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Marvel vs. Nintendo: Colossus

Real Name: Piotr Rasputin
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Russia
Eyes: Silver (Blue as Rasputin)
Hair: Black
Debut: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)
Voice Actor: George Buza
Piotr "Peter" Rasputin was born on a Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia. He lived there with his mother Alexandra, father Nikolai, and sister, Illyana. His older brother, Mikhail, had been a Russian cosmonaut and had apparently died in a rocket accident. Peter's superhuman powers manifested during his adolescence while saving his sister from a runaway tractor. At first, Peter was content simply to use these powers to aid the other people of the collective; however he was soon contacted by Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men. Xavier was recruiting a new team of X-Men to rescue the original team, most of whom had been captured by the sentient mutant isl
:iconthesweetroseprince:TheSweetRosePrince 7 2
Random Tuesday

Random Tuesday of much quietude
Nowhere I need to go
No place to build up attitude
Just one of those gracious moments

At home inside with so subtle sounds
The fountain drips of the cat waterer
The strips of light providing light fodder

The gentle clicking of the air filter
And low humming of the fridge

The rhythmic breathing of napping pets
Causing moments of stress to forget
If I strain I cannot hear the neighbourhood
All a rare and merciful circumstance
So here I simply sit, a Random Tuesday
A pleasant, peaceful experience

Photo by Tea Photography © January 31st, 2011
Words by Tea Photography © March 7th, 2012
:iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 23 20
Rebuild Me
My supernova exploded, my coronal mass ejecting,
leaving me a shell of myself, a neutron star core rotating—
swiftly on axis, unbalanced, shifting about and wobbling—
aimlessly through the universe, desperate need of steadying…
I feel your hands touch along me, your strength restrained while timidly
you grasp to the shards, the strongest, those that have endured fragilely,
afraid they may break, or shatter, if you hold them too securely,
but still you clutch on without pause, these pieces of me, steadfastly.
The next thing I know, you begin, with a painstaking devotion,
shards are fit in place one by one, constructing my new formation,
my spirit begs your assistance, and heal my present condition,
my soul formed anew due to you, from a soulmate’s love, creation.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 13 4
Growing Around - Leave it to Sally
[This episode begins with an establishing shot on the Dunn house, with the sun rising. After a “morning music” cue, there’s a crash. Cut to inside the house, Max’s room. He’s sleeping as there’s another crash and the screen shakes. Max slowly wakes up, shocked.]
Max: What’s going on!?
[He turns to see Sally standing by one of his shelves.]
Sally: Oh, did I wake you? I’ll try to be more quiet.
Max: That’s better.
[Max goes back to sleep. Beat. Max wakes up shocked.]
Max: Sally, what are you doing in my room?
Sally: Cleaning.
[Max goes back to sleep. Beat. Max wakes up again.]
Max: Wait, what?
Sally: Well, I was going to do this later but I figured that I might get in your way if I cleaned up your room while you were using it.
Max: Okay, why are you cleaning my room at all?
[Cut to Sally giving Max a deadpan look.]
Sally: Uh… because that’s what good sisters do?
[Max isn’t even putting the effort to be suspicious.]
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 22 2
Pre-match analysis: Anna Schwartz vs. Masae 6

Esther: "At 28 years of age, Anna Schwartz is an unknown quantity despite having a 12-5 record in the professional ranks. Four of her wins have turned into disqualifications due to match-fixing and there are doubts about other opponents from the past. What we know is that the foundation of her game is a stiff jab. If she smells blood, she becomes aggressive and uses a powerful straight right hand."
"Masae, the 40-year-old veteran from Japan, is a different proposition. She relies on hand speed, combinations and ring generalship. She can work patiently until she has found the solution that allows her to take control and possibly score a knockout. Her main weakness is surviving when she takes body shots."

