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All Things
As I lay in this couch, I feel a buzz generating. Low to the ground the bride and groom call out. Tasting the flies all around me, hoping to strike gold. They stay to feed, as they whither and die. The beast wants what it wants, and it makes few demands. Leech the soul from me, as I nibble through my heart. My vanity lives in shadows, whispering unknowns through the sheets. I live on the sandy dunes now, waiting till I thaw. As I sit in the air, wringing my hands bloody.
Fight on brave one, with love in hand. Stomping under the forest.
:iconfatality:fatality 0 0
Summer flow
The warm sun on my face the wind telling me secret jokes music and drinks cigarettes and alcohol makes the heart grow fonder do you feel it do you know it can you see me I Know Who You Are I know where you were I feel the rhythm I feel the vibe I know you're Classic I know you're stressed like the jeans that I'm wearing tight around my hips looking you over seeing your hair pulling it harder you liking it there the way you sway your hips the way you feel the rhythm makes me feel like a hippie in the 60s getting lost in the music getting lost in the time finding myself finding your rhyme I pull you close I kiss your lips I find your heart and you find mine I'll fight for you if you fight for me I'll hold your heart if you hold my hand we can do this together if you believe we can
:iconangelfallen89:Angelfallen89 0 0
Shattered Heart
This hold that I cannot grasp,
Weeping in dreadful sorrow, 
In nothing but everlasting grief,
It's something to that I do not beg for, 
Living in this suffocating darkness, 
My heart cannot collect more tears.
It is nothing but a fragile husk, 
That lost the ability to keep beating, 
Losing the breath I once had. 
I do not understand this concept of love. 
Nor could I. 
I refuse to let it be so, 
Amongst this Hellish wasteland, 
The one that I idiotically walk on. 
I am immune to this feeling, 
Lacking that urge and security, 
Emotionless to the thought anymore. 
I cannot endure that much passion, 
For I wilted long ago, 
Not accepting this possible outcome.
I try to open my eyes,
But they are merely shut,
Sewn together without a glimpse,
Of the future I seek.
My heart aches with such sorrow,
That I refuse to let it beat.
I cannot allow myself to be caught up in such lies,
Fairytales and fantasies are nothi
:iconvolclex98:Volclex98 1 0
Gravity (vent poetry)
Gravity (3/3/18)
Over and over and over and over
The footsteps speak so clearly
Over and over and over and over
The gravity is so heavy
The only way to loosen that gravity
Step off
Let it do what it wants
I can’t breathe
Can’t breathe
Lungs hurt
Throat hurts
Release me
Help me
Free me
Beat me
Kill me
Where’s my goddamn hope
I don’t want to feel things
Over and over and over and over
My galaxy spins awry
This isn’t how it was supposed to be
Dragging me down
Crushing me to the ground
Pounding heart
Running nose
Can’t keep going
Can’t breathe
Can’t stop
Over and over and over and over
W h ee z e
:iconmy-insanity-isntreal:my-INSaNiTY-isntreal 0 0
Passage through the empty dark
on wings of snow, the morning stark
forever in the word’s regret
I cannot speak the question yet
lost amid the threads of time
in search of something more sublime
and in this prison deep and wide
I know that I am not denied.
:iconfolros:folros 0 0
no win
I lie awake thinking of all the times made me laugh you made me cry but somehow I don't think we were ever meant to be I see you high above the clouds Rising higher to the Sun and I watch you implode in the air in my mind see your smile I see the way the wrinkles on your face seem to glisten when the Sun find your face I hold my breath and I close my eyes I see you there every night in my dreams in my head on my own I lay here dead knowing nothing can stop me and nothing can stop you from being the person we always knew I admire your tactic I admire your heart but deep down I think I'm the one that tore us apart and I'm sorry if I hurt you and I'm sorry if you cried but I couldn't be led keep holding on to all the lies know that I still love you know that I still care know that deep down I can see it all there in your mind and in your heart I lie awake waiting to start a fire that burns a fire that breaks a fire that holds every heartbreak listen to your heartbeat I'll listen to mine I
:iconangelfallen89:Angelfallen89 0 0
Six Lines Of Vent
I empty the cup so I don't feel empty.
