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Love is Suicide
Looking into your eyes
i see the pain you hide inside.
crying is your only weakness,
your painful tears make you speechless
"Just do it!
Kill youself like you said you would!"
he said "Im tired of waiting! maybe i should!"
"you cant stand to exist,
the knives the pills
you cant resist.
"Slice your wrists.
the pills make your stomach twist:
now its time, time for you to regret,
the painful memories you tried to forget.
was it worth it?
now they're flashing before your eyes.
now your remembering them as you die."
"I dont want to die." you said.
"I do not want to be dead!"
now its to late.
death is your fate.
Part 2
Its been two days
since you passed away.
Everything that i said was true
even after all the pain you put me through
I will forever be cursed
with the sight of them
placing you into the hearse
I could have saved you
what have i done?
its to late now;
now that your gone
you wanted to live
i could tell
now death will forever stalk you
down in hell
I didnt think you would do it
:iconcry-emo666:cry-emo666 172 36
Jace's Second Chance
:iconkandeegirl12:kandeegirl12 77 110
T-t-t-t-tell me,
That you are,
Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry.
Again and Again,
You throw my Love In The Ice.
It is Unforgettable.
Love After Love,
You develop a Dangerous Mind.
All I want you to do is to
Free Your Mind.
Because Your Love Is All I Need.
Tonight I want to be with U.
So Show Me Your Love.
This will become an Endless Moment.
Well...Let's Go On A Trip!
To watch the Rising, Red Sun.
And the beautiful Purple Line.
This feels like Paradise,
Hi Ya Ya~
What a Lovely Day.
You know your Hug gives me warmth,
To let me survive like a Survivor.
I want to Talk to you, Play with you, and Love you.
And let you steal my Heart, Mind, & Soul.
I am Proud of our love.
Lovin' You is part of my Happiness.
It feels like a Summer Dream.
So to fulfill my Wish,
Let's end this Secret Game.
- © cherliar ♥
:iconiheartsuju13:iHeartSuJu13 43 44
Tell Me About the Girl
"Tell Me About the Girl"
Tell me about the girl with hair so dark
Who spoke in whispers, like a silenced lark
With hands that danced like petals in the wind
Who wrote in words that made your head spin?
Tell me about the girl with eyes of stars
Who saw things so near and very far
With a mind of wit, full of wonder and joy
And whose dream you nearly destroyed?
Tell me about the girl with a destiny bright
Who broke her to heart to give people light
With a heart of love and soul so pure
Who left with so much pain to endure?
Tell me about the girl who cradled a dream
Who created new worlds and heroes that gleamed
With a pen as a sword and a will so brave
Who you tried so hard to save?
Tell me about the girl who is seen at night
Who dances with stars and flies with comets bright
With a soul that now swims oceans deep
Who haunts you soundly in your sleep?
Tell me about the girl you wish to hear
Who at night whispers to you dear
With memories has clear as the moon and sun
Who you sti
:iconstrixmoonwing:StrixMoonwing 35 9
Internet Connection
When we typed those very first words,
how could we possibly have known;
our words would bring us so close
and this beautiful love would be sown.
The words we exchanged as friends;
made their way into our hearts.
Then they became words of love,
with hopes and dreams to impart.
How can you fall so much in love,
with someone who you have not met?
Because it is the words which reveal,
the heart of a person on the internet.
Your words made it so easy for me,
for your heart and soul to perceive.
And when love is based on words alone,
falling in love isn't so hard to conceive.
I don't need to see a picture of you,
or to even hear the sound of your voice.
As it is the person who you are inside,
which made you my dreams only choice.
Our hearts traveled towards each other,
and bridged the gap between the miles.
There is no distance between two hearts,
when it's your love that the bridge compiles.
:iconanarchylvr420:anarchylvr420 33 11
Hidan and Hinata II -M-
~rated m for soon to be sexual sences!~
Hidan and Hinata had just arrived at the Sauna’s most exclusive hotel, thanks to Hinata money and Hidan’s persuasive manner ~ehem~. They had gotten the best room in the house…err Hotel, well any way they went to their room…but the room was much more suitable for honeymooners!
