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Flowers 10 (Poem)
ordinary everyday flowers
growing deep in between
are small purple flowers
against the patch of green
full bloomed in plain sight
such beautiful colors
so rich and bright
wouldn't you agree?
even the humblest wildflower
holds such a delicate beauty
simple, yet very pretty flowers
each are different soul openers
which represents the beauty of nature
:iconme2smart4u:Me2Smart4U 5 3
shrug emoji
would be cool if she liked me back. i’m drifting thru space so hard
[ this is your moment ]   sorry but i’m  having a breakdown here
tell me how this is different from 11th grade. how the way she smiles
is different from the way he smiled at you. how each girl & each boy
is only around you for the bottomless pit of heart inside you
tartarus fuckery, that’s me. i love so much that i can cement you together.
but that’s not what this is, is it? who am i to you? what’s your life without me?
would be cool if i knew what i mean to her! i’m always drifting
but i’m so aware of her sitting next to me. our fingers brush. she smiles back
when i smile at her. i have 3 second interludes where i think we’re in love.
i spend the other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 57 seconds
:iconpansydiv:pansydiv 3 0
WotRS: The Light that'll Never Die
Frankish Kings and the Goths were a menace
With their knights ravaging the land
Then a man came out of the darkness
With a maiden walking hand-and-hand
These two gave a single little promise
That they would restore the glory of Rome!
That they would go on however helpless
That they would fight underneath the Dome!
And it’s true their battle rages onward
Now upon the Dnieper’s crystal shore
With the Franks ever pushing Eastward
Now they hear Russia’s soldiers roar!
In the light of Rome’s fading flicker
We shall know the light will never die
For our Russia will never know surrender!
We will fight until God’s end is nigh!
:iconspiritswriter123:Spiritswriter123 2 0
Free Mistake
I laugh those in some cases of youth I once was,
careless and free,
unware on how the world was going to hurt,
but also be so kind in the places I found,
that helped me thrive just as much,
in so many words,
limited as well in the weight they'll hold,
I see that in the geranium plant,
how something so small hold so much history behind it,
having all that weight dragging behind it,
such amazement it personally was,
though I am thankful it never shied away in the stupidity that even I did on the casual mistake,
but now it's just tools at my will now.
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 2 0

Hiding from the light
A common nuisance
Never respected
Yet greatly gifted
Its senses grant it insight
Defying many poisons
Walking away from sickness
Like a phoenix without flames
This survivalist
With coveted gifts
Can perhaps one day
Earn admiration
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 1 0
je suis ton adorateur
tu es le soleil
et je suis juste un tournesol
une petite fleur insignifiante
mais je t'adore avec
chaque cellule de mon corps
Je te dois tout
parce que tu me donnes la vie
ta lumière est le sang dans mes veines
tu m'inspire à grandir
et devenir qui
je suis censé être
ton amour me nourrit
et me motive à prospérer
parce que je sais que
tant que nous sommes ensemble
nous pouvons passer à travers tout
bon et mauvais
:iconxxtra-trrestrial:xxtra-trrestrial 1 0
Queen of Queens
Queen of Queens Brandon Lewis Lott
Goddess I Pray,
That This Angel of Many Sorrows You Will Save,
I Await the Day.
Indian Princess,
My Heart of Hearts.
April is No Fool,
Stop Trying to Use Her as Your Tool,
I'll Kill You Khronos and Turn you Into Stool,
Til My Kingdom Hearts Rules.
I Love You Daily,
Need You Greatly,
I'm Lost Without You My Purpose and Reason I Do Say.
If I Am Not Enough,
Choose Someone Who is Truly Tough,
Because Even if You Reject Me I Love You Even Through the Rough,
I'll Be Your Mutt.
I Love....,
I Love Renee Aerith Musgrove.
I am Unworthy of You,
Too True,
So I Get Lost in the Hue,
Fade From View.
