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Elizabeth Bathory by demonrobber Elizabeth Bathory :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 120 36 Cage of the Mind -  A Jeff the Killer poem. by AyanaRin Cage of the Mind - A Jeff the Killer poem. :iconayanarin:AyanaRin 94 17
FEAR: Alma Rhyme by bfreeman0 FEAR: Alma Rhyme :iconbfreeman0:bfreeman0 88 34 Frankenstein Found Poetry by nematodes Frankenstein Found Poetry :iconnematodes:nematodes 117 10 Naruto Shipuden Lost Episode: Orochimaru's Revenge by TheSinReaper Naruto Shipuden Lost Episode: Orochimaru's Revenge :iconthesinreaper:TheSinReaper 235 80 Haiku 1 by GigabytesOfInsanity Haiku 1 :icongigabytesofinsanity:GigabytesOfInsanity 159 85 Story from the twisted mind #1 by toongrowner Story from the twisted mind #1 :icontoongrowner:toongrowner 31 8
Black Widow II
i'm going to break away
Mom's rose garden grew beneath the steps, and I did too. They weren't aligned and it bothered me. I always tried to fight it but she would come down and lay her hand on my bare skin and whisper, "They aren't growing."
And I would be red like the roses and blue like the violets.
She grew beneath the steps too.
notlookingforthepastorthe f u t u r e   e       e       e          e              e
set down the lighter
put it down.
don't make it brighter.
I set the roses on fire.
she never knew I     them on fire.
              I set them on fire.
her hands on my bare skin and whisper,
they          aren't           growing
:iconaerode:Aerode 130 64
Tainted by Voxsi Tainted :iconvoxsi:Voxsi 2,657 258 Voices. by DearPoetry Voices. :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 283 45 1000x721 12627 Nearheath Stalker 2d fantasy va by m1tal1k 1000x721 12627 Nearheath Stalker 2d fantasy va :iconm1tal1k:m1tal1k 118 3 impatience by Vvlad-vVolfen impatience :iconvvlad-vvolfen:Vvlad-vVolfen 1,095 155
D.R Lizzie Bumby
Her mind wore her unwilling death
His vicious will undid her form
Performed all with a grin
He burned her clothes and  
her fragments of memory. Vanish.
Perverse thoughts of necrophilia  
Purging through his veins  
The reason for her death  
He hungered for release.
Bloody flesh excited his throbbing  
He forced into clammy wetness  
Raping her flesh  
Desecrating her virtue.
She rode the undeserving light  
Unknowing why she met her burning fate
At maniacal whims.
Her body lay tampered and mangled  
Across the bedroom floor  
All because she forgot to  
Lock the fucking door.
:iconobito-freak77:obito-freak77 40 28
Hunger by EvenDeathLies Hunger :iconevendeathlies:EvenDeathLies 50 35 The Tulpa Theory by sixlessthansixty The Tulpa Theory :iconsixlessthansixty:sixlessthansixty 74 52 This is an official word now by Burnt-Lime This is an official word now :iconburnt-lime:Burnt-Lime 35 36
My patience has rewarded me once again,
to see your short brown hair tainted red,
that look of shock permanantly glued to your eyes,
even if i close your cold eyelids with my bloody fingers,
the shock remains in your cold hard face.
even in death you're handsome",
I touch your cold dead skin and it sends chills through me,
"oh how i love cold dead bodies on a clear calm night."
Your blood on my tongue and lips is deliciously innocent,
your blood is facinating,
"you don't mind if i play in it do you?
why thank you, you're very kind."
I love the way it slowly stains my skin,
The way it warms me on this cool night,
the way its sweetness fills my mouth.
Watching it drip from your chest down your pale stomach,
I climb on top of you and embrace your cold tainted lips against my warm lively ones,
"you're addicting,
I need you,
I need your blood."
My tongue explores your lifeless mouth,
The blood makes it seem as if you'r
:iconartistically-insane:Artistically-Insane 52 48
Guiltless Murder
Come here little girl
Your heart is mine
Been trailing you
For quite some time
You've got no friends
You're all alone
A life of violence
You've condoned
But that's alright
That is to say
I'm here for you
Starting today
We'll make a pact
Just you and me
I, Slenderman
And you, Nadine
We'll dot all "I's"
Cross every "T"
Signed with our blood
So take your knife,
Cut into me
Don't be afraid
I mean no harm
I'll be your father
Let's see your arm
Yes, pale as ghosts
Let's make the deal
I know how children make you feel
You want them dead, I'll be your host
Possessing you til' their skins peel
Put faith in me,
And I won't tell
The secrets of your heartless hell
Yes cut the flesh
You little fool!
A tortured mind forever ruled,
By Slenderman, dance puppet dance!
Let the blood drip from your soul to mine
Replenish that which past-tense died
Our minds are merged,
The deed is done!
I Slenderman,
Have therefore won!

Hahaha, Foolish girl.
Guilt can never be traded in.
You are deserving.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 261 38
Past and Future: Prelude
We have led lives of pain,
I am to blame.
We have survived,
But we are not the same.
The "Future" is past, the future is here,
But it is horrid,
Black and drear.
Dictator, second Hitler,
Heart cold as stone.
Ravaged all whilst, I'm sure,
Sitting kingly on his throne.
We held the secret,
That was long ago.
Able to tear him down and breach it,
That past innocent ego.
A soft tender spot,
We cannont reach.
The secret sought,
The five each
take these machines,
Commit paradox.
Be careful, no scenes,
Then three knocks.
brong back the ones,
Even not to their own knowledge,
Possess the way,
To give us our new edge.
Bring to the future
You're 2012 self,
So that 2049
Can be made benign.
That is an order.
-Red Leader
:iconfalljoydelux:Falljoydelux 28 22
Slender Man Comes
Slender Man Comes
You hear the whispers of his name
Like something secret and profane
The stories of him told to young
Of those unfortunate to have met him
When he comes
He comes out from amongst the trees
Bringing horror to those that see
A man, yet strange and grotesquely tall
A kind of man who shouldn't exist at all
Arms and legs long and limber
To leave your body, high in the timber
A face devoid of any features
Simple yet horrifying is this creature
No one knows from where came
Or where he will appear again
His stride is quick so you can run
But chances are your life is done
His coming is heralded by a fog
Children laughing, barking dogs
He comes to only those whom believe
So for your sake, you best not give heed
Some say he's existed, since time began
Others say, he's the ghost of a murderous man
Some say he came from the stars
Others from a dimension that is not ours
No one knows and no one cares
All they know is that he's there
His name is simple and so plain
But, his presence
:icongregthecoolnerd:gregthecoolnerd 132 72
Monsters by ZeroSanity2713 Monsters :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 52 29