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Just for the night
Don't ask me why,
Just hold me tight.
Don't ask me why,
Just let me write.
Don't ask me why
I hate the light,
Don't ask if I
Will be alright,
Don't terrify
Don't leave my sight,
Don't ask me why
We can't unite,
Don't make me lie,
No need to fight,
Don't even try
To make it right,
Just let me cry
away my fright,
Just get me high
On your delight,
Just get me high
For one more night.
Don't say goodbye
Don't alibi
Don't make me sigh
Don't pass me by
alone tonight...
:icon286yoha:286yoha 9 11
My heart is a secret garden
My heart is a secret garden
And my walls are very high
I try to protect the flowers
Fragile as they still are
Removing all the weeds
Make sure no one
Breaks down those walls
And tramples those flowers
As I am patiently waiting
For you to find the courage
To climb over those walls
Gentle, and carefully
And provide the light
To help them grow and bloom
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 9 8
i've been right
for so long, am i
to be
left out by this
can i be seen
in the aftermath,
broken, disabled,
a weeping queen
of swords?
steel me,
more times than this
i've lost
dressed nines.
i've been right
here for so many
lives, redactions
kissing blacker
than hate's grotesque cries.
cannot see through
it, can't hack it
out of these devised lungs;
one hanged man
in an iron seize.
what is left
of the humanity
we swore to see
we, the null,
deserve death.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 5 2
are to blame
shivers dance across your skin;
whispers curl over your lips like smoke from a poisoned cigarette.
you fill your lungs with tar & regret, & you're forgetting how to breathe:
how'd you forget that air is what you need?
the chill outside is icier than the glares of the broken,
so unaware & disconnected from each other.
we've got hate as our best friend & ignorance as our lover.
we have lungs blacker than our souls,
& sleepless nights are taking their tolls
arising as shadowed eyes & sparkling wine.
nothing is as it seems; it's all hidden in our shattered self esteem.
high heels snapped in half lie in the hall;
hearts drowning in wrath ignore the call,
& tears run like a river down your face.
we're the kings & queens of one-night stands,
trying to erase our feelings.
constantly craving the touch of another,
love is something we discovered
& then threw out.
some of us are forgetting how to feel, but it's fine:
nothing's ever real.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 4 2
Κάποιες φορές ο φόβος είναι ένας ανύπαρκτος τοίχος
και κάποιες άλλες μια υποσυνείδητη ασπίδα.
Sometimes fear it's a wall that does not exist
and some others a subconscious shield.
:icondamagedrider:DamageDRider 3 0
Moral Compass
They have a moral switch now;
they are dangerous to their full capabilities
Conquest does not care how hard you worked
        for your wealth, your power, your rank
        even if your glory was righteous and well earned
She walks on the shattered glass of every kingdom
        that once stood as tall as her
War can’t see the catastrophe he left behind
        He will slaughter every lost conscious
        the damaged, the heartless broken, and the innocent
He doesn’t see the path he left, or the girl
        lost and clinging to the last memory of her old life
Famine is the unknown tyrant, the most powerful
        He is winter’s second wind, a cruel reign that deprives even
        the wealthiest, the surest, the most secure
Whatever it is you have—or think you have—he will take
:icondianedurham:DianeDurham 4 0
Through the Night (2)
Through the Night
Page 2
For Puabi
Icy, winter chill lingers on; 
Two warm bodies gently touch,
Waiting for the long night to pass.
And when the long night has gone,
Comes the warmth we share so much;
And the morning light will come,
To add its warmth for us at last.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 3 1
What happens when you expose your tummy to much! by nick-currie What happens when you expose your tummy to much! :iconnick-currie:nick-currie 0 0
Cosmic Cayo Coco (a poem of hallucination)
I thought I was in Cayo Coco
And that I
Was sunbathing
At the beach
I decide to dip
My feet into the water...
The ocean
But instead of sand under the clear water it was dark
I saw all kinds of planets
Not just the one in
The solar system
But other worlds too.
Many stars
Not just our sun
Many patterns
Not just the Big Dipper
So much dust and gas
And super novas
And so many colours to
Make a tye dye t shirt look
Among other things
I think
I am swimming...,..