:iconraxnae:raxnae 1 0
(visiting) A cold place
This is the story of a girl who went north to see her grandpa die
but don’t be sad, he was an old and bitter man
And had chased his friends away a long time ago
still, Giselda could not let him die alone
So, she went from the South where she and her lover lived
up to the North, where her grandpa would die
In a village where everything is cold
so cold, that everyone is fixed in its place and unyielding
The coldness is not only in the bones of the people but also in their hearts
because everybody with a distaste for love
And an unwillingness for kindness and cheer
ends up here to embed themselves in a perpetual coldness of heart
When Giselda went home after her grandpa’s lonely goodbye
her car slipped on ice and crashed against a tree
And was totally wrecked
so, she could not reach the warmth of her own home
She went back into town to find a person who could help
but she only found people fixed to their place
Because their cold and bitter hearts
had stopped all sense of human
:iconbellagbear:BellaGBear 2 4
I've a wish for your well,
Down your well of sand.
I've been waiting early night;
For thunder and snow—
It seems the sun is choked.
I can stare right into it—
Its never totally blue:
Even on a summer day—
So I walk where I was stolen.
I walk to the scene of the crime.
My spirit is there, but nothing's changed
Its the same forest over and over again.
Let's go back to the familiar stairway,
All cracked stone amid the leaves.
Ahead, I hear a chime's silver call.
Winter is coming home again.
And in the flakes and hazes
That fall upon your face,
We can be ghosts for an hour
And sing to the growing shadows.
© 2018 Marten Hoyle
:iconmartenhoyle:MartenHoyle 0 0
Wings of Dreaming
Floating on flickering wings of my deepest dreaming,
my cares were cast away by the gentlest zephyr,
as if past, present, and future, began to disappear.
Across the misty meadow kissed by morning dew,
my yearning heart flew fervidly in search of you,
carried by singing leaves rustling through the trees.
Yet upon waking, the dream faded with its respite,
as eventually daylight descended unto another night,
leaving me to wander amid the shadowed twilight.
:icongamingkoala88:gamingkoala88 0 0
to live is to wonder
is this good
is it necessary
does anyone know why
it might have been valid
to have made these same queries
previously - [in the first place]
and each have found someone else
and have ended no less perplexed
at this time in these lives
perhaps the answer is:
 - there are no answers
but we shall always ask
llp - dA - aug2018
:iconalapip:alapip 0 1
Clear a Path
The clouds are out in force tonight
Not a starlight to be seen
The pits of hell await me
And I'm standing at the edge
The wind is howling but your love, it shelters me
Standing here with me, you're my queen lost and found
The clouds disperse, the stars peek through
Heaven knows, Our hearts will sing tonight
Drawn by fate, we stand as one
Till the break of dawn
Clear a path, clear a path
The icy winds are replaced by a summer breeze
Clear a path, clear a Path
No more winter in my soul
Follow me, let's find our destiny
Leave the past behind
Only God knows what's in store for us
I can see the stars are gleaming, as we're walking hand in hand
Sadness, fear and heartache, I leave it all behind
The path we take, the choice we make
It will lead us to a brighter day
An angel's blessing bestowed on me
You and me
I see a path, oh so clear
As we're sailing across the Seven Seas
Now here we are, here we Are
At the gates of paradise
Trust in me, let's take a leap of faith
The stars will sin
:icontheroyalcommunist:TheRoyalCommunist 0 0
NSP - Everybody Shut Up (I Have An Election)
Ninja Sex Party - Everybody Shut Up (I Have An Election) (Donald Trump Diss Track)
(Oh my god, Stacy!)
(Did I tell about my date with Steve last week?)
(You went out with Steve?)
(He's so cute)
(I know!)
(He took me down to this little restaurant...)
Everybody SHUT UP!!!
I have an election
It only happens 87 times a day
Just stop what you're doing and witness so much perfection
This is more important than what you have to say
The voting can wait, because it's me to elect
Not let's all take a minute to watch my skills and reflect
Trump rests in peace, no need to call the police
Please hold your applause
(In conclusion, your honor...)
(In light of this new evidence...)
(I would propose that the murderer was NOT my client, but.....)
Everybody SHUT UP!!!
