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South Park
The fat ass Nazi
The boy with the stupid dad
The Jew whose hat is green
The kid in the orange who's always dead
The sweet little boy who always gets trick
The girl you don't what to mess with
The holyday spirit whose a piece of sh**t
The blonde haired boy who's British
The beloved chef who always got laid
The insane teacher who is gay
The two Canadians who are never lame
The big-headed counselor who says M'kay
The mayor with the big ego and pride
The comedian who's  handicap
The officer who doesn't even have a mind
The scare little kid who looks like he's on crack
The boy in blue who flips you off
The boy in the red jacket who always cries
The four kids that are Goth
The kid in the wheelchair who's livin' a lie
The kid in purple who's the only one brown
The mother who's has an exciting sex life
The two hunters who shoots everything down
The principal who's sane most of the time
Just a normal day in this small town
This great town of South Park
:iconnanashione:Nanashione 136 16
Llamas: Conversation in Poem
By peachnewt and knightswhodontsayni
This is a conversation in poem that started with the gift of a llama.
Thanks for the llama.
A pixelated icon.
This is a haiku.
To say you're welcome
Is but a courtesy,
To llama it forward 
Changes reality.
Are you suggesting 
I give you a llama?
This gift I am accepting
Should come without drama.
I need no return
For alpaca or llama.
And I do not ask 
With anger or drama.
To give to the giver
Is a gift with two sides,
To give upon strangers 
Is an unexpected surprise.
The more facets a gift
The more smiles one sees,
So spread the llama love
To unexpected giftees.
This llamatic gift
Has inspired poetry,
The sending is swift
In terms of delivery.
It's brown and pixelated,
It comes from the soul,
It's very appreciated,
And this poetry is my goal.
The unexpected sonnets
Are a pleasant surprise,
Though I cannot give bluebonnets,
Is the art of t
:iconknightswhodontsayni:knightswhodontsayni 135 68
Akatsuki... by Marija343 Akatsuki... :iconmarija343:Marija343 532 240
Laws of Marching Band
#1: What ever happens in Band camp, stays in band camp
#2: Water is your friend
#3: The sun is not your friend
#4: Drill charts are not sweat rags
#5: Tubas (and guard) have the right of way
#6: Watch out for falling objects
#8: Toes up!
#9: Never piss off a piccolo player who is holding a piccolo
#10: Don't piss off the people with the longest reach (poles are a whole lot cheaper than instruments)
#11: The band director is always right
#12: The drum majors are never wrong (Unless in conflict with rule #11)
#13: The trumpet is sacred. Fear the Trumpet
#14: If you can't understand the drum line, don't worry, not many people can.
#15: Ridiculous uniforms are always in fashion
#17: Don't feed the sousaphones
#18: Flip-flops are the enemy. Never associate with the enemy
#19: Don't be horny! Be saxy!
#20: It's our field! We just let the football team use it.
:iconmioko06:Mioko06 248 167
little red and demon
A rhyme story about a demon looking for love. He goes to the land of fairytales to search for his own princess. On his journey he meets a few well known fairytales. GIggles, Petunia, and Flaky. There is still blood. Read and Review It's a good laugh.
There once was a demon who lived alone
On the dark side of the world he sat in his throne
Flippy was the name he was given
For his second personality which was hidden
His own fairytale is what he wished for
And to not live forever in blood and gore
So a princess he would go and find
One who is beautiful graceful and kind
He took along with him his bowie knife
For anyone who messed with him will lose their life
He walked a long way out of his land
Into another world which was grand
The sun was bright and the sky was clear
No sign of sorrow death or fear
But he had no time to sightsee
He must find his soon bride-to-be
He finally saw a  large open field
With flowers animals and trees the place weil
:iconnothinimportant:nothinimportant 125 24
Doctor Who?
Doctor Who?
One night I looked up at the sky,
And what did I see?
A big, blue, police box,
Flying down towards me.
The box came from nowhere,
It made the wind gush through the trees,
The door opened up and a man came out,
Saying, "Hello, I am The Doctor. Who might you be?"
I ask, "What is this box?"
He said, "It's a TARDIS. Time And Relative Dimensions In Space,"
I ask, "What does it do?"
He said, "It will take you anywhere in the universe. Just name the time and the place."
I looked inside the blue box,
It's bigger on the inside,
I asked, "You can fly this thing?"
He said, "Of course I can!" and he straighten his bowtie.
