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Catch Me Before I Fall
Catch me before I fall
But it's too late
For I have already fallen
Hit so hard my body cracked
My heart shattered within
Shutting myself down
Closing up to others
My silence forever kept
Catch me before I fall
But it's too late
My horrors now revealed
You're gone forever
And I'm standing here alone
Lost and foresaken
Catch me before I fall
But it's too late
My visions now hazed
Coldness seeping in
Freezing my internal organs
Lost in time and space
Frozen expressions of sadness
No longer do I exist
Catch me before I fall
But it's too late
For I have already fallen
Hit so hard I died in an instant
:iconluckylisa:luckylisa 191 159
Destroy This Poem
Destroy This Poem
To the person grading this poem
To the kind, patient woman hovering over this with a pen
Waiting to say kind, patient words in response, do me a favor:
Stop it.
Don’t Patronize me.
I did not slave over this with hammer and anvil
Shaping it into a masterpiece.
I didn’t paint it onto the ceiling of some church,
Going blind from the pain and the stress.
I didn’t even turn this in on time.
And while I’m writing this in my fifth-period economy class,
You can bet I’m not concerned with iambs and troches and Italian terza rima.
No, I’m concerned with how much water is left in my water bottle.
This isn’t a masterpiece.
Who are we kidding?
You’re not going to hurt it, and you most certainly aren’t going to hurt me.
Stop it.
Don’t patronize me.
I want you to destroy my work.
I want you to rip it to shreds with sadistic dominatrix glee.
Tear it apart from margin to margin;
Laugh openly at its crippled, struggling body.
Stab throu
:iconniedec:niedec 1,239 524
Balloon Funeral
Man spotted getting out of his car to tie a Get Well Soon balloon around the front paw of a dead raccoon. Witnesses speculate the man, mid-40s, white, was responsible for the raccoon’s untimely demise earlier that afternoon. Wracked with guilt, unsure of the moral stain left on his tires when he crushed a small mammal in his path, the man returned to the scene of disaster to extend his well wishes and express his remorse through a plastic, rainbow, loud, GET WELL SOON balloon, before taking a picture and re-entering his car. Witnesses say: “Sucks to be the raccoon. But you've got to admit, the balloon is pretty funny.”
In Nowheretown, Nowhereland, people learn to find news in the dirt by highways, in the stretch of nothing between are we there yet and when can we leave. The photo in today’s paper is magnificent: a body on display, not at all embarrassed to be dead. No mortician taught this corpse how to be polite, how to close its eyes and arrange its limbs to a
:iconvolkeswagondaotaku:VolkesWagondaOtaku 55 22
Found God
1. The first time I found God
Was when I was 15.
I found God in a pen.
I scribbled down words
And he brought them to life.
2. They found God in their phone.
Instead of handling the awkwardness
Of the party,
They prayed to God to get them out.
3. He found God in his paycheck.
He locks himself in his office
As if it was a church,
Hoping to see God again.
I think I saw him praying
Last week when I visited.
4. She found God
In the mirror.
When she looked at God
In the eyes,
She freaked out
And punched the mirror until it shattered.
The devil put his hand over
Her fist and told her it’ll be alright.
5. They found God in each other.
I thought that would make them happy
But every time they’re together,
They throw the Devil at each other
In an odd game of Dodge ball.
6. He found God
At the bottom
Of a Bottle.
And every time he sees him,
God shows him a little piece
Of heaven,
Then helps him vomit out the demons
Inside of him.
7. She found God in a needle.
Then she found God in hers
:icondylanseto:DylanSeto 567 251
Meme TAG
Tagged by eleanaleone
[x] You watch anime.
[x] You read manga.
[x] You buy/collect anime DVDs or manga volumes.
[x]You own some other form of anime/manga merchandise.
[x] You have referred to an anime character as 'hot' before.
[x] You have cosplayed.
[x] You have done so in public.
[ ] You have been to an anime/manga convention.
[x] You have created/joined a fanclub for an anime/manga character.
[x] You have created/joined a hateclub for an anime/manga character.
[x] You have squealed when you found out somebody had the same name as an anime character you knew.
[ ] You enjoy drawing anime.
[x] People you know know you as the 'anime' person.
[x] You know that it is pronounced 'mawnguh' and not 'manga' like it is spelled.
[x] You like art.
[ ] You actually consider yourself an artist.
[ ] When using art supplies, the brand of them matters to you.
[ ] You have a favorite brand.