Esther: "Looking at the numbers, there is a slight difference in size. Schwartz is a natural Super Lightweight who is a bit taller and has a longer reach. A Lightweight, Masae was only a fe
:iconalesiaboxing:alesiaboxing 15 18
Villainous x Reader - L.O.S.E. (47)
"So what should I do in this mission, Mr. Black Hat?"
"Simple. Go to Metrotown and gather information about a villain group called "League of Super Evil". Twitter is littered with posts about them, saying that their malicious activities are noteworthy.
They could never reach my level, of course, but it's good to know that villains exist who are at least a bit...competent."
"Are you planning to add them to your customer base?"
"If they live up to their reputation, then yes. If not, then forget it!"
"Understood. Anything else?"
"Take your time. You can't collect intel in one single day. Just... Don't get yourself killed."
"Okay. I'll do my best."
"Will you be alright, (Y/N)...?" Your father is quite worried. The thought of his only daughter wandering around a foreign city all alone, concerns him immensely.
"I'll be fine, dad. This b
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 19 1
Haiku 14
As if from the moon
snow falls past my window
a cherished gift
:iconprecariouslypeculiar:PrecariouslyPeculiar 21 27
I'm Right Here PROMO by 2BeeBlake by 2BeeAdorable I'm Right Here PROMO by 2BeeBlake :icon2beeadorable:2BeeAdorable 11 2
Thunderstruck - Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Eye of the Storm 
The Great and Terrible Papyrus is not so great and terrible right now. Damn you, Surface, and your abnormal weather conditions!

Papyrus was once the Captain of the Royal Guard. In his world, that is. Everybody feared him, no one dared to look him in the eye unless he demanded it in a loud, rough voice. He was strong, strongest amongst all the monsters. He battled the ferocious Captain Undyne and won, which cost her one eye and dignity, and then he successfully took her place. He upheld the harsh law of Underground with an iron fist and answered only before the King. He even won a duel against Asgore himself, leaving him with a new, deep scar. He worked long and hard for his title and took pride in his skills, battle scars, and his unwavering bravery. And then this happened.
Thunder rumbled above his head and shook his bones clad in soaked wet clothing.
He was on the Surface, the one with humans, the one every monster wanted to walk agai
:iconajehandra:Ajehandra 14 8
Yumi's report #4
Yumi's 15th report
Dear dairy,
Nowadays, I seem to have adapted to the increase amount of training. After increasing the amount of training for three consecutive days, I fell asleep in the first class. So, I had to borrow notes from Kate about the class. She and I are in different classes, but she is also a good student. Above all, I do not know when I am going to the gym with her yet. Above all, my classmates and friends except Kate don't know that I work out in the gym. I don't intend to hide it, but I'm a bit reluctant to say it like this.
When I called her carefully, she handed me something; it was her notes. I have not said anything yet. I was a bit vexed with her euphoric face which said, "I knew this was gonna happen." I felt the urge to pinch her nose for the moment, but now I thought it was not the time to attack. Then I returned to the classroom and looked at her notes. I regretted it very much I had to do this. It was the time to pinch her nose.
I thought which she class wou
:iconqdwf:QDWF 11 12
Iron Man 2: Weighted Widow

“is it ready yet? I have a senate hearing to attend, I haven’t got all day.”
Justin Hammer (CEO of Hammer industries) was in a very irritated mood. Tony Stark, his main competitor for the longest time, had pushed him over the brink. At first, he was delighted to hear that Tony was ending weapons manufacturing, as he now had a competitive edge in the industry. However, after Tony announced that he was the mysterious metal hero known as “Iron Man,” Hammer knew he had to one up him with his own line of suits. Unfortunately, after a few backfires, the government has now called them both to a senate hearing to discuss their actions.
“Sir, it’s finished, but we haven’t gone through human trials,” the chemical scientist explained, “We’re not sure what might happen to the target, or if different targets can still have
:iconbluelove123456:bluelove123456 9 9
[Alice the Fat Cheerleader] Chubby Cheer Moms 6
Those who frequented the Downward Dog Yoga Studio were few and far between. It was a small place, set up in a strip mall slowly suffocating under the weight of big box retail. For what they lacked in overall size and benefits, one of the few perks of choosing Downward Dog (over say looking up videos on the internet) was that the instructors were knowledgeable, helpful, and able to… well… instruct their students.
Moonchild Belemontes was great at the first two. The third one? Not so much.
To those who only saw her once a week, Moonchild had undergone a steady and sudden expansion. She arrived heavier each week than she had been the last, with her belly hanging lower and spreading wider. Her thighs thickening, ripening outwards as she filled the fabric of her lycra yoga pants. But most impressively, her (in)famous bust had managed to grow larger and larger. It had attracted more students—gullible chest-oglers who had been lured in during her brief time
:iconatrocioushobo:AtrociousHobo 50 1
Sega Bio: Sir Charles the Hedgehog

