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Sometimes I wish I could just erase every trace of me
Flowing in and out my mind another faded story
Each dream a wish or just another drop in the sea
Lurking before me is the vastness of eternity
And all I wish to do is fade into obscurity
For a day and hour or my thoughts still murky
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 11 2
hearts drown in failure, not the dark
they warned me about fearing the dark but
they never warned me about this;
the way your bones c-r a--c  k into pieces and
you feel this coldness settle over you and yet
it must be over a hundred degrees in that mind of yours, because
not only is this body melting, but
all your thoughts are evaporating
         [at least the good ones, anyways]
who knew failure could hurt so badly?
that it could leave your soul bruised and your mind bleeding and
you can't breathe
and the way it leaves thoughts repeating in your mind but
they feel more like glass shards
no, i don't fear the dark -
i fear the moment your world comes crashing down around you and
you're left unharmed in the desolation you caused but
your lungs feel collapsed with it
i will welcome the dark any day
to escape from this
:icona-nothing-girl:a-nothing-girl 6 0
Say cheese and swell up theme song
One day while cleaning out the basement, the louds found something that was out of place.
(Say cheese and swell up...)
It was an old instant camera that looked pretty dated, but it still worked even though it seemed out of place.
Lori was the first to try it out, she took a selfie that printed, but little did she knew the surprise she would face.
(Say cheese and swell up!)
The next morning, Lori woke up to a startling surprise. She was morbidly obese before her very eyes!
She grew more fatter but was soon back to normal, what a relief, but time went by and soon had an idea that would be neat.
(Say cheese and swell up!)
She took another picture and became fat again, and her siblings wanted a taste of the action, soon they tried the camera out too and started to gain!
Now it’s the lard house, it’s the lard house, roll, bounce, waddle, jiggle, shove, there’s more of them to love!
(Say cheese and swell up!)
It’s the lard house, it’s the lard house, fat, obese,
:icontanasweet123:tanasweet123 6 4
Essai pour l'hymne national du wonderland
Entendez vous leurs voix silencieuses
ils sont condamnés a mort
les choix que la vie leur a donné
étaient juste des mensonges pour les sourds
on est les derniers de notre royaume
mais il ne tombera pas aujourd'hui
mais contre les enemis
brillera encore la couleur de notre royaume
quand notre pays est en danger
nous devons nous battre
oh glorieuse place ou être
notre pays sera sauvé
par tous ce que lui on a donné
terre de tous nos pères et nos mères
nous ne laisserons pas nos frères etre tombés en vain ]
nous ferons en sorte que notre pays se relève
notre glorieux pays
pays de nos ancêtres , mères et pères
la terre promise d'un peuple desespèré
que nos couleurs brillent a travers le monde
nous ne laisserons pas nos frères tomber aujourd'hui]
nation unie de tous les femmes et les hommes
glorieuse nation de tous les oubliés
le pays ne tombera pas aujourd'hui
et que l' empire brille de toute sa puissa
:iconjillthemadhatter:JillTheMadHatter 2 0
I'm weighed down by all this rock
The pressure of existence
Tugging me down
To the depths below
My mind clawing
At the edge of reason
The light beyond the surface
As I gasp for air
Down I plunge
Into icy dispair
Down to darkness
Where deafening quiet reigns
Smothering in intensity
Choking me of will
Fighting all the time
The need to give in
Again I resurface
The world blind
To a silent struggle
To a troubled mind
I'm drowning
On the inside
Not all the time
But still
:iconmad-riding-hood:mad-riding-hood 2 2
Krieg dem Tode
Krieg dem Tode
Ich dachte nicht mit dir im Herzen wieder zu geh´ n.
War damals dankbar dich im Weiten verschwinden zu sehen,
musste ohnehin dafür tagelang, weinend flehen.
Lange hast du mich geplagt, hast fortwährend an meiner Seele genagt.
Die verreckte Dunkelheit in dir, hat sich schmerzlich verewigt in mir.
Entstellt ward ich zurückgelassen, was lieb mir denn, außer DICH ZU HASSEN?!
Die letzten Freunde hast du vertrieben, wurden zerstreut, verdammt noch mal: Nichts ist mir geblieben.
