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Pokemon Shape Poetry by ShadOBabe Pokemon Shape Poetry :iconshadobabe:ShadOBabe 23 3
Early morning
Early morning
Now let's go and bloom the dew,
At the rising sun,
Caressed by the freshness,
In a small movement,
Smell the fragrances ...
Exalted by humidity
Like the humidity in the emotion
Perceptible at the corner of the eye,
When we contemplate,
Playful the wonders of nature.
Domina Hominem
:icondominahominem:DominaHominem 6 0
Gift of You by Kiyo-Poetry Gift of You :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 16 2
Perched atop the spire
Wreathed in purple miasma
Death angel's shadow
:iconbarosus:Barosus 13 6
Una Historia, Una Sonrisa y Una Decada
Una Historia, Una Sonrisa y Una Década
Aquella vez que la luna cayó y sembró una flor en mi mundo,
su luz brillaba, se acercaba, cegando todo a su alrededor.
Tan resplandeciente, que parecía drenar toda mi alma,
y esa esencia verse reflejada en el cuerpo de la inocencia y la lágrima.
Aquella vez que tus ojos vieron ciegos el futuro en un instante,
mi espada, mi tierra, en un movimiento constante y sin destrozarse.
El espejo se partió para ser dos en el firmamento del universo,
la luna y el sol se rozaron y se fueron, se unieron en una espacio adverso.
Una lluvia de diez gotas cayó sobre ellos, 
sus ojos cerraron, gritaron y huyeron.
Pero luego, miraron y una sonrisa se dibujaron,
y entendieron, entendieron lo pequeños que fueron.
Desde entonces dos fueron uno, 
y uno fueron todos en un mundo que no es de ellos...
...un amaranto blanco, una rosa blanca...
...flotando en el silencio...
-Solem Nocte Infinitus-
:iconsolemnocteinfinitus:SolemNocteInfinitus 2 2
So many galaxies
so many stars
so many planets
so much to explore
and I'm stuck here
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 5 9
Hand Cannon Knocks
They say, practice trigger discipline
lift your finger up, like I've always been
wanna hear about some gun control
in one ear, out the other, brain's a hole
you talk about power, feeling helpless is so real
palm heavy with the weight, recall hate, now how's that feel?
They say don't point it at someone unless you gonna shoot it too,
like the dreams don't burn temples, bullet trains ticket, going away with you
they say roulette is a game of chance, but when you got the wheel
you spin that, hear it click, waiting for life to knock
everyone wants to hold it for a second, who hasn't before, to know how to feels
no one wants to answer so death can lay them down to sleep on the bedrock
all it takes is loaded minds thinking half-cocked, doing deadly deals.
:iconevilhappy:Evilhappy 3 7
[POEME/COMM] Prensio Glacialis
Puissants vents du nord, voici ma prière.
Rassemblez-vous pour m'apporter victoire.
Encerclez ma proie d'un cercle polaire,
Ne lui offrant pas une échappatoire.
Soyons tous témoins de votre colère
Insurmontable et de ce grand pouvoir
Obligeant chacun à se prosterner.
Gloire, c'est notre destinée.
Luter sera leur seul désir
Avant que l'heure de céder
Contre nous se fasse sentir.
Ici, dans la cage glacée,
Amenons l'envie d'en finir.
Le captif voudra ma pitié,
Implorant à ne pas crépir
Sous notre courroux redouté.
:iconmickuv:MickuV 2 0
Happy birthday to a friend
Пусть души твоей коснётся
Златотканный шёлк весны,
Волшебства пусть шёпот льётся,
Орошая сказкой сны.
Пусть мечты над облаками
Серебрятся в синеве
И с прекрасными цве
:iconshaltaibaltai:shaltaibaltai 2 0
Steven Universe Change Your Mind Parody:Pink Alone
White Diamond:
You love to play your little games,
Causing quite the fuss.
Turning Homeworld upside down,
Vexing all of us.  
You ruin everything you touch,
Wherever you may go.
Even your friends, you’ve made them worse,
All for your ego.
There’s nothing wrong with my friends,
There’s nothing wrong with me.
Their flaws aren’t something to be fixed.
How can I make you see?
There you go defending faults,
To justify your own.
That wasn’t me, you mean my mom…
White Diamond:
Starlight, now you need to be shown!
You’re Pink Diamond, always have been!
Her memories you keep seeing.
It’s not the same, it cannot be.
My mom’s my mom, and I am me.
Your resistance is weakening,
Soon you will be Pink again.
My mom’s aura back’s my esteem.
Until white light outshines your gleam.
I’ve made more progress than you know,
Your words can’t make me sway.
I’m a
:iconghostpaint1:Ghostpaint1 1 0
The secret garden
My heart is a secret garden
And my walls are very high
I try to protect the flowers
Fragile as they still are
Removing all the weeds
Make sure no one
Breaks down those walls
And tramples those flowers
As I am patiently waiting
For you to find the courage
To climb over those walls
Landing gently and carefully
And provide the light
To help them grow and bloom
:iconpriswolfart:PrisWolfArt 3 2
Gohda's Will (Tenchu Z Rap)
:29- I will walk on the Path of the Ninja... as I silence my foes.
:33- A Shadow Assault from a servant of death to all those who oppose-
:37- "My Lord! New rivalries made. Do they think that our power has swayed?
:40- The pen may be mighty indeed... but when all else fails, you must unsheath the blade."
