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Secret - Rantarou wedgies Shuuichi
"A-Amami-kun...?" Shuuichi stammered out. He was just innocently searching through the library, hoping to find a book he could take back to his room when Rantarou had crept up behind the unsuspecting detective and pulled on his grey trunks. It wasn't a rough tug, but it would certainly be felt.
"Sorry about this, Saihara-kun. I lost a bet with Ouma-kun, and he told me to give you a wedgie as punishment, though I suppose it's more of a punishment for you, right?" Rantarou smiled sheepishly, tugging a tiny bit more on Shuuichi's underwear. He seemed reluctant to really try to give Shuuichi a proper wedgie, the detective noticed. It was odd, after being subjected to so many brutal ones from Kokichi, or the playful but still rough ones he'd occasionally get from Kaito. Or even the excruciating one Gonta gave him after Kokichi tricked Gonta into wedgieing the poor detective. "Ah...I really shouldn't be doing this...I suppose this is what happens when you make a bet with Ouma-kun without thi
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Queens of Mewni-Helia the Light of Power
After learning about Venus' story, Marco turned to the tapestry of the next queen.
In the tapestry, A blonde woman with 6-pointed stars on her cheeks wearing a silver long dress and an elvish-styled crown, standing with a serious countenance in front of a porch with a figure of a humanoid butterfly as bright as the sun above her.
"Hey, Queen Moon, who is she and why doesn't she have her wand?" Marco asked. "She looks so… powerful."
"She does, doesn't she?" Moon chuckled. "That's Helia the Light of Power."
The pedestal of the tapestry rose from the floor and glowed as Marco read it.
Helia the Light of Power.
"The absolute power
of the brightest light,
like a blinding sun
in the darkest night"
He was confused about the title, "'The Light of Power'?"
"Just sit down and let me tell you a story about the 16th queen of Mewni. The most powerful queen of Mewni!" Moon began the story. "Ever since he was a baby, Helia has interest in Magic. When she was 4, she knows how to read and started
:iconfiretv:firetv 9 2
Lost and Found ~ Part 4
“I promise I’m not going to eat you,” Jon said, not for the first time that night. “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”
Though Cliff had dragged over a pillow for them to perch on the motel bed, Rodrick was sitting curled up with his knees to his chest next to Sylvia. She kept a comforting arm around him, wishing she could settled his fear of the humans towering over them on either side.
She couldn’t blame him, she supposed. Jon and Cliff looked slightly less enormous without their bulky jackets on, but that didn’t change the fact that, not half an hour ago, Rodrick had watched them kill five ghouls. Taking out a fairy would be like swatting a fly for them. If only Rodrick would take into account that they hadn’t harmed him in any way.
“I’m just a little sore,” Rodrick answered, so soft that the men had to lean in. “I’m n-not really hurt. She even said so.” At this, he threw a war
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The Smash Bros. Look: Balloon Fighter

GAME: Balloon Fight (1984)
CREATOR: Nintendo
Ideal Voice Actor: (Does not have one)
BIO: Balloon Fighters are majestic (if anonymous) balloonists that tend to engage in competition at night. They hover around in the air, keeping themselves afloat by flapping their arms. The aim of all Balloon Fighters is to pop each others' balloons with the spiked soles of their shoes, hopefully sending them plummeting into the water below.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Balloon Fighter is nothing without his... well, you know, balloons! The Balloon Fighter's weight and amount of jumps is dictated by whether or not he has balloons. He can have up to 2 balloons strapped to his back at once. Balloons can be popped via either being footstool jumped or by taking 50% worth of damage, but can be replenished through the Balloon Fighter's Down B. The weig
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Not a broken tool
I'm not a broken tool.
You just don't get what I'm doing.
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Yet Another Cat? (Anthro Civet TF/TG)
Dianne typed away at her white laptop, happily updating the blog she ran. She sat at her usual work spot, a local coffee shop. The husky sipped at her latte, taking a break from work to look around at the people inside. There were some of the usuals like herself as well as a few faces that she recalled directly helping personally. Dianne adjusted her glasses and went back to work. 
That would be until a simple tabby cat sat next to her, casually eating a breakfast sandwich. He mostly kept to himself, looking around as he chewed. This went on until his eyes locked with the husky herself, his heart dropping as he found himself being rather attracted to the woman. She was quite attention grabbing! Nicely dyed hair, beautiful red glasses, and a fashionable scarf to boot! 
"Um...hey." he found the courage to speak up to her. 
