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Daevon "Firestorm"
Baledin the Dragon Slayer
Here comes the Warring Sides
Epic Heroes clash for Glory
Guardians are their Allies
Legions are the Hordes.
Daevon rises from Stag
reprises with his Firestorm
Baledin wields and Slashes
to Slay the Dragon Swarm
Daevon hails from Modern
Gadgets that spew Fire
Baledin's look of Stern
Objects against his Pyre
Daveon finds no Refuge
Kingdom rejects Hi-Tech
Baledin quick with a Stew
Exiles Techies to Heck
Daevon sides with Legion
Firestorm seeks revenge
Baledin prepares again
He wars against Wrenchers
Daevon proves to be worthy
His Technology is appraised
Baledin shall end the Nerd
HIs only concern is to Slay
Daevon enters the showdown
to protect his new Friends
Baledin's sanity is drowning
Refusing to Mend Amends
Daevon is proven unstoppable
Fire Brains wins the War
Baledin's sanity all drops
Murderous against all Modern Lore
Baledin in the end Perish
Kingdom gets a revenge Wish
Guardians goes to war.
Daevon holds the Legion Torch.
:iconderek-the-metagamer:Derek-the-MetaGamer 0 0
nimeni nu doarme, de fapt
nimeni nu doarme, de fapt
când cearșaful e sub pat.
ce-i în mintea mea când dorm
fără să vorbesc în somn?
în pragul meu, un vis alb-negru,
un mareșal la marș funebru
ce m-agăța cu baioneta
sub o îndepărtată stea
o fi fost Gaia cea Frumoasă
sau Leonidas, mugur brav
cel care pe inimi apasă,
sau o fi fost vreun justițiar?
cu praf de pușcă dirijează
că cel de stele nu mai e,
în rima nopții se distrează
stea, mareșal și greieré
:iconadamgonth:AdamGonth 0 0
Coup D'Etat
This scourge that does besiege our tranquil land
Cannot continue to afflict our hope.
Although our strength has taken us this far,
Our kindred spirits have been sinking hard.
A pestilence has crept into our souls.
The dawning of our fortune brews with faith.
Let us assemble our distress and launch
A tumult to achieve a life anew.
Distress and pain does not define our fate.
A riot shall reverse our kismet now.
:iconzutterr:zutterr 1 0