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The Golden Rule
They say "Treat others how you want to be treated."
And I do!
You think I don't want to be left alone all the time?
You think I wouldn't kill to have the people around me hole up in their rooms
And avoid contact with me
And let me do whatever I want to without question?
You think I want to be constantly interrupted?
Constantly forced into situations I don't want?
Constantly told to do things I don't want to?
I'm following the Golden Rule, I really am!
I'd love for you to treat me the way I treat you!
I'd never have to talk to you ever again
Wouldn't that be fun?
:iconmostlyserendipity:MostlySerendipity 3 2
FACT by AS-VelveteenRabbit FACT :iconas-velveteenrabbit:AS-VelveteenRabbit 4 3
Violet - Blueberries Grown
Ah, the book started it all,
Giving us a girl turned blue ball.
It’s really quite hard to forget
Tomboy Violet Beauregarde
And the impact she made
From 1964 to today,
In no small part to adaptations
Sweeping many nations
Making us inflation-lovers merry
At the sight of people as blueberries.
From those pages she came
Unaware of future fame
With a great mop of hair on that big head
That was bouncy, wild, curly and red.
She also had a big motor mouth
That eventually goes south
When she snatches the gum stick
And would blow her up extra thick.
With great fat hands
She thoroughly demands
To chew this marvellous gum now
But suffers for it, and oh how.
Her stomach quickly swells
While her confused parents yell,
As she says, ‘I don’t feel so good’;
She sounds immensely bloated,
So it’s good she hadn’t exploded!
And then there’s this quote
Which for me doesn’t float,
‘I feel most peculiar’
(Which line do you think sounds cooler?)
:iconthebluebritblur:TheBlueBritBlur 11 5
I am in hiding
Behind masks
Sad sleepy
You get the picture
I wear these masks
Not because
It halloween
But because
I when to hide the real self
And my emotions
That people shall not understand
I wear a mask
To make friends
Hoping that they
Never see the sadness
Behind the mask
I wear masks
To hide my trauma
And mental problems
From normal
For they would ridicule me.
I wear a mask
Of anger towards my
Because I am damaged good.
Why love me?!
:iconthe-bigdipper:the-bigdipper 1 0
Living in the Flow
Sigil-shape serenity strikes the skull.
The ring resonates, rhythms repeat, round and round --
Within and without, where would we be if it weren't for We?
Illeism is instanced in an individual incarnation iterated upon.My audience consists of spirits: Living, discorporate.
As above, so below, we all scream at the stage --
"THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?", the echo reaches the page.
Sometimes, this character obeys; often, a silent state.
Genetically, a prodigy, the DNA speak to me.
Unifying left and right, thus the corpse I speak.
Memetically, a master, the corpus collosum is mine to hold.
Orbs of light dance over and through --
There still can be love in a heart that has gone cold.
:iconthepoeticpaladin:ThePoeticPaladin 1 0
Musfirah Episode 1 By Anaya Ahmad
Musfirah Episode 1 « Anaya Ahmad « Novels « Reading Section, Anaya Ahmed official - Home | Facebook, Anaya Ahmed official - Posts | Facebook, Anaya Ahmed official - Home | Facebook, #Musfirah #Musfirah #Anaya_Ahmad #Paksociety Anaya Ahmad's, PakSociety - Posts | Facebook, Musfirah Episode 1 By Anaya Ahmad - PakistaniNovels, Meri zeast ka hasil ho tum Last Episode by Anaya Ahmed | Reading, EZ Readings: Meri zeast ka hasil ho tum by Anaya Ahmed epi 1
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Gurnin's Song
 He is as powerful as the universe
As light as the sky
His hair was fire
His eyes  golden pools
Deep as the sky.
As wise as the ancient stars.
He was a brother to Darkness
A son to light.
A child of the stars.
A Guardian of the Universe
He was a Gorta-Trellian.
Children of Crasolia
Children of the stars.
Children of the Universe
Child of Antarius
He was a  Psionicist
He was a twin
Twin to Magnadenarius
A powerful wizard.
Child of Darkness.
Later known as Rannith.
His name was Gurnin Laser-Star Pret (Midnite).
He was one of the Cyra
Meaning ‘Living Spirits’.
