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Holy Damnshih Calling
Have you ever been asked if you really wanna work
Work with all your love, all yur love ...could be sth like nothing as well
What is your calling, the truth and a gut instinct gathering in your body and soul
Haha that seems to be some quiet pasty liquid out between the ethers
Yah, yah wah are you the orange yeti slut
or are you just a adorable cute lil unique being at the disc
You´re, I swear to that pile she was burnt at, no orange skin btw
her ignition were burnt at and she exploded like a warm breeze
Her magnifying hands hovering over your shoulders
The light she keeps in her palms will never go out
The light of a sould that is long gone to the blue sky
and further into the cope of heavens
I feel love, do I
We don´t know
we don´t care, do we
Those shackles are necessary
That fence will keep you alive
No matter what you think
That was for your own good
We don´t need no fire, let´s freeze
tbc... because dinner is ready
:iconredsterfish:Redsterfish 1 0
The Therapy I Lacked Phase Five
Remember the first time,
July 4th,
Six years back,
Now I don't feel like,
You realize you hurt me,
Pretend we wouldn't fight,
If we got back together,
Sorry Heather,
I gotta think of our kids,
Think of how I'm gonna make it,
In the biz,
Wonder why I didn't,
Ever hit you up,
Maybe it's because you never got it,
Never got my religion,
Nor my perspective,
Don't worry I don't hate you Heather,
Just won't get me,
You turned my friends against me,
Hacked my accounts,
Never gave back my possessions,
How am I supposed to feel,
Other than the fact we're over,
Told me you sold the ring,
Let your dad say I had no right to be a dad,
Maybe Now,
You'll feel the regrets,
For what you did.
:iconandrewallanfaulkner:AndrewAllanFaulkner 0 0