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She brushed through her hair
Like an animal
Only she knew how to take care of.
As he blew into his instrument
The sound of an
Animal in fundamental protest
Expansively filled the room.
The drum sticks
Cut through the air
So that I could only make them out as
Ferns in a prehistorical forest.
- How do things and sounds feel like tiny, living, sentient creatures?
:iconleelychee:LeeLychee 2 0
Poem - The Sacrifice
The Sacrifice
The sacrifice must be made
the blood spilled to mark the day
lest the gods both good and bad
feel unwanted by mere man
deities remain steadfast
when attention turns to them
by the edge of cutting knife
or the coin from the purse
a gentle shower is not enough
be it crimson or made of gold
when attentions must surely flow
stating purpose from the soul
lives laid down in consequence
by believers or the lost
the latter being enemies
now made worthy in their ends
all this done in name of greed
for squalid treasures near at hand
enough to fill a million chests
these are the boon of all transgress
so ask for blessings both low and high
knowing gods have their price
the sacrifice made today
will coat the hands of deity.
© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190121.
:icongreensh:greensh 2 0
wORdz R iMAgez
wORdz R iMAgez
iMAgez R sYmbolz
sYmbolz given become a distraction 4 the sonz & daughterz of eVe
in the mind iz where sYmbolz R re-cReated into fabricated iMAgez
iMAgez R virtual ReaLity
iMAgez R not REALity
iMAgez do not Replace the Truth in LIFE
iMAgez / sYmbolz / wORdz
in themselves R not LIFE
in themselves R not LIGHT
in themselves R not LOVE
in themselves R not Relationship
do not rescue
do not heal
do not fulfill
do not forgive
do not serve Truth
do not provide Peace
LIFE iz the Truth
LIGHT iz the Truth
LOVE iz the Truth
LIFE iz given thru The Father, Architect of LIFE
LIGHT iz given thru The Son, the cReated iMAge
LOVE iz given thru The Spirit/Comforter/Connection 2 LIFEs Creator
the sonz & daughterz of eVe R given The LIFE
the sonz & daughterz of eVe R given The iMAge
the sonz & daughterz Of eVe R given The Spirit
YOU have everything needed 4 LIFE without the need 2 re-cReate & fabricate
thiz iz the path of AdaM & eVe
designed by MY Father
Consume of the
:iconlittle-boy-brown:liTTle-boY-bRown 0 0
I want to live
I was about to drown
inside myself
when I woke up
and saw the light
reach me through
the mass of water
and somewhere
under all of it
I found will
to fight
so I rushed up
gasping for air
:iconhimbrimi:Himbrimi 0 0
Stick Around
Stick around for God
Even when life's in the dark
He is still at work
:iconja-thepoet:JA-ThePoet 0 0
One day
I accept the earth in me
and that one day I will die
:iconhimbrimi:Himbrimi 0 0