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A Silken Usurper's Undoing
The astral winds blew hot and sticky like a midwestern day stuck naked to a naugahyde couch. She didn’t make any noise, though; Silk was more than adept at traipsing quietly through a dream, no matter how crazy the dreamer.
Nebula was probably the most dangerous victim she’d ever had to help. And Nebula was a victim, Silk kept reminding herself. Dozens upon dozens of transformed heroes, flicking in and out of distinct, parallel timelines. So hard to keep track. A humiliated hero here, a ballooned bombshell over there and even Silk was having a hard time remembering it wasn’t real. Overwhelmed by the sheer power of the terrible artifact, Nebula, the so-called Queen of the Aether, had wrapped herself so tightly in this protective dream chrysalis that the line was drawing ever thin. Soon all of Reality would be asleep. 
And then… ?
Like a spider navigating a web, Silk skittered across the pink and purple strands of unwoven dream-stuff, making her way over to
:icongnome-oo:gnome-oo 29 9
Super Smash Bros Bio: Spider-Man

Real Name: Peter Parker
Weight Class/Playstyle: Lightweight. Spider-Man's tactics often rely on out-speeding opponents and trapping them, and, as such, he can easily out-maneuver opponents with his impressive ground and air speed. His neutral attacks, both his A and B moves, are mainly used to get around opponents and escape tricky situations as quickly as possible. He is a very fast character with small hurtboxes and has multiple moves that activate instantly and act out of quickly, but this does pose an issue in terms of his physical strength. His recovery options, including a wall-cling, make him a really strong character off-stage. Despite his exceedingly above average speed, Spider-Man himself doesn't hit too hard and his small hurtbox also translates into mostly small hitboxes, meaning that most hits Spidey lands absolutely need to count, even if he can escape undesirable situations quickl
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 16 4
Up North
For a large number of years, Canada was the “Good” one of Britain’s dominions: politically stable, stayed loyal during the American Rebellion, and willingly cooperated with Britain. In 1867, not long after the horrors of the War of Dissolution scared many Canadians out of the idea of republicanism, the “Dominion of Canada” was formed as a federation of an initial five provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Over the years, these 5 provinces would see the number grow to 10, but things began to grow more and more problematic over that time.
The breakup of the United States gave a lot of people around the world ideas. Many, many separatist movements exist around the world can trace inspiration to the shattering of the United States of America. Canada
:iconmobiyuz:Mobiyuz 17 7
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter thirty-nine)
There's not much to say about the hours following the terrible idea of drinking the wretched honey water other than the fact that it was long and uncomfortable. The pain in your stomach hadn't even completely subsided by the time you'd finally fallen asleep around 3:30 AM, but you didn't tell Maia. For all she knew, you went to bed at 1:00 AM. But, alas. You weren't able to sleep. So, you sat awake going down the wormhole of weird videos on YouTube ranging on how snails reproduce to the renowned video "Late For Meeting" by David Lewandowski. 
But, eventually you fell asleep with your phone laying flat on your face. How that happened, you're not completely sure—though it's still funny nonetheless. Well, funny until your alarms went off early in the morning and scared the heck out of you.
When it happened, you jumped so fast that your phone was actually launched across your small bedroom, twisting and turning in the air until it hit the floor, alarm still going. Thank God you
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 11 2
Mega Man Fully Charged Profile: Tengu man