:44- "I am naught but a shadow
:46- The making of war
:48- The spark of a battle
:50- A legend of yore
:52- For children to prattle
:54- With no proof or lore
:56- I am but a tool
:58- I am nothing more."
:59- Slipping in and out Before the Wind Blows, never leave a trace unless the purpose is to dispose others,
1:03- Entering the building through the windows, Steal the Secret Documents, retrieve them and replace them with another
1:07- These lands hold a Dark Secret, for those active at night
1:10- New plans, in the hands of courier... words of war to incite
1:13- Backtrack and extract to the rooftops, drop to the farm and blend venom with the new crops
1:17- Float out like a leaf in
:iconkienamaru:Kienamaru 0 0
That Girl's Not a Wolf
Stevie Nix songs...
My inner K9 skills can't copy the!
A merit to her artistry
Therefore her paws
she corrects me,
are hands and
I may ought talk nicer
if I were to have the chance
to lick ... oops
kiss her
face again
:iconshawnpikul:ShawnPikul 0 0
Sleepless Nights (a poem by Misha)
On these lonely nights
When I'm all on my own
And there's nothing there
And I'm left all alone
I try to fall asleep
In my small, quiet place
But I can never drift off
With the strange empty space
I'm used to having something
To which I can hold on
That brought a sense of security
But now that it's gone
Falling asleep is toilsome
And I easily wake
Or have horrific nightmares
That keep my slumber at stake
Morning comes, I feel drained
All because of the plights
That I have to endure
On these cold, sleepless nights
:iconsivanhe:sivanhe 3 0
Zrzeczenie sie checi do zycia
Nieruchomość smutku
Testament nadziei,
Zakryty kredą, bialą flagą strachu - bez pokrycia.
Pokruszone iskry Słońca
Cokoły bez pomników
exegi monumentum dla memento mori.
Materialistyczna (moralna) pustka w oczodołach.
Jeszcze jedna kamienna twarz -
Cegła w murze systemu współczesności
Jak przestać być notariuszem?
:iconlas-rzeczy:las-rzeczy 1 3
lon3wolf, Life Quote, Random Quote by lon3wolfofficial lon3wolf, Life Quote, Random Quote :iconlon3wolfofficial:lon3wolfofficial 0 0
Truth and lies,
Light and darkness,
Hatred and love,
Life and death,
Me and you,
Soul song,
Silent beat,
Cold and heat,
Ancient heart,
Newborn soul,
Infinite solitude,
Untouchable lust,
Strength in weakness,
Breaking and forming,
Alpha and omega,
Forever nevermore.
:iconariya-sacca:ariya-sacca 4 3
Help, Lord!
Help, Lord!
I’m traumatized to the core,
I’m ashamed, fearful, and insecure.
Help, Lord!
I don’t want to show my face again
Around the community I once viewed as my friends.
Help, Lord!
I hate myself in my weaknesses
And I don’t want my burdens to weigh on my friend’s consciences.
Help, Lord!
Because I know even if I isolated myself,
I know it wouldn’t help me or anyone else.
:iconlifeinjesus:LifeinJesus 3 0
Titan (Work in Progress)
No place among the solace
Not even the many songs you heard
Never cared for these kinds of things
In spite of every well formed word
Search for meaning in the vague
Directionless meander or...
Perch for gleanings among the crag
Confections of the carnivores
Come with me toward the edge
I'll guide you through the fog
No need for some solemn pledge
I can hear you breathing like a dog...
We will walk among the tombstones
We will know the smell of death
You will know the terror of alone...
We will know by your lone breath
Chronos knows me by my name
Flicker forever endless flame
Know no sense of shame
Sow the oats of an endless game
I will never hear your cries
Even as you scream your sorrow
I will never hear your lies
Ever as I hear me borrow...
:iconword-garage:Word-Garage 0 0
The Lily and the Rose
On the wedding morn
The princess sat
In the church’s final row,
and she was dressed in black
While the bride glowed
And greeted every guest
And the blessed day was blest.
Gold and silver loudly rang
And the white doves flew and sang
In the blooming palace garden
And the wedding arch.
But her heart
was dark.
As the witch’s forest,
And she, beneath a spell of doom
For her true love
Was the groom.
And the bride
Forever since
Had been
Her dearest friend.
And she imagined
(As the bride was kissed)
The darkness
Of the witch’s forest
And the cursed flower
Growing there
That she’d been warned
Forever always
To beware.
And she dreamed
About the rose the witch had planted
And the thorns
In the darkness still and deep
The thorns which are enchanted
As to bring eternal sleep.
Since the day that she was born
The warning rang out loud and clear
To fear
the poison
of the dripping thorn
with evil pure
and true love’s kiss
the only cure.
“But,” she thought
:iconlilliterra:lilliterra 1 0
Sun rises slowly,
It's unseasonably warm.
The sleepy birds sing.
:iconcattservant:cattservant 0 0
The Name Game
Violent propaganda.
Brainwashing minds.
Destroying reputations.
Attacking other sides.
Reality exclusion.
Narrative devised.
Dehumanize the haters.
Weaponizing cries.
Bias intentions.
Freedom exploitation.
Riding false stances.
Tricking all the masses.
The strawman's little helpers.
They fight without shame.
Pulling the outsiders
into their name game.
:iconalbatross-cp:ALBATROSS-CP 2 1