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Vous etes des vampires (French Version)
Je n'ai pas mis ma vie entre tes mains,
Ce n'était pas mon plan.
Tenir mon coeur pour que tu ne lâches pas,
Même si c'est froid comme neige.
Une victime de votre part,
Comme tu tenais bien.
Perdre toute ma santé mentale,
Agonisé de perdre la foi de mon humanité.
Même si je n'avais nulle part où aller de vous tous,
Cette douleur est tout ce qui a grandi.
Une bouchée à l'autre
Devient plus fort.
Réalisant que je suis maintenant un esclave?
Tiens-moi comme tu veux.
Mon sang à prendre,
Comme tu m'as fait faire la pause.
N'oublie pas de t'échapper,
Trop tard alors que je me remodèle.
Alors je demande pourquoi?
Est-ce parce que tu veux que je meure?
Ce n'est pas l'amour
Ni les anges d'en haut.
Vous choisir pour un prix différent,
Je te veux froid comme la glace.
Une nouvelle vie comme vous l'avez demandé,
Pour changer ta vie maintenant que tu as été masqué.
Alors danse avec nous,
Avant que cela dev
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 2 0
Gentle hands
Grip, grasp, grab
Encompass me
Finger as wide as my torso
Your touch sparks
Loud heartbeat
Thumps, thrums, thunder
Shake me
I feel your pulse beneath me
It vibrates my joints
Warm skin
Smooth, silky, soft
Caress me
Head sized fingertip
I feel tiny
Hot breath
Roaring, resounding, reverberating
Deafen me
Soft whispers ring in my ears
My ribs rattle
Thick air
Scented, sweet smelling
Suffocate me
You're your own planet
If I leave your atmosphere
Sweet lips
Plump, pink, perfect
Complete me
Kisses cover my body
I sink between
:icontinycaptainjames:tinycaptainjames 5 1
Valentine's Day
It's mainly about films -
the cheesy rom-com that you only pretend to dislike
say that you're only there because
that's what your date wanted.
It's mostly about films -
the kind that neither of you are watching
because what's going on between you
is way more exciting than the plot on screen.
It's primarily about films -
the ones that you've only picked up half the plot of
and the popcorn's already been knocked over
because the cinema just has too many people inside.
It's generally about films -
the sort that, just because they're on, you're playing them
as background noise because both of you are too awkward to speak
but you still appreciate their company.
It's basically about films -
the type that you both enjoy but really isn't suitable
for the occasion, like Saw, or Texas Chainsaw Massacre
but it's the sense of together-ness that counts.
It's usually about films -
those that you never saw with him
and you're only watching
so you aren't reminded of how much it hurts.
And you wonder i
:icongreenblade16:GreenBlade16 3 5
Not Vain
In sollicitation I come
To your evanescence
Striving to please as
Yesterday, for us to be
Like one as of two souls
That found themselves
At last part of a same
Ensemble, running to be
In the same type of gamble
Across continents seas and valleys
There won’t be a second chance
For a love this intense
We won’t use the past tense
All across the range, as we are
Because we won’t change
And I take you as you are
Sum of your past and present
In expectation of your becoming
Without speculation award or attention
This isn’t a war of attrition
Keeping the chances on our own
Best we can do, we chose already
What is there to say
Our love is solid, not vain as a candy
:iconnamasthay:namasthay 0 0
Never Take Love For Granted
"I love you"
Are words we all want to hear.
"I love you"
The desire is everywhere.
"I love you"
It feels true.
"I love you"
Heals wounds.
"I love you"
Connects us.
"I love you"
Say it again
"I love you"
And then we all whisper
" Please don't take my love for granted."
For those who do or don't believe it
"I love you"
And I whisper too, just like you
" Please don't take my love for granted."