Hinata looked around and had a suspicious evil glint in her eyes. Hidan was also looking around while thinking ‘Who the hell would sleep in such a colorful room? Not me! Hell no, fuck it! I would never be caught in such a girly room for more than 10 fucking minutes!’ Suddenly Hidan had a choking feeling and that there was something that was burning a hole at the back of his head, it felt sensual and dangerous. Hidan was now debating if he should turn around or what but that was also interrupted by a sudden hand slightly tracing his face and his chin from behind and then Hinata came into full view in front. (Fully clothed).
Hinata still had her e
:iconhoneymusterd:HONEYMUSTERD 47 57
Dear John
It's hard to pretend I don't care.
It's hard to smile through these tears,
But showing you my weakness,
Well, that's my biggest fear.
You shouldn't know my heart is broken.
You shouldn't know that I still cry.
You shouldn't know that I still wonder,
And I'm still asking myself why.
But still I think about you,
Every night while I'm in bed.
I just wish I would've told you
All the things I should have said.
I should have told you that I loved you.
You meant the world to me.
I always thought it was apparant,
But I guess you couldn't see.
I wish that you'd still hold me.
I want to be back in your arms.
Then nothing in this world
Could ever cause me harm.
I'm sorry for whatever...
But what did I do wrong?
I can't help but think about you
Everytime I hear our song.
I wonder where you are now
And who you're holding tight,
But whoever your new love is,
I hope she treats your right.
:iconsnax-mcgee:snax-mcgee 24 34
DxC PirateXPrincess part 3
Island Quarters; 10:00 a.m
The Captain was sleeping on the floor when I woke up; I looked around and saw that he gave me his own bed again and Gwen a new dirty looking Couch.  I walked by as silently I could. The wooden floor was waxy causing me to trip and land….on the captain himself! “Why G’Morning, to you to Princess.” He said with a smirk. My face was red, knowing that my heart was on his, and our lips almost close to kiss. He help me get off of him, and my blush faded.
“Ya know I not gonna release you for that such “Loving” moment. Gonna have to work harder for a fool like myself. Darling.” “Me and YOU! Why I never! I would never love someone of LOW class.”
He stared at me for a minute, I sighed, “What?” He laughed; I hated it when the criminals laughed. “And I with such a spoiled heiress.” He said walking out the door. “How interesting.” Gwen said yawning.
“You heard the who
:iconcourtneyheartsduncan:CourtneyHeartsDuncan 22 48
For Her
I never expected to find you so soon.
I always feared that you wouldn't be found.
I know who I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Who I want be in love with until I'm dead in the ground.
You are my Angel,
You are my life,
And when the time comes I'll make you my wife,
You are my heart,
You are my soul,
You are the needle and thread that stitched up the hole.
Every time I see you is the best time of my day,
You're the Angel I talk to every time I pray,
I want to be with you for the rest of my life,
I want to kiss your lips every time I lay down at night.
We'll be together for all nights and all days.
Just remember I Love You forever and always.
:iconkillerkeller:Killerkeller 21 5
What Is Love?
Why don't you believe me?
When I say I love you so?

Because I can't believe that,
When you don't act like it anymore.

Please just hear me out;
I still care for you.

Baby I really doubt;
I just don't think you do.
Do you even know what love means?
Oh, so now you're staying quiet.
Love is trust and devotion.
It's giving the one you love your heart;
The control of your emotions.
I'm sorry, but I don't want your touch.
Love is hard enough to give,
And I've given you enough.

Up against the wall he pushed me,
Look me in the eyes,
He continued to hold me steady.
Tell me no more lies
I looked into his eye's core,
holding his hand,
I don't love you anymore,
And he finally let me stand.
:iconkatokumi:KatoKumi 16 33
This Night
I wasn't a child forever
Was I?
To you
When you see me
I'm forbidden.
Your eyes
I can feel them
The need
The desire
What's holding you back?
We feel the same
Unspoken words
Reaching out
I know that
You don't.
Eyes flicker away
Not seeing
Not staring
But you still are
Why are you holding back?
The past has flown
Out of reach
We cannot hold on
So let's let go
And be all we are
You and I
Our bond
You don't believe
Won't believe
In me
I'm nothing to you
But you can't fight this feeling
I've changed
You've stayed the same
And forever you'll be fighting this.
But if you don't love me
Then why are you here?
Under this moonlit night
With nothing but me
And the whisper of the wind.
Not looking
Not feeling
Turning cold
Don't turn around
Come back
Are you trying to fight it again?
Touch your hand
Cold as ice
But my fingers lock with yours.
We feel it
We share it.