"I'll do whatever I can, Sal"- Sir Charles
Sir Charles the Hedgehog (チャールズ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Chāruzu za hejjihoggu), often called Uncle Chuck (チャック叔父 Chakku oji), is an anthropodermic hedgehog, a brilliant inventor in service to the Kingdom of Acorn on Westside Island and a close figure to the world hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. Charles is a well-known genius who has always used his research and inventions for the good of the world. He is also a friend and colleague of famed academic, Professor Dillon Pickle.
Full Name: Sir Charles the Hedgehog
Uncle ChuckChuck the HedgehogProfessor CharlesDr. HedgehogCharlieSir Charles
John Sweasey (English) (he voice Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
Unshō Ishizuka (Japenese) (he voice Hohenheim from Fullm
:iconfrostthehobidon:FrostTheHobidon 15 22
My soul whispers
My soul whispers
You walk through the night with exploring eyes
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You arch your back and give an unholy cry
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You face the sky with a sonic scream shatter the moon and all of your dreams
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You kneel down slamming your fist into the ground making the earthquake splitting the world in two
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You turn your back on the craziness that surrounds you, threatening to drown you
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You stand alone in the darkness hands clenched, your back against a wall
My soul whispers I know I know I know standing with her back against yours
You want to rake out the pain with your own two bloody hands
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You want to wash all memories away with rum with a splash of gin
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You want to run until you are force to crawl
My soul whispers I know I know I know
You dance alon
:iconzombieinn:ZombieInn 20 38
Rainbow Dash and The Wedgie Slaves
Rainbow Dash and The Wedgie Slaves
By: JuriHanFan2014
Requested by: YangIsCool
--Ancient Jungle Temple--
Daring Do have sliced some vines out of her path with her sword and actually saw an old temple. "About time," Daring Do said, as she withdrew her sword into her Sword Holster, "The Temple of Ruined Clothing......" Daring Do looked behind her and saw that Rainbow Dash was carrying a bag of equipment, "Having trouble, RD?" Dash scoffed, "Trouble? Pfft. Not a chance! But, this bag is too damn heavy. What the hell is in here?" "Spare Clothing, of course," Daring Do said, "I've told you where we're going." "That doesn't explain why this bag is so damn heavy," Dash said, "Your clothes are so bulky." "Like I need somepony to tell me what to wear," Daring Do said, "Anyways, you remember why I needed your help?" Dash shrugged, as Daring Do continued, "Inside of that Temple lies a Cursed Artifact...... One that bonds to whomever touches it...... I've heard that once it bonds to you, you'll lo
:iconjurihanfan2014:JuriHanFan2014 13 4
The Curious and the Shiny Chapter 2 (Revised)

