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How many years do I have left
How many years I have with spring?
The busting flower like a new beginning
The sky is blue like the ocean
How many years I have with spring?
How many years I have with summer?
To experience the hot sand on the summer breeze beach
To releases the heat with a cold cherry ice cream
How many years I have with summer?
How many years I have with fall?
As the leaf change color from green to orange
The cold breeze
How many years I have with fall?
When will winter come for me?
As death come like dead leaf.
The icicle finger ready to grab my soul
When will my final winter come?
As spring began I won’t be able to see
Summer come with the amazing heat
As Autumn falls apon us
I wonder
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The Hermit
The hermit is decay.
Ghosts in the light;
Tremors in the dark.
Life does not live here.
Breath escapes her
and she dies again.
Nothing is real,
but the rabble clings.
No one has faith,
yet everything is sin.
Poison evolves her.
Infecting the Earth;
a virus to her tribe.
The hermit is decay,
but she is life.
Fleeting, rotten, trivial
- life.
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 6 2
Tears Like Gravity - A Triolet
Now at last, I see it all, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears pull like gravity. Everything flows away downstream
Lives that slowly come apart have stolen time like thieves
Now at last, I understand, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Now you say you want me, while I’m fading like a dream?
You've returned too late to reconcile. My soul is flying free
Now at last, you see it too, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears have frightful gravity. Everything runs away downstream
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 4
Sweet Rhymes and Coarse Feelings - Original font.
Sweet Rhymes and Coarse Feelings
When the average person thinks of poetry, they expect sweet rhymes and coarse feelings
Rhymes structures in a way which conveys one of a universe of meanings
To not do so would be like a hammer blow from the status quo
It is simply not to do, or did you not know?
When did we allow the dictating voices of the past tell us how to convey our emotions?
A poem without rhyme would create nothing but utter commotion!
Why not tell it as it is?
Tell the world how you feel, how you love, how you feel, this is
yours or she is his?
Or does the rhyme act as a crutch?
A crutch which allows easy-to-do flows? It’s just a hunch
Do not allow your feelings to be depended upon rhymes
Or to not do so is to be considered a crime?
If you haven’t guessed it, this poem makes me a hypocrite; this poem is an oxymoron
Yet sweet rhymes and feelings should be a free and healthy organ
With or without the other
Find your style, be original, be organic, but just be you.
:iconthemysterywriter:THEMYSTERYWRITER 4 6
The crash and clash of swords and spears the flashing of the steel,
The crush and rush of charging into battle on the field,
The soaring roar that covers all the screams and streams of gore,
The ever present energy that makes us cry for more!
The propaganda selling souls across the sea for pride,
The posters messing with the facts of how many have died,
The lies we tell and hear and trust about a better world,
The caskets we salute and say ‘new angels wings unfurled!’
The path of war that marches ever on into the bleak,
And daren’t speak against it lest the masses call you weak,
For war brings peace or don’t you know the history we sell?
We fight for freedom rights and joy…at least after the hell.
:iconscottthespy:Scottthespy 1 0
Guilt: An Undertale Poem
So a few months back, my teacher had us write what I believe is called a reverse poem. If you don't know what that is, it is a poem that can be read both forwards and backwards. I ended up making mine related to Undertale, and I do plan on eventually making this into a comic. For now, here is the poem:
I do not feel guilt
And you can’t tell
But I enjoy what I do
For they all had fell
I am made of LOVE
I take my stand
I continue on
Because I can
It should hurt
For my humanity was lost
I harmed those I loved
Because for me there was no cost
After all
I could just RESET
But along with the memories
Consequences last FOREVER.
Now let's reverse it, shall we?
Consequences last FOREVER.
But along with the memories
I could just RESET
After all
Because for me there was no cost
I harmed those I loved
For my humanity was lost
It should hurt
Because I can
I continue on
I take my stand
I am made of LOVE
For they all had fell
But I enjoy w
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Img 20180923 190856 by Eccentrillectual Img 20180923 190856 :iconeccentrillectual:Eccentrillectual 0 0 My Dear (ver.2) by toonamifan666 My Dear (ver.2) :icontoonamifan666:toonamifan666 1 0
A Thoughtful Mess
A collection of musings and idiocy
It’s surprising how many lies we are fed.
Like threads from one mouth to another, getting tangled in our words, wrapped around our minds.