Gender: Male
Species: Robot Master
Abilities/Purpose: Hurricane creation/Hurricane study/Combat
Place of Creation: Septen City
Current Residence: Silicon City
Family: Dr. Wilma Caskett (Mother) Floe Caskett (Sister, and is very protective of her) Dr. Thomas Light (Won’t admit it, but he honestly sees him a father figure) Suna (Sister, and is protective of her) Aki (Brother, won’t admit it, but respects him as a brave hero, )
Other: Tengu Man won’t admit it, but he struggles to forgive himself for what he did to his sister, even though she has already forgiven him. Tengu Man is one of the few who Knows that Aki Light is actually Mega Man in secret
Backstory: Tengu Man was created by Dr. Wilma Caskett, who was asked to by SGT Breaker Night, He lied to her, telling her he wanted him for weather research, but in reality, he wanted to use Tengu Man to strike fear into the peop
:icongaming-fairy:Gaming-Fairy 9 3
The New Girl of the La Royal Swans Script
*la royal swans misadventures logo
It was a dawn morning on an empty highway.
A bike was driving & made a stop at
the welcoming sign to Inkopolis.
*tutorial splatoon 2 starts
???: "It's been so long,I'm surprised it hasn't changed a bit while I was away."
She was looking at the horizon at the city
She was holding an envelope,her face is out of view
???: "Well,guess it's time to make a comeback after 3 years." lower face smiled.
She hopped back on her bike,on her side were her duelies,she revved up and drove off to the city.
The envelope landed on the ground near the sign.
On the front has the Royal Swans Emblem.(fades to black)
               Movie intro title
    The New Girl of the Royal Swans
*cozy campfire miitopia plays
In a bright morning at the park,she was sitting on a bench eating an apple.
She was looking at the letter she
received (flashback to this morning)
She was outside the house,she checked h
:iconalphaswan:AlphaSwan 6 2
Villainous x Reader - Love Potion Stress (44)
505 watches Flug mixing various liquids together. The bear is worried. What exactly is going on inside the mind of an evil scientist who's hopelessly in love but doesn't know how to convey his feelings?
What will happen if he thinks that his beloved is so near yet so far away from his grasp, only because he's not confident enough to confess? Well, let's say it like this:
"Desperate times call for desperate measures."
Flug has a dazed look on his paper bag face as he carefully fills a potion bottle with a glowing red fluid. "It's finished...", he mumbled. 505 pokes his shoulder. He wants to know what this potion is.
"This is a love potion, 505. Just one sip and you'll fall in love with the person you first see. Maybe with the help of this potion, (Y/N) will finally-"
Flug cut himself off once he realizes what he was trying to say and shakes his head in disgust. "What am I doing...? When did I become so...desperate...? I can't force (Y/N) to love me... I'll bett
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 25 5
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Platinum's Victory(BBTAG Feminization)
Plat happily skipped across the battlefield looking for a new opponent. She along with multiple others from various worlds were brought into this strange world to fight each other. Platinum didn't know what was going on, but she had no intention of losing.  Eventually she noticed some blonde haired loser with black highlights. Platinum snickered thinking what an easy win it would be. “Hey Mr. Tryhard! Come and fight me!”
Hyde stopped and looked down at the puny girl. “Like hell, I am not fighting some child.”
Platinum scowled after hearing him dismiss her. “My name is Magical Girl Luna! Don’t underestimate me just because I am a child!” She was determined to make the loser teenager pay for mocking her like this. Hyde turned and walked away, ignoring the little girl. Plat knew just what to do though, as she prepared to starting handing Hyde a humiliating defeat. She raised her staff and fired a cutesy
:iconmiragesand:MirageSand 29 0
Molding Under Pressure - TG Story (Gift)

Lance held the plastic ID card to the scanner, yawning as he waited for the lab door to unlock. There was a low beep followed by a soft click as the door unlocked, Lance shouldering his way in, taking care not to spill his coffee. Nodding to the few scientists already at work in the lab, he plops down in front of his work terminal, taking a sip as the machine booted up. He carefully avoided looking at the massive pile of paperwork on the corner of his desk, under the firm belief that if he didn’t acknowledge its existence, he wouldn’t have to do it. His main job was helping design the testing models, but they loved piling all the data entry crap on him too.
He was checking his email when another man in a lab coat walked over and leaned on his desk.
“Morning intern, models ready for another thrilling day of testing?” He absentmindedly patted the pile of paperwork. “They say we’re about ready for human trials!
:iconglenradd:Glenradd 55 2
control z (tw: non graphic off-screen suicide)
all i’ve ever wanted was
spaghetti saturdays with the love of my life
him in his oversized shirt
me with my zombie eyes
but he killed himself last night
and i’d already bought the spaghetti. i was
at a yellow light. i was dreaming of recovery
it was gonna be the best night of our lives.
loss hasn’t sunk in. i message his phone
like there’s something behind the screen.
like if i reach out hard enough
he’ll reach back out to me
and his ghostly hand will skim my flesh-&-bone
and i’ll drag him back in the world of the living
like on club nights when he’d get tipsy and i’d say
it’s time to go home. i’ll take you home.
[ come back with me. come back to me.
     like the most belated declarations of love.
  nothing beats a post mortem romance story. ]
:iconpansydiv:pansydiv 15 9
Just a Normal Day at School (Part 1)

Just a Normal Day at School

A Teen Titans Fanfiction
By StepfordCrimson

This is part 1 of a large story. To see the full story in one place, click here
For a more entertaining read, try to imagine every speaking character with a British accent x3
    A girl awoke rubbing her eyes and looking at her alarm clock. “Hmm…? Morning already? Better get ready for class. Haven’t been late before, better not start now,” the girl said as she turned off her alarm clock and began to get out of her bed.
    Hi there~ Better get introductions out of the way. My name is Crimson. I’m 18 years old and I attend a special boarding school. I was enrolled here because apparently I was a bit of a “misbehaving child” or a “t
:iconstepfordcrimson:StepfordCrimson 15 1
I Still Love Him (Eren X Reader)
A/N: Mature Language Involved, All Characters Are 18+

Please Listen As You Read!;355

And I remember when I met him, it was so clear
that he was the only one for me.
We both knew it, right away.