He was strong yet quiet.
Oh so very quiet.
He loved his brother.
He understood his brother.
He was a powerful as the universe
kind as a gentle breeze
Mysterious and elusive as the wind
Wise as the silent stars
He loved the Universe.
Loved it so much
He died young
Young yet not so young.
He understood a need to dream.
Wandering the universe like a g
:iconcharmsp1:charmsp1 3 5
Chex Quest 3: Galactic Conflict
Chex Quest 3: Galactic Conflict
"Return of the Flemoids!"
NOTE 1: On 09/13/2017, I completed a time attack of "Team Faust Games: Arena Fighters Special" and got a final time of 13 minutes and 32 seconds, playing as Azona (located under DLC Pack Patch) on Hard 8, 100% life, infinite time per round, and normal game speed. She is from Body Blows Galactic and has two special moves: a flip kick (QCF + Punch), and a disc throw (QCF + Kick). An awesome addition to TFG, seeing as how it needs more female characters in it coupled with strange moves. However, she can't juggle that well unless she uses a disc throw after her first juggle sequence. "Just thinking that you are." Azona has no ending.
NOTE 2: On 10/15/2017, I completed a time attack of "Team Faust Games: Arena Fighters Special" and got a final time of 12 minutes and 22 seconds, playing as Azure Dragon (located under DLC Pack Patch). He is from Heroes of Might and Magic 3. They are statistically the most powerful creatures in Heroe
:iconpanthserv:Panthserv 1 0
On Maps
I witnessed you high on top of the world your arms stretching for empires
Vocals caressing the chords your immeasurable worth condensed to your small form
No longer benign the time it was ripe I bite into the fruit that was never quite mine
You equate to a force unleashed by the source shining beams of light to carve out the night
hands clasped our eyes grind open to greet new hope
revealing the rows of waxed fangs anchored high by the ends
astericks twinkle harsh, for I can see
as the blanket of ages - the dust recedes
against the fire forced through the hole in our sky
A thousand eyes scrutinize the improvised mandate
Imperfect fire caught the corners wild in the time it stood in state
I am never alone I've burdened as beast this case of infrastructure
Lemon sweet form funneled through the light besting which immured
preaching almighty canards and curses in niagara winds
fleeing like fallen angels from the wrath of god
down all avenues of my home in frissons without friction
fail me
:icondreamcomefalse:dreamcomefalse 0 0
Complete In its Evolution
Voices touching in the wind
braced gracefully in the horizon
wherein the angels call
and in their silence
songs fill the air,
Can we bear
that intonation?
Resolved only in the distance
wherein a question is asked...
A dark echo is sheltered by sorrow
forever leaving an emptiness,
And in the undertow
a single voice
                          grave in its symmetry,
Sheltered by pain,
That wild passion
                    complete in its evolution.
:iconalasaron:alasaron 0 0
Im Sick of Feeling
Another day’s begun
Another time to feel heartbreak again;
Another day of pain.
Stuck with this weight again
I’m sick of looking at my ugly face;
What a disgrace.
I’m left here all alone!
I’m sick of feeling this way
Please take it away!
Won’t somebody help me fade?!
Make it go away!
I’m suffocating!
Is there someone who will just
End me!
Tired of all this pain
I try to talk but no one cares;
And life’s not fair.
Why do I even bother
With even living up to this one lie;
I cannot win this fight.
I just want to get away
Why continue with this lie?!
Why continue with this f**king lie?!
:iconredhawk1986:redhawk1986 1 2
A Poem: Blank Canvas. by Jonesy-Mo A Poem: Blank Canvas. :iconjonesy-mo:Jonesy-Mo 0 0
Ciemne i swietliste
między dwoma panami,
popędzany w bezkres ambicjami
mimo ciała błagającego litości-
jak zacięta płyta
co zraniona, wiecznie pyta
o kojący sen wieczności
:iconiamthefortress:IAmTheFortress 0 0
save it
save it in redressing, gently tend the plot, if its left to cede a stead, you'll find where weather's trod
:iconbedblanket:BedBlanket 0 0
Untitled by nongtammy Untitled :iconnongtammy:nongtammy 0 0
Poetry: 5 Letters
5 Letters
A word so very hard to say
And still, sometimes, you should
Maybe you'll regret some day
That once you just not could
It can help some wounds to heal
But also put things right
If it's felt and meant for real
Can save you from a fight
Five letters only has this word
Small, yet means so much
Mend a heart that you have hurt
Just like an angel's touch
It can work wonders surely too
Sometimes it's all it needs
To turn a grey sky back to blue
And heal a soul that bleeds
— 20th of May 2018 by DarkenLyght
:icondarkenlyght:DarkenLyght 4 1
The futility of will, but a whim? to who laments this turmoil 
for however long it takes for you to turn back into the soil. 
