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meridians and parallels
pulvinate –
i’ve slipped a libration or two in my time
chewed fat with mercurial
statues who’ve never stood in one place
for longer than it takes to bend
a knee, and offer up a never-
ending string of cynosures
for your quotidian consideration
and deep inside the mess i’ve meddled
plasma stains and every
zero-sum game i could handle
proffered and peddled …
electrum eyes and obsidian skies with contenders
for most sedulous cadaver
i’ve even twice slept through September
neck-high in Cartesian batter hatching
potemkin plans for paradise
with proto-gods and castoffs from some
dream when i was nine
a capernaum creature through and through;
i’ve slipped a libration
(or two in my time)
:iconthesquareroot:thesquareroot 3 0
something bout rain
if there is something that I gotta do, tell me maybe
if there is anything you need I'm gonna bring it baby
you might not know me but I think that you can want it. o.k.
caz I don't know me and I don't believe in knowing sorry
but we'll be perfect..
let's spend the night together~
just looking at the stars-
slow cooking till it over.
the morning came and I do not remember who was over
it doesn't matter
guess it's time to find another lover
the dawn came- and I'm failing to remember her name
last night's rain
I believe that it was something bout rain
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Senxualite en poeme
Cri, crache ta chaleur au visage de l’amant, offre lui la chaleur désespérée des nuits de naufrage, ton corps brise l’homme ébloui, tu as cette certitude lumineuse de la beauté au point du jour.
#senxualité #poème #sensualité #poésie
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Mind disease
An augmentation self-inflicted
Nature's own chemicals
Into madness
Icy flames charge
Through the vertebrae
This dying flesh
Over stimulating
Sweet torture
Where terrors are born
Cry from the inside
Where nobody hears
The noize of your darkness
Fragile hair shivers
Mind disease
A cellular overdrive
Sensation distributed
Order of the brain
Altering reality
An alternative
State of humanity
Weep from the inside
Tears of comprehension
That nobody can see
Tranquility in pain
An all-consuming apathy
When nothing exists
The attention is free
When all around burns
:iconelendurwen:Elendurwen 19 2
I am not a Clown.
I can't shop around, loose hair
I can't shop around.
I can't come along, who's there?
I can't come around.
Don't you say that she u-
used me, don't fuck me around;
I know she ab-
used me, I am not a clown.
Don't think I won't tell her
all my trouble now.
Now the shoe is on another foot,
We'll burst his bubble now.
I won't stomach her no more--
Let my stomach growl.
I won't go along, no more square--
I am not your clown.
:iconbuttboi42:buttboi42 0 0
so sad so lost
so sad
so lost
wandering through
a world
that's alien
its so beautiful
but so lonely
so inspiring
so depressing
so sad
so lost
its bad
yeah, for real
worse than that
maybe tomorrow
will change
it all
but when you
are lonely
a little scared
simply put
im so captured
in this tube
just another hamster
running laps
and over
:iconmeanus:meanus 0 1
I'm glad I'm dead
too many fuckin losers
too many drug addicts
too many lying politicians
too many morons and criminals
too many assholes
too many thieves
too many whores
too many clones
do you have any idea
do you even care
the assault on my heart
the fucking hopelessness
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Freedom (Japanese)
:iconabstractwater:AbstractWater 2 0
land of a thousand ghosts
my old home town
has filled up with ghosts
and scenes
from bygone days
my best friend lived there
we sat outside
drank and smoked
hes been dead
for a very long time
so long, that
he no longer visits
my dreams
my parents house
empty and forlorn
I cant bring myself to sell it
and another old empty
where my grandparents lived
where I watched tv
with my grandmother
when I was to stoned
to go home
the old streets
I walked over and over
going nowhere
you might say
so many ghosts
they overwhelm me
I dread going back there
just far to haunted
old girlfriends
lived there and there
wish I had been nicer
wish I had cared
their faces glare out at me
and so many
the streets remind me
Lord, I hate going
back there
the places
and faces
that made me
:iconmeanus:meanus 0 0
i miss tomorrow
the past is haunted
death, depression, disappointment
am i the only one
everyone else lives in the past
everyone else has good memories
everyone else smiles
that dark tunnel behind
where no light ever shined
that's where my friends live
like i'm held by a cord
makes my shoulders cringe
please let me run forward
i am no prisoner to you
shave this misery off of me
slice the strings, cut the rope
get these weights off my legs
how do you define freedom
what nightmares have you inquired of yourself
what horrors lie restless in your cave
what blood does your heart expel
what darkness could you describe
give it to the earth
give it to the gun
give it to insanity
take it from the sun
what is a breath to you
how much do you require
do you ever get enough
the scam of destiny fulfilled
i made this for you
i gave you a pathway
take my darkness
trade it for light
render a useless sight
oceans wash over this
skies bleed under this
behind comes calling
shadows come crawling
does it ever relent
:icontheozzcause:theozzcause 1 0
i can't help but scream at you
who said it was my job to educate you
can't you keep your shit to yourself
can't you find another fuckin shelf
you trample the earth
never knowing a truth
the failure we birth
heed the firetooth
do you know what a leader is
or what they're supposed to be
could you recognize one if seen
you've no leader to be so fuckin mean
the soft hand learns
the firm hand teaches
you trample the earth
never knowing a truth
the failure we birth
bow to the firetooth
i can't help but scream at you
you offer so much yet so little
i can smell the plastic in you
truth knows why you're so brittle
:icontheozzcause:theozzcause 2 0