        Raucous laughter and the intense stench of beer tingled your senses, enticing you to glance away from the aged pages of your enrapturing book. The aroma of the candles surrounding the room slightly masked the fetor of alcohol being spilled amidst people lurching back and forth as they cackled. You had almost trained your brain to focus on the black script on the page no matter the situation taking place around you, yet the melody of a specific laugh rang in your ears, a laugh completely different than the rest. Of course, all of them expressed genuine glee, but this one sounded as if it hadn't laughed
:icongreystream:Greystream 21 4
Fem!T'Challa X M!Reader FULL (Marvel)
(The ability is called 'Pathifery'.. Haruhi Suzumiya is an example of this ability)
T'Challa = Challa (Couldn't think of anything better tbh)
Challa POV
I looked at the two invaders, one was clearly a villain.. the aura he was giving off, there's not mistaking it. "Why are you after me?!" the man shouted. He was bloody and beaten, cuts all over his body. "Because the government ordered me to kill you~" the villain hummed. Ordered him to kill?... "Wh...Why?! I've done nothing wrong!" the man shouted angrily. The villain started laughing, "You haven't noticed it, have you?!" the villain laughed. I was wondered when I should step in, Okoye walked up beside me and I motioned for her to be quiet. "Why not intervene, my queen?" she asks.
"I want to know the context.." I replied and she nodded. We looked back to the fight, "Noticed what?" the man coughed up blood. "Your existence is a curse!" the villain shouted. "Just being alive, you are changing the world around you!" he laughed. "You are
:icontaranthygod:TaranThyGod 37 1
Wakfu: Descent - Truths

Chapter 02


The only sound present within the small bathroom was the dripping of the tap, the droplets hitting the water with a soft plip and creating ripples across the surface which would collide against the one laying in the tub. Not even the sigh Alys released broke the silence as she rested with folded arms on the edge of the tub, her attention elsewhere than the daylight which shimmered in through the small window she gazed upon.
The events of the day before were still rummaging through her head. When Joris left earlier this morning before the rising of the sun, she toyed with the thought to ask him about a book containing forbidden knowledge, the one Aurora mentioned when she brought up her father’s concerns about the Eliatropes. Yet she swallowed down the words and kissed him goodbye with the promise to see him later this day, not daring to fa
:iconwishingstarinajar:WishingStarInAJar 14 16
Link vs Sora Prelude! Part I

Bolt: Heroes of light and justice come in all shapes and forms. So hey! Let's go ahead and pit two of them in a fight to the death against each other. 
Rush: Link, the Hero of Hyrule.
Bolt: And Sora, the keyblade wielding hero. He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!  

AKA: Hero of Hyrule; Legendary Hero; The Hero; Hero of Time; Hero of the Essences of Time and Nature; Hero of the Winds; Waker of the Winds; Hero Chosen By The Gods; Hero's Shade; Hero Chosen By The Ocean; Hero of Twilight; Hylian Champion
Approximately 9-117 (varies between games)
First Appearance: Legend of Zelda (1987)