You turn
Our eyes meet
I feel complete
You belong here
With m
:iconsalvatore-shan:salvatore-shan 27 20
The Red One
Her soul smells of the
Warm earth.
Long gaceful legs are her roots
While her arms reach to the stary
Night sky like branches of a
Great tree.
Her soft hair are leaves like that
of a crying willow, all things flock
To her gentle embrace.
Red vines coil around her trunk, that she
Only blossoms under the sparkling Moon.
I too now rest in her arms, looking
into the sky that I can never
Return too.
Yet being with her, the Red One,
heals my loss with her touch.
Sleeping under the sun, her flowers
bloom under her mother, the Moon.
Though I wish to be
at my Father's side, I don't
want to leave her arms.
As she saved me, even though
I have killed so many of
Her own kin.
The thought of her burning under
the hated sun, made my heart
change now that I've bonded
With her, the Red One.
Though I am a demon bird
I wish to remain at her
side, keeping her warm heart
To my greedy self.
Could this be the feeling
that mortals call Love? I truly
care for the Red One, but could
I love this Earth Goddess?
:iconmystilik-mew:Mystilik-Mew 20 61
Without you....
Pull me near,
whisper you love me in my ear.
I'll hold you and keep you warm,
bring you out of any storm.
You are the one thing that I need.
Kiss my lips, remind me to breathe.
Help me feel alive again,
we'll bring each other out of pain.
I promise I'll always be there,
to show you I care.
Now never say goodbye.
Because without you I would die.
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 15 6
I Love You
With my every breath,
With all I have left,
From the deepest depths,
Of my heart,
I love you.
With all of my strength,
With ten miles' length,
Every thought I think,
is of how much
I love you.

For the length of forever,
As long as we're together,
Through good and bad weather,
For always,
I love you.
Until the very end of days,
Until my breath fades away,
Until death separates our ways,
Until then,
I love you.
When no one is there,
When you think no one cares,
When love seems too rare,
I love you.
When everything's gone,
When all has withdrawn,
When hopelessness dawns,
Don't forget,
I love you.
When you fall down,
When your dreams come unwound,
When hope can't be found,
Be happy,
I love you.
When you make mistakes,
When you're filled with hate,
When you're old and gray,
Even then,
I'll love you,
I always will
:iconkillyoutomorrow:KillYouTomorrow 23 46
...I hate sad poems
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If you and I were alone
I'd tell you "I love you",
No more hiding in corners,
No more running away,
It's time to break free,
Even though it's hard to say,
We've been friends a while,
And I think it's the truth,
When I look in your eyes,
And say, "I love you",
I'm tired of waiting,
But still what do I do?
When I'm caught in the middle,
Of life and loving you,
Do I choose to wait,
Or do I choose to tell?
Do I give up the chance,
Or do use it well,
Do I love you,
Or do you love me?
I guess that's the question,
It's left up to me,
No more lying and saying,
That I don't love you,
Because when the time comes,
You'll see the truth,
And when that time comes,
Will I take the chance,
To look you in the eyes,
Like a love-struck man,
With my knees to the ground,
And my love all true,
I will look in your starlight eyes,
And say, "I LOVE YOU!!"
:iconuchusasori:UchuSasori 22 9
Do you remember?
Do you remember when you were a boy, and girls had cooties?
And when you would laugh whenever you heard "duties"?
Do you remember when the moon was cheese, and life was bliss?
Do you remember all of the things you miss?
Do you remember when you were a girl, and boys were icky?
And you didn't know when you were being so picky?
Do you remember when you'd get scared at "boo"?
I wonder, do you remember me too?
Do you remember the cookies your mom always made?
Or just playing in the old oak tree's shade.
Do you remember when magic was real, and the sky cried?
Can you remember the first time you said "I tried"?
Do you remember all those clouds above you?
They looked like flowers, birds, maybe a shoe?
Do you remember when the earth was flat and you could fall?
Don't you remember these things at all?
