM) (Women to dogs)
“Fired? Why?! What did I do?!”
Ms. Johnson shuffled the papers in front of her, searching for the correct page. “We received reports of you taking more than your allotted serum. In addition, you deliberately gave another employee a mermaid serum.”
“It was meant to be a joke!”
“She wasn’t laughing when she changed in public and was nowhere near water. You know the serums take time to work, and the mermaid takes the longest!”
The scientist sighed. “In retrospect, it wasn’t very well thought out. Come on though, it was meant to be funny!”
Looking over her glasses, Ms. Johnson frowned. “Antics like these aren’t anyone’s idea of funny. Even sitting here now, I can see a smile on your face. I’m sorry, but today is your last day.”
Grumbling, the employee got up and left the room. “Well then I guess I’ll just have to leave a parting gift.”
He had very little time before secur
:iconmpcreativearts:MPCreativeArts 8 2
Fat/Saber Part 2
The confrontation against Caster had not ended in a way that left Saber feeling less self-conscious about her rapid weight gain. Meeting with the large, hulking man that stood in for the Holy Grail War's 'Rider' class didn't serve her any better, either.
Rather than attempt to fight her, the enormous man burst out laughing when he saw Saber for the first time. He couldn't help but poke some fun at how flabby and out of shape she was, poking at her belly with his finger and making the whole thing wobble. He clearly wasn't trying to do this to instigate her, having fun rather than trying to hurt her feelings, although Saber was still flustered nonetheless.
To express his apologies for making her uncomfortable, Rider invited her to get a meal and a few drinks with her. He wanted to win the Holy Grail War as much as any of the other Servants, but he was very interested in getting to talk with Saber. The sword-wielding maiden, though having eaten a 'light' lunch earlier that sam
:iconborin23:Borin23 44 5
TM vs MiB - Chapter 6, Part 6
Agent L stepped into a conference room, finding Detectives Makibi Kiyone and Kuramitsu Mihoshi already seated at the long table.  The blond woman’s eyes immediately lit up at the sight of another person and greeted her warmly, her English with a heavy Japanese-like accent.
“Oh!  Hello there!”
Elle’s brow rose at the pair, as well as the bubbly greeting.  “Uh, hi.  I take it you two are also with the Galaxy Police?”
Kiyone and Mihoshi both stood and exchanged handshakes with Elle.
“Yes,” Kiyone answered, “we’re the resident officers assigned to the solar system area.  I’m Kiyone Makibi.”
“Elle,” the good doctor introduced herself.
“I’m Mihoshi,” Mihoshi announced.  “Pleased to meet you!  I hope you’re liking the job.”
Elle wryly grinned to herself as she sarcastically quipped, “Yeah, gotta love those alien assassins and space pi
:iconevilpii:evilpii 2 0
Pokemon fanfiction: The talking gastly (FR) chp268
Chapitre 268 : Traqués
Peu après avoir fait le tour du refuge pour Pokémon abandonnés, le petit groupe composé d'Arthur, Jack et Hector remercièrent la femme qui les avait accueillis, et quittèrent les lieux pour repartir vers le centre Pokémon en voyant qu'ils n'obtiendraient pas plus d'informations, d'autant plus qu'elle ne semblait pas connaître personnellement monsieur Fuji. Les tr
:iconstrawberry-loupa:Strawberry-Loupa 2 2
The Crystal Shapeshifter(Dragon's Ashes,Roughdraft
Kaleth: “They…as in the general and the other soldiers here. Not Anktra’s generals, but the general in charge of this part of Esnos for Queen Kanla…As for why not…I am not sure…but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I’m a dragon…”
Abiona: [raises an eyebrow] “what does that have to do with anything?” [Kaleth is about to answer, when suddenly a scream is heard from outside and both Kaleth and Abiona jump to their feet in shock.]
Abiona: “What the hell was that?!”
Kaleth: “I have no idea…but I think I better go find out. Miss Abiona, you should stay here…” [Runs out of the room, leaving Abiona alone.]
Set Scene: The Desert of Shimmering Sand, Notoix, The Marketplace, Sierra’s Market Stall
Time of Day: 9:15 A.M.
[Sierra is still at her stall, listening to music again since the general had left, waiting for any other customers to come up to her stall, and occasionall
:iconmysticduskdragon:MysticDuskDragon 5 2
Castoff part 10
part 10
Shortly after their human friends left, the turtles, who were used to sleeping during the day, went to bed. With the bassinet next to his alcove in the bedroom, both Don and Shilo slept more soundly.
The height of the portable bed meant that Don simply had to turn his head to check on Shilo. The baby turtle seemed comforted at having Don so much closer to him. Mikey had already shown them how important scent was to the infant.
Whatever the reasons, Donatello slept deeply and for longer than was usual for him. He woke with a start, his first thoughts centered on Shilo.
When he looked over though, baby and bassinet were gone.
Worried, Don scrambled out of bed, chiding himself for not hearing his child. He crossed the bedroom swiftly in order to peer over the rail into the open section of the lair.
Right away he saw the bassinet sitting next to the closed off pipe that stood in the center of that space. Standing atop it was Leonardo, going through his daily rou
:iconhummerhouse:Hummerhouse 5 2
Long Live The Empress: The Hour Of Midnight Comes
This late at night, most of Equestria was fast asleep save for Princess Luna who was now out and about on her nightly duties.
