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Handful of Dreams
We are wishmakers,
starchasers, we are who
   we choose to be
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 35 4
earth feels moon's
need slack,
scans dark side's
absent facets,
broods drearily
and gasps.
in fact, moon's
need is maximized,
can't keep asking
but can't rely
on earth's shine
and lapse.
earth waxes poetic,
moon wanes alone.
earth blames the static,
moon makes a home
amidst the void,
a darling expanse
of unknowns and
active fears;
they revolve,
for years.
then moon
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 30 10
Across the freckled night sky,
I am a falling star.
Make a wish
and I will grant it,
though I seem so far.
You sit there in the car park
and eye the city street.
in what self pity
gnaws upon your feet.
Beyond your orbit, somewhere,
the universe aligns.
the asteroids down,
should they cross the line.
We're like twin comets, mid-drift,
just trying to collide.
How we burn
to hear the same
three words we feel inside!
Across the freckled night sky
I am a falling star.
Make a wish
while I disintegrate
And break
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 10 2
Tia Hariberu-sama by Naftosaur Tia Hariberu-sama :iconnaftosaur:Naftosaur 35 1
Hope in music of sadness

Hope in music of sadness
The Poem
I am going to
My special place
To find the words
Like when voices
In my head help
Makes me feel again
You always find
A way to keep me
Right here waiting
Searching for feelings
As the light fades away
I'll be right here playing
Am afraid since
The day that you
Left in the end
Its pulling me again
Am falling Down
six feet to the ground
The pain is spinning
In my wounded head
For words left unsaid
Memories are
Like riddles that
Make you sad
Am afraid since
the day that
you left in the end
Another sleepless night
with only a ray of hope
Has become my only friend
:iconcaddman:caddman 55 57
Just Emma
I can be your perfect, blueberry girl.
I'll chew like a glutton,
I'll smack like a cow.
It's not wrong,
I'll do it all night long.
Do what you want to me,
I dont care.
Watch my growing body,
I want you to stare.
I will to be your perfect, blueberry girl.
Or perhaps..
Not a blueberry,
but a big, fatty?
Stuffing my face,
with all the sweets you bring.
Filling my stomach,
as I devour everything.
You want me bigger?
So do I.
You like me fatter?
I see your eye.
Anything, I'll do taboo.
Anything, a chewy treat.
Anything, a fattening sweet.
Anything, for my darling, you.
:iconemmaberry-x3:EmmaBerry-x3 18 5
Lost inside my own mind
Have you ever
Fallen so deep
Inside your own mind
And gotten lost?
I keep asking myself
How did I get here?
How do I get out?
Just standing there
With my back pressed
Against the wall
Will you come inside
And find me again?
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 17 15
It was already there
Τίποτα καλό δε γεννιέται από μια καταστροφή.
Απλά ήταν ήδη εκεί.
Nothing good comes out of a disaster.
It was simply already there.
:icondamagedrider:DamageDRider 13 0
A Voluntary Enigma

The ocean giant
With a heart just as massive
Offering its aid
The more that is learned
The more some old ways must change
:iconakkusuraikan:AkkusuRaikan 7 4
Just Say No
Let me be the second girl
our arms touching
    just far enough for you
to stay faithful
 . . . to someone other than me
I am the product of second wives
            a procession of dusty China dolls
            marching in the darkness
            where no sees and no one cares
My mothers’ bones cry in a foreign land
            feet bound and broken
            like in Cinderella’s secret tomb
I have forgotten the native tongue
            Mouthing clumsy words
    of the western sky
            never a bridesmaid
:iconsavvyred:SavvyRed 8 2
Never Back Down by Kiyo-Poetry Never Back Down :iconkiyo-poetry:Kiyo-Poetry 10 4
like a young god
desperation clings to me.
i am forever in search of
a legacy that will never
come to me unless,
somehow, i set myself
but what is 'free' when
all you've known are
the shackles of the past,
connecting you to events and
memories you no longer wish
to be tethered to,
no longer want to
bring you down into this
cruel reality.
if there were a god,
She would've made this world
a little nice,
a little kinder for the
outcasts, for those
tossed aside like an
annoying crumb clinging
stubbornly to you.
what is the point in
turning oneself into marble?
what's the point of 
creating yourself into
myth when we don't even
remember the names,
much less the tales, of
the old gods?
marble cracks after all.
just like all art, all lies,
all histories,
it is quick to turn to
dust on your fingers;
leaving this world as we
entered, the ashes of the
extraordinary turned extra ordinary. 