I remember these things, and that you were mine
If you need these memories back, ask anytime
I'll be here, waiting beside you
I'll be here, to say I love you
:iconstaugustine:StAugustine 16 11
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry blossoms, falling, falling
Their pink hues filling the sky,
The Air,
And others just can't help but stop and stare
They start into the eyes of the young girl,
Whose eyes are full of joy,
The clear, emerald gaze,
One so clear,
But if given the time to go into depth,
One would get lost in a maze
She falls, she falls
For the man in front of her,
His rich black hair, his cold, onyx eyes
Winter is coming, and the cherry blossoms
There's a feeling of bitterness, of cold
The girl begins to freeze,
Though her heart is still warm
And once again, the cherry blossoms
Begin to fall,
And fall,
And fall
They twist and turn, and ripple,
The edges becoming gray and dark
There is but one blossoms left
On that tree,
The only one to survive the coldness of this man
This winter man,
This ice,
This snow,
This blizzard
And slowly, his cold, lifeless fingers
Reach for that blossom
The only thing that
Has been able
To warm him up
She murmurs his name as he lifts the
:iconkishxichigo4ever:KishxIchigo4ever 17 7
You'll Be There
You'll Be There
Fall down
Get up
Either way
You'll be there
Who knows?
Who cares?
Doesn't matter
'cause you'll be there
Kiss me
Kiss you
Shut up
What does it matter?
You'll be there
Your face
A disgrace
My face
... Lost my place
I love you
You love me
I hate you
You say
We're meant to be
No matter what
You'll be there
To pick up the pieces
Again and again
Fall after fall
Hurt after hurt
Word after word
You'll be there
:iconcristalia09usagi:cristalia09usagi 19 35
Beautiful Love.
On a quiet beach lit,
by stars and candlelight,
sounds of crashing waves,
our bodies held so tight.
Our shadows move in unison,
creating impressions in the sand,
stroking each other vigorously,
I squeeze your moving hand.
Passion rules</i> our world,
love permeates the air,
an intimate moment of togetherness,
nothing can compare.
Ever since we've met,
my thoughts have been with you,
my heart, soul and body,
is yours, through and through.
We were meant to be,
nothing has felt so right,
I cherish you forever,
and love you with all my might.
When picturing my life,
you are in my arms,
protecting you at all costs,
I will never cause you harm.
Just give me a chance,
to show how much I care,
life means nothing without you,
I will always be there.
You are the love of my life,
I want to be with you,
so sweet, beautiful and precious.
My love for you is true<
:iconkaiyou-kaze:Kaiyou-Kaze 13 175
Spilling Over
you caught my attention,
sparked a new flame inside my silent mind.
you were like a firefly, a distant light
that i saw and i was
trying to catch.
you made me feel like i was more
than an empty shell.
or at least, you filled the hole that
was growing inside of me, eating away
at the corners of my heart.
they say that love is in the air,
but now it feels like
there is no more air for me to breathe
because you seem to be fading
into nothing more than shadow and mist and the
smoke that drifts on the midnight breeze.
[and you are taking all the oxygen with you.]
i used to write you poems, all the time.
when i was bored in class, or when i saw something beautiful
out of the corner of my eye, but was not quick enough
to catch it.
you are like that too; a fleeting beauty i can never keep.
and before, i used to wait for you to see
if you would give me
that heartbreaking smile of yours. but you don't anymore and
all i get is a questioning stare and your silence.
i don't wait anymore.
you gave m
:icon369dreamergirl:369dreamergirl 13 19
Promise Ring
I could write pages of your beauty,
and scores about your love,
and volumes upon volumes
on how all things you are above.
But what would all that reading bring?
save wasted time and itchy eyes,
I'd much rather show you
without words, which love defies.
Right now I'm going to be sweet,
and fill the mood with much romance,
So Angel, Darling, Sweetheart,
may i have this dance?
:iconwakeyjakeyeggsnbakey:wakeyjakeyeggsnbakey 12 9
Te amo...
Te amo,
te amo porque el corazon no piensa,
porque el corazon no entiende,
de distancias ni sangre.
Te amo,
los suspiros nunca son suficientes,
las lagrimas nunca se terminan,
la espera no acabara.
Te amo,
te amo porque a pesar de todo,
es tu sonrisa la que me deja seguir,
porque sin ti veo borroso.
Te amo,
porque te adueñaste de mi corazon,
porque eres tu la luz de mi oscuridad,
porque tu mirada es la unica
entre tantos rostros frios.
Te amo,
porque sin ti me falta el aire,
porque el amor no razona,
porque el pensar no funciona.
Te amo,
porque eres todo lo que quiero,
podria tenerlo todo,
pero siempre me haras falta.
Te amo,
porque se que no hay adios que valga,
porque ya no existe nada mas que tu.
:iconice-kikyou:Ice-Kikyou 17 7