Chapter 2. Dendemille's Pests
The first thing Shine did when Accendare landed was topple to the ground and throw up. His head swam, his face felt like it was melting, and his body generally felt unpleasant. At that time, he didn’t want to think about Tony back home, about Bauble or anything else. He locked himself up in his little bubble, only burst by the presence of Accendare and Adele beside him.
“Oh dear,” Accendare exclaimed. “Are you alright there? I wasn’t that bad, was I?”
No response.
“Man, the trip really took the wind out of your sails, huh?” Adele said. “Hold on, I might be able to help you.”
Shine ingested some sort of tangy liquid, and after a moment, coherent thoughts formed again, and in time, the haze over his body cleared up. He looked to Adele with a weary expression.
“Thank you,” he said.
“Don’t mention it. First timers usually ge
:iconnebuladreams:NebulaDreams 6 4
The End: Preface
The story of a human girl and an enderman- the idea of this story was born in February 2014 as I was playing Minecraft with my husband and brother. I knew nothing of the Minecraft community; only that I enjoyed this game that I vastly sucked at and had a fondness for these aggressive, tall, and dark creatures. When I learned they could pick up roses, that won my heart. I told my brother of my story idea I wanted to write and he looked at me like I was crazy. He was probably right. Since I was working on two other fanfics at the time, this idea sat on the back burner for an additional 9 months. I told a family member about this idea and she loved it. After recently discovering TomBoy-Comics I now played with the idea of making a comic as well. My family member encouraged me to make a comic. I told her I would only make a comic if she made the background. So together we built the world and lore around this ender/human pairing. The original comic ran from Nov 2014 to August 2016. That su
:icondavinakinney:DavinaKinney 11 17
simple things | levi
Modern AU
You loved the simple things.
Like the scent of coffee brewing at five in the morning filling your nose in the bedroom, the aroma strong enough to reach you from beneath the confines of your bed and rouse you from sleep. Like how he’d instantly melt in the embrace you never failed to wrap around his frame, stopping him from making your coffee and his, and how he’d turn around to look you in the eyes with something just so full of love you would never be capable of comprehending. How there would always be the smallest of smiles on his lips, calloused palm pressed to your cheek as he ignored your morning breath and messy bed hair and lack of clothing and kissed the sleepiness out of your overworked body.
You loved the simple things.
Like the soft kisses that would caress your neck while you were curled up in his lean arms, back pressed to his strong frame as you sipped on your coffee and tilted his own mug to his lips
:iconatashi9205:Atashi9205 17 3
kicking along behind me
one lonely leaf
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 7 2
The Godzilla Christmas Carol
Chapter 6
Ebeneezer sat ever miserably in the snow, awaiting the end-all spirit, and the last of the 3 to arrive. His eyes hurting from all the crying he had done before. And even now, he wasn't done, as he still grieved for the one he had come to consider friend. How surprised he was that he could care for someone he originally wanted nothing to do with - and now he wished he could've had more time with her before she went. He knew it was no good dwelling on her passing, as he'd already done so with dear Fan all his life. That only lead to the miserable path of the cruel man he was. No, he would not go back to that, even though his tears still fell. He would remember the Spirit of The Present, and all she'd done for him, but in good memory, and by honoring her name. Just as he silently swore he would do for those he lost, for the good they had done before.
Still, it didn't make the pain any easier, and even the lamposts nearby seemed to dim reaction to
:iconkahnac:kahnac 14 39
Dee's 'Skinny' Assistant
(Producing Parker/Commission)
Dee had become one hell of a HUGE woman and she honestly loved every single solitary thing about it. The ability to eat so much more, the immensity of her figure, the extra weight that she could literally throw around at her leisure, the way she so easily intimidated the 'smallies' around her, and the fact that everyone turned their heads to look at her as she lumbered past. At her size, she should have barely been able to get out of her apartment let alone handle her daily routine, but somehow she did it and with undeniable confidence. Her gut, her butt and even her chubby cheeks may have been constantly jiggling, but none of that meant a thing as long as she was still Dee. The high-maintenance, high-performance talk show host adored the attention, both the good and the bad, that she received. In her mind, any publicity was good publicity. If she had to be frank, she didn't entirely understand how so many women these days could look down on things like 'm
:iconborin23:Borin23 92 6
Stop Article 13
When I was young,
This world was peaceful.
Then bad things started to happen,
And more people became evil. 
When I grew older,
The world kept having wars.
A cockatoo dressed like a stockholder,
Said he wanted to build a wall.
A few more years passed,
Not even EU left me in peace.
They came up with a ridiculous Article 13, 
Banning the people's memes.
I no longer live in the EU,
But I pity the people living there.
I'm scared Article 13 will really win,
Making memes disappear into thin air.
I don't know how to stop Article 13,
I don't know how to save the memes.
People will lose their jobs because of this,
More people will lose their dreams.
I'm older now, 
So I'm joining a war.
A war without guns or bombs,
But a war that means so much more.
I want to save YouTube,
I want to save Twitter and Reddit.
I want to save everyone's memes,
I want everyone to be happy.
I want the Number One YouTuber to stay on top,
But I'm not gonna say anything about TikTok.
Everyone should know t
:iconsam-lim:Sam-Lim 14 11