In the cosmos.
:iconthe-bigdipper:the-bigdipper 2 0
Composition - Two Minds, Two Paths
:iconthywordistruth:ThyWordIsTruth 0 0
Were Warned
Do not be so obtuse
As to believe
Her pain, the reprucussions of pathetic actions
Have gone unnoticed
Physical violence would be overkill
Mark my words
You've wounded her
Belittled her awareness of her worth
And be judge of my character
But I am warning you now
Retaliation is incoming
Do not hurt my loved ones under any circumstances
Lights getting shut out
Good luck
:iconshametownkiller:ShameTownKiller 2 0
a child once again
with a firefly in hand
summer twilight
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 4 0
Eusky New Style By Thebiohzerd Bam By Djslowener-d by DJslowener Eusky New Style By Thebiohzerd Bam By Djslowener-d :icondjslowener:DJslowener 0 0
Think Positive
Count your blessings every day
That is what you’ll hear them say
And if your world seems dull and grey
All the more reason for you to pray
Though gratitude is sometimes hard
Especially when even the smallest shard
Of hope appears to be black and charred
Positive thoughts must not be barred
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 2 0
Path Of Flames - 14. My Perfect Girl
People are like cranking out cigarettes.
They never come out the same.
But in like 6 or 7 cigarettes there's one similar to it.
Some are tight, others are loose.
Some are packed too tight, and others too loose everything falls out.
A perfect cigarette is like my perfect girl.
Empty but impossible to quit so I can fit.
A breath of fresh air and good smelling hair.
Her pretty voice and a gentle touch lets me know she cares.
My perfect girl, would mean the world.
Not cancer.
:icongraveyardofhearts:GraveYardOfHearts 2 0
Medusa vs. Perseus
The Gorgon became the way that she was, first by pulling the serpents from her soul.
To no avail, she plucked them
Then each one she snuffed out.
But soon after, within they would grow.
One day while exhausted from fighting her plight she was struck with an awful idea.
This time instead, while evicting the demons,
her gaze would be transfixed in a mirror.
She stared at herself. She stared at the serpent.
It wriggled, it reeled and it hissed.
She held to it firmly, peering deep in his eyes through 2 shaking white fists.
Normally, she would rip him, dash him to the floor, stomping his coils until dead.
But this time appreciating his might, she instead lifted the snake to her head.
Spellbound in the mirror.
Wrenching at the darkness.
She tore each foul thing from it's home.
Carefully fastening them in rows on her skull, with each one she turned more to stone.
It took a great while to quell the vile beasts.
Their raking and biting persistant.
She lended her skin to the bites of their maws
:iconjennydread:JennyDread 0 0
Seduction in the Orange Groves
In rows of citrus trees the workers tend  
My fam’ly’s enterprise a century.
Among Valencia where I would fend,
And since I came of age they all could see—
The girl-turned-woman child is like an orange,
With flesh as smooth & scented of its bloom.
Don’t ever taste the skin of burnished orb;
Must leave the tree, deny of its perfume.
They also knew the foreman had his sight
To pluck the succulent from off the tree.
He could not reckon such a dare would bite,
How willingly to tempt the Fates was he.
Yet to his nerve & swagger I was drawn
In spite the station of my pedigree.
And so it was one day at break of dawn
We met beneath the tree he knew I’d be.
The heavy-lidded eyes’ belie intent,
My efforts hew much closer to the source.
To find his poverty from words’ infest,
Lest oft’ I may betray a truer course.
It cannot liken to his wax & wane,
Of what is ripe in needful harvest tryst.
In twilight chill, the smudge pots in the rain,
:iconjade-pandora:Jade-Pandora 7 0
Tattoo on a heart by Catdestroyerofworlds Tattoo on a heart :iconcatdestroyerofworlds:Catdestroyerofworlds 0 0
lost concepts
Being Free from Freedom
When that which heals The Wound is wounded
To be born into a mass-grave
The mortal life of human error.
:iconbarrybondsbarber:BarryBondsBarber 3 0