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Manche Sachen leisten sich alles
der rosarote Panther fällt in eintönigen Kulissen auf
das Lügen mit Zahlen erhellt den luftigen Stappellauf
inkorrekt privat, aber öffentlich blabla
die Angst im artikulierten Nacken
vor genderisierten Panda-Paganda-Spacken
das Pro dabei – positiv am Bambus ausgelassen
wird zu teuer, doch vesteuert ausgestorben
ist jede Tierart, jede Koralle von Kosten enthoben
geleerte Placebo-Versprecher ver(n)einen JaJa
heißen nur eines: leckt uns TRANSversal!
von Flugzeug zu Flugzeug sich bescheinigen
immer grünende Veganjünger, die auffliegen
SPRITzen regelrecht vor GUT-Verdienern
vor Moral-Gereinigten, die öffentlich steinigen
Quoten für wett-bewerbende Fachidioten
damit sich bezahlte Studien lohnen
Milchmädchen, mit gesponsertem SPIN ausgekippt
blecht hinterher, was recycelt Mist verspricht
© j.waldeck 2019
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Planned Obsolescence
Receptacle of yesterdays
precipitating minds, enslaved.
The genius of tomorrow, dried,
and drought reins low from up on high.
Expectations bought and sold
while usefulness begins to mold.
Landscape bloating, our decay
cascading death is underway.
We're swiping at the speed of light
worth every cent, behold it's might!
Another little fragile screen
to captivate your dying dreams
alleviate your lonesome screams.
:iconlittlestarkid:LittleStarKid 3 7
Ode to Journalism
You depict politics in black/white terms
With no gray area ‘cross the spectrum,
Focusing more on the politick worms
With an attitude that’s overall dumb.
It’s not a matter about left or right,
And should more be a case of up or down;
Through political darkness shines no light
And on my face a perpetual frown.
You obsess over public opinion
Just as Pilate polled to crucify Christ
With mob mentality; random minion
Shouldn’t get loud voices in the zeitgeist.
I have completely ceased giving a damn;
Journalism can be fallible sham.
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Farewell, Ye Steel Porters
Farewell, ye steel porters of the diamonds blacker than the night.
It breaks my heart that this must be. It doesn't feel right!
But those under the banner green swooped in and forced your hand
They kicked you all out of your homes and declared coal be banned
Woe betide them in their later years! Woe betide them here today!
Duck Creek and Havana were cleaner and, ergo, should have stayed!
Why can't they see the toxic smog resonating from Edwards?
Tis the most toxic plant round here, and it should have gone first.
But "No," said those accursed fools underneath the banner green,
"All of the coal plants must leave now, for they are all unclean!"
Hell befall them later down the road! Hell befall them here and now!
Workers in the plants must now find work because they got kicked out!
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The Unlearned Guide
It used to make me scream, the things that I had seen
To laugh at all the ads that yelled fer free upon my screen
But now sumwun at Grammalies done scovered sumthin grand
That maybe finally got their heads a'spinnin in the sand
'Cause now they got their ad all fixed, the button says It's free
They even didn't fergot to use the free apostrophee
Get Grammarly for free is what the advert used to say
A daft of iggerance holding forth that furfie on display
So if yer've got a screenshot saved of what it used to be
Could ya koindly click a copy there and send it on to me
Detransmutated back to English now it's good enough
But leaves a question open what remains that might be rough
And sure enough for free is found, it must be here to stay
On dot com grammar holding ground, it just won't go away
Promoting anti-grammar there for all the world to see
They have the gall to think themselves grammarians to be
It sickens me, it sickens me, I've other things to mind
Than fight to keep a language fro
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The Vain Colossus
The Vain Colossus
Not like she stood before, more empty. 
A shell of hollow limbs, a flame cold and damp,
She stands. Her teeming shore a “Forever Stamp,” 
A footnote in the rewrite of memory 
Lost to the pages of “‘twas diff’rent for me!” 
A salty tear burns, her welcome left to cramp. 
Where once the world was guided by her lamp... 
Let none who suffer come; not slave; not refugee. 

