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The bus
I was sitting in the bus
Looking outside the window
As the fields were flowing past me
I didn't want to reach the destination
I felt so peaceful
I wanted the ride to last forever
For the bus to take me away
Never to return again
Disappear into the horizon
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 12 7
They Don't Know Me.
When a story starts from the very beginning,
is it really the very beginning?
When Cinderella started her tale so cold,
it only told what we wanted to be told.
Not the years of anguish, pain and utter destruction,
those were irrelevant to our audience?
For I feel dazed, not replying at all,
the sense of edge filling up my soul.
I almost cackle at the phrase,
it's not really something I'd want to say.
You leave me a message with ambition and delight,
but I don't reply on this night,
or week, month, year to come.
It's not you,
you just don't know me at all.
When you sent that message of hope and glee,
I was stuck in my daze of emotionless fields.
But I promise you now, please listen to me clear,
one day I'm finally going to get out of here.
It's not your fault, my lips are sealed,
you just didn't know what happened to me.
:iconloulabeiie:LoulabeIIe 10 0
The Language Of Trees
Tree's speak, through the 
language of leaves.
The vibrant swishing of 
many greens.
The quiet slumber, of red
amber,  yellow. 
That whispers softly of  
dreams both sombre and 
Their words are carried on
the wind.
Down leafy lanes, with 
branches skinned.
A rippling quilt where 
children play, with words of
joy on bright cold days.
They shout, in triumphant 
tones when spring again flows
through their bones.
With fresh green words they 
speak to you, of rebirth and 
the hope, of dreams, come 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 16 0
I'm numb.
I'm numb to hearing increasing body numbers.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to hearing excuses after excuses.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to having real solutions be shot down.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to feeling I might be shot down.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to expecting the worst every day.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to no building being safe.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to "never again" meaning nothing.
I'm numb.
I'm numb to people valuing possessions over lives.
I'm numb.
I'm numb.
I'm numb.
Then why am I crying...?
:iconthemagnificentmorado:TheMagnificentMorado 10 6
Violet - Blueberries Grown
Ah, the book started it all,
Giving us a girl turned blue ball.
It’s really quite hard to forget
Tomboy Violet Beauregarde
And the impact she made
From 1964 to today,
In no small part to adaptations
Sweeping many nations
Making us inflation-lovers merry
At the sight of people as blueberries.
From those pages she came
Unaware of future fame
With a great mop of hair on that big head
That was bouncy, wild, curly and red.
She also had a big motor mouth
That eventually goes south
When she snatches the gum stick
And would blow her up extra thick.
With great fat hands
She thoroughly demands
To chew this marvellous gum now
But suffers for it, and oh how.
Her stomach quickly swells
While her confused parents yell,
As she says, ‘I don’t feel so good’;
She sounds immensely bloated,
So it’s good she hadn’t exploded!
And then there’s this quote
Which for me doesn’t float,
‘I feel most peculiar’
(Which line do you think sounds cooler?)
:iconthebluebritblur:TheBlueBritBlur 11 5
The Radiant Fence

Protecting both sides
Using light as a weapon
To prevent bloodshed
Possessing innovation
Nature’s negotiators
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 4 0
Free Write No. 81
Free Writing
How one is going to talk to you,
isn't something that should come in a price.
one way or another,
having that linger moment,
that being sell short,
in what you do,
is a feeling that claws away at you.
Never wrong in thinking,
that you never good enough.
Never wrong in downing yourself.
Never wrong in thinking that what you do is meaningless.
Never is.
Shouldn't be the norm but no one should be blind from it.
They want to live in their own bubble world,
let them,
they are no ropes around you,
no chains to drag you down,
you are better than that.
Even if for a second penny thought,
that you want to be anything but.
That's normal.
Come back when you are ready.
That's all for how you feel.
Freedom of speech and all that nonsense,
just for you,
and those around,
to take it in,
as they pleased.
Nothing wrong with that.
Even most cases,
we are just speaking out freely,
not a dime to be earned.
Money in the pocket is nice.
I won't lack shame in stating that.
But I am taking i
:iconawkardoddone:AwkardOddOne 4 0
Creative Crisis
I can't imagine taking the time...
