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Pressed Flower
I made it to the morning,
I made it once again
You know my heart is grieving
And I cannot pretend;
But I can smile for you, love,
If only for an hour;
And though we’ll never plant a garden,
We can press this flower.
:iconemily-byrd:Emily-Byrd 3 1
Cosmic Compassion
How loud our whispers bend:
Feathered needles in our shoulder-blades, 
Projected by a barbed wire,
And now we are freely flying.
The sun is mine - you stay behind
And then I’ll take the fall for you -
Though for you I had already fallen.
Love is a dead language.
We speak in tongues and make seance.
We make sweet hate on our thick pink skulls of thought.
Then rinse each others’ rends:
Tending to the tears and fears until it all disappears.
Connoisseurs of death and lustful for lust;
Distrustful of trust and disgruntled with love.
Atheists to Aphrodite and agnostics to agony.
But we believe in each other at least.
The stars want us to fail -
To never shine, living livid, languid and lachrymose.
But we will win, for
You’re not just a star, you’re a constellation.
Drifting endlessly in love,
Smoking hearts:
We rise and mingle in the air;
In space;
Oh hi Venus, how are ya✨✨✨✨✨✨
:iconlukecontino:LukeContino 0 0
Lon3wolf, Conversation Quote, Love Quote, Sweet Q by lon3wolfofficial Lon3wolf, Conversation Quote, Love Quote, Sweet Q :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0
Poem - Please Pardon
Please Pardon
Please pardon if I celebrate
the lack of gender in the main
penning works without reference
to the bits of natal flesh
each has their own to flit about
these are separate from the wish
to find comfort outside of self
even as the pundits howl
staid purity in their eyes
will not stain my lurid prose
when all embrace because of lust
based on desire and not control
emotions reign without regard
to the strictures of righteousness
they’re all based on dogma’s call
to build tall walls between pure love
assumptions made for the whole
while mother nature is at work
deigning all may feel romance
separate from their mortal frame
the muse requires only this
that gender stand outside of type
words put to page will celebrate
passion followed by the heart.
© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190720.
:iconpoetryaccident:PoetryAccident 1 0
Choose your characters!
                 This time I want you guys to choose who gets smashed under someone. I plan to choose the characters from how many people chose them in the comments. 
                  (Yes, I know I could've made this a poll but nah...)
                    Here are the rules.
          -no anthro
          -no furries or animals
          -m/f is allowed but no sex
          -no scat but farts are ok
          -this is not an RP.
                     Please give the names of the two characters, their genders, and who is going to be the giant(ess).    And with that have a bootyful day :)
:iconcooperstaley:Cooperstaley 0 0
Lil words , big prices, so lil time s y we chancin
Letters were written before I had the chance to catch my breath
If I listened quietly I may hear your footsteps
You were there
Why can't I just let you go?
:iconstabbednsoping:stabbednsoping 1 0