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Rosarie by Azot2018 Rosarie :iconazot2018:Azot2018 98 2
The sky bares its fangs
Leaves blush on shivering trees
Autumn’s chill has come
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 15 6
Go With the Flow by Kiyo-Poetry Go With the Flow :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 27 1
What does it mean?
When I have that pen and paper ready to put words into place
I think about all that I been through and worlds I'm about to face
The ink strikes the page unleashing energy pulsating emotions
Pain, passion, and pleasure screeching and creating commotions 
I am me
A persona is then created, two worlds, two visions, one mind
Creating civil war between two factions, and none died 
Art is born into place right under the aftermath, looking like a diptych
Smoke clears after the battle, we call that post-apocalyptic
They want me?
Prolific is my poetry and you know it's me, notice my poetry with low credibility 
It is an enemy, really these words will be the death of me, seriously
Picture perfect perfection projection probably posed problems predictably
Connections cause communications to collapse crashing all consistency 
What does it mean?
Being an artist to me is the freedom to do good and bad, nobody is perfect
To take a stand and do what's right in t
:iconlucain24:Lucain24 4 2
L'Automne te va si bien...
Toi, splendide rousse aux rouges pommettes
avec tes yeux verts, avec ton joli sourire en coin
quand je te vois, tu me tires de mes pensées distraites
puis je voudrais te confier que l’Automne te va si bien.
Lorsque je te rencontre sur les trottoirs de ma ville
tu m’intrigues tant… ainsi je me demande ton nom
énigmatique tu es, et ça te donne cet élégant style
de t’être approprié chaque couleur de cette saison.
Les arbres pleurent d’admiration leurs feuilles colorées
lorsque tu marches nonchalamment dans les sentiers
moi, je jalouse la brise car elle seule peut embrasser
ton visage pâle, tes joues satinées, tes lèvres rosées.
Alors toi, magnifique passante que point je ne connais
pour te revoir, je voudrais que cette saison n’ait pas de fin
une fois l’hiver arrivé, je ne te recroiserai peut-être jamais
et cette raison m’oblige à te dire que l’Automne te va si
:icondario-l-art:Dario-L-Art 6 4
''I Love the Blue Bunny Girl''
I found a lovely lady
Who changed my life and view.
Roses in her floppy ears
And fur of white and blue.
I'm always thinking of her
Wherever I may be,
'Cause I love the bunny blue gal
Who gave her heart to me
Her arms, her arms
Her arms, her arms)
Are where I wanna be
'Cause I love the bunny blue gal
Who gave her heart to me
I love the bunny blue gal
Who gave her heart to me)
She's got a lot of heaven
A-shinin' in her eyes
Brighter than the stars above
And greener than prairies.
And everything about her
Suits me to a tee.
I live for the bunny blue gal
Who gave her heart
:iconccb-18:CCB-18 3 0
Puppet Master
You who once believed
I was the one you wanted
Paint me as the vil'n
I laugh at your lies
You constructed in your head
A fire has embered
Inside this broken, healing heart
You beckoned the attention
Of other suitors
While you claimed your love for me
Yet you say I'm the one who should grow up
Thanks for showing me, puppet master
How much I don't deserve a player like you~
:iconchiharusmoon:ChiharusMoon 4 33
Study of Lovecraftian styled writing
It cannot be seen, known or reckoned. What is buried should always remain left covered for all time, without the watchful eye of those seeking to understand its reason. Some things that are lost must stay so lest what is brought surface in gruesome exhibition.
Such was the grave of an elderly man who needlessly died of a accident of particular nature. The deceased was was found charred to the bone, flesh black to ashy bits as with a uncontrollable blaze. A fire that should have consumed the house and everything in it, but as by the mystery surrounding his death was neither the case. The living room he was found in was naught with further evidence of ignition nor the telltale sign of scoring. Not even smoke could be smelt. Therefore the absence of fire.
The hardwood floor undamaged or the low hanging curtains adjacent to the event were unmolested. Only the old man was burned, yet this is where he died on the pine deck sprawled out leaving the absence of marks in the vicinity. What boon
:iconsnyslon93:Snyslon93 4 4
am a Rose.
A delicate, pretty little flower that if you grip hard’ll bleed.
Am a poisonous Rose.
One that will always be gripped by the fools who find me pretty.
Only to turn up dead from my thorns.
I am a princess,
a pretty little princess known as Rose.
I am now a queen.
I will rule by the death of the king.
Shall be my king.
:iconlbely:Lbely 5 5
damn smokers
immortality through text
what a concept
a critical opportunity
will my reader
pull the plug
from artificial lungs
when it hurts
i wonder
while i open my second pack
:iconnaprimerjanez:naprimerjanez 3 1
Co-dependent in Limbo
Loneliness comes and goes
like a wave in the sea
The haunting and the yearning
I would have company
But whose?
