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filler by Most-Palone filler :iconmost-palone:Most-Palone 10 3
Lien Retabli
Les jours sombres d’absence ne sont qu’un devoir
Inné, prudent, où traîne de rouges épis
Excellence soutenue, après l’au revoir
Non loin où le chagrin s’efface dans la pluie
Rêvons de futures années, tissées de joie
Éclairées de rires, vivantes de tendresse
Temps précieux, le bleu ciel aime lacer nos doigts
Adoucis, détendus de soie enchanteresse
Brodés de cette passion, réaliste à nous
Là où attentes et espoirs défieront tout
Ici le soleil ravive nos aspects doux
:iconvanovaemone:VanoVaemone 4 6
Christmas with Monika
I'm dreaming of a real Christmas
With just the two of us alone
With the chestnuts roasting and children singing
Outside, carols in the snow
I'm dreaming of a real Christmas
With every love song that I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all our Christmases be white
I'm dreaming of a real Christmas
Just like the one that we now share
Where the halls are decked out and dokis listen
To hear my piano fill the air
I'm dreaming of a real Christmas,
With every Christmas tree aglow
May your days be merry and bright
And may all our Christmases be white
I'm dreaming of a real Christmas,
With every love letter you write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all our Christmases be white
:icontheroyalcommunist:TheRoyalCommunist 5 0
How you have the audacity to love me
confounds all reason I possess.
You are a rare, beautiful soul
to love someone like me.
For years love evaded me,
and you love me so easily
as if I'm not so messed up.
Your audacity is God's grace.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
Angel If I Could Give You One Song
To understand reason for this content, the back story of why is in the description.
"Die For Your Love" by LP
Turn the lights up
Nothin' to hide from
Let's see those eyes
Turn your glance up
Girl just man up
It'll be alright
Let's be old souls
And sweep the low lows
Here unto dust
'Cause I'd take every bullet
And fire I'd through
Well I'd die for you
Die for your love
If I'm gonna give myself up
I will give myself up
Even if I let myself go
I will let myself go
Got a lust for my life
Got that will to survive
But I'd die for your
Die for your love
Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Whoa, oh, oh
I would die for your
Die for your
Die for your love
New beginnings
Let's take a vow
To the living
Forever giving
I can see that now
Let the time run
We'll let the warm sun be enough
'Cause there's no chance I won't take
I'd burn at the stake
I would die for your
Die for your love
If I'm gonna give myself up
I will give myself up
Even if I let myself go
I will let myself go
Got a lust for my life
Got t
:iconraeginsongs:RaeginSongs 0 0
DFC 2018: 6. One Flew Over The Kiwi's Breast
I call you the one
Not for what you’ve done,
But because you are my light
Every single time
That I call you mine,
I just want to hold you tight.
I call you amor,
Because I adore,
Each facet of your being,
I just want you, dear,
Smiling always near,
In lifetimes full and freeing.
I will promise now,
Always show you how
The world changed when I met you,
I give this decree,
I’ll forever be,
The kiwi lass whose heart flew.
:iconkiwi-damnation:kiwi-damnation 0 2
Change of Heart
To come to this, I know not how,
but I shall make amends to you;
you were in want and this I knew,
so here I pledge my solemn vow:
Abandoned in your time of need,
my back I turned, refused to see
that you required aid from me—
the blame, I take, as now you lead
far into danger on your own
determined to fight all alone,
yet you shall never be without
this prideful, humbled knight devout;
my strength of sword and shield I loan,
as for my heart, where love was sown.
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 5 1
When I See You
I sit and I wait
With my open bag on the floor
Every good memory with you,
It’s all gone by so fast
A year we’ve waited,
Curious if it could happen
Wondering when the time would come
And by some miracle, it finally has
Just a few more days
And we’ll have the time of our lives
Feels like I’m getting dressed up,
To meet Cinderella at the ball
The texts I read next to your pretty face,
The beautiful voice through my headphones,
It’ll be so surreal, to see and hear you
To hold you in my arms, take in your embrace
I don’t know what to expect
I’ve never known a love like this before
Still don’t know how to kiss,
But we’ll play it by ear, I guess
All I know is I want you
This beautiful soul I’ve only known,
Behind a screen and through my headphones
I just want to be with you, you’re all I need
In spite of all my hardships,
Every bad day I’ve fought through,
You’ve always been there,
To pick me up and tell me you lov
:iconoptimuspower92:OptimusPower92 1 1
I Know You
I know you
Light to my darkness,
Noon to my midnight.