Tonight however, several ponies were still up. In Canterrot Castle, all of Twilight's friends and family still stood by the World Mirror, their expressions worried.
The portal would be closing soon and Twilight had still not come through. Princess Celestia had explained that since time flowed differently on the other side, it would not close for sure until it was midnight over there.
How long before it was was anypony's guess.
For three days now, they had waited for her to return. And it was beginning to drive some of them crazy. Rainbow had'd to be restrained from rushing through after the first day, and the others weren't much better.
None noticed the shadows gathering in the corners or the shadows that were already there deepen until they were blacker than even the most unlit night.
Only one felt it as the countdown hit zero.
All Magic could do now, was w
:iconmorion87:morion87 3 0
Graduation Wedgie
Just one more day until it finally happens!
   The day that finally starts Callahan on her big journey into the world, the day where her parents finally see her just as mature as her big sister, the day where she is finally seen as an adult.
   That’s right, it’s almost time for Callahan to graduate from high school.
   Ever since Callahan turned 18 she thought her parents and everyone else in her life would start treating her more like an adult, because that’s what she legally was, but that wasn’t how the world worked for her. Her parents still treated her like a kid because she still lived under their roof and her parents still paid her bills, and her sister definitely still tormented her like they were both still kids. Like when Callahan’s boyfriend was over at her house at the same time Jess was home from college, Jess pantsed Callahan, showing her boyfriend her pink panties with a white waistband, and commented “Don
:iconjccw:JCCW 6 1
Shadow the Hedgehog vs Proto Man Prelude!

Rush: Lone wolves. No matter how powerful the threat is, these type of characters don't need the help of others and would rather take care of things themselves.
Bolt: Like Shadow the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Lifeform.
Rush: And Proto Man, Dr. Light's first Robot Master.
Bolt: He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Shadow the Hedgehog 
AKA: The Ultimate Lifeform, The Ultimate Hedgehog, Fake Hedgehog, Black Wind, Project Shadow, The Black Hedgehog, The Black Blur, Faker
Age: 50+
Height: 3' 3"
Weight: 77 lbs.
First Appearance: Sonic Adventure 2
-Defeated Sonic the Hedgehog in their first encounter
-Battled Sonic the Hedgehog on multiple occasions
-Along with Sonic, def
:iconstrunton:Strunton 12 5
'Transmorgification: Book of Change'
(Original photo comes from Colourblox: this is not meant to buy or sell anything, but only for a visual.)
Title: Transmogrification: Book of Change
Author: Unconfirmed.
Current Holder/User: Cassidy
This brown hard cover leather book appears to be blank and not so important, looks almost like a diary to you than anything else. The texture on the outside is weird, and the pages inside felt old and wrinkled, as if you could feel that you might tear a page off at any second, but the book is more durable than what you think. Now you open what's inside and your stunned to find that every page has outlines drawing out detailed humans, undergoing the most bizarre things that you have ever seen, but coming out of fairy tales. The descriptions though appear to be in a language that you could not read, their was a mixture of Egyptian hieroglyphics that goes into detail beneath the title, ancient Greek letters that pronounced t
:iconcassidysizefantasy:CassidySizeFantasy 4 14
The Passepartout Poem
He wrote just one poem
and no one ever after this, not even himself,
wrote again another one.
As for the older poems soon were all forgotten.
It is called
The Passepartout Poem
Έγραψε μόνο ένα ποίημα
και κανένας μετά απ' αυτό, ούτε καν ο ίδιος,
δεν έγραψε ξανά άλλο.
Όσο για τα παλιά ποιήματα γρήγορα ξεχάστηκαν όλα.
Ο τίτλος του είναι
Το Ποίη
:icondamagedrider:DamageDRider 3 0
Ace Attorney Wedgie Story
June 13, 15:00 PM. Mia´s department.
“Ouch-AAWw. Sis-ouch-please stop-ouch, this hurts!!!” cried Maya Fey, the youngest of the sisters Fey.
“Nope sis, not until you confess” said Mia Fey, her old sister and the actually responsible for her sister´s huge wedgie punishment.
“I – Ackk – said – oww - I don’t – ouch – have it – mmhh” Maya cried again for the terrible pain in her back from her white pair with a yin-yang logo.
“Just admit it Maya, you are the only one who could steal my favorite collar. You know it was a gift from Diego” Mia said with another huge pull.
“But – OW - I swear, this time I didn’t – OWWW”
“The same you said the previous 10 times. Come on not make me pull from the leg holes” now Mia grabbed the leg holes and threat with pull.
“No no no, I admit it, I take it. It is in my pocket” Maya exclaimed in def
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Karina and Michael Go To The Beach
For the past few months, life for Karina Ruthley and her plus sized model boyfriend, Michael, hasn’t been very interesting. They had moved in together and while they were happy, they weren’t particularly active. They hadn’t gone to the gym in months and they did nothing throughout winter and spring except veg out in front of the TV in their underwear. This lethargic lifestyle resulted in significant amount of weight gain: Karina was now close to 460 pounds and Michael was well over 340 pounds. This heavy padding of flab kept them warm during the winter and comfortable during spring, but the summer heat left them sweaty and uncomfortable and the air conditioning added a large addition to their power bill.
One day however, Karina came home from work with some exciting news.
“Hey Sweetie!” She told Michael. “Today at the office we had a raffle and I won a discount at this nice beachside hotel. Next week, we can go to beach! I always loved going to the b
:iconhaxcall:Haxcall 4 0