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almost gold
i used to look on out
for honey-dripping light,
what hides in its underside,
the derelict clock,
the blind curtains,
a single line of trees
out of familiar windows,
the beat of wings,
where i cannot see,
but only hear, marveling
at the fallen feather
all alone on a stone,
on whose face
i was praying for rain
that i forget hunger,
when i thirst for nothing
so short of quiet
before the clocks strike
to where the shadows close
on my face, no more,
my skin, no more
but fallen wing
in a string
or a bow
it hurts to feel
this close in the day
to fleeting
it's almost gold
:iconhighonwords:highonwords 0 0
Byc morzem
Już nie spotykam Cię w snach
Choć jeszcze nie dawno
Lśniłeś mi pod powieką
Szczerym uśmiechem
Czekałam na Ciebie...
Otwartym ramieniem zgarniałam
Wszystkie piaski i fale
Pozwól mi...
Jeszcze przez chwilę bym chciała
Podziwiać Cię i śmiać się z zachwytu
Twoim słowem ciepłym i słodkim
Zmieszałeś mnie całkiem
Pozostało mi czekać
Na zimnej duszy ułożyć
Serce, co drga niespokojnie
I czekać na świt
By wypalił mi oczy
:iconanylife:anylife 1 0
Tomorrow Is Never Promised
Raise A Glass For Me
We don't know
What the future may bring
We say
We will see each other again
I live for today
Will find it's own way
So do this for me
This coming New Year's Eve
Raise a glass for me
Say this one
Is for my friend
Spring or Summer
I can no longer promise you
It all lies in the cards
Don't you see
We are here today
That is all
That matters
So do this for me
This coming New Year's Eve
Raise a glass for me
And I will raise mine
To two old friends
You and me..
:iconeraven77:ERaven77 0 0
LotR riddle #113
The daughter of beloved heir
Though had the loss of all kin to bear
And when the murderers came again
She jumped and flew away from pain.
:iconirjikor:Irjikor 1 4
Poem #15.2 - Anger with a Heart of Gold
Do you need a breeze, Zero?
You are flowing lava incarnate.
At times, you look like a pretty 90s hero,
But you will know a way to the gate.
Your spirit is a fiery like the volcano,
Eager to defend your former liking.
Be careful as it can turn into an inferno,
Stemming from your huge fighting.
Yet beneath all,
Lies a wounded heart.
Life has made you feel like a fall,
Almost robbing you a chance to start.
But fear not, fellow man,
I will hold you dearly for a happier way.
You will survive because of your loved ones, I know you can,
We will keep the awful pain away.
:iconsonicbran23:Sonicbran23 0 0
Poem #15.1 - Red Friend
I can hear you, Fernando,
I can feel your red.
Your love of crossovers with the Thunder make a good combo,
With many ideas to breed.
Like with others before you,
Fighting are your lovely things.
Every time when it gets better, you get a breakthrough,
Where your ideals spread like springs.
And like the Comic,
There's the love for the limbs beneath us.
I can be a strange topic,
But I don't find it as a huge fuss.
Like you and others, we are a great fellowship,
United with pop and protection.
It's our duty to take the grip,
For the path of correction.
:iconsonicbran23:Sonicbran23 0 0
My advice to Theresa May
Regarding negotiations with the Eu
Get a good weeks sleep
Eat a good roast dinner
Get a .Makeover
Get a stong team sexy bitches with the Art of manipulation
Never back down
We buy all their foods they still need a buyer
Stick to Brexit or you will have trouble here
Be confident
Set out the very best way forward for your country and stick to it
Study women such as Queen Elizabeth 1 ,Cleopatra ,Boadaccia etc
Make sure your cabinet is loyal to you
Sack anyone that is'not.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 1 0
To change the world, and myself,
I need to believe in what I can achieve
And that belief is always and forever in me
This world's getting worse to my dismay
And I simply looked the other way... no longer
I falter, no longer; I worry, no longer; I tremble, no longer
Cause now I must choose
When you gave me the courage;
To stand and take action;
You gave me hope I will never lose
One time my soul was as dark as the night
But then you entered my soul with your light
I see the sun
My heart knows no limit, today I shall live life anew
I'll open up all my windows to see the sky that's so blue
To change the world, and myself,
I need to believe in what I can achieve
And that belief will always be important to me
I'm leaving my past behind me so,
I'll search for answers as I go...