Thoughts of you:
A respite
In a chaotic mind.
Life falls apart,
But in your presence
Everything seems right.
The search is over---
Arms round each other---
When it's my heart you find.
:iconesme-rxldx:esme-rxldx 0 0
I don't understand them.
I don't get it.
I don't know.
Like-like's turn into I-love-you's turn into I-do's.
The language is foreign to me.
Where are the butterflies?
The music?
By the movies
The stories
The songs.
The soft touch of lips.
The strong hands grasping for one another.
The embrace that holds the heart close.
The dance of two bodies intertwined with each other.
Where is the fire that burns in the chest,
The yearning to know
If what they say
Is true or fantasy?
Enclosed in my icy tomb,
I am safe here.
Brave fools try to pick at it,
Only to be crushed by defeat time and time again.
My hands are charred from chasing a vain dream.
So here I must keep myself hidden.
But the whispers find their way in through the cracks of the walls.
They poke and they prod and they pull.
A romantic's heart always wishes for their words.
Those little devils.
I devour them, shred them, to pieces.
I cannot fall under such temptations.
Not again.
Alone with only my thoughts.
They aren't word
:iconforeverevee:ForeverEvee 1 2
My Sweet Loves
My Sweet Loves
I love you both oh so much
That I cannot imagine life
Without the both of you here
With me to this very day
I cannot thank you both enough
For loving me like you are doing
Now, because I know I have found
Pure love in my life, and will keep
It a secret from those who do not need
To know at all, as I do not want to lose
Either of you to anything under any
Circumstances that hits all three of us
I dream about you both all the time
Wishing you both were here right now
Seeing as I love you both that much
Wishing I could give you both a great
Big bear hug, and a deep, passionate
Kiss, too, to show you both how much
I truthfully love you ♥
My Sweet Loves, I love you so much ♥
:iconl-b-demaree:L-B-Demaree 2 0
Sweetest Love
You did not have to look my way,
but you did, with those emerald eyes;
and when I close mine, I see you, —
within my soul to love so dearly.
You did not have to give me your love,
but you did, and my heart started again
with life flowing to and from you,
beating a strong, steady rhythm.
O, my love, you have made me whole.
I was afraid to live my life alone.
I’ve been waiting for you all my life,
and now I always want you by my side.
Your love has set my heart free, sweetest love, —
free to roam the earth with you by my side.
I turn, and you do not have to smile at me,
but you do, and it’s the sweetest I’ve ever seen.
You did not have to offer your hand,
but you do, and now that I’ve taken it,
my heart is at your command,
eager to love you with all it has.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
I Prayed for You
I thought you were a dream,
but you're really an answered prayer.
Therefore, I know you're real,
for you are God's gift to me.
I pleaded to God's mercy
for someone who loves Him.
Finally, He gave me you,
and you're more than I asked for.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
Someone to Love
Each morning, I awoke with emptiness.
I’d take one look into the mirror
and immediately hate what I’d see,
dark eyes sunken in despair.
I asked God for someone to love,
and finally, He gave me you, —
each morning filled with resolute love
even when you love my messy hair.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
Soothes My Soul
Your love soothes my soul, —
my joy every morning.
At the break of dawn
I awake with your joy.
Your grace soothes my heart,
caressing its palpitations
with a care gentle to love me
as I adore your meek smile.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
Your Smile
God gave you beauty
and He gave you grace.
Loving you is my prized duty,
for it puts a smile on your face.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0
On A Little Street
On a little street in St. Charles,
walking beside me one most beautiful,
a ray of sunlight upon her lovely face,
her softness embracing me close to her heart.
I long for the next day
to hold her in my arms, —
to love her more each day
like never before.
:iconwriteouslutheran:WriteousLutheran 0 0