Rush: Forever defeating the demon king, Ganon, and saving the princess, Zelda, the eternally reincarnated hero, Link, is
:iconstrunton:Strunton 10 3
Bowserette TG
Mario burst through the throne room of Bowser’s dungeon castle. Bowser was standing triumphant above a cowering Peach and holding the Super Crown in his hand.
Bowser turned around to see his nemesis’ eyes nervously dart between himself and the princess as he thought of his next move.
“Bwahaha!” Bowser roared. “You’re too late, Mario! With this new powerup I took from the princess, I’ll be unstoppable!”
Bowser shot out a powerful fireball towards Mario. The plumber dodged it with a nimble ninja-like leap as he raced towards Peach. Bowser paid him little attention as he crowned himself with his new trophy.
He felt the effects of the item immediately, giving a deep laugh as the new power surged through his body. It centered on his chest, which started to shrink; in fact, he was shrinking all over!
“Wait, what?!” Bowser said in a low growl. Shrinking was a sign of growing weaker, not getting stronger! He tried to rip the crown off
:iconcaptaincaption:CaptainCaption 127 6
Spinning penny
A spinning penny it's still a penny,
but more entertaining.
:iconstandardunartist:StandardUnArtist 14 0
The Mage Fair: Chapter 4
Chapter 4
There were a lot of tavern tales of valiant bands of adventurers heading into the wilds on noble quests or braving deep dungeons in search of treasure and glory. They defeat the monsters and overcome obstacles, succeeding where all others before them have failed. In the Flanaess these adventuring parties typically contain several people: a good number of fighters to battle monsters; a cleric to heal their wounds and ward off undead; a thief to deal with the dungeon’s locks and traps; and a wizard to handle the magic. Sometimes there’s a specialist such as a ranger or bard for a bit of variety.
    The adventuring parties never consist of just two mages and a cat.
    Cerathonil was very eager and excited but Garadun had his doubts. In any case they weren’t simply going to rush off into the Blue without a plan. When they returned to the Sleepy Dragon, they had a relaxing dinner and then took it easy before turning in for the night.
:icondrofdemonology:DrOfDemonology 6 3
The Thin Twins: Prologue
Obesity, fat. In our world it’s normal to see society reject these concepts. But this is not our world...
While obesity has been at times, been considered at the very least socially acceptable. Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. The weight of the average person has increased significantly. Not unlike our world, but unlike our world...this world embraced it. In the 1940’s, Marilyn Monroe was THE icon. Her star burned brighter then anyone else’s. However... Marilyn Monroe at her heaviest was 463 pounds. Never before had such a beautiful woman had been so big. At least, in the eyes of the public. She was legendary in the culture of female representation in media. And since the mid 20th century, every American woman wanted to be like her. This was now beauty.
By the early 1960’s, fat was sexy. For the first time since the Italian renissance fat was being glorified as sexy. Census data shows that by the 1970’a. The average BMI of a woman was 29.3, jus
:iconrotundrose:RotundRose 13 1
Equestria: Across the Multiverse - Jaunt 94
Jaunt 94.0 - Kendell2
"Uh...Rarity," said Fluttershy at Rarity's Manehatten Boutique in preparation to fill in. "Why didn't you just get another Rarity to fill in?"
"Because the other Raritys are all busy with their own, darling," said Rarity. "Though Star Crossed from Stellaria will be filling in along with you to explain a recent wing..." she said, trotting over and pulling up a curtain to reveal a line of star and space themed outfits with a very alien, but still beautiful appearance...and crystals lining them in multiple areas, giving them constant glowing patterns all through them of various elaborate colors. "Aren't they gorgeous?! This is the current 'in style' on Stellaria right now!"
"It's very...bright..."
"EVERYTHING on Stellaria is bright, darling."
"So, uh, Rainbow," said Splitfire when Rainbow returned from Las Pegasus.
"Yeah?" asked the mare, still excited from the rollercoaster ride.
"Why didn't you just visit a universe a few years behind us and ride i
:iconbrutalityinc:BrutalityInc 5 19
The white dress.
i walk trough the streets looking down at my phone as im texting my friends on my way to school for the day
its a lovely autumn day, the sun is shining but you can feel the cold breeze in the wind that the winter is coming soon 
i reply to the text as i yawn and wanders into the nearby kiosk on the way to school and look for a quick pick me up 
i pick up a small chocolate bar and some energy drink and walk over to the cashier to pay for it as i notice something behind her in the backroom room
it's a white summer dress
''huh...'' i think to myself thinking someone just lost it or if its the cashier's dress
i shrug it off and pay for my stuff as i head over to the school 
As i walk over still replying to texts and listening to music i walk by a clothing store
a typical clothing store for women and kids that sells pretty much anything except clothes for men...which is again..typical
as i walk past it i spot a mannequin in the window wearing something 
i look at it and
:iconaleanne:Aleanne 38 3
Wendy Traps the Hero: Day 2 Part 3
“Ooooohhhhhh Linkyyyyy, just one last pleeeeease!” Link shivered as the sound her that bratty voice. That would have been her tenth ‘last one’, had there been any chocolates left in the bowl. If Link had gathered any information at this point, it was that Wendy loved chocolate. He wondered if that could be of use. Link just stood there.
“No more? Well, bring up the next box!” Said Wendy, as Link’s head filled with dread.
“I-I’m afraid that’s all there w-w-was, p-p-p-princess...” That voice had come from a purple robe-wearing Koopa which Link had heard referred to as a “Magikoopa”. There were few Koopas that Link couldn’t defeat bare-handed, and this was one of them.
“What!?!” Yelled Wendy in a shrill voice “why did you let me eat all of that?” she was glaring at Link when she said that. As if it was his fault! “Somebody needs a punishment!”
“P-perhaps this human
:iconorangechocobo:OrangeChocobo 9 4