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existential crisis
i do not exist
no clear personality
just what i've absorbed
:iconeliyah-chan:eliyah-chan 4 2
Dreams by therainbowchronicles Dreams :icontherainbowchronicles:therainbowchronicles 1 0
Are you tangled in the waves of things you want to say?
Constantly going under the caps of remorse
Filling your lungs with missed moments
You cough up little beads of confidence
But not enough to rescue
Myself from this tangled remorse
Of this mangled confidence
That constantly drowns my vocabulary
And I have nothing to say.
:iconwordshaker:wordshaker 0 0
Just one passing glance
Lack of focus filling in
To create nonsense
:iconnite1nblack:Nite1nBlack 0 0
I made someone talk
I made someone breathe
I made someone cry
I saw someone die
  Once I sung a lullaby
  Once I said she'll be alright
  Twice I saw an endless fear
  And these fights they were all real
Then I go home
Drink up some wine
I need to stay me
For the next time
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Puzzling Haiku
The jig saw dances
cutting away my pieces
revealing the tears
:iconjohnnycurcio:JohnnyCurcio 0 0
The magic of a smile
More powerful than all
the sigils and magic circles,
powerful gift of the Gods
for humanity .
Opens unreachable doors.
Sew seated hearts.
Wash poorly washed souls.
Purifies the existence of sufferers.
Oh, how beautiful is the smile!
That beautiful and sincere
big smile !
May the Gods not allow me
stay without your beautiful smile
who saved my soul from the darkness.
A magia de um sorriso 
Mais poderoso que todos
os sigilos e círculos mágicos,
poderoso presente dos Deuses
para a humanidade . 
Abre portas inacessíveis . 
Costura corações descosturados . 
Lava almas mal lavadas . 
Purifica a existência dos sofridos . 
Ah , que belo é o sorriso ! 
Aquele lindo e sincero 
grande sorriso ! 
Que os Deuses não me permitam 
ficar sem o seu lindo sorriso
que salvou a minha alma da escuridão . 
:iconmarianagatto:marianagatto 1 0
may deranged
let me in
into salty flesh
lost particles of
carbon and quirks
i will teach you
calamity of stupid
and jigsaw smiles
we can derange it all
as a couple of dry spelled maniacs
smash the anvil of rules
not quite there
mad and apologetic
we can unlearn the alphabet
to speak in tongues
let magic breeze through teeth
and wrists and balls
with swagger and vague atomic shellshock
we can be a sunshine boom
if only for an instant
before we are picked apart
like a locomotive steam engine
i believe
i hope
i yearn
it's far off
in the distance
a rooster croaks
frogs kiss each other
dinosaurs bellow from cold hard stone
i will kill them all
silence the supernova with
physique and primal scream
can i touch her face
i wonder
dumbed down to water and neurons
tied into a statuesque sex appeal
those insane mind leaps and
crazy numb ideals of
horny ticklish cheeks
i will memorize a raindrop before i go
every trickle will be my foe
burnt into an erotic mirage
of my persona
magnified through gr
:iconnaprimerjanez:naprimerjanez 2 0
Life Drama.....
Life Drama.....
Everything is Temporary,
Good or bad, black or white,
Whatsoever comes your way,
Just enjoy the moment, cos it's temporary.
Everything is temporary,
Pain, joy, fear, anxiety, depression ét ál,
Whatsoever feeling it could be,
Just enjoy the feeling, cos it's temporary.
Everything is temporary,
Even thy near eternal lines,
But Thy Word is eternal
Key into Thy word, cos it's permanent.
By Michael C. Odiah
©2018 All rights reserved.
:iconmikejnr300:Mikejnr300 1 0
wednesday — I associate
more strongly with raindrops
than with my name
:iconcreightonwrites:creightonwrites 0 0
never enough
standards past the sky
ever unsatisfied
unified in
unimpressed with the world
undressed it reveals
nothing but ugly
reeling from discovery
that everything is
ugly up close
triage deems this inoperable
incurable illness of
incarnate it wallows in
self-pity and pillows
hospital bed
but there's no hope for
recovery after the
discovery which
all doomed to dream of
bigger dreams--given
to unrealistic
fantastically we fall from
the grace we imagined
was ours all
so string along the children
on heroine stories donated
by disaffected ancestors
the will to go on, despite
logic, reason, and sense
seems intense but
life is a tale told by an
idiot, full of sound and
fury, signifying
:iconmelanophren:Melanophren 3 0
How to heaven cries for you, that these were merit and sound apart, from me in a better form for loser life in shares, to hallow in a war for where was me to knowing who was gone, from these in a human battleing, that there was more to ark in me apart from anything that there was well,
that there was the fatherless mckillop, and in what was ark a son you could know but I don’t know the story, still, in sharest wells before but a hero made king
and was he worth it was always so of scotland but there was simple a name in ease for there to be scottish kings
called king of scotland high, in heaven for to where was me in know,so low we name, and gone to knowing park, in where was worth to seven aisles aret, that here was the truth you were only told where scotland came from
and you were only told when or where you are born
                  are you so dogged stupid to never venture scotland can only have been bran new? set to who in a babe
:iconblackrocklegacies:BlackrockLegacies 0 0
Guarda oltre
Guarda oltre
La vita è una volta, non sprecare il tuo tempo aspettando
che ciò che desideri si manifesti
e come la pioggia, ti cadrà giù dal cielo.