I said, "I want to come with you."
He looked and said, "There're a lot of weird things out there. Are you sure you want to know?"
I pondered for a minute and smile saying, "Yes!"
He smiled and said, "Then away we go!"
:icondjboombase:DJBoomBase 55 47
Memetic Mutation
There are Over 90001 of them with no set theme,
All your base2 are belong to the memes.
They're never gonna give you up3, never gonna let you down,
That is until the Trolls4 come to your town.
They heard you like Mudkips5, even if it's not true,
They'll spread it like Bieber's death6 all over youtube.
Say your prayers to Haruhi7, you will go insane,
Like with a swarm of snakes all over a plane8.
No Double Rainbow9 will save you, you are on your own,
Like when asking the question, "who was Phone?"10
But all is not lost, as Chuck Norris11 can
Put a stop to the horror that is 4chan12.
"CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES"13 the fanboys will cry,
While The World14 will just stand there and simply sigh.
Soh letz all has delishus Cheezburger with thoas fuzee LOLcats15,
But let's try not to party with that one in the Hat16.
But peace is fleeting, and the Flame Wars17 begin,
And oh my god, Leeroy18 just ran in.
Some will shout "Objection!"19 and others "Ora!"20,
But they're all as annoying as that Map f
:icontokiro7:Tokiro7 28 7
High Maintenance
Roses are red, Violets are blue
Doesn't that line just sound cheesy to you?
When I open my card, I hope to find
an original, sweet, more creative line.
All that you do, is scribble your name
at the end of a poem that's genuinely lame!
Tut...roses are red, violets are blue
Do I look bloody colour blind to you?!
You didn't even write it! It came with the card!
Poetry isn't exactly hard!
Sweetheart, I love you, really I do
But I coulnd't care less that violets are blue!
Couldn't you have made an effort this time?
Coz I'm getting real sick of reading that line!
Most girls love romance, well I do for sure!
Tu Peut même parler français pour proclamer ton amour!
That would be different! That would be sweet!
Come on baby, sweep a girl off her feet!
I'm not asking for much, just some more va va voom.
Love doesn't have to be shown in the bedroom!
:iconth3-c0unt3ss:Th3-C0unt3ss 50 59
The Warner Nursery Rhymes 2
Narrator: And now another Nursery Rhyme from the Warners. *opens the book and shows a picture of a little girl*
Narrator: Mary had a little lamb
Dot: *translating* Mary had a little gullible cross-eyed brother
(little goofy-looking boy appears next to Mary)
Narrator: Who's fleece was white as snow
Yakko: *translating* He may look innocent on the outside, but on the inside, he's head is as hallow as an empty cauldron.
Narrator: And every where that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go
Wakko: *translating* Mary's brother mostly fallow her because, Mary always carries candy in her pocket.
(The next day, Mary was going to school, with her brother and the Warner siblings fallowing her)
Narrator: It fallowed her to school one day, which against the ru
:iconkessielou:KessieLou 29 28
Yes, I DO Speak French
"Parlez-vous français, Mademoiselle?"
he asked me.
With a smile, I replied,
"Oui, mon amour!"
Dammit, I meant ami!
He looked at me,
Those are the only words in French I know...
I did the only thing left to do.
I pulled him close
and kissed him hard
on his big,
French lips...
"Mon Dieu... Ce qui est arrivé?"
he asked in a daze.
I giggled.
:iconexquisitelyexplicit:ExquisitelyExplicit 33 60
Go the Buck to Sleep: A Parody
Go the Buck to Sleep
The fillies nestle close to their mothers now
Tired creatures rest in a heap.
I'll tuck your little hoofsies in.
Please go the buck to sleep.
Ponyville snoozes in darkness, my darling
Not even the insects creep.
It's time to go to slumberland,
So go the buck to sleep.
The griffins above the clouds are tired out
And the fishes slumber in the deep.
Ponyfeathers, there's no way you're not tired!
Just get in your bucking bed, you'll see! Go sleep!
Rainbow Dash is snoring now
And Applejack is counting sheep.
Darn it, just shut up, no more,
And go the buck to sleep!
Fluttershy keeps her critters close.
They snooze without a peep.
I'm not getting you any cider now!
Just go the buck to sleep!
Pinkie Pie parties in dreamland now
The birds are too tired to cheep.
I'll send you to the moon, I swear,
If you don't go the buck to sleep!
Rarity works on her dress tonight,
It's looking trim and neat.
