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The Artist and Social Media
The artist was a recluse. He hated the press and social media abuse. He decided to hide his art in a vault. It was modern society's fault. Trying to change his mind was no use.
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Prison of Spedinrose
Red lines beside the gates,
Mothers' tears are falling,
In a stormy night
On the isle of lost souls
Quiet whispers are calling.
Everybody knows this place
Where names become forgotten,
Silence feeds their pain
Like an acid rain
Flooding an aged, wild garden.
There are no guards
Only cells with cursed padlocks,
Chalks-drawn, white swallows
Fill every black wall
With some dusty, dead clocks.
Countless fights, dreamless nights
Sitting beside a candle flame,
Will they wait for it
To burn down to the end
So they won't live in shame?
Their heart are their keys,
Their brain are their jailors,
Help them think otherwise
And God will decide
If they'll be astronauts or sailors.
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The Artist and The Feminist
He was a great Surrealist. He was a world famous artist. He painted a popular portrait. It was called The Feminine Fate. The model always remained an unknown feminist.
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The Artist and His Masterpiece
The artist created a masterpiece. He wanted to control it release. He hid the artwork away. It would be revealed on his 100th birthday. That day is today and all the speculation will cease.
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The Artist Plays The Game
The artist wanted fame. He knew how to play the game. His paintings had the power to inspire. He threw his masterpiece into the fire. The art critics called it a crying shame.
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