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Better Way To Be Bad Breadwinners
Poltergoose: I think I know a way that we can grow
Time to try something new, something better
No more solo, trust is the way to go
And all we need to do is work together
SnakeSnake: Ah, please!
No thanks, no way, I feel the need to say
I'm smarter, stronger, and I don't need you two
PB: Ha!
Stronger? Okay, I guess we'll downplay
How bad you got your rear end handed to you
It's time to try a better way to be bad
Snake: [groans]
Snake and PB: Do we really need a better way to be bad?
Poltergoose: United as one
PB: Teamwork? Please, what a fad
Poltergoose: Combine all our strength, we'll go to any length
Once we have a better way to be bad
Let's go begin, this time we're gonna win
PB: The ice you're on is thin, so watch what you say
Poltergoose: I know you're in, I think I see a grin
SnakeSnake: For all this pain and torture, I swear you'll pay
Poltergoose: This time, we've got a better way to be bad
Snake and PB: Sounds like a long shot, this "better way" to be bad
:iconthesisterflub:TheSisterFlub 1 6
Yes, We Have No Troubles Today
There’s a hotel on our street
It’s run by a keet.
And she keeps good things to eat
But you should hear her speak!
When you ask her anything, she never answers “no.”
She just “yes”es you to death, and as she takes your troubles
She tells you “Yes, we have no troubles today
We have-a no troubles today.
We’ve puppies and kitties,
Rainbows and sunshine
And all sorts of puzzles and clay
We have an old-fashioned record play-er
An endless library full of books
But yes, we have no trouble.
We have no troubles today.”
Business got so good for her that she wrote home today,
"Send me Molly and Niffty and Husk; I need help right away."
When she got them in the hotel, there was fun, it was swell.
Someone asked for “drugs and sex” and then the whole quartet
All answered
“Yes, we have no troubles today.
Just try those lollipops
Those video games and socks
Yes, we have no troubles today."
:iconatlantagirl:Atlantagirl 1 0