The nihility and emptiness represent me..
I need champagne for my sham pains. Plenty!
A harsh reality of sharp metals that tempt me.
Those scars from the aforementioned has left me,
Spirally down to a void that will end me.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 2 0
Ponies to Horses
A fat, little, ornery pony
A small, determined girl atop
The duo trotted down the dusty areana
turning the pole at a walk
slowly, the pair made it through the pattern
earning a white ribbon and
a barrage of supporters at the county fair
riding a big, excited horse
sits a patient, not much bigger girl
turning her companion, heart thumping
racing with the pounding of hooves
turning the poles, slowing barely
stopping to a quick halt
checking the clock
the pair won a blue ribbon at the state fair
The small girl still shown
Starting, ponies to horses
:iconsnow-brush:Snow-Brush 0 0
Three Magic Words :)
Those three magic words are tough to say.
Easier said than done when emotions come in play.
Your mind gone wild alike your tiny heart.
You think it's essentials. Else it will rips you apart.
This is your moment. This is the change of fate.
Your body descending at an alarming rate.
You hit the ground hard. You regret to have unfurled
Those three magic words... Good bye, world!
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 1 0
Broken For Love
My heart, trying to communicate with me.
Maybe it has seen what I can't see.
Maybe it is something I hate to be.
But the devil at my elbow laughs maniacally.
"I'm still hurt. Can you not read the sign?
I am still broken. Can you see? Are you blind?
I still haven't recovered from your wicked past.
But only for you I live on and mask"
I am sorry, what? I thought you were fine.
There must be something wrong with my mind.
I thought I could be happy. Such a big joke.
I encouraged others. But myself have lost hope.
Life is not meant for me. Sadness all I've dealt.
Mental pain, disorders, and decreasing mental health.
I am half the man that I used to be.
I do love her, but I never loved me.
:iconmrskittlesxd:MrSkittlesXD 1 0
Messy Room on Olallie Way
Pushing open the door,
taking good force
the nob, displaying old camp necklaces
Sun filters through the window
straining to pass the decor on the sil
small pachira and pothos consuming the extra energy
A cat, fat and lazy, sleeping the heat
Dirty clothes, all in a pile
ready to be washed, to be clean
coats thrown in the mix
"to dirty and horse-smelling" says the mother
White bed with stuffed drawers
Layers and layers of blankets to keep warm
Shelves keeping the bed company
Slanting from the heavy awards
awards and pictures, pictures of a horse
A comfy old chair opposite desk
many useful coats slung over the armrest
bean bag chair resting against it
Wooden desk covered in papers
fragile clay ponies, expensive and out of place
not safe in this messy room
:iconsnow-brush:Snow-Brush 0 0
Whispers In The Mind
The paper stays blank
Unlike my vostrious mind
What runs inside
Is just a horrid sound
Listen to the whispers
As it screams its ugly ghost
Yet this paper stays blank
With words that I can not say
That just bubble in my soul
And a rather fragile mind
Held tight by thread and wine
Wish to release into a stream
Disappear among the trees
And be nothing forevermore
Wish to see a silent mind
For an end to an epoch
Is all that is truly desired
:iconmark-ethan-syron:Mark-Ethan-Syron 1 0
A Dangerously Idled Mindset
Here I am in front of my laptop once again…
Trying to construct poems for my well-being
But it seems I can’t think straight these days
I can’t clutch new ideas properly, oh how annoying!
Not to mention my inspiration kept slipping away…
I can’t seem to think why I can’t grasp a new concept
Must be from all of the activities that forcefully choke us?
I know that, but what else? I kept making assumptions…
Maybe because of all the adversity I had to clench on?
Or maybe my emotions draining like blood from a cut?
Or the thought of trying to breathe despite difficulty?