I don't want to lose myself
Desire ebbs and flows
like the edge of a great ocean
The sighing and the craving
without motion
I would speak your name
But who are you?
You do not want to see me
Better a hermit
Than a pedestal
Better a falcon
Than a lamb
Let me command me
I should not need to ask
Mind forgets and knows
like the brittle course of history
The thinking and the brooding
I would choose a path
But heart shies from possibility
Where is the friend?
I tried to be a friend
And lost myself
And many friends besides
Where is the lover?
I tried to be a lover
And profaned myself
Learning to trust only solitude
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 3 3
Yet They Step Meekly Still
One small footprint in the dust
questioning the boundless frontier
knowledge is power and humankind has such lust
passionate nations propel with no forethought for fear
they focus on goals and getting nearer and nearer
a rift in the romanticized fantasy that existed before
grows wider with every discovery; that wine is sober in reality
dreamers are out there at day, at night and more
no sweeter drink than the unknowable for some of humanity
though the day isn't unthinkable they make reach a possibility
imagine won't you, a doorway to another world you could open and behold
all the wonders and splendors, the oddities that have existed untold
might you drift into that portal, expand the mind through a rift if you please?
Would you go if you might never come back home, no guarantees?
Maybe you won't, maybe you might, and maybe you will
even as they approach the great leap, they step meekly still.
:iconevilhappy:Evilhappy 2 0
An Expression Of Grace
Bury yourself in the wobble
Of my hips, honey, smother yourself
In my thighs. It's desire's got you panting
Like the hot afternoon and I'm just the moon
To bring you down. Take off your crown.
It's just us here now. Bury yourself
In my sighs.
                   And when the river opens
                   Take your boat down to the coast
                   And be my most, my many. Be a penny
                   Sailing down from the Empire State Building
                   To its happy destination. Be a sensation,
                   not a thought. A taut wave in space.
                   The boat nudges into the sea--
And the moon is out in the
:iconzebrazebrazebra:zebrazebrazebra 5 3
ravenous by csadaire ravenous :iconcsadaire:csadaire 2 0 Inktober 2018 Day 18: Bottle by MysticSparkleWings Inktober 2018 Day 18: Bottle :iconmysticsparklewings:MysticSparkleWings 4 1
HorrorKu - Scarlet's Kiss
Deep under his skin
I watch it sliver upward
His chest a cage of flowers
:iconmeterious:Meterious 3 2
today he is open
novel, pages swept to
and fro
words weighed thick
in brushstroke,
(as an artist would) only
at armslength
kept for spectacle
hung from nail, crooked
on a hallway wall, somewhere
adjacent to living rooms
left unfinished
held, occasionally,
by the glance of people passing
between moments on the way
to more meaningful space
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 11 1
sun arises again
patiently rolling over sky
grass goes greener, sky bluer
just smiling for no reason
just smiling for reason
just smiling
:iconlulu-illussions:lulu-illussions 5 3
LotR riddle #105
Great his skill with bird and beast
Though with the theft his kindness ceased
His temper great, as it trumped all
As he slew heir, he too did fall.
:iconirjikor:Irjikor 2 14
Crater Lake
I saw your mountain that day
How it rose and pierced the grey
Wind swept slopes and hardy pine
Curving, climbing, heady as wine
The thinning air claimed my breath
The petrified trees frozen in death
Waters pristine, mirror of sky
Sapphire waves, a wizard I spy
And felt the tender shoulder I love
Beside me on that vantage above
The ancient stones and deep blue
Marvelous cut, what wondrous hue
Proud clefts which venture forth
A ring of blue in the green North
Bitter wind with a biting chill
Yet in my arms you were still
Shivering staunched with embrace
All the world halted in your face
Our grove of pine and stone beholding
The clear waters and clouds folding
That moment I will save in my heart
Though that was only just the start
Vistas wide and a narrow path
Side by side over nature’s wrath
Which left such a hollow as we saw
A bowl which held our eyes in awe
But to you mine would ever turn
Solace and succor from past spurn
I did not ascend a thing stone and earth
No, for so scaled
:iconblizzardblitzer:BlizzardBlitzer 4 0
the eye's
shot at
:iconshametownkiller:ShameTownKiller 5 0
Gentle hands
Grip, grasp, grab
Encompass me
Finger as wide as my torso
Your touch sparks
Loud heartbeat
Thumps, thrums, thunder
Shake me
I feel your pulse beneath me
It vibrates my joints
Warm skin
Smooth, silky, soft
Caress me
Head sized fingertip
I feel tiny
Hot breath
Roaring, resounding, reverberating
Deaden me
Soft whispers ring in my ears
My ribs rattle
Thick air
Scented, sweet smelling
Suffocate me
You're your own planet
If I leave your atmosphere
Sweet lips
Plump, pink, perfect
Complete me
Kisses cover my body
I sink between
:icontinycaptainjames:tinycaptainjames 3 1