To sit down and think of words
To put them all down into verse
To picture them as mental curds
Churning inside this restless mind.
To find a way to get this right
To ensure delivery's airtight
To build upon it, keeping it light
So that the idea, somehow, isn't lost.
To criticize myself for doing nothing
To drown myself in fear and loathing
To stop myself from teary moping
In a vain attempt to get something out.
...and not doing anything about it.
:iconakiestar:akiestar 3 3
Stars Within
“You can do this,” breathes the wind. “In your soul, a star glows brighter than the sun. Your love is like none other.”
“Never mind.
I can't love.
The heat from the star burned away my feelings.”
“Love is eternal”, the sun's sweet voice. “Even mine has not been incinerated. Passion is immortal, and it cannot be stopped.”
“There is nothing I can feel passionate about. In it's desperate escape, the fire within me suffocated, transforming my eyes to ashes. As they smoke to relieve the pain, the oxygen changed my frustration into heavy tears.”
“Your cheeks are a riverbed”, the shadows whisper as they envelop, knowing the protection sought. “Is that a bad thing? You still feel. A light shines within you, illuminated by your very soul, and coexists with your rivers; nothing can be quenched, nor evaporated. It feels like destruction, but you are at peace. Your soul is another world, and though you sense
:iconlunaurorakoroleva:LunauroraKoroleva 15 9
She is naked too but strippers hate her
She is naked too
but strippers hate her.
Who is she?
:iconwoundedwarriorg:WoundedWarriorG 6 5
(Haiku) Identity
I almost died, I think.
Woke up not remembering,
My life; in a blur.
My past is fading.
My identity; shattered.
Am I really me?
My mirror shows me,
But I don’t know if I’m me.
Tell me I’m real, please.
I’m real, aren’t I?
It’s my body I’m still in.
My mind is breaking.
What I smell and hear,
Everything I see and feel,
It’s all still real right?
Please tell me I’m real.
There’s still much for me to do.
I don’t want to die.
I want to be me.
I don’t want to be nothing.
I’m going insane.
Is anything real?
I want it all to be real!
There is still much doubt.
I will carry on,
Dead or alive I’ll find out,
At some point I hope.
Death, I will accept.
If I’m alive, I will live.
But I want to know.
I was late one day;
Then I woke up much weaker.
So was I the one?
Was I the victim?
Or am I an impostor?
I’m not anymore.
It does not matter.
I don’t want to be alive.
Not if I’m not me.
:iconkimiko140:Kimiko140 4 8
The Diaper Dare Part 2
I stayed in Johns room waiting for him to return. Nervous and scared of the thought of what I was about to do. John comes back with a diaper in hand.
“Come on do it. take off your clothes or are you scared!” taunted John. “I’m not sacred!” I said to John as I grabbed the diaper out of his hand. “I’m not getting naked in front of you.”
“Go to the bathroom then, but I also dare you to come back to the room in just a diaper.” John said with a big smile on his face. “I mean you said you are brave to do any dare right.” Said John. “What about my clothes?” I asked. “I’ll bring them back to the room.” John said.
I left the room and headed to the bathroom which was down the hall from Johns room. As I walked into the bathroom I can hear one of John’s sisters and his mom talking in the kitchen. Which was around the corner from the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom I locked the door behind
:icongon713:gon713 4 4
sp (N): another
Lazy Saturday
how hard to get out of bed
&into your clothes
:iconladnavar:Ladnavar 6 6
The Final Dinner (Trick and Treat parody)
Servant(M): Deep, deep within the fog, a bewitching voice echoes
Come, come, until you're deeper inside this forest
Servant(F): Hurry, hurry, you'll only get closer if you're quick
Come, come, see, it's going to be fun!
Both: Let the final dinner begin!
Servant(M): The cinnamon stick is a magic wand
Servant(F): With just one swing the syrup will multiply
You'll forget bitterness in this strange dream
Servant(M): Guarded by a canopy
Both: You will fall asleep
Servant(F): It's okay to indulge in these nightmare's hypnotism
If you put on a blindfold all the scary things will disappear
Servant(M): Watch your step! We'll take you by the hand
So, right away...
Both: Entrust yourself to our master!