"Hm?" she looked over fluttering her eyes. "Oh, hello there~!" 
"You uh...come here often?" 
"Every day! It's like I work here. I work online
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 12 7
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Plat happily skipped across the battlefield looking for a new opponent. She along with multiple others from various worlds were brought into this strange world to fight each other. Platinum didn't know what was going on, but she had no intention of losing.  Eventually she noticed some blonde haired loser with black highlights. Platinum snickered thinking what an easy win it would be. “Hey Mr. Tryhard! Come and fight me!”
Hyde stopped and looked down at the puny girl. “Like hell, I am not fighting some child.”
Platinum scowled after hearing him dismiss her. “My name is Magical Girl Luna! Don’t underestimate me just because I am a child!” She was determined to make the loser teenager pay for mocking her like this. Hyde turned and walked away, ignoring the little girl. Plat knew just what to do though, as she prepared to starting handing Hyde a humiliating defeat. She raised her staff and fired a cutesy
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the bubbling swamp
    It was hot and humid, we could barely see anything in front of us thanks to the damn fog. How long have we been trekking through this damn swamp, hours? Days? It was so hard to keep track of time even without the fog, trees loomed over head, their canvas blocked out most the sky at least the luminescent fungi kept enough light to see by. I want to slap whomever decided cutting through the swamp was a good idea. At least the bugs seemed to keep away. Just damn if it was hot. Most of us at this point had taken off our shirts just to try and make the temperature more deal able, some even had taken off their pants, the brave souls...
    Breaks were common, and we try to keep in high spirits but it was obvious that even the more energetic of were slipping into despair from this oppressive atmosphere. However I was really taken in awe and revitalized as we came to this dense forest area, it seemed the trees had twisted around these balls.  I touch them
:icongoldlinaric:GoldLinaric 8 9
MHA: Cheater!Pixie-Bob x M!Reader x Mandalay (1/2)
Well this was fun, but if I feel like it, I've set it up to where Ragdoll can be added as another option for who the reader gets with.
So, I'm thinking of this: After this part, there will be three more.
Ending 1: Mandalay Ending 
Ending 2: Ragdoll Ending
Ending 3: Both
For those who like Pixie-Bob, I will give her a one-shot of her own when the time comes. In this, she's OOC but that's what happens with a lot of cheater fics
Request Journal 2 (press "Request Journal 2" to be brought to the page.)

Hope you all enjoy~! 
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 20 2
Mega Man Fully Charged Profiles: Water-Fire

Gender: Female
Species: Robot Master
Abilities/Purpose: Pyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis/energy efficiency
Place of Creation: Septen City
Current Residence: Unknown (Possibly Silicon city as sightings have been mentioned)
Family: Dr. Wilma Caskett (Mother)
Other: Water-fire has a crush on Wave Man, but hasn’t made it known.
Backstory: Water-Fire was one of the more earlier creations of Dr. WIlma Caskett. She was created when Wilma was nineteen years old. Water-Fire’s main purpose was to use water and fire to create steam as a renewable source of energy, for awhile, she did just that, making many friends along the way. However, after the Septen city terror attack, Water-Fire had been ostracized from septen city, leaving her hurt and somewhat bitter. She was found by a strange person in the night, who claimed he could help her get back at the people who rejected her.
Personality: Water-Fire is a very guarded robot, due to what has happened in Septen cit
:icongaming-fairy:Gaming-Fairy 4 3
Boku no Hero Academia Seven in Heaven - Sato
     “The closet is empty and it needs two more players to fill it up.” Using large, overly dramatic hand gestures as he spoke, Present Mic took his place in front of the group for what must have felt like the hundredth time. “So the question is, which two of you is it going to be? Well, we're about to find out, right now!” After quickly winding his arm in a large circle several times, he finally tossed the balls into the crowd.
“I got one!” Catching one of the balls with ease, you jumped out of your seat and proudly held it overhead. “Who got the other one?” Before anyone had a chance to answer, you spotted the other ball in Sato's hand. “Oh! There you are.” As you hurried to join him, you noticed a small red mark in the center of his forehead. Though the mark was already fading, it was still enough to make you wince. “Did it hit you in the head? Present Mic really needs to work on his aim, doesn't he?
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 8 2
Best of Intentions
        Sierra and Raylan spent what felt like an eternity going through books and scrolls in the back of the library. Sierra was growing frustrated at not finding very much out. Many of the histories that they read through were incredibly similar to what she had available back where she was from. The similarities between the two cultures surprised both of them. Neither was expecting that since they had been separated for so much time. Admittedly, there were also quite a few differences, language being the proverbial elephant in the room, as well as certain customs. Still, Sierra was determined to push forward, cramming herself down narrow isles that Raylan could not fit through and returning with more books.