What the buck Rarity, not you too!
Cut the crap and sleep!
The manticore r
:iconohnebremseohnelicht:ohnebremseohnelicht 38 20
The poem about my arse
This is the Poem about my arse.
My arse is greasy, it sags in some spots.
My arse is decaying i sit here and watch.
My arse is rotting and nothing i do,
will stop it from pushing out this big poo.
I sometimes scratch my arse and make it all red
other times i chew it and it falls off dead.
My arse is my friend and i love him so much
next time just view him and please do not touch.
:iconslopyjoe13:slopyjoe13 24 79
Chuck Shurley aka CarverEdlund
Chuck is awesome, Chuck is cool,
he makes everybody drool.
Even Becky, even Bobby,
even the classy band Bon Jovi
Is Chuck God, or is he cool-er,
I dunno, I need a cooler.
Chuck's a hottie, Chuck's a babe,
even more than Sylar (Gabe).
He writes fanfics, even books
but they're not as cute as he looks,
he has a beard, he has a 'stashe,
he can make the angels clash.
I demand that he shows up,
'cause everyone loves Chuck!
He can even carry the name of Norris,
and still look like an aquatic goddes***
Chuck is awesome, Chuck is cool,
he makes everybody drool.
Even Becky, even Bobby,
even the classy band Bon Jovi!
Every now and every then,
he has a pretty awesome tan!
Sammy won't admit it, but he loves Chuck's hair
he even made one wig on that silly funny fair!
***lol wtf?!
Yeah, this Chuck-adoration-thingy is © by me.
No, I do NOT own Chuck (or any of the characters mentioned anywhere above) --- yes, but sadly I don't.
Come on. We all love Chuck Shurley/ Carver Edlund. Admit it. He reall
:iconkikitosan:KikitoSan 25 15
Monday Motivation by secorestoration Monday Motivation :iconsecorestoration:secorestoration 23 0
The Joker
Joker with a frozen smile,
Let us just laugh awhile,
Turned by the toxins found in life,
Turned by greed, grief and strife,
You may pry and wonder why,
The honest truth I'll not deny,
An evil smile long held within,
Is now outwardly this evil grin!
:iconlimarieinred:limarieinred 31 18
A TF2 Night before Christmas
A TF2 Night before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, with a beautiful sky
No one was scurrying in base, not even Spy.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
In hope that new weapons would soon be there
The team was nestled all snug in their beds
While Sniper had dreams of blowing of heads
And Scout's mom cleaning everyone's hats
Thinking the first time Scout got his bat
When out on the field arose such a clatter
Soldier sprang from his bed to what's the matter
Outside the window there was a bright flash
That burned down the shutters and singed his new sash
The fire had melted the fresh fallen snow
So Soldier shot a rocket to kill who was below
Just then he saw something in the sky
He knew that it must not be a Spy
But Saxton Hale sky diving through the air!
And Soldier knew he was landing there
He jump rocket quick, back to his bed
To think of the weapons Saxton Hale would put by his head
Saxton Hale landed with a great big boom
Happily giving out new weapons of doom
:iconryukuku:ryukuku 27 18
Confessions to a Corpse
Roses are blue, violets are red
Sugar's not sour… and you are so dead!
I ran you over in the middle of the street
You tried to jump… but you're not so light on your feet.
Your skull hit my windshield, bone cracked like an egg
I stepped on the gas and you lost a leg!
They found your left hand two blocks away
You're still missing a finger, but it'll show up. Someday.
"It was an accident, you jumped in front of me!
The sun was too bright! I was blinded – I couldn't see!"
But I have to admit, if to no one but you
That story I told the cops? Your parents? It wasn't true.
I chased you five miles before we finally met
I left a trail of destruction and at least one squashed pet.
I loved the look of surprise when you died
How you'll never know why I killed you, how hard I tried.
I still smile when I remember that sunny, spring day
You hired me to kill a girlfriend, and you forgot to pay.
Her? I haven't touched a hair on her head –
She paid me ten grand up front to make you d
:iconcordria:cordria 20 14
Insanity Now- JB Ward
I walk into the next ward
I'm not liking it already
I can hear insane fan girls singing
I can hear Justin Bieber songs
I walk into the ward
Almost every patient looked like Justin Bieber
They even sounded like him too
My ears can't take the pain
But I must go on
I must find my sister
Must move onward for my sister
I beat myself in the head
Get the awful music out of my brain
I hope to get out of here soon
I will condemn this place
Patients run the hospital
And who even comes in goes into insanity
The same check-in clerk still follows me
And keeps calling me Clarice
Finally I fall down a trap door
The trap door lead to a Underground Justin Bieber concert
I need to find the exit
Why can't someone kill me already?
