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At School Gates Day by Azot2018 At School Gates Day :iconazot2018:Azot2018 124 3
Falling Rain
Some nights, I’m like the
   falling rain,
Whenever grey thoughts
   cloud my mind
and my heart wells over,
I unburden in the tears I cry.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 42 16
control z (tw: non graphic off-screen suicide)
all i’ve ever wanted was
spaghetti saturdays with the love of my life
him in his oversized shirt
me with my zombie eyes
but he killed himself last night
and i’d already bought the spaghetti. i was
at a yellow light. i was dreaming of recovery
it was gonna be the best night of our lives.
loss hasn’t sunk in. i message his phone
like there’s something behind the screen.
like if i reach out hard enough
he’ll reach back out to me
and his ghostly hand will skim my flesh-&-bone
and i’ll drag him back in the world of the living
like on club nights when he’d get tipsy and i’d say
it’s time to go home. i’ll take you home.
[ come back with me. come back to me.
     like the most belated declarations of love.
  nothing beats a post mortem romance story. ]
:iconpansydiv:pansydiv 17 10
Behind the Mask (Slinky)
Behind the Mask  (Slinky)
Who are we behind the mask?
The mask  we show the world at large.
The mask we wear to be in charge.
A masquerade we play through life  
To mask the sorrow of our strife
To mask the pain we must endure
To mask our love, if we're unsure.
The masks we wear are firmly fixed
Masked,'Tween brightest sun, and shadows fixed
We wear the mask to hide the lies
We tell ourselves; and no one spies, the mask
Becomes our outer shell, the mask becomes our private hell.
In darkest night the mask, it falls.
We take it off; down come the walls. The Mask
We've removed; momentarily we are free.  But The mask
I've become, and the mask is me.
:iconleawiggins:LeaWiggins 10 20
I Need You
I need you, like a rose needs the sun
To feed me with your benevolent light.
Lest my vibrant petals come undone
I need your warmth through coldest night.
I need you, like the wolf needs a pack
To strengthen me in times of pain.
Lest I suffer a vicious attack
I need your support to remain.
I need you, like a drowning man needs air
To fill me with your saccharine breath.
Lest the darkness shall ensnare
I need your love to combat death.
These words, I hold forever true
For I’ll never stop needing you.
:iconbebopboy:Bebopboy 11 1
Sweet Rhymes and Coarse Feelings by THEMYSTERYWRITER Sweet Rhymes and Coarse Feelings :iconthemysterywriter:THEMYSTERYWRITER 8 12
Tears Like Gravity - A Triolet
Now at last, I see it all, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears pull like gravity. Everything flows away downstream
Lives that slowly come apart have stolen time like thieves
Now at last, I understand, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Now you say you want me, while I’m fading like a dream?
You've returned too late to reconcile. My soul is flying free
Now at last, you see it too, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears have frightful gravity. Everything runs away downstream
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 13 8
the rabbit of greenbriar grave
I intend to die underneath his greenbriar thicket,
though I have not made it that far
because I have stopped in a meadow
of birdfoot violets and field pansies,
surrounded by wood sorrels and blackgums.
I left my brother somewhere to fend for himself
higher up this cragged mountain,
near bright laurels and wiry hawthorns,
below hearty Carolina hemlocks and towering pines.
I am followed by the shadow of a man
who bears black gloves and a quiet voice
as he inspects me who lay still
in a stupor of fever and fear.
He places his fingers between my long ears
to bid, on behalf of his yard, a final farewell
to me and to the botfly I shield from nakedness
before vanishing behind white window frames
to watch me pass from this meadow into the next.
My legs carry me to the embrace of the thicket,
where I meet greenbriar for the last time:
I start to bleed with the horizon
as green hues blur with black—
the earth will take me back
to those who have come before
and rest in greenbriar graves.
:iconkoahara:Koahara 13 8
Spinning penny
A spinning penny it's still a penny,
but more entertaining.
:iconstandardunartist:StandardUnArtist 14 0
Clarity by Kiyo-Poetry Clarity :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 13 0
The Weight of Survival (Slinky)
the weight of loss
breaks one's own sense of weight and measures
as they'd thought that loss, in terms of weight,
would lighten gravity's pull, but weight
a minute, weight, a lifetime, and then
the subject's vernacular alone, becomes a weight
when a term like birth-weight
breaks, in that weight given birth
should be alive, not be the cold counter weight
negating the very weight holding one to earth
and only in this aching context, is weight lost
this weight reminds me of drowning
this weight reminds me of wings
this weight remembers we owe something
for the elusive weight death lost that day
in the weight allowed to remain
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 11 23
Catch me in a dream
In the eye of a storm
Blinding rains
Acid clouds
Blue skies turned black
Angel in the slip stream
Miracle mile
Gone walk about
Moving through slow
Shovelling snow  
Drowning in an ocean of a million lost tears
Free falling through the tide of change
Washed up on the shoreline of a time forgotten
:iconrjbg:RJBG 15 4
My home, divided by the wall,
a staircase divided by the wall,
the toilet on the left side,
the kitchen on the right side.