:iconinkstaineddove:inkstaineddove 9 2
Sun shines honey a flowing river over crimson skies,
Milk spilling across a far horizon,
Sands of time cast into my eyes,
As the intellect does wizen;
In a delicious darkness contours melt into sighs,
Fingertips of angels praying while penitently risen,
Lavender scents flowing over thighs,
Rain shimmering down as senses enliven;
Intangible numbness turns to sensitivity,
Goosebumps an ethereal poem rushing in intensity,
Tasting this freedom as an eagle flying above,
Flying through the underbrush of love;
A fairy she is floating on a breeze,
In mists of haze in a forest of tall trees.
:iconwolfofbadenoch666:WolfofBadenoch666 7 0
Missing time
Deja vu in a handshake
A momentary lapse in concentration
A stranger that greets you,
in separate from the self
Chasing faces in a crowd
Faceless to the unknown
:iconrjbg:RJBG 12 0
Evil Truth
I didn’t want to know the truth.
As long as I wasn’t aware,
there was the possibility I could change.
There was a slight hope I could Be.
I wish I didn’t know.
I wish I hadn’t realized.
For so long I believed it was ME,
that I am an evil mistake-
unworthy of Love, Hope, Happiness or Life.
But I found out-
it’s NOT my fault.
You, my family-
as long as I am with you-
I cannot change.
If I try,
you will crush me,
beat me down like so many times before.
unless I erase this truth-
unlearn it-
I might again want freedom and everything denied me.
I might fight for myself again,
full of Hate and self-righteous Wrath.
Everything will crumble around me,
peace and status quo forever lost in the screams and destruction.
You will never love me,
and never let me be loved.
This is a truth that exists as long as you, my family, do.
And so,
I cannot change.
I cannot have a right to exist.
This must be so,
or I will lose everything I have worked so hard for...
:iconkittysib:KittySib 15 12
Free Range
Let me fly, don't burn my
Don't cut my tongue, just
let me sing.
Break not my pencils, how 
will I write?
No burning coals to take 
my sight.
I will listen, but tell no
Please build no walls,
construct no gaols. 
Just leave me, wild and 
I am content, to just be 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 19 5
are to blame
shivers dance across your skin;
whispers curl over your lips like smoke from a poisoned cigarette.
you fill your lungs with tar & regret, & you're forgetting how to breathe:
how'd you forget that air is what you need?
the chill outside is icier than the glares of the broken,
so unaware & disconnected from each other.
we've got hate as our best friend & ignorance as our lover.
we have lungs blacker than our souls,
& sleepless nights are taking their tolls
arising as shadowed eyes & sparkling wine.
nothing is as it seems; it's all hidden in our shattered self esteem.
high heels snapped in half lie in the hall;
hearts drowning in wrath ignore the call,
& tears run like a river down your face.
we're the kings & queens of one-night stands,
trying to erase our feelings.
constantly craving the touch of another,
love is something we discovered
& then threw out.
some of us are forgetting how to feel, but it's fine:
nothing's ever real.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 13 2
A Father's Days
fathers need more than one day
to combine Legion's voices
into a semblance
of the one they once had
to conduct its apology
to wives and to widows
of the world
for making them mothers
and fathers need more
than the remaining year
to unload the age
from their bodies
into not-wives and lovers
the comfort and recharge
that makes them the men
their children will soon forget
now i stare into a distant
and starless corner
your wrinkle in my reflection
i drop a stone in it
that's yet to hit bottom
and wonder how i'll be remembered
:iconblackbowfin:BlackBowfin 5 8
Free talent
Since I am rejected I have more free talent to spare.
:iconwoundedwarriorg:WoundedWarriorG 10 0
waiting for...
still waiting for the moment
not to pass us by
:iconcattservant:cattservant 10 7
Guilt (Original Song Lyrics)
[Verse 1]
Can't say I'm feeling well
I'm unable to sleep
My life has turned grey
This is really feeling quite strange
Everyone thinks I'm deranged
However we all know
Who's really insane
Trip and fall
Don't hit the fucking wall
You made a mistake
How about you own up to it
Stop looking to me for an escape
[Verse 2]
I'm not as black and white
As you may assume
Under this tasteful destruction
There's an array of colors
That'll make you reconsider
Maybe I do have some glitter?
Trip and fall
Don't hit the fucking wall
You made a mistake
How about you own up to it
Stop looking to me for an escape
[Verse 3]
Well, we all can't be perfect
I'm certainly not
Neither are they, or them
We all end up broken
In the end
[Verse 4]
Some of use just break earlier
Your weakness becomes my strength
I'm no monster
We're all just fish
Stuck in the same tank
Trip and fall
Don't hit the fucking wall
You made a mistake
How about you own up to it
Stop looking to me for an escape
:iconhighonemotions:HighOnEmotions 8 7