I have an election
If justice is blind, she's gonna miss this display
It's hard as stee
:icondominoartz27:dominoartz27 0 0
Brown Eyed Girl(Reiji's Version) (Clean Innocent V
Brown Eyed Girl (Reiji's Version) ( Clean Innocent Version) Version of Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison:
When I first saw you I heard a noise from the entry hall
I came in to see Ayato bending over you on the couch
I then scolded him and told him to take his activities to his private room
That was when I got a good look at you
You had the prettiest eyes and you wanted to know my name
I told you I will tell you everything but not here in the entry hall
You were pretty and we walked to the other room
We walked to the room everyone
And you my brown eyed girl
You my brown eyed girl
Remember when we used to sing Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la te da
Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la la la te da
Sha la la la la la la la la la la la la la la te da
La te da
Your skin was porcilin and your eyes were a velvet brown
We went to night school together but you went to class with Ayato and Kanato
I was doing my thing when I heard noise in the kitchen
Then I looked to see Ayato bit
:iconlopsidedfrosty345:LopsidedFrosty345 0 0
Dreaming of the day
It's going to be okay
It's going to go my way
One day
Now everything seems hopeless
There is no light
Everything is hopeless
Hope is out of sight
It will work out fine
My life will be mine
And I will be back
One day
It's going to go my way
It's going to be okay 
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 3 0
Take The Wave (Lyrics)
ひっそりと息を潜め待ち続けた 心ただかもむとりながら (hissori to iki wo hisome machitsudzuketa kokoro tada kakimushirinagara) (I held my breath and kept waiting while my heart was scratched away)
1分1秒がこんなにも長く感じる事は無かった (ippun ichibyou ga konna ni mo nagaku kanjiru koto ha nakatta) (A minute, a second never felt so long)
空を見上げ 風に問いかける 今僕は Oh 飛び出せるか (sora wo miage kaze ni koikakeru ima boku ha Oh tobidaseru ka) (I look up at the sky and ask the wind, “Can I fly now?”)
:iconsantirevecolepe:santirevecolepe 0 0
Lonely Blue
Automatically lock away
my memories
so that I don't have to see
what a monster I've been
In January, I'll be set free
Wonder how lonely I will be
Lonely blue monster
at sea
All I've got is my shiny white teeth
winking at the people who pass me
a mixture of a monster
and a flea
Unpredictable but tiny
so tiny
That when you squish me
no one will even hear me scream
:iconcreeeeeeep:creeeeeeep 0 0
Wedding Poem 15b -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake by CliveBlake Wedding Poem 15b -Wedding Poetry by Clive Blake :iconcliveblake:CliveBlake 0 0
the second hand plays (slinky)
it plays less music now, even than before. but even so,
a hand only absently plays - they are the strings that
obey, as light plays high in our crimson leaves, or
down among the runners; only it plays: it is the sylph and
the sliver that obey, and burn and shimmer. now it plays
in vestigial space, where the portion of a body lost displays 
a wracking truth: that each piece plays on, though lesser and bereft
of norm, given no former chances, yet each one plays, and sings
and writhes and dances. once five, now two. the mind plays
its aces, its infant game of truth and dare - who plays it
better than the cavalier, who plays with fire, toys with
adders, jokes with fate and death, plays out his dumb desires
in the steam of his hard breath and still plays and replays
the moments before, no loss and no pain, but stops… now plays
a different ditty in his unhinged brain, wherein time plays
backward but still rips them off: it plays him all over again.
:iconwouldwing:wouldwing 0 0
Fate of the Heart-head
Drop me in the water,
Let me sink
And feel the coolness soothe.
Home is a mossy bed.
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 0 0
i dress for the end
of this thing i'm in
humble in aspect
decaying in sin
it's been buried yet
still walks around
full of war and lies
and furious sound
:iconss116:SS116 0 0
Ghost malek by Ezzat144 Ghost malek :iconezzat144:Ezzat144 0 0
It Ain't Death Day, It's Your Birthday
(Read the TV Trope page on the alternate Birthday songs that fictional media created so as to avoid paying royalties for "Happy Birthday to You" prior to 2015, and decided to try my hand at my own. I have this comic series that I want to work on, and in this comic, I envision one of the characters, Elanie, singing this song to her friend Penny on her birthday. Don't know when I will be able to start, but I have already have some comics drawn out, with a lot planned in my head, the first comic one that will set the tone for Penny's personality throughout the comic. 
Anyway, here is the song in question.)
Ain't no Death Day,
Not some Sad Day,
Ain't no Weeps Day,
Nor some Creeps Day,
It ain't Rage Day, It ain't Hate Day
Hear the News!
It's Your Birthday!
Start of Life Day!
Pink confetti, sweet bake cakes,
Friends and family, here to play!
Ain't it great? Yo, celeberate!
(The rest of the song basically consists of a lot of joyful bangings on piano followed by improvised joyful ex
:iconjamesfinch:jamesfinch 0 0