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plan manifest
we look through a window,
trees and flora arranged to splatter
into view;
my heart a wet sloshing sound
as words escape concave moments
(in time to stumble, sunday lulling
over continents and deepening oceans)
the thriving wild, we think
and feel contented
but all cracks became canyons
in a day— the day of register,
when flooding faith melted an earth
beneath our feet
and we are more than just creatures, now
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 12 1
love your mistakes
I've fumbled around with hearts before,
and let them fall. Cracked fingernails, walked into
doorframes, bumped into people and hesitated too long
to open my mouth. Moments passed me by, often.
Occasionally, I was brave, and fell hard on my nose.
Was bleeding and embarrassed for the pain;
and the proof of it, the blood.
Said "sorry, but," or didn't say sorry at all, ate my feelings
or starved myself for them, carried my guilt around with me
until it made me sick and lose my appetite,
drowned my hand soap in the toilet,
didn't stretch after exercise and was sore for days,
kept my distance to those reaching out to me.
Pushed my pain aside, didn't manage to ask for help,
made an art form out of never showing anger, drowned myself
in "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts", felt weak and ashamed and
didn't know any better than to punish myself for it.
And I learned, I learned, I am learning the most from my mistakes,
I grow and flourish and sometimes repeat them thrice, and why?
:iconmiserabel:miserabel 3 0
Survival by Vanessafari Survival :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 1 0
You don’t need to teach?
Fine, I’ll just walk away.
The world doesn’t revolve on you anyway.
Maybe one of my friends can suggest a new class to me.
Some guy next to me will give me a pencil.
A lined sheet of paper, a small notebook, a long ruler.
Even an idiot likes the color pink.
Give me a pink eraser.
2 + 2 = 4
Who needs a man like you?
Do you even want to say you’re a man?
Let us get a new teacher.
Our planet keeps spinning and won’t give up the beans so soon.
Harvesting involves necessary lessons.
But, you don’t want to teach.
Circumstance like this one has me worried about you.
Information is received and not created too often.
Personal discovery can let me understand without studying more.
Yes, we may look at books, but the books may not look at us.
Justice done to studying must be implemented over the radar.
Sooner or later, kids in your class will have to leave.
Why not teach until departure?
You’re a teacher, right?
That job title is
:icongameuniverso:GameUniverso 1 0
Go and marry your special girl
I reckon you'll both be swell.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Wild Horses
You have wild horses in your veins
beating and palpitating through
the wheat fields of your body
till fingers chill and lips turn blue.
There is never rest for your horses
so there is not for you
and that would be your torture
until the day you flew.
And the flying, oh!
That's what you're alive for.
Not to stay, forever, a field of wheat
to always have your feet on the floor.
But your horses, where are they?
They have left so that you might fly.
Who knew your horses held you back.
Think not, twice! And take to the sky!
:iconmadam--guillotine:madam--guillotine 3 1
the boy with all the knowledge
The boy with all the questions and all the knowledge the boy who crashed into me we lightented his hair and wrote a few songs and sometines when we sleep he clings onto me as if he is saying dont leave and ill never tell him that i dont want to be alone all though im sure he knows and sometimes im jeloues when he talks to other boys and girls because he feels like art to me and maybe i seem like art to him but i dont want him to be broken and i dont wanna see him hurt anymore then he does  i want him to smile more i want him to feel real love and never have to question it. I want him to feel undeniable happy and to see new colors like the colors hes given me to see
:iconangelfallen89:Angelfallen89 0 0
Injured Numbs
The texture
of your voice
How do some forget
how to find it
10 Digits
Use the phone number
the traditional way
Meme'a told me so
:iconshawnpikul:ShawnPikul 0 0
Hell is other people
When you're young
You think
Your foes
But you'll learn
Your loved ones
The sum
Of greater woes.
:iconsimonwberesford:SimonWBeresford 2 0
Speaking on the Greater Magnitude
There is a magnitude greater than myself I wish to speak on,
if this audience would humor me if only for a
small allotted section of time.
The grand weaver has truly strung His strings today,
in the most chaotic and turbulent sense
of the phrase.
The pastels bleed into the neon,
and there's no sense of clarity,
even less so when the occasional black thread spools out into a spiderweb,
interceding all in its path with minimal consideration.
There are instances when our fingertips are soft against a butterfly,
causing it's wings to beat breath into the air
as the winds of change take hold.
These consequences are but unconscious careens for a
shift in action and threshold,
taken with or without merit is superfluous knowledge.
:iconheartshapeglasses007:HeartShapeGlasses007 0 0
Erreur de Jugement by Vanessafari Erreur de Jugement :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 1 0 On We Go by Vanessafari On We Go :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 0 0
Samantha steadman had a brand new life
And she was going to live it.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Go and marry your girl
And invite me to your wedding .
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Misjudgement by Vanessafari Misjudgement :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 0 0 On Continue by Vanessafari On Continue :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 0 0 Survie by Vanessafari Survie :iconvanessafari:Vanessafari 0 0
I asked him
Has my parcel come yet?
And then he grinned
Flashed me his fangs
And replied
It be here by Tuesday by Jumbo jet.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
I got a Pizza
In the oven.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Infact it is like
Looking for a needle in a
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
He stood there on the doorstep with a
Gruelling grin his body
Lifeless tall and thin.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Courtships are cool
For getting to know you.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
The owner outside of the loud noisy
Bibbing car had crashed and burned
He had gone to far.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 1 0