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Athene Angel! by WolfofBadenoch666 Athene Angel! :iconwolfofbadenoch666:WolfofBadenoch666 2 0
David Near Rhyme
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages. It is I, the host with many different voices, all who come alive with every single word I say.
Now come and sit close, close your eyes and listen carefully, create the images with your mind as I give you a little story of horror. Feel your emotions going crazy and wild from what you hear, let the voices give you a little fright. No need to worry, they won't harm you, all they want is to fill your mind with fear and scare you. Make you feel what they feel.
Feel their anger, feel their hatred, feel their sadness, feel their pain. Feel your core scream and beg for them to go away.
Once you're shaking with fear, the curtain will close, my show is over. The sounds are gone, when you open your eyes, they won't be there. Don't close your eyes or they'll be there again, ready to give you another fright. I hope you enjoy the show and hope you come to see it again.
Oh, you have a question before I go?<
:iconhauntingmisery1:HauntingMisery1 1 0
When the Worm Bit the Ear of Lightning
When the worm bit
the ear of lightning,
it created the Monster,
in the tomb of the
birds nest,
an empty egg
shell where the bird
had hatched,
drops of the coming
storm hitting the eggs
lightning in the
mind's eye of God.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Frenzy, and fervor; searing my bones, and boiling my blood.
ecstatic fear entwined with the haze of stellar dreams; twisted visions of blood, and bile.
 Men consuming the flesh of their kin; feeding like sharks, and crawling like leeches to suck the life force from within thine veins.
Dost thou poor the wine of madness into the cup of mine?
 Still the fire rises; burning with the brightness of a thousand suns, and scorching the plains on which they burn.
Like a fever infecting the body; shivering with the cold of the furies.
 Dancing in the skins of the fawns; I see them chasing the tiger through the smoke of oblivion.
He who carries the wine of the night; ushering fort
:iconthenecromanticpriest:TheNecromanticPriest 2 3
07 19 18 Xenutology
Sad, sad robots
All in a row
Deluded by crass ambition
Seduced by third rate lies
Desiring beyond hope
To finally achieve clear
Freed from volcano thralls
No more under the ever-reaching reign
Of cosmic overlord Xenu
The A-bomb dominator
Filling the 3-D theatres
With pitiful crucified automatons
Surrendering their freedoms
Releasing their worldly goods
Denying their families
To debase themselves
To the disgustingly wealthy
For a dream of a scrap of food
Elimination of free will
To be rewarded
By detailing Tom Cruise's new SUV
that he may ride in glory
On the backs of slaves
For 6 cents an hour
Seeking immortality
Signing a billion year contract
Going nowhere
Going clear
Xenu wins!
:iconwilcox660:Wilcox660 0 2
Afterwards he see
The prostitute Maisee
And wanted to rip her down dead / posh voice
But she started to strip
Then he went boss eyed
And went out of his head.
:iconartstarbright:ArtStarBright 1 0
The Black Eyes of the Fly Drinking Blood
The only way to
spill the gun,
a beat,
the sound of the
wings of an insect,
the Black City
rises as a red
eyed giant,
a beat,
the buzz of electricity,
giant in mockery
of prayer & gods,
or dreams, & picnic
just an ant
a beat & another,
& another,
& yet another,
the city seems to
settle back into
it's black shadow,
a Dead Moon,
full of white
skull, & ghosts
eating ghosts,
ghosts upon ghosts,
& there
a fly,
the only way to
spill the gun,
the black eyes
of the
fly drinking
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
Arch-stone Gargoyles
The jewels of life,
no dark sky
descending, having every
fully gathered,
with plant, &
withered thorn in
winters red ghost
heart bleeding to the
drone of bee's,
wherever their summers
sun sleeps,
vampircally between
the stars of this universe
& time, time standing
waiting for it's own
dignity & right to presence,
before it's life's strain
in blood & soul & kingdom,
this all somewhat never ending,
a flash of light,
with gold & raindrop
upon the eye's of a
leering Gargoyle,
yes they
watch eternal,
ghosts & living
identity, comedic & tragic,
like the puppet
bones of all the
distant stars,
people live & rise
& then pass
a wolf in the woods
howls, & the forests peer fearfully
into the city, & watching, from safe perch,
arch-stone Gargoyles.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
The Black Dog In the Veil
Three women sat,
faces covered
by veils,
sitting upon a
bench surrounded by
large green bushes,
thicker than anything
in the night sky,
thicker than a tree,
or the city of
thicker than all
the milky way
stars in the sky,
sitting upon a
bench surrounded
by large green bushes,
in the darkness
three women sat,
& beneath their
veils no faces,
only empty
kerchief & veil of
the rocking leaves,
though between the
ghost white hands
of the semi-living
looking woman,
the face of
the black dog
in the veil would
& beneath their veils no faces,
just white hands, kerchief,
& veil of the
rocking leaves.
:iconbootshopstory:BootShopStory 3 0
07 19 18 Second Life
A glass of cream
So full of ticks
Slides down your throat
The ticks cling and grow
Inside your stomach lining
Swelling on blood
Swimming in bile
Until your stomach acid
Eats through their bodies
Slowly flushing through your system
To an eventual subterranean crypt
Of urine and feces
Alligators and rats
Pale parasites
Populate an underground society
Odors obscene
Bubble and roil
Just below our everyday world
Extruding pale green creams
Joining the flow
Part of the system
Starting to glow
Like nuclear winter
Above and below
:iconwilcox660:Wilcox660 1 0