        Sierra knew they had not been researching very long since the lantern was still lit and not sputtering. She could see that the level of oil was still very high. So, either it burned incredibly slowly, or they were
:iconthundering-horses:Thundering-Horses 2 0
Street Fighter X RWBY - Juri
Street Fighter side
Original: Her default costume from Street Fighter V
Alternate 1: Her primary costume from Super Street Fighter IV
Alternate 2: Her battle costume from Street Fighter V
Alternate 3: Her school uniform from Street Fighter V
Voice: Jessica Straus
Intro: Juri walks onto the battlefield, bowing, giving a evil smirk saying “You look like you are in good shape!”
Round Win Quotes:
- Ha ha ha ha ha! Did I hurt you?
- That felt good, didn't it?
- So, you can’t get up anymore?
Victory Animation: Juri does her victory animation from Street Fighter V.
Special Moves:
Fuhajin: Juri gathers some dark energy in her foot as she swings it unleashing a projectile energy attack via swinging her leg.
Shikusen: Juri jumps backwards and sudden swoops down toward the opponent foot-first.
Senpusha: Juri jumps in the air, cartwheeling with dark energy emanating from her feet.
Kasatushi: Juri giggles and beckons her opponent with a "come on" gesture. If hit while ma
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My default weapon list for Shock Troopers Heroes
Well, it's time to make a list of default weapons for the 8 playable characters in Shock Troopers that mostly represent their homecountry. Because I didn't find any Norway-made automatic rifle for Loki and machine gun for Big Mama, I gave him a British rifle and her a FN Minimi. So... here we go:
1: Jackal (United States of America): M16 w/M203 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
2: Milky (France): Dual MAC Mle 1950, FAMAS F1
3: Marie Bee (Russia): OTs-33 Pernach, NRS-2, AKS-74
4: Southern Cross (Australia): Owen Gun
5: Rio (Brazil): IMBEL MD-3
6: Loki (Norway): Sterling LAR
7: Maru (Japan): Minebea MP-9 
8: Big Mama (Canada): FN Minimi
:iconadananian:Adananian 2 6
I Will Love
A spindle and a cage,
A heart pulsing with rage,
The dove descends softly,
The soul is held dearly,
My heart will always heal,
Need not encase with steel,
They’ll stop feeling,
Leave me screaming,
But I will change,
Escape their stage,
I’ll love without exchange,
Resist heartache,
I’ll love despite hurt,
Bloom from the dirt,
I will love you freely,
Really, really,
I will love you (x4)
Voice lost in the hollows,
In pain I won’t wallow,
Make a vibrant sunrise,
True kindness, don’t disguise,
My feelings always scorned,
Can’t die, always reborn,
My heart beating,
Tears from dreaming,
But smile today,
They’ll be okay,
I’ll love without exchange,
Resist heartache,
I’ll love despite hurt,
Bloom from the dirt,
I will love you freely,
Really, really,
I will love you (x4)
I’ll love without exchange,
Resist heartache,
I’ll love despite hurt,
Bloom from the dirt,
I will love you freely,
Really, really,
:icon02aya:02Aya 4 1
Clearance (King Figurine TF)
The thunder boomed as the rain battered the ground and the wind ripped through the trees outside. Gavin looked silently out his water soaked window, each droplet sliding down like melted butter. He wished it would just stop so he could go out and do something. In the meantime maybe he could find something online. Despite the storm outside, his wifi was working like normal. That was the only plus side to this. He checked the weather and noticed that the storm should stop in one to two hours, that made him grin slightly in relief. He just had to hope that it was correct. For now, browsing the internet would have to satisfy him.
He sat at his computer and booted it up. Signing, he pondered what to do as it loaded up. It loaded up quite quickly, expected since it’s been booted up countless times. Gavin still didn’t quite know what to actually do so he just went on the internet and began scrolling through the recommended. There was a lot of st
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My dear my stella,
I heard that song today, couldnt help thinking about these days.
First of all, Im doing fine. You really dont need to worry.
I had to settle a few things, getting them in order.
How about you? Could you fulfill one of these wishes
you told me about, when, when we had these our times?
I really hope so :)
Besides Im sorry for what happened. Yeah, I know,
neither of us wanted things to go the way they did then.
Yet, I cant help feeling sorry about.
