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The Nature of Masks
A mask doesn't
Always befit negativity
Just as tattoos
Aren't always awful
Maori tribes
Earn tattoos over time
That evolve with the person
Just as stories can change
On the masks we wear
Masks are facets of us
We can use them
To increasingly share the truth
As a relationship grows
We can use them
To share lies dipped in truths
To purposely do wrong
We can forego the truth altogether
And live a hollow life of lies
We can use our masks for good
We can use our masks for ill
There are a variety of ways
To wear our masks every day
:iconprecariouslypeculiar:PrecariouslyPeculiar 7 4
Tear drops fall as the dirt is tossed on the grave
Eyes glisten as the bride walks the isle
Blinding emotion comes out as the couple fights
But no tears when a nameless hero falls
No moist eyes as a soldier deals with his pain alone
No emotions given when an unsung hero returns
Though he risks laying in the grave unmarked
He longs for the day to become the lucky husband
Every relationship built of dreams
As the soldier lays to rest
No one is there to wait for his love
His only true love is keeping you safe
Tears to show pain
Tears to show love
Tears to show hate
:iconmauro-cody:mauro-cody 2 0
A Stairway to Heaven Complete
A Stairway to Heaven Complete
Lost, at a loss for direction.
The young boy looks for perfection,
And he finds not one sign on this street.
So he travels on, his wander feet.
Along the lines, of his flawed complexion.
Treaded pathway in his own connection.
Glory steps, in the stairway to heaven.
Were his greatest ideals meet,
..An answer was promised
As his steps ring true recollection,
To aberrants of the question.
His progressive position does meet,
What sides of life are left to complete.
The true image of his worlds reflection.
:icon19spacecowboy91:19SpaceCowboy91 1 0
Soy como todos los demas
Acepto todo lo que me impongan.
El mayor seguidor de cada moda.
Parezco una persona verdadera,
Pero no tengo mente propia.
Un genio idiota.
Mis reflexiones son ajenas.
Parte de la masa ignorante.
Hablo sin decir nada interesante.
Porque soy como todos los demás.
Me gusta quejarme como todos los demás.
Voy a tener un trabajo como el de todos los demás,
Y digo que estoy bien como todos los demás.
Aunque no quiero vivir mi vida como todos los demás,
Sé que algún día voy a morir como todos los demás.
:iconmotorik95:Motorik95 0 0
From the mountain lava flows
Bringing ash and fire to the town below
Yet deep within a forest clearing
Campers with wood and spark are heating
A gentle breeze cross the land cools
Yet tempt the gale, only fools
Faster and faster the air does spin
The full anger unleashes the wind
The Light of Darkness fills the sky
An eclipse of the heart draws nigh
Man spills another's blood, Just?
Soon all things shall return to dust
The duality of all rings true
It exists within even you
The Frozen Fire forever burns
As the world still yet turns
:iconwhitemageserenia:WhitemageSerenia 0 0
How happy is the powerful, Giant!
Mighty, Towering, Titanic.
You'll never forget the muscular and hefty Man Mountain.
How happy is the King-Sized Mammoth!
Down, down, down into the darkness of its Shadow,
Gently it goes - the more than, the less, the additional.
It cannot help but stop and look at the Tiny, little humans.
Are you upset by how petite it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the little humans so piddling?
How happy is the Colossal, Monster!
Growl. growl, growl.
How happy is the mighty, Behemoth!
Are you upset by how right it is?
Does it tear you apart to see the mammoth so powerful?
How happy is the giant, Monstrosity!
Now gargantuan is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the Epic legend is big.
:iconzc263nc143:zc263nc143 1 0
Notes on Reading
Here’s a teacher who pretends reading.
Accusations get made from lack of interest in her notes.
Grades are stamped when being ignored.
She doesn’t love books.
Instead, this critic has been launching for no reason.
Everything makes sense and no sense.
Reason and instinct become combined into hate.
Tall orders are made in fancy vocab.
Nature is obscured by her misrepresentation of reality.
Kids come and go.
People don’t pay attention in class on her watch.
Hateful remarks can rip a page in the student’s mind.
Young people don’t reveal anything to her.
Old people are labeled by the ever-changing flow of society.
Essays are marked, unread, and dismissed.
Could a teacher like her ever learn to really write on the homework given?
McDonald’s is visited despite the chance of unhappiness in herself.
She claws at wherever the paw doesn’t reach our surface.
Assignments may as well be torn from carelessness.
Words are used to criticize words.
Maybe her cla
:icongameuniverso:GameUniverso 0 0
Dying New World Order
Antibiotics that make you psychotic
Rotten taste in my mouth all toxic
Sign of the times? we're all going to die?