"I love you"
:iconameliawolfsong:AmeliaWolfsong 0 0
Garden Of Eden
I met you in the garden of Eden-
or so it felt
you were Adam,
and I,
I bit the apple when I fell in love,
with all the good
                   comes all the evil
when you took a bite it was poison
you unraveled a world outside of pandora’s magic box
you opened up my secrets
     don’t ever tell
it’s not like you to promise
    you swore-
          to protect me
you got that sword out of stone
put a dagger into my heart
stabbed me more than Caesar
the garden of Eden burned down
with you and I in it
our empire crashed
our time together just a sneeze
God never meant for us to last
I know,
     because the stars speak to me
telling me to run,
practice my breaths now
for these apples and leaves
have been poisoned by the wicked witch
I saw it in her cauldron
who am I to defy the signs, the stars?
even the clouds,
shaped like car
:iconsarahtriceratops:SarahTriceratops 0 0
Silent Songstress
this heartless hot mess
   heat death leave's us restless
       you're this silent songstress
           with sweet lullaby deep breaths
       burning grip upon my wrist
   pixie-leading me through the mist
if I'm the fey then I insist
I tend to wander off alone
Into forests of wet leaves
Don't know the meaning of home
In a world of cement and green
Find assorted twigs and stones
Vaguely shaped like me
Save for two single leg bones
Among the severed fingers of trees
Certain pleasures are bestowed
But not all precepts are received
Catch the curtain before it's closed
To watch the fourth wall dance and bleed
Can't tell faux friend from foe
The faces match from what I see
Are we better off alone
In vast expanse of dry sand seas?
Focus not on sound and sight
Ignore its din: just an alarm
Solar flares burning bright
Wild heart flashes mean no harm
We are but the Northern Lights
Irradiating with dark
:iconregal-pinion:Regal-Pinion 0 1
Wanted ask
What happened
Takes one to know one
Last word spoken
Twisted circle forever broken
Inches away
Breath to breath
Match to match
Never lit
Ever etched
In that
:icondaveisquiet:daveisquiet 0 0
A star shone bright
to catch his eye
Unparalleled light
in such bleak sky
Light born in darkness
Rock covered gem
In a world devoid of bliss
she appeared to him
Perfection in his eyes
A gaze he could not withdraw
nor even he disguise
love for she without flaw
:iconthedeviousfox22:TheDeviousFox22 0 0
it must be you
can't find the pieces
scattered away
distantly calling
with nothing to say
anonymous love letters
squeezed from a heart
broken and reopened
better left apart
it must be you
raining these tears
drowning slowly
counting the years
it must be you
cruel masquerade
echoing treacherous
promises made
it must be you
:iconwordturner:wordturner 1 1
Too Much Yet Never Enough
But will you stay when I’m “too much”?
Will you stay when I’m not always kind?
When I’m depressed and the world is too much?
Will you calm the war inside my mind?
Will you stay when I’m “not enough”?
When I feel like I don’t deserve to you?
Will you stay when things get tough
Because I know I would for you
:iconrosedamone:RoseDamone 0 0
So Sweet..
Laying across me
her hand crawled up my chest
putting her ear against it for a beat
a soft sigh, it was a gesture so sweet
probably the best I'd ever meet
getting closer and warmer still
A silent wish with closed eyes
one of goodwill 
       ⬇️  is the reason ^^this ^^ exists
:iconskele-duck-grimm:Skele-Duck-Grimm 0 0
It's been ages since my heartbeat
skipped, stumbled, or fell
& now I find it tripping from a notion;
something wordless like innate knowledge
you somehow forgot you had
then, suddenly, it's 3 in the morning & all at once
the memories flood you like chills
cascading down your spine.
And there's a handful of pigeons waiting
curb side for scraps, like humans
looking for love in the cracks of pavement
& other such nonsensical placements.
I wanted to write to you, tell you
how three winters ago, I stopped searching
for cans of paint & letters,
but my fingers ached at the thought.