My body, divided by the wall,
ten fingers on the left side
and ten fingers on the right side,
equal part of head on each of sides.
My street, divided by the wall,
the right side shines with neon lights,
the left side - with all lights out.
I look at both sides from behind the curtain.
The left side never wakes up,
the right side never falls asleep...
:iconaustin316hellyeah:austin316hellyeah 7 3
The process of reasoning
The process of reasoning is for those who cook lies.
:icondisabledwarriort:DisabledWarriorT 7 0
The Fabric of the Vampire Court
the rain a black,
the eyelash gathering
itself a trembling
black clouds the
crushed ice of
a dark hall's
coiled windows &
while a breeze
informs the sensitive
skin, of the sound
of blowing leaves,
& scents of coming
parting the day &
night of
layer's of
nightmare's & daydream's,
a sunlit ghost,
this the rain
pelt's & grain's the
wind & window for,
all this the very
stuff, the fabric of
the Vampiric Court.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 6 0
hands. fingers. nerves. blood.
she touched upon sinister, well trained flesh
with a flame so mild, he saw pink
caressing skin, unknown borders,
bones and flesh and the messy white noise
in between
he harbors the voices of foreign souls,
too many to count, trite in his nature
bastardized by the turbulence
of dereliction and apathy,
craving... always craving.
and yet, her hands. her fingers.
her nerves. her blood.
hypnotic. narcotic. symbiotic.
heaven sent meditation. reflection.
therapy. vitality. his perfect health,
met with unsure touch
consideration. contemplation. surrender.
a single body to quiet the mind.
years are merely weeks are merely days
are merely hours
submit. pacify. for he, is hers.
:icontoxichype:ToxicHype 6 0
Water up to her eyes,
covered in white, turbulent waves.
She sinks below
and almost disappears.
The cold is deadly.
Deep pain surfaces.
She plummets further
until white to blue.
Blue to black.
And black to void.
Just more of the same.
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 10 4
Requiem for a Pipe Dream
Everything seemed perfect,
it just all fit into place.
That is, until the day it slowly
blew up in my face.
I should have know much better,
seen it coming from afar,
but we never truly understand
how blinded that we are
by hope and need and every void
we just can't seem to fill.
However much you feed them,
they just get hungrier still.
I'd like to think I've finally learned
this lesson once again,
but I'm sure that I will probably
be back here now and then.
:iconjohnhmaloney:johnhmaloney 7 0
the last day
summer is falling
as seasons so often do
it's falling on you
:iconcattservant:cattservant 6 8
Empty Plate
I’m not looking for trouble,
But I want to force the issue.
Maybe it’s inevitable,
Another sad truth,
Anticipating the resolution
To catch up with my present state of mind.
Hate it,
Fight it,
Break it,
Bury it,
Flee the scene,
Most obscene.
All I’ve wanted, yearned for;
Baseless needs behind past’s closed doors.
And all these everlasting burns,
And endless scars, making feelings churn,
Boiling beneath my thin skin’s surface,
Making me want to scream.
Face it,
Say it,
Confess to it,
Accept it,
Own it.
There’s no noose,
There’s no trigger,
That’ll make it any better.
There’s no knife,
There’s no pills,
That’ll make it end any sooner.
There’s no one,
There’s not one thing,
At the end of the tunnel but you,
And what you’ll have chosen to do.
Embrace it,
Move passed it,
But don’t let it
Misshape the beauty,
That is you.
:iconthe-archaeon:The-Archaeon 5 0
Relaxed, Intertwined, feeling rather free,
Glee emotion in your eyes, give me peace.
Kicking my feet, drinking morning coffee,
as you gaze at me like a masterpiece.
Tints of crimson always filling my cheeks,
The past, it hurts, but my future is green.
I had felt like many dusty antiques,
you didn't, filling my heart like a marine.
Indescribable, Irreplaceable,
Many say as they manipulate me.
Undesired, I became replaceable,
Not by the writer who lives oversea.
He makes me relaxed, his arms around me,
He tells my worth, I begin to agree.
:iconloulabeiie:LoulabeIIe 10 2
Dear Peter
Dear Peter
Neverland is just not the same without you
The lost boys are really and truly lost
Tinkerbell has fallen ill wondering if you will ever come back
And just yesterday I saw Captain Hook weeping
Why did you walk way Peter, better yet why have you stayed away?
Did they make you grow up?
Are you now slaving away in an office, paying bills and taxes and other grown up stuff?
If I could find you Peter I would sprinkle you with pixie dust and remind you how much fun we had once
Can you still crow like a rooster and fly higher than the sun?
Or are you chain to a cubical, all childish things now undone
Oh, dear sweet Peter I miss you so very, very much
But I know where ever you are you are never far from my heart
Please come back soon from forever-land
:iconzombieinn:ZombieInn 9 11