[ ] You have asked for art supplies as a
:iconakaiidenetsu:AkaiiDenetsu 98 37
The Sword Of Thamocles
The Sword Of Thamocles
I'm looking up,
it's there lurking
Awaiting to cut me,
to end my song
My wish is half,
I must be careful
I'm looking up,
it's there lurking
The spider's silent,
only one, just one string
My wish is half,
I cannot stand it!
I'm looking up,
The blade is sharp!!!
I'm looking up!
It's The Sword Of Thamocles!!!
It's my wish turned to damnation?
Or it's my shield, my protection?
If I dare will it save me?
Or in the end will betray me?
:icondraganthemighty:DraganTheMighty 93 43
Remember 7 things forever
Remember 7 Things:
1. You'll learn from all of your experiences.
2. You'll find wisdom every day.
3. You'll have reasons to be happy.
4. You'll be loved by me and others forever.
5. You'll be inspired to make new things.
6. You'll find peace and essential truths.
7. You're part of a universe that will never die.
There's no one on earth, who can stop you from changing and living your own way. Don't let others bother you. Live the way you wish. You don't need to worry about anything!
You can't even imagine all of the world's troubles, most of the time. You did not cause them. Let go of your past. You should set yourself free and be happy about your greatest accomplishments. Imagine beauty. Imagine life. Avoid death and destruction.
:iconliving-meme:Living-Meme 61 56
My wings ripped out
they have no grace
I tainted heaven
left to wander earth
fallen from the sky
left without a purpose
my head hangs low
with my heart beating fast
my mind thinks of questions
pounding and pondering left with
no answers, no resolution
I seek what I should not
I am stained with it
Im torn and tattered
the glow of the halo dim
It's dying out
so with my last glance at light
I am cast away
Wounded inside and out
my immortal life
spent in the dark and alone
and my heart left cold
with a shattered soul
and defeat on my back
I take steps
making time evolve to hate
with no song left to sing
I trade my old life in
I wont look back
I am fallen
:iconsomebodyswish:SomebodysWish 74 43
You Don't Have to be Wonder Woman...
I think these walls are collapsing around me because I'm not smart. I don't think with my head, I think with my hands in terms of what I can make, what I can break, and how to put back together what was previously given up on.
No, I don't always have a steady grip on reality and sometimes my abstract sight, the only one I can really see with, wavers and I'm blind to everything around me. So I feel my way through the thorns and the storms and put my friends in poetry so that way, when they leave, I can still say we're gonna be best friends forever.
It won't really surprise any of you to know that I auditioned to be Wonder Woman. They told me I had great spirit but that cape was way too big and those boots were too tall and I just didn't have the look, you know, that superhero look. But I had great spirit! And if I just stuck around long enough, they were sure I could change the world.
But even if that doesn't quite work out, even if the world is exactly the same fifty year
:iconlightsonamara:LightsOnAmara 197 52
2. You
I have fallen in love with a poem
the red roses blooming over your
knees, the blue violets threading
and coursing through your veins
I have fallen in love with the haiku
of your fingertips tapping syllables
down my vertebrae five, seven, five
I have pressed my heart like a bookmark
between the curled pages of your body,
free-verse freckles scattered across the
line-break nestled in the gorge between
your clavicle protrusions, stanzas faintly
whistling in the gaps amidst your shaped
ivory teeth, two eyes rhyming with mine;
I have memorised the stream of consciousness
murmured into my mouth as we kiss, as you
whisper spoken word lullabies into the crook
of my arms, hands bracketed around my hips
as if I am the metaphor crafted by your simile
smiling lips; the image ghosting behind words
I start to think we are the closing couplet of a sonnet
but darling if you were a word, god you’d be purple-
love, you are a poem,
etched in an alphabet
that I don’t understand,
that I can
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 37 17
We all wear a mask
No matter how we shape or mold it
It stays the same way even with a slight change
For the mask is a part of us
Just as we are part of the mask
When we hide a hidden side
Deep within our hearts
It becomes a shadow
Something we try to deny
Something to forget
But it always comes back to haunt us
Trying to engulf us in its darkness
To show others what their really like
As they keep denying it gets stronger
Shifting and molding into something terrifying
The shadow becomes a beast
A monster of our dark side
Because we've denied it
For thinking it isn't a part of us
But it is a part of us
Like we are a part of it
The only way to combat it
Is to accept it as it is
For that shadow is you
You are the shadow
Your persona that is in your heart
Don't be afraid
Just face it
Show no fear
Accept it
The shadow is you
You are the shadow
You wear the mask
Wearing the mark
On your heart
Once you accept it
It becomes a great ally
A powerful persona
Right by your side
Always there to hel
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 263 108
rip, rip
tear, tear
i can't stop this pulling.
they told me it makes me ugly,
makes me look like a freak.
i fight with myself,
don't pull, don't pull.
but my hands control my brain
and i can't help it.
these spots show my pain.
