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Little Bird by moosekleenex Little Bird :iconmoosekleenex:moosekleenex 19,010 2,381 Tape it Back Together by yuumei Tape it Back Together :iconyuumei:yuumei 66,019 9,913
Stronger Than You (Sans Parody) Lyrics {UNDERTALE}

The above work was made by me. Art by the rest of the community below.
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
On days like these, kids like you...
Should be
burning in hell.
Verse 1
Turn around kid, it'd be a crime,
If I had to go back on the promise that I made for you,
so don't step over that line,
Or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time.
But kids like you don't play by the rules,
And guys like me,
it ain't easy to be played for fools,
So let's go, let the room get chiller...
Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able,
Guess you've figured now that mercy's off the table.
I can tell you're getting really sick of trying,
But I think you're just mad you keep dying.
You're not gonna win, we'll be here together,
Fighting in this judgement hall forever.
I know you just reset each time I
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D.Va by chinchongcha D.Va :iconchinchongcha:chinchongcha 3,793 131
Tokyo Ghoul OP - ''unravel'' English Lyrics
Oh won't you tell me
Won't you tell me
This thing I've come to be?
The monster that you see
Is it a part of me?
I'm breaking down and shaking 'round in
This world so helplessly
But you just laugh and grin
Completely blind within
There's no point now, broken anyway
I try to stop my breath
Even knowing the truth won't unravel
Me until my death
So breakable, unbreakable
I'm shaking but unshakable
The real you I've found at last
I'm standing alone in this world that keeps on changing
But hiding away, my true self is fading!
I hope you give up
There's nothing left to see...
No, don't look at me
I'm standing in this world that someone imagined
I never want to hurt you, so until the end
I'm begging you, please, just to remember me...
As clear as I used to be
The loneliness that wraps around keeps deepening until I drown
Fond memories we used to share pierce me 'til I no longer care
I cannot run, I cannot hide, I cannot think,
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heart broken
In my dreams
It was me in your arms
My lips on yours
There was only us
And the clouds
And the stars
It was the world and us
It was us against the world
But in your arms I could take it
Anything the world dished out
And with your kisses I was strong again
In my dreams it was me in your arms
My lips on yours
But in reality
It's always been her
:iconso0olovely:so0olovely 3,504 689
Stronger Than You ( Frisk )
I didn't know what I got myself into
Somehow I can't go back even if I really wanted to
So what more can I do?
Here in the end
It's just me and you
I never wanted to play by all the rules
A knife in hand
I'm playing out the part of the fool
So here we go
You can judge me thoroughly
It's too late for apologies
Go ahead and just hit me since you're able
We know my determination is unstable
I'm not even mad because I keep on dying
But I don't even know why I'm trying
This isn't what I want
Yet it's what I asked for
Curiosity over all my morals
I took away our perfect happy ending
Resetting the world despite the warnings
Right now I'm made of
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, Lo-o-o-o-ooove, Lo-o-o-o-ooove
Lo-o-o-o-ooove, Lo-o-o-o-ooove, Lo-o-o-o-ooove
I know who you are
You remember who I am
We knew that once in a timeline
We had grown to be good friends
And yet I killed your brother without giving him a chance
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Embrace the dawn: [cd cover art with lyrics] by alexiuss Embrace the dawn: [cd cover art with lyrics] :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 3,625 85
Build Our Machine LYRICS
They have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay, this isn't your day
For the happy fun time
Has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate
Our corpses you abandoned
We're dismantled
We're mishandled
But we won't be skipped and swayed
Trapped within these walls
You left our souls to drip away
The ink decays
The walls at bay
But the reckoning has come today
(You say)
Borris has no guts 'cause you
Replaced it with mechanical strain
We've been tortured
But we move forward
This disorder kills your day!
I am alive
You're the creator, you traitor
There's no vaccine
To cure your dirty needs
For now you must
Build up Our Machine
You DIE tonight
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
-Vocalizing continues-
Build up Our Machine
You die tonight
So you found all the pieces
To initiate the pain
Our venom stains
The night remains
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Magnet English lyrics
In the deepest part of me, a tiny flame was lighted
And before I knew it, my whole heart became ignited
Wand’ring as a butterfly, I aimlessly took flight, and
Found myself falling apart alighted in your palm
Let go of my hands entwined around your own
And instead I’ll press my lips against yours
Even if they say that what we have is wrong
When you’re with me, I burn up all the more
I want you to hold me tight
And reassure me every night
Make me believe that no matter what they say, we’re in love, baby
Kiss me in the dark
Like we could never come apart
Intoxicated by you, I am consumed, wanna drown in this fantasy
Need you to restrain me, I need you to need me more and more
If you love me, show me, and know me further than you’ve gone before
Call it “weird”, but this love is something that I simply can’t ignore
Let’s just run until we find somewhere to run to
If it seems I’ve let my heart lead me astray
It’s because I’ve melted
:iconironia-vitae:ironia-vitae 622 151
Bad Apple English Lyrics
Ever on and on I continue circling
With nothing but my hate in a carousel of agony
Till slowly I forget and my heart starts vanishing
And suddenly I see that I can't break free—
Slipping through the cracks of a dark eternity
With nothing but my pain and the paralyzing agony
To tell me who I am, who I was
Uncertainty enveloping my mind
Till I can't break free
Maybe it's a dream; maybe nothing else is real
But it wouldn't mean a thing if I told you how I feel
So I'm tired of all the pain, all the misery inside
And I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night
You can tell me what to say; you can tell me where to go
But I doubt that I would care, and my heart would never know
If I make another move there'll be no more turning back
Because everything will change and it all will fade to black
Will tomorrow ever come? Will I make it through the night?