Servant(M): For some time the blade of doubt has been fading in and out
There isn't such thing as The indulgence in love
Servant(F): Through a slit in the blindfold you peeped
And saw the madness going on in front of your very eyes
Both: Suddenly, your hair stands on end
Servant(M): My my, what a b
:iconsinfulinsanebrat:SinfulInsaneBrat 4 3
Rogue Republic
No kings, no queens, no holy men,
No law we are abiding.
Let’s sail towards our pirate den,
The azure sea we’re riding.
To Nassau we are coming home,
Our rogue republic’s waiting.
The inns and taverns we will roam,
Some wenches we’ll be dating.
A land of freedom, rum and dames
Is everything we’re needing.
We’re never playing power games,
Just feral waves we’re speeding.
There are no rules except our own,
Democracy we’re crafting.
The commoners shall claim the throne,
A paradise we’re drafting.
No nobleman shall have a say,
The Jolly Roger’s waving.
We will refuse the crown’s parlay
For liberty we’re craving.
Our governors are standing tall,
Ben Hornigold and Rackham;
And if the British come to brawl
Ol’ Blackbeard gonna wreck ‘em.
We’re holding up the freedom’s code,
The brotherhood is guarding
The rogue republic, our abode,
‘Cause masters we’re discarding.
So come, my friend, to
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 4 2
Oh, infinite doubt from mind fissure
Chasm of miasma, spew degradation
Filthy lamp of a destitute wisher
Wrap me in sorrow and desperation
Cast me into sulfuric conflagration
Oh, broken dreams of lofty youth
Fleeting fantasies, die in utero
Bloody nubs of worn down tooth
Ignite my remains that I may glow
In darkest pit where no hope can grow
Oh, thankless yoke of burden borne
Duty of the inept, turn away your gaze
No gratitude but a plethora of scorn
Stamp my passion, my heart to raze
Leave me wandering in loveless maze
Oh, wilted flower by vernal bloom
Deadened petals, remember the sun
Lifeless husk awaiting scythe and loom
See my face, for a future is yet won
Hand-in-hand may we become one
:iconblizzardblitzer:BlizzardBlitzer 3 1
Casey Nelson Facts
1. Casey Nelson is a young American werewolf of the far future who was born in the city of San Francisco to Alex and Melissa Nelson. Alex is a descendent of the Kiba Clan, while his wife Melissa, is a descendent of the Tsume Clan. Casey Nelson was invented back in the early to mid 2000s. Specifically, somewhere in between 2003 and 2004 when I graduated from high-school. And prior to that in 1999, I used to draw sketches of a brownish werewolf who wore similar attire and had a similar hairdo. But I didn’t have a name for this character, and I had no origin or backstory for him. But this nameless brown werewolf served as the basis from where Casey originated.
2. I had many inspirations for Casey. These range from Scott Howard (the main character from the 1985 Teen Wolf who was played by Michael J. Fox), Cornell from “Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness”, Lypuston from “Castlevania: Dracula X”, and Jon Talbain from “Dark Stalkers”. However, the werewo
:iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 9 24
once zero
i've been
my in-
felt my
self e-
rase, my
face be
off, im-
i've been
on a
in a
i can
feel the
fangs dis-
skin, hate-
ful grin's
ment, en-
of my
once i
was me.
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 6 1
A Distant, Balanced World
I know it’s a place I’ll find someday.
Even if it was once found in a dream.
Though it may not be a utopia one can fantasize,
It will still be a place where the light can gleam.
The world I see it today leans towards two different ends.
A nightmare in reality, or one's own wish.
When it becomes what I want it to be,
I want to make sure that it’s something that I don’t ever want to miss.
One day, I’ll find that place where everything is still.
Colors that I would see to be more than blue.
That what would meet the naked eye to be real.
A place that sounds like a dream, I’d truly be happy to show you.
Until then, this is what we’re given.
The world, the life, and reality we call ours.
But sometimes, I see that place there in the sky.
Up high above than the world’s tallest towers.
:icondauntingskies:dauntingskies 3 0
FACT by AS-VelveteenRabbit FACT :iconas-velveteenrabbit:AS-VelveteenRabbit 4 3