Non cullarti nella speranza
che sarà propriamente quel qualcuno, che tu segui per fissazione,
a rendere la tua vita qualcosa di straordinario.  
Non denigrare l’intelligenza di Dio creatore,
e specialmente l’intelligenza che Egli ha donato a te,
lasciando che siano altri, a decidere per te,
a decretare le tue scelte, esercitando potere di assolutezza,  
su quello che invece potrebbe avere differenti risoluzioni.
Guarda oltre!
Guarda oltre, a quegli ostacoli che quasi senza accorgertene
hai permesso a qualcuno, di porre sul tuo percorso.
Guarda oltre a ciò che ti viene imposto come unica soluzione per la tua vita,
da coloro, che in tutti i modi ti convincono a perseguire
la loro fede malsana, portata avanti solamente per convenienza,
che altro non è che un freno inibitorio per la tua p
:icontazunee:Tazunee 0 0
Did'not like
Short courtships
She did"not like medium courtships
She did'not like long courtships
Or dull courtships
Or trivial courtship
So one day she surprised a man
Jumped out in front of him
And said
Hello there Govnor
Have you seen my drawers?
Wide eyed
And secret squirelled
Bush tailed
Drawers he said?
I she said
Yes drawers to my
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
my life's now getting old,
in place of love is scorn:
talk about it.
:iconbuttboi42:buttboi42 1 1
She Is the Darkness
She is the darkness
In my heart,
The cloud of unknowing
Born of lovers' lost art.
She is the darkness
Creeping through my veins
Touching my mind
And leaving behind such foul stains.
She is the darkness
Enveloping my soul
Whispering sweet lies
And threatening to swallow me whole.
She is the darkness
Clouding my eyes
The queen enthroned
Who seeks only my prolonged demise.
She is the darkness
Hovering behind my thoughts
Warping me, twisting me
Molding me as she desires.
She is the darkness
And I am she.
:iconladyansha:ladyansha 0 0
And I Don't Know Why
I’m supposed to be strong, jubilant, caring, fearless
And I don’t know why
There are kids running down the street
Happy to be with each other
I want everyone to laugh as hard as they do
And I don’t know why
It ages me
Burdens me with its presence
The longer the day feels
The sooner the night ends
Like a ticker tape parade of plus and minuses
All synced to the hydroponic rhythm
Of dead things growing at my feet
And I don’t know why
I smile
We smile
Exchanging necessities with a stranger half my age
And well past understanding my needs
And I don’t know why
I am both with flaws
And without
I don’t know why it hurts so much to bare my skin raw
Face up
Back broke
Watching this fucking world burn
Why I haven’t taken to the streets screaming FREEDOM
While the soil suffocates beneath this freshly paved concrete
I know why
It’s because I caught a bad beat
It’s because I worked so hard to be like you
And I still can’t be see
:iconheycori:HeyCori 1 0
I am given
To nights
All it
Is one
In nature
And I find 
If only
Aided by
For tomorrow
I will
Consume my own
For now
Everything tastes
Slightly of
:icontekgoblin:tekgoblin 5 5
And his reply was
In a similar porche voice
No i am a despicable human being and i aint spent all your money yet.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
We got to practice
Thats it
So get the lovely feeling
Hold on to it
And practice
Makes perfect
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0
Its lovely
And its exciting
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 3
I love my poems
I wrote what ever it was
No its not a  word
Nope nope
Its a feeling you have to feel it
Get inside it
Make friends with it
Go glide with it
Mingle with the lovely feeling
Its like a plant
Feed the lively feeling
Water the the
lovely feeling
And it shall grow
And grow
And grou
Its cudderling you
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 0 0