:iconnarumew:Narumew 47 99
Don't sell me funeral plots
on late night television
if the end is already in sight
am I supposed to pull the sheets up to my neck,
count to zero,
smile, and cease?
keep your pills, in all their pretty colors:
celebrex, propecia, allegra, lipitor, zanex, viagra
keep them for scrabble
keep your rogaine, your facelifts
keep your death insurance
keep your graveyard reservations
hit me running.
let me go down swinging
make it a sport:
give me a ten-minute head start
and an obstacle course.
place a beautiful girl on the far side of a mine field
and whisper, "she wants to kiss you"
target me on my feet
dodging doomsday's in slow-mo bullet time
let me duel the grim reaper in a poetry slam
but let me lay where i fall
let the buzzards and coyotes
pick apart my bones
don't stuff me and sew me up
waste my estate on alcohol for my wake
not formaldehyde
instead of wood for a coffin,
build me a funeral pyre
and set me ablaze like a pagan-warrior-king
sing songs,
roast marshmallows,
get drunk,
:iconfoxthepoet:foxthepoet 171 109
"I've been waiting my entire life to tell you that I'm dying and I figured I'd finally get it over with.
So here I am, carving forgive me
into my teeth, so every time that I speak
I can still say that I'm sorry.
More years have passed in the last than I care to remember
but I could never forget:
In eighth grade my chorus teacher always told me,
'Michael, you'll never be good enough.'
and it always excited me. It reminded me of my mother.
On the last day of school she smiled,
her teeth jagged like a train wreck,
she didn't say a word,
but I knew exactly what she meant.
In high school I fell in love with a roadside bomb waiting to be detonated by a passing glance.
Every time she blew up,
she'd pick the pieces of herself off of bathroom floors
mixed with the medicine she never needed. She had
The Disappointment.
One day she caught me staring, smiled, walked over, and hugged me...
she smelled like a lonely night.
As she pulled away she looked me dead in the eyes and said,
'Don't worry abou
:iconmattvoscinar:MattVoscinar 326 76
I Want To Be A Time Traveller
I wish I had a TARDIS of my own, then I'd be universal,
traveling time and space with some inter-dimensional reversal!
"Time-space continuum" see, I know what I'm talking about,
i could be here, there, or anywhere, faster than one could shout,
There has to be something bigger than myself here,
the scale of it all is enough to raise a tear,
I want to live among the nebula and stars,
traversing the multiverse with the cosmic cars,
Being with other worlds, other people, other cultures,
experiencing everything with no fear of vultures,
Exploring the universe as vast as it is,
in a whimsically melodic state of bliss,
Planetary astonishment is my constant feel,
so much to know out there, i question everything "real",
Intergalactic cosmic living seems so enticing,
yet i'm bound to the earth so it's just thoughts i am splicing,
As I inch towards the atmosphere,
i break free from this hemisphere,
I remember the stars I got to dance on,
and when i did how my troubles were long gone,
I find peace
:iconhecatebast:HecateBast 139 19
10 quotes by George S. Patton
10 Quotes by George S. Patton
1: "You can't run an army without profanity"
2: "Ask them if they want me to give it back."
-After being told not to march on Messina, already having captured it
3: "Rommel, you magnificent bastard!  I read your book!"
-Upon defeating Erwin Rommel's forces in North Africa
4: "Remember that the enemy is just as frightened as you are, and probably more so.  They are not supermen."
5: "A pint of sweat will save a gallon of blood."
6: "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men."
7: "There are four hundred neatly marked graves somewhere in Sicily. All because one man went to sleep on the job. But they are German graves, because we caught the bastard asleep before they did."
8: "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
9: "Just drive down that road until you get blown up."
-Instructions to reconnaissance troops
10: "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."
There are many more, but I said 10!
:iconklocx:Klocx 80 58
You're Beautiful.
Hey you.
Yes you.
You're beautiful.