Will there ever be a place for the broken in the light?
Am I hurting? Am I sad? Should I stay, or should I go?
I've forg
:iconkursedm111:kursedm111 1,404 392
An artist (revised)
Staring blankly at a white sheet of paper
Can truly be an artist’s worst nightmare
An artist’s duty as its shaper
Their thoughts up in the clouds somewhere
Looking for bits of inspiration
Their eyes searching the skies
Nothing can break their concentration
Nothing can blow out the passion in their eyes
Being an artist does not always mean you are skilled
You do not need to be Picasso or Bach
It means you want to see your dream fulfilled
And that you will never give in to an art block
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Luna's Reply
How my deeds pain me as time stretches long
How could I have hurt them this way?
So rest easy now, my punishment’s mine
The weight of my crimes are my own
But into that stillness you brought me your song
With your voice my company kept
For your tired eyes and sweet lullabies
In exile I pay you my debt
Once did a pony who gleamed like the moon
Look out on her kingdom and sigh
Dejected she cried, “Surely there is no pony
“Who loves me, or finds any love in my night.”
So great was her pain, she rose in rebellion
Against those who cared for her most
She let the Nightmare fall on those she ruled
And threatened to grip them in permanent cold
Lullay, dear Tia, good night sister mine
Rest now in starlight’s embrace
May this cool lullaby reach you in dreams
And ease you your passage of days
May my apologies find you this night
And may my sorrow in kind
Tia, you loved me much more than I knew
Forgive me for being so blind
Soon did her sister do what was demanded
:iconswords-and-bandages:Swords-and-Bandages 312 91
Brown Eyes Compliments, and Analogies
Because I'm sick of people saying there aren't any.
Your brown eyes are like the deep intoxication of campaign wine, bubbling with hazing richness and expensive taste.
Your brown eyes are like the color of mahogany wood- comforting and home-steady toughness that lets me know you will be the beams of supporting me.
Your eyes remind me of Dove chocolate, smooth, creamy, delectable, and melting.
The color of brown eyes remind me of mountain terrain and nature, something subtle, but beautiful in every form and season.
Brown eyes make me think of Devil's cake, taunting and tempting, curtained by black lashes, the symbol of rich seduction.
When brown eyes delve in love, they become the color of a leather book, promising a story of loyalty, long-life, and devotion.
Your brown eyes remind me of mysterious secrets, dark to cover the pain of ignorance, opaque to cover to want of another.
Brown eyes are like the stable ground, steadier and prepared to embrace you when you fall, into a nurturing a
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Dazzling and Untempered by carriezona Dazzling and Untempered :iconcarriezona:carriezona 4,554 376 Little Vampire by Asteltainn Little Vampire :iconasteltainn:Asteltainn 2,105 90
Sex Object
  Between her legs, lies something that
every man seems to want.
  A place where she should be able
to call her own, between her legs.
  She feels that men only want her,
a true want, to have sex with her, and
walk away.
  The breasts she has, they gain
stares from men passing by, tripping
over themselves to find a chance to touch.
  When will she stop being looked at,
as an object of sex? when will a man
see her as someone he may spend his
life with?
  Her hips curve, and she doesnt
want your hands on them, if your
just going to touch her skin.
  She wants a man to touch her soul,
not just touch her skin, and run his fingers
where they do not belong.
  What made these men think, she
is just a sex object, a toy that could be
put on display, and taken whenever they
  Between her legs, lies something that
every man seems to want.
  Proud she is though, that she hasnt
given in, hasnt
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Zelda's Lullaby (Original Lyrics) by Emmierald Zelda's Lullaby (Original Lyrics) :iconemmierald:Emmierald 787 79 Miruku by BrandyRosa Miruku :iconbrandyrosa:BrandyRosa 1,159 29
End The Hate (Gay Rights Poem)
I was walking with my husband,
During the month of May.
His name is Bobby,
And I'm Adam Galloway.
We were holding hands,
We were happy as can be;
And then we met a stranger,
And he said to me:
"Look here at the faggots!
You're ruining my path!
I hate you gay ass fuckers,
Now you'll feel my wrath!"
The man pulled out a gun,
He aimed it at my head;
Bobby jumped in front of me -
Poor Bobby is now dead.
I caught his falling body,
As the stranger ran away.
I lost the love of my life,
All because we're gay.
He risked his life for me,
For Adam Galloway.
His name is Bobby G.
He died for being gay...
I was eating with my wife,
We were on a date.
Her name is Sarah,
My name is Deven Kate.
We got kicked out for kissing,
So we approached our car;
And what we both had seen,
Was pretty bizzare.
Our tires had been popped,
Our windows had been smashed,
The back seat was on fire;
So we both had dashed.
We didn't get that far,
When a girl got in our way;
She said to us, "Now burn!
"We don'
:iconxxwitherxx:xXWitherXx 1,151 2,101
Yaoi rocks
Just seeing
Two guys
Getting it on
(Wait, isn't that hentai yaoi?)
Is hotter
Than two girls
(Which would be yuri)
In the same situation.
The world needs more yaoi.
Love between two guys
Is just as strong
As love between
A guy and a girl
Or two girls.
Yaoi is hot.
Yaoi is sexy.
Yaoi is...
:iconyaoi-mage-ahoy:yaoi-mage-ahoy 1,900 904
Butterfly Effect by CamKitty2 Butterfly Effect :iconcamkitty2:CamKitty2 1,097 57 Ariel by Precia-T Ariel :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 1,593 37