If you see new world order
Can your organise the ironic
Idea through oblivious tears
You understand the worlds pain?
You can fix it?
With conspiracy theories?
There's fluoride in my water
Tap don't have no ingredients there
They put it in my water they didn't ask me
Gave me a chemical lobotomy
Yet the antibiotics can make me psychotic
Aspartame can preserve and rot my brain
See I drink lots and diet drinks
To preserve my inside's
Probably won't help if I die
The antibiotics will make me PSYCHOTIC!
I tried to chew gum apparently sugars worse for you
Than embalming fluid
I missed the memo please
You're barmy... fluid?
Just caffeine and aspartame... and antibiotics
Some diazipam and lorazepam some anti-psychotics
Seroquel risperidone thrown in some zopiclone
I had some venlafaxine
I stuck it in the fax machine
I don't have a menstrual period?
Or a period of... my life?
You can
:iconschizotigress:SchizoTigress 1 0
This World
Into this world, we're thrown.
From this dirt, we're grown.
Who gives a damn what we own?
When the dust left of our bodies is like seeds, sown.
Up from this dirt, more is grown.
Into this world, more is thrown.
All the things, more will own.
And humans always pick what they've sown.
:iconbluefoxlongtail:BluefoxLongtail 0 0
D'une facon tres speciale
D’une façon très spéciale
Je t’aime
D’un amour
Sans parole
Sans expression
Sans histoire.
D’une façon très spéciale
Je t’aime
Et je tremble
Lorsque tu promènes
Tes doigts caressants
Sur ma poitrine.
D’une façon très spéciale
Je t’aime
D’un amour
Et paisible.
:iconfougeremarchant:FougereMarchant 1 2
Sleepy Love
Waking up and cuddling
In the middle of the night
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Span of Guilts
Exactions on a wall of resent
Are thrown in the ring of forgiveness
To allow a head to point up
The shadow gates of kingdom come
So that in any instance
The self taught mermaid can excel
In the applied art of calling sailors
There she grows fast
In immune minute expectations
That, forevermore, the guilts will unleash
:iconnamasthay:namasthay 2 0
in your heart
you won't get someone
   off your mind
as long as they are still
    in your heart.
:iconstvwoe:stvwoe 0 0
thrift shop
thrift shop
Lost in the morning
mist of a summer
wearing winter's gray
fur trimmed coat,
wet wild hair.
hesitant steps upon
hard concrete stairs,
for a key to turn
in a locked glass
:iconlostboysmee:Lostboysmee 0 0
Cosey and tired sleepy and snuggly
Warm and floppy
And croaky and yawny
Night x
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
you don't say
if you want to know
   someone better,
listen to what people
   don't say about them.
:iconstvwoe:stvwoe 1 0
So loving so warm
Soft and comforting
Now go and find your girl.
And tell her your in love with her.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 1 0
Chaos Of Mind
Chaos of mind
Chaos of mind
Disaster of emotions
Such feeble things
Ruling with an iron fist
Never clear intent
Diseased you are not
Cursed to feel others pain
Blessed to know what ails them
Sensing what you no longer see
Those touched by these gifts
Graced by higher powers
Cursed by fate
Lost to themselves
They must find who they are
They must be saved
:iconmauro-cody:mauro-cody 0 0
leave behind
you will always carry forward
that hurt you don't leave behind.
:iconstvwoe:stvwoe 1 0
Reconfort anonyme
Dans une suite de visages sans fin
D’une foule nombreuse et anonyme
Tu as jeté un regard sur moi,
Et à mon tour je t’ai regardé.
Tu as souri avec gentillesse
Et en réponse je t’ai souri.
Tu as haussé les épaules
Simplement, sans affectation.
O belle inconnue
Tes yeux en amandes me poursuivent
Et me laissent croire que la ville
N’est pas toujours si froide et sans-cœur.
:iconfougeremarchant:FougereMarchant 2 2
Bay et Bloor
Des visages
Se suivent
Se poursuivent
Dans la foule
Aux mœurs
Un peu rude.
Un sourire
Dès qu’on l’aperçoit.
Un regard s’éteint
Dès qu’on le fixe.
Une voix
Tait sa chanson
Dès qu’on l’écoute.
Des pieds
Des mains
Des jambes
Des bras
Se meuvent
En cadence
Dans la pluie.
Sans se voir
Tous s’évitent.
Les visages
Dans la foule
Sans paroles,
Sans expressions,
Sans émotions,
Sans chaleur,
Des yeux sans vie
Des lèvres maussades
Des figures mornes.
Une bousculade
Une excuse marmottée
Perdue dans le vide,
L’oubli dans les yeux.
Les visages
Dans la solitude
De la foule
Sans merci.
:iconfougeremarchant:FougereMarchant 0 7