You may not think so.. Many people don't, but what makes you special is that you're you, and you better not let anyone change you. Ever. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You might express yourself completely different than others or you might appear ordinary butbut your personality will definitely stand out.. If you let yourself stand out(: accept who you are, and you'll feel better about yourself. That's hard to do? Well, everyone's been there at some point in their lives but go. Yes, get up and go. Go find a mirror. Look into it. I'm serious. Spend a few minutes.. Look at your eyes(: what do you like about them? The color.. The shape? Your long, amazing eyelashes? There has to be something you like! Now, look at the rest of your body. Does society judge you for your exterior? If so, I have three magical words that I want you to say anytime someone gets you down.. Or when you're feeling self conscious and unhappy about yourself. 
I am
:iconscreamingdinosaursxx:ScreamingDinosaursXx 141 31
A guide to understanding artists
Please read carefully: 
Each sketch or doodle is important 
So don't say the following: 
"It's just a sketch. Can't I have it? You won't miss it!"
Or you will end up with freshly sharpened pencils up your ass 
Artist get attached to things they create
Much like mothers and their babies 
Remember that It's cruel to separate parents and children until the children are old enough to go out on their own
Until that day 
DO NOT ask for art until it has matured and is ready to leave the nest 
If you ask an artist to look through their sketchbook one of the three things will happen: 
A) you will be given a stone cold glare, indicating how stupid the question really was
B) you will be allowed to peek at select number if sketches the artist seems qualified to be seen
C) you will be stabbed painfully in the eyes with a fork (or whatever else is in hands reach.
NEVER under any circumstance look through the said sketchbook WITHOUT PERMISSION
:iconmimibert:Mimibert 38 17
The Perversity of We
Sometimes on a quiet night
due to my perversity,
or perhaps my common nature,
I dream awake of what may happen
should my twin die before me.
I may be walking calm and laughing
down city street or red rock ridge
and she would reach me over the miles
reaching straight to all five senses
reaching intense with her actions
reaching me.
Stronger than telepathies
often had when we were kids
stronger than futile restlessness
unexplained 'til mail arrives,
stronger than what may surround me
I know she would reach me.
I would see her clear as day,
clearer than the sights around me
and I'd know her way of going
and how she takes it
and what she knows if she goes.
It would bind, it would blind me,
it would choke me up completely.
I would stumble, likely fall,
and knowing all, be speechless
in the face of reachless
closeness sundered by her pall,
Whatever takes her liveliness
I couldn't stand at all.
:iconxlntwtch:xlntwtch 65 286
The Barbarian
Feel the might of the berserk
I'm battle made masterwork
And any strike that you land
Is another blow that I can shirk
Don't need no shields
Just a weapon in each hand
Fighting this war like
Each day is my last stand
My axe is of flying fury
I am more than the judge and jury
An executioner of man
Making blood run like mercury
My blade will feast on you
By the time that I am through
The mighty roaring beast
A one man wrecking crew
I'm a warrior master
Of control through disaster
Like Barbarian law says
Live fast or die faster
Feel the rage; break the cage
Another battle I will wage
Bringing fight after fight
And I don't need to be a sage
To know I'll prob'ly die young
Yet the thought has only stung
If I imagine that I'll be
The song bards never sung
:iconmaldictus:Maldictus 43 32
I can only pray that he feels the same.
If not so, then I shall push away.
The only love I want is pure and true.
Not a love based on lust and lies.
When he speaks my name my heart does melt.
But I wonder why.
And when his name escapes my lips....
What is it that he's felt?
Call to me and say you want me too.
Right now all I can think about is you.
Fear embraces my hearts true feelings.
And for this I wish you away.
Frightened that you may not feel the same.
My heart still cries....
Won't you be mine?
My heart has bled in the past.
So many things left unsaid.
But with you it's all surpassed.
A crush so painful and blind.
When will he open his eyes?
:iconjenxash:jenxash 309 85
Fluttershy, Fluttershy
Fluttershy, Fluttershy
Whenever you're around, Animals come nearby,
You're a beautiful Pegasus pony, I Wish you could see that
You have a heart of gold, all the others might agree with that,
Your long pink mane, your Tealish Green eyes,
Enough beauty to attract pony guys,
Your beautiful singing voice is like music to my ears,
So beautiful that it brings anypony to tears,
Fluttershy, kind and lovely Fluttershy
I Love you so much, you know why?
You are you and that is alright,
Because whenever you smile and be kind to others,
You shine brighter than golden colored sunlight,
And Heck You'll make a great mother!
:iconwintermoon95:WinterMoon95 37 29