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Womankind want´s to be watchdogged,
hopefully only the greyshade bitches.
Therefore the chaperone is always around,
in phonecells and good counsels.
That guys skills are some hidden brick in the wall,
commanding some natural return service.
For the protective instinct is way down deep anchored,
in the genetic brutish make-up and seized.
A chick that is smelling the harsh body odor,
of course might get a lil wet though.
The rain beneath wuthering in a cloud,
hemmed in between... chunks.
It worked well as some mechanism over the millenia,
the female is sheltered, and will ensure there is offspring.
That cute little tower is nourished and cherished,
manically, even battles were stricken around it.
I pity you, getting in the way of this wondering tower,
it will just roll over you, foreward and backward.
Over and over again, flat like a cake base
the poor victim will look like.
That´s very odd (William S. Buroughs)
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 3 1
Disrupt The System

Deep down we understand no one really believes
We should be under the boots of elite bourgioes thieves
While the rest of us struggle they swagger like royals
Sitting on their gold like Smaug with his spoils
They trap us in debt to fund their snobbery
Their monopoly game is daylight robbery
If they want to play golf they'll chop down trees
Who cares if nature is on its knees?
They spend money on nukes but we can't afford healthcare
Make a quick buck exploiting people on welfare
Manufacture a crisis, then blame a minority
We're too busy fighting to despise their authority
Their propaganda makes us turn on each other
Too blinded by their lies, we see brother fight brother
They could solve all the problems with a sign of a cheque
But prefer to keep us all on the slave ship's deck
More profit to be made trapping us in the past
Gotta stop us proles catching up with them, fast!
More cash is pumped into ways to distract ya
Distortions of reality, Big Brother, X Factor
None of you need
:iconsuperashbro:SuperAshBro 1 0