Or maybe due to the idea of looped sins from naive people?
So many possibilities, as if they’re just whispering endlessly
It happens too many at once, but it seems it’ll come to me soon
Even if I try to think a new one, it’s going to be the usual, I’m sure.
It won’t be finished, just like how the despair corrupts my mind…
:icondj-despair:Dj-Despair 3 0
You're coming real soon.
I know because my day has gone horribly.
Why did you have to come so soon?
Do you just want to torture me?
Of course you do.
Why must you put me through agony?
Does seeing my miserable state satisfy you?
Do you really love seeing me in such a mess?
Well it's working so I hope you're happy.
You definitely made me vulnerable.
You have no idea how much I despise you.
I just want you to go away forever.
You have been bullying me for years.
You have taken advantage of me in my darkest hour.
But this time you have taken it way too far.
This time I will put you down for good.
You may say something like this.
"What are you going to do about it?"
Or you might say this.
"You don't have the guts to stand up to me."
Yes that may be true.
I'm nowhere near brave enough to fight back.
I'm weak just as you say I am.
But that won't stop me from trying.
"You are a kind and gentle soul."
"You are a strong person."
"You can do this."
"Don't let them get to you."
A friend told me t
:iconloreleimidnight2003:LoreleiMidnight2003 1 0
Rainy Skies
Thick, dark clouds
stealing the warmth
Killing the sunny activities
pouring, send revengeful tears
Frowning children
running into houses
Looking through the window
sits a cat, quickly turning
Showing love and afffection
for an owner's attention
:iconsnow-brush:Snow-Brush 3 0
Her naps are getting longer
And the lines of
my mother´s eyes
are growing
I´m terrified of the septuagerian age now
my knee flares
extending to the entire
right leg
a phone call
wants to
interview me
on Monday
on a possible job
four days
is flaring up
my nerves
:iconoviedomedina:oviedomedina 1 0
Barn Full of Musty Horses
Cold wind pounds
trying to break in through the walls
Wooden walls
covered with dust
Half-trodden tracks
marked into the old areana
Broken purple brush bag on the ground
slightly ripped blanket hangs
Hiding behind a layer of dirt
revealing an award-winning horse
A horse that I love
:iconsnow-brush:Snow-Brush 1 0
Poem - Dawn or Dusk
Dawn or Dusk
The sun is set against the sky
on a horizon set to receive
it matter not for this agency
if the direction is come or go
one will bring light from dark
the other puts the same to sleep
there is moment when both are same
except for a reference on the sphere
some would say the difference spans
the view points that divide
one from another seeking life
each too far to reconcile
it’s a ruse by the souls
seeking light in the whole
blinded by the blue sky
fighting wars without insight
consider dark is part of life
when the borders mark its time
these bookends of day or the night
portaled gates where magic waits
framed in pink and the gold
jewels of nature high above
journeymen to the star
dawn or dusk become the same.
© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180322.
:icongreensh:greensh 0 0
My Walk in the Woods
Oak trees cover the sky
slightly muddy dirt sticks to my shoes
lightly scattered bushes with sprinkles of color
the cold sunny day shines
Wind dead from the sheltered embrace of oak
a stream, gently drifting in the corner of my vision
Faint twittering comes from the spongy ground
a wooden box, lathered in purple paint
a small hole displaying chicks
shocked into a chirping as loud as possible
picking up the soggy wood
reattaching the hinges to the birch
a single birch, an outcast, pleasantly being of use
Prints show an attacker
lazy eyed brown bear, eyes black
stiffness and shock rattled my bones
slowly, treading through the sodden terrain
walking by, mischievously brushing its fur along my arm
away the beast trods
Quietly slipping away
red solo cups littered the ground
unmannerly left from a drunken party
muffled speaks interrupts the sleeping silence
brown mice have made a home
leaving the village, returning the peace
The stream bubbles its reappearance
spilling, falling to a crystal
:iconsnow-brush:Snow-Brush 0 0