“One time, I asked the world to keep her pomp,” 
She says through a ventriloquist, 
“I begged to those in pain, ‘traverse your swamp. Come to me my gate’s unlocked.’ I promised, 
You a home, a dream, I’d never trompe. 
Your face is the password and you’re not on the list!”
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Little Metzaka
Little Metzaka
Portrait of a girl
Put the troubles of the world aside
Day we fight back
People watch people being watched
Countries interest
Image of providence
Micro Euro unitopia
VR Gods studio
Try to escape
Secret war traveller
Converts never forget
No authority no constitutions
Passage to anarchy
Revenge tragedy treason
Society of Patriotic friends
Cripple community advocates
Saint LOLAS World
Nomadic taxi hot spots
Peasant gods bad dudes
Defend treason with espionage
Zealotry hybrid assassins
Secret service martial law
Blac Bloc aesthetics of espionage
Lost city ROM-ANIA
Head space star buzz NAZ games
Arcade name: HELL
Accommodate the IDOL
Festival Wenceslas square
Bohemian art little Metzaka
Colour of a womans heart
Hotel la Paradiscious
Watch the tape
Portrait of a girl
Day we fight back
Black operations
Union members
Data archives
Micro community
Secret cabinet
Surgical specimens
Paradox - Metzaka
Saga Realm
Political lexicon
Document Proxenia
Popes Death
Foreign surveillance
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cancer in the valley (for San Luis)
there's a cancer in the valley
seeded in the Texas hills
there’s a cancer in the valley
and we know just how it kills
when not a drop is held as sacred
when the next crop just has no roots
a timeless flow that’s been disrupted
by greedy and privileged brutes
without understanding the balance
or caring what the damage costs
can there ever be a victory
when so much has been truly lost
there's a cancer in the valley
seeded in the Texas hills
there’s a cancer in the valley
and we know just how it kills
when the land is no longer sacred
and hands no longer clean of blood
a timeless flow that’s been corrupted
will turn into a deadly flood
with no sense of stewardship or shame
no care what your greed delivers
can you claim the moral, higher lane
with the actions of a killer
there's a cancer in the valley
seeded in the Texas hills
there’s a cancer in the valley
and we know just how it kills
when not a drop is held as sacred
when the next crop just has no roots
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70 Weeks To Go
70 Weeks To Go
by Tricia Pattinson
He walks along
Without regard
Throwing turds
Disturbing calm
We fail to admire
Startlingly without class arrivals
All immigrants targets
Law of Trump jungle
Seniors will vastly reject
His tawdriness
The youngest voters rebuffing
Trump's hate and incompetence
He invites exceptions to rallies and launch parties
Like terrorists striking down the best of us
He tears down America
With hooliganism from gangster mimes
We watch Trump's method of insansely acting
Incoherently ranting and conscientiously attacking
Note the silence of church goers
Calling themselves Trump Republican supporters
Shout down his ministers of foolhardiness
Push back the Trump apologists; sycophants
The quislings holding office who've laid down
Require the formality of voted out of power
Would someone please tell the mad man
Greenland is his home now!
:iconladypleiades:LadyPleiades 4 0
67 Weeks To Go
67 Weeks To Go
by Tricia Pattinson
Who vigorously defends Democracy
Not he who is Democraticly adverse
He who bullies friends and foe to tow the line
To his dystopian world sublime
Who is prepared to struggle for cause
Stop America's terrible decline
Not he who declares emergency as disguise
For diminishing the People's legislative power
If we choose "to lay down," as our course
Steps on our backs will ceaselessly be the road
Flattened shadows into another world
That which lifted all humanity gone
Our children would be educated
Shaped into shadowy beings
Anti-democracy rewarding ignorance
Lessens their futures and joy
The price for Democracy is a heavy load
Better borne with most helping on
Guarded well against those who'd sellout-
Rejecting the light that brought us forth
Democracy is a fragile blossom
Too easily thumped for desire of selfish power
Resistance to Trump is nearly flowered
Ready, take aim and push that #votebluebotton!
:iconladypleiades:LadyPleiades 2 2