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Summer Storms
Rain clouds rising,
so mesmerizing,
signaling the sky to sigh.
:iconpurplecuriosity:purplecuriosity 2 0
I had planted a tree long ago,
Deep in the hues of Spring’s beauty,
A young sapling, small and oh so frail,
I buried it into the cool soil as
The sun shines upon us,
And left it be.
But every morning I looked down,
Upon this tiny piece of creation,
Imagining how big it would grow,
How many leaves it would bear,
How cool it’s shade would become,
The image was so clear in my head,
I looked down, and smiled.
Year by year it grew higher,
Month by month it grew stronger,
I witnessed it’s immaculate change,
Grinning from ear to ear,
Ever happy to see it rise up,
I watched it pierce the clouds,
And touch the heavens above.
:iconjustanotherdj:JustanotherDJ 0 0
High Summer
The solstice past and now at last
in daylight’s fading grace
we meet the flame of summer’s name
the fire of this place
and baked it is into the stone
into the flesh, into the bone
till autumn reaps the crop.
:iconfolros:folros 0 0
Hike With Me
A soft breeze kissed my skin and blew past me. The wind rustled my hair, blowing it every which way. Fallen leaves from the trees above danced on the forest floor. The sun peeked through all the little breaks in the trees and gleamed down lighting up the world around me with beautiful rays. Small and tall wildflowers swayed in the breeze with tall pieces of grass between them. I continued on the trail with my dog, an Austrailian Shepherd, who walked a few feet ahead of me. Stopping every now and then to turn and check to see if I was following. Once she was content with how close I got, she continued on. I inhaled the deep forest scent and sighed. Ahead I saw a big log laying on its side with some grass scattered around the ground. I sat down and looked up to see the bright blue sky through a gap in the trees above. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply, taking in all the smells of my surroundings. I felt my dog come and lay next to my feet. With my eyes still closed I listened to ev
:iconiamxmist:IamxMist 1 0