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Tainted by Voxsi Tainted :iconvoxsi:Voxsi 2,641 258
Haiku 1 by GigabytesOfInsanity Haiku 1 :icongigabytesofinsanity:GigabytesOfInsanity 155 85 Death Sentences by Myrloenn Death Sentences :iconmyrloenn:Myrloenn 612 93 Frankenstein Found Poetry by zowiac Frankenstein Found Poetry :iconzowiac:zowiac 124 10 Naruto Shipuden Lost Episode: Orochimaru's Revenge by TheSinReaper Naruto Shipuden Lost Episode: Orochimaru's Revenge :iconthesinreaper:TheSinReaper 250 83
Black Widow II
i'm going to break away
Mom's rose garden grew beneath the steps, and I did too. They weren't aligned and it bothered me. I always tried to fight it but she would come down and lay her hand on my bare skin and whisper, "They aren't growing."
And I would be red like the roses and blue like the violets.
She grew beneath the steps too.
notlookingforthepastorthe f u t u r e   e       e       e          e              e
set down the lighter
put it down.
don't make it brighter.
I set the roses on fire.
she never knew I     them on fire.
              I set them on fire.
her hands on my bare skin and whisper,
they          aren't           growing
:iconaerode:Aerode 128 64
Batman in Gotham City by demonrobber Batman in Gotham City :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 65 18 FEAR: Alma Rhyme by bfreeman0 FEAR: Alma Rhyme :iconbfreeman0:bfreeman0 90 34 Monsters by ZeroSanity2713 Monsters :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 116 29 Jeff the Killer's Lullaby by AyanaRin Jeff the Killer's Lullaby :iconayanarin:AyanaRin 153 61 1000x721 12627 Nearheath Stalker 2d fantasy va by m1tal1k 1000x721 12627 Nearheath Stalker 2d fantasy va :iconm1tal1k:m1tal1k 120 3 slender and fangirl by LilithNyanChan slender and fangirl :iconlilithnyanchan:LilithNyanChan 20 4 The Tulpa Theory by sixlessthansixty The Tulpa Theory :iconsixlessthansixty:sixlessthansixty 72 52 DDLC Kisekae by KewlChubbyLion DDLC Kisekae :iconkewlchubbylion:KewlChubbyLion 55 13 Voices. by DearPoetry Voices. :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 280 45
Guiltless Murder
Come here little girl
Your heart is mine
Been trailing you
For quite some time
You've got no friends
You're all alone
A life of violence
You've condoned
But that's alright
That is to say
I'm here for you
Starting today
We'll make a pact
Just you and me
I, Slenderman
And you, Nadine
We'll dot all "I's"
Cross every "T"
Signed with our blood
So take your knife,
Cut into me
Don't be afraid
I mean no harm
I'll be your father
Let's see your arm
Yes, pale as ghosts
Let's make the deal
I know how children make you feel
You want them dead, I'll be your host
Possessing you til' their skins peel
Put faith in me,
And I won't tell
The secrets of your heartless hell
Yes cut the flesh
You little fool!
A tortured mind forever ruled,
By Slenderman, dance puppet dance!
Let the blood drip from your soul to mine
Replenish that which past-tense died
Our minds are merged,
The deed is done!
I Slenderman,
Have therefore won!

Hahaha, Foolish girl.
Guilt can never be traded in.
You are deserving.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 259 38
Plague Wings by WordOfChen Plague Wings :iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 17 3
Lives Fur Sale
Why were we brought to this evil lair?
Where the smell of death hangs in the air?
Where all our lives will surely end,
-the act of murder for a fashion trend.
A deep, low growl builds in my chest,
I can't save my siblings; but I'll try my best.
I can sense the fear they try to hide,
We huddle close, side by side.
The barred door opens; I jump to my feet.
If we weren't locked in a cage, I'd call out "Retreat".
But there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to go,
My hackles raise, I let my fangs show.
A hand enters and grabs the closest to the door.
It yanks her upwards till she can't touch the floor.
With a strangled whine she is whipped out of sight,
Her eyes were frozen, wide in fright.
A snarl rips up my throat in an angry shriek.
It grows louder and louder till I reach my peak.
The barred door is slammed in my face,
My growling stops, I stumble back a pace.
Silence is followed by the sneering of others,
I slowly limp back to my sisters and brothers.
Their fur is standing up on end,
feeling t
:icondizzymac:DizzyMac 23 48
Shery Just Sleep, Just Dream by AnimeDrawChan Shery Just Sleep, Just Dream :iconanimedrawchan:AnimeDrawChan 5 6
The Girl
Das Mädchen
Noch immer liegt sie in dem dunklen Wald,
kommt sich vor wie in der Irrenanstalt,
die ein Leben zu sein scheint,
Wenn niemand mehr um dich weint.
Liegt einsam da, blutüberströmt,
wird von den Tieren verhöhnt,
Der erste kalte Regen fällt,
Durchtränkt die Haut, durchweicht das Geld, das ihre Hand noch immer hält.
Sie weiß, dass sie es verdient allein zu sein,
Weiß, dass zu wahren den Schein,
Viel zu viel war, für einen Menschen allein.
Selbst geschaffen hat sie den Wald aus Wut und Angst,
In dem du um dein Leben bangst,
während verzerrte Schatten durch die Nacht streifen,
und nach deinem Körper greifen.
Sie fragt sich ob man versucht sie zu finden,
Sie vermisst, kommt suchet dort hinter den Linden,
dort liegt das Mädchen regennass,
Wie der Tod, so blass.
Unterm funkelnden Himmelszelt,
verlässt sie diese Welt.
Und noch bevor man sie erreicht,
ist sie bereits völlig durchgeweicht.
Ihre Augen trübe u
:iconthelittlemilky:TheLittleMilky 56 26
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