Was ich schon sicher wähnte und mich darauf stützte, erkenne ich jetzt, das es mir nichts nützte.
Nun Verrat vom eignen Herzen, ich dachte wirklich, ich kenn schon alle sie: Die ewigen Schmerzen.
Und jetzt bist du wieder hier, schleichst auf mich zu, schamlos grinsend und mit boshafter Ruh.
Du hast selber keine Seele, so willst du auch, dass sie mir fehle und schneidest kurzerhand durch meine Kehle.
Zerbrochen knicke ich beinah` zusammen, mit letzter Kraft will ic
:iconbuvium:Buvium 2 1
I want to play with the evil inside 
The worlds inside me collide
Imprisoned lost and alone 
This is no longer a safe zone 
The good is being broken down
The darkness all around 
Your expectations can go to hell 
It trapped me in my lonely cell
I can't be who you want me to be 
Can't you see it's destroying me 
:iconkakatoast:kakatoast 2 3
I love caressing the gold of your hair
I love the way you look at me,
Perfect saphirs, so deep, so true, so blue
Love floating in the air, warm atmosphere
Your mouth, an irresistible temptation
I love to bite your lips, perfect taste, so sweet
I faint each time you are so close, red alert
Butterflies making the show in my belly
Electric sensation, you make me crazy !
Like two magnets, or twin souls
You are my miror, my happy moments
We share everything everyday
You are my sun, you are my day
Stay close, for eternal passion
My most beautiful temptation
:iconstellartcorsica:stellartcorsica 6 0
The End of Summer
So it ends the summer fun,
Left to be in all
For once we delve summer's heat,
Till approach of fall.
But here remain from beyond,
There to meet its call.
Memories alive complete,
Till approach of fall.
:iconcedric-scorch:Cedric-Scorch 1 2
Nevermore by Anedgycunt Nevermore :iconanedgycunt:Anedgycunt 2 1 REOL-SAISAKI/OMEN English Lyrics by Reon-Chan REOL-SAISAKI/OMEN English Lyrics :iconreon-chan:Reon-Chan 1 0
Ask me a question,
I'll answer truthfully,
At least to you.
Tell me a lie,
And I will never know you.
Say what's on your mind,
Are you thinking about someone
Other than me right now?
I am now,
Now that you reminded me
Of life outside this moment.
Who are you thinking about?
Why them and not someone else?
Is it odd if I say
I'm thinking about the you
That's not you,
But the you
That's you
When you're with your family?
So, right now you think
I'm not being truthful?
That I'm lying,
Hiding my true colors
While I wait for an opportunity
To take advantage of this situation.
You would be correct.
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 14 12
We Thought We Were Free
we rose high
on crumpled paper wings,
tossed through the currents
like weathered dolls.
sealed within a transparent cage,
living each perilous moment at its mercy-
and still, we thought
we were free.
:iconluxwar:luxwar 2 2
Relief in Your Warmth
The dark--
closing on me,
enshrouding my entire existence,
pain shooting throughout my soul.
Eyes thrown upward catch your face.
Hands stretch to grasp, reluctant to fall.
A light plows through the black,
eliminating the cloud of hate.
Emotions overflow my mind.
Squeezing you snugly,
tears flow.
:iconhiddenspiketrap:HiddenSpikeTrap 1 0
Cut away the chains
There are some grey clouds
Drifting across a darkening sky
The perfect representation
Of how I am feeling right now
The light slowly fading away
Taking way too long to return
It feels like a thunderstorm
Is raging inside my mind
There are a lot of loud noises
A sudden flash, a stinging pain
Like I am struck by lightning
And it starts to rain red drops
My hands won’t stop shaking
As I cut away the chains
That keep me bound
To this lonely world
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 9 15
The Request
'Make me a mask,'
She breathes to the man with a leather face that creaks before he speaks.
'What kind of mask?' He asks with a wheeze and a yellow grin.
'The kind you made for others,
The sort that eases and lets me please
Regardless of inner state or intent.'
'Quite a lot of words, my friend,' he chuckles.
'You are not my friend, but I need your help.'
'So you do, and so I tell you, give up this speaking of truth.