:iconxxdr0psxx:xXdr0psXx 0 0
Love Me Like
The old times were better
Honeymoon phases and sunny days
Just me and my lover
Locked in from Sunday to Saturday
But old times are past tense and behind
Now we’re just looking new ones to find
Could you love me like the times
You swore there could never be another
When our hearts were perfect rhymes
The one thing needed was each other
Do you remember how it was
Before we realized our own flaws
We’re stuck suspended in between
The times we had and things we seek
Future times are waiting to be seen
But they’re coming up quick
Even when we’re together
We’re lonely with each other
Could you love me like yesterday
Before the overcast conquered the sun
Could you again find a way
To turn around and stop life on the run
Love this shattered soul doused in sorrow
Love me like there’s no tomorrow
:iconeverthesame807:Everthesame807 0 0
I love you less
(I love you more)
Shut the fuck up
(And stay)
Or walk out that door
(And leave)
Tell me the truth today
(Don't lie again)
And I'm just a girl
(I need a reminder every now and then)
Cuz I'm a girl
(I'm insecure)
I need constant assurance
(To stay assured)
I'm sorry if I have a doubt at all
(You are human. We always fall)
I'm pretty sure anyone would think the same way
(If I said I could have chose someone else today)
:iconfadedrose86:FadedRose86 0 0
Jestes wampirami (Polish Version)
Nie oddałem mojego życia w twoje ręce,
To nie był mój plan.
Trzymajcie się mojego serca, abyście nie puścili,
Nawet jeśli jest zimny jak śnieg.
Ofiara od ciebie gryzie,
Jak trzymałeś się mocno.
Utrata całego zdrowia psychicznego,
Agonizowany z utraty wiary z mojego człowieczeństwa.
Nawet gdybym nie miał gdzie się podziać od was wszystkich,
Ten ból jest wszystkim, co rosło.
Jeden kęs do drugiego,
Staje się silniejszy.
Uświadomienie sobie, że teraz jestem niewolnikiem?
Trzymajcie mnie tak, jak pragniecie.
Moja krew do wzięcia,
Jak mnie złamałeś.
Pamiętaj, aby uciec,
Za późno, kiedy się zmieniam.
Więc pytam dlaczego?
Czy to dlatego, że chcesz, abym umarł?
To nie jest miłość,
Ani anioły z góry.
Wybierając cię za inny rodzaj ceny,
Pragnienie, byś był zimny jak lód.
:iconchelseastarling:ChelseaStarling 2 0
Her Toy Soldier
He doesn't dream of sleep
He lives inside a cupboard by her bed
He doesn't resent the thrice daily sunlight
But sees it a blessing as it dances across peach skin
She turns the key against his back
The steady click of his clockwork heart
Sometimes she listens to his wooden chest
Quite often she squeezes him too tightly
He is exhausted to tears
She keeps him in a cloth hammock all day
Yet she doesn't think it a fault of hers
How he quivers from exertion simply at her gaze
Some nights he cries
She cradles him against her heart
He feels like the sole house within a hidden valley
The warmth felt there begins to melt his gears
She tells him to rest
Winds him down, removes the key
Gears grind through the night as he forces forward
He reaches her bosom by dawn, waves of relief
He whispers his love
She thinks it a chore for him
But it comes as easily as breathing
He has no breath to give for it all belongs to her
:icontinycaptainjames:tinycaptainjames 2 1
Erouve Sensorielle
Érouve, terme sensoriel inventé
Ne cherche pas les mécènes de mots
De contenus ajournés
Poètes maudits aux gencives prolixes
C’est à eux que le marais séchant
De littérature encrée à débit
Pénètre encore dans l’ascète rêvée
D’un matin alité aux joyeuses splendeurs
Cache joyeuse d’un plaisir innocent
Pour toujours retrouver l’atmosphère
Car elle est intacte
Pourcelle vautrée d’un ersatz limitrophe
Dont on ne sait, au fond, où il veut en venir!
:iconnamasthay:namasthay 0 0
Dave is quiet
The gnomes have gone home
The woodlands quiet, owl screech alone
The dragon takes flight, quiet the day, quiet the night
Secrets shared shan’t be shared anymore
Dave is quiet as he was before
Passions play, as now played out
Quiet the storm, beckon the clouds
Rain down the rains, wash out what is allowed
All is right Dave is quiet, as he should have been
Goodbye sweet friend….
:icondaveisquiet:daveisquiet 1 0
For Eli
I want to take your insecurities and put them quietly to rest
I would be by your side if only we weren’t apart
I want to hold your hand and lay my head upon your chest
I would fall asleep to the beating of your heart
I want to look into your eyes and know that I am home
I would never grow tired of their fire
I want to kiss your soft lips and release my heart from its tomb
I would love you with a love that would never expire
:iconrosedamone:RoseDamone 0 0