You can’t move for all the thread of lies in the air. This is what our world has become. Everyone I love, wrapped up in threads of all different colours and kinds. Some are red and bright, others shine gold, bright and obvious, as though all they want is to be noticed, to be wanted and envied. Others are green, deep and tight. Some are purple, royal and beautiful, but easily broken if you know how. Some of the threads are even white, pale and small in comparison to the others, but these are the most common. Everyone is surrounded by them. But of course, the worst are black, haunting and empty of goodness. They tangle on everything they touch and grab at all the other threads, trying to pull you in.
They tight and turn pulling and pushing. We used to believe that we controlled them, but of course,
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Ao atravessar a ponte
Olhei para cima
E senti o calor em meu rosto
Mus olhos, porém
Não foram cegados pela luz
O céu azul escuro, livre de nuvens
Estrelas brilhavam
A lua convidava
O sol esquentava
E meu coração batia alegre
Neste belo noite-dia
:icontheblackmouse:TheBlackMouse 1 0
Flocked to
moving numerical
praying against
previous malfunction
unfortunate witness
Literacy for
kairotic moments
predictive of
change of outcome
can call for
choice of action
Express transaction
made for
lack of notice
somewhere off
shedding feathers
Scion go along
with an un-fathered ego
to total off a crown
having been
built upon
So Scion
with the world intact
go off butchered
to shedding feathers
moving gears and
dropping heavy stone
All in wait
far cry penned
under supervision
of Reason
stopped by
stoned portal
of the mind
shedding feathers
for competition
in transition
an entire station full
clueless to
cocooning conspired
between off white
mirror resignation
:iconshametownkiller:ShameTownKiller 2 0
Grapefruit Juice
fading sunlight pours through the Venetian blinds
like grapefruit juice trickling off the side of the table
from a glass, made of glass
knocked over in a mental frenzy that materialized
as a sweeping hand half an inch too low
piano music crawls out of circuits and into bones and tissue
like the slow atrophy of talent and ability
that you let fade and die and slip
over years and years, but not that many years
and now you think of terms of "what used to be"
traffic speeds by outside, periodically droning
slowly depressing and wearing down the asphalt
upon which they all drive tastefully above the speed limit
like that speed and weight that you're familiar with
mind of mine, depressing and wearing
drink spills and caresses the digestive tract
then the nervous system, in that order
lubricating the requisite neurons
so that thought processes and decisions become laden
with the overbearing gravity of reality
letters - and consequently words - appear here
in a nearly ambiguous order and of ar
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Above the winter fields
And treetops like splashed ink
They sailed their snow-white boat
Wind rushing overhead
Dead leaves whirled about them
Beneath the keel
Sounds like breaking waves
But on their snow-white boat
Not a mark, a stain
Their white boat paler than the sun
:iconmooroflife:Mooroflife 4 2
The Shadows
One might part with reality to end suffering and lose them selves in the light or dark in which they will end up... Im the one in the middle, i am not in the fabric of reality or in heaven or hell... I am the silence you might hear when you close your eyes at night, i am the feeling of dread that washes over you when your walking alone at night, i am that feeling of being watched that is always bothering you, i am the shadows on the walls, I am... FuzzzBall!!!!!!
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Lets get Explicit
Lets get Explicit
I want you here and now
I don't care if there's a crowd
I'm gonna make it rain when I'm sexin' you
I want all my love to come down on you
What we share is between us two
Lets show the world how we get down
Lets soar among the clouds
Baby you are my angel
I wanna love you from every angle
Lets get explicit
Lets knock the earth off its axis
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Mama Dove
Mama Dove:
Sleep now mama Dove,
Warm your young as you rest.
Soon they will hatch and know your love,
Later they will fly and leave your nest.
But know that in their hearts you stay,
Even when from home they will stray.
In faraway skies they soar,
But know they love you forever more.
:icongirlwiththeblueblood:girlwiththeblueblood 3 0
Eat The Fish by Arsnic-Ainjel Eat The Fish :iconarsnic-ainjel:Arsnic-Ainjel 0 0 lon3wolf, Mother Love Quote, Motivational Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Mother Love Quote, Motivational Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0
Not now , no -
Monday Motivation
such a thing?
monday is a race start line
tuesday  start to run
thats when u need coaching
so to then i say
another coffee?
plez bork bork
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Indigo Sea
Indigo sea seen;
red pinch in the deepest blue;
hue of a spring day!
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