People can only tolerate so much truth at a time,
Otherwise they turn into stone or salt pillars,
Sometimes they even turn on you.'
He hands her a smooth paper object, painted with jewels and a smile.
'This chafes my skin and hardly fits around my features,' she jerks the object from her face.
'Welcome to the world of untruth. It feels the same for everyone. Wear the mask long enough, you'll forget about the blisters and the rash.'
'It stings. I asked for ease.'
'You also asked to please others. You ask for contradictory things. Take it or leave it. Rule the world or rule y
:iconsquibblyquill:squibblyquill 1 0
White Rabbit
White Rabbit looked at the silver hat in her hands and felt afraid.
She walked over to the window and reflected on her cold surroundings. She had always loved your mind with its orange, old oceans. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel afraid.
Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Black. Black was a brutal Devil with solid legs and dirty arms.
White gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a stable, small, tea drinker with skinny legs and shaky arms. Her friends saw her as an adventurous, anxious Angel. Once, she had even helped a decaying Human recover from a flying accident.
But not even a stable person who had once helped a decaying Human recover from a flying accident, was prepared for what Black had in store today.
The rain hammered like rampaging cats, making White unstable.
As White stepped outside and Black came closer, she could see the glint in his eye.
Pitch glared with all the wrath of 7674 spiteful moaning m
:iconjaycloudstudio:JayCloudStudio 1 0
Naturae exegi monumentum

Naturae exegi monumentum
Z dala od szarości, nicości chodnika
Coraz bliżej Ciebie, w środku zagajnika
I w szarości myśli - lecz zieleni ducha
Rodzi się w mym sercu jakaś dziwna skrucha
Niczym ziarnko piasku
Niczym kryształ soli
Trwam w mej nicości - lecz właśnie to mnie koi
Bo nie jestem w potrzasku, nie słychać wrzasku
Serca nie ma żadne z Was! Kochane drzewa
Czasem, gdy wiatr tu Marsz Żałobny zaśpiewa
Nikt z Was nie zapłacze
Bezduszne słuchacze
Śmierci armia zmierza, bo ktoś nowy gaśnie
Nie umarł to człowiek, ale Listek właśnie
I martwym się staje
I żywym zostaje
Niczym pomnik święty
Niczym niebios miara
Żyje w nas w Listka odwieczną zieleń wiara
Nie zaprzeczą temu żadne argumenty…
I rodzi się w mym sercu niezmieniona skrucha
Kto z n
:iconmiwija:MiWiJa 1 0
This discontent in the pleasant
how do I raze it
from a place that operates autonomously from my will
The brilliance of the wildflower field
only seems to be charred when I gaze upon it.
as I look away or seal my eyes
I can imagine the colors others describe
but in a glance it flickers to gray
long before its beautiful
O how I miss the colors
of the wildflower fields  
:iconquazytoke:Quazytoke 1 1
Writing Challenge Day 17 - Rather
I'd rather scars of the flesh than scars of the heart.
They hurt the least and are the easiest to tend.
Physicality fades while emotional lingers.
:iconliaashdragon:LiaAshdragon 1 0
Zycie dopiete na ostatni guzik
Życie zapięte na ostatni guzik
Życie zapięte na ostatni guzik
Gładkie i godne
W głodnych kawałkach materiału
W złocie plastikowym.
Pozszywane ściegiem losu -
Na krzyż, wspak, byle jak
Niekiedy na chwilę
Gotowe i chętne by się oderwać
Gdzieś na polu przyciasnej kamizelki
Czy koszuli o nabrzmiałych szwach.
Ściśnięte pod grdykę (w pozornej układności).
A tu kołnierzyk co kark,
czy KręgoSŁUP moralny ma trzymać - leży nie ładnie;
As nie wypada z rękawa
Mankiet krawężnikiem.
Zagniot niedający się wyprasować;
Przykry zapach starej osobowości.
Życie dopięte na
Ostatni Guzik
Może jedyny?
Istnieje tylko na kolorowej wystawie
Propagandy szczęścia
Na przecenie komercjalizmu.
:iconlas-rzeczy:las-rzeczy 0 1
lon3wolf, Life Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0