As these destructive tendencies turned into lonely waves  
with the idea things will change, like a chain linking futility.
As well as futility already written, coming through your lips
to let me fully take it in again and again, until it fully sinks
in, the waters shallow, until it comes to me as content
can you imagine the  strength it took not to fully allow it 
if I could see a small contrast I could gladly taste the bullets
I could  face the reverberating void that chases the distance 
If I could pick up these pieces without it overtaking me fully 
I would show my resistance even if the cases end up surrounding me
falling at my feet like little petals, found as precious metals 
I hope I find that persistence rallies, revels then unravels 
for however long it is I have showed my resistance, up
I see th
:iconlumenartist:LumenArtist 0 0
Untitled by artxbyxdany Untitled :iconartxbyxdany:artxbyxdany 1 0 Meine heile kleine Welt by elyepunknown Meine heile kleine Welt :iconelyepunknown:elyepunknown 0 0
Death March
Incongruency, latency, and stupidity
Oh, enemy soldiers that roam the ashen plains
Come to the shattered plaza
Where the mighty winds have torn at them mercilessly
The Deathhand sings and hovers across 
Ashen claw in his hand, the warbands shall stop
And tremble as claws of the Burned Elite come down
Shattering the mercenary groups in its wakes
Let the napalm be tossed onto the enemy
Let the fire burns as they did in Angoron
Treat others the way you want to be treated
For revenge is best served hot
The Empress’s name is not in vain
As long as the freelance infantry companies are brought
To the claws of the Deathhand
The Death March! As it comes and goes
As it comes and goes
We rise as the phoenixes do from the ash
Anew in our desire to bring scalding iron
In the name of the Empress and all that
Represents the laws and what is good
For the people of Angoron
And the people in our domain
The Burning Elite
Let the mercenari
:iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 0 0
Hide and Seek with the Lurker
Come play my game.
A game played in the dark.
Call him by his name.
Let him leave his mark.

I have a hide and seek game for you to play.
Though careful, the danger of it is high.
You may experience a sense of discomfort.
One of your friends or many could die.

I invite you to play my game.
Summon him at his hour.
If you succeed you'll be famed.
But be careful to evade his power.

The actual name of the creature is "El Acechador" or "The Lurker" as it is a creature of Puerto Rican Urban Legend. 

The Lurker is a tall shadow creature, its origins are unknown to me. But many claim it is a creature from the before time, older than this world. But in my home it is an ancient ritual to summon a creature from the beyond to get answers for the questions we seek. The Lurker is a tall lanky creature, completely covered
:icondragonkingassanjin:DragonKingAssanjin 0 0
Im a Bonehead!
I keep thinking whatever comes to mind, but I cannot get my head straight. Every morning when I wake up, my dreams disappear and that’s what I hate.
I stayed up late again after midnight. Sometimes I feel a migraine, or imaginary girlfriend. I know you think it’s weird, but it’s what I do when I trend.
How do I feel every morning? I feel lonely in my bed. Would I find true love one day? I don’t know, I’m just a bonehead!
I never had a girlfriend in all my life. The problem is I have a condition. If anyone has a disability, then they’re entitled to make their own decision.
POETRY by Yours truly, “Coreowareo95”
:iconcoreowareo95:Coreowareo95 0 0
Working Progress
It holds the pen that writes my story, bleeding nib scrolls crimson words "I'm not sorry". You're timeline will be a bloody tragedy, It's your fault because of your fragility. You worthless marionette, you have no ability. I'll carve your rotting limbs and fill your head with nightmares to the brim. (working progress)
:iconcondemnedcamellia:CondemnedCamellia 1 0