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that's the currency here!
  a world of edges
smiles / blood
      and programmed dreams
             in mid air
this "free" market's
 held open
to any holder
     of the patterned parts
tools- the greatest one
      of which
        is you
you are the wallet
  and all) we (all want
     is what you carry inside
            so chose-
where to use- what to spend
  this currency
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 2 0
Where I belong
Cool rain dropping from the dark sky
Our last night to get high
Till I find out why
and another storm is brewing deep in my mind
I miss leaving little hints for you
Memorys that made up most of our time
You were one of few that stuck by my side
Still you'd always stick to the lie
Years are entangled with my sickness, our health
As I fell down, you got up
It's where you'd keep me
Below an ordinary rate
It's where I belong, trapped in a country's fate.
:iconbaskinginyourlies:Baskinginyourlies 1 0
Hangman's Joke
I remember dying
But before I did,
I stood at gallows 6 feet wide
And about 30 deep.
The rope around my neck
I flashed the hangman
A young mans grin
He smiled back, before he let me down
Before my smile became the ultimate frown.
"Before they go, I always tell a joke.
Stop me if you've heard, this one before."
He paused to breathe, and continued on
"A guy walks into a bar, he just got into a fight.
He stops to get a drink, and the bartender asks
Where the hell were you tonight?!"
And the guy replies with blackened eyes,
I just got out of a fight, who dropped you tonight?"
And then the trapdoor gave, and I awoke
And that my friends, was the hangman's joke.
:iconorionthareject:OrionThaReject 0 0