Do you have anything sharp?
I feel
:iconmoderncrusader287:ModernCrusader287 18 41
Ode to Zak
Ode to Zak Saturday:
The power of connection
The feeling of grace
Zak has way more than
Just a handsomely pretty face
His skill is the highest
His courage none can best
Zak's caring, and loyal family
Would be put to the test
A simple task of finding Kur
Argost messed up badly
When he messed with the Saturdays
... They fought him, GLADLY.
Poor Zak, just 11 years old
Was kidnapped, beaten, and hard he fought
For his family's life's on the line
And that's no thought!
Treking over land and sea
Near and far
Fisk, Zon, Komodo and Zak
Don't travel by car.
When Fisk's instincts
Showed him the way
Argost found out the location
And that brightened his day!
Zak went into the belly of the beast
Thought of as Kur
And      ed Argost's mask
... Munya & Argost ran off for sure!
Lo and behold
The Naga relic doth glow
It shows light for ancient Kur
But it dealt a       blow
Zak and Fisk won the fight
Against all odds, they're tough for sur
:iconiheartzaksaturday:IHeartZakSaturday 27 27
Daleks Exterminated My Project
After I came back home
From my adventure with a Time Lord
I was soon followed by a race
That never leave you bored
As I put the final touches on
My lovely diorama
I heard a voice call me to dinner
I could've sworn it was Gramma
But when I came downstairs, I saw
Five metal aliens
The worst of the Doctor's foes
The Daleks, who sound like Australians
They spotted me and screamed that word
"Exterminate!" I ran upstairs
But it was too late, my project was ashes
And I think I grew gray hairs
Luckily, the Doctor saved me again
Just as a Dalek snuck up
Being so lucky for this fate
I feel kinda stuck up
In a battle of epic proportions
I saved all time and space
With the Doctor and his sonic screwdriver
Shooting all over the place
He returned me home (again)
And warned me to be cautious
The thought of being attacked again
It really makes me nauseous
What could I have done at 12:30
But fall asleep and brood?
It's just a pile of soot...
I'm sorry I'm in a bad mood
I worked so hard on it, I know
:iconalexjackson1988:alexjackson1988 17 3
The Blood Of The Rose
There was a Girl named Rose she had a beautiful white dress and her hair was a white green she has beautiful roses in her hair. she was a very sweet girl she has a great family Her mom and her dad. her dad was a lumber jack. Rose love to pick Roses so one day Rose was walking into the forest picking roses there she seen a dark part of the forest's so she went there.
*Walking into the dark forest's* Rose: Hmm? she seen a dark red rose.
Rose: What's this? I'd never seen anything like it. *try's to pick it up*
Rose: Ah! She got cut by the rose thorn and she was bleeding blood was pouring out of her hand's Rose was so scared she run back home to her mom and dad.
Rose: MOM DAD! I'm bleeding really bad.
*Mom and Dad try to help*
Dad: *wrapping bandage around her hand *
Mom: It's going to be alright honey it was just a cut it will get better.
Rose: But....but... there was a lot of blood and.......
Mom: it's going to be alright okay.
Rose: Okay.......
later Rose was in her room siting on the b
:iconfun-time-is-party:Fun-Time-Is-Party 15 67
I arrive once a month.
You know, when you decide to actually write something.
You may not want me around.
All this free verse, open mouth and Emily Dickinson writings
But like me or not I‘m here to stay.
Yet, there are ways to get rid of me; but in the end I’m always here.
Like that silly silly  old story,
About the tortoise and the hare.
people make mistakes, and suddenly I disappear.
Worrying you have to use a grammatical device, to make sure I’m still there.  
Without me your words would fatigue, moan and whine.
Be in pain, cramp up, making you think twice.
In a persuasive tone it’s hard to lash out your words without a period.
And to be honest wouldn’t it be difficult to make your voice entice?
If I was gone you’d have no appetite, nothing for saving.
Your thoughts on paper would seem as though they had a craving.
With out me,
you have a sentence fraction.
Trust me,
most critiques will find that un-attractive.    
:iconellen-souler:Ellen-Souler 21 23