Starting today... ...
-guitar break-
Standing alone while the sun starts to rise
The rays are drying the tears in my eyes
I hear your voice calling out to me
And your smile glistens radiantly
You opened up all the win
:iconpirohiko-baltazar:pirohiko-baltazar 1 0
Sometimes you have to listen to
Little girls
With button noses.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
And my pretty button nose
And my dog and you do remember that Queen Elizabeth 1 sent Christopher COLUMBUS to America and he came home with all the spuds so what your waiting for Theresa?
Back to my nose
It nose.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 1 0
Beauty is
My own soft lovely slim legs abosolutely beautiful.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Your name haunts me like a shy ghost
who feels the need to make his presence known
from time to time; it's plastered onto billboards
that sell aesthetic and visible at stoplights
I've never driven through before
Street signs steer me down memory lane,
past vacant houses where your namesake grows
(unwanted) in my mother's makeshift garden
You're hardly the first girl to put down roots,
but famous flowers crave attention
and I'm afraid that here you'll have to share
Handwritten letters lie
(but that's beside the point) stashed away
in boxes lined with my regret
of giving little in return
My friend shows me your likeness on her phone
but it's not you because you changed your hair
and I don't know the stranger with your face
:icondeparted-days:departed-days 0 0
Collage #12 by fabbub Collage #12 :iconfabbub:fabbub 0 0
Always hated the boy, but now the boy is the man
I done growed up
You know me
when it comes to that you’ll see..
when I come  
I’ll be On my worst behaviour.
:iconholyyeezuz05:holyyeezuz05 0 0
Sincerely happy
To go to my big bed  and enjoy my own beautiful little soft body on my own.
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There is a lovely American man
Who lives close by in his 40's single and very handsome he looks lovely but i am okay with myself for now.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Senryu 16
Before the fire
they roll dice on the gameboard
and munch on crackers
:iconprecariouslypeculiar:PrecariouslyPeculiar 2 1
This is my life
And my world to ,i don't care how much money you have i have as much right to it as you.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
teil 2
teil 2
Ein Goldfächer für den Mächtgen
Dröhnend und krachend von oben
Bröckeln und schlagen zu Prächtgen
Sich Stein zu Edelstein im Toben
So ward Lichterspiel und Sternefunkeln
Von allen Seiten ums Podest bald herrlich
Ob der Gefahr bewusst nah dem Augen dunkeln
Zerspringet die Höhle nun in ein in sich
Tausend Hämmern und Poltern Laut
Und End jäh im Schweben und Steigen
Smaragd, Diamant und vieler Juwelen Staub
Hellster Schein als der Fächer sich am Neigen
Beliebt freizugeben den verspiegelenden Kranz
Und zurück sich ziehet im geschmeidig schönen Tanz
Gesellen sich dann auch die Lichter in der Ferne
Im Nachthimmel als Krönung für ihn die Sterne
Weit der Blick und groß die Freude
Hier fahr ich hoch, nichten mehr mit Reue
Streckt meiner Träume sie mich immer näher
Die Plattform schiebet thronend mich noch heher  (höher/hehrer)
Nun da, der erwecket mich aus tiefem Schlummer
Sprich Freund
:iconfreedomslair:freeDomslair 1 1
lost the way
run into the fields
search the horizon
open every door you can find
go down the root cellar...
at one time I thought that
the green-gold-diamond rock garden      
was behind the farthest rows
that it was down a winding
path in the marsh
that the laughter of the maples,
oaks, poplars, and
shagbark hickories-
was down a shady gravel road...
-here comes the afternoon freight train-
let's sit and count the cars
:iconblacksand459:Blacksand459 2 0
Nope i am no underling i am the dogs bollocks
Big bouncey snd hairy
With more spunk
Than you.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Infact you have truely irritated me now
Donald is invited on holiday,lunch dinner and tea and go adventuring with us and that is real priviledge nobody here has helped me my own people stab us through the heart
No We love Donald Trump because he is a strong man and he is a help.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0