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Chronic by ColorfullyKalene Chronic :iconcolorfullykalene:ColorfullyKalene 0 0
Free, Like A Butterfly
Graceful, colorful butterfly
Fluttering by
Against a cerulean sky
Whisper softly in my ear
When no one is near
Only us two here
Tell me the secrets I want to hear
Sweet butterfly
I want to fly
And let my colors shine
Waste my time
Floating by
With the life of a butterfly
In the sky
:iconblackrose-jossy:BlackRose-Jossy 0 0
And the Blue Sky
I am that which will last
long enough to be smoothed
to smell of the earth and the sea
all things immutable
waters will break and part upon me
like an impatient lover’s indifference
on the shore or midstream
I will be plainly visible but enveloped
by the salty waves I love well enough
to know the paths they trace across my face
:iconblinklessink:blinklessINK 0 0
It Was Actually a Grasshopper
I told the aphids -
They never listen.
:iconvetchvespers:VetchVespers 0 0
a recycler
i'm a larynx idling itself
into a razor's edge
trying to carve plastic rings
and candles into meds
and i make plastic letters
glued to magnets pointing nowhere
and i play catch with ghosts till
refrigerators and other cages
present plastic words for me to read
i light matches and taste sulfur
in day-old glasses of water
that don't shatter when i split with them,
just spill and wait with me
and it's not till the whole house
smells of blue raspberry that i
can look at the skies, quiet and sweet
through the volcano's singing mouth
:iconblanketings:blanketings 0 0
Changing love
Small and unnoticed by most and yet is the most important thing for others.
It grows each day and you don't know it most people never do.
It hurts to be turned down but it's and obstacle to overcome, and in the end you have to smile.
Smile and be proud.
We rise.
:icondanielz090103:Danielz090103 0 0
It is the memory of baby’s skin - Or autumn’s wind.
The scent of summer grass distilled within a vial
A spell of beauty.
A potion of love.
A droplet – dewy golden or whispering silver
The fingers of a lover inviting you in
With tendrils of a thousand flowers
Incense from a thousand bowers
The smell of sex and innocence
A thousand realities in
A gentle sigh of delight
One still moment of respite
A box of secrets
A bottled mystery
An olfactory galaxy of stars with different hues
A first or last impression
An armistice with depression
A catalog of sweet - obsession
It is - a whole new world you've opened
A whole new passion unfettered
In one unstoppered
bit of glass.
:iconvetchvespers:VetchVespers 0 0
You need more than me
I try to be more than me
Now you don't need me
I'll try
:iconunapplied:Unapplied 0 0
vent 1
It's from a month that I don't vebt here. Well most of you knows I keep my self as far as possible from social life, mostly because I'm afraid of what happened in the past and I don't want to repeat it. Ad you know I have a BFF in real life called Andreea. We passes all 3 years toghther... But this one in makes me feel like I'm not good ti have friends in class. During these days and also before school è ended, when I looked at her phone she started to slap me in my head, really hard, calling attention to us and making me nearly cry. I can understand 2 times in a month, but she went overboard it. She also started to say I'm stupid and nor insult  and I'm not taking it like a joke as when we say we are 2 whores. No, I'm feeling really bad. A game it's a game but she doesn't know hoe to stop. Today just because I poked her one time, she pushed my head hard on the train, that people all turned around us. I am sick of this. I get punched and all and pretends to be
:iconpurplelightrose:purplelightrose 0 1
-Untitled Haiku 3-
Hang on to your stem
But still, you fall when you wilt
You're old, you're replaced
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0
Your Heart To Mine
wild roses bloom and touch
within our heart and souls
finding that specialness within
My eyes light up with joy
when you walk into the room
and my heart is taken away
the gentleness in your smile
and the kindness in your heart
comforting me holding me still
in the moonlight of your soul
held safely in your loving arms
embracing me with your heart
come and fall down with me
look deep into my loving eyes
and let me forever more tell you
how much I'll always love you
and as the night unfolds
let my heart become yours
Uplifting each other into bliss
our lips touch in perfection
as all  time stands still for us
you complete my entire being
our two hearts now beat as one
and intertwine each other forever.
:iconalasaron:alasaron 0 0
Yet If One Listens
I work through the day
                                        with memories
                     dripping from my sleeve
yet you have me smile
                                            in places private
in my heart
                        where a breeze
yet if one listens
for those seasons of romance
little miracles happen
                                      and in that arrival
:iconalasaron:alasaron 0 0
-Untitled Haiku 2-
Be with me, my love
But when you disappear now
I'll be blind again
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0
Digging from the bottom
Trash on top
"I am the only one-"
"You're not my style"
Wishing from the cliff side
Screaming off my head
About to meet my maker
"Don't jump! Don't jump!"
Eyes behind me
Staring nicely
Piercing. Blinding.
Lost inside the black pit
Stepping closer
"Do not touch me"
Breathing harder
"Please come with me"
Walking down the path
That I knew so well
Stepping through my footprints
All beaten down
"Why did you come help me?"
"I don't know"
"How did you find me?
"I don't know"
Long ride. Silence.
Smile nicely.
Piercing. Blinding.
Lost inside a red pool
Sighing. Swaying.
"How are your lungs"
Chuckle softly
"They're still here"
Getting closer
Car spins out
Across the sidewalk
Both thrown out
"Are you okay
Please don't go
Just keep breathing
Please don't go"
In the hallways.
Stepping nicely
Through to your door
Lost inside the buzzing
Gripping your hand
"Please come back"
Flatline. Black eyes
"Pease come back"
"Why did you save me?"
No answer come backs
"Why did you love me
:iconunapplied:Unapplied 0 0
-Untitled Haiku 1-
Let us scream with joy
No, I'll cry my heart out
Still, I'll wear my smile
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0
Monthly Ritual
white cream splashed over red tile
i prayed this time: please,
let it take this time
red oozes across white cotton,
dashing dreams before they can soar
at least the answer wasn't
:iconteague-drydan:Teague-Drydan 1 0
The Four Seasons [Winter]
Blanket of white snow
Cold and chilling to the touch
Like a frozen heart
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0
The Four Seasons [Autumn]
Colored leaves fall down
The color of the sunset
Now, fall to me please
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0
do you know what it is to love a being who radiates a glow with no warmth?
it is quaint how they are present in my moments of darkness, but their own gloom is obscured
it is archaic how I've given them my heart, my secrets that they will carry 'til the end of all things, along with those of all their other lovers
their light is subtle, soft like a cheek shed upon with young warm tears
but their warmth is never felt on my flesh, but within my melancholy and solace
:iconshmoopybop:Shmoopybop 0 0
The Four Seasons [Summer]
Golden rays on me
The calm sea breeze whispering:
"The heat gets hotter"
:iconcaecusperla:CaecusPerla 0 0