Talking of pity.. I heard from a friend of mine..
That you havnt got a new partner since we broke...
What about that? Whats the matter?
Is that my fault too? Damn.. I guess so.
In fact, Im the same.
I couldnt touch any other..
Id have never told you...
Now you know..
Its just.
Hey.. you have to trust me in that,
Im sorry for not doing this face to face,
Looking in thy beautiful eyes Ive ever missed
Since we smashed that mirror, we used to have
I wasnt able to.. I am now.
Stella. I mean it.
I love you.
I really love you
:iconfreedomslair:freeDomslair 3 7
The Extent of Power (Part 6/End)
*The final battle for escape begins. Boiling blood and heated hatred fill the docking bay and there's little else to do but fight. But...what's really going on here?*
Meridian: *She smirks* I'm surprised at you, Solomon. Now how did you figure out you're my son?
Solomon: *He grits his teeth as all the years of fear turn to hatred. Hatred for the monster he witnessed destroy countless lives and yet he had to call her "mother". She carried a legacy he'd never be able to escape* You're not a hard person to track...I'm also the only crewman you address by name.
Meridian: *She flicks her hair back over her shoulder as she prepares to pounce* Very observant. I may have misjudged you.
*Meridian springs forward with breakneck power her species wasn't capable of on their own. Her claws are out as she goes for Solomon's throat. She's met with a viscous blow from the side that she manages to block with minimal effort. D'Vala stands there, smoking hand, from the force of his impact. There's
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Pokemon Quest: The Burned Tower
Long ago. Ecruteak City was once a beautiful place deeply admired by the townspeople with Two Tower, A Bell Tower & The Brass Tower.
Until The Brass Tower was struck by lightning and was engulfed in flames. Three nameless Pokémon perished in the fire, much to the despair of the townspeople.
After the fire went out, a rainbow came down from the sky and Ho-Oh appeared.
Ho-Oh used its mystical powers to revive the perished Pokémon into the Legendary Pokémon, Raikou, Entei and Suicune.
The three Legendary beasts appeared on top of the remnants of Brass Tower, leaving the townspeople of Ecruteak City in awe.
But instead of rejoicing the rebirth of these three Pokémon, the townspeople feared the power of the Pokémon that had manipulated life and tried to suppress the Legendary beasts with violence.
Due to this, the three Legendary beasts and Ho-Oh fled. Although they did not retaliate against the townspeople, they never returned to Ecruteak City in fear of what the t
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Stars of Time - Chapter 4
The day had passed after that conversation with Aquarius, and after that, a lot happened.
First, Spyro had a long time of sleep, and he only woke up when Cynder woke and started to nudge him awake. All of his worries seemed to vanish when he was able to see Cynder’s face again, but that was soon replaced by a dreadful feeling as Cynder asked where they were and how they ended in there.
Spyro took a while to decide what to say to her. Shee noticed that, and started to press him for answers. Spyro didn’t wanted her to go through the same that they did, but he also didn’t want to lie to her.
He eventually decided to explain to her what had happened to him since he woke up, only the essential, and he omitted a few parts, like the condition that she was in, and how close she had been of dying back there. He decided that this part was best left unsaid for now.
Still, he told her the same thing that Aquarius had explained to him, how he accidentally trapped both of them in t
:iconplatinedragon:PlatineDragon 2 0
Wish Transformation (TF/TG RP)
We find a magical item that grants wishes, but be careful what you wish for.
1. Don't do respond with only a few words
2. Keep it pg-13.
3. Comment to join.
:iconkelseyeb27:kelseyeb27 3 80
for persephone
i. Loneliness mixed with a
lazy stillness hangs 
over the room. 
There is nowhere to go,
no one to talk to but
the cicadas humming all around. 
Its tiring, being stuck
with only your thoughts, but
there's a peace to it. 
An understanding that
this is healing, letting the
phoenix rise from the 
ashes the sun created to
become stronger for the
next year.
You hope the
newly forged armor will 
ii. There's smoke in the air,
voices crying out, but
I can't tell the cause.
Pleasure or pain, 
it doesn't matter,
both lead to
pointless wars.
It's in these dying breaths of
summer, the renewed chills of
the winter that I
feel glory and infamy
brushing my fingertips. 
I can never hold them in 
my palm, they are never
mine to truly claim. 
iii. Part of the city dies and
I along with it. 
The softened blows of
feet on concrete mimic the
deescalation of my heart beat.
Still thumping, still alive,
but not what it once was. 
:iconinkstaineddove:inkstaineddove 7 3